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ALLEN KARL - As Sure As I'm Standing Here

ALLEN KARL - As Sure As I'm Standing Here
     I have started receiving CD's with just one song on them.  This harkens back to the days when 45rpm records were released for radio air play.  Personally I think this is one super good idea.  It puts the 'best' of a session in the hands of the DJ.  Once heard, he/she will play it or not, but this 'system' is the easiest way to put that really good 'take' on their player.
     Allen Karl has been doing his kind of  country music, very successfully I might add, for quite some time now.  In America's corporate-media complete control, it's kind of if you have the dough you have the show.  To many of us this is just prostitution.  What it really means, down deep in the soul of America, is that the 'real' talent, the gifted artists, the truly creative artist is pushed back to drawing on the walls of a cave, while the incredibly untalented use their wealth, to not only buy their stardom, but to patch up their totally unacceptable recordings in the studio.  They can do anything with nothing in the studio these days, so it is a very refreshing moment to hear a talented artist like Allen Karl continuing his quest to share his original music, his original talent, and certainly his original passion with the music.
     This particular song was written by Jerry Foster and produced by Bill Rainey.  I know Rainey.  He knows how to produce 'real' country.  He knows what the elements are.  He knows the right musicians that still play 'country' music, and this combination of talents certainly puts Allen Karl on the right 'track' of his latest CD.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

DONNA CUNNINGHAM - Don't Tell Me That You're Gone A Satisfied Me

DONNA CUNNINGHAM - Don't Tell Me That You're Gone A Satisfied Me
     I received two 'one' song CD's from Century II Records, Nashville, featuring a stunningly beautiful country singer, Donna Cunningham.  Beautiful in voice, and beautiful in person.  This fairly new way to get the 'best' of CD recording sessions into the hands of DJ's is working for Century II Records.  In America, music is pretty much a bought and paid for 'business.'  In Europe it is quite different.  They still have radio stations that play what the DJ's want to play, and they are not ruled by some inaccurate billboard rating system, which is also bought and paid for in America.  Rather, they play what they like, no matter who recorded it.  Both Donna Cunningham and Allen Karl have began to use this 'system' to get their best music in front of the DJ's that count, especially in Europe.
     These two Cunningham songs are both incredibly well done, both of them produced by Marty Martel.  Utilizing the same musicians at both sessions certainly paid off.  Mike Shrimpf on keyboard and harp; Mike Baker on lead and rhythm guitar; Dave Roe on bass; Mark Beckett on drums; Tommy White on steel guitar; and David Russell on fiddle.  Martel knows what he's looking for in the studio, and they all 'produce' for him, especially the lovely voice of Donna Cunningham.
     These two songs are quite different in style, content, and production, but they both represent aspects of country music as it has been known in the past as the 'real deal' and so is Donna Cunningham.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer


Big Flood - Pain - Turkey Time - Only The Coyote - 30 Years At The Kum n Go - Patience, Perseverance, & Politics - Church Lady Pie  -Wanted Man - So Said Solomon
     I really like reviewing CD's that speak of real things.  Raldo Schneider is an Iowa country songwriter that writes about real things.  He draws his inspiration from things right around him.  "Big Flood" actually happened over in Eastern Iowa.  From the looks of things, probably not the last big flood in the farm state.  What with the incredible weather changes on our planet Earth, we're going to see a lot of this kind of activity in the not too distant future.  Raldo's solution is to go right to the next song on the CD..."Pain" which takes him to the bar-room, and drinking some Templeton-Rye.  You wouldn't know what that is, but it's a strictly Iowa produced whiskey, some say as smooth as silk, easier to drink then Kentucky Bourbon, and far easier when there's 'pain' setting in.  I wouldn't try buying a bottle of Templeton-Rye, they only make small batches at a time, therefore it's very very expensive.
     Raldo keeps his 'originals' right down the line, about his own experiences, his own music ringing in his head, his own very well played acoustic guitar.  He uses very good Iowa musicians to transform his ideas into really good musical presentations and stories.  John Stortz on rhythm & lead guitar and Dobro; Travis Smiley on bass; Marcy Schneider on fiddle & keyboard; Denyce Gallagher on fiddle; Dutch DeBoer on harmonica; Roger Miller on pedal steel; Dan Hummel on drums; Jovita Long on harmony.  They get together to record at Jealous Dog Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  Al Eacret helped with the mix, and it is a delightful one, even the Jimmy Buffet sound on "Only The Coyote." 
     When Blake Shelton, the 'make-believe' country music star, proclaimed to the world his opinion that anyone who still likes a traditional country music sound is an old fart and a jackass, it would appear to me that he was writing his own obituary.  Raldo Schneider can not only out-sing Blake Shelton, he can out-write him, and he can out-class him.
     In most cases I would have to agree with Raldo, "30 Years At The Kum N Go" being an honest worker, is far better than being a phony Blake Shelton.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer

PETER TRENHOLM - The Little Country Church

PETER TRENHOLM -The Little Country Church

Zion's Hill - Jesus Blazed The Trail - The Muddy Sea of Sin - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again - Heaven Holds All My Treasures - Passing Through - Medals for Mother - Thank You Lord - I Saw The Light - I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love - A Home In The Rock - The Old Country Church - Take Me In Your Lifeboat - The Little Country Church - Where The Roses Never Fade
       I never grow tired of listening to good old-time gospel music played using the ancient tones.  That's what Peter Trenholm does with his remarkably honest and beautiful voice.  This gentle man who makes his home in Nova Scotia, is a wonderful spokesman for our Lord Jesus Christ.  He lends not only the authenticity of a genuine desire to speak for the Lord, he is a genuine sharing person.  Therefore everything you hear him sing is a very real experience.  He knows that songs dedicated to Jesus in the past are just as important as songs being written today.  That's what makes this particular recording so authentic.  Peter uses old-time instruments as well, the best on the session an incredibly good old-time fiddler, backed equally well by an incredibly good mandolin picker.  Well, wouldn't you know it, both instruments were played by the very able Ray Legere.  Frank Doody plays banjo and Dobro (especially well done on "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again"); Terry Poirier on acoustic bass; and Peter himself on lead vocals along with lead and rhythm guitar.  What a nice blend of ancient tones instruments, played with the same passion and gift that so many have playing this kind of music.
     Very hard to pick any favorites on this extremely well done recording.  I personally know that Peter is a great fan of Hank Williams, Sr., and this shines through very well on both "Heaven Holds All My Treasures" and "I Saw The Light."  Peter also contributed two of his own originals "Passing Through" and "The Little Country Church" both of which I enjoyed very much.  Very good use of the fiddle and mandolin on both.
      It was very easy for me to listen to every song on this nicely produced CD.  Old time Gospel music never sounded better.  Highly recommended for those who still aren't sure.
Bob Everhart - Reviewer

HORIZON 'LIVE' - Winter Folk Festival

HORIZON 'LIVE' - Winter Folk Festival
Coal Tattoo - Railroad Line - Last Letter Home - Gold Rush - Heaven Got An Angel - Across The Great Divide - The Engineer's Don't Wave From The Trains Anymore - Jenny Dreamed of Trains - Whiskey Before Breakfast/St. Anne's Reel - Don't Think Twice It's All Right - Bramble And The Rose - Beautiful Fantasy - Greenback Dollar
     Horizon is a folk act consisting of Ron and Joyce Wilburne, and their group Horizon.  In this 'live' recording at the Winter Folk Festival in Florence, Oregon, there may be an extra musician or two.  Who hasn't heard of folk music?  In this case, take a lead singer from the New Christy Minstrel Singers, and put his voice together with some tasty guitar picking, harmonica playing, and other acoustic instruments and you have a winner.  Ron Wilburne is all of that, and more.  He is devoted to keeping some of America's great folk music alive. 
     Today the 'outlets' for folk music has become a sort of 'private enterprise.'  In other words, if you aren't part of the club, please don't apply.  There's lots of these little pockets of folk gatherings, but they tend to stay pretty much to themselves.  If you aren't a member, you probably won't get to participate very much, until you become known, and that of course takes some time.  Folk music still has some outlets on public radio, and occasionally on public television, but don't expect to hear it much in mainstream corporate media controlled communications.
     Still, the opportunity to hear this great vocalist performing 'live' at a folk festival that obviously has a nice large crowd, judging from the energetic applause, is a real treat.  It's very much like actually being there.  I love folk music, especially when it is well done, and Ron Wilburne is one terrific 'well done' artist.  He does a lot of duo work with his Dad Dave, who makes his home in West Virginia. Together they make a dynamic duo to say the least, and his Dad is 90-some years old, but plays and sings like a young-50.
     I was so very fortunate to get to know Kate Wolf on my many travels, especially to the San Francisco area.  I forget where I first met her, maybe it was the Great American Music Hall.  She was an incredibly accomplished composer and performer.  She wrote "Across The Great Divide" which Horizon does remarkably well.  The Dobro is especially sensitive on this performance.
     This very gifted folk group closes their show with "Greenback Dollar" which immediately takes the listener back to the days when folk music emerged on college campus's as THE music to listen to.  Therefore it should be noted that this particular folk group, Horizon, were the recipients of the "People's Choice" award, at the Winter Folk Festival, two years running.
Bob Everhart - Reviewer

Country Music News International February 2. 2013

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Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out Hold Firm at #1 Spot on Billboard

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30.01.2013 CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland Teil 2

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Pirate Flag Floods No Shoes

"Pirate Flag" Finds Top 40 Within Hours, Floods No Shoes Radio

Kenny Chesney Hoists His Flag
Nashville, TN: They were waiting in New Hampshire, Miami, both Dakotas, Oregon, Manhattan, Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix and Detroit. They all knew at the stroke of midnight, “Pirate Flag” – already heralded as the Song of the Week by USA Today, five days before ever being heard – was going to hit the airwaves hard, and they all wanted to be a part of it.
Part of it they were! In a matter of hours, the David Lee Murphy/Ross Copperman song of rebellion right where you are, hit the Top 40, climbing the country charts with abandon. At No Shoes Radio, Chesney’s personal internet radio station, the tune in was so intense, the bandwidth filled to the brink – slowing to a slightly less than optimal speed.
“But we learned from the Tour Announcement on NSR in November,” Chesney says. “We’d broadened the capacity to handle the load, so there was no crashing, and everybody who showed up got their sneak peek of ‘Pirate Flag,’ right before country radio blew it up like only they can!”
Indeed, while the No Shoes Radio station did slow, it never cratered. Ramped up for the big event, they maintained their altitude – and connected fans all the way across Europe with the driving song of eschewing the heaviness of everyday living for mental insurrection right where you are.
“It was crazy,” Chesney laughs. “We were watching the response at ground control, and seeing the fans taking screen shots of the song on our playlists and posting them on Facebook and Twitter. All the crazy things they were setting up to get ready… It was awesome! They didn’t know we were watching, but they sure were in the spirit of the song and the spirit of the No Shoes Nation, a place that has no boundaries and exists solely in your state of mind and a community of like-minded people.
“You never know, even when you think you got something… But, man, when we saw that screen shot from Luxembourg come up, we were all High 5-ing each other, cause that’s the point: bringing people together wherever they may be.”
And somehow, they also managed to sell several hundred actual Pirate Flags in the process. Not that it’s the incorporated flag of the No Shoes Nation; but what better talisman to wave when you’re flexing your subliminal insubordination to a propulsive slice of industrial strength rock-country flecked with tin whistles and mandolin?
“You can’t be a country without a flag,” jokes the 8-time Entertainer of the Year, who kicks off his No Shoes Nation Tour March 16 at Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “I’m not saying flying the Jolly Roger is for everybody, but I think for my people, it’s the perfect banner to rally under!”

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out Hold Firm at #1 Spot on Billboard

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out Hold Firm at #1 Spot on Billboard 
Nashville, Tenn. (February 1, 2013) – Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out are proud to announce their latest CD, Timeless Hits From The Past Bluegrassed, is #1 for the third week in a row on the Billboard Top Current Bluegrass Albums chart. The CD was released nationwide on January 7 through the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® exclusive music

"We're absolutely thrilled that Timeless Hits From The Past Bluegrassed has not only debuted at #1 on Billboard, but has held that spot for a third week," says Russell Moore. "Our entire team has worked really hard on this project and to see it achieve this kind of success is something that makes us really proud." 

The album, made up of classic country hits re-recorded in the band’s signature bluegrass style, gives a modern flare to the popular music originally recorded by Elvis, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, The Platters, and John Denver, among others. The classic CD is available at all Cracker Barrel Old Country Store locations as well as crackerbarrel.comiTunes and   

For more information on Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, visit For more information on Timeless Hits From The Past Bluegrassed  and Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, visit



The Popular Series Kicks Off Stateside at Joe’s Pub in New York City On March 19 featuring Craig Morgan, Shane Minor, Phil O’Donnell, and Host Bob DiPiero
Ronnie Milsap and Lorrie Morgan to Join DiPiero in Washington, D.C. at the Library of Congress on March 20
2013 Series Will Also Play in Boston, Chicago, Austin, and Nashville
NASHVILLE – The CMA Songwriters Series returns for a ninth consecutive year. The popular series continues to grow with new cities being added to the itinerary as well as multiple nights for the New York City shows.
“Nashville’s songwriters are the best in the world and CMA is excited to showcase them, not only in the States, but overseas as well,” said Steve Moore, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “It’s great to see how this series has grown since it began in 2005. What started at Joe’s Pub in New York has expanded to other cities over the years. We have even taken the series overseas with shows in the U.K. and Ireland and we will be hitting Paris next month.”
Country singer, songwriter and television star Craig Morgan will kick off the 2013 CMA Songwriters Series on Tuesday, March 19 (6:30 and 9:00 PM/ET) at the place where it all began, New York City’s Joe’s Pub. With a slew of hits under his belt including “Almost Home,” “Bonfire,” “Look At Us,” and his current single, “More Trucks Than Cars,” Morgan will share the stories behind the songs with the fans.
"Songwriting is such a big part of my life. I love telling stories and sharing my world with people and I’m blessed that I get to do that through song,” said Morgan. “It’s always great to be a part of the CMA Songwriter Series because we get to take part of what’s so special about Nashville – the songwriting community – and share it with other cities like New York."
Joining Morgan will be Shane Minor (“Beautiful Mess” recorded by Diamond Rio, “Live A Little” recorded by Kenny Chesney, and “International Harvester” recorded by Morgan), Phil O’Donnell (“Back When I Knew It All” recorded by Montgomery Gentry, “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” recorded by Clay Walker, and “Love Remembers” recorded by Morgan), and the evening’s host, Bob DiPiero (“Southern Voice” recorded by Tim McGraw, “Blue Clear Sky” recorded by George Strait, and “Lovin’ You Is Fun” recorded by Easton Corbin).
Tickets for the March 19 CMA Songwriters Series at Joe’s Pub are $40 and $35 each and are on sale now. For information about Joe’s Pub or to order tickets, visit or call (212) 967-7555 between the hours of 10:00 AM and 9:00 PM/ET. Joe’s Pub is located at 425 Lafayette St. in New York City.
Country legends Ronnie Milsap and Lorrie Morgan will join host DiPiero on Wednesday, March 20 (8:00 PM/EST) in Washington, D.C. at the Library of Congress’ Coolidge Auditorium.
Milsap  is one of the most successful and versatile Country crossover singers of his time with hits like “It Was Almost Like a Song," "Smoky Mountain Rain," "(There's) No Gettin' Over Me," "I Wouldn't Have Missed It for the World," "Any Day Now," and "Stranger In My House," among others. He is credited with 40 No. 1 Country hits and has won eight CMA Awards.
"I'm very honored to be a part of the CMA Songwriter Series,” said Milsap. “I look forward to being in Washington, D.C. with Lorrie Morgan and Bob DiPiero to perform at the Library of Congress."
Two-time CMA Award-winner Morgan has charted more than 25 singles on the Billboard Country chart. Her hits include "Five Minutes," "What Part of No," "I Didn't Know My Own Strength," and her trademark smash “Something in Red.” This will be Morgan’s second appearance with the CMA Songwriters Series at the Library of Congress.
"Songwriting is powerful in so many ways; whether recorded for all the world to hear or just as a personal journal, it has always been therapy for me and I believe the same is true for the Country Music listener," Morgan said.  "I am honored to join the roster of elite song crafters at the CMA Songwriters Series to celebrate a special 'gift' that comes from within."
The CMA Songwriters Series at the Library of Congress is free, but a ticket is required. Tickets will be available Wednesday, Feb. 6, and can be attained at (service fees do apply). There is a limit of two tickets per patron. Patrons who are unable to obtain tickets are encouraged to try for standby tickets on the evening of the concert, starting at 6:00 PM. Tickets are often available even for sold-out events. For more details please visit
The CMA Songwriters Series will also play in Boston, Chicago, Austin, and Nashville with talent to be announced at a later date. For more information on the CMA Songwriters Series, visit  
ASCAP and BMI are the official partners of the CMA Songwriters Series.



New Single "Hey Pretty Girl" At Radio Now

Nashville, TN— Feb. 1, 2013— MCA recording artist Kip Moore is continuing his streak of sold-out shows selling almost 2,500 tickets for his March 23 stop in Boston, MA at House of Blues in just 20 minutes this morning. The show follows previous sold-out dates already this year in Norfolk, VA, Raleigh, NC, Athens, GA, Nashville, TN, Starkville, MS and upcoming Grand Rapids, MI. 

"This year is off to a crazy start and it's only February," said Kip.  "We have been at this awhile, just going out on the road and playing to as many people who would listen.  It wasn't much at first, but thankfully, the number of people listening seems to be getting bigger and bigger.  And if you missed out on any tickets, I'm sorry…but I guarantee we'll be back soon!"

Kip recently released the third single, "Hey Pretty Girl," from his debut album UP ALL NIGHT, which was the best selling debut album from any country artist released in 2012.  The single follows two consecutive No. 1 singles “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck” and “Beer Money.”   His first career No. 1 single, “Somethin’ ‘Bout A Truck,” held the top spot on both charts for two weeks making him the first solo artist in four years to have a debut album’s first single go No. 1 for multiple weeks.  Previously on tour with Eric Church last fall, Kip is continuing to headline his own dates as well as hitting the road with Brantley Gilbert in February and April.  Kip will be opening for Toby Keith this summer starting in May.

For a full list of tour dates and more information, please visit,


Permian Records Recording Artist Touring Throughout U.S. In Support of Single
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 1, 2013) - International touring band Mustang Sally has released "Jiggle It A Little," a new single from the act's forthcoming CD on Permian Records. The edgy, uptempo song, written by Tobi Campbell, Lisa Romeo and Sandy Ramos, is currently going for adds at country radio.

The single, and forthcoming CD, is produced by Dennis Money and was recorded at the legendary Sound Kitchen. Chip Matthews, who has worked on projects for Lady Antebellum, Little Big Town, Jeffrey Steele, Montgomery Gentry and others, mixed the project. Mastering was by Benny Quinn Mastering (Shania Twain, Alan Jackson).

Radio promotion is being handled by Triple Crown Promotion, headed by Doc Gonzales and Jim Dorman. Ed Gertler with Digital Services is in charge of downloads and digital placements on the Internet, with publicity by Nashville Music Promotions.

Mustang Sally group shot FINAL 1.13
Mustang Sally is currently touring to promote the new single, "Jiggle It a Little."
(Photo by Shawn Worlow)
Mustang Sally currently is the midst of a heavy schedule of tour dates to promote the single and an upcoming new CD on Permian Records.

For all Mustang Sally fans who like to "jiggle it a little," watch for information about the "Jiggle It A Little" dance contest coming soon at dance clubs throughout the U.S. 
For more information about Mustang Sally, visit, like on Facebook at or follow on Twitter @mustangsallyfun.

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