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Newly crowned ACM's New Vocal Duo and New Artist of the Year, Florida Georgia Line, have just surpassed 10,000 single sales on iTunes Canada for their newly released remix "Cruise" with Grammy award-winning Hip-Hop artist Nelly. As the first single off the band's highly successful debut album Here Comes The Good Times (Republic Nashville/Universal Music Canada), "Cruise" introduced the singers to a legion of new fans and was the highest selling debut album of 2012 for a new Country act.

"When we caught wind that Nelly was a fan of "Cruise", we were floored," says singer Brian Kelley. "We've been fans of his music for years and thought it would be cool to team up on a remix."

The collaboration with Nelly capped off a very exciting year for the duo. The double-Platinum selling "Cruise" reached Top 10 status just 14 weeks after its original release - faster than any debut since Brooks & Dunn's "Brand New Man" - and sat at #1 on the Canadian Country charts for two straight weeks. Their second, Gold-selling single "Get Your Shine On" has reached Top 10 at Country Radio in Canada and has amassed half a million copies sold in the U.S.

Consisting of Brian Kelley from Ormond Beach, Florida and Tyler Hubbard from Monroe, Georgia, Florida Georgia Line have caught the attention of Country music's biggest stars including Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley and Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles. Their energetic style and memorable live shows have also earned them coveted opening spots on two of Country music's biggest tours this past year, Taylor Swift's "Red Tour" and Luke Bryan's "Dirt Road Diaries Tour".

Florida Georgia Line will play select dates across western Canada this summer to support their latest album.  

Florida Georgia Line - Tour Dates

April 19, 2013                 Commodore Ballroom (SOLD OUT)                       Vancouver, BC
June 26, 2013                MacEwan Hall Ballroom (SOLD OUT)                    Calgary, AB                  
June 27, 2013                Swift Current Agricultural & Exhibition Center        Swift Current, AB
June 28, 2013                Sid Buckwold Theatre - TCU Place                        Saskatoon, SK
June 29, 2013                Countryfest - Main Stage                                        Dauphin, MB

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 11, 2013) –  The Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum will unveil a special spotlight exhibit dedicated to singer Lee Greenwood on May 10. Lee Greenwood: American Patriot, which will be located within the museum's permanent exhibit on the third floor, will incorporate costumes and other artifacts spanning Greenwood’s 50 years of musical activity. The exhibition will run through April 25, 2014.

Lee Greenwood: American Patriot traces the artist’s personal and professional life from his musical childhood in California to his award-winning music career. The exhibit also places a special focus on Greenwood’s most beloved song, “God Bless the USA,” and his work with military and veterans organizations.

Melvin Lee Greenwood was born October 27, 1942, and raised by his grandparents on their farm near Sacramento, California. He learned to play piano and saxophone as a child and quickly became a skilled entertainer. By the time he graduated from high school, Greenwood had learned to play most of the instruments in the school band.

In the early 1960s, Greenwood began working the Nevada casino lounge circuit. In 1979, Larry McFadden, Mel Tillis’s bandleader, heard Greenwood perform. McFadden arranged for Greenwood to record some demo sessions in Nashville, and that break led to Greenwood’s recording contract with MCA Records in 1981 and his work with producer Jerry Crutchfield.

Greenwood scored 20 Top Ten hits between 1983 and 1990. Among them were the chart-toppers “Somebody’s Gonna Love You,” “Going, Going, Gone” and “Dixie Road.” He has earned numerous industry awards, including Male Vocalist of the Year for the Academy of Country Music (1983), Male Vocalist of the Year from the Country Music Association (1983 and 1984) and a Grammy for Top Male Vocal Performance in 1985 for “I.O.U.” He also took home the 1985 CMA Song of the Year award for “God Bless the USA.”

This year marks the 30th anniversary of “God Bless the USA.”  Composed in 1983, it became a Top Ten country hit for Greenwood in 1984. The tune is one of America’s most popular and recognizable patriotic songs, thanks, in part, to its popularity during the 1991 Persian Gulf War and during the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America. For his patriotic songs and his work with the armed forces, including more than 30 USO tours, Greenwood has been honored with the prestigious National Patriot’s Award, presented by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. In November 2008, President George W. Bush appointed Greenwood to a six-year term as a council member on the National Endowment for the Arts.

In the mid-1990s, Greenwood began performing almost daily at the Lee Greenwood Theater in Sevierville, Tennessee. The residency lasted five years. Since then, he continues to tour, record and write new material. His latest EP, I Want to Be in Your World, was released in 2011 for Tate Music Group. He also devotes substantial time to numerous charitable causes.

            Among the artifacts on display in Lee Greenwood: American Patriot are:

  • Awards presented to Greenwood from United States military units and veterans groups
  • Stage wear, including a red, white and blue American-flag-design leather jacket, and a fringed leather jacket with Native American beadwork
  • Letter from President George H.W. Bush, thanking Greenwood for participating in Bush’s 1989 Inaugural ceremony.
  • Greenwood’s Henri Selmer Paris saxophone, made in France
  • Greenwood’s Grammy, CMA and ACM awards
  • Greenwood’s honorary Doctor of Humanities degree from Cumberland University and his honorary Doctor of Public Service degree from Lincoln Memorial University
Spotlight exhibits are narratives that supplement themes or aspects of the museum’s core exhibition, Sing Me Back Home: A Journey Through Country Music. These short-term, informal displays either provide a closer look at a particular person, group or aspect of country music, or spotlight recently donated items or special anniversaries. Rotated often, spotlight exhibits also offer a glimpse into the museum’s unique collection, which includes recorded discs, historical photographs, films and videotapes; thousands of posters, books, songbooks, periodicals and sheet music; personal artifacts such as performers’ instruments, costumes and accessories; and more.

Other current spotlight exhibits focus on ABC’s Nashville, Garth Brooks, Jack Greene, Minnie Pearl, Hargus “Pig” Robbins, Connie Smith and Dottie West.
Accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum is operated by the Country Music Foundation, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization chartered by the state of Tennessee in 1964. The museum’s mission is the preservation of the history of country and related vernacular music rooted in southern culture. With the same educational mission, the foundation also operates CMF Records, the museum’s Frist Library and Archive, CMF Press, Historic RCA Studio B and Hatch Show Print®.

More information about the Country Music Hall of Fame® and Museum is available at or by calling (615) 416-2001.

Steel Guitar News April 11. 2013

April 11, 2013

This is Bob Hempker and today I’d like to talk about volume pedal technique.  The volume pedal is an instrument all of its own.  Part of a players style signature can be heard in the way they use the volume pedal.

One of the things I notice especially with beginners and in some players who have been playing for quite some time is there overuse or pumping the volume pedal.  We hear it often here in the store from people who come in and try guitars out.

I had a problem when I was a kid.  I had always kept time with my right foot.  When I started using a volume pedal, I could no longer do that.  Obviously, you can imagine what that would sound like.

It can become difficult sometimes, for instance using a knee lever on your right leg while keeping your volume pedal in the same position.  This may need to be practiced.  

Another thing we have a tendency to do is if we play a certain note not quite as cleanly as we would have liked to, we will back off the volume pedal to compensate.  

I believe it was Ernie Hagar, the renowned west coast player, who said he would practice with his volume pedal unplugged with his guitar plugged straight into the amplifier.  His right foot however, would be on the volume pedal even though it wasn’t hooked up.  

That can show us where we are over-using the volume pedal if we pay attention to our right foot movement.  This is an excellent way to practice not pumping your volume pedal.

We need to practice controlling our volume level with our right hand picking technique.  If we want a certain note louder than another note, pick it slightly harder.

I like to use the volume pedal to sustain notes.  If I’m playing a three note chord and I want it to sustain for a whole bar or more of music, when the notes start to die out, I ease down on the volume pedal to keep the volume from fading out so fast.

Another popular volume technique is “popping” the volume pedal.  You initially play your notes with the pedal down and then quickly shut the pedal off.  Many prominent C6th players such as Curly Chalker were very proficient with this.

One problem we encounter is if we change the volume setting on our amplifier.  This changes the position where the volume pedal begins to come on, in other words the initial on point.  This particular thing really throws me.

Normally in a recording studio, you will play at a lower volume than you will play live.  This can play havoc with your volume pedal technique.  The easiest way to anger a sound technician or producer is to be erratic with your volume pedal.

If the producer or sound engineer changes the level in your earphones, it can alter the audible point where your volume pedal comes on and off.  One great feature of the Hilton pedal is the off point adjustment on the bottom of the pedal.  You can change this setting if you change your amp setting where your volume pedal will come on and off at the same physical place.

Another good thing is to possibly have two different volume pedals, one set for live playing, the other set for recording.

Everybody has their own unique way of using the volume pedal.  As long as it’s not distracting to the listener, fine.  We all just need to be conscious of over-pumping the volume pedal and use it mainly for sustaining and emphasizing something that we’re playing.

The immortal Jerry Byrd had a volume pedal technique like no one else’s.  He had one of the best volume pedal techniques ever.  Jerry played without pedals as we all know, so he used his volume pedal with his left foot.  He also had the control set where it was full volume in the up position and off in the down position, the exact reverse of the way everyone else plays.

I think all of us need to really work on our volume pedal technique more than we do.  It’s an extremely overlooked art.

It’s a good idea to carry to carry a spare volume pedal in your seat.  Pots can go bad.  The strings can break on them.  You’ll never know when a spare volume pedal can be a gig-saver.  

It’s also a good idea to swap them out.  Use one pedal for a few gigs, then use the other one.  That way the pots won’t get dirty and scratchy from laying dormant.

I hope I have raised the level of awareness of a piece of gear that is often only an after-thought when in reality, we’d be hard pressed to live without it.  We have a good selection of new and used volume pedals on the website.  Think of us when you need one.

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Young Country Artist Makes Musical Introduction
With Intimate Personal Memoirs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 11, 2013)—Recording artist Madison McKenzie, a uniquely gifted singer, songwriter and performer from the fertile farmlands of western Illinois, makes her footprint in the country music genre with her debut album entitled A PART OF ME.** The musical composition (produced by Bob Bullock of Shania Twain, Reba McEntire, George Strait and George Jones fame) comes from her own independent label, Madi M Music, and is set for a May 28, 2013 release via all major Internet retail outlets.

Madison McKenzie’s music is an expression—of faith, youth, confidence, soul, and most of all, her love for God’s creations. Captivating listeners with a sweet sophisticated sincerity, Madison's creative and contemporary delivery of "her kind of country" is deeply rooted in her respect for the all-American music tradition and her belief and devotion to God and family. Like pages from a personal diary, the subject matter is true to her being, encompassing friends, family, love and death.

With five songs penned by McKenzie (“Run,” “Give Me A Reason,” “This Is My Life,” “Me And You,” and “That Is The Truth”), the eleven-song CD is truly a window to her soul. Encompassing thoughtful, heartfelt ballads, and playful and engaging upbeat tunes, A PART OF ME showcases her talented breadth as a storyteller and a pure vocalist. Offering a “wise-beyond-her-youth” perspective, the arrangement “My Friend,” (McKenzie/Nate Jackson) is a snapshot of a friendship with a “distant” future before them and the reminder to cherish every last moment. The classic fiddle threaded through the southern strung piano paints a picture of happy nostalgia to live in the present while separation looms inevitable. Madison’s fluttering vocals take center stage in “Waiting On Your Love” (McKenzie/Mariah Lung/Megan Redmond) while layers of elevating crescendos of soft electric guitar roll leisurely—a song about chasing after love even if unrequited.

“This project is honest, but that’s just who I am; it’s “part of me” and I hope listeners have an appreciation for my sincerity,” Madison McKenzie introduced.

Diagnosed with Phonological Processing Disorder (a communicative condition lengthening the processing and relaying of sounds and information) at an elementary age, Madison quietly and courageously overcame the hurdles before her with music as her instrument to serve as a newfound voice. Translating genuine feelings from pen to paper, to a musical expression, Madison writes from a place that’s within and displays an array of emotion that boasts all the colors of a rainbow. Her testimony reveals truthfulness in age yet a maturity that’s “lived-in.”

“I used to be hesitant and less confident, but my music has helped me to grow in so many ways,” added Madison. “I want to be able to use my music to make a lasting impression on others, to help them overcome obstacles when they might feel helpless or alone and be an artist people can look up to.”

Raised in Camp Point (with a population of only 1,200), this beautiful blue-eyed, seventeen-year-old sensation sings true to her rural farm lifestyle. As the middle-child centered between her four siblings in a musically inclined family, Madison is no stranger to hard work and play. She is a young road warrior who travels to and from Music City to concentrate on her endeavor to become a career artist. Promoters and venues have acknowledged Madison’s talents; she is a seasoned performer who has appeared at concert events across the country including numerous fairs and festivals, Nashville’s Country Music Walk of Fame and NASCAR races.

For more information on Madison McKenzie, visit:

Billy Dean Geburtstagsfeier mit James Otto und Freunden

Billy Dean gewinnt James Otto als besonderen Gast-Musiker für die Feier seines 51. Geburtstags auf „Dean Acres“
Billys Geburtstagsfeier“ findet am 27. April auf „Dean Acres“ statt.
Tickets sind jetzt erhältlich unter

Nashwille, Tenn. (10.April 2013) – Der Countrymusik Sänger Billy Dean macht sich bereit für seine Geburtstagsfeier, die jedes Jahr an seinem eigenen Veranstaltungsort „Dean Acres“ stattfindet. „Billys Geburtstagsfeier“ ist für Samstag, den 27. April um 17 Uhr geplant. Dean Acres liegt in Liberty, Tennesee, ca. 40 Meilen außerhalb von Nashville.

Zur Feier seines 51. Geburtstags konnte Dean dieses Jahr den Country-Sänger James Otto als besonderen Gast und Künstler gewinnen.
Ich bin so dankbar, dass James Otto zugestimmt hat zu kommen und an meiner Geburtstagsfeier zu spielen“, sagte Dean. „James ist einer der besten Sänger, Liedermacher und Unterhalter unserer Branche und ich bin froh, ihn als meinen Freund bezeichnen zu können.“
Über den kommenden Auftritt bemerkt Otto: „Nichts könnte mich mehr begeistern als an Billys Geburtstagsfeier draußen auf Dean Acres teilzunehmen. Es wird ein Wahnsinnsspaß werden. Er ist nicht nur ein Ausnahmekünstler und guter Liedermacher, sondern er war auch immer ein besonderer Freund für mich. Ich fühle mich sehr geehrt, dass er mich fragte, an seinem besonderen Tag teilzunehmen … das bedeutet mir viel.
2011 gab Dean die offizielle feierliche Eröffnung von „Dean Acres“ bekannt. Seit der Eröffnung für das Publikum, haben sich Deans Heimkonzerte als erfolgreich und immer ausverkauft erwiesen.
Erst kürzlich eröffnete Dean seine „Party-Scheune“, um Events auf „Dean Acres“ zu veranstalten. Die 100-Jahre alte Scheune wurde letztes Jahr restauriert und mit einer Konzertbühne und 200 Sitzplätzen ausgestattet.
Ticketinhaber für „Billys Geburtstagsfeier“ sind auf Deans Familienfarm herzlich willkommen. Sie können dort Auftritte der Countrymusiker und „Special Guests“ erleben. Als ein besonderes Bonbon wird jeder, der an der Veranstaltung teilnimmt, am nächsten Morgen (28.April) zu einem besonderen Brunch mit dem Countrystar und seine Familie eingeladen. Tickets für die Veranstaltung sind jetzt unter erhältlich.

Über Billy Dean
In seiner 20-Jährigen Musiker-Karriere hat Dean elf top-ten Billboard country Singles veröffentlicht, eingeschlossen fünf 1.Hits: „I Miss Billy the Kid“, „Somewhere In My Broken Heart“, „If There Hadn’t Been You“, „You Don’t Count The Cost“, It’s What I Do“. Dean nahm acht bedeutende Studio-Langspielplatten auf, drei davon wurden mit Gold von RIAA ausgezeichnet, genauso wie eine Langspielplatte mit den größten Hits, die auch mit Gold ausgezeichnet wurde. Er veröffentlichte vier Studio-Aufzeichnungen mit BDMG, eingeschlossen eine Ehrung an die Amerikanischen Familienfarmen, „Earning our place on Earth“, durch seine Partnerschaft mit Naturipe, und eine Ehrung der Fernfahrer mit „For Those Who Move America“, durch seine Arbeit mit Averitt Cares For Kids.

Am Anfang seiner Karriere bezeichnete die Akademie der Country Music Dean als einen der besten neuen männlichen Sänger und zeichnete ihn für „Somewhere in my broken Heart“ mit dem besten Lied des Jahres aus. Im Jahr 2000 sang Dean Seite an Seit mit Alison Krauss „harmony vocals“ in Kenny Rogers Darbietung „Buy me a Rose“, was ihm einen Grammy einbrachte. In Ergänzung seiner erfolgreichen Schallplatten und CD-Karriere, spielte Dean auch in verschiedenen Filmen mit und erschien in zahlreichen Fernseh-Shows.
Deans aktuellster Song „A Man fo Good Fortune“, wurde im September 2012 veröffentlicht und ist jetzt erhältlich
Mehr Information über Billy Dean ist unter erhältlich

Country Music News International April 11. 2013

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"Billy's Birthday Bash" to be Held at 'Dean Acres' on April 27

 Tickets On-sale Now at
Nashville, Tenn. (April 10, 2013) - Country music crooner BILLY DEAN is gearing up for his annual birthday celebration, held each year at his very own home concert venue, 'Dean Acres.'  "Billy's Birthday Bash" is scheduled for SaturdayApril 27 at 5:00 PM.  'Dean Acres' is nestled in Liberty, Tennessee, about 40 miles outside of Nashville.

This year, in celebration of his 51st birthday, Dean has tapped fellow country star James Otto as a special guest performer.

"I'm so grateful to James Otto for agreeing to come out and play at my birthday bash," says Dean.  "James is one of the finest vocalists, songwriters, and entertainers in our industry and I'm glad to call him my friend."

On the upcoming performance, Otto notes, "I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Billy’s birthday bash out at Dean Acres.  It’s going to be a blast. He’s not only an incredible artist and songwriter, but he’s always been a great friend of mine. I’m honored he asked me to be a part of his big day... it really means a lot.”

In 2011, Dean announced the official grand opening of 'Dean Acres.'  Since opening to the public, Dean's home concerts have proven successful, with sold-out crowds packing the farm lid-tight at each event.

Dean recently opened his 'Party Barn' to host events held at 'Dean Acres.'  The 100-year-old barn was restored last year, complete with a concert stage and seating to accommodate about 200 people.

Ticket holders for "Billy's Birthday Bash" will be welcomed to Dean’s family farm where they will be treated to live acoustic performances by the country music star and special guests.  As a special added bonus, anyone attending the event will be invited back to 'Dean Acres' the following morning (April 28), for a special brunch with the country star and his family. Tickets for the event are on-sale now at

About Billy Dean
In his music career spanning more than 20 years, Dean has claimed eleven top ten Billboard country singles, including five #1 hits: “I Miss Billy The Kid,” “Somewhere In My Broken Heart,” “If There Hadn't Been You,” “You Don’t Count The Cost” and “It’s What I Do.” Dean recorded eight major label studio albums, three of which have been certified gold by the RIAA, as well as a greatest hits album which is also certified gold. He has also released four studio albums on BDMG, including a tribute to America's family farms, Earning Our Place On Earth, through his partnership with Naturipe, and a tribute to truck drivers, For Those Who Move America, through his work with Averitt Cares For Kids.

Earlier in his career, the Academy Of Country Music named Dean Top New Male Vocalist and also awarded him Song of the Year for "Somewhere In My Broken Heart." In 2000, Dean sang harmony vocals alongside Alison Krauss on Kenny Rogers' rendition of “Buy Me A Rose,” which earned him a GRAMMY. In addition to his successful recording career, Dean has also acted in several movies and appeared in numerous television shows.

Dean's most recent release, A Man of Good Fortune, was released in September of 2012 and is available now.

For more information on Billy Dean, visit


American/Canadian Singer Releases 
Perfectly Imperfect on April 16 from 
Blue Chicory Records

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (April 10, 2013) - New artist Shannon Selig, who recently relocated to Nashville from the two places she called home - Maine and Nova Scotia - has completed all the production on her debut album, 
Perfectly Imperfect, which is due out April 16. A CD Release Party is set for April 18 at The Rutledge. 
Album Cover
Shannon Selig is set to release her debut album, PERFECTLY IMPERFECT
The 11-track release, co-produced by Selig and Music Row veteran Gary Sadker of Red Ridge Entertainment, combines songs written by the American/Canadian singer/songwriter with songs from top Music City tunesmiths for a fresh collection of music with a purpose.

"I am so honored that I am able to release my debut album here in Nashville. I have always k
nown I wanted to become a positive role model in the community and I am blessed to be able to do that through music," Selig says. "The process of preparing for this album
has been years in the making and it has shaped me into the woman I am today. I am so excited to share this album with the world."

Sadker assembled top session players Andy Hull, drums; Justin Weaver, acoustic guitar; Dow Tomlin, bass; Danny Parks, electric guitar; Gary Sadker, piano; Jason Roller, fiddle; Steve Hinson, pedal steel; Melissa DuVall, background vocals; and Jeff Skorik, background and duet vocals; to record the tracks at Catch This Music Studio, owned by Eddie Robba. Mike Stankiewicz engineered the project, with Grammy-winning engineer Chad Carlson of Hippo Sound mixing the tracks and Grammy and Dove Award nominated engineer Don DeMumbrum, owner/president of the Château Music Group, mastering the project.

Shannon and Gary Sadker in the studio
Producer Gary Sadker of Red Ridge Entertainment, left, works with Shannon Selig, right, at Catch This Music  Studios (Sam Siske photo)
"During the past more than two decades that I've worked on Music Row, I've seen scores of young singers move to Nashville with big voices and big dreams. I must say that of all that I've worked with, Shannon Selig stands out as one of the most dynamic new talents to come along in a while," says Sadker. "I am so proud to work alongside Shannon to produce her debut album, Perfectly Imperfect, and Red Ridge Entertainment is thrilled to be part of her team."

Even at 9 years old, Shannon Selig had a charisma that made few doubt her when the young singer said "I just want to change people's lives with my voice."

Fast forward a decade and half later and Selig has done a good job reaching her goal throughout Maine and Nova Scotia. With dual citizenship to her credit, the Berklee College of Music alumna sang her way across the continent, making fans on both sides of the border.

Winner of the New England Country Music Association Songwriter of the Year in 2013 and 2012, Selig also won the North American Country Music Association award for Horizon Songwriter both years. Selig also was named New England Country Music Association Female Vocalist of the Year in 2011, and, the next year, claimed the win for Horizon Female Vocalist Award 2012 Internationally.

With an album in-hand and a lineup of tour dates, Selig sets out on the next phase of her career with a message that remains unchanged: "I just want to change people's lives with my voice."

Selig is represented by Debbie Grisham of Deb Grisham Entertainment.

For more information on Selig and Perfectly Imperfect, visit, like on Facebook at or follow in Twitter (@shannonselig).

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