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Curb Records Responds To Positive News That The Big Machine / Tim McGraw Issues Will Be Heard By The Federal Court


The "HonorOne Campaign" Gains More Support from the Stars of Country Music

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GLORIA NIHART - America, The Land That I Love

GLORIA NIHART - America, The Land That I Love
America, The Land That I Love - Israel Shall Blossom And Bud - I'm Glad I Have Jesus - This Could Be The Moment - The Rose Of Sharon - My Hweavenly Home - The Flare Prayer (Annie's Song) - There Are No Treasures - God Bless Our Nation
At last, at last, a CD of original patriotic songs I can listen to, understand, and relate to.  There's lots of music makers writing songs right and left just to sell a few CD's.  That's not really what patriotic songs are or should be about.  When Francis Key wrote "The Defense of Fort McHenry" he wasn't writing to sell songs.  Matter of fact he changed the name to the "Star Spangled Banner" when President Madison first heard it, and then later it became our national anthem.  Gloria Nihart is an Indian lady who lives in Minnesota.  She first played some of her songs for me at our festival in LeMars.  I was impressed then, but not nearly so much as now.  This project is more than just a very very good patriotic song collection.  I believe Gloria Nihart may be somewhat of a prophet, because she not only sings about the United States of America, she also sings about things she sees in her heart and her mind.  Sometimes this is called the 'sight' and I  believe what she sees is something happening in the future.  Her voice is incredibly crisp, easy to listen to, right on the mark, and very easy to understand.  Do you remember that lady in Scotland? So-called pros made fun of her attire on a talent show.  They called her dowdy.  And, then she began to sing, and she absolutely blew those cowardly accusers away.  That's what Gloria Nihart is doing.  She has found some really good backing musicians that also understand her music.  She is in exactly the right key and she is exactly doing what she should be doing. If you need a pick-me-up about America, this is it.  I just love artists that write and sing from the heart.  Not for money, mind you, for the absolute beauty of it, and Gloria Nihart is a very beautiful woman.  Off to the Rural Roots Music Commission for this lovely patriotic project.
Bob Everhart, reviewer 



 (Photo credit:  Steven S. Harman / The Tennessean)

From the April 27, 2013 edition of The Tennessean - Cindy Watts Reports:

When John Rich heard of George Jones’ passing on Friday morning, he asked his wife for a glass of room-temperature Crown and an hour to himself. He took the glass out to his roof-top deck, sat down facing Vanderbilt University Medical Center and pictured a beam of light transporting the legendary country singer up to heaven.

His thoughts assimilated, he called his friend, country stalwart Larry Gatlin, to see if Gatlin would get dressed up and join him Friday evening for their own private Jones memorial at Rich’s house. After Gatlin agreed, Rich tweeted their plans. The Tennessean saw his tweet and asked to join. Gatlin and Rich agreed.
On the wall beside the elevator, Rich proudly pointed out a framed hand-written lyric sheet of “He Stopped Loving Her Today” signed by Jones. As of today, the country singer says it’s cemented to his wall. Pictures of Rich with Jones adorned his elevator. He walked into the bar area of his home where Gatlin was waiting. The men, both in their Sunday best, lit up cigars, took their seats, and what ensued was two hours of music, memories and sometimes tears in honor of the man both Rich and Gatlin refer to as only Mr. Jones.
“We’re not going to be sad, we’re going to celebrate the Possum,” Gatlin said, sipping on orange juice, then explained he never called him that to his face.
“I never called him Possum or George in my life,” Gatlin said as Jones’ music played in the background. Rich agreed. “You can after the fact. But he was Mr. Jones.”
Rich recalled the funniest thing Jones ever told him. He said Jones visited a bar he used to own downtown. Jones walked in “chomping on his chewing gum” and said: “ ‘John, all those bottles belong to you?’ I said, ‘Yes sir, they do.’ He said, ‘My God, son. It’s a good thing we both weren’t young at the same time.’ I said, ‘Why is that, George?’ He said, ‘Because one or both of us would be dead by now.’”
Rich fondly remembered Jones coming to parties at his house and appearing in one of his music videos riding a lawnmower on his roof.
Following the news of Jones’ death, Rich got a call he wasn’t expecting: Jones’ wife Nancy called to tell Rich her husband loved him.
“She was shook bad and she was crying,” Rich recalled. “And I said, ‘Why are you calling me? You don’t need to worry about calling people like me.’ She said, ‘You don’t understand. George loved you.’”
Before Jones’ passing, Gatlin wrote him a song for his final album he hoped would be for Jones’ what “My Way” was for Frank Sinatra. He never got the opportunity to record it, but Gatlin said he plans to record it for his friend.
Gatlin said: “Every gutbucket country song I ever wrote, I had George Jones singing in my ear.”
Gatlin took the guitar out of Rich’s hand and played the song.
“How many songs you think will be written today about George Jones?” Gatlin asked.
“Starting today and this coming week, that’s all Music Row is going to be writing about,” Rich said. “Whether it’s about him or inspired by him, George Jones will impact the entire industry again. To think that you broke an entire genre’s heart. Anyone who respects music respects George Jones.”

Curb Records Responds To Positive News That The Big Machine / Tim McGraw Issues Will Be Heard By The Federal Court

Curb Records Responds To Positive News That The
Big Machine / Tim McGraw Issues Will Be Heard By The Federal Court

Nashville, Tenn. (April 30, 2013) - Curb Records, Inc. was pleased to learn that Nashville’s Federal Court took jurisdiction of Curb Records’ continuing lawsuit with Tim McGraw and Big Machine Records. The lawsuit raises issues of tremendous significance which are important not only to Curb Records, but also to the recording industry and many other industries – the enforceability of contracts in Tennessee. Curb Records contends in the lawsuit that:
  • McGraw ignored his obligation to deliver his required Fifth Option Period album to Curb Records; and
  • The album he did provide, Emotional Traffic, consisted of old material recorded before the time during which he was permitted to record the Fifth Option Period album; and
  • McGraw ignored his delivery obligations and Curb Records’ approval rights; and
  • McGraw destroyed or erased many recordings owned by Curb Records; and
  • McGraw refused to accept his recording advance check and sent the check back to Curb Records so that McGraw could claim non-payment; and
  • McGraw attempted to deliver the required Fifth Option Period album before he was allowed to do so, attempting to end his recording obligations prematurely, among other things.
            Curb Records has also determined that Tim McGraw recorded the songs recently released on an album by Big Machine Records while he was still under contract with Curb Records. Accordingly, Curb Records contends that McGraw and Big Machine are infringing the Curb Records’ copyrights in those recordings. In addition, Curb Records has learned that, although Tim McGraw was required to provide to Curb all of the recordings he had made while he was recording for Curb Records, not only did he fail to deliver all of those recordings, but that he has even erased his voice from a number of the recordings which belong to Curb Records. Because only a federal court has jurisdiction over claims of copyright infringement, these issues will be heard by the federal court in Nashville. Curb Records seeks not only damages for copyright infringement from McGraw and Big Machine Records, but also the Court’s declaration that Curb Records is the owner of these recordings which were made during the term of its Recording Agreement and which Big Machine Records, Curb Records contends, wrongfully induced Tim McGraw to provide to it. Curb Records believes that an artist honoring his agreements is a principle so important to the recording industry and commerce in general that it has asked the federal court to make these determinations.

LeAnn Rimes Rises Above Controversy with Spitfire

LeAnn Rimes Rises Above Controversy with Spitfire                                  
© 2013 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
For the past four years, a tabloid-skewed version of LeAnn Rimes’ life has played out online and in public. With her new album, Spitfire, (released June 4) the twice-married, 30-year-old singer tries to set the record straight.
“It’s an emotional roller coaster ride of everything I felt, everything a human being could feel, in the last four years,” she said. “I didn’t set out to write a record that attacked the stories that have been out there. I’ve always said there’s 10 to 15 percent truth in those stories — the rest is BS. There’s a lot being thrown around out there. Any real artist takes what they’ve been through and uses it for their art. That’s basically what I’m doing.”
Rimes co-wrote eight of the 14 songs on Spitfire, her first album of mostly new material since Family in 2007. “She’s loosened her tongue, she’s loosened her heart, she’s loosened her spirit,” said producer Darrell Brown, who wrote many of those songs with her. “She’s writing ungodly better than she has in her entire life.”
Rimes signaled the direction of the new material in late 2012, when she released “What Have I Done?” (written by Rimes, Brown and David Baerwald) and “Borrowed” (Rimes, Brown and Dan Wilson), which acknowledge the guilt and shame she felt about the dissolution of her eight-year union with Dean Sheremet, and the circumstances under which her current marriage with actor Eddie Cibrian began. But these only hint at the emotional depths Rimes plumbs on the album. As she works through desire, anger and ultimately acceptance and wisdom, she sings honestly but never defensively. She may be the principal character in this drama, but she doesn’t see herself as its hero.
“I’m not perfect,” she says. “And I don’t want to be. At all. Anymore. I want to be imperfect — and I want to write about that.”
“God Takes Care of Your Kind,” which Rimes and Brown wrote with her then-husband Sheremet, is almost a harbinger of her ambition to honor her imperfections. “We always wrote together,” she remembered. “We had a great relationship that way. It probably was the first song we wrote for this record that ended up here. That’s life, isn’t it? It kind of works out like that.”
As Rimes’ personal life began to implode, she, Brown and their co-producer Vince Gill ended up recording Lady and Gentlemen, which features Rimes’ versions of classics written by John Anderson, Gill, Merle Haggard, Kris Kristofferson and other Country giants.
By the time Rimes returned to the studio, she was deep into the process of setting her life to song. “I didn’t set out to make a record that was true to my life,” she said. “At the same time, I didn’t know how to stop that train, because it was coming out of me, just so naturally. I didn’t want to record songs just to record songs anymore. I wanted everything to mean something to me. Even if I didn’t write it, I wanted it to be part of the story.”
A good example would be “Where I Stood,” which Australia’s Missy Higgins wrote and released as a single in 2007. Brown adjusted the song’s structure to accommodate Rimes’ broad vocal range, at one point modulating the chorus up a fourth for more dramatic impact. Its lyrics (“She will love you more than I could/She who dares to stand where I stood”) became Rimes’ message to Sheremet and his new wife, photographer Sarah Silver.
“It was important for her to say what she wanted to say with Dean, to apologize to him, but also to let him know that Sarah was going to love him more,” Brown noted.
Brown recruited top-notch songwriters Baerwald, Wilson and Nathan Chapman to write with Rimes. To bring out what he heard as “the blues and the soul” in her voice, as well as its Appalachian and Texas influences, he hired the R&B-based rhythm section of bassist Willie Weeks and drummer Steve Jordan. Then he fleshed out the band with Dean Parks, Dan Tyminski and Waddy Wachtel on acoustic instruments and Paul Franklin on pedal steel.
On all but a couple tracks, there’s no electric guitar. “I didn’t want any other frequency to interfere with that lower part of LeAnn’s voice, which is her natural voice,” Brown said. Instead, he instructed Franklin to play lines on steel that he thought an electric guitar player would add to the tracks.
Rimes also employed some unorthodox methods while recording her vocals. A hand-held microphone, much like the kind she would use in a live setting, allowed her mobility in the studio. Rimes recorded “Borrowed” on her knees and “What Have I Done” while lying flat on her back. That freedom of being able to move her hands and body appealed strongly to her. “It’s a very expressive thing I haven’t been able to do before,” she said.
Important as her messages are throughout Spitfire, Rimes now understands that the most important conversations are the internal ones. “Looking at this album, you see someone who’s talking to herself, almost, who’s being honest with herself for the first time and not worrying about everyone else,” she said. “From there, God knows where I go. But if I can start here, I’ll be so proud of myself.”
On the Web:
On Twitter: @LeAnn Rimes



Collaborative Album By Three Country Legends Set to Release on May 28, 2013

Nashville, Tenn. (April 30, 2013) - This spring, country music legends Aaron TippinJoe Diffie and Sammy Kershaw join forces to release All in the Same Boat, a collaborative album inspired by the trio's current tour, "Roots & Boots".  The 12-track album is set for national sales release on May 282013 (Big Hit Records).

"The idea for this album came about after the success of our 'Roots & Boots' tour," notes Kershaw.  "Joe and Aaron and I go out together on the road and play and do our hits and the fans go nuts… so we thought, 'why not just make this tour an album?'"

The 12-track album features all-new music as well as freshly recorded versions of a few familiar songs like Tippin's smash hit "Kiss This" and Kershaw's 1993 chart topper "She Don't Know She's Beautiful." 

"I decided to go with two brand new songs and one old Neil Young song, 'Heart of Gold,' for my tunes on the album," says Diffie.  "I think fans will really enjoy the whole thing.  We had as much fun making the album as we do on the road!"

"Joe and Sammy are my brothers and I'm so glad we were able to find the time to record this album together," Tippin adds.  "We also shot a music video for 'All in the Same Boat.'  It's one of those with a surprise ending and somehow, we all three survived!" (Watch the All in the Same Boat music video HERE).

Fans can pre-order All in the Same Boat on iTunes and Amazon beginning May 14, 2013.

Aaron Tippin's fame was launched with the release of his uncompromising single "You've Got to Stand For Something." He followed that with other major hits including "Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Fly," "There Ain't Nothing Wrong with the Radio" and "Kiss This."

Since he first topped the charts in 1990 with "Home," Joe Diffie has delivered twelve #1 hits, twenty top 10's and four gold and platinum albums.

Sammy Kershaw's multi-platinum selling albums have had more than 30 radio singles including major hits like "Cadillac Style," "Queen of My Double Wide Trailer" and "Third Rate Romance."  The GRAMMY-nominated country music star has sold more than 5 million albums to date.

For more information on Aaron Tippin, visit

For more information on Joe Diffie, visit

For more information on Sammy Kershaw, visit

All in the Same Boat Track Listing:

1.  All in the Same Boat
2.  Kiss This
3.  Heart of Gold
4.  She Don't Know She's Beautiful
5.  The Way You Look Tonight
6.  On and On
7.  The Route I Took
8.  I'm Hangin' On
9.  Misery Loves Company
10.  I Love to Work
11.  He Believed
12.  Old Friends

# # #


Performance Marks Second Invitation to Illustrious Derby Prequel
(Nashville, Tennessee-- April 30, 2013) – Sony Music Nashville artist, Angie Johnson, whose debut EP, Sing For You, hits stores May 21, 2013, is scheduled to perform at the prestigious Julep Ball 2013 on Friday, May 3. This marks the second year in a row Angie has been invited to appear at the Kentucky Derby’s most high profile pre-party.
Over 1,200 people are expected to attend The Julep 2013 at The KFC Yum Center, which benefits the James Graham Brown Cancer Center. Celebrity guests include actors, athletes, politicians and more.
Currently a Tech Sergeant in the 571st Air National Guard Band, Angie gained international fame when a video of her performing a rousing rendition of Adele’s hit “Rolling in the Deep” was posted to YouTube. The clip, which can be viewed here, has received over 3.2 million views.
Her four-song Sing For You EP includes two songs she co-wrote. The heart-wrenching title track is a moving, true-to-life ballad that showcases Angie’s powerhouse vocals and emotional range. The collaboration, with SESAC Songwriter of the Year Catt Gravitt and renowned producer Josh Leo, was lyrically inspired by Angie’s numerous deployments, along with shared personal accounts of mental and physical pain, by her fellow troops on and off the battlefield.
For additional information on Angie, tour dates, photos and more visit

The "HonorOne Campaign" Gains More Support from the Stars of Country Music

The "HonorOne Campaign" Gains
More Support from the Stars of Country Music

Lucas Hoge, The Roys, Danielle Peck, Jett Williams, Buddy Jewell
and Andy Griggs lend support to the "HonorOne Campaign"
Nashville, Tenn. (April 30, 2013) - Country music stars Lucas Hoge, The Roys, Danielle Peck, Jett Williams, Buddy Jewell and Andy Griggs recently provided their support to the newly launched "HonorOne Campaign" by recording public service announcements and detailing their personal experiences with the military.

The PSAs recorded by the artists, challenge ALL 300 million Americans to spend $10 and show their support for HonorOne, the organization which assists service men and women and their families. For each $10 spent at, the supporter will receive a God Bless the USA Reminder Coin. Additionally, the supporter will be named on a patriotic shadow box gift to a wounded veteran. Each gift is handmade in the United States by disabled workers. 100% of the profits are donated to the best military charities, including those that provide vital family and post-traumatic stress disorder counseling for soldiers returning from the battlefield. For more information, or to support the "HonorOne Campaign," please visit

“When we launched the campaign, it became apparent that there was interest among country music artists,” said Lane Ostrow, founder of the
HonorOne Campaign”. “However, we could have never expected the outpouring of patriotism and support that they have shown. We are blessed to have their support and encourage everyone to help service men and women with just $10.”

For more information on the HonorOne $10 Campaign or other military gift packages, please visit or

Watch the videos:
Andy Griggs -
Buddy Jewell -
Danielle Peck -
Jett Williams -
Lucas Hoge -
The Roys -

ABOUT THE "HonorOne Campaign":
HonorOne is on a mission to raise $100 million dollars in financial support for veterans, specifically those who are suffering from PTSD. The “HonorOne Campaign” asks the 300 million Americans who have benefited from the service provided by the armed forces to give back to soldiers and their families by taking the “HonorOne Campaign” $10 Challenge. Each $10 of support makes a difference in the life a soldier and employs disabled workers, who assemble the products. To find out more visit: “Where you can HonorOne and Help Many.”

AMERICANAFEST - SEPT. 18-22, 2013 Save $200

Early Bird Rates Available Now!
AMERICANAFEST registration deadline EXTENDED through the end of day Monday May 6
Register now for the Annual Americana Music Festival & Conference, presented by Nissan. Dates are set for September 18-22, 2013 in Nashville, TN.  Described by Southern Living Magazine as Nashville's "Best Music Festival," the Americana Music Association is offering, for a limited time, an early bird registration rate, available at $300 for AMA members and $400 for non-members.  Offer Expires MAY 6!
Steve Forbert, Jason Isbell and Richard Thompson in the Round at Americanafest 2012
The event brings together thousands of fans and music business professionals from all over the world in Nashville, TN.  Over 100 acts performing by night and nearly 50 panels and workshops by day bring some of the industries brightest minds to gather in one of the nation's most comprehensive and diverse music conferences. With planning already underway, the 2013 Americana Music Festival & Conference promises to once again be a must-attend event for anyone with a passion for music.
John Hiatt, Brittany Howard, Emmylou Harris and Richard Thompson.  "The Weight" at Americanafest 2012
Registration includes access to all daytime conference activities, all evening festival showcases, and one ticket to the critically acclaimed Americana Honors & Awards Show at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Wednesday, September 18, 2013.
Registrants may purchase an additional ticket by calling the Americana office with proof of registration***
SUPPORT THE MISSION:  Are you a member?  Join now and help us to advocate for the authentic voice of American Roots Music around the world.   Your dollars help us to stay active all year round.  (Click here to become a member)
For more information and updates from the Americana Music Association, visit www.americanamusic.orgfacebook, and @americanafest on twitter.

Art déco in Nashville

Das Kunstmuseum The Frist zeigt Sinnlichkeit aus Stahl

State of TennesseeT raumautos des Art déco in Nashville 

In seinem Art-déco-Gebäude präsentiert das Kunstmuseum von Nashville Traumautos aus genau dieser Design-Epoche. Die Ausstellung „Sensuous Steel: Art Deco Automobiles“ des Frist Center for the Visual Arts läuft vom 14. Juni bis 15. September und ist nach Angaben des Museums die erste überhaupt nur zu diesem Thema.
In den 1920er- bis 1940er-Jahren kam das Art déco aus Europa in die USA. Amerikanische Architekten setzten die Revolution des Designs in Stein um: In New York City wuchs das Chrysler Building in den Himmel – und das Gebäude des heutigen Museums The Frist in Nashville entstand als ein Postamt.
Gestalter der Automobilfabriken erschufen indes manche der elegantesten Art-déco Kunstwerke. The Frist zeigt jetzt 18 Exemplare aus privaten Sammlungen, darunter Motorlegenden wie den Roadster Delahaye 135M von 1937 mit einer Innenausstattung von Hermès, den Kleinbus-Vorläufer Stout Scarab von 1936 und das Stromlinien-Motorrad Henderson KJ Streamline, das 1930 geschaffen wurde. Der Kurator Ken Gross nutzte sein Wissen und viele Kontakte als ehemaliger Direktor des Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, um die Leihgaben zu finden. Am 14. Juni um 18.30 spricht er im Museum über die Entstehung der Ausstellung. Der Zugang ist für Museumsbesucher mit Eintrittskarte frei, solange der Platz reicht.
Neben dieser Sonderschau lohnt auch ein Besuch der ständigen Ausstellung des Museums mit älterer und moderner amerikanischer Kunst sowie Arbeiten von Künstlern der Gegenwart.
The Frist ist täglich von 10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr geöffnet – am Donnerstag und Freitag auch bis 21.00 Uhr und am Sonntag erst ab 13.00 Uhr. Der Eintritt kostet 10 Dollar und für Kunstinteressierte unter 18 Jahren nichts. Das Verkehrsbüro der Stadt Nashville bietet über Pauschalen an, die den Besuch der Ausstellung mit Hotelübernachtungen verbinden.
Kostenlose Reiseinfos über Tennessee und seine Hauptstadt Nashville: Tennessee Tourism, Horstheider Weg 106a, 33613 Bielefeld, Telefon (0521) 986-0415, Infos The Frist:

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