Tuesday, February 12, 2013


     "Boy talk about an adventure." Bob, Sheila, and Bobbie Lhea Everhart are off on a cruise, departing the port of Miami for stops in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands.  "We had sort of arranged to perform on a ten-day cruise to the Southern Caribbean, but they canceled the cruise, not enough people signed up for it.  So, we thought, why not take our own.  We found an inexpensive one with Celebrity Cruises on their ship the Constellation, out for five days.  Let me tell you right off the bat, a reason for taking a cruise is not only the delightful weather, but the incredibly good food they feed you.  For instance, we departed Miami at 4pm on a Saturday, and by 7pm we were in the dining room eating escargot.  Bobbie Lhea had escargot on one of our trips to Paris, when she was just five years old.  She eats it now whenever she gets a chance, and of course it was on the menu all five days we were at sea.  By the time we had gotten accustomed to the ship, we were ready for our berths.  The 'cheap' cabins aren't large, but the third bed came down out of the ceiling, and the room was pretty good size.  We had one delightful time," Bob said.
     "We were at sea the first day," Sheila added, "and sailed right past Cuba.  So close I could take a pretty good picture of the mountains.  This was our second day at sea, so we went to the big dining room.  Bob had duck, I had a filet mignon, and Bobbie Lhea had lamb.  This is all included in your initial fee of taking the cruise.  It was a delicious experience.  We went to one of their 'Broadway Shows' and found it pretty good.  We were all ready for the next day."
     "It was Jamaica." Bob said.  "We docked in Falmouth, just a short distance west of Ocho Rios (where the homes of Elizabeth Taylor, Johnny Cash, and John Barrymore lived.  We decided to go to Montego Bay.  Nice bus ride, first stop along the seaside for some free banana bread and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.  Many years ago, before coffee became such a popular drink, Blue Mountain was the coffee bean (flavor) that ALL coffee's were rated against.  It's still a very delightful coffee, but a bit strong.  We visited the oldest church in Jamaica, made from bricks imported from Liverpool, England, in the mid-1700's."
     "I'm not sure it was a budget lunch," Bobbie added, "but it was pretty good.  I had wanted to taste Jamacia's jerked chicken, so I had some.  Dad took us the the Pelican Restaurant.  Mom wasn't taking any chances, she had a BLT.  But Dad tried a very Jamaican dish, Akoee-codfish.  He said it was the old salted cod that used to be packed in wooden barrels for ship's cooks.  There was a kind of fruit called akoee with the oily cod.  They told us it was very poisonous if eaten before it was ripe, and when they served it, it looked like scrambled eggs to me.  I noticed Dad didn't eat it all."
     "The next day was in the Cayman Islands, once known as the most popular scuba diving location on planet earth," Bob added.  "Today it's an island off India somewhere, but we were determined to take a look at the reef, and found a submarine ride that was incredible.  The sub held about 40 people, all sitting back to back, with their own private porthole to look through.  Our first visitor was a huge barracuda that Sheila got a stunning picture of.  The reef is not as colorful as it once was due to ocean pollution, but we dived over a hundred feet, and visibility still good enough to take pictures.  It was an incredible experience for us."
     "Our five days went flying by," Bobbie said.  "Before you knew it we were back in Miami, helping Bernie and Tom Worrell for the big "Horse Country" show, February 23rd.  So now, we're 'back on the road.' 
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