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Nashville, TN…(September 17, 2012) Black River Entertainment’s Sarah Darling heads to New York City this week for her September 22 debut on Fox & Friends.  One of two performances during the broadcast will be Darling’s upcoming single, “Home To Me.”  Sarah’s interview and performances will air live on the Fox News Channel at 8:10 am EST and continue on the After The Show Show, immediately following the broadcast on
The August 21st digital release of  “Home To Me” was the best selling digital single by a new female artist since Lauren Alaina, American Idol season ten runner-up, released "Like My Mother Does" as her debut single in May of 2011.
“Home To Me” was written by Caitlyn Smith & Bobby Hamrick and is a breezy mid-tempo track that takes the listener on a lyrical journey comparing her love interest to the beauty of America’s landscape as she finds “home” in that person. 
Currently playing on SiriusXM’s The Highway, “Home To Me” will be released to radio this fall and is the lead single from Sarah’s upcoming album with producer Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Brantley Gilbert, Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts).  Sarah Darling fans can purchase “Home To Me” on iTunes and view the lyric video on YouTube.
Sarah Darling made a decision back in Iowa to take a leap of faith and chase her dreams.  Once she decided to go for it, Sarah worked day and night to save $5,000 and then moved from small town Iowa to Nashville.  Upon arriving in Music City, Sarah worked diligently to hone her performing and songwriting, even appearing in several music videos.  Since then, Sarah has released two #1 videos with "Something To Do With Your Hands" from her sophomore album Angels & Devils and "Blackbird," from the charity-based compilation album, Let Us In Nashville.  Sarah made her Grand Ole Opry debut in February 2011 and, on August 18, 2012, Sarah performed on the legendary stage for the twentieth time.  Today, affectionately called “Music City's Newest Darling” by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau and touted by the New York Times as a “sophisticated songwriter” with a “crisp, powerful voice,” Sarah Darling is confidently making her mark on the country music scene.  For more information, visit or

Oak Ridge Boys Launching Holiday Season with New Christmas CD & Multi-City Tour

Oak Ridge Boys Launching Holiday Season
with New Christmas CD & Multi-City Tour

Exclusive Version of Christmas Time’s A-Coming
Available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®

Nashville, Tenn. (September 17, 2012) - The legendary Oak Ridge Boys will be filling the holiday season with the celebrated sounds of their Christmas Time’s A-Coming CD (Gaither Gospel Series). The album is set to launch on September 25th. An exclusive version of the CD is now available at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®, featuring two heartwarming bonus tracks that capture the meaning of the season. The masterful blend of new and traditional yuletide tunes is enhanced by the powerhouse group’s renowned four-part harmonies. The Christmas Time’s A-Coming album marks the Oaks’ sixth holiday CD. In November, the Grammy-winning group will be kicking off its storied Christmas tour of more than 20 years.

“The Oak Ridge Boys love Christmas music. For us, Christmas is about family, home, singing, happiness, love, kids and gifts.  But, the main thing Christmas is about is the birth of Jesus Christ; when time quit numbering backwards and started counting forward.  No other man has ever walked this Earth who reversed time. So, although we love singing the fun songs, the spiritual songs about “the birth” are very real for The Oak Ridge Boys,” says lead singer Duane Allen.

“We are so excited about our new album, Christmas Time’s A-Coming. As usual, we have a nice mix of songs that we are looking forward to adding to our Christmas show and tour starting in November. Once again working with the youthful acoustic driven mind of producer Ben Isaacs and our own Duane Allen, we have come up with, perhaps, our greatest Christmas collection yet,” says member Joe Bonsall.  “From classics like ‘Here Comes Santa Claus,’ ‘Joy to The World’ and the title cut to incredible brand new songs like ‘Peterbilt Sleigh,’ ‘Getting Ready For A Baby’ and ‘Glorious Impossible,’ we seriously think that folks everywhere will continue to celebrate the holidays with The Oak Ridge Boys,” he adds.

Christmas Time’s A-Coming will be available through retail outlets across the U.S., including iTunes and

For more information, please visit:

Tracks on Christmas Time’s A-Coming
1. Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
2. Peterbilt Sleigh
3. Here Comes Santa Claus
4. Christmas Time's A-Coming
5. White Christmas
6. All I Want For Christmas Is You
7. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
8. Getting Ready For A Baby
9. Joy To The World
10. Mary, Did You Know?
11. Mary Had A Little Lamb
12. Glorious Impossible


Earlier this summer, more than 400 Country artists ROCKED Music City. Relive the electrifying nightly performances as it airs TONIGHT on ABC at 8|7c! Hosts Luke Bryan and The Band Perry's Kimberly Perry take you on stage and back stage with your favorite Country artists. Rock the summer away in a big way with performances and interviews by: Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, and 17 more. Click for the full lineup.
Plus, play the Festival Flip Game, Country Speed Typing and get more info about next year's CMA Music Festival.


Nashville, TN- Sept. 17, 2012- Country music icon Tim McGraw is unveiling an action-packed new video for his hit single "Truck Yeah" today on CMT.  The video for the high octane track also features McGraw's Country Strong and Friday Night Lights co-star Garrett Hedlund.   
"The theme of this song is pretty straight forward…it's for guys and girls who love jacked up trucks.   It's a culture, and you don't have to be from the sticks and only listen to country music to want drive a truck…that's why I love the reference to Lil Wayne in the lyrics," said McGraw.  "It's been a great song for the summer and a big moment in our set.  I think the video definitely captures the energy of the song.   We had a blast making it!"
"Truck Yeah" is McGraw's first single for Big Machine Records and debuted at No. 22 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart marking his highest solo chart debut ever, while The Pioneer Press noted that "the song's powerful Southern-rock punch all but ensures it'll be McGraw's next monster hit."

CUMBERLAND RIVER on Upcoming “Kentucky Life” TV Program

Kentucky Educational Television To Feature
CUMBERLAND RIVER on Upcoming “Kentucky Life” TV Program
September 23 and Rebroadcast Sept 25-29, 2012
B.O.R.N. Award Winners Head to Nashville Next Week for Performance at IBMA FanFest
Nashville, TN (Sept 17, 2012) - Harlan, Kentucky based national touring band, CUMBERLAND RIVER, will be featured on Kentucky Educational Television’s Kentucky Life TV program premiering Saturday, September 22 at 8:00 pm EDT and rebroadcast:    
    KETKY Sunday, September 23 at 11:00 am EDT
    KET     Sunday, September 23 at 4:00 pm EDT
    KETKY Sunday, September 23 at 5:30 pm EDT
    KET2   Tuesday, September 25 at 7:30 am EDT
    KETKY Wednesday, September 26 at 8:00 am EDT
    KETKY Friday, September 28 at 12:30 pm EDT
    KETKY Saturday, September 29 at 6:00 am EDT
CUMBERLAND RIVER can also be seen on the upcoming Rural Rhythm Records’ TV production, CHRISTMAS THE MOUNTAIN WAY - A live performance musical show showcasing Christmas and its traditions in the Appalachian Mountains.  The program was filmed at the historic Bell Theater in Pineville, KY for broadcast on national cable network BlueHighways TV and will air in November and December. This live concert event was hosted by Mike Scott and also includes performances by:  Marty Raybon, Audie Blaylock, Dale Ann Bradley, Steve Gulley, Common Strings, Students of the Cumberland River Academy and many more.
Fans have surely rallied about this popular band, voting them as a recipient of the August B.O.R.N. Award by National Bluegrass.  The group includes members: Jamie Dean (Banjo, lead & harmony vocals), Joey Jones (Bass), Dustin Middleton (Mandolin, Lead & Harmony Vocals), Jamie Stewart (Dobro), Brad Gulley (Guitar, Lead & Harmony Vocals) and multi-instrumentalist Gary Robinson, Jr. (Lead Guitar).
CUMBERLAND RIVER will hit the stage Friday, September 28 at the World Chicken Festival Stage of Stars in London, KY before heading to Nashville, TN Saturday, September 29 for a performance at the International Bluegrass Music Association’s (IBMA) FanFest.  On October 6, fans can see them live at the Outer Banks Bluegrass Festival in Manteo, NC and the Outer Banks After Party held at the Brewing Station in Kill Devil Hills, NC.
For more information on CUMBERLAND RIVER, please visit or visit to watch their music video for their original song “Justified."

Steel Guitar News September 17. 2012

Hello fellow players, This is Bob Hempker subbing for Bobbe Seymour today. It’s a good idea to obviously change your strings periodically. I like to change mine every two to three weeks at the maximum. No matter how often you play, the strings just being stretched up to pitch, over a period of time, they go dead on you. I recall when I was on the road with Loretta working fairs all summer long and my equipment would get dirty, dusty, absolutely filthy and I didn’t really have time to clean it properly like I wanted to clean it because we were doing one nighters and moving daily from city to city. I couldn’t setup or tear down without getting filthy myself. My cords and stuff would be grungy if from nothing else but being under the bus, not to mention the dust from the fair grounds. Bear in mind, much of this fine dust gets down into the tuning changer of the guitar, the control pots of your amplifier and other places that can wear on your equipment. When I’m changing my strings I like to try to lubricate my guitar, clean and polish it and do any general maintenance on it such as if I have a knee lever or pedal that’s not quite feeling right, I try to adjust it to get the guitar playing as good as it can play. I like to start by running a small bead of 3-in-1 oil on the top of the tuning changer while the old strings are still on the guitar keeping the tension on the tuning changer. I don’t like WD40 or any kind of penetrating oil for this. I will then sit and work the pedals and knee levers for about 5 to 10 minutes so the oil gets worked in well. I then take the old strings off the guitar and oil the rollers at the left end of the guitar. I like to use a real super light oil for this. Slide trombone side oil is great for this and you can get it at any music store that sells horns. After I get done with the rollers I use Windex to wipe off the excess oil, especially formica guitars because formica is a form of wax. It works equally well on a lacquer bodied guitar. Now that I’ve cleaned the top, front and back of the guitar, I use a coat of liquid wax of some sort. It doesn’t matter what brand. Then I polish the end brackets and the metal parts of the guitar with aluminum polish. I use either Mother’s or Simichrome. Take special care on the top of the tuning changer to really get that polished good because that’s where the strings move backward and forward and that needs the least amount of friction you can get. After I’ve got the top of my guitar cleaned real good, I then put the new strings on. After I’m tuned up and the pedal stops tuned, I turn the guitar over, take an oil dispenser and oil every place the metal touches metal. Cross rods, bell cranks, where rods go through collars and like I said, anywhere that metal touches metal. While I’ve got the guitar turned over, I also check my end plate screws and any other screws under the guitar and make sure they are snug. Don’t over tighten them, but they need to be snug. I make sure that there’s lubrication between the floor pedals. I then polish the pedal board with the aluminum polish. This is all time consuming, but we want our instrument to play as well as it can possibly play and live as long a life as it possibly can. One other thing to never forget is when I do this, I also polish my bar and picks to reduce friction. This might be psychological, but a nice clean, polished guitar seems to play better to me. A good analogy is a car that has just been cleaned up and detailed seems to drive better. At least it makes me feel better. Some other things we don’t want to over look are maybe a couple of times a year, dust and clean our effects, amplifiers and whatever else you may carry. Cords lay on the floor, get stepped on and generally get grungy. The same goes for your power cords that go your amplifier and effects. I personally can’t stand to touch my guitar with my hands dirty, let alone try to play it. About once or twice a year you may want to check the chassis screws in your amplifier and make sure that they’re tight. If you have a scratchy control on your amp, you may want to try spraying contact cleaner in there. If that doesn’t help, you may want to replace it. If you play a tube amp, you may want to consider replacing your tubes periodically because tubes do degenerate over time and the older they are, the more likely they are to blow out and it’s most likely going to happen while you’re onstage. I’ve never know a tube to burn out while riding under the bus. I have seen them work their way loose from vibration and fall out and break. Our equipment takes a beating under those buses. It’s even worse if they’re being hauled in a trailer being pulled behind a station wagon, van or bus. When I was on the road I always tried if I could, to carry my guitar up inside the bus. Much of the time that wasn’t practical but when I could I would, even if I had to sleep with it in my bunk. Our guitar and our equipment are extensions of ourselves and are what we use to express ourselves in our playing and to make a living. So just like you take care of your own body, you should take care of your equipment. If you’re not sure exactly what to do to keep your guitar in the good shape, Bobbe has two maintenance DVDs, one for push pull guitars and one for all pull guitars. In light of the cost equipment, these maintenance videos are a good investment. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

Smithfield Music's Aiken & Friends Fest

Aiken + Friends Fest logo

Smithfield Music's Aiken & Friends Fest Headliners Include Mike Aiken, David Olney & Bonnie Bishop
Acclaimed Singer/Songwriters From Diverse Genres Perform At The 7th Annual Fest, September 28-29, To Benefit Youth Music Education

Nashville, TN (September 17, 2012) --Smithfield Music's Aiken & Friends Fest headliners include Fest founder Mike Aiken, David Olney with Sergio Webb and Bonnie Bishop.  The two-day Fest kicks off with an intimate songwriters in-the-round concert in the Smithfield Little Theatre on Friday, September 28, in Smithfield, Virginia.  The music continues Saturday, September 29, on two outdoor stages and includes performances by the Mike Aiken Band, the Bonnie Bishop Band, David Olney, the Muckrakes, Susan Greenbaum and Beaucoup Blue.  This year's educational workshops include: Songwriters, Guitar and Music Promotion 101.  The annual Fest, now in its seventh year, benefits local youth music education through this "celebration of songwriters."

Mike AikenNorthwind Records' artist and Fest founder MIKE AIKEN  is a Virginia-based singer/songwriter known for his signature blend of Americana, Country and Roots music.  "A performer loved by audiences," says Virginia Arts Commission, "Mike Aiken is a teller of tales whose music makes you feel like you instantly know him."  With five Top 30 singles over the past four years in the U.S. and Europe, the songs he writes and the experiences he shares are rich with the stories of life, love and wanderlust. Mike's show offers a troubadour relating on a personal level with the audience and then transitions to a high-energy show - all without losing the intimacy of the singer/songwriter.  Aiken's depth as a songwriter is a result of his wandering, adventurous lifestyle.  He's lived on a sailboat for the past 20 years, is a USCG-licensed captain who has sailed across oceans, owned horses, and even made his living shoeing horses.  His upcoming sixth CD, CAPTAINS AND COWBOYS, is due out in 2013, and it highlights those who've influenced, amused and taught him the strength of the human spirit.  Between live performances Mike is writing new songs with some of Nashville's most-respected writers, recording and working on philanthropic projects that include the annual Aiken & Friends Fest and the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race that benefits environmental concerns.  

David Olney sergio webbExtraordinarily prolific singer-songwriter / internet broadcaster DAVID OLNEY has become an Americana legend for his intelligent compositions recorded by Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Del McCoury, Tim O'Brien, Slaid Cleaves, Dale Ann Bradley, Kane/Welch/Kaplin, and others.  He is also globally-recognized for his intense live performances - especially with multi-instrumentalist Sergio Webb.  The two create a live musical experience that is beyond description and tremendously memorable.  Their highly theatrical performances have taken them to stages across America and around the world.  In addition to writing and touring, David's Tuesday webcast, YOU NEVER KNOW, includes video shorts that feature the story-behind-the-song. His classic poetry recitations can be found on YouTube.  David's current EP, THE STONE, follows his critically-acclaimed DAVID OLNEY Presents FILM NOIR release

Bonnie Bishop After a successful career on the Americana and Texas music circuits that included four CDs, critical acclaim and a nomination for Vocal Performance of the Year (Lone Star Music Awards),BONNIE BISHOP moved to Nashville to pursue a songwriting career.  Equal parts Gavin Degraw, Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt, Bishop's affecting lyrics and musical prowess underscore her ability to encourage and validate the listener.  Her stories of survival and redemption find their way into songs fit for anyone's personal playlist. Bonnie frequently writes with Nashville's elite, and her songs have been cut by Raitt and other major recording artists.  Her new project, FREE, will be released in October; previous CDs include: THINGS I KNOW, LIVE AT MAGNOLIA AVENUE SALOON, SOFT TO THE TOUCH and LONG WAY HOME.

Sponsors and supporters of the 7th Annual Smithfield Music's Aiken & Friends Fest include: Smithfield Foods, Newport News Shipbuilding, Hampton Inn Smithfield, Nashville Songwriters Association International, 97.3 The Eagle, Wildwood Guitars, Audio, Light and Musical, 319 Main Professional Office Suites, Cedar Creek Cases, Northwind Records, Smithfield Music, Smithfield, Isle of Wight Tourism, Smithfield Little Theatre, S&B Tents and Crocker Farms.

Ticket prices, full schedule and more information on the Fest can be found at 

ABOUT Smithfield Music's Aiken and Friends Fest
The Fest benefits youth music education through its annual Americana/Roots festival.  This small-town event introduces music fans to national, regional and local artists in the rural Virginia splendor along the Pagan River. Smithfield's very active music scene is due to the efforts of Jim & Elaine Abicht who head Smithfield Music, the nonprofit entity which benefits music education.  The partnership between Mike Aiken, the Town of Smithfield and Smithfield Music is strong, and the festival continues to grow.



Nashville, TN...(September 17, 2012)...As Craig Campbell’s addictive new single “Outta My Head” impacts country radio today, the neo-traditionalist singer is heading across the pond for back-to-back shows at The Gstaad Festival in Switzerland. While Campbell has previously toured in Australia, this will mark Campbell’s first-ever performance in Europe, where he’ll join Martina McBride for the popular festival in the Swiss Alps.

“Outta My Head” is a high-octane up-tempo track with an evocative lyric that describes the struggle of lost love. Produced by Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band) and Matt Rovey and written by Brandon Kinney, Michael Carter, and Cole Swindell, the mesmerizing track showcases Campbell’s rich, warm baritone and expansive range.

ABOUT CRAIG CAMPBELL: After moving from his hometown of Lyons, Georgia to Nashville in 2002 to pursue his country music dreams, American Country Awards nominee Craig Campbell quickly picked up work as a keyboardist in Luke Bryan and Tracy Byrd’s bands and was later discovered playing a regular gig at legendary Nashville honky-tonk, The Stage. The singer-songwriter has earned well-deserved praise from the country’s toughest critics for his self-titled debut album, which released in April of 2011. Campbell’s autobiographical lead single, “Family Man” was a top 15 hit followed by “Fish” which has sold a quarter of a million downloads. His current smash “Outta My Head” is the lead single from his sophomore album, set to release early next year. To learn more about Craig, visit and follow him on Twitter @craigcampbelltv.



I just was programming country music in ‘The Country & Western roundup’ ,for nearly three years, way back in 1969, when I got the chance to visit the Silk Cut Country Festival in Wembley-London and interview some of the greatest artists of that time. First thing in the morning I had breakfast with Hubert Long and Conway Twitty at the Royal Garden Hotel. It became a big experience, meeting such a great as Conway, especially when he just looked like ordinary people. No sign of the man who nearly outgrew Elvis back in 1958 with his million seller ‘It’s only make believe’ followed by some more good ol’ rocking songs. But in 1969 he had completely turned to country music and would have a very long list of 1 songs.

Then that night at the Wembley Arena, I got to interview some more grea ts like Bill Anderson, Jan Howard, Loretta Lynn, George Hamilton IV, John Wesley Ryles, They all were very friendly and hoped to visit Belgium in the future, - a wish that never came true..
Promoting country music, even on radio with quite some hard-dyed fans, didn’t result in any
Progress for the music, simply because what I played was seldom picked up by pop programs.
On the other hand, record firms were reluctant to releasing country music because it didn’”t get a great exposure.
Back in 1977 I had to change format to pop music, never letting country music get out of my view or ears.
In 1986 was asked again to do country music which resulted in ‘Countryside’that lasted till 1996 and then again I had to change to pop oriented programs, letting country music have some 30% of my playlists. During that time we organized several country shows in our own Radio 2 studios and always to adience that filled the location completely.
Kees de Haan from Holland was the man who brought so many canadian country artists to our studio, and we’re still grateful for that.
However times changed aagain and when the music division was moved to Brussels, I was again asked to do a country program (The Countryclub’ which lasted until 2007,)
I remember from that time that our boss at Radio 2 said to me he didn’t like country music, but when I mentioned ‘Release me’,’Green Green, Grass of Home”, “Funny Familiar forgotten feelings”, Detroit City etc...he wondered if that were country songs. Just to illustrate that most people don’t know what country music is about...

Country Music News International September 17. 2012

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Oct Schedule for Debi Champion's writers nights at the Commodore Grille

Taylor Swift’s “Never Ever” Spends 3rd Consecutive Week At #1

Martina McBride to Ring In the Holidays with ‘Joy of Christmas’ Tour

The Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation Launches Star-Studded Online Auction

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New CD released for Debut Tour

Country music traditionalist Will Banister commences his debut British tour this week.

His return to British shores follows on from his sensation appearance at Wembley's International Festival of Country Music in February – and, last month, performing at Channel 5's launch party for the return of the highly popular soap opera Dallas.

"It was a great experience” said Banister, reflecting upon the launch party where he was an especially requested entertainer. “I was overwhelmed that the organisers wanted me to appear at this special event. Now I'm looking forward to meeting the country music fans on my first UK tour".

The dates set for appearances are:
Wednesday 19 Sept:    Towngate Theatre, Basildon, Essex SS1 1DL
Thursday 20 Sept:       United Services Club, Precott Road, Widnes, Merseyside WA8 7PD
Friday 21 Sept:           Leeds Irish Centre, York Road, Leeds LS9 9NT
Saturday 22 Sept:       Wayland Academy, Merton Road, Watton, Norfolk IP25 6BA
Sunday 23 Sept:         Freds Place, Plains Road, Maaperly, Nottingham NG3 5RH 

The Clovis, New Mexico based singer/songwriter will be accompanied on tour by his manager/record producer Johnny Mulhair (guitar/harmonica) and Jill Mulhair (vocals) alongside respected British musicians Derek Thurlby (steel guitar), John J. Paul (keyboards), John Pettifer (guitar), Ian ("Sammy") Sams (bass) and Roy Martin (drums).

Regrettably the previously announced Invergordon concert (September 25) has been cancelled but Will Banister will make his Scottish debut at the Northern Nashville Country Music Festival, Halkirk, at Easter next year.

Coinciding with the forthcoming dates, Will Banister has a new cd released. Titled Turn Back Time, it features 11 original songs and follows on from his much acclaimed debut album Turned Her On To Country.

WILL BANISTER  Turn Back Time  (Clovisite Records)
Turn Back time; She’s Somewhere In Texas Tonight; I Wonder Who’s In Denver; (Let’s Make) An Old Love New again; I Want You to Stay; I’m Getting Close; Heartbroken Honkytonk Queen; This Seems More Like Living; Ain’t Got No Blues; Good Time Will Stay; Fiddle Man

Turn Back Time is available through specialist dealers, Amazon and other internet sites.

Oct Schedule for Debi Champion's writers nights at the Commodore Grille

The Commodore Grille
2613 West End Ave
Nash Tn 37203

no cover charge
Tue Wed Thur and Sun nights

Tues Oct 2.....Jim Sales, Allen Shervelle, Keith Dozier, Jason Gregory, Ryan Bizarri, Karree J Phillips, Dan Brayall, Random Music Group, Nicholas Beaudoing, Ricky Harris, Brandon Fraizer

Wed Oct 3....Jerry Foster, Becky Hobbs, Gerald Smith, Stan Hitchcock, Pam Belford, Riley Weston, Joe Rucker, Jack Witeveen, Keeli

Thurs Oct 4.........Johnny Bulford, Jamie Jo Thomas, Nick Columbia, Jack Frisby, Jerry Green, Bo Brendle, Grace Bernicker, Gina Horswood, Joey Hurd, Ben & Rose Siard

Sun Oct 7.......Chuck Whiting, Wil Comstock, Bob Nobles, Harlan Pease, Vanessa Hill, Janice Gilbert, Maddison Grigsby, Karen McNatt, John Sparkman, Nate Scates, Kathleen Steadman, Bob Spanburgh

Tues Oct 9......Billy Lee, Arthur Godfrey, Jelly Roll Johnson,  Steve Cupp, Bill Maier, Scott Neubert, Renee Wahl, James Bell, Gordy Thomas, Starr Michelle, Jimmy Borja, Rock Marcello, Drenan, Hannah Hampton, Kennedy Blake, Kokomo Joe

Wed Oct 10.....Chris Wallin, Bob Bishop, Luke Robinson, Kelsey Klingensmith, Jimmy Nichols, Keelan Donavon, Wild Oats Records, Aimee Alden, Virginia Vick, Robert Wilbur, Craig Gerdes, Ronny & Sarah Criss, JW Combs, Jamie Higdon, Janie Metts, Lauren Winans, Jonathan Brown, David Dulcie

Thurs Oct 11......CJ Watson, Donnie Winters,  Leann Erthridge, Author Godfrey, Matt Wilkerson, Gary Cavanaugh, Brad Howard, Tommy Turner, David Hunt, Sam Tate, Bobby Boyde

Sun Oct 14....Ronnie Kimball, Kalli Palmer, Jason Roller, Nathan Belt, Flyte 3, Nick Columbia, Christian Cole, Moe Joe B Garen, Kenneth Cooper, Alvia Sanberg, Brent Lindley, Dave Isaacs, Rick Caballo, Bob Marshall, Eli Fowler, Cory Anderson, Matt Ullman

Tues Oct 16......Brian White, Bruce Wallace, Phil Barton, Buzz Band, Dave Schwalm, Sal Casale, Pat Netti, Allen Shervelle, Denny Martin, Patti & Jerry Workman, Diane Gentes, JC Ward, Ed Coffey, Random Music Group, Bill Warington

Wed Oct 17.....Donnie Winters, Gibson & Mileti, Trent Jeffcoat, Steve Mitchell, Greg Hopkins, Liz Moriondo, Cam Salay, Jerry Green, Clete Trexler, Steve Lester, Dustin Alexander, Bo Brendle, John Trentes, Etta Lea, Reno Bo, Emily Kroll

Thurs Oct 18...Marc Alan Barnette, Peyton Taylor, Joe Caliva, Robert Wilbur, Kelly Dawn Kron, Tommy Tietjen, Chuck Reaves, Brad Miller, Kevin Robey, Jeff Randle

Sun Oct 21.....Lisa Aschmann, Jamie Jo Thomas, Darcy Slade, Roscoe, Kathleen Steadman, Shashi, David Newell, Jack Frisby, Gordy Thomas, Jamie Higdon, Johnny Ray, Chris Lee, Sammy Arriaga, Bob Spanburgh

Tues Oct 23.....Eddie Kilgallon, Janice Gilbert, Rhonda Armstrong, Maddison Grisby, Vanessa Hill, Starr Michelle, Drenan, JW Combs, Kokomo Joe, Brad Howard, Harlan Pease, Lewis Fowler, Ann Buckle, Ric Kirk

Wed Oct 24......Stan Garland, Jimmy Borja, Chad Elliott, Benita Crowe, Sam Wooden, Buzz Band, Tim Landers, Jamie Wayz, Aimee Kaye, Wayne Williams, Ben Goldsmith, Zack Logan, Tori Tullier, Big John Mills, Korri Ryan, Bob Nash, Al Holbrook

Thur Oct 25......Nicole Scott, Lisa Brokop, Bruce Wallace, Gibson & Mileti, Bill Warington, Stephanie Quayle, Randy McClanahan, Tom Barrelli

Sun Oct 28.......Tommy Barnes, Moses Cotton, Bill Maier, Pam Belford, Bill Griese, Fett & Nancy Moran, Craig Gerdes, Gary Cavanaugh, Chip Phillips, Matt Wilkerson, Nick Nicholas, Rock Marcello, David King, Duette, John Nemuth, Jay Pilzer

Tues Oct 30.....Jon Robbin, Buzz Band, Random Music Group, Ronny & Sarah Criss, Brad Miller, Kevin Robey, Denny Martin, E Phllips, Lindsey Houston, Brenda Allen, Allen Haynes

Wed Oct 31.....Boomer Castleman, Lois Hess, Billy Droze, Arthur Godfrey, Clint Alphin, Jack Frisby, Dustin Alexander, Jerry Green, Johnny Ray, John Trentes, Sammy Arriaga, Chris Lee, Nick Columbia, Tommy Turner, Tommy Tietjen, Karree J Phillips, David Loe, Jimmy Compton


     Anita, Iowa....."General John C. Fremont?  Is that right?  He's the guy who named Fremont, Nebraska.  That's where the last hold-out rural roots music gathering for the summer will take place."  The festival Bob Everhart is talking about is actually in its 26th year, but only the 5th year for the Everharts.  "We decided to try to save the event after the Arnolds who did it for so many years passed away.  They are buried in the cemetery across the street from the Christensen Field House, where the event is held.  October 5-6-7 might very well be the last dates we're going to be able to do this particular event.  After the Arnolds passed away, several incredibly inept people attempted to 'steal' it away from the Arnolds, and made a total mess of this very nice music event.  Sheila and I waited three years after their one year fiasco, for it to cool down some, but it has never been a big money maker, which they experienced the first year they did it.  We have gotten it back in the black, but it's taken five years to do that.  The problem now is, IF the Christensen Field House raises the rent considerably next year, it just might not make it on our calendar.  We're up to our necks with LeMars as it is, and Gladys Strein wants us to take over the Hampton Festival.  We'd like to do that too, it's the only really nice one in northeast Iowa.  We'll know more about that as time goes by, Gladys is having a terrible time in California, she lost her house, and everything in it as well, so she's going through a tremendously difficult time."
     "We like the Christensen Field House in Fremont," Sheila added, it's easy to use, and its climate controlled, and they have lots of electric/water hook-ups for campers as well as a free dump station, but the cost of renting it might prohibit us doing it again, so hopefully the folks will come out and see a really nice show, with tickets reasonably priced at $15 a day for adults, $35 for all three days.  Anyone under 17 gets in free, so we hope they will take advantage of this nice offer.  If they don't, well we'll just have to wait and see."
       "The line-up of talent is pretty remarkable," Bob added, "Terry Smith, the composer of "Far Side Banks of Jordan" is our headliner, and he's always a good draw.  His stories about when Johnny and June Carter Cash recorded his song is pretty astonishing.  There's about 50 additional performing artists through the 3-day period, along with some contests, and a great 'jamming' room adjacent to the main hall.  We'll be doing the sound, like we did on the main stage in LeMars to save money, and hopefully that will all work out ok.  Don Diemer is coming from Colorado to help us with sound as well as perform, and he's a good one.  The Nebraska Life Magazine has asked to take photos and do interviews while we are there."
     "Budget lunch was priced according to how much it weighed," Bobbie Lhea added.  There's a Deli in the Whole Foods Grocery Store (new in Des Moines), and you can select from a large buffet what you want to eat.  Dad wouldn't let us have any drinks, but we could easily fill our plates for $7 each, and the food was delightful.  I'd do that again in a second.  They have all kinds of food, I kind of like the India food, as does mom, but dad is always looking at fish, or meat and potatoes, and he's always got a full plate for $7."
     "The next show at the Oak Tree Opry in Anita, is September 21," Sheila added.  "Pat Boilesen the composer of the hit song "Prairie Fire" will be with us.  She is known as Nebraska's Daughter, and she'll be joined by three really good young performers; Emma Heyen who is a delightful 13-year old singer, does Patsy Cline really really well, and she's so pretty and nice on stage.  Joining her is 13-year old rag-time piano player Calvin Dehacek from Oakland.  He's really super, and he'll make the old upright piano sing.  Jeremie Faga is also with us, he's a young country singer from Atlantic, so we're sure looking forward to a good show on Sept. 21.  Seats are available at 712-762-4363."

The Colorados Party im GreenHouse

Zum 3. mal war die Countryband “The Colorados” aus Kempten zu Gast im “GreenHouse” im Golfclub Scheidegg. Wie nicht anders zu erwarten, waren gleich beim ersten Song die Tänzer der Linedancegruppe “Green Hill Billies” auf der Tanzfläche und animierten die anwesenden Gäste zum mitmachen. Diese ließen sich auch nicht lange bitten und meisterten ihren ersten Linedanceversuch mit Bravour. Ob zu traditioneller Countrymusik oder zum Song von ZZTop “sharp dress man” jeder Quadratmeter freie Fläche wurde tanzend ausgenutzt. Das “GreenHouse” war bis auf den letzten Platz besetzt und die Gäste fühlten sich in diesem besonders stilvollen Ambiente bei Country music from the heart sichtlich wohl. Der nächste “Country-evening im GreenHouse” wird im November stattfinden. Der genaue Termin wird noch auf der Homepage bekannt gegeben. Hier finden Sie auch weitere Termine und Bilder von verschiedenen Events der Band aus dem Allgäu.

Dierks Bentley Helps CMA Keep the Music Playing

Dierks Bentley visited P.S. 103, The Hector Fontanez School, in the Bronx, New York, this past Thursday to talk about the importance of music as a form of expression and a compelling reason to help keep children engaged in school.
“CMA’s Keep The Music Playing does so much to enable the future of kids who might not have a hands-on experience with music otherwise,” said Bentley. “I was honored that they asked me to be their ambassador for the day on behalf of all the Country Music artists who donate their time each year to help this cause. They’ve made a huge dent in the music needs in Nashville, so it was really cool to help expand their mission to one of Country Music’s top markets like New York City.”

Taylor Swift’s “Never Ever” Spends 3rd Consecutive Week At #1

Taylor Swift is continuing to break records with her new single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” According to the song claims the longest run on top of the Hot 100 Chart for a country song in almost 32 years.
The trade publication says three weeks at number-one “Never” represent the longest reign for a country title since Kenny Rogers’ “Lady” led for six weeks” back in 1980. Not only does “Never” boast the longest Hot 100 domination for any country song since “Lady,” but it also scores the longest Hot 100 lead by a woman since Debby Boone’s 10-week run in 1977 with “You Light Up My Life.”

Martina McBride to Ring In the Holidays with ‘Joy of Christmas’ Tour

Martina McBride will continue her highly acclaimed One Night intimate theater tour throughout fall before embarking on her own Christmas-themed tour entitled The Joy of Christmas.
“I am extremely excited to get back out on the road this fall to continue our ‘ONE NIGHT’ tour,” said Martina. “The reaction from fans this spring and summer has been fantastic. I have never done such an intimate tour before that allows me connect with my fans in such a close way.”
“The Christmas season is by far the McBride family’s favorite time of the year. Holiday music is some of my most favorite to sing and it reminds me of the memories I have growing up that I’ve shared with my daughters,” continued Martina. “I have compiled all of my favorite Chistmas songs and will package them together in a fun concert for all.”

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