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FAMILY OF MUSIC MAKERS -Just Some Songs We Used To Know

FAMILY OF MUSIC MAKERS -Just Some Songs We Used To Know
Truck Drivin' Man - Heartaches By The Number - Sing Me Back Home - Another Bridge To Burn By - O Danny Boy - Drinking Champagne - 40 Shades Of Green - Easy Lovin' - Farewell Party - Almost Persuaded - Tips Of My Fingers - Touch My Heart - Ragtime Annie
     For most 'real' country musicians and performers, the snowy winter-time in the upper Midwest of America is usually a time to get songs ready for recording, and weather permitting, get in the studio and get them recorded.  I'm always anxious to see what the winter crop produces when I get back to Iowa, from where a tremendous amount of great country music emanates.  However to get to the nitty-gritty of classic country, it's got to be Nebraska.
     Mike Goodrich makes his home in Greeley, Nebraska, way out in the Sandhills, where real cowboys live.  You can see from this song list that some of the best classic country tunes ever written are represented here.  It's this kind of country music that is so rapidly disappearing from radio these days.  Contemporary country (many would not even add the word 'country' to that) has completely abandoned this genre identification in today's music.  Here, however, you can hear it loud, and clear, and meaningful, and true.  Mike has been singing 'real' country music for nearly 50 years, and that is what I call devotion and loyalty to a musical genre.  If you were to talk to any of Mike's many fans, they will all tell you the same thing, "Mike sings country."
     This gathering of super-country musicians took place at Dan Kane's Power Base Studio, and it marvels me that they sound like they've been playing together for years and years.  Well, yes they have, a total of 351 combined good years. Some of these musicians cut their teeth on this very real classic country genre, and it amazes me that the studio can put them together (with very little overdubbing) and produce such a remarkable session.  Mike Goodrich leads them through it all like they just learned the song yesterday, but they've been playing it off and on together for all of those combined 351 years.  This is country music at it's very best.  They can't even do this in Nashville anymore.
     Steel guitar is exceptional on this session (this kind of steel is so lacking in today's pop-country).  It's Blaine Garrelts whose been playing over 61 years.  Yes, amazing huh?  He also added some lead guitar.  Mike O'Neel is on lead and 2nd fiddle as well as some lead vocals.  Mike is in America's Old Time Country Music Fiddler's Hall of Fame.  Together with Jay Kelly  (also in the Hall of Fame) from Atkinson, Nebraska, these two fiddle giants add 109 years to the compiled 351 years. Add another 35 years with Mike Kuszak on drums and 50 years from Linn Baxter on keyboards.  And don't forget Sandy Miller who added another 48 on bass guitar.  Are you beginning to understand how great this CD sounds? 
     I so resent the pop-country music today, so much so that I have turned my radio off, except for KWMT in Fort Dodge, Iowa, when Dale Eichor is doing the DJ chores.  Country music today has so little to offer under the name of 'country' it is disturbing that they insist on calling it country when it is so far removed from the genre.  This CD will stay in my library.  When I get dog tired of listening to the pretenders, I'll just slip this one out and put the 'real deal' on and have a good old time.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

DUNN DUO - It's My Time

DUNN DUO - It's My Time
It's My Time - Shady Grove - Last Florida Panther - Let Your Light Shine On Me - Bertha Palmer - Wayfaring Stranger - Easy To Forget - My  Family - Summertime - Just Because - Little Scrub Jay - Pass Me My Picks - Hallelujah - Baby What You Want Me To Do
     When Les Paul and Mary Ford created their first experiments in over-dubbed music, they probably never thought that a creative couple in Florida would use this same principle to create their very own well 'dunn' music.  The Dunn Duo is an active musical group that are shakers and movers in the folk music movement in Flolrida, as well as other more bluesy and jazz like gatherings.  They are, however, far too polished as musicians to limit their achievements and endeavors to just one 'kind' of music.  When you hear Carolyn Dunn sing 'Summertime' on this CD, you will be amply convinced that this lady is capable of far more than a few old-time folk songs.  Carolyn is also a writer.  Here she proudly presents "It's My Time" "Last Florida Panther" "Bertha Palmer" "My Family" "Little Scrub Jay" and "Pass Me My Picks."
     Jim Dunn is the mover and shaker behind the sound board and the studio board.  He plays an amazing number of instruments on this CD, all of them overdubbed.  Guitar (electric & acoustic), mandolin-guitar, banjo, and percussion.  Carolyn adds the bass, at which she excels.  Being the 'sound' people at a Sarasota folk festival, I really enjoyed listening to Jim talk about his experience at 'Woodstock' when he was just a young guy.  He sort of carries that musical experience over in this CD, kind of like 'turn off the radio and pass me my picks," which more than adequately expresses this fine duo's approach to music.
     The music we hear on this wonderful CD is varied and great.  The cover photo however,  probably does not reflect this same immaculate devotion that the music portrays.  "It's My Time" to me means something bubbly, happy, expectation, sharing, but the cover does not express this.  Not a criticism, just an observation.  Carolyn and Jim have a very close friend that is in the photography business.  I hope they will consult her for a cover shot.
     The Dunns are very well liked performers throughout Florida.  For a couple of reasons.  They are extremely good by themselves as performers, however they are also very good a doing 'sound.'  Another reason is that they enjoy backing other performers, which is so important to that performer who doesn't have backing, and the Dunn Duo does that extremely well.
Bob Everhart

SaraBeth Music Video For Debut Single Added To CMT.com


CMT Goes Kickin' and Screamin' for SaraBeth

Music Video For Debut Single Added To CMT.com

(Nashville, TN)----Introducing herself to country music with a bang, SaraBeth’s music video for her debut single, “Kickin’ and Screamin’” has just been added to CMT. Produced by all-star producer Dean Sams, founding member of the superstar group Lonestar and producer/label head of Circle S Records, SaraBeth is ready to get her music to listeners everywhere. 

When Sams first met SaraBeth, he knew he had just met a future star. He recognized her talent immediately and knew her robust potential.

“The first thing that interested me in working with SaraBeth was her incredible work ethic.” Sams says. “In a time when so many people want to sit around and wait for success to come to them, SaraBeth is a rarity with her focus, drive and willingness to do whatever it takes to be successful. As a singer, SaraBeth is understated and heartfelt. In my opinion, she’s a nice change of pace for country music listeners and her EP reflects that.”

Born and raised in Dallas, SaraBeth is a contemporary country singer and budding songwriter who is seamlessly making her mark in Nashville as an all-American, sweetly southern artist with an edge. Smart, beautiful and tremendously talented, SaraBeth is the breath of fresh air the music industry needs.
CLICK HERE to view the official music video for “Kickin’ and Screamin’” on CMT.com.
SaraBeth will be hitting the road in support of her single, focusing on markets all over the southeast so check out http://www.sarabethmusic.com for upcoming shows including a performance at the Crosby Fair and Rodeo in Crosby, TX on Friday, June 21st.


I Wish I Was A Cowboy Again - Angelina - Mountain Home - Waltzing Forever - Quiet River - Forgiveness Waltz - Soldier's Prayer - Soft Southern Nights - Amanda - After The Battle Of Aughrum - River Of My Soul - Stars Of The Western Sky - Smile For Me - Time Is A Thief - Song Of The Old St. Johns
     We suffer a great deal in today's music because of lack of loyalty to the genre.  Doesn't matter what genre of music you are interested in or like, today's corporate music world desperately 'mixes' genres in an attempt to sell more product. What it really creates is a non-genre kind of music that is pretty much a dead sounding pap force fed to radio listeners who have no choice in what they hear. 
     It was such a pleasant experience to hear the Wallers at an acoustic music festival near Sarasota, Florida.  Loyalty to the genre is very obvious and apparent in their presentations, and their recordings are even better.  Music maker Joe Waller is also the writer and composer on all but two songs on this brand new CD.  Why do I say 'loyalty to the genre?'  It's because this 'kind' of music is rapidly disappearing from America's folk scene.  True creativity has to come from true purpose, and that is exactly what Joe Waller does with this CD.  His writing is refreshing and his musical tunes reflect another time, but well adapted to today's world.  Imagery is so very important in music to be a truly 'creative' process, and I am so glad I have had the opportunity to hear Joe Waller open his mind to the imagery that he safely retains there. 
     It should also be noted that Joe Waller is married to a very delicate and fine-tuned violinist who makes the fiddle sound great on all of his compositions ("Waltzing Forever" safely establishes Katie Waller as one fine violinist-fiddler).  Together, as a duo, they are the perfect presenters of 'fine' folk music.  In the studio, with the capable assistance of the Morse Family (the frailing banjo of Matthew is super near-perfect), this recording has all the elements that make a CD worth listening to.  Soft, gentle, forceful in lyrics, the epitome of what anyone who appreciates good down-home acoustic music expects, and the Jackson Creek String Band delivers.
     Joe Waller plays a nice acoustic rhythm guitar; wife Katie plays the smooth and very listenable fiddle; Dawn Morse on bass and some harmony vocals; Leah Morse adding fiddle accompaniment and harmony; Aaron Morse on mandolin, and as previously mentioned Matthew Morse on banjo.
     Trying to pick a 'favorite' song on CD's I review has become an increasingly difficult task when so much of a CD is well produced, the mix is as it should be, the final production just as the creators wish it to be.  Still, I think "I Wish I Was A Cowboy Again" is a super story song full of meaning and fulfillment.  So there it is, I'm a cowboy too.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

Jerrod Niemann’s “Only God Could Love You More” Music Video Premieres

Jerrod Niemann’s “Only God Could Love You More” Music Video Premieres On VEVO Tuesday, February 26

Niemann Co-Hosts GAC’s “ACM Video Preview Special” With Storme Warren With Premiere Airing On February 27
Nashville, TN – Sea Gayle Records/Arista Nashville recording artist Jerrod Niemann will premiere his music video of “Only God Could Love You More” this week. VEVO.com, CMT and GAC are among the outlets on which fans may view the poignant video directed by Eric Welch and produced by Karen Martin for Broken Poet Productions.
Tuesday, February 26, VEVO will premiere the video on the homepage of VEVO.com and VEVO Mobile (iPhone, iPad and Android).
Starting tomorrow, fans may participate in an “Only God Could Love You More” music video sweepstakes; check out JerrodNiemannofficial.com or select country radio station websites for further information.
Also this week, Jerrod Niemann joins Storme Warren as co-host of “The ACM Video Preview Special” which premieres Wednesday, February 27th at 8 p.m. ET on GAC. This two-hour program features Niemann and Warren making various stops at Las Vegas hotspots while bringing viewers up to speed on the latest news and information about this year’s ACM nominated artists. Follow up airings include: February 28th at 12 a.m. and 10 a.m. ET; March 17 at 8 p.m. ET; March 18 at 12 a.m. ET; March 31 at 8 p.m. ET; and, April 1 at 12 a.m. ET.
“Only God Could Love You More,” is the second single from Jerrod Niemann’s critically-acclaimed Free the Music album. Approaching the Top 30 this week on country radio airplay charts, the song was co-written by Niemann with Jon Stone and Lee Brice.
Released on October 2, Free The Music was co-produced by Niemann and Dave Brainard and is the follow-up to Niemann’s chart-topping major-label debut album, Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury, which produced the #1 smash and RIAA-certified Platinum Digital Single, “Lover, Lover,” and the Top 5 and RIAA-certified Gold Digital Single, “What Do You Want.”
Niemann’s Free the Music album is available via this link: http://smarturl.it/FreeTheMusic.

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Joe Nichols and Dan Agee on The Producer’s Chair

Don’t miss Mickey Jack Cones with special guests Joe Nichols and Dan Agee on The Producer’s Chair, Thursday, February 28, 6 p.m., at Douglas Corner. Details at: www.theproducerschair.com .

39 year old San Antonio, Texan, Mickey Jack Cones has produced, engineered, mixed, written songs for, sang on, and/or played on over 50 major artist’s albums, since his arrival in Nashville, in 1996. His impressive body of work includes, Jason Aldean, Kelly Clarkson, Trace Adkins, Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Eric Church, Reba, Sara Evans, Blake Shelton, Joe Nichols, Kenny Rogers, Jeff Bates, Andy Griggs, Frankie Ballard, Gretchen Wilson, Montgomery Gentry, Kellie Pickler, Blaine Larsen, Julie Roberts, Katrina Elam, Chuck Wicks, Julianne Hough and Randy Owen (of Alabama). Plus … his work with Motley Crue, Aerosmith/Steven Tyler, Exile, Ludacris, Lionel Richie and Buck Cherry, which explains why Cones is considered to be one of the “new breed” of producer/engineers largely responsible for that “80s Rock” influence, that ignited country music into the stratosphere.

Aside from his numerous past awards, in 2012 alone, Mickey Jack Cones’ vocal engineering expertise combined with Michael Knox’s production on Jason Aldean’s 2 x Platinum album My Kind of Party rocked the award shows with a Grammy nomination, CMA “Album of The Year”, “Single of The Year” and “Music Event of The Year”, ACM “Single of The Year”, “Vocal Event of The Year” and … Billboard’s “Top Country Album” and “Top Country Song of The Year”.


Nashville, TN (February 26, 2013) – The mega-stars continue to lineup for George Jones’ final concert, which is set for Friday, November 22, 2013 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.  Garth Brooks, Kid Rock, Shelby Lynne, The Oak Ridge Boys and Sam Moore are the latest acts announced for the historic event.
The celebrity packed lineup also includes Dierks Bentley, Charlie Daniels, Jamey Johnson, Montgomery Gentry, Lorrie Morgan, Kenny Rogers, Randy Travis, Tanya Tucker, Josh Turner and Gene Watson. More stars are expected to be announced as performers gear up to pay tribute to one of the world’s most accomplished recording artists.

“Being joined by so many incredible singers while doing what I love will be truly heartwarming,” says George Jones. “It’s shaping up to be more than I expected or could have ever imagined,” he adds. 

Tickets for the Nashville finale are available at all Ticketmaster locations.

George Jones, often referred to as the "the greatest living country singer" will mark the end of an era with 2013’s farewell tour titled "The Grand Tour". The tour is expected to make approximately 44 stops this year. The  icon’s hits, "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair", "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes", "White Lightning" and "He Stopped Loving Her Today" will surely be part of each night’s set list, along with plenty of guests and surprises.
About George Jones
George Jones is the #2 best-charting country artist of all time, with a staggering list of hit singles since the ‘50s.  The Beaumont, Texas native also has 143 Top 40 hits to his name, has received two Grammy Awards, was a 2008 Kennedy Center Honor recipient, is a Country Music Hall of Fame member, was presented with a GRAMMY® Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 and holds a National Medal of Arts medallion.

For more information on George Jones, please visit www.georgejones.com


Vince Gill, right,  with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys (Photo credit: ABC/KATHERINE BOMBOY-THORNTON)
Airdate February 27

NASHVILLE—February 26, 2013 -- Vince Gill will be portraying himself on an
upcoming episode of ABC’s new blockbuster series, “Nashville.”  The episode will air Wednesday, February 27 and will feature other Nashville performers including Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Pam Tillis, Kate York and Kip Moore.

The episode, titled “Dear Brother,” features a surprise birthday party for Deacon, played by actor Charles Esten, and will take place at The Bluebird Café.  It was filmed in mid-February.

"I had a really fun time hanging out with the cast and crew," commented Gill.  "I really do enjoy watching the show and I think it's great for Nashville.  Plus, I was playing myself which wasn't a big stretch." 
“Nashville” stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O’Connor, Eric Close as Teddy Conrad, Charles Esten as Deacon Claybourne, Jonathan Jackson as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, Robert Ray Wisdom as Coleman Carlisle and Powers Boothe as Lamar Wyatt.

This episode of “Nashville” will be available on ABC.com the day after air for users to watch online. For more information on “Nashville” visit ABC.com/Nashville.

Tate Stevens Set To Release Self-Titled Debut Album April 23

Tate Stevens Set To Release Self-Titled Debut Album April 23

NASHVILLE, TN – FOX’s The X Factor Season 2 winner and Syco Music/RCA Nashville recording artist Tate Stevens announces today that his debut album is set to release on Tuesday, April 23. The self-titled album is helmed by renowned Nashville producer, Blake Chancey and will include three songs that Stevens co-wrote alongside Ashley Gorley, Joe Diffie, Wade Kirby, Phil O'Donnell, Shane Minor, and David Lee Murphy.
Stevens shares, “For someone that has dreamt of recording and releasing music for over a decade, to say I’m excited is an understatement. I feel like the songs we selected for the album are a real reflection of my personality—they range from fun-loving to serious and everything in between. I’m so proud of this album and can’t wait for the fans to hear it! ”
The album’s lead single, “Power Of A Love Song,” was released to country radio earlier this month. Written by Jeremy Bussey, Bradley Gaskin, and Marcus Franklin Johnson, “Power Of A Love Song,” encompasses a traditional country sound that solidifies Stevens’ authenticity in the genre as he makes his highly-anticipated debut. GAC raves that “the ballad showcases Tate’s baritone voice,” and Roughstock adds, “This is the kind of song that helps set Tate Stevens apart from the pack of newcomers. His voice is a voice which rivals quite a few top stars with more depth and emotional punch.”
Fans can pre-order Tate Stevens now on Amazon at http://smarturl.it/TateStevensamz.
For more information on Tate visit www.tatestevensofficial.com or follow him on Twitter @tatestevensctry.

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