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Farris, Self & Moore, LLC Opens Doors For Songwriters and Entertainers

Farris, Self & Moore, LLC Opens Doors For Full Service Business Management and Financial Planning For Songwriters and Entertainers

Nashville Business Management Executives Announce Formation of Farris, Self  & Moore, LLC

(Nashville, Tenn. – Jan. 26, 2015) – Business management and financial planning executives Kella Stephenson-Farris, Stephanie Mundy-Self and Catherine Stein (Moore) have partnered to launch Nashville-based business management firm, Farris, Self & Moore, LLC. The boutique firm, which specializes in business management and financial planning services, provides accounting, HR, business management and financial planning services to hit songwriters and producers, major touring acts, and national recording artists. Together, Farris, Self and Moore will serve on the foundation of providing value added service through relationship building while offering a personal touch and local feel.

Farris, Self & Moore, LLC is located at 40 Music Square East, Nashville, TN 37203. Company principals can be reached at (Kella Stephenson-Farris), (Stephanie Mundy-Self), and (Catherine Stein [Moore]), and the company’s phone number is 615-760-5107.

Kella Stephenson Farris comments, “I could not be more excited to join forces with Stephanie and Catherine. Their reputation in the Nashville music community is unsurpassed, and our values and vision align. We look forward to serving our industry and its accomplished songwriters and touring artists in a greater capacity.”

Kella Stephenson-Farris has owned and operated The Kella Stephenson Company (KSCO) since 2006.  The company was launched after Farris recognized an underserved niche market of successful songwriters. The Kella Stephenson Company will be folded into Farris, Self & Moore, LLC and Farris will continue to serve her current clients under the company’s expansion.

Farris and her company have overseen everything from bill pay to insurance planning, investment guidance, estate planning, tax planning, song earnings, asset acquisition, quarterly financials, projections, budgeting and royalty tracking. Collectively, KSCO clients have had cuts on more than 100 million albums sold and 75 #1 songs. KSCO clients include GRAMMY, CMA, ACM, BMI, ASCAP, NSAI and Oscar award-winning songwriters and producers.

Farris received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration (Finance) and her MBA from Auburn University. She also has obtained the Certificate of Financial Planning (CFP®) designation.  Farris is a member of Leadership Music (Class of 2014), NARAS, CMA, ACM, Financial Planning Association, as well as a SOLID (Society of Leaders in Development) alumna.

Stephanie Mundy-Self most recently worked with business management firm, Flood, Bumstead, McCready, and McCarthy, Inc. Her clients at FBMM included high profile recording artists and actors, international touring corporations and newly discovered talent. Mundy-Self is a specialist in risk management research and analysis, tour and merchandise settlement audits for domestic and foreign concerts, as well as payroll and HR management for companies with 125 or more employees.

Stephanie, a native of Greenville, S.C., is a graduate of the University of Georgia, double-majoring in vocal performance, and risk management and insurance, and she was in the inaugural Music Business class. She is currently the Treasurer of the Nashville Film Festival, and is a member of CMA and ACM. Stephanie was also a 2012 honoree of Nashville’s Top 30 under 30 and a member of Nashville Emerging Leaders (Class of 2013).

Catherine Stein, whose forthcoming nuptials will make her Catherine Moore, began her career in the music industry as an account executive with Flood, Bumstead, McCready and McCarthy, Inc.  At the company, she worked with an array of clients, including marquee recording artists and actors, international touring corporations as well as emerging talent. She is a native of Chattanooga, TN and graduate from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Stein is a member of SOURCE, CMA, and ACM. She is a 2015 honoree of Nashville's Top 30 Under 30. She is also an alumna of SOLID.

The website for Farris, Self & Moore, LLC will launch in the coming days and will be available at

Pictured above L to R: Stephanie Mundy-Self, Kella Stephenson-Farris, Catherine Stein (Moore)

Farris, Self & Moore LLC
Photo Credit: Vintage Tree Photography

Mitch Goudy Delivers the Lyrical Pine for Lost Love on My Girl’s Hand

Mitch Goudy Delivers the Lyrical Pine for Lost Love on My Girl’s Hand

One may know new country artist Mitch Goudy for having a #ROWDIE side in his previous chart-topping singles. This time, he manages to inject emotion and longing into the release of his next single, My Girl’s Hand. Goudy shines on this song with great delivery and emotional performance about lost love. 
But you seem so happy
After all that was my desire
I just thought I’d get to hold you
To think I do that now I’d be a liar
…But there’s one thing wrong with that man
Yeah, he’s holding my girl’s hand.
This heartfelt country mid-tempo ballad is the latest release from Goudy’s album, #ROWDIE, which will be impacting radio and officially going for MusicRow adds Thursday, February 19, 2015. Program Directors can find it on CDX #611, which was just shipped. 
My Girl’s Hand was written solely by Goudy and portrays a softer side of him that you haven’t heard before. With previous hits that debuted on the MusicRow Chart, Blow These Speakers Out and Ain’t My Fault, you can find these tunes on his latest album as well.
Following a successful groundbreaking year, Goudy has been called “the new Brad Paisley” and “one of country music’s bright new stars.” He also recently infused fashion with country music with a STRUT Apparel deal – a high end fashion label that is taking the industry by storm.  He also did a #ROWDIEPARTY fan video contest and awarded the winners with their own #ROWDIEPARTY in their hometown.
Hailing from the cornfields of southeast Iowa, Mitch grew up with a sense of pride about who he is and a strong notion of what he believes. His interest in country music began when he first picked up a guitar after suffering a traumatic knee injury that would forever limit his ability to play sports. His dad bought him that first guitar, put it in his hands and said, “Let’s see what you can do.” At that moment, Mitch found his passion and never gave up on it. Since then, he’s been rocking stages large and small across the country.

Country Music News International Newsletter January 26. 2015

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January 26. 2015

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CD: TERRY JUHL - Spirit of America

Spirit of America
Spirit of America - My Special Lady -Trinity - Take the 'X' Out of Christmas - God's Gift - Morning Prayer - Wishes, Hopes and Dreams - Calvary - Mothers - Please Don't Answer - A Veteran - Rough Around the Edges - Denny's Chain of Love - The Project
I've been waiting for awhile to get a new album coming out of World Famous Records, and here it is.  Terry Juhl lives up in Hampton, Iowa, and I'm sure a participant in the monthly 'jams' that take place at the local theater there. This very well done CD is all originals by Terry.  I've heard him sing and perform at various functions in the past few years, but did not know he was such a good songwriter.  He was fortunate to become a member of World Famous Records.  It was here that he obtained the incredibly gifted musical services of Sharon and Roger Kenaston, perhaps our very best musicians in the entire upper Midwest.   On this particular project, Sharon is doing some incredible harmony vocals, matching Terry's voice to a "T" and also adding rhythm guitar and of course upright bass.  Roger is playing guitar and Dobro, and by the time the final mix rolled around, we are able to hear an entire really good original traditional country music band performing Terry Juhl's original songs.  The first one out of the chute is a nice patriotic song, though a bit long at nearly five minutes.  I suspect the recording was made earlier than just recently because I've heard Terry doing some of these songs at his various appearances.  We are very sad we aren't part of the Hampton Music Festival anymore, it was there that we got to hear Terry sing 'live'  quite often.  He's a good volunteer (he worked in the kitchen at that festival), and he's always offering a helping hand to anyone who needs it.  He's working with a trio called "Two Juhls and a Gem" and it sounds like they are also putting forth some great classic and traditional country music which is where I would put this very well done CD. Terry's name has been placed in nomination for induction into 'America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame' however that process is done through someone already in the Hall of Fame.  I would like to send this CD along to the Rural Roots Music Commission and see what they think of 'traditional country music CD of the year.' In the meantime I will be looking forward to a CD from 'Two Juhls and a Gem' which I believe is in the process of being made right now. I think my favorite song on this one is "A Veteran" which is nicely written, down home, and easy to understand.  Keep at it Terry, we're looking for more.
for Country Music News International Magazine

CD: MARTEKA AND WILLIAM - The Sounds of a Tradition

The Sounds of a Tradition
Yonder Stands Little Maggie - Cripple Creek - I Know What It Means To Be Lonesome - Reuben - Sally Ann - Head Over Heels - John Henry - When The Angels Carry Me Home - Rambling Gambler - Sally Goodin - Johnson Ridge Special
Wow, what a waker-upper for some incredible gifted and well-played traditional bluegrass music.  Many of my own friends know how close I was to Jimmy Martin, and to hear this young brother-sister bringing their incredible vigor and West Virginia strength back to bluegrass music is absolutely stunning, to say the least.  Marteka is the sister, she's one hot 5-string banjo player.  William, the brother, is on the guitar and he's one hot picker and praise the Lord, a singer of mountain music the way it should be sung. This delightful and incredibly talented duo will find barriers getting their music played on radio.  Why?  Because they are 'real' the very 'realist' you can get, especially in bluegrass music.  There are already bluegrass 'snobs' in our midst, meaning the music has to be one specific style, smoother louder and faster.  No room for traditional nasal singers permitted.  That negative will probably not stand up to this wonderful brother-sister act from West Virginia.  Joining this amazing duo are two other incredibly gifted musicians, Corrina Rose Logston Stephens on one hot fiddle, and Bruce Jones for some simply amazing hot Dobro playing.  Charley Lake is on the acoustic upright bass.  If you will look at the names of the songs this incredibly good young group is playing, you will see the very epitome of where bluegrass music is and where it came from.  It's early in the year but this CD goes directly to the Rural Roots Music Commission with my high recommendation for "Traditional Bluegrass CD of the Year" award.  I'm also going to our own Board to see if our "Rising Legends" can get some notice, respect, and honor for this group.  This entire CD is traditional bluegrass, the very best of the genre when it was still young and still just for the 'folks' back home.  This young West Virginia group is certainly keeping that particular torch alive, and I certainly wish them the very best in their efforts at not only sharing their music, but also for their efforts in keeping the music in the genre it was created. Shelly Lake is the producer and engineer of this delightful CD.  She definitely knows what she is doing in the recording studio, I've not heard high-power acoustic instruments mixed quite so well before.  Five stars all the way around, and looking forward to more of the same.
for Country Music News International Magazine

Last week in Country Music

Last week in Country Music

Interesting new development in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  A large grocery store chain "Puckett's Grocery" with a large restaurant serving delicious home-grown style food, the specialty of the house being cherry wood smoked BBQ, and of all things, a stage where the unlimited fountain of singer-songwriters from Nashville play and sing. Created by Andy Marshall, who formerly owned a cluster of Piggly Wiggly supermarkets, he sold all of them to begin his "Puckett's Grocery."  Chattanooga is not the first one either.  In 2000 the Marshall family opened their first store, and the new one in Chattanooga brought the Marshall Family stores to be listed among the fastest growing companies in America.  What the family does is look for a large enough building, restaurants that are failing, or even another grocery selling out, buy them and convert them to the down-home facilities they have become. They do well by marketing to the locals, and they keep the music standards high by only inviting singer-songwriters that have had a least one country hit song.  What this does is take the rogue control of music away from a licensing agency like ASCAP and puts it back in the hands of those who create it.  At their grocery store in Nashville they are getting as many as 100 inquiries a week from singer-songwriters who control their own music.  The philosophy of the grocery store is, if it becomes a go-to place for the locals, the tourists aren't far behind.  They permit good local backing musicians to work behind the songwriters who control their own songs.  In the evening hours the restaurant dims the lights and diners feel like they're in a separate entity.  On Sundays it's gospel music, and the church goers come by the droves soon as church is out.  The owners wanted the entire grocery-restaurant-performance center to have a genial family atmosphere, away from the smoke and rowdiness of the Music City bar scene.  The formula seems to be working, they simply call it pork and jeans as far as food and clothing is concerned.  Wow, I would say Crackerbarrel, also a Tennessee based corporation, should raise it's shaggy head, and pay attention.  Many of you know we did a couple of years of old-time music on the front porch of the Council Bluffs Crackerbarrel Restaurant.  Didn't make a lot of money (neither do the singer-songwriters in Chattanooga).  It's amazing isn't it?  In Iowa we have a home-state employee-owned grocery called HyVee, who are already converting their sit-down quick-lunch space into up-scale restaurants, including alcoholic beverages no less.  The Puckett stores have declined the liquor in favor of more family-friendly atmosphere.  But the big question is??? WHY doesn't HyVee include an evening down-home old-time music staging area???
Many readers of this Sunday Bulletin are familiar with Curt Shoemaker, the outstanding steel player from Kansas.  He's the excellent steel sound behind Martina McBride, who is being singled out for her good works.  The Music Business Association will give McBride their Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award at a luncheon in Nashville on May 14.  McBride is being recognized for her work against domestic violence and cancer.  She says in a statement her goal was never to be recognized for her charitable efforts, but his award is proof everyone and anyone can make a difference.
Big article in the Washington Post this past week: "Everyday Zen: On The Road With Willie Nelson at 81"  Willie is in Las Vegas for his 7th gig of the new year, and after this one he'll have a least 100 more concerts to go to the end of the year.  Once labeled the "Hillbillie Dala Lama" Willie feels his road in life is like a spiritual path, an asphalt Mobiums strip, the long way to enlightenment, or both.  His most devout fans (me among them) think of him as a messenger, or even a manifestation of God.  According to Willie, "It's not a responsibility that's mine. It's everybody's.  They all have the obligation to set an example.  Do unto others, "The Old Golden Rule."  It's an easy one to follow.  Sometimes, "People flock to Vegas to escape their own heads, however a Willie concert won't allow that.  Nelson's songs pull us deeper into ourselves.  With Willie singing about the weight of yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow it's the the easiness of right now.  His songs are essentially about time which makes them about life, which makes them about everything.  "It's been that way as long as I can remember," Nelson says of his multi-generational flock.  "When you go to church, it's young and old.  The audience, for me, is very similar to a congregation.  It's all ages out there." Willie believes that God speaks through all of us.  His sense of humor and his spirituality are inextricable.  Life is a joke.  The funniest one we'll ever know.  When Willie is writing songs, he writes the lyrics first, confident that good melodies are more plentiful than good words, and easier to locate too.  As for cutting his songs, he's quick.  He released two fine albums just last year, and when he presses a button on the tour-bus stereo, out jumps a zesty new duet he recorded with Merle Haggard a few weeks ago.  So, this never-ending odyssey that requires an increasingly fragile body to breathe melody 100 nights a year - this is actually the thing that keeps him alive???  "Oh Yeah," he says with a firm nod.  Then he smiles.  The idea makes him feel either deeply contented, a little frightened, or nothing at all.  This amazingly good story written by Chris Richards is an excellent journalist for the Washington Post.
A lot of stuff comes down the pike via the Internet to me, some of it even seems legitimate.  Planet Blue Pictures is a film company in Australia, and is currently looking for new songs for both film and TV.  What with the stupendously stupid moronisitic music coming out of Nashville these days, this is probably a good opportunity for good songwriters.  Check their website at
January 20 would be the birthday of Huddie Ledbetter, better known as Leadbelly, who passed away in 1949.  All of his works is still available at Smithsonian-Folkways, the same label Sheila and I work and record for.  The Smithsonian let me know that they will be celebrating Leadbelly's birthday with a new social media series, "Lead Belly: Song By Song," in anticipation of the February 24th release of "Lead Belly: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection."  Lead Belly was the 2nd black country artist (after Deford Bailey) into our America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.
Ernie Ruth, one of our local promoters, singers, comedian, and whatever, reported that Junior Wittstruck, one of the better upright bass players in the upper Midwest, has been placed in a hospice with cancer.  Junior showed up at nearly all the local and regional gatherings of acoustic old-time music as well as the more classic country events. He had a great 60's & 70's band that played regular in the Starlite Ballroom in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Please send a prayer his way, he might need it.
Bob Dylan just kinds of stays in the news.  "Blowing in the Wind" creator has a solution for unemployment.  "Let the billionaires step up" is what he told the AARP.  "The government's not going to create jobs.  It doesn't have to. People have to create jobs, and those big billionaires are the ones who can do it."  But instead of doing that, he said, he sees inner cities festering with crime and people turning to alcohol and drugs.  "They could all have work created for them by all those hotshot billionaires.  For sure that would create a lot of happiness.  Now, I'm not saying they have to, I'm not talking about communism, but what do they do with all their money?"  He also told the AARP (of which he is old enough to be a member), if he wasn't a musician he would probably have been a teacher, preferably teaching Roman History or Theology.  Of course all of this media attention is about his new CD "Shadows in the Night," songs that Frank Sinatra recorded, and Dylan apparently trying to improve upon.  At least he is generous.  He's giving 50,000 elderly folks (readers of the AARP magazine) free copies of his new album.  Release date is expected to be February 3rd.
Short note just came out on Face-Book, Jim Ed Brown has been declared cancer free as of January 19th. Prayer works folks.  Jim Ed, a member of our Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, has a new album that just came out.  Check his website out, you'll like it!
A group has formed in the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri, called GCMA meaning "Genuine Country Music Association."  It's amazing isn't it, how many hundreds of thousands, millions of people, disgusted with the so-called country music today coming out of Nashville.  Anyway, this new one in Missouri is a non-profit with a strong desire to keep the 'real thing' alive.  According to Jack Farrell, the president of the Association, "Traditional country music is nearly dead.  The Country Music Association and the Grand Ole Opry have lost their roots."  Membership in the organization is $25 a year (same as the NTCMA has been charging the past 40 years) and they meet once a month to play at Farrell's barn.  They are absolutely not going to allow some no-good modern country music maker entry, the barn is only open to close friends, relatives, and the members of the association.
Loretta Lynn is working hard on a new album with John Carter Cash producing.  Like Bobby Bare's latest album, Loretta is reaching back to her childhood to reintroduce her fans to songs like "Wreck On The Highway" and "Beautiful Brown Eyes" and "The Great Titanic" and a host of other old-time country songs.  She will also include some re-recordings of the songs she wrote for other artists.
Country music legend Alan Jackson took his 25th anniversary "Keeping' It Country" tour to Springfield, Missouri, recently.  The two-time Grammy winner with his band the Strayhorns, performed many of his country hits from a songbook spanning a quarter of a century.  It was a completely sold out SRO concert.
Sheila and I have been asked to open for LuLu Roman, you remember her as the large woman on Hee-Haw, and she was just at our LeMars Festival last year.  Also on the show we are opening for is Dion, remember him from the Belmonts who recorded "The Wanderer" and "A Teenager In Love" and "Runaround Sue." Dion's most successful recordings were in the 60's.  By 1988 he was deeply involved in Christian music which is what he records and performs today.  He is also involved with prison ministry and reaches out to men going through addiction recovery.  He currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida.  On June 24th we'll all gather for Gloria'sGloryFest, in Stewartville, Minnesota.
Bob Everhart for Country Music News International

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