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Country Music News International Newsletter February 13. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 13. 2017

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Scott Honaker Music​ on Country Music News International Radio Show interviewed by Christian Lamitschka – February 15. + 17. + 18. + 19. 2017

The story of Country Music - Introduction to the amazing sory of country music, part 1

CD Review: MIKE FELTON / JOHNNY LUNCHBUCKET - Diamonds and Televisions


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The story of Country Music - Introduction to the amazing sory of country music, part 1

The story of Country Music
Introduction to the amazing sory of country music, part 1
Most people are totally dedicated to country music. It's a part of their life like breathing, as well as the artists who write and sing this music style. But do we also know where the roots of this music are? Its older then pop and rock yet it fusioned with both styles and made it even more popular then it ever was. Popular artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood gave the music a whole new crowd. In fact I dare to say to even folks who where never into country like country songs nowadays. Maybe it is about time that one of the most popular music sites starts to write about where it all began, almost 100 years ago.
100 years is a long time to last for a music style. Where most styles are popular f0r a decade or so like the 80ties pop or 60ties rock country stayed alive generation after generation. I am not saying that we forgot the influence of the Beatles, Bowie and the Stones, certainly not but be honest who are the new stars of the 60ties? There aren't any, the music evolves and evolves and brings new styles like hiphop, dance, techno but country stayed. Sometimes raw like rock, mellow like pop and dance, but mostly plain as it was written over the century.
Country is emotion, it's dedicated to life and maybe just maybe that is the reason why we still can listen to this music. Everywhere we want, on internet, in podcasts, spotify, I-tunes, cd, old fashion vinyl it is everywhere. In the all charts we find the songs not just in the specialized charts for country where we can find all the latest hits. 
Don't you agree that it is pretty amazing that 1 music style stayed in tune for almost a century? That it is not the ghost from the past sung and danced to by our parents and grandparents?
So where dit it all begin? That is what I wanted to know and that is how this series of articles began to take you back and forth in this original beautifull music story. A story that could have written by you. 
Author for CMNI, Isabel Blanco

Living the dream - Eileen Carey tells her story

Living the dream - Eileen Carey tells her story

Eileen Carey’s ascendency to the top of independent country music, and arguably to the top of the adult contemporary/Top 40 radio markets as well, is characterized by her amazing fortitude, which she generously shares with all. Time and again her songs suggest alternative options to what holds people up in their lives. They do so with her magical ability to make a chorus melody and hook sink deep into the better part of the listener’s consciousness.
And, the onetime actress has done so while raising two daughters and navigating a successful marriage as well. In pop culture today, that in itself is notable.
I have been a fan of her music for some years now, having ran into her on Twitter, and was literally floored by her strong voice and positive message. This is a recent interview I have conducted with Eileen. She always has something to say.
Eileen in 2013 we had our last long interview. You told me about your acting career which was pretty impressive. I guess you're co actors are pretty proud of what you achieved?
Hard to tell Isabel. The U.S. is a big place and I have only kept up with a small few since those days; but of course some of my old friends have expressed their pride. Been a long time now since I worked as an actress outside of my music videos though. I think that many of the people in Southern California and Nashville that I have worked with as a singer and songwriter in the past, root for me now.
You know Isabel, it was never my intention to be an actress. I wanted to be a filmmaker so I got involved with the movie industry when I came to Los Angeles to learn the business. I felt that you needed to learn the movie business from the bottom up.
Just like any business, the restaurant business for example, if you can’t cook yourself it is hard to communicate what needs to be done to others. As for the actress, I just kept getting picked out of the crowd for roles. Acting was a conduit to my wanting to direct, but music was always first.
How many are dazzled by this big career move?
Music was my first love so really not many folks were surprised anyway. My film friends, music friends, friends and family are not so much dazzled as happy for me. I have been making music for a long time, and my music fans have long expected my success.
In 2014 the real challenge began. Nominations all over and awards besides Tammy Wynette not 1 country singer achieved that. Not even Dolly Parton or Patsy Cline. How does it feel?
I am not ready to put myself in that lofty group. It does feels great though! Awesome to be doing what I love with my life. The nominations and the awards are great, but not nearly as great as watching people jumping and dancing and loving my music when I am on stage. I cherish my friends like yourself Isabel who continue to support me and let their fans know of me and my music. That is what matters to me most.
In 2015 you were on the New Music Weekly radio charts all year. "Bottle Your Crazy Up’ and “Faith" were number one for several weeks, on both country and AC/Top 40. Can you tell us how it feels to walk into the studio again to record your next CD? Let It Go was so successful, are you concerned by the high bar you have set for yourself?
I am a perfectionist, so yes of course I am concerned. I am also excited and confident that my next CD will be even better, and lead me to new opportunities to sharing my music with folks worldwide. As for the writing over these past couple years, I have been jotting down notes and ideas so I am going into the next album with a good idea of what I want to say.
Many journalists hardly ask about you're charity. I know you do a lot. Somehow it's a sideline that few know. I know you want to tell so much more about it.
I am glad to have the opportunity to reach people through my notoriety about causes I believe in. One of the blessings of having an artist footprint in the world is that people tend to pay attention to you.
I have a thing about homelessness, whether people or animals; and that young people should not hinge their self-worth on romance and dysfunctional relationships. I have a thing about people creating the life they want to create. My songs are all about self-determination and courage; male or female. Country music is so full of broken-hearts, but my subject matter is what separates me from many of the other country artists. My positive message.
What inspired you to take music as a career over acting?
I was always into music. Played drums at 13 years of age. Sort of fell into acting out here in Los Angeles. As for taking up music as a profession I was working for a hotel chain booking the entertainment, and I kept thinking I could write and sing as good as any of them. I was fortunate that I had the support of my family from day one! My husband and children are still my biggest fans.
You seem to have a lot of good people around you. Obviously I know Joey Alkes, and I am impressed at the quality of your art work, shows you play and continuous online footprint. Who are some of the people that have helped you emerge into a star?
Well again, “star” is a big word. I have had the good fortune to have some great people in my corner. My producer Travis Allen Childress and my music director and lead guitarist John “groover” McDuffie have been essential in my career. John is the legendary Rita Coolidge’s music director and lead guitarist as well, and on occasion I lose him to her for a show (lol).  
My songwriting partners especially my good friend Kathryn Grimm. My Nashville publicist Susan Collier and my radio team; Alan Young and Paul Loggins have been amazing. Jennifer Blair, and as you know Joey has been with me for the past few years. You mention the art and design and that is the great work of Christine Caracciolo.
You know I could take up your whole page commenting on all of the really cool people around me. (NB go ahead)
Al Bonhomme my rhythm guitarist in Los Angeles, and Dan Hagen the same in Nashville.
Recently, a marketing person whom has had an impact on my career, a young women from Canada just passed away from lung cancer. Her name is Nadine Gelineau. Her company Musebox led to the CBS LA Weekend Morning Show, and the last two music videos (“Faith” and “Party at the Beach”) came out of her company and a filmmaker named Taner Tumkaya. The photos I am going to be using for the next CD was shot by another member of the Musebox team, Kharen Hill of Public Pictures. I am currently retaining an off-shoot of the MuseBox for marketing, Erik Koral of the Koral Young Group.
My husband, Joe Federico, did quite well in business in the past and we use to go to certain business seminars. One of the things that impressed us was the idea that you have to have good people around you and working for you, or with you, if you want to succeed.
When can we expect a new a new album?
I am not sure. As I said earlier, I am a perfectionist so “when” is hard question to answer. Thankfully I run my own music business and don’t have a label pressuring me for a half-baked release to fit their timetable. I will release a new single that will be on the next album release, in time for, or just after the CMAs.
What message do you have for all for 2016?
Follow your dreams! I cannot emphasis that enough! If you want things in life you have to work for them, yes. But, if you follow your dreams the work will not deter you.    
Thank you Eileen!

Isabel Blanco for Country Music News International

COUNTRY....on the move

COUNTRY....on the move

     The word 'country' sure has a lot of different meanings, and sometimes the meaning is irrelevant to it's original dictionary definition.  I, of course, find it's meaning in music, which I'll talk about later, but ever since the election, the word 'country' has been a very revealing word used in some incredibly different ways.
     In the heat of the campaign going up to the final election, a lot of celebrities who really dislike Donald Trump, swore to get out of the 'country' if he was elected.  The loudest among these was Rosie O'Donnell, who used her diatribe in heated and exhausting clamor to say repeatedly that she was "leaving the country" if Trump was elected.  I don't get it.  Trump was elected, but she's still in America.  What does that make her? There were a number of other actors, if you will, who screamed the same thing to anyone who would listen, yet they are still in our 'country.'  I don't get it.  What does this make ALL of those who so loudly proclaimed these threats.  Well liars I suppose, but wait a minute...actors 'are' liars.  They 'act' like someone else, they imitate someone else, they even become someone else every time they 'act.'  They get paid to actually 'be' someone else.  Well so much for that use of the word 'country.'
     Another meaning for the word is sort of my favorite.  I, and my little family, wife Sheila and daughter Bobbie Lhea travel a great deal.  We've been to many different 'countries' on planet earth, performing our version of America's old-time 'country' music.  Hardly any of those 'countries' are the same, at least music wise.  We spent 30-days in China performing what 'they' called 'old-time' music on a huge fashion show.  We've spent 50 tours (or more) to Europe visiting many 'countries' performing what they call 'traditional American country' music.  And the amazing thing about all this travel is that 'country' music performed by the natives of the various 'countries' we've visited, is never quite the same.  They all have a deep and abiding affection for America's 'country' music.  Not so much today, this kind of 'country' music is too pop-oriented for them.  The older 'country' performers who are imitating American music try very hard to keep some of the early elements that made 'country' music 'country.'  Wow, this is getting interesting huh?  Our biggest observation was how 'country' music sounded differently by local players in every 'country' we visited.  We found it fascinating.  Ireland and England definitely have a closer grasp of the 'country' sound, but Holland, Germany, Austria, and even France all play 'country' music, but their interpretation of it is somewhat different, in each and every case.  The further south we traveled, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, the more likely 'local' musical expression invaded the American style of 'country' music.  One of our favorite places to visit, actually we have two in southern Europe.  Barcelona, Spain, is an absolutely beautiful city with incredible traditions they still keep very alive.  However there are some super musicians there that like American style 'country' music, and they play it well, but outside that particular location, except for a few good bands in Madrid, 'country' music is exactly what that means, it's music from their own rural areas, and each area can be a little different, and each area offers different interpretations of how they play American 'country' music.  Portugal, another of our favorites, is a country that has a minimal number of musicians playing American style 'country' music.  However those who play it, have a determined mind-set to make it sound as much like George Jones, or Johnny Cash, or Loretta Lynn, or Dolly Parton as they can get.  That makes for an interesting listening experience, especially in those countries that have a heavy 'accent.'
     My favorite definition of 'country' is in our own back yard.  "Country' to me, simply means 'rural' America.  You know, the ones that are called 'deplorable' simply because they saw a need for change in American politics. Politics however, plays no part in the 'music' I so adore, which is simply called 'country.'  Now I guess, we'll need to call it 'rural' music because of the incredibly major changes that have befallen this traditional music. We no longer hear the steel guitar, pedal or otherwise, or the fiddle in modern 'country' music.  We still hear it plentifully at our festival in LeMars, Iowa and our smaller event in Fremont, Nebraska, but it's still there, and it still makes the case, rather brilliantly, of what is 'real' country music.  Honky-Tonkers and outlaw country are also now on the bandwagon about what is 'real' country and what isn't.  It's an amazing display of opinion devoted to the hip-hop-rap-punk country that now exists in America, very little of which could be described as being a real 'country' kind of music.  Unless of course the 'country' of America has changed so much that tradition, sincerity, style, and 'classic country' music no longer exists.  Aaaaah, but it does, big time. The 'charts' and the 'artists' of today's 'country' music do have a monopoly on who gets heard, and what we hear, simply because they control the radio play list and the chart listings.  But out in the 'real' country, the music still contains all the elements of 'rural' music. And that's not likely to change as long as we have so many really good musicians and vocalists, and songwriters, who maintain the 'country' image as it always has been.
By Bob Everhart, President, National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International

CD Review: MIKE FELTON / JOHNNY LUNCHBUCKET - Diamonds and Televisions

Diamonds and Televisions
It All Ends Here - Bohunk's Daughter - Seven Days A Week - Emma's House - Gas Station Coffee - Old Dogs And Fools - Pa Kettle's Bastard Son - Get Lost - Statue Of Liberty - Mike's  Last Will And Testament

I've known Mike Felton for quite a long time as a very expressive, serious folk singer.  I did not know his previous "life" was as a Bo Diddley style honky-tonk rocker.  This album was released some time ago, and is just now getting the serious attention it deserves under a new name, "Outsider Americana" perhaps tongue in cheek.  It's definitely good rock, sort of the Motown sound.  As Johnny Lunchbucket, Mike Felton put his original folk-like songs in a totally different ballpark.  This one has full rock backing, including a horn section that is super good.  It's the songs though, that still carry the message.  And there's lots of messages in these songs.  Sometimes just for entertainment, most times for serious listening.  "Emma's House" for instance is definitely written in the Dylan style and vogue, but the Motown version is really interesting, especially the piano work.  Another song I find really interesting is the one about Pa Kettle.  Not a lot of folks today would even know who Mike is talking about when he mentions Pa Kettle.  But I do, Ma & Pa Kettle were some of the funniest and life-style black and white movies ever made.  But, a bastard son?  I can't possibly imagine the mild and meek Pa Kettle being guilty of that, BUT one never knows does one?  There was a ton of children in the Kettle family, but a bastard son?  The heavy bass on "Pa's" song sort of drowned out the lead vocals, so I didn't understand everything Mike is saying about Pa Kettle. Whatever it is (was) has to be important.  Lead guitar is very good on this one.  Mike Felton AKA Johnny Lunchbucket had a whole 'lifetime' as a kind of "Outsider Americana" musical writer/performer/traveler.  Today he is more meekly a solo 'folk' singer act.  Both however, are distinctly original, and both are distinctly and totally American.  A singer/songwriter on his road discovering who he is, and why he is, and where he is.....sometimes.  I like Mike's own words, far better than I could say about him..... "I like showing up with just a guitar, sometimes a microphone and amplifier, and doing my songs.  So it's kind of a troubadour thing. Hopefully I'm getting better and better, and trying to get in contact with who I am and explain myself to the world."
RECORD REVIEW BY: Bob Everhart, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International


Someone You Can Reach
All I Need - O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing - Covered By The Blood - Stand up For Jesus - Cherish The Moment - Any Road Any Cost - Blackberry Blossom - Hallelujah Salvation And Glory - Call Me Old Fashioned - Little Is Much - Someone You Can Reach

I believe this is the second, in an equal number of weeks, that I have reviewed a CD by a family made up of mom and dad and ten children.  First and foremost on this CD by the Bontrager Family, is the 'word.'  The 'word' here, in it's most essential meaning, is the truth behind our Lord Jesus Christ. Truth will prevail no matter what or 'who' the forces of human power are that prevail on planet earth.  Truth will still be paramount, and in the final experience, humankind supported by Jesus will win, no doubt about that.  It will not only win, it will save humanity.  That's the 'word' the beautiful Bontrager Family shares with their listeners on this wonderfully recorded CD.  On the inside of their CD jacket they very plainly let us read from Phillippians 2:16  "Holding forth the Word of Life: that I may rejoice in the day of Christ, that I have not run in vain, neither labored in vain."  This family is very very gifted in their musical presentation.  Their instrumentation is bluegrass oriented, but they use these typical bluegrass instruments in a much different way.  For instance they don't have one fiddler, they have four .  The banjo player is uniquely talented, he lets the 'flow' of the instrument, and the fast fingering he excels in, provide lovely backing rather than up-front lead instrument status.  It's the same with the dobro player who also composed the first song on this delightful musical presentation.  Please keep in mind, this entire family is multi-talented, and play multi-instruments.  Everyone is a vocalist, whether a lead singer or a harmony singer.  That's what makes a 'family' group so very adept at what they do musically, everyone has a role, and everyone has a really important role to play in the 'belief' they are expressing with everything they are doing musically.  This family makes their home in Kalona, Iowa, also the stomping ground of incredible musician Keith Yoder, a good friend of mine from the past.  Trey Ivy is the Producer on this project, and a wonderful job it is, especially in the 'mix' when so many instruments and levels of performance play such an important part of the final expression.  This CD is going off to the Rural Roots Music Commission as fast as I can get it to them for their appraisal.
RECORD REVIEW BY: Bob Everhart, Pres., National Traditional Country Music Assn. for Country Music News International



  NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 12, 2017) – World-renowned singer/songwriter/entertainer Dolly Parton continues racking up the honors! In 2014, The Recording Academy inducted Parton's self-penned hit JOLENE into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Now, in 2017, that same song, released as a collaboration with Pentatonix, was awarded a Grammy in the Country Duo/Group Performance category. Watch the collaborative performance here:
Watch Now!

Arranged by PTX
Filmed at NOVE Entertainment
Produced by Dolly Parton, Pentatonix and Flyte Vu

"Oh my Lord I am so excited to have won the Grammy with Pentatonix on my old song Jolene," says Dolly Parton. "I am so happy and am so very proud of Pentatonix. The song is one of my favorites. Thanks to the Grammys, but most importantly thanks to all the fans. I love you all."

The award-winning collaboration between Pentatonix and Parton happened through a partnership with Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, which has enjoyed success with both acts in the past with exclusive editions of albums from each. In Parton’s case, the partnership stretches back to her 2009 Backwoods Barbie Collector's Edition project, which was followed by the release of An Evening With…Dolly and became the first Gold album-ever certified by the RIAA for Cracker Barrel Music. That relationship has continued with her latest Dolly Records / RCA Records release Pure & Simple. Released in the summer of 2016, the album – which netted Dolly her first chart-topping album since 1991 – was released in a deluxe Cracker Barrel-exclusive edition that featured live performances of her classic hits “9 To 5” and “Jolene” from the Glastonbury Festival, along with a 48-page ZinePak magazine filled with photos and interviews highlighting memorable stories from Parton. The collaboration is not part of any of the packages, however, is available for digital download here:

Google Play

“Cracker Barrel is thrilled to have brought these two extraordinary talents together, Dolly Parton and Pentatonix, as part of our Spotlight Music Program for the exclusive collaboration of “Jolene." We share in the celebration of their GRAMMY Award win as they are both a special part of the Cracker Barrel family,” said Don Hoffman, VP of Marketing at Cracker Barrel.

CTK Management CEO Danny Nozell said, "The collaborative video produced by Cracker Barrel between Pentatonix and Dolly has been viewed over 22 million times and has now won a Grammy. Dolly proves, once again, that she is making music that the fans will respond to."

Parton's 2016's Pure & Simple North American Tour was the highest grossing tour of her career, performing over 60 shows.

Fans can link to purchase Pure & Simple and the various versions available by exclusive partners below:
Cracker Barrel:
Amazon Music:
Amazon Physical:
Apple Music:

An internationally renowned superstar, the iconic and irrepressible Dolly Parton has contributed countless treasures to the world of entertainment. All-inclusive sales of singles, albums, hits collections, paid digital downloads and compilation usage during her illustrious career have topped a staggering 100 million records worldwide. Achieving 25 RIAA certified gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards, Dolly has had 25 songs reach No. 1 on the Billboard Country charts, a record for a female artist. Dolly has garnered 8 Grammy Awards, 10 Country Music Association Awards, 5 Academy of Country Music Awards, 3 American Music Awards and is one of only five female artists to win the Country Music Association’s Entertainer of the Year Award. Making her film debut in the 1980 hit comedy “9 to 5,” Dolly earned rave reviews for her performance and an Oscar nomination for writing the title tune, along with her second and third Grammy Awards. Roles in “Steel Magnolias,” “Best Little Whorehouse in Texas,” “Rhinestone,” and “Straight Talk” followed. Dolly saw a cherished dream become a reality in 1986 with the opening of her own theme park, Dollywood, in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. In 1988, Dolly began the Dollywood Foundation which funds Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library across America and in Canada by giving every preschool child a book each month from the time he or she is born until the child reaches kindergarten. Currently 100,000,000 books are mailed to children in the US, Canada and throughout the UK. In 1999, Dolly was inducted as a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame. She has her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and in 2004, the U.S. Library of Congress presented her with their Living Legend Award for her contribution to the cultural heritage of the United States. To learn more about this American icon, visit

# # #

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