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Country Music News International Newsletter August 1. 2015

Country Music News International Newsletter August 1. 2015

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CD: Brushville


Got it Going On 2:55 Bar star 2:48 Baby’s Got her Boots On 3:12 2 a.m. 2:56 Dangerous 3:21 
Still Holding on to You 3:11 Country Crazy 3:25 Midnight Honey 3:35 Get on Down the Road 3:22  
Truckload of Good Times 3:06 17 You and Me 3:05 
I wasn’t really sure what to expect with this one. I’ve been looking at it for a while thinking about it trying to decide if I wanted to review it or not. But, after much consideration I decided that I didn’t really feel like just using someone that had just one name I really wanted to review a group. One's that associate themselves with just their name kind of make me feel like I’ll be getting another country-pop wonder that 12 year old girls will dance and cheer to while watching Disney movies. That’s not what I’m into. Sure, I’ve got an 8 year old daughter. That may also be the reason. I hear enough of that crap while sitting at home so let me get on down to it.    
Definite country...deep country, they start off talking 'bout Daisy Dukes and all. Just by the sound of this guy’s voice, I’m sure he could kick my ass. Got it Going On, it makes sense why this song has got that title. I have not heard country like this in a long time. I mean, I review a lot of bands usually like blues, jam bands, Americana but this is definitely country. A deep bass, heavy drums and then the vocals come in. It’s almost a metal opening, before the rhythm kicks in. If it weren’t for the lyrics, I wouldn’t have known the difference. This song just made me feel like cranking up the music, lighting a match, setting a barn on fire and dancing around like a mad man. 
What I usually bitch about when writing my reviews, doesn't happen with this band. Bar Star, doesn’t let go of that power, that strength, that hold that makes you want to keep listening. This is always where I second guess, where I begin to question my judgment. But, in both the first two songs the rhythm guitar is thumping with steady dark chords while the lead is breaking out with incredible solos that not just add but also help demonstrate the musical talent of these guys. 
Baby's Got Her Boots On slows it down, focusing on the lyrics and the drummer. The song still has a hard riff with the lead once again breaking into a great solo. There is a major difference I have found with this band and the last few bands I've reviewed; the singer's twang, the hard drum beat, the rhythm and lead all blend together into a soothing yet violently controlled clash of a lightning storm. 2 a.m. keeps the pace. It maybe even bring the album down a bit more. It follows and fills in perfect step; this actually may be one of the closers for their shows. This song is very lyrically driven with great vocals and a feeling that most can understand. 
Dangerous begins to pick it back up, it has powerful rhythm guitar, the lead steps in but it's much more driven by the beat, the strong chords, and the vocals. It'll get your knee slamming your heel against any floorboard. 
Country Crazy opens up with a powerhouse riff. This is another song driven by a dark cascading rhythm that flows like a black waterfall. Midnight Honey is the first song I noticed a keyboard. It may have been there before and I just overlooked it, but this song opens up with it which had me spinning, my ears listening carefully, wondering if it had a piano or what. Get on Down the Road, is a boot stomping, road house, honkey tonk, bull riding jam.17 You and Me, has the lead guitar almost taking over and pushing the limits. 
I have to say this is an incredibly well produced album. It may be the best I have reviewed so far. I can understand why they are gaining so much traction the farther they go. I checked out their webpage out of curiosity which I rarely, if ever do. The only fault I could find, and this is just my personal opinion, is they write some of their own songs but also use writers for others. I would have to suggest checking these guys out, because if you don't now, you'll be listening to them sooner or later anyway. 
Jeremy Frost for Country Music News International

Lynn Anderson Passed On July 30th

Lynn Anderson Passed On July 30th

 Lynn Anderson, the country music legend who held the "Top Grossing Song by a Female Artist" for 27 years with the signature tune Rose Garden, passed on Thursday, July 30th at the age of 67 at the Vanderbilt Medical Center.  She is survived by her father Casey Anderson, loving partner and songwriter Mentor Williams, three children, Lisa Sutton, Melissa Hempel and Gray Stream and four grandchildren.
Ms. Anderson was truly a trailblazer on the country music scene and her voice is recognized across Tennessee as the vocalist behind one of the iconic state songs Rocky Top.  She's charted three #1 and 15 Top-20 albums, as well as 12 #1, 18 Top-10, and over 50 Top-40 singles throughout her career. As one of the first to be launched via television, Lynn's featured performances on The Lawrence Welk Show served as the only country music on network television at the time. Billboard would recognized her as “Artist of the Decade” for 1970-1980.  In addition, she was the first female country singer to headline and sell out Madison Square Garden in 1974. Her signature single, (I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden in addition to other top hits like Ride, Ride, Ride (written by her mother the late Liz Anderson), Cry, Top of the World and Someday Soon, spring boarded Lynn into a career with over 30 million albums sold worldwide.

CMA Awards 1971
Ms. Anderson was awarded numerous accolades from the music community. In 1967, she captured her first Academy of Country Music Award for "Female Vocalist of the Year." She would gain a second win in that category in 1970.  The Country Music Association would bestow the same honor in 1971 for "Female Vocalist of the Year." Ms. Anderson would win a Grammy in 1971 as well for "Best Country Vocal Performance, Female." In 1974, she won "Favorite Female Country Artist" at the American Music Awards and the following year she was honored with "Favorite Country Artist" at the People's Choice Awards.
Her success in the equestrian community was equally as monumental as her music career
winning 16 National Championships and four world championships across the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) and National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA). She was known for raising the champion breeds as her horses captured numerous titles---Lady Phase (first AQHA World Champion and Breyer Horse Model), Skip's Challenge (two time Congress Champion and Amateur Western Pleasure), Delta (Paint Horse Hall of Fame), etc.
Ms. Anderson most recently released the highly anticipated, critically-acclaimed Gospel album Bridges on Center Sound Records.  This project took on a uniquely special connection as it developed into a family affair. Liz Anderson’s song My Guardian Angel, published by her father Casey, is featured on the album and her partner Mentor Williams rewrote one of his top hits Drift Away for release as well.  Lynn recently told Billboard, "I’ve been so blessed in my life that things have kind of seemed to fall in place for me. I just have to keep on the right path, and not jaunt off to the left or the right. I love how the lyrics of Wander's Prayer [on Bridges] speaks of asking the Lord to keep me in the right direction."
One of the keys to Lynn's success was that she always made her fans a priority. Since the inaugural year of Fan Fair (now CMA Music Festival) in 1972, Lynn has only missed one year due to illness as she greatly valued the direct connection to her devoted and loving fans at that event.
She has raised millions for a variety of charities throughout her career. For twenty years, she has worked with both the Roundup for Autism and the Cariety Foundation, an organization supporting families of cancer patients.  Other notable contributions were made to the Mary Kay Ash Foundation, The North American Riders for the Handicapped Association and military support organizations.

Funeral services will be held at Woodlawn-Roesch-Patton Funeral Home & Memorial Park. Full details on the services will be announced as they are made available. 


The country music community and industry weigh in on her achievements below:

"I am a huge fan of Lynn’s.  She was always so nice to me. She did so much for the females in country music.  Always continuing to pave the road for those to follow. I loved her music and her love for horses. Rose Garden was a song I sang in high school in our Kiowa Cowboys High School band. She will be missed." Reba McEntire.
"It was a pleasure to record with Lynn.  I remember the first time we saw her at the Utah State Fair.  We were playing the small stage and we finished early enough to see her on the main stage.  She owned Utah that night.  She didn't stop until she won everybody's hearts including mine. She sang her way to heaven." Duane Allen of The Oak Ridge Boys.

"Lynn was such a sweet lady and a true classic. I loved her and I loved listening to her sing I've Never Loved Anyone More and Rose Garden. It was so great to hang out with her recently at CMA Music Festival. We will all miss her, her great smile and her sweet spirit." Phil Vassar

"Losing Lynn Anderson is a personal loss to the Nashville Songwriters Association (NSAI).  Lynn was family.  Her parents, Casey Anderson and the late Liz Anderson, were two of NSAI’s founding members.   Her parents were given the “Stephen Foster” award by NSAI in February this year, where Lynn performed.  We will truly miss her.” Bart Herbison, Executive Director of Nashville Songwriters Association.

"Lynn Anderson will always be a part of the Center Sound Records' family. We were very fortunate to know her and have her on our label. This legend's grace and voice will forever missed. There is one more rose in God's garden. Rest in peace." Craig & Mary Brandwynne - Center Sound Records.

"It has been an honor to represent Lynn Anderson for almost a decade and our sincere condolences are extended to her family, friends and a fans." says Pam Lewis of PLA Media.


Singer opens Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville with unique solo show; sold out second show tonight

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – (July 31, 2015) – Even by Eric Church’s ever-expanding definition, Thursday night’s show under a full moon to open Nashville’s brand new Ascend Amphitheater was different. Maybe even a little weird, country music’s road warrior told fans.

“The thing about tonight is you get to see something you’ll never see again,” Church told the crowd, which pushed against the lip of the new venue’s stage and stretched up to the top of the new shed's back walls. “Because after tonight we’re never doing this (bleep) again.”

Full of deep cuts, improvisational arrangements, a few lyric slips, a never-before-heard new song and lots of laughs, the set was reminiscent of the solo outing Church played earlier this year in Salt Lake City when most of his band fell ill due to a virus on The Outsiders World Tour.

Church built “The Outsider’s Joint” on stage, complete with bars and bartenders, friends and band members seated along his playing space, and a cowhide couch. He invited band members Jeff Cease, Joanna Cotten, Lee Hendricks, Jeff Hyde, Driver Williams and Craig Wright on stage individually Thursday night as accompaniment as he worked through some of his biggest hits and favorite album tracks.

“My heart rate is going up because I have no idea what the hell he’s doin’ next,” Cotton said. Church launched into a version of “Creepin’” with a long improvisational coda before telling the crowd: “It’s gonna get way weirder, I promise, man.”

After J Roddy Walston and The Business opened the night with a high-energy set, Church walked onto a darkened stage while working a solo jam on his guitar as he leapt into “Smoke a Little Smoke,” then played most recent No. 1 “Talladega.” After that, there was no set list or road map.

“Welcome to the first night ever at the Ascend Amphitheater here in Nashville,” Church told the crowd. “I‘ll be honest with you: I came out here with those first two songs as kind of my plan, and I don’t have one after this,” Church said. “This only works if you guys sing everything you know as loud as you can.”

Then Church told the first of several personal stories – about his early days on Music Row more than a decade ago. “I was thinking about this one as I was driving in,” Church said before playing “What I Almost Was.”

The singer-songwriter thanked the crowd for allowing him to play his songs simply, as they’d first been written, before the studio veneer was added. He then rewarded fans with a song he’d never played live before called “Three Year Old” about the wonderful travails of fatherhood. The song got its start on a fishing trip during which his son threw both his rod and reel and tackle box into the water. “I’m 38, and I never knew a fishing rod sinks faster than a tackle box,” Church joked.

 As for Friday night, Church promises something completely different. Stay tuned.

Church’s pop-up store, The Outsider’s Joint, remains open through Saturday in East Nashville. The store’s first appearance during CMA Music Festival was a huge success with more than $20,000 going to Church’s Chief Cares Fund. The pop-up store offers official merchandise as well as These Boots by Lucchese, Church’s custom boot line usually only available to VIP ticketholders.

The pop-up shop is located at 218 South 11th Street in the 5 Points area of East Nashville across from the Bill Martin grocery store. Park at LP Field and receive a free ride to 5 Points (excluding tip) from JoyRide by calling (615) 285-9835 or use Uber code OUTSIDERS for $20 off your first ride. While there, a handful of local restaurants have special food and drink offers for those with Ascend Amphitheater tickets. Pop-up store hours are 12-6 p.m. Friday and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.

About Eric Church
The Country Music Association and four-time Academy of Country Music Award winner finished 2014 as country music’s top-selling artist, with the year’s highest debut and sales of any release in the format as the critical and commercial success The Outsiders reached Platinum status, marking more than one million albums sold. Debuting at No. 1 on both the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart and Top Country Albums chart, "The Outsiders” garnered GRAMMY, CMA and ACM Album of the Year nominations and features his No.1 hits “Give Me Back My Hometown” and “Talladega” as well as his current single “Like A Wrecking Ball.” The Outsiders is the follow-up to Church’s Platinum-certified Chief, named the 2012 Album of the Year by both CMA and ACM, and GRAMMY-nominated for Best Country Album. The LP featured five Top 20 singles: “Homeboy” (certified Platinum for sales in excess of 1 million); the Top 10 “Like Jesus Does” and the Top 5 “Creepin’” (both certified Gold for sales in excess of 500,000); and two No. 1 hits “Drink in My Hand” (certified Platinum) and “Springsteen” (certified Double Platinum for sales in excess of 2 million singles). Church’s 2006 debut album, Sinners Like Me (2006) and his sophomore album Carolina (2009) are both RIAA Gold-certified. The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum also just announced their new exhibit, "Eric Church: Inside The Outsider," will open in September 2015.

 Photo Credit: Rick Diamond

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