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New Album Defining The Man Behind The Music
And Music That Makes A Difference
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (November 15, 2012) – RoaDDawg Records country-rock artist Matt Kennon officially introduces his newest work product and much-anticipated album entitled MAKIN' MUSIC THAT MATTERS (co-produced alongside Chip Martin with various cuts by James Stroud, Garrett Parris and Julian King).** Revealing the reflective and weathered individual behind the lyrics, Kennon’s latest project is painted with contemplative and thought-provoking compositions delving deep into the meaning of life, faith, abuse, turmoil and family ties that bind.

Kennon, who at first glance, is tattooed with the “bad-boy” persona, rivals the mistaken judgment with every stance that he takes and every word that he sings--made evident by his 2010 #1 Billboard Chart’s Heatseekers Album and Top 20 single “The Call” which spotlighted the importance of suicide prevention and was supported with more than 300,000 downloads worldwide.

Kennon reflects upon his own whirlwind of personal experiences that have made him the man he is today and produces an album with “words to live by.”
The CD title really tells it all,” said Kennon. “I want to make music with meaning that listeners will be able to relate to one song at a time. I could write and record songs with no personal meaning, trying to fit into a cookie-cutter mold, but I believe the fans want the truth. These songs are my truth.
With song titles such as “Beautiful Cry,” “ Nobody To Miss,” “Wake Up Dancing” and “Follow Me,” Matt bares pieces of his soul in this entire body of work. From losing a loved one to illness, witnessing the devastation of bullying and, most recently, becoming a new father, the 13 tracks highlight Kennon’s newfound, objectives, passions and priorities.

Prior to the release of MAKIN' MUSIC THAT MATTERS, Kennon introduced his single “You Had To Pick On Me.” The overwhelming response inspired his involvement and the launch of the national anti-bullying campaign “Stop the Bull;” as a spokesperson and performer, Kennon canvassed the country making 25 appearances over the course of four months.

When I saw first hand the reaction on the faces of each student, parent and teacher, I knew the music was making a difference,” said Kennon“That was the turning point when I decided it wasn’t about radio airplay for me, it was about making a connection and recording music that makes a difference in the world. I hope this album speaks to many and for many.”

The new release, MAKIN' MUSIC THAT MATTERS, is available on all major digital outlets. For more information about Matt Kennon, including tour dates and appearances, please visit his website,

Kid Rock Album: Rebel Soul VÖ: 16.11.2012

Kid Rock
Album: Rebel Soul
VÖ: 16.11.2012
Neues Album „Rebel Soul“ erscheint am 16. November
Neuntes Studio-Album wieder mit der Twisted Brown Trucker Band

Zwei Jahre nach seinem internationalen Erfolg „Born Free“, mit dem er Top Ten-Platzierungen in den USA, Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und vielen anderen Ländern einfuhr, kehrt Robert James Ritchie alias Kid Rock mit seinem neunten Studioalbum „Rebel Soul“ zurück. Es ist sein erstes Album, das weltweit auch via iTunes verfügbar sein wird, und gleichzeitig eine Rückkehr in gewohnte Gefilde: „Rebel Soul“ wurde wieder von ihm gemeinsam mit der Twisted Brown Trucker Band eingespielt, nachdem er den Vorgänger „Born Free“ mit einer von Produzent Rick Rubin zusammengestellten Allstar-Band aufgenommen hatte. Auch bei „Rebel Soul“ diente Rubin als Partner und Ideengeber, obschon Kid Rock sein neues Album diesmal selbst produziert hat. Über die Entstehung der neuen Songs und die Produktion des Albums erfährt man mehr in einem 30-minütigen Gespräch zwischen Rock und Rubin, das man hier finden kann: .Er selber sagt über sein neues Album: „Es klingt wie eine Art Best-Of von Kid Rock, nur mit neuen Songs.“ So finden sich unter den 14 neuen Songs griffige Classic-Rock-Tunes ebenso wie Country’eske Balladen, rootsy MOR-Songs mit Hitpotenzial oder ein neuer, deutlich vom HipHop beeinflusster Crossover-Song, der lässig zwischen den Genres surft. Wie vielschichtig der facettenreiche Musiker aus Detroit ist, hat er in diesem Jahr bereits mehrfach bewiesen: Im Juni trat er als Frontmann gemeinsam mit The Roots und Travis McCoy im Rahmen der Rock’n’Roll-Hall of Fame-Veranstaltung zu Ehren der Beastie Boys auf und gab ein Beastie Boys-Medley zum Besten; im Mai veranstaltete er gemeinsam mit dem Detroit Orchestra ein Benefiz-Konzert zugunsten des republikanischen Präsidentschafts-Kandidaten Mitt Romney und erlöste mehr als eine Million Dollar Spendengeld. Wie sehr die US-amerikanische Politik ihn beschäftigt, zeigt auch ein zehnminütiger Film, in dem er mit Hollywood-Star Sean Penn den verschärften Lager-Wahlkampf zwischen Demokraten und Republikanern konterkariert; zunächst werfen sich die beiden die klassischen Stereotypen an den Kopf, um am Ende zu dem Ergebnis zu gelangen, dass sie alle Amerikaner sind, mit unterschiedlichen Ansichten – aber doch ein Volk. Ein Film, der im Internet rund um den Wahlkampf für viel Aufsehen sorgte, tritt er doch für Objektivität, gegenseitiges Verständnis und Loyalität zum Vaterland ein. Den Film kann man hier sehen: . Nun widmet sich Kid Rock wieder ganz der Musik. Zu vier Songs des Albums, „Let’s Ride”, dem zusammen mit John Eddie geschriebenen „Happy New Year”, „Cucci Galore” and „Redneck Paradise”, wurden bereits Videoclips gedreht, die in den kommenden Wochen und Monaten nach und nach veröffentlicht werden.

Kid Rock: In der Seele ein Rebell

Kid Rock: In der Seele ein Rebell
Kid Rock nähert sich dem zehnten Album – und klingt doch frisch wie eh und je. Kein Wunder, ist er doch eine echte Rebellenseele:
"Rebel Soul" ist das neunte Studioalbum von Kid Rock und der Nachfolger zum Erfolgsalbum "Born Free" von 2010 (u.a. US Platz 5, DE Platz 9). Enthalten ist natürlich auch die Single "Let's Ride".
Das Album wurde von Kid Rock selbst produziert und gemeinsam mit seiner Twisted Brown Trucker Band eingespielt.
Hier gibt es ein Pre-Listening von "Rebel Soul" in voller Länge

Steel Guitar News November 15. 2012

This is Vic Lawson with today’s newsletter.  Here are a couple of emails we received after the last newsletter and I thought we’d share them.

HI, Vic, I've also greatly enjoyed your emails.  A couple of things I'd like to see you cover, I think would help my students out quite a bit…
Exactly how do you go about learning a new tune, say from a recording- playing through the changes first, charting it out, signature licks first? Etc. And in regard to both that and live playing, do you THINK in the number system as I do and try to encourage my students to learn- ie: listening to a recording or in a live situation as the changes go by and mentally filing (1,6m, 4, 2m, 5 etc.) and learning the fretboard, levers, pedals as number system functions as well?
Thanks, best wishes, and love to Bobbe.
Mark van Allen

There are a couple of ways I learn a song.  I find that charting it out first makes me learn the song quicker and also commits a lot of it to memory.  Also, I’ll live with the song for two or three days in the car and then I will learn the signature licks if any.  

As far as the signature licks go, if I have trouble with them, then I use my Tascam GB-10 which allows me to slow the song down to half speed without changing the key and also allows me to loop the lick over and over endlessly.  Both these features are very helpful.

   Many, many, many years ago when I was learning to play I had two Curly Chalker C 6th albums and tried to copy them note per note.  Later when I started to play with bands I played Chalker's C 6th album style.  I worked very hard to impress the band members and was really doing quite well too.   After working my first paying club gig for a whopping ten days, the club manager came to the band leader and told him my playing stunk and patron's had complained I was taking away from band's the sound.  If he wanted to keep playing there I had to go.  After our last set, let go with no explanation and I took it that the club had to cut what they were paying and I was last  hired.  After this it had happened twice more, I was gaining a reputation for knowing music theory (which I didn't), but the jobs stopped coming and still I had no idea why.  
   While band jobs had stopped, I was going to every jam session possible to improve my playing and get my foot back in the door.   At one of these jams, a great lead guitarist named Dick Thompson came up to me on a break and told me "he had heard Buddy Charlton and Buddy Emmons play like that after hours at Hunter's Lodge, but never on a recording backing a singer".  He told me to follow him home and gave me one Tammy Wynette and one Charlie Pride album and said to follow their steel example to enhance the singer and the audience's listening pleasure and if I could, he would Hire me.  He also delivered an earth shattering bit of info, I wasn't the star, the singer was!!!!   I listened to him and that day became a steel player and was with this band for about ten years.  The BEST advice I ever received

Take care and GOD bless you all,
Bruce, in Port Charlotte FL  

I think that’s a great lesson learned.  I was fortunate to have a mentor that actually told me that in my first band.  It sure wasn’t about the steel guitar, it was about the vocalist.  I think that’s a great lesson for beginning players to learn what filling means, because if you really listen to a recording you’ll find that the steel guitar or other lead instruments typically aren’t playing constantly.  They try to find little melodies that will fit in between vocal phrases.

I thank both of these readers for sharing their thoughts with us and also thank them for making it easy to write this newsletter.  I’d like to encourage the rest of you to also make it easy for me to write future newsletters.

We’ve been getting some input on other subjects that we’ll be addressing.  Keep those questions coming folks.  That’s how I know what you want to hear about.

Check out our monthly specials at

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Country Music News International November 15. 2012

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Interview with Chuck Hancock

Interview with Chuck Hancock

Lamitschka:  How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Chuck Hancock:  Last Year was great, We finished recoeding our 1st county Album On A Personal Note, we also appeared at the American Music Theatre in Lancaster PA with Ray Price and Gene Watson (to an absolute packed house) we released „They Don’t Stay Little Long Enough“, our first single off the album. It went #1 in Oct, in the Inspirational Country Charts and is in the top 20 on the Country Charts as well. We have just returned from the ICM Awards show in Nashville where I performed „They Don’t Stay Little Long Enough“ and recieved two awards, Songwriter of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year. So far this year has been a „Great“ One.

Lamitschka:  What is your latest CD and how's it doing?

Chuck Hancock:  „On A Personal Note“ it features 12 songs that I have written with two cover songs and It is doing great

Lamitschka:  How did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind the name?

Chuck Hancock:  Yes, Long story, sometimes when we travel, my wife drives and I play my guitar. I asked her if she had something I could write on just in case I had an idea for a song. She handed me a small note pad with a heading „On A Personal Note“, I couldnt come up with an idea, and I just kept starring at that note pad. Thus came the idea for the song „ On A Personal Note“. My album touches on several of my favorite country styles, and actually has a couple of songs that you might would hear on todays country, but I wanted to produce the album with lots of traditional country feeling, lots of fiddle and steel guitar out front in the music. You’ll hear Texas shuffle, Texas swing, Hurting Country, even a song with a Buffett feel. So its kind of a „Personal Note“ from me to the listeners.

Lamitschka:  Please tell us about the songs on your album (influences, etc).

Chuck Hancock:  My publicist and promoter Marty Martel decided we needed a couple of cover tunes, because we wanted to really break into the market in other countries. Being a new artist to these listeners we felt they would like to hear a few songs that they would recognize from the original artist. I chose the first song to be an old favorite called „Step Aside“. Its my kind of song and I stylized it a tad to make it my version of this great song, I think it turned out ok. The #2 song Almost Dancing is one of my favorites, the idea came from when my wife and I were watching the movie FootLoose on TV, it seems the preacher would not let his daughter go to the prom because he didn’t believe in dancing. Long Story short at the end of the movie the preacher condeded to allow her to dance at the prom. There was the final scene where he and his wife were standing outside listening to the music and they swayed just a little. Then he walkd off and his wife looked back and said you know, „ We were almost dancing“. That hit me like WOW what an idea for a song. So one hour later we had „Almost Dancing“. Our third cut – „Just can’t get the Texas out of me“ is influenced by me being born and raised in the great state of Texas. A true Texan’s roots run deep and no matter how far away or how long away, he is still a Texan. I spend a good bit of time in Texas when I can and I love Texas swing and Twin fiddles, another one of my favorites. The 4th cut „Can’t Make It Past Your Memory“ is another 4/4 shuffle, with Ray Price enfluences. This is one of my publiscist Marty Martel’s favorites. The # 5 cut is a love song I wrote for my wife, Cynthia, and we did this with strings and nice back ground vocals, I could hear Ray Price sing this song, except I wrote a Conway Twitty style recitation that is a little different, maybe some will find there way back. Also I might mention that throughout this album several of the songs we had me sing background on. Its perfect matched because Im singing both parts and I think it worked well for us. The #6 song „Just Can’t One Night Stand It“ is a up tempo, fast line dance tune that has a great feel to it. I think it will do well on radio. The # 7 song „Through The Eyes of a Fool. This is one song I may have 2nd thoughts on the production. It’s a great song, I did the 1st part of the song in a 2/4 time and the last solo in 4/4 shuffle. Not sure I shouldn’t have done the 4/4 from the beginning. It really a great song. I just like the movement of the last half better. # 8 „These sunny beaches and me. I wanted to break up the consistency a little, so I wrote a fun, in the sun type song that almost has a Jimmy Buffett flavor, but would appeal to a younger listener perhaps we should say. # 9 „On A Personal Note. We already talked about how this song came about. The story is unique and I think this song could be played on todays country radio. Hope you like the song, it is not as traditional as the others. #10 „Don’t You Ever Get Tired of Hurting Me“. This is an old Ray Price song that I stylized a tad to make it my version. But no one does it like Price. Hopefully you will hear some small differences that maybe you’ll enjoy, I hope so. # 11 song „Where Lonely Gets Too Loud“ Here is a song that focuses on the Hurt (after the leaving). I wanted to get that Vera Gosdin feel in the song, he sings the best hurtin songs. I invited James Payne to give me some thoughts that would help capture the loneliness and this is what we came out with. #12 – „Forever Don’t Last That Long“ I originally wrote this as a slower song, as I worked with my arranger, Mike Schrimpfth, we actually changed the arrangement to a more groovy up tempo song, I like it and hope you will as well. # 13 song „They Don’t Stay Little Long Enough“. What can I say, our 1st single off the album goes #1 in record time-It is just one of those songs that everyone relates to. I think the song will be timeless. It is one of my favorites. #14 song „ The way You Move Me. Here is one of those unique sounding songs that the younger crowd seems to like, certainly not traditional but not so far off that it unbearable. I kind of like some of the lyrics, they have a younger feel and the arrangement is different. So that is the album layout. My traditional roots up front to my Texas swing, and boot scootin country. You’ll hear hurtin country and some nice love ballads and ending up with some song that might be heard on todays country stations. Its not a pigeon holed project, just a „Personal Note“ of Chuck Hancock music.

Lamitschka:  Your current single is being played by radio. What do you feel is special about this song that makes people want to hear it?

Chuck Hancock:  „They Don’t Stay Little Long Enough“ prompts the listener to remember their children growing up so fast and the memories, the empty nest leaves you with. Everyone can relate, the parent and the child. We may not all be parents, but we were all children

Lamitschka:  What will your next single be?

Chuck Hancock:  I think Marty Martel, will decide, It will be Can’t Get Past Your Memory which is now being played on

Lamitschka:  What kind of songs do you like to record the most?

Chuck Hancock: I love these all, but I guess I would have to say traditional country , dance tunes and also songs with feelings and emotions

Lamitschka:  How much creative control do you have over your music?

Chuck Hancock:  Total, however I like to get other opinions as the songs move along toward recording. There are certain people I may ask concerning melody, others concerning lyrics and structure, but in the end I decide how and when we record it.

Lamitschka:  There's a lot of work that goes into a number one hit. What did it take to make it in your case?

Chuck Hancock: A great deal from a lot of committed people. First the song needs to be a quality product with potential, the promoters and publicist have to sell the sizzle to the DJ‘s, and they have to play it enough to catch on and ultimately the listeners have to like it enough to give the radio people feed back and request the song Heavy. There is a lot of great songs out there.

Lamitschka:  Who inspires you musically and how deep do your musical roots run?

Chuck Hancock:  I have loved music from the time I was a little boy. My father’s side of the family was very musically inclined. They all playied in church at one time or another, many played dances, my dad and my Aunt Jewell have written songs. My aunt Jewell has had songs recorded by many Nashville artist, including Hank William SR. (My Son Calls Another Man Daddy) I played in country bands in Texas and toured the midwest for years. My enfluence was Ray Price, Merle Haggard and Vera Gosdin. All the Texas swinger Jonny Bush, Daryll McCall and so many great ones.

Lamitschka:  What do you think about today's music scene versus its past and where do you see it going in the future?

Chuck Hancock: You know todays country is not bad, it just different. I don’t think mainstream will ever get back to the traditional country sounds that we all love, but my hope is maybe meet in the middle. I hope to see some traditional sounds coming back. I have written a song that i will pitch to George Jones, called „This Ain’t My Country Anymore“. I think that pretty much covers that question. 

Lamitschka:  What do you think about today's music industry?

Chuck Hancock:  I think the internet has leveled the playing field for some of us. The independent artist has a vehicle to get his or her music out there without having to go give the big record companies the lions share of the revenue. Still can’t get players on mainstream stations, but several independents are doing well.

Lamitschka:  If you had the chance to change something about the music industry, what would it be?

Chuck Hancock:  The age ceiling, There are still so many artist over 30 years old who can’t get the big break and they have so much to offer the industry. This industry is missing a lot of quality, but no shortage on quantity.

Lamitschka:  What inspired you to become a songwriter?

Chuck Hancock:  I am a hopeless romantic and writing has always been my best form of expression. When I’m writing the world stand still for me. When I hear a song that someone has written , that just blows me away, I always think now why didn’t I think of that? It’s just what I love to do.

Lamitschka:  When you get time off, how do you like to relax?

Chuck Hancock:  With my sons, We still love to team rope, hunt and jsut hang out. We like our horses, and sometimes I’ll try my hand at golf. I’m thankful I don’t have to make a living doing that.

Lamitschka:  Is there anything in your life that you would change if you could?

Chuck Hancock:Yes and No. I wish I had persued music more aggressively in my younger years. But things are turning out pretty good now, so yes and no.

Lamitschka:  What hopes and desires do you have?

Chuck Hancock:  I hope I can write some hit songs that will be recorded by some of the Icons in the industry and I really want to come to Europe and other countries to perform my music. That is on my bucket list.

Lamitschka:  What can your fans expect to see when they see you in concert?

Chuck Hancock:  Just an old country cowboy that loves to sing his songs to folks who love to hear them. I interact with my fans and get up close and personal with them. They are an important part of my show, because without them there wouldn’t be a show. Youll see some energy , feel some emotions and hopefully become a fan of my music

Lamitschka:  Many music fans today get their information about artists online. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

Chuck Hancock:  Yes, we have Still working on it but it shows tour dates. You can download my music, buy caps and T shirts, albums and join our fan club.

Lamitschka:  What message would you like to send your European fans?

Chuck Hancock: Get ready to meet me in person soon. My goal is to do some shows over there and im a pretty determined old Texas cowboy that’ll Git er Done.

Lamitschka:  How do you feel about being winning the Songwriter and Male Vocalist of the Year?  What has it done for your career?

Chuck Hancock:  It will allow me to become more recognized in the industry, exposure is the key and these kinds of things usually help you get more exposure

Lamitschka:  Describe what a perfect day is like for you.

Chuck Hancock:  I slept good the night before, wake up feeling good, no stress, have a great cup of coffee on my veranda looking at my horses, spend some quiet time with my Lord and Savior, have breakfast with my boys, go out and rope a while, write a great song in the afternoon , have a great dinner and evening with my wife, play with my dog and pray that I can do it again tomorrow.

Lamitschka:  Most careers don't last as long as yours.  What's given your career the staying power?

Chuck Hancock:  A true passion, committment to get better at the kraft, keep thanking God for this opportunity, being sincere and real with your fans and always appreciate the disk jockies who have our careers in their hands.

Christian Lamitschka ( )



Sisters Janis Oliver & Kristine Arnold Join Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
on Nationally Syndicated Radio Show this Friday, November 16 @ 1:30 PM EST
Nashville, Tenn. (November 14, 2012) – This Friday, November 16, country music duo Sweethearts of the Rodeo join former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Mike Huckabee Show.  The Governor's new show, syndicated through Cumulus Media, can be heard on more than 200 stations throughout the nation (visit for local listings).

Sisters Janis Oliver and Kristine Arnold will join Governor Huckabee at 1:30 PM EST for a live chat all about their big return to the country music scene and their newly released album, Restless.

Restless marks the first album from the Sweethearts of the Rodeo in 16 years.

About Sweethearts of the Rodeo
Janis Oliver and Kristine Arnold have been singing together since their childhood, forming Sweethearts of the Rodeo as teens. The sisters landed a recording contract in Nashville in 1985 and debuted on the charts with a remake of The Everly Brothers' "Hey Doll Baby" the following year. They followed it with a string of smash hits that include "Chains of Gold," "Since I Found You," and "Gotta Get Away."

In the years that followed, Janis and Kristine might have been better known for balancing motherhood and life more than their music but it makes those years no less impressive. Kristine dedicated her time to her life and family while Janis spent her time training and showing horses. Together, the sisters ran a stylish clothing boutique for several years.

As life comes full circle, Janis and Kristine have rededicated themselves to their music, releasing Restless and touring nationwide.

For additional information on Sweethearts of the Rodeo, visit

Lynn Anderson Releases an Emotive Liz Anderson Ballad

Grammy Award Winning Icon Lynn Anderson Releases an Emotive Liz Anderson Ballad
Lynn Anderson turned to her mother’s catalog for her new single “Day One,” an emotional, break-up track sure to resonate with anyone experiencing loss this holiday season. The timing is perfect for this single as Thursday, Nov 15th marks the most recognized day for ending relationships, known socially as “Dump Day.”
“Everyone handles losing a loved one differently and those wounds seems to burn the brightest when one is left alone during the holiday season,” says Lynn.  “We lost mother last fall and this time of year seems a little colder without her around.  That’s what led us in the direction of this track when Dad and I were looking through her songs.”
Radio programmers can download the track via AirPlay Direct at Fans can purchase the country ballad at
Lynn Anderson is truly a trailblazer on the country music scene honored with Grammy, CMA, ACM, AMA and Billboard awards.  Billboard also recognized her as “Artist of the Decade” for 1970-1980.  In addition, she was the first female country singer to headline and sell out Madison Square Garden in 1974. Her signature single, “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden,” earned the title “Top Grossing Country Song by a Female Artist” for more than 27 years, and she has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.
For all the latest updates on Lynn Anderson, visit or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter: @LynnAShow. Facebook: OfficialLynnAnderson.

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