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Jean Shepard, Gene Watson, Johnny Rodriguez, Jamie O'Neal and Tim Menzies

Larry's Country Diner Promises a Warm and Nostalgic November, Featuring Performances From Jean Shepard, Gene Watson, Johnny Rodriguez, Jamie O'Neal and Tim Menzies
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 6, 2014) – "Larry's Country Diner," the down-home variety program produced by Gabriel Communications that draws over 1.5 million loyal viewers each month on RFD-TV and FamilyNet, continues to serve up hearty laughs and great music that will leave you thirsty for more!  "Larry’s Country Diner" promises a warm and nostalgic lineup during the month of November: Country Music Hall of Fame member Jean Shepard, the legendary Gene Watson, Veteran Country hitmaker Johnny Rodriguez,  power house vocalist Jamie O’Neal, and singer-songwriter extraordinaire Tim Menzies,  For more information on "Larry's Country Diner" please visit

Each week in November, you can catch Larry and the gang on the RFD-TV network, as well as FamilyNet**:

Week of:
Nov. 1:   Jean Shepard
Nov. 8:   Gene Watson
Nov. 15: Johnny Rodriguez
Nov. 22: Jamie O’Neal
Nov. 29: Tim Menzies

"Larry's Country Diner" airs Saturday nights at 11 P.M ET/10 P.M. CT and Sunday evenings at 7 P.M. ET/6 P.M. CT on RFD-TV. "Larry's Country Diner" also airs on FamilyNet (check local listings for airtimes in your area). All lineups and schedules are subject to change.

"Larry's Country Diner" has captured the hearts of consumers across the nation, regularly earning top primetime ratings for viewership with ages 50+ [Nielsen]. Fervent fans and the shows' growing popularity have led to a multiple-year waiting list to be a part of the studio audience.

There are few artists in the Country Music format any more beloved than Jean Shepard. The Oklahoma native hit the charts before she turned twenty-one with 1953’s “A Dear John Letter,” a duet with Ferlin Husky, the man who would also be her legal guardian for a brief period during the song’s chart climb. She added such hits to her resume as “Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar” and “Slippin’ Away.” She will mark sixty years as a member of the Grand Ole Opry next year, and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2011. The singer released her autobiography, Down Through The Years, earlier this year.

For four decades, Gene Watson has kept audiences entertained with his traditional style of Country Music. He broke onto the radio airwaves in 1975 with “Love In The Hot Afternoon.” Other hits would include “Paper Rosie,” “Farewell Party,” and “Don’t Waste It On The Blues.” Watson is a frequent performer on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, and has just released his newest project, My Heroes Have Always Been Country, a collection of his favorite songs that has become his highest-charting album in a quarter-century.

Sabinal, Texas native Johnny Rodriguez was the first major Latin American star in Country Music. Breaking upon the scene in 1973, thanks to Tom T. Hall, the singer hit with his first single, “Pass Me By,” which quickly became a top ten hit. The singer remained a chart favorite throughout the 1980s, placing six singles atop the Billboard charts, including “That’s The Way Love Goes” and “Love Put A Song In My Heart.”

Jamie O’Neal began her musical career in a band with her parents while growing up in Australia. The soulful stylist came to the attention of Mercury Nashville in 2000, and she would top the charts with her first two singles – the haunting “There Is No Arizona” and the energetic “When I Think About Angels.” Her most recent album, 2014’s Eternal, features her take on songs made famous by artists such as Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers, Patsy Cline, and Connie Smith.

Tim Menzies has enjoyed one of the most well-rounded careers in Country Music. The Virginia native first achieved success as a member of the 1980s Warner Brothers group Bandana, and enjoyed success with solo singles such as “This Ol’ Heart” and ‘That’s Good.” He also penned some of the biggest hits of the 1980s and 1990s, including “Mama Knows” (Shenandoah) and “She Dreams” (Mark Chesnutt). He has just released his first project in a dozen years, the Gospel-flavored His Way Of Loving Me.

Thoughts of the 48th CMA Awards Show

Thoughts of the 48th CMA Awards Show

(Nashville, TN-11.6.14)I did watch the entire show, something I have not done for several years.  I felt that it was well produced, and covered all of country music in the short TV time allotted for the show . 

Brad and Carrie were great hosts, but it is time to change for next year’s show, maybe Vince and Reba, Tim and Faith, or Garth and Trisha.  Brad and Carrie have done great work, but a change cannot hurt the show, and each year select a new male and female artist to be the host.  There are so many great choices in the industry to host the show and it is no reflection on Brad and Carrie.  They have given new life to the show.  CMA has done an awesome job of presenting a production that I feel covers all avenues of country music as much as possible in a limited amount of television time.

Someone tell me, who really represents traditional country music in today’s format, that can be called country music.  I continue  to believe that Blake Shelton holds the reins to leading real country music to new heights.  I hope he will lead the music to more success than it has ever known, and I feel that he is the one who can do that, if he so chooses. 

I wish record labels and artists would record more traditional country music, and make country radio practice what they preach, when they label themselves as country music stations!!!!!!  When I say artists, I mean those artists who love traditional country music, but are afraid to hold to their beliefs because they might not get signed by a label that does not want to record traditional country music!!!!!

I will preach fiddles and steel guitars until my dying breath, but I guess I am preaching to a chosen few. I hope when the 50th CMA Awards Show is aired in a couple of years, that there will be a section of the show to pay homage to the traditional legendary country music artists still living, and those who have passed on.  I also hope they make sure that those artists that are still living are invited to be part of the audience and to be recognized as the cornerstones of country music.  It is up to the artists of today to make sure that the legends of yesterday are given recognition for their contributions to make country music the success that it is today.  I realize that might never happen because of how times have changed in country music, but never say never-right?  I hope we never forget who brought country music to the heights that it is enjoying at the present!!!!

Changing of the guard was evident last night.  Rating rules TV shows.  Now this is going to sound like I have bowed down to the sounds that are not country, but last night the Doobie Bros., “Listen To The Music,” hit a home run as a highlight of how they presented their great song.  Some of you might not agree with me, but when I was a touring artist, I appreciated the Doobie’s music and how they presented it with many of their songs having a country flavor.  I was not totally disappointed in last night’s show, because I realized that I was watching changes that have become evident over the past few years, some good and some not so good, but change is something we cannot alter, only hope that it is for the best.  Time will tell.

A couple thoughts as follows:

Loretta Lynn’s cameo appearance was a highlight, but too short.

Whoever was on the sound board mixing Lady Antebellum must have had his fingers taped together.  The song was a great ROCK SONG.

Florida Georgia Line had a terrible mix on the guitars, maybe not to them.  I will say they had great tattoo’s!!!!!!!!!

Band Perry-Great dress, great performance of a great song, just too bad the mix did not match their great performance.

Tim McGraw was the highlight of the night for me.  Great performance.

I am wondering if the time has come in country music where we are leaving the past behind to fend for itself or if the changing of the guard has just forgotten who paved the road for them.  Time will tell.  I am open to change, but as we make those changes, let’s not forget those who gave this new generation the opportunity to be a part of country music and to make changes.  Hopefully they will make changes that move country music forward into a new era of success.  I hear some great artists of today, who are not afraid to record traditional country music, so I am hoping that this might a trend of the future and that country radio stations will be “country”.  The history of country music is made up of fiddles and steel guitars, so let’s always keep their place sacred and not store them away in vaults not to be heard again.  I feel that the old saying “what goes around, comes around,” is true. BTW, I am not opposed to country music artists who record their music without a tradition sound, but….today’s radio format seems to be more open to traditional country music than it ever has been.  That is just my opinion of what I hear.

My congratulations to CMA for a great production last night.  Hopefully each year the show will continue to feature the roots of traditional country music in some way, and include those artists who are still living and should be recognized by the new generation of country music.  I don’t mind change, but as we change, let’s not forget those that give us the opportunity to make changes, as long as the changes are beneficial to our music.

Your comments pro and con are always welcome and I wish you all a great week and as we close in on the holiday season, I wish you a Blessed Thanksgiving with your families.

Marty Martel©



Luke Bryan Lyric Video

Nashville, TN, November 6, ’14…Luke Bryan is the latest Country Super Star to join an elite list of those parodied by singer/songwriter, Cledus T. Judd. The hilarious new song, “Luke Bryan,” is a comical portrayal of one of country’s hottest stars and is available on iTunes today.  
“This is one of the few songs I’ve written where we couldn’t stop laughing out loud while we wrote it,” Cledus says. "I don’t think I’ve done that since “Did I Shave My Back For This?” Every line makes you laugh."    
Known for his clever parodies of some of Country music’s biggest stars, with the release of “Luke Bryan,” Cledus T. Judd is at it again starting a new phase of his remarkable career. Often called the “Weird Al” Yankovic of Country, Cledus’ quick-witted parody about superstar Luke Bryan has fans laughing.  
Released on RoseyMoMusic and distributed by Average Joes Entertainment, “Luke Bryan” was written by Cledus T. Judd, Chris T. Cream Clark, Bill Whyte, and Country star Colt Ford who is also featured on the song. Watch the "Luke Bryan" video here.  
To learn more about Cledus’ new music and where you can see him live visit and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.  
“Luke Bryan” Lyrics  
Everybody loves Luke (Cheers)
Ummmhmmmm (Cheers)
Everybody loves Luke
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Did y’all see it the other night  
He wore tight jeans, on the CMA’s
Then he musta did, what all his friends say
Girls scream like he is deaf, when he shakes his behind
The ladies love Luke Bryan
Everybody loves Luke  
His Truck is all jacked up, he’s a Georgia license plater
And you’re a fanimal, he’ll sign your tata’s later
He ain’t no imitator, his accent needs translators, just like ole Flava flavor’s
Zach Brown don’t be a hater  
Luke Bryan
That redneck tycoon, when he sings a tune, your speakers go boom boom
All you county girls
Think he’s fantastic, do something drastic, for backstage passes
Love some Luke Bryan
I know you want him, you know I know him, those moves I taught him
You’re a country girl
So shake it for me, so shake it for me
Seriously…shake it for me  
When he sang with Aldean, busting out of his jeans, one thing that we all know
He’s got the biggest truck in this place
I may be funny (HA HA HA), what rhymes with funny (HA HA HA)
I ain’t got no money (HA HA HA)  
Yeah it’s his kinda night, and he’s a winner winner
Give him a hook and line, catch you a catfish dinner
Dance on his daddy’s tractor
Girl you know it don’t matter, just swing it like a batter, bring on that country rapper  
Everybody talk about Luke Bryan
Now the girls tellin’ me he’s so fine
My trucks big girl, what about mine
She said Colt have you seen him grind, he shakes them hips around
I said yeah what about it, she said his jeans are tight, I said yeah they look crowded
Ole Luke’s got everything, big truck, boats, planes
Hot wife, great life, and fame
I think I’m gonna change my name
Y’all can call me Luke two, I wanna do what he do
Dance around on the ACM’s, man I think I dance better than him
Shakes his bumper, gets down, (whistle), gets up
All the girls may flirt, but Luke don’t flirt
Cause his wife will hurt
Hey hey hey  
You can “Crash His Party” in Georgia or Jamaica
“Rain Is A Good Thing” in Dakota or Decatur
They like his singing
They like his dancing
And he’s years from Branson  
That’s why I wish I was Luke Bryan
That Redneck tycoon
When he sings a tune
Your speakers go boom boom
All you country girls
Think he’s fantastic, do something drastic, for backstage passes    


Classic Country & Bluegrass Fiddle Albums from the 60’s & 70’s, Now Available
Nashville, TN (November 6, 2014) -  Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce two new titles in its archival HERITAGE COLLECTION series.  The Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series will help keep traditional roots music alive and preserved for future generations.  The Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series includes authentic Old-Time Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Country Waltzes, Fiddle Tunes and Gospel music performed by many legends & pioneers.  Titles are mastered from the original master tapes, with original cover artwork and include many albums never-before available on CD.
Since the initial release in late 2013, thirteen titles have been released to date in the Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series including titles by MAC WISEMAN, HYLO BROWN & The Timberliners, RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups, J.E. MAINER & The Mountaineers, CURLY FOX, LEE MOORE, RAYMOND FAIRCHILD and JIM GREER & The Mac-O-Chee Valley Folks.
Rural Rhythm is now releasing two more titles in the HERITAGE COLLECTION Series in both the physical CD and digital formats by DALE POTTER with Shot Jackson & Jim Murphy Hoe Down, Volume 1 originally released in 1967 and BUCK RYAN with Don Reno & Red SmileyFiddling Buck Ryan originally released in 1971.
DALE POTTER was once called “the greatest fiddle player who ever lived”.  His Nashvillstudio work tended to prove that: He was one of the most-demanded studio fiddlers during the 1940’s,1950’s and 1960’s.  His recording work included dozens of top country artists including Hank Williams, Little Jimmy Dickens, Chet Atkins, Jimmy Dean and Webb Pierce.  His special skill in country-jazz fiddle set a standard which was seldom matched by any other fiddler.
Recorded in 1967and produced by Lee   Sutton, Hoe Down !, Volume 1 is part of a ten album series that Uncle Jim O’Neal created featuring some of the best fiddle players around in the 60’s such as Vassar Clements, Buck Ryan, Clarence “Tater” Tate, Mutt Poston, DeWayne Wear and of course, Dale Potter.  In addition to fiddle master DALE POTTER, Hoe Down,  Volume 1 features Shot Jackson on Dobro guitar and Jim Murphy on steel guitar. 
BUCK RYAN was playing fiddle with Don Reno, Red Smiley and Bill Harrell and The Tennessee Cut-Ups at the time of this recording, so we are fortunate to hear one of those rare recordings where Reno & Smiley and Harrell are serving as a backup band.  Fiddling Buck Ryan was produced by Dick Unteed and recorded at the Rome Recording studios and contains some of the best Bluegrass & Country instrumental music recorded by this fine group of Bluegrass legends and pioneers.
DALE POTTER – Hoe Down, Volume 1 (RUR-179) and BUCK RYAN - Fiddling Buck Ryan (RUR-244) are available to DJ's on AirPlay Direct, as well as, the other thirteen titles currently released in the Rural Rhythm Heritage Collection series.
Both titles are now available on iTunes DALE POTTER – Hoe Down, Volume 1 and BUCK RYAN  - Fiddling Buck Ryan and Amazon DALE POTTER - Hoe Down, Volume 1 and BUCK RYAN - Fiddling Buck Ryan and wherever digital and physical CD music is sold.
Upcoming titles to the Rural Rhythm HERITAGE COLLECTION Series:
o   HYLO BROWN – Folk Songs of Rural America
o   HYLO BROWN – Legends & Tall Tales
o   JIM EANES with RED SMILEY & The Blue Grass Cut-Ups
o   MAC MARTIN & The Dixie Travelers – Travelin’ Blues – Instrumental Album
o   Vassar Clements, Dale Potter, Clarence “Tater” Tate, Buck Ryan – COUNTRY FIDDLERS:  HOE DOWN ! Volume 10
    More reissue titles will be announced shortly

Mississippi Crazy Nights

Volume Five Heads to Radio with Brand New Single "Crazy Nights" TODAY
Single Sets Up January 2015 Release of VOICES
Listen to "Crazy Nights"

"Volume Five is one of the brightest young stars on the Bluegrass horizon.
They represent everything that's good about a touring and recording band.
Wonderful new songs, great singing, and great music."

– Darren Nicholson (Balsam Range)

November 5, 2014 (Willis, VA) - Mississippi's Volume Five heads to radio today with the release of "Crazy Nights," the first single from their upcoming Mountain Fever Records album VOICES, scheduled to hit the streets in January 2015.  Volume Five is proving to be an exciting new band, blazing a red-hot trail on the bluegrass scene.

"Crazy Nights" was written by former V5 member Jeff Partin and is released after what could be considered a stellar year for the band with two IBMA nominations for IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year and IBMA Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year for "The Day We Learn To Fly" (album), Stacy Richardson and Leroy Drumm (writers), Volume Five (producers), Mountain Fever (label).

A group that started as a casual jam band in 2008, has now grown into one of bluegrass music’s most unique new acts.  Their first gospel and 4th overall release on Mountain Fever Records was the well crafted Southern gospel flavored bluegrass album, The Day We Learn To Fly, from which their nominations stemmed. 

The band is excited to welcome back Colby Laney to the roster, who returns after a stint with Larry Stephenson. While each member comes to the table with a strong pedigree, having served tenure nationally with such well-known artists as Marty Raybon and Full Circle, Randy Kohrs and The Lites, The Roys and Tony Rice, these five musicians together truly blend into a band with staying power.   
Volume Five features the talents of ring-leader Glen Harrell on fiddle; Harry Formby Clark on mandolin; Colby Laney on guitar, Patton Wages on banjo, and Chris Williamson on bass; and while Volume Five is considered a traditional band, their earthy, soulful singing, spot on harmonies, and precision picking set them apart from others. 
V5's touring schedule has afforded them the benefit of playing with numerous artists over the years, some of whom have become fans such as Buddy Melton of Balsam Range who says, "What defines a great band? Superior musicianship,impeccable singing, moving song selections...Volume Five has all the above and more...Extremely talented, yet humble and genuinely real people, Volume Five has a magical quality about them that will undoubtedly make a lasting impression in the world of acoustic music."
One thing fans can count on with Volume Five is that they will never be let down with their live performances and that those live performances will transcend the live show and be just as impactful on their recorded music.  Their level of quality musicianship is constant and is making an impact at radio.  


 Luke Bryan Wins His First CMA Award – Entertainer of the Year!
NASHVILLE - Top winner Miranda Lambert collected trophies and broke records, while Luke Bryan picked up the night’s top honor, winning his first-ever CMA Award for Entertainer of the Year at “The 48th Annual CMA Awards.”
Lambert won four awards Wednesday, including her second Album of the Year trophy for Platinum. She joined husband Blake Shelton, in setting a mutual record as each clinched their fifth consecutive victory in the Female and Male Vocalist of the Year categories. 
“I don’t even know what to say. I just can’t believe I’m standing here,” Lambert told the crowd. “I can’t believe this is my life, that this is my job. Thank you, fans, for that.” She also gave a shout out to female singers and songwriters who haven’t received the same kind of acclaim: “I’m trying to represent for you girls.”
Lambert, who has won 11 CMA Awards since 2010, passed four-time winners Reba McEntire and Martina McBride in the Female Vocalist category becoming the top winner in CMA Awards history.
Shelton moved into a tie for Male Vocalist with Vince Gill and George Strait, claiming his fifth consecutive title.
“To be in that category, those two guys you (in the press room) just mentioned, that’s beyond a dream come true,” Shelton said. “That’s stupid.” Shelton dedicated the Award to his personal hero, singer Earl Thomas Conley.
Bryan won the night’s top honor. It was his first CMA Award, and that fact left him amazed.
“I have longed and sought for many years to get one of these in my hands,” Bryan said backstage as he cradled his new Entertainer trophy. “To get the respect of the CMA Board and all its voters and win this is a ginormous deal. It’s something that I could not express when I was out on stage when I was winning it. I can’t help but in the back of my mind want some of that respect from this body of people. I’m just really humbled.”
Until then, the night belonged to Lambert. She picked up her first win just after the sun rose in Nashville, winning Musical Event of the Year for “We Were Us” with Keith Urban. It was the second year in a row Urban won in the category, one of two Awards announced on ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” Dierks Bentley and director Wes Edwards also picked up an early Award, taking Music Video of the Year for “Drunk on a Plane.”
Lambert continued her run as the show started, joining Meghan Trainor on stage for a rendition of the pop hit “All About That Bass” before winning the first telecast Award: Single of the Year for “Automatic.” She returned to the stage midway through the show to pick up her third trophy, Album of the Year for Platinum, produced by Frank Liddell, Chuck Ainlay, and Glenn Worf. It was her second win in that prestigious category after Revolution took the category in 2010. She later performed new single “Smokin’ and Drinkin’” with Little Big Town, before again returning to the stage to accept the Female Vocalist of the Year trophy.
Shelton was happier for his wife than he was for himself: “For me and my family, this may be the biggest night of our lives in the music industry.”
Kacey Musgraves, the 2013 New Artist of the Year, scored a highlight moment when she sang “You’re Lookin’ at Country” with personal hero Loretta Lynn. She got another one when she returned to the stage for winning Song of the Year for “Follow Your Arrow,” an anthem about equality and individualism, written with Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally.
Vocal Group of the Year Little Big Town and Vocal Duo of the Year Florida Georgia Line enjoyed repeat victories. It was the third straight win in the category for Little Big Town and the second straight win for Florida Georgia Line. “I’m shaking, I’m shaking,” singer Brian Kelley said when the duo hit the stage. “How are we still so nervous?” duo mate Tyler Hubbard asked the crowd.
Lanky crooner Brett Eldredge, wearing a tuxedo in tribute to his personal inspiration Frank Sinatra, won New Artist of the Year with his mother in attendance.
Guitarist Mac McAnally won Musician of the Year for the seventh time, extending his streak for most consecutive wins in the category.
Entertainer of the Year
Luke Bryan
Album of the Year
Automatic, Miranda Lambert
Produced by Chuck Ainlay, Frank Liddell, and Glenn Worf
Female Vocalist of the Year
Miranda Lambert
Male Vocalist of the Year
Blake Shelton 
Song of the Year
“Follow Your Arrow,” by Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally 
Single of the Year
“Automatic,” Miranda Lambert 
Vocal Group of the Year
Little Big Town 
Vocal Duo of the Year
Florida Georgia Line
New Artist of the Year
Brett Eldredge 
Music Event of the Year
“We Were Us,” by Keith Urban featuring Miranda Lambert
Music Video of the Year
“Drunk on a Plane,” Dierks Bentley (directed by Wes Edwards)
Musician of the Year
Mac McAnally

 Photo Credit: Donn Jones / CMA


NASHVILLE – CMA presented the Irving Waugh Award of Excellence to Nashville treasure Vince Gill during “The 48th Annual CMA Awards,” which aired tonight on the ABC Television Network.
Gill choked up during a video salute aired during the Awards as artists including Rodney Crowell, Merle Haggard, Emmylou Harris, Taylor Swift, James Taylor, and Keith Urban paid tribute to Gill’s artistry and impact on Country Music.
“There wouldn’t have been a CMA Awards on television without Irving,” Gill told reporters back stage. "He put the show on and class was always the ultimate to him. He wanted the men to dress up.”
The Irving Waugh Award of Excellence is awarded to an individual who is the originator and caretaker of demonstrated ideas and actions that have dramatically broadened and improved Country Music's influence on a national or international level for the benefit of the industry. It is the intention that these ideas and actions typically will have run a course of years and shall have a proven historical impact on the format.
“Vince Gill’s career is the very definition of excellence,” said CMA Chief Executive Officer Sarah Trahern. “Vince is well known for his outstanding musicianship, artistic integrity, humor, philanthropy, and undeniable support of Country Music and this community. He is admired by many and is a very deserving recipient of this honor.”
The Award was created in 1983, when it was presented to its namesake Irving Waugh, a visionary who was instrumental in the creation of the CMA Awards. Since then, the Irving Waugh Award of Excellence has only been presented four times including Frances Preston (1987), a legendary figure in BMI history; Jo Walker-Meador (1991), the Executive Director of the Country Music Association from 1962 to 1991; the iconic Johnny Cash (2003); and longtime, former producer of the CMA Awards, Walter Miller (2009).
Gill has a long history with the CMA Awards himself, including hosting the annual gala 12 times (1992-2003). He has 53 career CMA Awards nominations including one in 2014 for CMA Musical Event of the Year with Paul Franklin for their album, Bakersfield.
He has claimed the crystal trophy 18 times including one for Single of the Year for his breakthrough hit “When I Call Your Name” (1990), two for Entertainer of the Year (1993, 1994) and five consecutive times for Male Vocalist of the Year (1991-1995). In 2007, Gill was inducted into the coveted Country Music Hall of Fame, which is determined by the CMA Panel of Electors.
Gill is one of those unique individuals who lives in the margins. He has a deep appreciation for the values and traditions of the format, but he also has a reputation for encouraging and helping emerging talent. He has an impeccable work ethic and an equally strong sense of humor. He is a public figure with an intense, personal loyalty to family and community.
Revered by the industry, in 1991 he joined the Grand Ole Opry. His vocal prowess, emotionally-charged songwriting, and world-class guitar chops are undisputed and have bridged formats and set the standard for excellence, broadening the audience for Country Music.
Since 1990, Gill has received 20 Grammy Awards, sold more than 26 million albums, and was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His passion for golf led him to start the Vince Gill Pro Celebrity Invitation Golf Tournament, better known as “The Vinny,” to help support junior golf programs in Tennessee. He and his wife, Amy Grant, are well-known for the charitable efforts in the community and Gill was recently awarded the Leadership Music Dale Franklin Award in recognition of his philanthropic efforts.

 Photo Credit: John Russell / CMA

Country Music News International Newsletter November 6. 2014

Country Music News International Newsletter

November 6. 2014

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Keith Urban Featuring Miranda Lambert And Dierks Bentley Winners In Two CMA Awards Categories


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