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Codie Prevost Ties the Knot

Codie Prevost Ties the Knot
Friday June 28th, 2013
    On June 22nd, 2013 country-recording artist Codie Prevost married his hometown sweetheart Ashley Schurko at a ceremony held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Family, Friends and industry colleagues gathered to celebrate their union.
The Honeymoon for the new couple will have to wait as Prevost is hitting the road starting tonight with a show opening for Nashville's hottest act Florida Georgia Line. He will also be opening shows this summer for Streetheart in Medicine Hat for Canada Day, Dean Brody at their Centennial Celebration & Prism at the Yorkton Exhibition.
Prevost will be also putting the finishing touches on his fourth album, which he plans to release late this fall or in early 2014. Watch for a new video and single soon.


Cash is everywhere man….CNN, The New York Times, The New York Post, Vogue, Billboard, CMT, Southern Living, Huffington Post, Guitar World.  The most recent addition to downtown Nashville, The Johnny Cash Museum (JCM) has been creating lots of buzz for Music City since its Grand Opening on May 30th. The tribute to The Man in Black is a never before seen, incredible collection of over 600 artifacts that range from childhood toys to memorabilia from Johnny’s last days.
“I’ve seen a lot of museums around the world,” says former Vice President Al Gore. “This is first class and you will see, you can mark my words, this will become one of the major tourist attractions for Nashville.”

 “A sentimental journey through Mr. Cash’s life,” says Elaine Glusac of The New York Times.

 “An extraordinary collection!” writes Peter Cooper of the Tennessean.

The JCM has also welcomed many famous guests over the past month. In addition to members of the Cash Family, former Vice President Al Gore and Grammy-winning country quartet The Oak Ridge Boys have been spotted taking a trip down memory lane with the exhibits dedicated to Johnny’s decorated musical career. Other celebrity-spottings include Ashton Shepherd, Lynn Anderson, American Picker’s star Mike Wolfe, Robert Reynolds of The Mavericks, and Hee Haw’s Lulu Roman. You just never know who you might run into while visiting Music City’s hottest new attraction!
The impressive collection of Johnny Cash memorabilia is currently the Number 2 attraction in Nashville on, a travel website that provides travelers the opportunity to read (or write) reviews about cities and their most popular attractions. Over 85 percent of reviewers rank JCM as excellent and many include that it is a “must see” while in Music City.  

The JCM is home to an array of keepsakes that founder Bill Miller has collected throughout his life. Miller has been an avid fan and follower of Cash since the age of 9, collecting everything “Johnny Cash” related along the way. The two forged a lifelong friendship. Miller's adoration for The Man in Black shines through every step visitors of the museum take. Walls lined with records, pictures, historical documents, costumes, hand-written letters, and even old receipt stubs are sure to give guests an interactive experience that will be unforgettable. On temporary loan from The Nixon Library is the ball gown worn by First lady Patricia Nixon during the Command for Cash’s performance.

“It’s indescribable,” says Tommy Cash, Johnny’s younger brother. “There’s so much to comprehend. I knew all the memorabilia was somewhere, but to see it all in one building is an awesome experience. I could spend a week in here and probably not see every single thing. It’s something that people that come to Nashville from all over the world will want to see.”

The JCM has hosted media and guests from all over the world including Belgium, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Canada, France, The Netherlands, Australia, etc. The JCM is conveniently located just off Broadway at 119 Third Avenue South in downtown Nashville. The museum is open every day from 11am to 7pm CST. General admission is $14 with discounts for students, members of the military, etc. For more information regarding the Johnny Cash museum and other events, please visit or

HitShop Records Signs Natalie Stovall and The Drive

HitShop Records Signs Dynamic New Talent
Natalie Stovall and The Drive

Paul Worley to Produce

Nashville, TN — (June 28, 2013) — Only six months after launching the company in Nashville, HitShop Records President Skip Bishop today announced the signing of an exclusive recording agreement with dynamic new talent, Natalie Stovall and The Drive.

Stovall, a Tennessee native, is a relentless performer, amassing over 200 dates each year across college campuses, clubs and military bases around the globe. In 2012 she won the coveted Campus Activities Magazine Entertainer of the Year Award, marking the first time a female performer has received the honor in over 20 years. Natalie Stovall has been playing with The Drive for more than seven years and includes band members James Bavendam, Joel Dormer, Zach Morse and Miguel Cancino.

Stovall is managed by Red Light Management’s Tracy Gershon and booked through the Paradigm Agency and Degy Entertainment.

"Natalie and her band are the total music experience,” shares HitShop President Skip Bishop. “They are the personification of heart pounding performances, remarkable musicianship, dynamic material and purely joyful American-made music entertainment! She arrives at HitShop with a ready-made, rabid fan base and more energy and road chops than ten bands. Make plans to see Natalie Stovall and the Drive as soon as you can. You will leave reminded why we all do what we do!"

Stovall was only 10 years old when she was asked to join the Opryland Kids Club and quickly became a regular performer at the legendary theme park.  “I grew up in Columbia, Tennessee playing fiddle at Opryland every day, so I am country,” Stovall says. “I am a child of the radio as well, and once I put my fiddle down for the day I was just as likely to be listening to Michael Jackson or Aerosmith as I was to Reba and Faith. I’m sure my music and my show reflect that, and that’s who I am. The thing I hear most from people is, ‘I normally don’t like country music, but you just changed that,’ and that makes me feel like I’m doing something right.”

Stovall is already hard at work on her upcoming HitShop Records album with producer Paul Worley (Lady Antebellum, Big & Rich, The Band Perry) and is looking forward to reaching out to country radio programmers and fans starting this fall.

For more information, visit and engage with her on Facebook and Twitter.

HitShop Records is distributed by Warner Music Nashville and part of the Ramblin Music Group whose holdings also include Young Guns Publishing. For more information about HitShop and its artists, please visit or follow them on twitter @hitshoprecords and

Country Music News International June 28. 2013

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Interview with Joe Diffie

Interview with Joe Diffie

Your last album was a Bluegrass, why did you choose Bluegrass?

It is just something I always loved. Before I moved to Nashville I was in a Bluegrass Band, we played about six years together. So when I had the Opportunity to do this, I jumped at the chance.

Was this your first Bluegrass album?

Yes it was my first Bluegrass album since I moved to Nashville. It worked out well, the time was right.

Please tell me about the songs that are on that album.

I wrote about three or four of the songs that are on there. The album is called Homecoming. It is all about going back to my roots. I tried to find some songs that talk about family, rural life, mailboxes, whatever. We got some great songs on there, one of my favorite songs is called Route 5 Box 109. It’s an actual address of one of the writers of the song. It talks about his parents, his mom, biscuits, very rural stuff. Real country stuff.

Which songs did you actually write?

I wrote „Tennessee Tea“ and about three more.

What has been your greatest challenge in your career?

I think the longevity of it, I’ve been lucky to do this for so long. The challenging part is to try to keep things going, to keep it moving.

What are your greatest influences?

I’d have to say my parents first of all. My Dad was a self taught musician, he plays Piano, Banjo and Guitar, my Grandpa played Fiddle and Guitar and Grandma played Piano.
Musically my influences where George Jones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Tom T. Hall, I had a lot of influences.

Ist there anything special that really stands out in your career?

Yes, definitely, being invitet to be a member of the Grand Ol’ Opry was one of the biggest thrills. That is something that stands out for me. Also receiving a humanitarian award from the Country Radio Broadcasters, that was very moving for me too.

If you had the chance to change something in your life, what would that be?

I’d be taller and skinnier. Seriously, I belive, anything bad or not so good happening, does have a purpose behind it. Later on you think ahhh that is why I had to go thru that .

Do you have a favorite song?

From the ones that I recorded, it is probably the Song „Ships That Don’t Come In“. That is definitely one of my favorites. It is a very pointed song, it has a lot of deep meaning to it and it means a lot of different things to different people. I really love singing that song.

Did you write that song?

No, Paul Nelson and Dave Gibson wrote that.

What is your biggest disappointment?

I don’t know, most of the times I try to be an optimist, I take things as they come, I really have not been too disappointed in anything.

Please tell us about the Road House Show in Gstaad, Switzerland.

Oh that was me, Tracy Lawrence and Mark Chesnutt. We had a great time, everyone in Gstaad made us really feel welcome. The Mountains and surroundings are so beautiful and the fans there are really into the music. We really felt good there.

Have you ever been anyplace else in Europe?

No I have not, Gstaad is the only place I have been.

Have you done anything like this Road House Show here in the States?

Yes, actually right now we are doing an accoustic show with Aaron Tippin and Sammy Kershaw. We’ve done about 40 or 50 of these shows, it has gone over real well. We are all up on stage, talk about the songs and kid each other, we just have a lot of fun and there are huge crowds of people coming to see the show.

Do you go on tour like that?

Yes, mostly we do these tours in fall and wintertime and the early part of the year. All three of us have our Bands that we go and do our own thing with during the rest of the year.

Are you appearing somewhere during the CMA Week?

Yes, I played at the Riverfront stage yesterday. Today I’m doing Interviews. I’ve done things everyday actually. But I have to leave today for Las Vegas as I have a show there tomorrow night.

Is there anyplace special that you have not played, that you really would like to play?

I would like to play more places in Europe because I know I have a lot of great fans over there. Maybe someday we can get something coordinated for us to do several shows over there.

Ist here anything you would like to change if you could do so?

No, not really, I’ve been pretty lucky this has lasted so long for me, I just follow the path and see where it leads me.

Do you live in Nashville?

Yes I do, I’m originally from Oklahoma, which is a 12 Hour drive to Nashville, I’ve lived here since the end of 1986.

Are you now with a new Label?

Yes I am, I’m with a Label called Bigger Picture, they are a very enthusiastic group. I just began to meet – and interact with all of them. I like their enthusiasm and energy, it’s really exciting for me. It has been a while since I had a song on the radio, so we are pretty excited that we have a new song, the name of it is called „Girl Riding Shotgun“. It is really a fun song, I did it with Derek Thrasher from the Jawga Boyz. He does kind of hip hop and rap stuff. But he is just an ol’ country Boy, he is such a good guy, I really like him. We got togehter and wrote this song, not thinking much about it and next thing we knew, all these people at the label are getting all excited and saying oh it’s cool, we got to do something with that. That is how we got to this point.

Is this already released?

It’s a single and was released about two days ago on the radio, it is up on YouTube and ITunes, so check it out. We also shot a video for it, the video should come out about next week.

Are you working on another new album now?

Yes, we are, this single will be included in it also. It probably will have about eight greatest hits and 4 to 5 new songs.

Anything else you would like to tell your European fans?

Yes, you all come and see us and hopefully we get over there again real soon.

Interview: Heidi Duss for Country Music News International

Steel Guitar June 28. 2013

Bob Hempker here. To me, being a musician is about finding that one instrument that you are totally compatible with and falling in love with it, sleeping with it and always wanting to hold it in your hands. Different people have different aptitudes for different instruments. I know one guy who is a great banjo player and another who is a great bassoon player. Each found his own space in the musical landscape. Many colleges will allow you to go to school there if you play steel guitar, but it has to be a secondary instrument to you. Anyone who has ever studied steel guitar knows that to really be a great steel guitar player, it has to be your number one priority. If you really get engulfed in steel guitar, you don’t have any time to get involved with other instruments. It’s very beneficial and helpful to be able to hunt out chord inversions, harmony lines and things of that sort on the piano, then convert them to steel guitar, but that doesn’t make you a piano player. It’s better to concentrate on mastering one instrument than a whole bevy. The love of music and the love of your instrument should rise above any fame and fortune aspirations. Of course, your goals have an influence in what you focus on. I have a friend whose passion is writing songs. He doesn’t care if he ever writes a million seller or not, he just writes because he loves writing songs. His goal is to become reasonably proficient in several instruments rather than master one because he wants to be able to understand guitar, bass, piano and drums in order to write better songs. When you really love doing something, you’d do it for nothing just because you love doing it. Having said that, we need to keep that fact to ourselves or we’ll be taken advantage of mercilessly by music producers, club owners, singers, in short, anybody who needs to hire musicians. The saying goes that a successful musician is a guy whose wife has two jobs. There are so many musicians willing to work for so little just to be able to play. This is part of the root cause for the plight musicians are in. If we were to collectively hold out for what we believe we’re worth, we’d all be better off, however solidarity will never be achieved in the music industry. There is always a new kid in town who wants to play for free just to prove himself and get his foot in the door. There’s no way of winning the battle against these elements. This is a dark side of the music business we are forced to accept. If we allow this to take up space in our mind, it can eventually take over. I know personally several people with superb musicianship who have developed horrible outlooks and attitudes over this. They eventually find it next to impossible to find work. When people develop bad attitudes, people don’t want to be around them and don’t hire them. Bottom line, the best players don’t always get the best jobs. The point is, you don’t want to let the low pay or bad conditions make you bitter so you blow yourself out of jobs you could’ve gotten. I had to turn down a job the other day and I recommended another guy for the job and was instantly told, “No, we’ve used that guy before. If we play anything he doesn’t like he takes his picks off and just sits there.” I understood and told him I didn’t blame him not wanting to hire this guy. This type of attitude reflects on all steel players whether we like it or not, many people will categorize us and lump us all into one stereotypical category by just experiencing one player of that sort. When being paid to play, we must try our best to make every song that’s played sound better because there’s a steel guitar doing something that enhances the song. That is, unless we’re asked or told not to play on certain songs. Just some general thoughts, choose an instrument that you dearly love and want to play. Learn to play it as well as you possibly can. Learn how to allow any negativity from other people about you or your instrument roll off your back. Use whatever social skills you have to get along with other people. Be to work on time. Keep your opinions to yourself. Play as well as you can play no matter what the job pays. When you’re done playing, put your money in your pocket, go home. Don’t hang around. Next week, we’ll be closed for the July 4th holiday and closed July 5th as well. We wish everyone a happy holiday. Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Second and Third Saturday each Month Open 9AM – 2PM Closed Sunday


Country artist Ray Scott and The Beagles also joining Ortega on lineup
Ortega’s new single “Two Places at Once” at radio now, album to follow in October

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – June 27, 2013 – Country music’s rising new artist Frank Ortega is gearing up to headline his latest Music City-area show at Franklin’s Kimbro's Pickin' Parlor on Friday, June 28. The show will start at 7:00PM local time, with doors opening at 5:00PM. The special show will benefit non-profit organization, and will also feature the likes of Ray Scott (“My Kinda Music,” “Those Jeans”) and The Beagles ("So What If I Do"). Admission to the show is a $5.00 donation at the door, which will go directly to the cause at hand. is dedicated to preventing intentional or unintentional harm to all animals in the middle Tennessee area, with a main focus on dogs and cats, something Ortega is very passionate about.
“I love doing anything I can for organizations like,” notes Ortega. “Over 90 percent of proceeds raised go directly to helping these animals in need. The fact that it’s completely run by dedicated volunteers from all walks of life in our community warms my heart. I always look forward to doing these events for the cause.”
In addition to moneys raised from the cover charge at the event, Ortega will also help raise funds for the cause by auctioning off his custom Dos Equis guitar at the end of the night. Ortega has proudly raised over $10,000 for various animal-related charity organizations through various events and concerts in the past few years. For more information on the cause or to make a donation, visit
Ortega has created quite a buzz in Nashville in recent years with his independent single “Hot Women Cold Beer,” which was produced by Grammy nominated singer/songwriter James House. The song went on to top the Indie World country music chart in 2009. His follow-up release, “Honky Tonk and the Altar,” showed a different side to the Arizona native, as it received rave reviews across the board within the country music industry.
In May, Ortega released his brand new single, “Two Places at Once,” penned by hit songwriters David Lee Murphy, Ira Dean and Kim Tribble. The tune is on the brink of charting on Billboard and will be the lead single from the singer’s yet-to-be-titled debut album, slated for release in October.  

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