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CD: The Coleman Brothers – Keepin’ it Real

The Coleman Brothers – Keepin’ it Real

Getting’ Over You – Back On The Farm – Ghost Town – Uptight – Lonely In The Lonestar State – Country Thang – Do You Know – Online Dating – Golden Tears – So Much Better Now – Down by The Fishing Hole – What If -

Cow-boy outfits and beards will not suffice to vie with the Coleman Brothers from Houston, Texas.
Keepin’ It Real” is a real gem thanks to remarkable musicians and a great production. No better name could have been found to fit the LP atmosphere, which brings a melancholic touch tinged with lucidity.
Everything that makes Country Music the music of freedom is here: bottle neck glissandos, mind-blowing violin, fantastic guitar solos, superb backing vocals, and piano sometimes.
Songs alternate between sentimental parts, punchy lines, and jazzy things that pull the Blue Grass string. A Song like “Uptight” could for instance remind of the Dire Straits era (“Calling Elvis”) encountering Steve Morse’s Dixie Dregs back in the 70’s.
Melodies are beautifully sung and describe the constant wandering specific to Southern Rock: the loss of a love (“Ghost Town” and the absolutely sublime “Lonely in the Lonestar State”), missing home (“Back On The Farm”), simple pleasures of everyday life, or the mocking of modernity (“Online Dating”).
For more information about the Coleman Brothers, check out their official website here:

Antoine Betbèze, for Country Music News International

CD: Steve Richard – Greatest Gospel

Steve Richard – Greatest Gospel

Wait A Little Longer, Please Jesus – Let It Shine – Just As I Am – There’s A Higher Power – Gotta Serve Somebody – If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again – I Surrender All – Turn Turn Turn – The Christian Life – Satan’s Got Get Along Without Me – Are You Washed In The Blood – I Have Decided To Follow Jesus -

See the tunes? You’ve got it: on “Greatest Gospel” Steve Richard does Christian Country, a quite uncommon genre in Europe, so let’s talk about it!
13 songs recorded in Nashville but no traitorous apostle this time, only positive and spiritual songs very country and cool. So, nothing to bounce about like a deuce but rather things that will make you wave a lighter and sway, albeit a song like “Are You Washed in the Blood” could deny that point!
Songs mainly address Jesus, always in a cheerful way, and it is good to hear a song such as “Satan’s Got Get Along Without Me” sung in a positive and non-Manichean fashion.
The album offers an interesting mix between Gospel and Country, with soulful backing vocals and organ on the one hand and uplifting instruments (violin, guitar) on the other hand.
Also to be found a few covers from classics like Pete Seeger’s “Turn Turn Turn” (which refers by the way to the Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament) or Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody” (and not his worst song in spite of John Lennon’s sayings!).
Steve’s official website:

Antoine Betbèze, for Country Music News International.



Nashville, TN (December 17, 2013).....Blending southern swagger with a backwoods twist, Average Joes Entertainment/BackRoad Records country artist, Charlie Farley’s, debut album “Hog Heaven,” will be released January 14, 2014. Executive produced by Phivestarr Productions and Shannon “Fat Shan” Houchins, fans can pre-order the new album today on Itunes here  and immediately receive three tracks. "Backwoods Boys f/Daniel Lee," "Jacked Up," and the title track, "Hog Heaven."
Through and through, “Hog Heaven,” challenges the notion that city life is the right life, and tells the story of Charlie’s life the way he’s lived it in rural Arkansas - from wild abandon, to even more wild abandon. Lyrically, the new album explores such pastimes as getting crazy on backroads (“Backroads Life,” featuring The LACS), and drinking in mud holes, (“When the Tailgate Drops,”) to the turbo-charged “Jacked Up,” featuring Bubba Sparxxx and Colt Ford. The video for the catchy single, “Backwoods Boys,” a collaboration with label mate Daniel Lee, is currently featured on GACtv.com.
Commenting on his new music, Charlie Farley said, “I hope this album, my live shows and my YouTube clips will inspire people unfamiliar with my music to come away with one thought about: ‘I don't know him, but he's a wild man. I want his ass at one of my parties!"
Track Listing:
1.     The Intro
2.     Backroads Life f/The LACS
3.     Hog Heaven
4.    Jacked Up
5.   Rock 'Til I Drop
6.    Stabbin' Cabin f/Danny Boone of REHAB
7.    Backwoods Boys f/Daniel Lee
8.    What's Good For the Goose
9.   Marching
10.  Average Joes f/Noah Gordon
11.  High in Her
12.  When the Tailgate Drops
13.  Jacked Up f/Colt Ford and Bubba Sparxxx

Arkansas native, Charlie Farley, is a talented songwriter, singer and rapper. His versatile style allows him to seamlessly flow from hip-hop to rock while incorporating his country roots into the mix. His unorthodox style quickly earned him a cult following online as Charlie Farley dropped some cleverly inventive mixtapes and remixes of classic country tracks on Youtube. The tracks drew the attention of Nashville-based production company, Phivestarr Productions, who were impressed enough to offer Farley a chance to work on tracks together. Now signed to Average Joes Entertainment/BackRoad Records, Charlie Farley’s upcoming debut release is entitled, "Hog Heaven."

Jake Owen's Secrets

Jake Owen’s Secrets

By Erin Duvall
© 2013 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
To follow Jake Owen on Twitter is to know him. The Florida native has a reputation for cultivating personal relationships over social media through his active and open presence. Whether it’s sharing new music or the entire track list for his latest album, Days of Gold, as he did in October, or inviting fans to impromptu, real-life meetings, Owen has grown his Twitter account and his brand to an extent that even he can’t believe.
“I never would have thought that I could move to a town with a dream, start fulfilling it as far as getting a record deal and putting out some music, and then eight years later have a million people following me on Twitter,” he said. “People don’t have you on Twitter. If they do, it’s because they want to know what’s going on in your life. It makes me feel good to know that people care enough about what I’m doing.”
Owen has worked hard to develop that relationship. No manager or label staffer runs his Twitter account. Owen handles his own online identity, a freedom that isn’t afforded to him in every aspect of his career. “The beautiful introduction of social media over the last few years has made it so if artists want to take the time to connect with their fans, there’s nothing stopping them,” he said. “There’s no one telling me I can’t. If I want to invite 10 people onto my boat, I can."
“Jake is one of the best at conversing with his fans through the socials,” said Gary Overton, Chairman/CEO, Sony Music Nashville. “I don’t think the guy sleeps! There has not been an accurate matrix formulated that can measure direct links from socials to sales, but we definitely feel the lift in Jake’s career and public awareness of him through the socials.”
It is not uncommon for Owen to even invite fans out to meet him in person. “The other night, my wife and I were sitting around, drinking beers and watching football in Montana,” he recalled. “I asked people where to go to dinner, and then when I got to where we were going, I was like, ‘Hey, I’m at Old Chicago Pizza, or whatever. Come on down! I’m buying beer if you’re drinking.’ Like, 40 people showed up, people who got in the car and drove across town at 10 o’clock at night to shyly ask for a photo. To me, that’s so fulfilling, to be able to show people that I’m not just some guy on TV or the radio. I’m a real person.”
These meetings with fans are never planned, according to Owen. “It’s just spur-of-the-moment,” he insisted. “I’m usually not doing anything. People are like, ‘I can’t believe you’d invite people to come down and have beers with you on your bus.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m sitting here doing nothing. Who would not want to have a beer in the first place, let alone with someone who is excited to come to the show?”
The new father will often share his personal life too. Whether it’s a photo of his father in the hospital or videos of his daughter, Olive Pearl, who was born November 22, 2012, Owen seems to be an open book.
“I have friends who are artists, who are like, ‘I can’t believe you do the things you do. I can’t believe you don’t want more privacy,’” Owen said. “For me, it’s almost backwards: I think giving people more, they’re content. They don’t have to dig. No one is ever digging into my life to find out anything because I’ve pretty much already told them, or they figure I’ll tell them anyway. I don’t ever want to be the guy who hides behind the shadows, comes out onstage as a mystery and then leaves again.”
Never mind that this “strategy” has served Owen well professionally. In the end, his reasons for reaching out are simpler than that. “I love that feeling of seeing people smile,” he said. “I love to reach down into the crowd, pull a little kid off his dad’s shoulders, walk him back to the drum stand, hand him a drumstick, high-five him and walk him back to his dad. It’s not just about knowing that I made the kid’s night, but knowing that the dad, when he goes home tonight, will be the coolest dad ever. Those are powerful things that I can do with my life and career. I’m not going to waste time in my life not doing the best I can for the people who give me this awesome opportunity.”

Country Music News International December 17. 2013

Country Music News International December 17. 2013

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Kip Moore Speeds Toward 2014 With 3 No. one's, PLATINUM Sales and New Music http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2013/12/kip-moore-speeds-toward-2014-with-3-no.html
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Brad Paisley presented Harmony Award by former Senator Bill Frist



This past Saturday night Brad Paisley was bestowed the prestigious Harmony Award by the Nashville Symphony at the 29th annual Symphony Ball, “A Midwinter Night’s Dream,” held at Schermerhorn Symphony Center.  Former Senator Bill Frist was on hand to present the award to Paisley as he detailed his journey to Nashville, his dedication to the craft and his commitment to serving others through such initiatives as Water=Hope Campaign and most recently Live Beyond, a Nashville nonprofit with a mission to provide medical care, clean water, nutritional support and development activities to impoverished communities in Haiti, www.livebeyond.org.  Each year the Symphony presents the Harmony Award to a person who exemplifies musical excellence, embodies the spirit of community, contributes to Nashville’s vibrant music industry and makes a difference in people’s lives.
After accepting the award, Paisley performed his #1 hit “Southern Comfort Zone” with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, conducted by Kelly Corcoran, followed by an acoustic medley of two more of his #1 hits “I’m Gonna Miss Her” and “I’m Still A Guy.”  Paisley finished his set with a jazzy rendition of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”


The Band Perry was hailed the hardest working country band of 2013 and one of the hardest working acts across all musical genres this week by Songkick.com, one of the world’s most comprehensive databases of concerts and tours.  The Band Perry shares the list with artists such as P!nk and The Lumineers, among others.  The only other country act to make the top 20 hardest working acts of 2013 is the legendary Willie Nelson.The superstar-sibling trio performed 126 shows to hundreds of thousands of fans around the world this year, earning them the honor.  

The Band Perry also appears on other year-end lists including: Billboard  Biz- Year in Country 2013, which spotlights The Band Perry’s 2013 cover story, Taste of Country –“Best Albums of 2013” with Pioneer at #2 and  “Top Songs of 2013” with “DONE.” at #10, as well as SPIN’s “50 Best Songs of 2013” with “DONE.” at #49.   The siblings were recently awarded an American Country Award for “Most Played Radio Track: Group” for their #1 single, “Better Dig Two.”  
2013 was full of non-stop activity for The Band Perry.   It opened with “Better Dig Two,” their debut single from their second studio album, Pioneer, skyrocketing to Number 1 in January in both the United States and Canada.  The RIAA platinum-certified single was their fastest rising single to date.   They followed it up with the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album, Pioneer, in April, which immediately went to Number One on the Country album charts and Number 2 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. In celebration of the release, the band treated a crowd of more than twenty-five thousand fans to a huge free show in their hometown of Greeneville, TN.  In July, “DONE.,” the second single from Pioneer, topped the country charts in the US and Canada, marking the first Number One song for Reid and Neil Perry as songwriters.   “DONE.” has been certified gold by the RIAA and is nearing platinum status, and Pioneer was also certified gold by the RIAA in September.  Their current single, "Don't Let Me Be Lonely," is their 7th consecutive song to reach Top 10 at country radio and is still climbing.    

The Band Perry also graced the stages of various award shows over the course of the year including the ACMs, Billboard Music Awards, Canadian Country Music Awards (CCMAs) and the CMA Awards (CMAs).  Media and industry alike called theirs “the performance of the night” on multiple occasions.  The band also stormed the network television airwaves with appearances and/or performances on the following shows and specials:  Tim McGraw Superstar Summer Night, Good Morning America, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Ellen, The Today Show, American Idol, Rihanna’s Styled to Rock, The Arsenio Hall ShowCMT Crossroads (with Fall Out Boy), The Talk, Nightline, GAC’s Origins, and more.  

2013 is also the year The Band Perry announced and launched their first world headline tour.  Immediately following their performance on the CMAs, The Band Perry hopped a plane to Sweden where they kicked off their We Are Pioneers World Tour.  The 30-date run through Europe had the band playing to packed rooms with fans pressed up against the stage waiting to get a glimpse of their favorite band.  The shows, each one a sing-a-long bigger than the last, solidified The Band Perry on a global level.  The North American leg of the We Are Pioneers World Tour will kick off on January 9 in Penticton, BC at the South Okanagan Events Centre.



(Nashville, Tn-12.16.13)  It is with the greatest of sadness that I send them press release of the passing of country music legend Ray Price.  Bill Mack issued this info that Ray passed away at 4:43PM-CST at his home in Mt. Pleasant, TX, and left in perfect peace.  Ray was 87 years old.  I find it very difficult to issue the information because of my close friendship with Ray.  His body will be at the RESTLAND FUNERAL HOME IN DALLAS and as I receive funeral arrangements, I will pass them on.

I offer my prayers and condolences to his wife and son at this most difficult time of their lives.  Ray had fought cancer of the pancreas for over two years, and I know the Good Lord felt it was time for him to come home and have no more suffering of this dreaded disease.  I feel in my heart that he has been welcomed to his heavenly home and is spending time with the Master of his life, and I sure that “For The Good Times,” is being discussed. 

Please keep Ray’s family in your thoughts and prayers as I know you are and will.  What a tremendous loss to the world of music, not just country music, but all music.

Marty Martel



“Ain’t Going Out Tonight” Singer To Ring In 2014 in Myrtle Beach, SC

Photo Credit: Hodges Usry
NASHVILLE, TN - (December 16, 2013) – In celebration of the New Year, touring sensation Corey Smith is inviting fans to be involved with the music video for his track, “If I Could Do It Again.” Beginning today (12/16) fans will be encouraged to submit videos and photos digitally of things they did this year that they would do again - if given the chance.
By using the hashtag, #CSDoItAgain2013, on Instagram and Twitter, fans can share videos or photos of anything from weddings, skydiving, graduating college and big parties. A video montage will be posted to his official website - CoreySmith.com - by the end of the year. 
Premiering on SiriusXM’s The Highway, Corey’s latest hit “Ain’t Going Out Tonight” is the lead single from his forthcoming album produced by Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band, George Strait).
The Jefferson, GA native is on his nationwide headline tour -- the MOVIN’ ON UP TOUR. Presented by Ones To Watch and Texas Pete, the elite tour will be ringing in 2014 at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC.
With an ever-expanding fan-base and hundreds of sold-out performances to date, Corey Smith is making his mark on the country music scene. The rising singer-songwriter has logged more than 1000 plus shows, sold over 1 million tickets and brought Zac Brown Band, Brantley Gilbert and Florida Georgia Line along for the ride as openers. Amassing acclaim as an independent artist, Smith has sold over 1.8 million digital singles and 250,000 albums. He has been recognized as one of country music's hottest new artists by Country Weekly and Music Row Magazine and featured on the cover of Pollstar as a Hotstar Top Artist. 

Kip Moore Speeds Toward 2014 With 3 No. one's, PLATINUM Sales and New Music


Moore Speeds Toward 2014 With 3 No. one's, PLATINUM Sales and New Music

Nashville, TN – Dec. 16, 2013– PLATINUM-selling artist Kip Moore extinguished his BURN THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN tour this weekend wrapping up with a sold-out show at Cleveland's House of Blues on Saturday night.  His headlining run resulted in sold-out dates thrilling thousands of fans with a preview of new music and what is to come from "one of Nashville's breakout stars…" (Washington Post) in 2014.

Moore's album UP ALL NIGHT was the best selling debut album from any solo male country artist released in 2012 and 2013, and produced three back-to-back No. one singles with "Somethin' 'Bout A Truck," "Beer Money" and "Hey Pretty Girl."  From national TV appearances like TODAY, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Conan, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to his first stadium slot as part of CMA Music Festival: Country's Night to Rock and a photo spread in PEOPLE Country's "Hottest Guy's" issue, Moore has captivated a loyal following in both fans and critics.  This year also brought Moore his first CMA Award nomination in the "New Artist Of The Year" category.

As he heads into 2014, Moore is armed with the recently released lead single, "Young Love," from his upcoming sophomore album.  A constant road warrior, Moore will pick up with Lady Antebellum on their TAKE ME DOWNTOWN TOUR on Jan. 10 in Peoria, IL. 
Photo by: Marc Nader



  MT. JULIET, Tenn. (December 16, 2013) – Charlie Daniels, award-winning, platinum selling music icon, is proud to announce the release of rare 1979 live recordings from the fifth year of the momentous Volunteer Jam.  The release of these recordings kick off a series of Volunteer Jam EP digital recordings to be released in the coming months, all executive produced by Daniels.  Blue Hat Records in association with MRI/RED Distribution will release seven recordings on December 17, 2013, as a sampling of the historic concerts created by The Charlie Daniels Band.

"This collection goes right down through the middle of the CDB catalog, a good representation of where the band was at the time," said Charlie Daniels.

"I was lucky to have been there in the middle of the Southern Rock movement with Charlie and The CDB and got to experience the Volunteer Jam live, first hand, it was a special time in the history of the genre,” says David Corlew, Blue Hat Records President and Charlie Daniels Personal Manager.  “Now with the wide range of online digital music outlets that exist today, we are able to share many more of these great vintage live CDB performances from the height of the Southern Rock era with both CDB fans and fans of great music as well.”

  Track Listing for Volunteer Jam V Sampler are: 
1.    Caballo Diablo
2.    Funky Junky
3.    Jitterbug
4.    Long Haired Country Boy
5.    Passing Lane
6.    Reflections
7.    Trudy

About Charlie Daniels:
The legendary, Charlie Daniels was born in North Carolina in 1936. During his 50+ year career, he has scored hits on rock, country, pop, and Christian charts.  A skilled musician on guitar, fiddle and mandolin, Daniels formed a rock 'n' roll band early in his career and is known for his contributions to country and southern rock music. He is best known for his No. 1 country hit “The Devil Went Down to Georgia," which became a platinum single, topped both country and pop charts, won a Grammy Award, earned three CMA trophies, became a cornerstone of the “Urban Cowboy” movie soundtrack and propelled Daniels’ “Million Mile Reflections” album to triple-platinum sales levels. He is also known for southern rock hits “The South’s Gonna Do It Again” and “Long Haired Country Boy”.

He was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry in Jan. 2008 and has appeared in commercials for UPS and GEICO auto insurance, where he was  featured playing fiddle in the television commercial.  His volunteer spirit, support of American troops and down-to-earth philosophy have solidified his reputation as a true American patriot and Christian.



           Livewire is a Band , that has six pearsons, that do an excellent sound!
           His songs, tell us about real life, They dont write or sing songs to dream, but to listen and understand what is life.....Then...Livin'!
           They FOUND sucess at the radio in USA and Europe...his vídeos have received AirPlay on CMT , the Country Network and Yallwire.
           They do performance in clubes, venues  in almost state across América. A bad short time happen in his life, but after it Return with a great  energy and  maturity!
           Livin has ten. musics. The musicians to you know Who do this wonderfull sound!

            Bob de Gonia-guitarrist, harmony vocalist .
            Andy Eustler, acoustic guitar.
            Danny Bell, harmony vocalist.
            Cory Schultz,hRmony vocalist.
            Bassist, Lamdon Rolf.
            Drummer, Brad Allen.
                   This is the team that we go listen and do this review!
1)Dont nothing take my breathe.Strong kind of music! You fell since the first music Who They can do with his songs....guitars Very Well ....drums ok, and a great music.

2)Dont make me love You. Excellent rithimic,voices Very Good , They has a way inside the music, They keep the control of the music all the time.Know how to explore his own possibilities in the music.But They do things happen...You can fell ... You like the way They do the things!

3)Livin-The Title of the CD, a sound  Very Well done,with a touch of fellings, like to PRAY to...Livin!
Guitars in perfect  harmony...we understand each word that the singer say...prrfect emission of the voice!

4)Better-Excellent one! In the same line ...give us , emotion...know how  use emotion to pass. it for us! Go inside the heart.Voices and guitars Is the top of this music!

5)whysky Sunday. A Cowboy song , like Cowboy songs...Good !

6)I ll go to prision. The voice is all Country...Strong and with a lot of energy....maybe to Dont go to prision! We see how dificult is give to our listerners...in the case, the Band...pass. all emotion and try to give to anyone that listen, fell what They want....Livewire do that , They go to the point!

7)History.Imagine You on a horse...slowly and sayng  to himself ,his own fellings...great music!. the Band say about  life, things that happen , but have a excellent way to do,that!
   Voices, drums,guitars in a mix that results  in a great music! what a guitar sound!!!

8)Lies.  Live, do a Good performance, continue with his line, has security when sings. Do the rigth thing in the rigth time.Again, what. Guitar!!!

9) What makes   You a man. Say about life, about be a man, family, and all in Country Style.
Not Very Good like others, but guitar solo is Very Good!Is a positive point of this music.

10) Gone. the last music follow all the line of the CD ,Good to listen.
This CD was ready in the fall of 2012. next show of the Band...12/21/2013, West Silvam Spring Cherokee.....hurry! You have time to go!

   Well ,we  are in the road again! Livewere...the life is intersting..a simple letter make toooo much diference! I think Somebody know what is that ....maybe from German...Who knows?
  Remember ...no fear! lets go to Country World!
    We hope that You like !
    RR(Regina and Ronaldo) from Brasil to CMNI! See You!

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