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CD ANNETTE & KIM Something Between Us

Something Between Us
I Heard The Bluebird Sing - Who's Laughing Now - Something Between Us - My Elusive Dream - Be My Reason - Goin'gone - Wake up And Smell The Roses - Cryin' In The Rain - Cool Water - Have You Ever Been Lonely - Not Too Much To Ask - Chattahoochee - I Can Sleep When I'm Dead
This remarkable New Zealand couple have been nominated by Anne George for induction into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame, and that shall happen.  They are coming to America for the full week of the LeMars festival, so it's going to be an interesting experience to not only hear this couple perform with acoustic instruments (their recordings are pretty much electric) because the songs they sing, especially with their gifted voices, sound good with any kind of accompaniment.  They sent me two CD's, so I'm reviewing this one early on in the hopes the Rural Roots Music Commission might like what they are doing.  Once that's done, they will go to Dale Eichor on KWMT Radio in Fort Dodge, Iowa.  This is country music in the Hank Thompson style, kind of like the Mickey Gilley style.  Whaaaat?  Mickey Gilley? Yes, Gilley will be with us in LeMars too, and he too is going acoustic.  What fun that is going to be hearing these incredibly gifted artists performing WHEN THE ELECTRICTY GOES OFF.  Steel guitars get replaced by the Dobro.  Electric guitars replaced by acoustic Martins.  Drums replaced by bones or spoon players, or whatever.  Fiddles will be fiddles wherever they are, same with those acoustic rhythm guitars.  This is going to be a fun experience for all of us. This CD is remarkable, they used some extremely good backing all the way through.  Kim is a guy if you were wondering, and he wrote "Something Between Us" incredibly good love song.  Wait til' you hear him sing "Cool Water" ask for it at LeMars, you won't be disappointed.  And for Annette, listen to "I Heard The Bluebird Sing." Hang on RRMC, good music headed your way, especially the duets.
Bob Everhart;

Steel Guitar July 3. 2013

This is Bob Hempker and since it’s the Fourth of July holiday, I thought I’d share a few of my Fourth of July memories with you.

Spending so many years working as a road musician, I remember being gone over holidays.  Back in the seventies and part of the eighties, the fourth of July usually was spent playing an outdoor country music park.  

Outdoor country music parks were very, very popular back then.  I’m not sure they even exist today.  There was Buck Lake Ranch in Angola, Indiana.  Ponderosa Park in Salem, Ohio.  Ontelaunee Park in Tripoli, Pennsylvania.  Sunset Park in West Grove, Pennsylvania.  Most of the parks were in Pennsylvania, Ohio or Indiana.  There were a few in Michigan and Kentucky.

Usually our summers would consist of these outdoor parks on weekends and working fairs during the week.  Performing outside could really become a challenge at times.  The weather could really become a prime factor.  It was either brutally hot, raining or miserable in some manner.

I have played outside in 120 degree heat and also in temperatures as low as 16 degrees.  I remember one fourth of July playing on the Mississippi River in St. Louis right by the arch when a ferocious thunderstorm started.  Lightning struck a transformer and blew out the electricity.  We had no PA or anything.  

The crowd was all sitting on the ground out in front of the stage.  They couldn’t understand why we couldn’t play the show.  I thought they were going to riot.  We got our stuff packed up and on the bus and got out of there.  Such is the glamorous life of a road musician.

Back in 1976, Mooney and some other people had an authentic wagon train which traveled all the way to the west coast to celebrate our country’s 200th anniversary.  We performed at several stops along their way.  The only modern convenience they had was rubber tires on their Conestoga wagons.

Holidays in general were just another work day for us.  I never had to work Christmas but every other holiday was a common work day.  Part of the life of a road musician is not being able to celebrate holidays.

The Easter weekend ritual was always flying to London to play the Wembley Festival.  At that time, all the name artists of country music would be on one plane together with their bands.  The other passengers on the plane must’ve been scared to death.  Anybody who was anybody in country music was on that one plane going over and coming back.  One plane crash could’ve wiped out country music’s biggest stars.

The last Fourth of July and this year, Hillsdale College is promoting an event where people stand up and read the Declaration of Independence.  I always do this because that’s what the Fourth of July is all about.  If you’re a proud American, take some time to reflect on what Independence Day means.

My personal routine on this holiday is to have my morning coffee, then read The Declaration of Independence before I do anything.  Every single person who signed that piece of paper knew that if they lost the war, they would be beheaded by King George.  That’s the kind of courage our Founding Fathers had.

We will be closed Thursday and Friday in observance of Independence Day.  Have a happy and safe holiday.

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Partic Parkey and Harrell Gabehart's Dolly Parton Collection

Last month, Rockology brought a unique "Dolly Parton" collection to the CMA Music Fest in Nashville, just one of many popular "must-see" stops for visitors to the event. [As a reminder: CMT plans to air "Raiders of Rock," a new weekly series featuring Rockology's Stephen Shutts and Robert Reynolds of the Grammy winning Mavericks. Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks.]
Meanwhile, here's a story about Partic Parkey and Harrell Gabehart's Dolly Parton collection. by respected writer Alanna Nash for MSN Entertainment.

Patric Parkey (left) is an "uber" Dolly Parton fan who recently brought
his collection — via Stephen Shutts (right) of Rockology — to the 
2013 CMA Music Fest in Nashville.

By Alanna Nash
Special to MSN Music
In 1998, Patric Parkey bought one of Dolly Parton's dresses at an auction. It wasn't such an unusual move for a die-hard Dolly fan who spent his Saturdays as a 5-year-old "lyin' on the floor with the family, watchin' 'The Porter Wagoner Show' on a black-and-white TV."
But then just like "A Habit I Can't Break," the title of one of Dolly's 1972 songs, with the acquisition of that first dress, a beaded relic from Parton's 1980s television show, Parkey was hooked. Bad. He'd been collecting Parton memorabilia for 15 years already, but with the Tony Chase original under his arm, "It kind of snowballed," he says.
Today, it's taken over the retired office worker's life. Parkey, 54, and Harrell Gabehart, 53, a restaurant prep cook ("I Dolly-ized him," Parkey says of his partner of 24 years), own some 30,000 to 40,000 Dolly items. The collection includes such holy grail pieces as the singer's king-sized bed, a plethora of her wigs and stage wear, and even her castoff Christmas tree, still decorated in lights and tinsel nearly as sparkly as the lady herself. They keep it in their master bathroom Jacuzzi tub, because there's no room for it anywhere else.
Parkey estimates he spends 10 hours a day caring for the collection, which he and Gabehart spent approximately $250,000 accumulating. It's worth, they estimate, $500,000. At least one other estimate pushes that number higher.

"Dolly's from top to bottom, wall to wall, and in every bathroom. I've got some wig heads, and I don't have a place to put 'em. A lot of 'em are in the bathroom. I'll have a friend come over, and they'll say, 'I can't use the bathroom with her starin' at me.'"
There are so many Dolly pieces crammed into the couple's three-story, 2,800-square-foot cabin in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. -- where they moved three years ago from Euless, Texas, to be closer to Dollywood -- that in 2011, when Dolly herself came to take a look at the life-size cutouts, the framed letters, the original title from one of her old cars, and the rows of dainty shoes in size 5 ½, "She just couldn't believe it," Parkey remembers. "She just stood there, speechless. I ain't never seen that before."
The moment was preserved for a cable TV special, "My Collection Obsession," on TLC.
"Every little book, every little card. And pictures!" Dolly said when she finally found her voice. "It's just fascinating. Even I can't keep up with my stuff like that."
The highlight of Parkey and Gabehart's collection is undoubtedly 40 original outfits they've accrued through auctions and fellow collectors in the U.S. and Europe. A number of them, like the $10,000 rhinestone-encrusted top, skirt and boots (also designed by Tony Chase), are iconic in Dolly world. The ensembles range from everyday clothes, to outfits Parton wears on her album covers, to stage and TV costumes.
"I'm not aware of anybody who has that many stage outfits of one artist," says Stephen Shutts, a music and pop-culture memorabilia specialist whose company, Rockology, curated and exhibited a fraction of the collection June 6-9 for the Country Music Association's CMA Music Festival in Nashville. Shutts, whose "Raiders of Rock" show bows in September on the CMT cable channel, calls it "clearly the largest private collection outside of Dolly's personal holdings. And it covers five decades of her career, so you get the gamut of styling, fashion and imagery, all somewhat flamboyant."
And then some. The rarest item in the collection is an outrageous costume Parton wore to her former manager's Halloween party in the '80s: a pink spandex suit in peacock-feather print, with a peacock beaded on the back of the matching fringed jacket. Real peacock feathers festoon the accompanying mask and shoes.
The couple displays the costumes on full-sized mannequins of Parton, replete with blond Dolly heads and what Shutts calls her "most famous assets." Parkey commissions the figures from a maker in California at a cost of $2,000 to $3,000 each.
Parkey and Gabehart were searching for display cases when they met Shutts several years ago. When the entrepreneur first asked them to exhibit items from their collection in Nashville this summer, Parkey was "petrified." The treasures had never been out of the house, and he and Gabehart were even protective of their address. It was Dolly who made the difference. "When I told her," Parkey remembers, "she said, 'Oh, that would be great! The fans would love it!' So I said, 'OK, Stephen, let's do it.'"
Dolly has met Parkey and Gabehart at so many Dollywood events through the years that she crows, "Here's my boys again," when she sees them. It's a family feeling, Parkey says. And so he felt comfortable approaching her last month about perhaps setting up a Dolly museum in Nashville. More than 400 fans signed a book at the recent CMA Fest saying they'd support it.
"She doesn't know how much money we've spent, but she's a businesswoman, so she said, 'Go ahead. It's time for you to start makin' money.' I was feelin' bad for tryin' to make money off it, but she gave us her blessing."
If Parkey and Gabehart succeed in establishing the museum, Parkey wants to recreate Parton's old Dollywood apartment, which was dismantled to make room for corporate offices. He still needs the bathtub, though he already has most of the furnishings, including the custom-made iron bed frame, a more recent acquisition.
"When Dolly came to our house in 2011, she said, 'Honey, did you get my bed?' I said, 'No, ma'am,' and her face went from bubbly to oh-oh.'" Parkey wasn't interested in paying $10,000 for a bed frame without the mattress that Dolly had actually slept on. But he had erroneously been told the mattress was destroyed.
"She just looked at me and clicked her heels, and then she said to her people, 'I imagine we can find that mattress somewhere, don't you?'" The original mattress was available after all, which soothed over a tense moment.
"Before she realized what I was saying, she went to laughin', and she said, 'Honey, you don't want my mattress? I don't have no bedbugs!' I grabbed her arm and I said, 'Dolly, as long as they're your bedbugs, I wouldn't care.'"
Alanna Nash is a New York Times best-selling ghostwriter and author. She has also written scores of magazine articles for Vanity Fair, People, Rolling Stone, USA Weekend, and Entertainment Weekly. Her office is lit by two lamps that once adorned the living room of Graceland, and she saw the Beatles live in concert three times.

The party of the summer is fast approaching!

Craven Country Jamboree

Ducks head North for Summer

Willie of Duck Dynasty set for Craven Country Jamboree!

The party of the summer is fast approaching! 
Craven, Saskatchewan (July 3, 2013) - Craven Country Jamboree, The World’s Greatest Country Music Festival, will sprout a lot of facial hair and maybe even sport some camo on Sunday, July 14 with the appearance of A&E's Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson, presented by Prairie Mobile Communications.

DownloadRobertson is the business behind the beard as President of the Duck Commander empire. He is also one of the stars of A&E's Duck Dynasty, the wildly successful reality show that features Robertson's entire family as they work together in the family business, and follow their passion of duck-hunting and outdoor adventuring.

Don't miss your chance to hear Willie's inspiring words on the main stage on Sunday, July 14, and be ready for your opportunity to meet this super popular TV personality.

For Sunday only, Craven Country Jamboree and Prairie Mobile Communications are offering a limited amount of single-day passes for only $100. The ticket includes entrance to the festival for the entire day and includes Willie Robertson's performance on the main stage. Tickets are available online at or at any of the 15 Prairie Mobile Communications locations across Saskatchewan.

DownloadNew to Craven 2013, be sure to check out Circus Electronica at the East End of Main Street. Presented by RHINO'S DJs Sub Fizix Productions. Open from 9 pm to close Friday-Sunday come dance the night away to live DJs mixing all types of music late into the night. Don't miss the best party inside the biggest party of the summer!

Need a lift to and from the festival? The SGI SafeRide schedule for 2013 is here! Click here to check it out and plan a safe ride home.

Thursday, July 11
(Beer Garden kick-off party)
8:00 pm – Williams & Ree
9:00 pm – Phil Vassar

Friday, July 12
4:00 pm – Small Town Pistols
5:30 pm – Sawyer Brown
7:00 pm – Brantley Gilbert
9:00 pm – Tim McGraw

Saturday, July 13
2:30 pm – High Valley
4:00 pm – Williams & Ree
5:30 pm – Randy Travis
7:00 pm – Doc Walker
9:00 pm – The Dixie Chicks

Sunday, July 14
1:00 pm – 2013 CKRM Big Talent Contest Winners
2:30 pm – Bill Anderson
4:00 pm – Gloriana
5:30 pm – Chad Brownlee
7:00 pm – Scotty McCreery
8:30 pm – Kenny Chesney

Weekend passes are available for $199, General Camping for $40, and extra vehicle weekend parking also $40. They can be purchased online at over the phone by calling 1-866-388-0007 or by visiting our friends at The Tap, Village RV, The Pump in Regina, all Cowtown locations and Outlaws in Saskatoon.

See you at the party of the summer!! 
About Craven Country Jamboree:
The Craven Country Jamboree is the longest running music festival in Canada offering an amazing experience on the same picturesque site for over 30 years.

In July, fans enjoy world-class entertainment and quaint prairie charm. The festival attracts super stars like Kenny Chesney, George Strait and Taylor Swift, and features new Canadian talent each year.

Besides the main stage talent, the Pump Roadhouse beer gardens features fun local acts to the thousands of people attending each night. As well, there are plenty of other activities to keep fans entertained like bull-riding demonstrations, a hypnotist, a song-writers circle, and Circus Electronica, an electronic dance party.

Across the river, the Craven Country Jamboree can accommodate 8,500 campers, easily becoming the third largest town in Saskatchewan each year.

With its storied history, famous performers, and friendly appeal, the Craven Country Jamboree puts Canada on the map on the world stage of festivals.

Nashville Dancin' July 4th Concert Series

Nashville Dancin' July 4th Concert Series Set To Feature Phoenix Stone

Downtown Nashville, Riverfront, July 4, 3:25pm

(Nashville, TN)---  Hot off the steam of his debut single, “100 Proof Moonshine,” country music’s hottest rising star, Phoenix Stone,  has been added to the line up at the special 4th of July edition of Nashville Dancin' presented by Dollar General. Set to take place tomorrow, Nashville Riverfront park, Doors open at 12:00pm, with Stone set to take the stage at 3:25pm.

Nashville Dancin’ presented by Dollar General has partnered with “Music City’s July 4th: Let Freedom Sing!” and is a free weekly outdoor summer concert series open to all-ages. Nashville Dancin’ presented by Dollar General takes place every Thursday from June 13 until August 1 beginning at 5 p.m. August 1 is a Bud Light 50-50-1 presents Colt Ford – 21+ show. For more information, please visit:

Stone’s debut has been met with much praise, having received the highly coveted DisCovery Award by acclaimed music critic Robert K. Oermann and chosen by The Country Music Association (CMA) as their featured Debut Artist Spotlight in CMA CloseUp stating that his songs, “make clear his mastery of the slamming hook, the Country lexicography, and the art of writing songs that makes a big impression and linger after the last chord fades.”

Country Music News International July 3. 2013

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Country Music News:

JJ Lawhorn Releases Debut Album “Original Good Ol’ Boy”


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Interview with O Emperor

     Interview with O Emperor

    How did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind the

    The title "Vitreous" means glass like or transparent, so we thought it
    suited the sound of the record. There's some juxtaposing sounds going on,
    sometimes it's very smooth and full of color and light but often gets
    interrupted by very abrasive and sharp guitar or synths noises.

    We also designed the album cover before we came up with the title and that
    happened to be a picture of a glass head made up of broken pieces of glass,
    so we kind of matched the name up to that too.

    What is the difference between your last CD and your current one?

    We discovered this really old analogue synth in one of our parents
    houses, so that features heavily on this record and it brought a new sound
    to the band. We were also listening to a lot of Kraftwerk, 80s David Bowie
    and MGMT etc so those bands had an influence on this record and ultimately
    made it sound very colourful and a bit more enigmatic.

    How much creative control do you have over your music?

    We've always recorded ourselves so, we're lucky in that sense to be able to
    have complete freedom to experiment and maybe self indulge in influences.

    Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by
    your music?

    One zealous fan said that "if we don't make it big, he's going to dig the
    head off someone!".....I guess some people should start worrying.

    What was your big break that got you into the music business?

    We were invited to play a festival a few years back in the Rhu Glenn in
    Kilkenny here in Ireland, it was a massive festival with some great acts on
    the bill ,so the exposure was amazing for us as a young band at the time.

    What drives you?

    Our Fathers

    What do you think about today's music industry?

    I think for an independent band it's very good. The accessibility of music
    over the Internet, while taking away from sales, on the plus side, means
    that smaller bands can find their way onto peoples music collections, where
    they may not have been if it was just accessible through buying the record
    in a shop. We find that when touring abroad, people will come down to check
    out the show because they were curious and checked out the songs on the
    Internet beforehand and liked what they heard.

    What moments in your career stand out in your memory as highlights and
    achievements which you are proud of?

    Recording and releasing this record ourselves is something we're
    very proud of. The reviews have been really positive here in Ireland and
    abroad too so were very excited to be able to get out and play all over
    Europe. Going back, I guess getting our first album Hither Thither
    nominated for Irish album of the year was one of the stand out moments.


“Someone Somewhere Tonight” Music Video
Features Derek Hough
NASHVILLE – Tuesday, July 2, 2013 - ABC Television’s “Good Morning America” will air a sneak peek of Kellie Pickler’s new music video for “Someone Somewhere Tonight” tomorrow morning, Wednesday, July 3, during the 8:30 AM (all time zones) segment. The video reunites Pickler with her “Dancing with the Stars” Mirrorball Trophy-winning partner, Derek Hough. Once the sneak peek has aired on “Good Morning America,” the full music video will be shown exclusively on for the next 24 hours.
“Someone Somewhere Tonight” is the first single from Pickler’s upcoming album on Black River Entertainment. The song was written by Walt Wilkins and Davis Raines, and produced by Frank Liddell and Luke Wooten. The music video was directed by Roman White and shot in Tennessee.

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Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz

Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz Als Peter „PeeWee“ Wroblewski vor 35 Jahren einen „Steckbr...

Silverado Records Adds Mandy McMillan To Roster

Nashville Based Label Silverado Records Adds Mandy McMillan To Roster Silverado Records announces the signing of Nas...

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Sylvia To Appear on Ernest Tubb Record Shop’s Midnite Jamboree This Weekend in Nashville

Sylvia To Appear on Ernest Tubb Record Shop’s Midnite Jamboree This Weekend in Nashville Nashville, Tenn. (February 17, 2017) - Coun...

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