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'30 Years & Still Restless' Tour Kicks Off January 2013 

Nashville, Tenn. (December 17, 2012) – These days, bands come and go in the blink of an eye.  It isn't often that a touring group can boast 30 years on the road, especially with every single original band member.  RESTLESS HEART is one of the few groups in the history of country music that has withstood the test of time, barreling onward nonstop for three decades.

Today, Restless Heart announced its 30th Anniversary tour, 30 Years & Still Restless.  The tour kicks off in January 2013 with more than 25 dates already on the books and around 80-90 dates anticipated by the year's end (see below for a complete listing of current tour dates).

"It's an honor to be able to continue to play our music across the country with all five original members, which is something that is almost unheard-of in our business,” says Restless Heart frontman Larry Stewart.  "We are so blessed to have all remained in great health and are able to continue to do what we love most!"

Restless Heart pianist and vocalist Dave Innis adds, "I'm extremely fortunate to be part of a 30-year legacy where I am constantly blessed by people’s connection to our music.  The stories of how our songs have touched a life will never lose their impact.  It’s truly humbling.”  

In addition to its 30th Anniversary tour, the band plans to release all new material in 2013.  Details will be announced soon. 

John DittrichGreg JenningsPaul Gregg, Dave Innis, and Larry Stewart – the men who make up Restless Heart have enjoyed one of the most successful careers in Country Music history, placing over 25 singles on the charts – with six consecutive #1 hits, four of their albums have been certified Gold by the RIAA, and they have won a wide range of awards from many organizations – including the Academy of Country Music’s Top Vocal Group trophy.

2013 Restless Heart 30 Years & Still Restless Tour Dates

Jan 4 – Biloxi, MS – Beau Rivage Casino
Jan 5 – Robinsonville, MS – Gold Strike Casino
Jan 18 – Milwaukee, WI – Potawatomi Bingo Casino
Jan 19 – Green Bay, WI – Oneida Nation Casino
Jan 26 – Albany, GA – 27th Annual Celebrity Quail Conservation Event
Mar 9 – Hinton, OK – Sugar Creek Casino
Mar 16 – Pinellas Park, FL – Country in the Park Lee
Mar 18 – Austin, TX – Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo
Mar 25 – Inverness, FL – Citrus County Fair
Apr 6 – Selma, TX – Blue Bonnet Palace
Apr 12 – Armory, MS – Armory Days Railroad
Apr 19/20 – Bow, Washington – Skagit Valley Casino
Apr 27 – Georgetown, TX – Red Poppy Festival
May 3 – Huntsville, AL – Whistle Stop Festival
May 11 – Kansas City, MO – Kansas City City Symphony
May 18 – Mt. Vernon, KY – Renfro Valley Entertainment Center
June 8 – Nevada, MO – Bushwhacker Days
June 13 – Karistad, MN – Kickin Up Country Music Festival
June 20 – Allison, IA – Butler County Fair
Jul 6 – Velma, ND – Saddle Club Arena
Jul 20 – Hartington, NE – Cedar County Fair
Jul 27 – Gordon, NE – Sheridan County Fair
Aug 9 – Lancaster, PA – American Music Theatre
Aug 10 – Annapolis, MD – Rams Head on Stage
Aug 23/24 - Osceola, IA - Lakeside Casino

For more information on Restless Heart, visit

Ryan Broshear To Release Second Single From Debut CD

Ryan Broshear To Release Second Single From Debut CD
Painted Horse Records Ships "I Don't Mind"To Radio On January 7, 2013
Nashville, TN (December 17, 2012) Ryan Broshear is the living breathing embodiment of country music. From growing up on a farm to paying his dues in countless smoky nightclubs, his experiences of heartache, love, loss and living shape his music. The singer/songwriter’s entire life has been set to the soundtrack of a classic country song.
"I Don't Mind", co-written by Broshear and produced by Daniel Agee, is is a hauntingly,  poignant reflection on the great sadness and pain that can remind us of greater joy. The song is the second single released to radio from his debut CD. 

Jean-Michael Aweh ist das Supertalent 2012 & Christian Bakotessa belegt den zweiten Platz


Jean-Michael Aweh
ist das Supertalent 2012

In der Nacht von Samstag auf Sonntag waren die Augen von Millionen Fernsehzuschauern auf Köln gerichtet. Jean-Michel Aweh ging auf volles Risiko und präsentierte im großen Supertalent Finale seinen selbst geschriebenen und komponierten Song „Raus aus dem Nebel“.

Am Klavier, umringt von einem Meer aus Kerzen, überzeugte der außergewöhnliche Singer und Songwriter nicht nur die Jury bestehend aus Michelle Hunziker, Dieter Bohlen und Thomas Gottschalk. Die Zuschauer haben entschieden und um 00.57 Uhr stand der Sieger fest: Jean-Michel Aweh ist das Supertalent 2012.

Seine Single „Raus aus dem Nebel“ ist ab sofort überall als Download erhältlich und sein gleichnamiges Album erscheint am 21.12. und kann direkt vorbestellt werden.

Im April 2013 wird Jean-Michel bereits auf Tour gehen, die Tickets sind ab jetzt exklusiv im Vorverkauf auf RTL Tickets.

Weitere Infos zu Jean-Michel Aweh gibt es auf
Single „Raus aus dem Nebel

Album „Raus aus dem Nebel“

Christian Bakotessa
belegt den zweiten Platz

Er ist die Überraschung, die perfekte Geschichte und das Aushängeschild des Supertalents 2012. Christian Bakotessa begleitete eigentlich nur seine Freundin bei ihrem Casting. In einer Drehpause trat er dann auf der Supertalent Bühne auf um das Publikum zu Unterhalten und überraschte damit die anwesende Jury und die Zuschauer im Auditorium.

Auf Bitten der Jury trat er dann selbst im Casting an und begeisterte mit „I Believe I Can Fly“ so sehr, dass ihn der Goldene Buzzer direkt ins Halbfinale beförderte. Auch dort konnte er überzeugen und sicherte sich im großen Supertalent Finale mit „If You Don’t Know Me By Now“ einen großartigen zweiten Platz.

Die Single ist ab jetzt überall als Download erhältlich und sein Album „Unbelievable“ erscheint am 21.12. und kann ab jetzt vorbestellt werden.

Weitere Infos zu Christian Bakotesse gibt es auf
Single: „If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Album: „Unbelievable

Steel Guitar News International December 17. 2012

Hello fellow players, This is Bob Hempker with today’s newsletter. I’ve had several comments pertaining to the newsletter comparing the Emmons versus Day setups on the E9th neck. One individual had an injured left knee and using the left-left knee lever to flatten his fourth and eighth strings was less painful on his knee. This could be a reason for changing your setup either way. Someone else may experience more comfort or less pain with the Emmons setup. It would just depend on the individual. I started playing when I was twelve years old, then started using pedals when I was fourteen. The Jimmy Day setup was more common back then than it is today. As a result I learned to play that way. I thought of changing down through the years to the Emmons setup, but I know I would pretty much have to start from scratch and learn to play all over again. As a result, I’ve stayed with my original setup, that being the Jimmy Day setup. I do a couple of outside the box things. For starters, I raise my fourth and eighth with my right-left knee lever and lower my fourth and eighth strings with my right-right knee lever. My reason for doing this like this is because I don’t like the knee lever with the second string half stop on my leg that is on the volume pedal. I have a hard time feeling the half stop that way so I put it on my left leg. I have it on my left-right knee lever. I lower my sixth string a whole step with the split tuner bringing it back up a half step along with raising my second string a half step on my left-left knee lever. I don’t raise my first string like almost everyone does. The prominent lick that it’s used for, it in my opinion, has gotten extremely redundant. I do use a half step raise on the first string but I pull it with my little finger behind the bar. If you’re a brand new player, you should practice pulling strings behind the bar because it really makes you use your ear. It’s great for ear training because you actually have to listen for the string to go into pitch rather than just push the knee lever until it hits the stop. Bar slants and reverses are also an aide to making our ears listen to what we’re playing. Half pedaling on your “A” pedal is also beneficial. I lower my fifth and tenth strings a whole step with my fourth floor pedal. I can half pedal it on slow ballads if need be for a half step lower. I can take my allen split tuning wrench if I think to, in time, and turn the tuning screw on the split tuner of the fifth string a half turn and that is real close in the ballpark to the Bb note. That fourth pedal is hooked up to both necks. It pushes a little harder and does travel a little farther than I like but you can’t have everything and I want that change there. Sometimes we have to choose the lesser of two evils in order to get something we want. I like this change and sometimes I use it with my left-left knee lever. I would rather have the change with the pedal traveling a little much and pushing a little harder than to do without the change. In case you haven’t noticed, the steel guitar is an instrument with a lot of compromises. I also lower my tenth string with my “C” pedal. I lower it down to A. With my “B” and “C” pedals depressed and my ninth string lowered a half step, I have an A6th tuning on the tenth through the third string. There are also some neat things to play with the fourth, sixth and tenth strings. The change is also completely out of the way when I play anything else. Again, the pedal travels a little bit farther with that string added. I set the pedal a little bit higher than the second pedal which is my “A” pedal. They bottom together pretty well that way. I raise my seventh string a whole tone with an up lever on my left leg. I like the sound of the major seventh being in the middle of the chord with the “A” and “B” pedals down or the major thirteenth with the “B” and “C” pedals down. I’ve heard it said that a guitar will have slightly more cabinet drop using the Jimmy Day setup because your “A” and “B” pedals are closer to the center of the guitar. First of all, I play an Emmons LeGrande III which has the counter-force so I can tune out the cabinet drop with that. I’ve had numerous other guitars and have worked on many other guitars with the Day setup on them and I find that the statement of more cabinet drop with the Jimmy Day setup is completely erroneous. In my opinion, someone just starting to play should consider the Emmons setup because it is so much more widely used and you can sit down to someone else’s guitar usually and be able to play it without a lot of problems. Having said that, if you find a physical trait that makes it easier for you to play the Day setup, by all means go for it. We need to be as comfortable as possible when we’re playing our beautiful instrument. Our instrument needs to be tailored around us and not the other way around. If I ever have another guitar specially built for me, I will definitely be there to sit behind it with my playing shoes on and with my pack-a-seat before any knee levers are mounted on it so they can be fit around me. It is much like having a suit tailor made to fit you. Check out our monthly specials at Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday


 Dierks Bentley

Nashville, TN – Dec. 17, 2012 – Award winning singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley has one of the most recognizable voices in country music, and this year, that signature sound that could only be Dierks was heard more than ever on country radio with three consecutive No. one hits off his sixth studio album HOME bringing his total as both a singer and a songwriter to 10. It was a dizzying 2012 for the artist, who also toured internationally, nabbed award nominations from the ACMs, CMAs and most recently the GRAMMYs, mined GOLD singles and found himself sitting at the top of critics’ year end lists.

“Seems like every man in Nashville wants to be the Nashville Everyman. Here, Bentley actually pulls it off, singing from various vantages with smarts and charm. Bonus points for the patriotic title track, which still sounds sensible after an election season that left America covered in red-and-blue bruises.” - Washington Post, 2012’s Top 10 Albums

“Bentley always utilizes banjo, fiddle, mandolin and especially dobro in his music, but with a modern beat and energy that, along with his distinctive voice, gives him a compelling sound of his own.” – Associated Press

“Dierks Bentley’s music reaches all the way from Nashville to my kitchen in Dublin. When he sings “Home” I feel patriotic about America and I’m not even American. I think anyone who hears it understands that America is not just a geography, it’s not just a country, it’s an idea. I think country fans get that deeper than most.”  - Bono

Bentley’s tribute to Johnny Cash on the GRAMMY Nominations Concert capped off 2012’s string of television appearances this year that included TODAY, The Late Show with David Letterman, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, CMA Music Festival: Country’s Night to Rock, CBS' Teachers Rock, and awards shows including the 54th Annual GRAMMY Awards, 47th Annual ACM Awards, 46th Annual CMA Awards and the 2012 American Country Awards.

Bentley toured the US and beyond to Canada and Australia during his 55-city Country & Cold Cans Tour. The road warrior sold out shows across the country including the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, and along the way notched the one millionth mile on his faithful tour bus “Goldie.”  He also shared the stage with iconic rock guitarists Mike McCready of Pearl Jam on Record Store Day and Chris Shiflett from Foo Fighters at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. The Grand Ole Opry member lent his voice to the theme song of the final season of "Weeds" and set down his guitar to test his hosting skills at the 2012 ACM Honors where he charmed the industry-filled audience with jokes about his peers, thoughtful stories about his idols and obscure facts about Country Music history.  Not done yet, Bentley also found time to record and release the fan inspired COUNTRY & COLD CANS EP, as well as design and unveil his signature HD Dierks Bentley Custom Signature Artist Edition Martin guitar.

After some time off the road for the holidays, Bentley will ring in the New Year with pre-game concerts at both the Capitol One Bowl in Orlando and the BCS National Championship Game in Miami. From Florida, preparations will begin for the launch of the Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley: Locked & Reloaded Tour set to kick off Jan. 17 in Columbia, SC.  

For a video look at the year in review and a full list of upcoming appearances and tour dates, visit 

LeAnn Rimes debuts new single on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno"

LeAnn Rimes debuts new single on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on December 18, 2012

New single from forthcoming album SPITFIRE available tomorrow on iTunes
LOS ANGELES, CA (December 17, 2012) – Grammy Award winner LeAnn Rimes will perform her new single, "Borrowed", for the first time on late night television Tuesday, December 18th on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." The same day, LeAnn's new song "Borrowed" will be available for download on iTunes.  Rimes' new album, SPITFIRE, is due out in spring 2013.

"The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" airs on NBC at 11:30 PM ET.

In other LeAnn Rimes news, Curb Records has made the track "What Have I Done," from the forthcoming SPITFIRE album, available now on iTunes.

To purchase the track:

About LeAnn Rimes:
LeAnn Rimes has sold more than 30 million units, won two Grammy® Awards, three Academy of Country Music Awards and 12 Billboard Music Awards.  Rimes is the youngest recipient of a Grammy® Award, and was also the first country recording artist to win in the "Best New Artist" category. Rimes has placed 42 singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, 13 of which are top-10 hits, and has scored numerous hit singles in her career, including "Can't Fight the Moonligh" which went #1 in 11 countries, and "How Do I Live," which  is the second longest charting song ever on the Billboard  Hot 100 chart.

Country Music News International December 17. 2012

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Jan schedule for Debi Champion's writers nights at the Commodore Grille

At Home with Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler, Clay Walker & More

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Jan schedule for Debi Champion's writers nights at the Commodore Grille

The Commodore Grille
2613 West End Ave
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No Cover Charge

Tue Wed Thur and Sun nights

Tues Jan writers night

Wed Jan 2....Eddie Killgallon, Kelly Dawn Kron, Roger Green, Greg Sawyer, Allen Shervelle, Bo Brendle, Harlan Pease, Craig Haller, Bill Warington, Greg Larsen, Jason Haney, Tom Shanteau

Thur Jan 3....Easton Hamlin, Gibson & Mileti, Drennan, Virginia Vick, Grace Bernicker, Bob Campbell, Daniel Lee Dobbs, Don Procunier, Kenneth Cooper, Adam Cross, Eli Fowler, Alex Vucelich

Sun Jan 6....CJ Watson, Luke Robinson, Bob Bishop, Nick Beaudoing. Tommy Turner, Tres Ricks, John Trentes, Kathleen Steadman, Matt Wilkerson, Marceia Bonin, Michael Applegate, Kyle Nance, Bob Spanburgh

Tues Jan 8....Pam Belford, Flat River Band, rob Jones, Gary Cavanaugh, Jon Statham, Aimee Kaye, Jamie Wayz, Ricky Harris, Amanda Nagurney, Random Music Group-Rich Eckhardt, Andy Elliott, Bob Spanburgh, Nick Columbia, Tim Griffin, Emily Kroll

Wed Jan 9....Brian White, Sam Cooper, Wild Oat Records, Kailey Billings, David King, Karree J Phillips, Craig Morrison, Brent Lindley, Rick Caballo, Lara Wisdom, Andrew Merzi, Neal Guinane

Thurs Jan 10...Nicole Scott, John Kruger, Tumblin Tumbleweeds, Kimiko, Chuck Reaves, Mike Villalva, Brad Miller, Starr Mitchell, Ms Diana, Dr Jay, Craig Waller, Jake Neumar, Drew haley, Darcy Slade

Sun Jan 13.....Craig Monday, Geoff Reid, Jerry Lee Combs, Chuck Whiting, Wil Comstock, Betsy Warren, James Bell, Phil Holland, Caitlyn Curtiss, Brenda Parrish, Casey Benefield, Monty Wilson, Greg Southerland, Brad Howard, Steve Lelsltelr, Kevin Robey, Steve Benoit, Ann Buckle, Lindsey Houston, Miles Branch, Tyson Hanes

Tues Jan 15.....Ronnie Kimball, BedHed & Blondy, Ryan Bizarri, John Bontempi, Chris lee, Caeland Garner, Drew Baldridge, David & Dillon Rich, Robert Wilbur, Amy Brown, Logan Thomas, Chris James, David Swinson

Wed Jan 16....Donnie Winters, Joel Shewmake, Jamie Jo Thomas, Emily Henke, Roger Green, Greg Sawyer, Harlan Pease, Bob Nobles, Zack Logan, Ben Goldsmith, Tori Tullier

Thurs Jan 17.......Stan Webb, Gibson & Mileti, Emmett Grayson, Amy Estrada, Keenan Date, Maddison Grisby, Janice Gilbert, Karen McNatt, Brent Lindley, Rick Calbalo, Tommy Turner, Buzz Band

Sun Jan 20....Spady Brannon, Stan Garland, Bob Spanburgh, Aimee Kaye, Jamie Wayz, Corey Anderson, John Trentes, Bill Warington, Celtic Kilroy, Lana Michelle, E Phillips, Angela Martinez

Tues Jan 22...Joel Shewmake, Emma Lord, Marceia Bonin, Don Procunier, Gordy Thomas, Gary Cavanaugh, Kenneth Cooper, Nick Columbia, David King, Dr Jay, Ms Diana, Random Music Group-Diana Kelley, Rebecca Almond, Shantel Adams, Willie Robbins, Josh Rekieta, Nick Zini

Wed Jan 23.....Pam Belford, Gerri Rowan, Angel Pontier, Joe Hash, Bruce Miller, Mason Douglas, Robert Wilbur, Tim landers, David Loe, Bill Maier, Billy Droze, Stephen Trombley, Colby Branson, Steve Lester

Thur Jan 24....Gerald Smith, Rob Jones, Chuck Reaves, Jay Pilzer, Chris Lee, Drew Baldridge, Caeland Garner, Janice Gilbert, Rhonda Armstrong, Shantel Adams, Michael Applegate, Kyle Nance, Darcy Slade, Tom Borrelli, Delaney Baker, Melissa Miller, Sarah Spencer

Sun Jan 27.....Bobby Pizazz, Buzz Band, Lydia Patritto, Zack Logan, Tori Tullier, Ben Goldsmith, toommy Turner, Terri Calderon, Jessica Rojas, Brett McGuire, Andrew Sullivan, John Sturgill, Steve Dorian

Tues Jan 29...Patti Ryan, Ruan Bizarri, Brad Miller, Duette, John Trentes, Kevin Robey, Jamie Jo Thomas, Eddie Saenz, Bob Nobles, Stephanie Falcone

Wed Jan 30.....Wood Newton, Mike Loudermilk, Ric Sandler, Molly Hunt, Mike Laidley, Joe Rieg, Sam Cooper, Kimiko, Quarter to Three, Jack Witteveen, Allen Shervelle

Thurs Jan 31....Bernie Nelson & friends


     "We've had a few interesting gigs in the past week."  Bob & Sheila Everhart of Anita, Iowa, are on tour in Florida. They perform in a lot of RV parks and resorts.  "We got to play in the waterfront amphitheater at the Manatee Springs State Park," Bob added.  "Golly I wish they would do this in Iowa.  Some of the state parks in Florida have entertainment all the time.  Manatee Springs was especially nice, when we went back to our camper after the show, there were five white-tail deer right behind our camper. Sheila was able to go about ten feet from them for some really good photos.  We sure had a good time, this particular park is very forest-like."
     "We went from the Manatee Springs to the Yankee Traveler," Sheila added.  "Yankee Traveler is an RV Resort in Largo.  While we were in Largo, Charley Groth came and seen us, that's where he lives.  Most of the people that stay in the RV park for the winter are from Nova Scotia, so we have another 'lead' on our possible trip to that great part of Canada.  Besides the show we did, we were also offered five nights of free camping, so that makes it a nice 'plus' for us.  The activity director asked us to his RV for coffee after the show, which was really nice.  In conversation we got around to the kinds of food we like.  He asked us if we had ever eaten moose meat, and I had, but Sheila and Bobbie Lhea had not, so he gave us a big jar of moose meat to take with us."
     "Next stop was Frog Creek in Palmetto, Florida," Bob said.  "This one is a beauty.  We just finished our show there, and not only did well with CD sales, they parked our camper right next to Frog Creek.  We haven't seen many frogs, but just across the creek is a small farm with about 23 goats and one really loud turkey.  There's a rooster there too, but he only crows around noon. We thought the Frog Creek Cloggers would be on the show with us. They dress in green, but they had another calling elsewhere.  There's a huge old pin-oak tree right next to our camper, and zillions of little tiny lizards.  Bobbie Lhea caught one, it was so tiny it wasn't much bigger than her fingernail."
     "Dad took us to one of his favorite places to eat for a budget lunch," Bobbie Lhea said, "he really likes the french onion soup at Panera's, and even though we eat there a lot when we're back home, this was the first one we've seen in Florida.  It's remarkable, if you plan your lunch properly, you can make it a budget lunch.  I had some french onion soup and a salad, mom had her usual dried tomato sandwich, and dad had french onion soup and a ham & cheese sandwich.  It is always so good.  Dad bought a baquette to take with us, but we didn't count that as part of lunch."

Miranda Lambert’s Pistol is Keepin’ Her too Busy to Hunt

One would think that being a massive musical success would keep Miranda Lambert pretty busy. However, it’s her recent newly acquired title of store owner that’s changed-up her priorities. According to Country Weekly, The Pink Pistol is keeping Miranda from enjoying some quality time in the woods with hubby Blake Shelton.
“I went hog hunting once [this season] and got a hog with my bow. I haven’t had time. I’m in pink land now,” she says. “Blake’s like, ‘Really? You’re just going to be in pink glitter and no more hunting with me anymore?’ I’m like, ‘I’ll go a couple times.’”
However, Miranda really loves her new “job,” so it sounds like Blake is just gonna have to get used to it.
“It’s a blast! I’m having so much fun. I’ve been there every single day that I’ve been home. I’ve never worked so hard in my life. I need to go on tour so I don’t have to work so hard,” Miranda recently told Country Weekly.

At Home with Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler, Clay Walker & More

Tune into HGTV on December 21st at 8 p.m. ET/PT and get up close and personal with some of country music’s biggest stars. Country Stars at Home will showcase the luxurious big city apartments of LeAnn Rimes and Clay Walker, and go inside the rocking tour buses of artists like Kellie Pickler, Dierks Bentley and Amy Grant to see how these stars live it up on the road. And of course, tour the larger-than-life Nashville homes of Naomi Judd, George Jones, Danny Gokey and Trace Adkins.
Trace will also be featured in the first of two Celebrity Motor Homes specials, premiering Tuesday, January 1 at 5 p.m. ET/PT and 5:30 p.m. ET/PT. These half-hour specials are offering viewers an exclusive, all-access pass to some of the most outrageous homes on wheels. A few of the homes-away-from-home featured during these two half-hour specials include the tour buses of musicians Bret Michaels and Trace Adkins, the movie set trailer of Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio and more.

Country Dominates the 2012 Year End Touchtunes Charts

TouchTunes, the largest in-venue interactive entertainment network in North America, today released its year end music charts reporting on the top played songs and artists in 2012. Based on songs played across its network of 57,000 jukeboxes, TouchTunes’ year end review provides a unique look into what music is being played socially in bars and restaurants across America.
And the results are in! From New York to LA, country music dominated the top 10 songs chart in 2012. Jason Aldean ‘s “Dirt Road Anthem” was the most played song for the second consecutive year. Additionally, Aldean was the most played artist overall, closely followed by jukebox favorites AC/DC and Kid Rock.
“I’m thrilled to be the most played artist on TouchTunes this year, and to learn that ‘Dirt Road Anthem’ was the #1 song for a second year in a row. Knowing that the real people across America are choosing my music while they’re out having fun at the kind of hangouts where I got my start is a great thing.”

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Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Big & Rich, Lee Brice, Kane Brown, Brothers Osborne, Josh Abbott Band, Maren Morris, Jake Owen, Michael Ray, High Valley, Brett Young And More


Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz

Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz Als Peter „PeeWee“ Wroblewski vor 35 Jahren einen „Steckbr...

Country Music News International Newsletter February 23. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 23. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News I...

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