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JANIE PRESTON - Boots & Bows ( CD Review)

JANIE PRESTON - Boots & Bows
Delta Dawn - Paper Roses - Country Sun Shine - You Ain't Woman Enough - Left To Right - Tennessee Waltz - Mansion in Glory - Coal Miner's Daughter - What's Your Mama's Name - I Saw The Master This Morning - Remember Me? I'm The One Who Loves You - Texas When I Die - If I Could Hear My Mother Pray - Down That Wrong Road Again
Janie Preston is a Texas lady who is a mover and shaker among the 'winter Texans' in the Rio Grande Valley.  She does know how to 'promote' good country music.  There are lots of RV camps, parks, and resorts that have musical programs in the valley, and Janie Preston is one of those 'talent activity directors' that is responsible for finding good shows for various parks.  She's also a performer herself, very good at emceeing a program, keeping a program rolling, keeping it on time, and doing it without upsetting the delicate egos of many of the performers.
She fashions herself as a Minnie Pearl tribute performer, and this she does remarkably well, costumes and all.  This CD is a take-off on that persona.  Probably not the next CD you are going to hear on your local country music radio station, but quite frankly, because of the selection of songs, Janie actually has a CD that is fun to listen to if you keep in mind this is a Minnie Pearl presentation.
Janie also does a complete Minnie Pearl stand-up comic routine, and she does it well.  She went to the big old-time country festival in LeMars, Iowa, in 2012, heading up a huge tribute to Minnie Pearl who would have celebrated her 100th birthday in 2012.  Needless to say, there were lots and lots of Minnie Pearl sound-alikes, look-alikes, and just plain like-alikes.
 No information who the backing musicians are, I don't think this is just a backing track, but the steel guitar is quite good, as is the electric lead guitar.  The mix is good, her voice stands right out and is not hidden with unnecessary overdubbing.  Janie knows exactly what she's singing about when she sings "you ain't woman enough to take my man."  No harmony singing, though a couple of the songs would have sounded good with a little harmony.  No information where it was recorded, but I suspect it was in Texas somewhere, since that is where she makes her home.  I can assure you of one thing, Janie Preston is always welcome at the big Midwest festival in LeMars, Iowa, now in it's 38th year.
Bob Everhart, Reviewer
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