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Chart-topping Vocalist Performed For SOLD-OUT Crowd In Bowling Green, KY
Hit Single Beachin’ Top 20 & Rising

Jake Owen

Photo Credit: Nick Rau

Nashville, TN - (April 28, 2014) – Last Thursday (4/24), Jake Owen made the night a little more special for his new friends -- Seth and Sierra -- with a performance of “Heaven” at his sold-out DAYS OF GOLD tour stop in Bowling Green, KY. During the meet and greet, Seth shared that he played the song while proposing and made a request for him to play it. Jake changed up his set list to add the song and brought the couple on stage to practice their “first dance.”
This was one of several unforgettable moments throughout the show that kept the loud and boisterous crowd up on their feet, singing and dancing the whole night.
A natural entertainer, the chart-topping vocalist is lauded for his engaging live shows “given the undeniable energy he exudes on stage and the clear twinkle in his eye while he is in the spotlight,” writes Billboard.
This must-see beach party, complete with tiki bars, Riverside Café set and fans decked in bathing suits, continues as the 75-city plus tour goes through October and wraps in Jake’s hometown of Vero Beach, FL. Presented by Discover Boating, the sizzling run also stars the Eli Young Band* along with Parmalee*, Thomas Rhett* and The Cadillac Three. (*select dates).
Jake’s current single “Beachin’” is Top 20-and-climbing the country radio charts and is from his latest RCA Nashville album DAYS OF GOLD. The party anthem is the follow-up to the vivacious “Days of Gold.”
Since releasing the chart-topping album, BAREFOOT BLUE JEAN NIGHT, Jake has emerged as one of country music’s leading vocalists. The GOLD-certified RCA Nashville project has sold over 5 million tracks to date and delivered four consecutive No. 1 hit singles, including the multi-week chart-toppers; the DOUBLE PLATINUM title track and PLATINUM “Alone with You,” and GOLD-certified hits “The One That Got Away” and “Anywhere with You.”

Country Radio Seminar 2015

Dates Announced for Country Radio Seminar 2015
CRS 2015 will be held Feb. 25-27, 2015 at the
Nashville Convention Center

(Nashville, Tenn. – April 28, 2014) – Country Radio Broadcasters, Inc. has set Feb. 25-27 as the official dates for CRS 2015, held in downtown Nashville, Tenn. at the Nashville Convention Center. 

"One of the first signs of spring is Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, and again in 2015, CRS will launch the year in country radio and music,” said CRS President, Charlie Morgan. “Again this year, our event will kick-off on Wednesday, February 25 and run through our New Faces Show on Friday night, February 27."

Early bird registration for CRS 2015 will begin in mid-July. Panels and speakers will be announced leading up to the seminar.

The annual Country Radio Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Dinner will be held later in 2015. The official date for the event has not yet been announced.

The 2014-2015 CRS Agenda Committee, which will oversee the agenda for CRS 2015, was recently announced. Jeff Green (Partner/Stone Door Media Lab) will serve as Chairman and Tom Hanrahan (Regional Program Manager/Clear Channel Media and Entertainment) and John Trapane (SW Regional/EMI Nashville) were both named Co-Vice Chairman.

About Country Radio Seminar: Country Radio Seminar is an annual convention designed to educate and promote the exchange of ideas and business practices in the Country music industry, with specific emphasis on issues relevant to Country radio. CRS 2015 will be held Feb. 25-27, 2015. Visit for more information. Like CRS on Facebook and follow CRS on Twitter (Hashtag #CRS2015).

JOHNNY ORR Band Down South

JOHNNY ORR Band's Lyrical Elegance & Inspired Pickin' Shine On "Down South"

Group's First Country Radio Single Issues Today Via PlayMPe & CDX

Nashville, TN (April 28, 2014) - The JOHNNY ORR Band's lyrical elegance and inspired pickin' shine on the group's first Country radio single, "Down South."   The track is available to programmers today via Play MPe and via CDX (Vol. 594).

Five o'clock it's time to go, gotta hit the road,
And see my friends for the weekend,
Yeah I'm heading back home again
Gotta pick her up, in my ole truck, pack your bag and grab a spit cup,
For the road trip, get a little dip, and that cooler's full of ice
 - Gonna put that pedal to the ground, and we're headed down...
 South, where the music we crank it up
Country living yeah that's wus sup
And there's, turnip greens and mama's baked beans
And we make a living by any means
I love, my girl riding next to me, on the front seat,
Of my '64, makes me want her more
Yeah me and my baby just hangin' out down South

For Johnny, the song was an easy one to write.  "I was remembering family reunions in the North Carolina country when I wrote this," he recalls.  "It's about all the things we do, like hanging out with friends down by the lake, drinking  beer and enjoying Mom's home cooking."

Comments 98.7 Kiss Country's J. Brooks, "Johnny's new single is a real life story that I can relate to even being from the North!!  It will be a song that you will want to crank up on your truck stereo and sing along to!"

"Down South" is the title track from the JOB's current EP for John & John Entertainment.  The single follows the release of "We'll Get By (The Autism Song)," a song that has generated a passionate discourse within - and beyond - the Autism community.  The "We'll Get By" video has logged nearly 65,000 YouTube hits; a portion of the song's proceeds benefit Blooming With Autism, an organization founded in 2011. 

Steady club bookings and large venue gigs opening for acts like Kenny Chesney, the Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town, Gretchen Wilson, Parmalee and Cole Swindell have given the JOB a polished ease not often found in most "up-and-coming" artists.  Singer/songwriter Orr formed the band in 2007, and he's given rock-solid support by longtime cohorts Gino Latarulo on guitars and vocals, Jack Getz on bass and vocals and Bill Eagen on drums.

Upcoming shows include:
Apr 25    Garner, NC  - Moonrunner's
Apr 26    Raleigh, NC - DeMarco's Restaurant- Bedford Community
May 1     Raleigh, NC - The Clubhouse
May 3     Garner, NC - Moonrunner's
May 8     Clayton, NC - The Flipside
May 9     Raleigh, NC - Britino's Sports Bar
May 11   Garner, NC - Cleveland Draft House
May 21   Raleigh, NC - Hot Tin Roof
May 22   Raleigh, NC - Piper's Tavern
May 24   Raleigh, NC - Ray Price Harley
May 24   Garner, NC - Cleveland Draft House
June 7     Raleigh, NC - Benefit for Special Ops Warrior Foundation
/Operation Coming Home
June 7     Clayton, NC - Millstock Art & Music Festival

Fans can hear the new single, see the "We'll Get By" video and learn more at

Kayleigh Leith – Wrapped in music from soft to dynamite

Kayleigh Leith –
Wrapped in music from soft to dynamite
Kayleigh Leith, a young woman I met this year, she is real, she is honest and she is full of energy.
She was raised in the steel – and - glass big City of Pittsburgh, started her journey in Pennsylvania, went to Las Vegas and then to New York, and guess what – she ended up in a small village in Holland. Why? – Because she followed the love of her life!
Her dad was teacher and together they sang in the church and at a lot of parties. They even had their own karaoke machine and so they spend quite a lot of time with it.
Kayleigh always liked to be in the spotlights and get that kind of attention, she loved it, when people gave applause and wanted to hear them sing. After initially trying to purser a music education, she stopped that, because she didn´t want to teach music, she wanted to bring the music into the world, with her songs and her own ideas.
She started in music in 2008, she fell in love with a Dutch guy and they lived in New York, than he decided to go back home to Holland and Kayleigh said:”Well I go with him, and If I don´t like it, I can go home!”
And then she followed the voice of her heart and went across the big Atlantic and ended up in Holland. In a very small, rustic town, with cows, and horses, and pigs and chicken. She started liking it, it was cool and so peaceful, and considering that she first lived in New York, it was a very big change.
She always made things positive even during hard times, she was true to herself. She lives by the motto:” Everything happens for a reason” and maybe her big dreams will come true some day. Even in bad times she thought positive and a few of her best songs were written in those days.
She was homesick and lonely, didn´t felt well and then she started writing her stories, even she never considered herself as a songwriter. These stories inside her and her feelings made her walk on a different way, a way that never, ever would had cross her mind and so she started a career far from home.
In 2009, she made a little demo of three songs, together with her husband. She had so much to say and so she wrapped it in her songs, her real feelings, those she kept deep inside herself.
Than out of a sudden she was asked to appear on stage and when she came there, she was shocked. She had to present herself in front of unbelievable 30.000 people. She thought, if that is possible, anything is possible! If people like my songs, I can make it and she did.
A lot of people started to get interested in Kayleigh Leith, that girl from Pittsburg, so she released her album “Miles Away”, and guess what – you can imagine it is all about her feelings, being far away from home.
It was a kind of mixture between pop and country, but this album got worldwide attention and so Kayleigh went to hit the road on a Miles Away Tour. She was seen in and heard in the radio, in clubs and on many festivals in Europe and America. Her highlights in that time have been the appearance in the Bluebird Café in Nashville TN, and the USO show for US troops in Germany! She loved it and so her journey began to become a real base, so when she was on tour 2012 in Nashville, she started writing with a lot of top songwriters. She met Rob Crosby and he took Kayleigh under his wings, so she started recording her second album “Woman”, and Rob Crosby was her acting producer. This album is full of pop, blues & rock, with a lot of passion. It is wrapped in a good sound on a high standard. Multifaceted in the pitch, it is a pleasure to listen to it.
She has been since put into the spotlights of several countries; she is growing in country music and still keeping up her roots in the pop based new country. She does not present traditional country and sometimes when she and band get on stage, the people don´t know what to say, because they play a bit harder than they thought, but people like it and a lot of those people changed their minds about the new kind of country music she presents. She likes what she does, you can see and feel that and if she is happy, the public is happy too.
Kayleigh Leith has her own kind of style, that rock. She has a strongly opinion, in what she wants to do and were she wants to be in country music, and that distinguish her from a lot of other artists. She is small, smart and very cute and above all she has very important things to say.
That is what she does in all her lyric, she gets to the point, with every single song she is singing. Lot of dynamite with a good portion of rock, in her beautiful voice makes the songs sell them self. She is not only dynamite, she also can sound very softly, lovely and melodic; she is a package full of surprises.
Kayleigh Leith the young woman, that didn´t change, because people told her so, she remains true to herself, and that is what people like about her and the music she creates.
She found her dream in a far away country, had to leave her home, her family, her friends, but she found the love of her life and the country music she wants to present! So dreams can come true!!!!
Article by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

Gary Lee Tolley a man that made his dream comes true!

Gary Lee Tolley a man that made his dream comes true!

From the Mountains of Virginia, where his passion already began, young at age. Singing in the school or at the church, he liked it so much and it grew with every day.
When he finished High School, he joined the army and his musical initial had a break. It stopped for a while, but it was still there. He sang and performed, when he got the opportunity to do so. In 1985, when he was positioned in Germany, he started to play guitar. When he was retired from military service, he start building up his career with a kind of constancy and on that way, he find a few fans that followed him, and it grew when time went by.
Gary is also a winner of the Grammy for Independent artists, with his Tybee Time CD. He was so changeable like a chameleon; he started to be a singer, a songwriter and record producer, he switched in between those three jobs and he felt good about it.
A lot of people compared his voice to big stars and legends like Kenny Chesney, Roy Orbison or Elvis Presley, but he wasn´t a copy of them. He was his own maker, his own personality and he made his own kind of music. In between real country music and blue grass, you could spread it in a lot of directions. That made him so special and the fact, that he wants to tell a story with his songs and give it a touch of funny tale. He is a real storyteller, with a warm and pleasurable voice. Of course he was influenced by other artist like Hank Williams and Elvis, but he created the country singer Gary Lee Tolley by himself.
Gary´s career took him a long way and so in 2012 he had about 100000 votes in a radio contest, and that made him to come to Las Vegas, where he was guest on Fox 5 TV and in the Palace Station Casino. There he performed his song “She’s Gone”.
Gary´s Cd release made him appear in Nashville, where he recorded with the best musician, he could find. He produced “Thanks A Lot”, his 5th CD project.
Now he is on his way again to the Music City Nashville to record his 5th studio CD. He already made 6 music Cd´s and a Christmas CD at home. So Gary is a quite busy man and on his travel through time he landed a few hits, and when you see him perform, you know that this is the place, where he belongs.
To end this article, I think it would be nice to quote his own words; he used to give once to a reporter, which interviewed him.
So this is what Gary Lee Tolley told him: quote, “Performing music was not part of growing up in my immediate family. We would listen to country music on the stereo on Sunday afternoons with my parents, but no one played an instrument. I remember listening to Elvis and Chuck Berry with my brother and sister. I went to dances with my older sister in the late 50s and I remember dancing the “Twist” with my sister’s classmates. I had aunts, uncles and cousins that played music, through. I remember visiting my uncle one time and he and his sons were playing on the front porch and I remember thinking how magical it seemed. To be able to make music and sing and put smiles on people´s faces. It was like a cool drink of water, when you are thirsty, or a good meal, when you are hungry. People have always enjoyed music, it creates magic. I remember thinking; I want to be able to do that!”,unquote.
So I think there is nothing left to say!
You can also find Gary Lee Tolley on the following links
Article by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music News International

Country Music News International Newsletter April 28. 2014

Country Music News International Newsletter April 28. 2014

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Interview with David “Eli’ Grimes

Interview with David “Eli’ Grimes

Music has many new fans throughout Europe, they may hear about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you make, to someone who has never seen, or heard about you?
My music career began when I was 12 or 13 years old.  I had seen a Movie on TV called “Your Cheating Heart” the story and the life of Hank Williams Sr. the movie really touched my heart.  After the story of Hank I knew I had to write songs like Hank and touch people’s lives like Hank Williams did. I bothered my father until he finally broke down and bought me my first guitar.
Really they say I was making up songs way before that even before I could even write my first words.  After the movie of Hank Williams I started writing my songs down, but there was no one to sing my songs.  So one day I said I will write and record my own songs which I did from that moment on.  I have written and recorded over 30 songs so far.  Musically I go by my middle name Eli because it is a little different and unique; people really remember the name a lot more than David.  I love to write songs from the heart and I hope that every song touches your heart in some way.  I just love writing and singing my heart out for people!
How has been the last year for you? What are the highlights?
With-in the last year I have really gotten into putting my music and videos up on YouTube my channel is DavidEliGrimes@youtube .  Also I have been on facebook at Eli grimes and on twitter at Eli’s Coming or Eli Grimes. 
What made you choose that title for the CD?  Is there a story behind this?
Yes I grew up loving the Andy Griffith Show on TV and went to Mount Airy, North Carolina the home town of Andy.  I left the town wishing Andy and I had gone fishing and wrote the song from that trip.
Do you write the songs by yourself? If not, how do you manage to find the perfect songs for your CD? 
Most of my songs I write by myself and then get studio musicians to play in the recording studio.  I play the guitar myself just enough to write the melody for the songs.
What is the difference between your last and your current CD?
I feel I have gotten better and better over the years even though some people really like my early songs.
Your current single is played on the radio. What made it so special, that people wanna hear that song?
My last song was inspired by a Lady on Facebook that was very ill and asked everyone to pray for her.  So I was inspired to write a song “I Said a Prayer for You Today” 
What is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded and what is the story behind?
MY first song “Toy Boy” inspired by Elvis is like my first baby so it makes you sit up and take notice.  Some people still say that is there favorite song of mine.
Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by your music?
I have fans tell me all the time my songs touch their hearts and make them cry. I do not mean to make them cry, I do however like touching their hearts.
Who inspires you in music and how deep are your musical roots?
Mostly people I meet on life’s roads and paths one way or the other inspires me to write my songs.  I have written songs to help save animals lives, a song about two young girls killed with drive by shootings, another song about a little that had gone missing, about the Homeless and oh yes about Love.
Many European fans travel to the United States to attend several music festivals for the opportunity to see as many of their favorite artists, bands and celebrities as they can. If you would be one of these favorite artists, where in the United States could the fans find you?
I’m Eli and I’m kind of shy!  I love to sing but I have just finally said I am going to give it a another big try to see if I can get discovered by the Whole Wide World
A few last words of Eli:
All my Life I have wanted my musical talent to somehow make a difference in this World. To leave more than just my footprints, or my music behind, when I leave this world. That is why I wrote and sang songs about saving animals lives, about stopping Violence and stop the killing of our innocent little children.  I have also written songs to help raise awareness about the Homeless.  With all the money we waste in this world if anyone goes hungry tonight we are all to blame and should be a shame.   
I may never make it to the top in the music business, but like my mother used to say to me if I had died before her, she was going to write all over my tombstone David Eli Grimes tried and tried and tried!
My talent is not in my song writing or singing it is my determination to make a difference in this world. I am not leaving this world until I do make a difference for at least one person. Now I have said what I wanted and needed to say to you. Thank you again for listening to me and my music and for caring and for sharing my story!
David “Eli” Grimes
You can find Eli grimes in You Tube with a lot of videos, for instance with
“I´m Still Falling”
Gaby: Thank you very much Eli, I understand your mission and your message and I think you left already a mark to remember!
Interview by Gaby Agrikola for Country Music New International


Remember Me
Hey Big Bird - Come Back To Ireland - Remember Me - My Dixie Darling - God's Plan - Absent Friends - The Sweetest Thing - Mexican Way - Love For Me - Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You - don't Tell Me What To Do - Victorie In View
One of the most captivating acts doing American style country music in Europe, is without a doubt Ben & Carmen Steneker, a father-daughter duo that has captured the hearts and minds of just about everyone that hears them sing. Ben has been a mind-catcher on both sides of the Atlantic for many many years, captivating American fans as well as European.  Daughter Carmen grew up listening to her father sing, as well as his many friends that performed with and for him in his own club in Holland.  Yes, Holland.  That's where Ben and Carmen are from.  It's continually amazing to hear this delightful duo sing songs that have an immediate 'connect' to what real traditional and classic country music is all about.  You hear it instantly when the accordion breaks out the beautiful song "Come Back To Ireland."  The harmony by father-daughter just simply cannot be topped.  Dutch country music songwriter Dick van Altena contributes three amazing songs to this CD project.  It continually amazes me that this combination of Dutch songwriter and Dutch singers can capture the spirit and soul of what country music is all about.  Ben's voice is better than ever, and the incredible 'touch' Carmen adds to it is amazing.  Backing music is also incredibly good throughout this entire project.  The title song "Remember Me" starts softly with a harp-sounding intro, letting simplicity take the listener to the ultimate of sophistication. My favorite song of all the great songs on this album is "My Dixie Darling," without a doubt.  Done to perfection, the harmony is exactly as it should be by Appalachian standards, or Alabama, or Georgia, or Mississippi, or Florida, or wherever you might be in the southern United States.  Perfect guitar pickin' and a stunning background Dobro.  The whole CD speaks loudly of the professionalism and devotion this pair of country singers has for this genre of music.  Holland should be very proud of these excellent vocalists and performers of a musical genre that rings and sings around the world.  I also like the closing song "Victorie In View" which was written by Ben and Carmen and has some great honky-tonk piano in it. .  This CD gets five stars, and certainly a forwarding to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  Not sure if this couple can claim a "CD of the Year" award, but I feel it on the horizon.
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA 
for Country Music News International

CD: KEITH HIATT Songs That Never Grow Old

Songs That Never Grow Old
Wabash Cannonball - Nobody's Darling But Mine - Silver Haired Daddy of Mine - Never Grow Old - Two Different Worlds - All The World Is Lonely Now - Born To Lose - We Shall Sleep But Not Forever - You Are My Sunshine - My Tears Don't Show - Sweeter than The Flowers - Take My Hand - While I'm Away - Blue Eyed Darling - Be honest With me - Sweet Home
One look at the list of songs Keith Hiatt from Eden, North Carolina, and you can see why this young man is going into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame in LeMars, Iowa, this year (Aug 25-31).  Touched by the simple beauty of America's older rural songs, Keith takes the listener on a trip back in time that recaptures all of the beauty, and certainly the simplicity that is the ultimate of sophistication.  A clear distinctive voice that immediately takes the listener back to another time when country music really was country.  Nominated for the Hall of Fame induction by Pennsylvania's best promoter of traditional country music, Howard Vokes, Keith Hiatt wears the mantle of many of our forebears that made country music so popular.  Carrying the torch for the simple beauty of this old way of singing stories is a remarkable achievement, and Keith Hiatt does it immensely well.  Aided and abetted by the likes of Everette Harris on guitar; Kirk Sutphin on fiddle; Leigh Letchum on fiddle; Scott Manring on Dobro; Brad Talley on Dobro; and Doug Rorrer on  bass, Keith takes us to a place where we never grow old, and his voice is so poignant and sincere when he sings this beautiful old song.  We'll all be looking forward to this young man's visit to our LeMars Festival, and it's certainly easy to see why Mr. Vokes wants him in America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.  When Keith is not singing old style country or playing it on the fiddle, you can usually find him out painting a house somewhere.  Carrying on the tradition of Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, and so many of the other first generation country music recording artists, Keith Hiatt carry's the burden well, and I'm sure if Roy Acuff or Ernest Tubb could hear this young man singing, they too would be nodding in agreement.  The induction ceremony and main stage performance by Keith will be on August 27th.  Keith Hiatt, 601 Barnes St., Reidsville, NC 27320
Review by Bob Everhart, Pres., NTCMA
for Country Music News International

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