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The show was planned for 08.00 pm, but started later, at 10.00 pm and would go to Midnight…..
Darkness fulfilled the room, mystical music started with upcoming fog ……..waft of mist….crawling from the stage, like a waterfall down…on the dance floor…that was completely empty…. Very slowly the fog reach our feet and crawls further through the room but only 30 centimeters above the floor…..It is calm and we don´t know what to expect in the next few minutes….
Then we heard a voice, seem to appear out from nowhere….a dark voice of a man……making the intro. I was so surprised, because for me, it was a very familiar voice – it was Kenny Lee from Nashville Tennessee….WOW!!!!
Then you see a shape in a long, black cape, the face mantled…two other shadows in capes appear all out of a sudden…they stand very calm next to the first one, to the left and right side of that indefinable character.
Then the voice calls out loud……here comes the Dutch princes of country music…..Amber…Jo…Ann.
The next thing you see, is that the two shadows ripping of the cape and there she is Amber Jo Ann….in a beautiful, short, red dress, with a heart shaped top, full of sparkling little stones, like diamond equipped and flowing fade into a ballerina skirt…with these gorgeous red high heels…looking like clot with heels underneath…and also jeweled.
I can´t find words for this, it was so beautiful and really sensational!!!
Next to her, a beautiful vocal singer, with long dark hair and 6 band members, all professional musicians. Amber Jo Ann performed in an amazing way, she was singing 4 songs and then she left the stage, meanwhile her band kept going on with the music – and a solo of her bassist….
The next appearance of Amber Jo Ann, was in a black outfit with a top studded with golden rivet and leggings, out of rag and leather…and of course high heels, with golden rivets at the mattock…loved it!!! She swept over the stage, it was so emotional….then she disappeared again.

In the following Scene, she came with a long coat, with a high collar, underneath a corsage and boots full of clasp…I wondered, how she could cloth them all in that short time, because there where so many clasp….This was again a WOW effect!! She rocked the place, it was so indescribable, and you could only say WOW, WOW, and WOW!!! She left the stage again and the band was still playing, while the crew members building up a kind of living room with two armchairs and a sofa and two bushel of roses.
The band members sat down and Amber Jo Ann appeared in a cream colored, short dress, I think it was satin, with black lace on the top. She was sitting on the sofa and she made her show…like a real professional, with all the emotions you need…..Then she left the stage again.

When she appeared next, she came back with a discreet pink colored strapless gown, flowing fade into a train of drapery. The top sparkled with little diamonds, then a kind of a belt like looking drapery underneath her hips, also full of little diamonds…beautiful (the dress I describe, is the one on the cover of her CD)!!! She was singing a few smooth songs and then she disappeared again…and we thought she comes back and then applause and it would be over.

But the scene, we view next…I can´t describe, because it never, ever would bring back to you that moment, that forever will stay in our minds. Can´t find the exact words for this extraordinary performance.
It got dark again….Amber Jo Ann came back in a beautiful white dress – a princess worth…..She started singing “The Rose”…
The next thing I have seen was…. that sparkling rose petals, came out of her heart, it seem to me like that, but not only me, a few other people thought the same…..This rose petals slip down her dress and spreading down on the floor ….Then out of a sudden….right down her dress, there started roses growing and climbing slowly up on her dress…climb back to her heart ….That was a very emotional moment…unforgettable.
Tears in our eyes…even the man had tears in their eyes….the word “WOW” is not the word for this magical moment…I think we have to invent a new word for this country music fairytale….a word that stays until eternity! She got standing ovations from us for that!!! She is a real star…she deserves awesome obeisance, for what she is standing for - world wait…here she comes…Amber Jo Ann…the Dutch princess of country music….!!!
Written by Gabriele Agrikola for Country Music News International

Win A Night With The Oak Ridge Boys

The Oak Ridge Boys Celebrate The Release Of Boys Night Out By Offering Fans A Chance To Win The Ultimate “Fans Night Out”

Los Angeles, CA - One of the most loved and best selling groups in all of country music is set to release their first ever live hits album Boys Night Out on April 15, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, the band has partnered with its label Cleopatra Records and digital distributor The Orchard to offer fans the opportunity to win a special VIP concert package. The contest, dubbed “Fans Night Out,” will run for the entire month of April after which one lucky participant will be randomly selected to win 4 tickets to an Oak Ridge Boys show of his/her choice along with a $50 debit card, and, most exciting of all, an exclusive meet-and-greet with the Oaks themselves! It’s a dream come true for any ORB super fan, as well as an expression of deep gratitude from a band so well known for their generous and humble spirit!

Joe Bonsall, tenor vocalist for The Oak Ridge Boys, enthuses, “This whole Boys Night Out project has been geared towards the fans since the beginning. Our long time friends have asked for a kicking live album for decades and, at last, the time was right to give it to them! We are so thankful to Cleopatra Records for jumping on the train with us and releasing Boys Night Out to the worldwide market! Fans Night Out - Hey, it makes sense!”

To enter the Fans Night Out contest and read more details, please visit:

The release of Boys Night Out, which features such iconic hit singles as “Elvira,” “American Made,” “Bobbie Sue,” “Y’all Come Back Saloon,” and others, has sparked new interest and appreciation for this long-standing quartet. The band was recently featured on both Bloomberg TV as well as Fox’s Wendy Williams Show, where they were presented with a plaque from the RIAA certifying the sales of 41 million albums! The Oak Ridge Boys also recently held another exclusive meet-and-greet for an extra special longtime fan of the band, Former President George H.W. Bush, who spent time with the group backstage after their show in Galveston, TX. And the Boys will continue their intensive touring schedule, crisscrossing the continental US through the end of 2014, and providing fans plenty of opportunities to catch one of the hottest country tickets around!

JOHNNY ORR Shares Heartache Of Autism & Hope

JOHNNY ORR Shares Heartache Of Autism & Hope For Future In New Single & Video,
"We'll Get By" 

Release Coincides With Autism Awareness Month; A Portion Of All Proceeds Benefit Blooming With Autism 
Credit  Jason Roberson
Nashville, TN / Raleigh, NC (April 7, 2014) - Singer/songwriter JOHNNY ORR shares the heartache of Autism and the hope for a cure in his new single and video, "We'll Get By (The Autism Song). The release coincides with Autism Awareness Month and the track is available for purchase now on iTunes.  The single is available to radio via CDX Vol. 592  and Airplay Direct.  A portion of the song's proceeds benefit Blooming With Autism, an organization founded in 2011.  BWA's goals are to unite the Autism Community and provide the tools, resources, awareness and advocacy necessary for families affected by the condition.

Even those untouched by Autism cannot help but be moved - and inspired - by Orr's poignant lyrics:

Maybe I don't speak too well, but I'm coming outta my shell
And I like playing by myself if you can't tell
I like to go to school, yeah I'm a miracle, and I'm glad to be alive

If you'll wait patiently, well then eventually,
I will understand the words that you're saying to me
My Autism, is like a prison, that I'm in 

"A friend of mine asked me to write the song in 2012," recalls Orr, a North Carolina native.  "Candi Spitz and I became friends on Facebook, and she has twin sons who are autistic."  Spitz, now the Vice-President of Blooming With Autism, believed that a commercially-released song would help further Autism education - and as a motivated mother she wasn't shy in asking Orr for his help.  "Awareness is key, and I believe Johnny's song will open a lot of eyes," she says. 

"It actually took a little over a year before anything came to me," notes Johnny.  "But I woke up one morning with the first couple of lines just dancing in my head."  A short while later, after researching more about the developmental disorder, Orr finished the song.  For Spitz, hearing the song for the first time was a moment she will never forget.  "God placed these lyrics in his heart," she states.  "Even though I have listened to this song at least a thousand times I still can't make it through without crying."  For Candi, they are tears of happiness, tears of sadness - and tears because, for her, it is real.  

Her six-year-old sons, Brendan and Jaden, were born perfectly healthy; however, within hours of receiving their 12-month vaccines they started acting "odd."  A few days later, it appeared that the boys were back to normal.  But things were far from normal and by the age of 17 months the twins were regressing; losing the ability to walk, talk or feed themselves.  The boys would no longer make eye contact and they began rocking back and forth for at least 12 hours a day.  For Spitz, her babies were "gone."  Candi fought back the only way she knew how, by spending hours every day in research, planning and prayer.  While her sons were in therapy at least eight hours a day, she became actively involved in the Autism Community.  Now, after years of treatment, the family enjoys more days of progress than regression, and more smiles than tears. Having this single and video released is another move forward for Candi. 

"We'll Get By (The Autism Song)" is from Orr's forthcoming EP, DOWN SOUTH (John & John Entertainment).   

North Carolina is known for the creative musical talent it has sent to the world stage, and Raleigh's Johnny Orr Band is next on that list.  JOB has opened for Kenny Chesney, the Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town, Gretchen Wilson, Parmalee, Cole Swindell, Tyler Farr, Jason Michael Carroll and more.  In 2012 the band won the prestigious American Country Star talent competition in Nashville.  Formed in 2007, the group is led by dynamic vocalist and main songwriter Johnny Orr with rock-solid support from longtime cohorts Gino Latarulo on guitars and vocals, Jack Getz on bass and vocals and Bill Eagen on drums.  Orr's musical influences range from classic rockers to Country legends, including Van Halen, Boston, Edwin McCain, Kenny Rogers, Keith Urban, John Mellencamp and Bryan Adams. 

Founded by Jodi Goldberg in 2011, Florida's Blooming With Autism promotes the importance of exposing children with Autism to various forms of therapy: from traditional ABA, Speech and OT to non-traditional Music, Art, Karate, Tennis, Gymnastics, and more.  The organization also recognizes the high demand for therapy tools such as iPads, weighted blankets, assisted learning devices, adaptive bicycles, and more.  Due to financial constraints most families are unable to provide these therapy tools for their children and the BWA mission is to ensure that all families have these resources available to them.  Every child can bloom!

Country Music News International April 7. 2014

Country Music News International April 7. 2014

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The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame & Museum marks its 15th anniversary this April at Dollywood.
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CD: CONNIE HOUSE - The Old Hymns

The Old Hymns
I Love To Tell A Story - The Old Rugged Cross - He Keeps Me Singing - In The Garden - Softly and Tenderly - Just A Closer Walk With Thee - It Is No Secret - Have Thine Own Way - Sweet Hour Of Prayer - When We All Get To Heaven
A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a CD by Connie & Don House.  I mentioned that I thought Connie was the better of the singers, so lo and behold here comes a CD by just Connie, and it's a solo project with just her singing.  The first song out is her lovely voice backed by just an autoharp, which goes into a sort of big-band sound, but what a sweet sounding gospel song it is.  "The Old Rugged Cross" is a similar project, but the truth and the simple beauty of the song is well portrayed by Connie in this version.   Another one I really like is "In The Garden" which Connie does with a beautiful vibrato in her voice.  Very dignified and quite lovely to listen to.  "Just A Closer Walk With Thee" brings on an electric guitar with an interesting rhythm pattern.  Sounds great.  Connie's voice is right in there, just as it should be.  Harmony joins in on "It Is No Secret," and Connie once again proves her wonderful ability to sing the song just like it should be sung. She closes the CD with a great version of "When We All Get To Heaven."  Perfect ending song to a great old-time gospel CD.  This one goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission."  Connie helps at the LeMars festival, doing sound on the gospel stage, so I certainly hope we get to hear some of these great songs there.  She is also going to make a presentation on the Ghost Town Stage performing a recitation she composed called "Here's Boston."  Sounds great to me.  Five stars on this CD, it's great.  Contact this lovely gospel vocalist at
Review by Bob Everhart, Pres. NTCMA 
for Country Music News International

CD: JUST 4 MAMA - Back Porch Pickin'

Back Porch Pickin'
Rocky Road Blues - Blue Night - Banjo Pickin Girls - Back Porch Pickin' - On My Way Back To The Old Home - Bugle Call Rag - Sitting Aloine In The Moonlight - Where The Mountains Are Blue - Kentucky Borderline - Memories of Rain - Turkey In The Straw - Keep On The Sunny Side - Foggy Mountain Special Jam
I'm never sure how I 'pick' CD's to review, but today it's good old-timey music.  This one is bluegrass of the more traditional sound, exactly as I like it.  There's an awful lot of 'super pickers' in bluegrass music these days, but they don't really play bluegrass.  They play a kind of bluegrass-jazz-instrumental-pop music.  And of course everybody and their brother hops on the bandwagon and tells the world how great they are.  Unfortunately that leaves the 'real deal' somewhere back in the country. But just maybe, that's the way it's supposed to be.  The 'real deal' has never left the genre like so many musicians want to do, and Just 4 Mama is a 'real-deal' group, mom, dad, and two daughters that pick the dickens out of every instrument they play. They don't wander away from the 'real-deal' sound of bluegrass music, and their pickin' still holds true to the genre.  Quickly it's dad on the bass, his name is Jimmie, and he sometimes worries if his ears are growing or is his face shrinking?  Ummmm, I don't know.  Mom is Christina on guitar and vocals and the bands manager.  Actually the picture on the cover has dad with three rather young looking girls.  Ooops, one of those is Christina.  Well there you have it, Hilary plays mandolin, tenor banjo, and vocals.  Tenor banjo would only have four strings.  She must have lost one somewhere.  Chloey plays 5-string banjo, bass and vocals, so you see there is an entirely incredibly good family bluegrass band pickin' on the back porch here. "Bugle Call Rag" certainly puts the banjo in the drivers seat, and good it is.  The next song "Sitting Alone In The Moonlight" is a nice slow song that spotlights the mandolin, and indeed good it is.  Super good  bluegrass band here, and I'm wishing they could be with us this year, because this is the year I will be submitting this CD to the Rural Roots Music Commission for their "Old Time Bluegrass CD of the Year" award.  You'll like this group too, and if you like traditional bluegrass you should have their CD.  You also need to know that Chloey is not only a terrific 5-string banjo picker, she also has orange hair.  Whaaaaat?  Yes, we'll you'll have to find that out for yourself.  And, you also need to know that Hilary spends a lot of time hula-hooping in the creek when she's not tanning deer hides.  Hmmmmm that all starts to sound suspicious.  At any rate, I have them at the top of my charts, they are super well tuned, not only with instruments but with each other, just as it should be for a family bluegrass band. So that makes me a fan of "Just 4 Mama" and when mama's happy, everybody's happy.  Jimmie does a nice job playing old-time fiddle on "Turkey In The Straw."  Keep it comin' Mama, I'm happy too.
Review by Bob Everhart, Pres., NTCMA 
for Country Music News International

CD: DAVID GREEN - Picks Grandad's Fiddle Tunes

Picks Grandad's Fiddle Tunes
Red Wing - Shamus O'Brian - Grandad's Fiddle Tune - I'll Be All Smiles Tonight - Flop Eared Mule - Goodnight Waltz - In The Garden - Red-Haired Boy - Faded Love - Jimmy Brown - Whispering - Punk'in Valley Schottische - Barbara Polka - Ookpick Waltz
Many of you know that I am 'tuned' in to old-time songs, especially well played ones.  This CD by Avoca, Iowa, picker David Green is an all instrumental CD, and it is all just him.  He laid down the lead line, and the rhythm line all by himself.  It amazes me that a young picker like David still knows these songs, still has them in his mind, and can still play them so accurately.  It's not just 'accuracy' that David is reaching, it's a very 'true' representation of what these songs sounded like so long ago.  He has dedicated this entire album to his Grandad and Grammy, with a photo of a very young David being held in their arms on the CD  itself.  Super good cleverness.  David still has a great deal of respect for his family, his mom and dad, and of course with this album his grandpa and grandma, who he dedicated it to.  He's also playing on a very beautiful sounding guitar.  Guitarists can get very sulky about how their guitar should sound.  Some go for a big bass sound, others go for a gentle sweet sound.  David goes for a sound that is accurate.  To me that's about as beautiful as it gets.  From my own long time association with some of the best fiddlers in the upper Midwest, I'm pretty familiar with all of these songs, except 'Grandad's Fiddle Tune' even though the melody sure rings with some familiar notes and changes.  Recorded at the R&H Studios, Rick Anderson the engineer is also a very gifted guitarist, and took the time to make sure that everything was engineered just right, so the sound coming out sounds much larger than it was at the time of recording, and as 'true' to the style and genre as it can get.  David has been influenced in his music by his Uncle Ben one of the early and very best bluegrass band leaders in Kansas.  I can hear his Uncle coming through, especially on "I'll Be All Smiles Tonight."  In total, this very elegant album, even though it's all instrumental, is a CD that anyone who likes the old tunes of the upper Midwest should have in their library.  Just put it on and have a cup of coffee of tea, put a fire in the fireplace if you have one, turn everything else down or off (like the TV) and wander back in time with your memory and revisit a time and place in your own life that was not nearly so 'busy' or so 'distracted' as it is today.  What a wonderful relaxing repository David has created with this wonderful return to the past.  I'll just bet both his mom and dad marvel every time they put this CD on the old turntable.  Well maybe not an old turntable, but CD or not, it sounds good no matter what.  We don't often get 'instrumentals' to review, so I know when I submit this wonderful work to the Rural Roots Music Commission, they are going to perk right up.  Masterful work.  David Green is at 913-909-334.
Review by Bob Everhart, President NTCMA
for Country Music News International 

Gospel Music FanFair

Gospel Music FanFair

In 2005, Southern Gospel Music FanFair launched its inaugural event in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The event moved to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in 2009. The following year, Wilds & Associates launched the Country Gospel Music FanFest, adding even more variety for Gospel music fans.

As announced earlier this year, SGM FanFair and CGM FanFest have been combined into one event, beginning with the 2014 season. Gospel music fans can now enjoy a variety of traditional and progressive Southern, Country, Bluegrass, Inspirational and Urban Gospel music at the new Gospel Music FanFair.

Scheduled to take place May 12-17, the all new six-day mega event will premier at the state-of-the-art theatre of the Center for Rural Development in Somerset, Kentucky. The prestigious Center is located in the heart of the beautiful Lake Cumberland. The theatre is the “crown jewel and showpiece’ of The Center, where some of the top names in music have performed including the world-renowned National Symphony Orchestra.

On-site parking and plenty of nearby hotel accommodations will ensure convenience to artists, vendors, and fans. And in addition to all the outdoor fun of Lake Cumberland, Somerset offers a wide variety of shops, restaurants and attractions suitable for the entire family.

The week of Gospel Music FanFair will feature morning worship services, afternoon matinees, daily showcases, evening concerts, and talent search. Presented by Christian Voice Magazine, the Gospel Music Fan Awards program will be held on the final evening of the event.

With great anticipation of their 10th anniversary event, Wilds & Associates has announced yet another major change - no admission charge for general seating. While tickets are still required for artist circle seating, a recent vote among the Gospel Music FanFair Board of Directors resulted in a “no admission charge” policy for general seating. Instead, love offerings will be received each evening throughout the week.

Wilds & Associates president and CEO, Randall Wilds, states, “By choosing to operate on a love offering basis, we believe this will make it more economically feasible for families to attend. We also believe that Gospel music fans are loyal and will support the event with their generous financial contributions. We feel great about this decision, and we look forward to celebrating our tenth year with Gospel music fans and their favorite artists.”

Nearly 100 artists are scheduled to appear throughout the week, including The McKameys, The Dixie Melody Boys, The Freemans, The Greenes, Wilburn & Wilburn, The Hemphills, Phil Cross, The Roarks, Ann Downing, The Shepherds, John Lanier, Sunday Drive, Eternal Vision, and many more.

Everyone is cordially invited to join us for this special 10th anniversary event as we continue the tradition of Gospel music, fellowship and family fun - creating wonderful memories for years to come.

For more information, visit or call Wilds & Associates at 205-662-4826.

Dear Gospel Music Fan,

Christian Voice Magazine has merged their awards programs formerly known as the Southern Gospel Music Fan Awards and the Country Gospel Music Fan Awards. The change was made to coincide with the new six-day Gospel Music FanFair event being held this spring in Somerset, KY and to accommodate a broader spectrum of Gospel music sub-genres.

The name of the awards program was officially changed to the Christian Voice Magazine Gospel Music Fan Awards. The program remains 100% fan-based, but Gospel music fans can now vote for their favorites from multiple progressive and traditional conservative sub-genres including Southern Gospel, Country Gospel, Christian Country, Bluegrass Gospel, Inspirational, Urban Gospel, and Worship.

Voting began in early February with the open nomination ballot where fans listed their choices in 25 categories. As a result, Christian Voice Magazine has just announced the top ten finalists for the 2014 Gospel Music Fan Awards.

Jason Crabb leads with nominations in eight categories. In addition to ‘Favorite Male Vocalist’ and ‘Favorite Crossover Artist,’ Crabb’s “Love Is Stronger” CD has been nominated for ‘Favorite Album’ and his hit radio single, What The Blood Is For, is among the top ten for ‘Favorite Song.’

Following closely is Christian Country band Sunday Drive and rising male soloist, Michael Wayne Smith. These artists tie with six nominations each, including Sunday Drive’s nomination for ‘Favorite Group’ and Smith’s for ‘Favorite Soloist.’

The Roarks and Tim Livingston come in together with five nominations each while Marty Raybon, Brian Free & Assurance, Ava Kasich, and newcomers Ashley Repass and Jesse Reece each nab four nominations. Karen Peck & New River, Triumphant Quartet, The Dixie Melody Boys, and The Parish Family all have multiple nominations as well.

Gloria Gaither, Archie Watkins and Gerald Wolfe are among the top nominees for ‘Living Legend.’

Awards will be given as winners are announced at the 2014 Christian Voice Gospel Music Fan Awards program on May 17, 2014, during the 10th annual Gospel Music FanFair at the Center for Rural Development’s Performing Arts Theatre in Somerset, KY.

The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame & Museum marks its 15th anniversary this April at Dollywood.

The Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame & Museum marks its 15th anniversary this April at Dollywood.

“The museum currently houses more than 3,000 artifacts and honors 155 members of the Southern Gospel music community,” said Southern Gospel Music Association President Arthur Rice. “The museum continues to grow.”
The Southern Gospel Music Association is a non-profit organization that maintains the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame, for the historic preservation of the accomplishments of the music and its people.
Since April 17, 1999, the museum just inside the gates of Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. has provided a wonderful opportunity for the park’s average 30,000 visitors per month to learn more about Southern gospel music.
Gospel legends Dr. Jerry Goff, James Blackwood, Eva Mae LeFevre, Eldridge Fox, Les Beasley, J.G. Whitfield and Bill Gaither cut the ribbon 15 years ago to open the only facility of its type solely dedicated to honoring a specific genre of Christian music.
“That was the day that the dreams, hard work and prayers of hundreds of people came together,” said Danny Jones, SGMA executive director. “Cherished memories are kept alive through the work of the SGMA staff. While the Hall of Fame does bring back some great memories, the museum is also a vital part of building the future of our music as we honor the legacy of artists and promote today’s music through an expanding marketplace and a new generation of music lovers.”
Museum hours match those of Dollywood and admission is included with park ticket.
“We’re honored that Dollywood continues to recognize the significance and importance of Southern Gospel music, and as both the SGMA and Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame & Museum we are grateful for their support and willingness to showcase this great music,” Rice said.
Donations are tax-deductible and individuals or businesses may also donate to assist with honoring inductees with special bronze plaques that are displayed in the Hall of Fame. For more information about the museum or its inductees, visit

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Sylvia To Appear on Ernest Tubb Record Shop’s Midnite Jamboree This Weekend in Nashville

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