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Little Big Town Explores New Horizons in Harmony and Production

Little Big Town Explores New Horizons in Harmony and Production
By Bob Doerschuk
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One great singer is a producer’s delight. When George Jones, Tony Bennett or Andrea Bocelli is behind the microphone, the possibilities for one-of-a-kind bursts of inspiration are what spark the studio maven’s imagination.
Does this mean that when you gather four terrific singers, the opportunities for such moments quadruple? Not exactly, but it does tweak the dynamic in an intriguing way. Group vocals reach out differently, in blends made smoother by toning down individual idiosyncrasies. Even where one member takes the spotlight for a chorus, the group is fundamentally, well, a group.
To producers with a particular sensitivity to sonic nuance, this suggests a different set of possibilities than a single voice on its own — possibilities related to texture and timbre, similar to working with strings or synth pads. Jay Joyce is that type of a producer. With Cage the Elephant and Patty Griffin as well as Country artists Eric Church, Emmylou Harris, Jack Ingram and Ashley Ray, his trademark has been to frame the performer in vivid and often surprising colors. It sounds on paper like a perfect match for Little Big Town, whose versatility, precision, emotional expression and shimmering harmonic presentation seem ideal for this type of treatment.
It sounds that way on disc too. The meeting of Little Big Town and Jay Joyce on Tornado, released Sept. 11, delivers on its promise of mutually inspired creativity. Working together, artists and producer have come up with a milestone, each casting the other in a new light and bringing forth something unlike anything either has produced before.
“We just knew that we needed to do something new,” explained Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild. “We’ve had great success with our longtime producer and friend, Wayne Kirkpatrick. But even in discussions with Wayne, it was like, ‘How do we continue to inspire each other?’ You do find new ways of doing it with a longtime collaboration, but we felt like we needed a fresh perspective in a way. We had a great, open, honest dialogue with Wayne. He could not have been more supportive. That’s just the kind of person he is.”
With his blessing, the band — Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook — reached out to Joyce. They’d already met him when he laid down some guitar tracks on their 2010 album, The Reason Why, so when they invited him over to dinner, everyone showed up eager to trade ideas.
“He respected what we had done in the past and he knew we didn’t want to completely leave that behind,” Fairchild recalled. “But he also said, ‘You know what? I think I can make a new record on you guys — something different. I’ve got some ideas about the way we’re going to record your voices.’ And that’s what we wanted to hear.”
“I really like the classic vocal bands — that ‘70s/Eagles/Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young kind of thing,” said Joyce, who has been nominated for three CMA Awards this year – Album of the Year for Tornado and Single of the Year for “Pontoon” and Eric Church’s “Springsteen.” “I thought that if we spent enough time in pre-production, they’d know what to do and we could go in and nail it. So we worked really hard in pre-production. We even got a couple of players to come in and rehearse — I don’t know why that’s so unusual here in Nashville, but pre-production is pretty key especially with vocal bands because you can constantly change singers and keys. The options are endless.”
Those options stretched beyond replicating old-school vocal styles — though on “Can’t Go Back” (written by Natalie Hemby, Kate York and Rosi Golan), for example, the voicings sung and doubled by Little Big Town do clearly evoke the classic CS&N sound circa “Helplessly Hoping.” “We did a lot of bouncing. We did duets. We did a lot of things they never did,” Joyce noted. “The guys would sing a line and the girls would sing the harmony, as opposed to everybody going at once. We experimented with a lot of old-school effects. I even had them get inside an echo chamber when they sang some of the parts of ‘Night Owl.’ And that’s Kimberly inside the echo chamber at the end of ‘Tornado.’”
That vintage echo chamber at Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios was just one resource employed by Little Big Town and Joyce. Special attention was paid to the drums. “Jay was very particular about cymbals getting in the way of the vocals,” Fairchild reported. “He wanted a clean pathway, but the foundation underneath should be heavyweight and full. That’s the kind of record that Jay makes anyway, but that’s also what we were looking for.”
“When you have four main vocalists, that’s a lot of real estate in the two-speaker area,” Joyce added. “A lot of times, people cram the vocals on top, so my idea was to carve out that niche right from the beginning. It might feel a little strange and empty at first, but once we put the vocal right there, they didn’t have anything to fight with. They can live without competing against anything else in the mix.”
Using the drums more sparely also allows them to speak with a greater presence. They underscore the space and intimacy of “Sober” (written by Liz Rose, Hillary Lindsey and Lori McKenna). The ominous imagery of “Tornado” (Hemby and Delta Maid) is lit by a snare backbeat that cracks like lightning and anchored on the downbeats by a kick drum that stalks like footsteps in the dark. And the four-beat rhythm on the verses of “On Fire Tonight” (Luke Laird and Little Big Town) ignites a sizzling, Sly Stone-like party groove.
But rules are made to be broken too. On one track, “Self Made,” the formula is reversed during choruses, where the voices are buried within a thunder of drums, washes of cymbal and squalling electric guitars. Powerful on its own, “Self Made” packs an even bigger punch through its contrast with the rest of Tornado.
“‘Self Made’ is a really special song,” Fairchild said. “Jimi and I were writing with Natalie Hemby. She played us this thing that she and Jedd Hughes had started, called ‘Self Made.‘ We knew the band would flip out over that lyric. It’s not just our story, it’s the story of every working man and woman in this country that has to try to do something for themselves the hard way. It’s about perseverance and believing and looking ahead.
“When we went in to track this song, we saved it for the end. It was like the culmination of all the work we’d done,” she continued. “Jay was literally standing on top of the B-3 (Hammond organ) in the middle of the room, almost conducting and inspiring us to give more. It was something I’ll never forget. I know you can feel it when you hear that song. We wanted it to be about that moment, and if you push the vocals too forward, you’re not going to feel the way everyone was playing. It felt like it should just sit inside that band moment because what everyone was doing was necessary.”
“A lot of Country Music vocals are shoved up front automatically,” Joyce added. “I like to hear what a vocalist is saying, but I also like the Rolling Stones. So it was intentional not to do the typical thing on ‘Self Made.’ With a rock song, if you’re going to jam four beautiful, big-sounding voices to the front, the song is not going to rock. No matter what you do, it’s going to sound like karaoke. To keep the rock feel, I balanced the vocals just above what I would do for a rock band.”
On this track in particular, that energy stemmed from how everyone configured in the studio. Little Big Town lined up as they do onstage, on individual microphones in a row. The musicians surrounded them, pushing the music into them from all directions. “We weren’t worried about bleed-over into the mics,” Fairchild insisted. “We worried about the energy of what we were doing. We even invited some of the writers to drop by because we wanted them to make us nervous. It ups the energy when someone walks into the room to listen as you track. We could see everybody; it felt very in the moment with them. Jay would go, ‘All right, let’s go. Bring your A-game. Sing!’ He’d count us in, and we were in the moment, bringing it.”
That was true on the album’s antithesis to “Self Made” too. The most delicate moments on Tornado come at the end, with “Night Owl” (Hemby and Little Big Town). Accompanied by acoustic guitar, with vibraphone and electric guitar adding a glistening sheen, it presents the singers in an unusual configuration, the male and female voices answering each other in a dreamlike dialogue of imminent reunion. Listening, one hesitates even to breathe, for fear of disrupting its fragile, floating beauty.
Amazingly, it took just seven days for Little Big Town to track Tornado. After a short rest, they came back to listen with some perspective and tighten a few details. “Jay said, ‘You guys sing every night. You’re good singers. There’s no reason why you’re not just laying this down live in the studio all the way,’” Fairchild remembered. “I’m not saying we didn’t cut and paste some things together. But what you’re hearing is a moment in time of about seven days of rehearsing and then singing live at night, just as we would in a show: The boys have a shot of whiskey, we have a little glass of wine, and we’re off. We worked at a fast pace because we were so excited, we wanted not only our label and management to hear these songs; we were ready for the world to hear them. We’re ready now!”
On the Web: www.LittleBigTown.com
On Twitter: @LBTMusic

9/11 a day remembered for the devastation but also for the Heroic in people..

9/11 a day remembered for the devastation but also for the Heroic in people..

In Memory of the Heroes of 9/11 Singer/Songwriter Jayme Xaya composed and recorded the beautiful Song ‘Promise God’

In ’Promise God’ he believes that One Day we will unite as One, and will understand what it means to be.

With his deep respect for the Heroes of 9/11 he dedicated the Song to those who made Humanity stand above the dark that day.
Jayme Xaya captured pure emotions before in his People’s Choice Obama Song ‘Time for Change had Come’ , it reflected how the World felt on the Day of President Obama’s inauguration.
And now with the re-election campaign he is back in, with the up-lifting and powerful ‘I’m In - Together One World’ Jayme is one of the Independent Artists rallying the younger demographic to vote to move forward. www.obamasong.org

‘My Music takes me all around the World, President Obama is respected and loved and brought our World closer together again.  
We are ‘Together one World’ Jayme..

Music with a meaning, Songs that tell a Story that is one of the strong suits of this very talented contemporary Country Songwriter and Recording Artist.
His Faith in God keeps him on the road to stay true to his Talent. Jayme Xaya is a name to remember, discover his Songs on iTunes now !
Make that Promise to God with Jayme, the single ‘Promise God’ is available on iTunes starting 09/11 12 !

FREE Nashville Bluegrass Concert

FREE Nashville Bluegrass Concert
After Titans Game On Sunday, Sept. 23
Will Kick Off IBMA’s World Of Bluegrass Week
The TRAVELIN' McCOURYS & Friends to bring world-class bluegrass
to star-packed post-game Cumberland Park concert

NASHVILLE, Tenn -- A free concert with bluegrass supergroup The Travelin’ McCourys & Friends will take place immediately after the Tennessee Titans’ game on Sunday, Sept. 23, 2012 from 4:30-6:00 p.m. at Cumberland Park, 592 South 1st Street in Nashville, in the shadow of the Titans’ stadium on the banks of the Cumberland River.

The concert will kick off IBMA’s World of Bluegrass Week, Sept. 24-30, at the Nashville Convention Center and the Ryman Auditorium, and a public celebration of September as “Worldwide Bluegrass Music Month.” IBMA – the International Bluegrass Music Association – is the professional trade organization for the global bluegrass music community.

Earlier in the day, family patriarch and IBMA Hall of Famer Del McCoury will perform the National Anthem at LP Field, just before the start of the Titans/Detroit Lions game (12 noon CST). Immediately following the game, “The Travelin’ McCourys,” as Del’s band members are known when they work as a quartet, will perform with some special guests at an open-air bluegrass concert at Cumberland Park.

“This concert is our way of thanking local bluegrass fans and the city of Nashville for eight amazing years as the hosts of World of Bluegrass,” said Nancy Cardwell, newly appointed IBMA executive director. “And what better way to celebrate Worldwide Bluegrass Music Month than with some pure, powerful, award-winning McCoury bluegrass?”

Del will join his sons Ronnie and Rob onstage as a special guest with their new configuration, The Travelin’ McCourys, along with a surprise list of friends. “The McCourys know nearly every good musician in town, so there’s no telling who will show up onstage with them!” notes Cardwell. “We’re delighted to present this show for the people of Music City as a way to kick-start the World of Bluegrass. If you like what you hear, be sure to stop by the Nashville Convention Center during the week for more of that high lonesome sound!”

Parking will be taken up by Titans fans, so concertgoers who will arrive later are advised to park downtown and walk over the bridge to Cumberland Park if they are not planning to attend the game; visit www.parkitdowntown.com for great parking locations.

“The Travelin’ McCourys & Friends” FREE show on Sunday, Sept. 23 is hosted by Bluegrass Underground & Music City Roots for IBMA, and is co-sponsored by BBC (Bluegrass Brewing Company).

More About IBMA’s World of Bluegrass
IBMA’s World of Bluegrass, which includes the genre’s Business Conference, International Bluegrass Music Awards show and Fan Fest, takes place from Monday, Sept. 23 through Sunday, Sept. 30. Dozens of groups will showcase each evening on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, Sept. 24-26, and more than 60 of the best bluegrass bands from around the world will take the stage at Fan Fest Friday-Sunday, Sept. 28-30. The International Bluegrass Music Awards will take place Thursday night, Sept. 27 at the Ryman Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.

For more information on World of Bluegrass, including tickets to the International Bluegrass Music Awards, Fan Fest and the many activities of the week, visit www.ibma.org, join IBMA’s Facebook group, or call 615-256-3222 (888-GET-IBMA). Tickets will be on sale at World of Bluegrass Registration, located at the main entrance of the Nashville Convention Center, Sept. 24-29. Awards Show tickets are also available from the Ryman box office at (615) 889-3060 or http://www.ryman.com/event/detail/ibmaawards12.html.

Special Events In Nashville / TN

The Americana Music Association & The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum Present Special Events
Open to Badge Holders, Museum Members and Public

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and The Americana Music Association continue their partnership this year, once again presenting stellar events in the Ford Theater. All programs are included with Museum admission and free to Museum members and to AMA conference registrants with badge. The complete schedule for the conference and festival can be seen here.

Thursday, September 13, 12:00
Booker T. Jones and Robert Gordon Interview
This program will be streamed live at www.countrymusichalloffame.org
Throughout the 1960s, Booker T. Jones led the house band at Stax Records-Booker T. and the MG's- backing artists such as Albert King, Wilson Pickett, and Carla Thomas. In the 1970s he produced Willie Nelson's album Stardust and played with Bob Dylan. More recently, his collaborations have included the Drive-By Truckers, Elton John, and Neil Young. In a conversation with author Robert Gordon, Jones will discuss his past, present, and future

                                        Friday, September 14, 12:00pm
Book Talk and Signing: Don McLeese author of Dwight Yoakam: A Thousand Miles From Nowhere
In Dwight Yoakam, award-winning music journalist Don McLeese offers the first biography of this acclaimed artist and torchbearer of the Bakersfield Sound. McLeese traces the disparate influences in Yoakam's music and shows how Yoakam has combined rock & roll, rockabilly, country, blues, and gospel into a seamless whole. The book draws on extensive interviews with Yoakam, his management, producer-guitarist Pete Anderson, and others. Followed by a signing in the Museum Store. This event is presented in support of the exhibit The Bakersfield Sound: Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and California Country

                                        Saturday, September 15, 11:30am
Songwriter Session: Tift Merritt
Tift Merritt is a North Carolina native who has been nominated for four Americana Music Awards, as well as for a Grammy for Best Country Album. Over the course of her career, she has built a distinctive sound and won critical acclaim for her commitment to expressing her own poetic voice. Her fifth studio album, Traveling Alone, is due in October. 

Saturday, September 15, 1:30pm
Songwriter Session: Richard Thompson
This program will be streamed live at www.countrymusichalloffame.org
Richard Thompson wrote songs recorded by David Byrne, Elvis Costello, Emmylou Harris, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Patty Loveless, Del McCoury, Robert Plant, Bonnie Raitt, and many others. He was a founding member of the British folk-rock band Fairport Convention, and has recorded more than forty critically acclaimed albums. He was named one of Rolling Stone's Top 20 Guitarists of All Time, and his 2010 live CD was nominated for a Grammy.
Music industry professionals and those interested in the business of great music can still purchase Festival and Conference Registrations at The Sheraton Downtown Nashville starting Wednesday September 12 at noon.
Registrants receive entrance to all sanctioned daytime conference music, panels and parties, plus priority access to all evening showcase performances.

Mark Houser & Bluegrass Drive UNEVEN ROAD

Mark Houser & Bluegrass Drive
First single, “River of Regret” written by Mark Houser, Arlo Gilliam, and Carrie Hassler. This exciting new album features the talents of: Rhonda Vincent, Andy Leftwich, Cody Kilby, Barry Bales, Cory Walker, Scotty Sanders, Paul Brewster, Dawn Sears, and more. The album was co-produced by Mark Houser and Little River Band guitarist, Rich Herring.
For more information on Mark Houser, and to order your copy of UNEVEN ROAD, please visit MarkHouserbluegrass.com.

Country Music News International September 11. 2012

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Charity Guitar for Sale Autographed by Country Stars
Gitarre mit vielen Autogrammen Deiner Country Stars zu verkaufen:
Country Muisc News:

DIERKS BENTLEY ADDS KIX BROOKS TO SEVENTH ANNUAL “MILES & MUSIC FOR KIDS” LINEUP ON OCT. 14 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/dierks-bentley-adds-kix-brooks-to.html

Labels and Lineups Announced for “CRS Battle of the Bands” Event on Sept. 27 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/labels-and-lineups-announced-for-crs.html
Josh Doyle Helps Kick Off DIRECTV’s New Late Night TV Show “The Nick & Artie Show” http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/josh-doyle-helps-kick-off-directvs-new.html

Mark Knopfler erobert mit "Privateering" direkt Platz 1 der deutschen Charts http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/mark-knopfler-erobert-mit-privateering.html

MARK NEWTON AND STEVE THOMAS IN NASHVILLE FOR A TWO NIGHT STAND http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/mark-newton-and-steve-thomas-in.html

LADY ANTEBELLUM TO SPREAD THE HOLIDAY SPIRIT WITH RELEASE OF CHRISTMAS ALBUM ON THIS WINTER’S NIGHT http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/lady-antebellum-to-spread-holiday.html

Willie Nelson, Writes Forward to Nashville based Artist, Corey Frizzell’s Up-Coming Book http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/09/willie-nelson-writes-forward-to.html

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Previously Announced Artists Include Sheryl Crow, Chris Young and Brantley Gilbert

Nashville, TN – Sept. 10, 2012 – Multi-platinum country music star Dierks Bentley has added award winning country music singer and radio personality Kix Brooks to the artist lineup for his seventh annual “Miles & Music for Kids” celebrity motorcycle ride and concert scheduled for Sun., Oct. 14 in Nashville, TN. Tickets for the family-friendly event are available to fans through Tickemaster.com.
This year’s lineup on the ACM Lifting Lives main stage also includes previously announced special guests Sheryl Crow, Chris Young, Brantley Gilbert, The Cadillac Black and Craig Campbell. Bentley has once again teamed up with CMT ONE COUNTRY for the music-filled afternoon, which begins at the Harley-Davidson of Columbia (1616 Harley Davidson Blvd., Columbia, TN) for a scenic hour-long motorcycle ride ending at downtown Nashville’s Riverfront Park.
Fans can purchase tickets for the ride, concert and commemorative T-shirt for $50, or those looking to attend the concert only can purchase tickets for $20.  Special VIP packages are also available. All proceeds from the event will benefit Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. For more ticket info, visit www.dierks.com.   
About Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt:  
Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, a freestanding hospital dedicated to serving only children, is nationally recognized as a leading provider of pediatric health care services. Experts treat and work to prevent all health issues ranging from common childhood conditions to serious, advanced diseases. Featuring Centers of Excellence for the treatment of diabetes and congenital heart disorders, Children’s Hospital also operates the region’s only level 1 pediatric trauma unit and a neonatal intensive care unit with the highest designated level of care. In addition, Children’s Hospital is a top-level teaching and research facility. No child is denied care on basis of limited ability to pay.

Labels and Lineups Announced for “CRS Battle of the Bands” Event on Sept. 27

Labels and Lineups Announced for “CRS Battle of the Bands” Event on Sept. 27 

(Nashville, Tenn. – Sept. 10, 2012) Labels and partial band lineups have been announced for the Sept. 27 CRS Battle of the Bands, with groups comprised of employees from Nashville record labels Broken Bow Records, Capitol Nashville, Sony Music Nashville, UMG Nashville and Warner Music Nashville.

Held Thursday, Sept. 27, from 6-9 p.m. at 3rd & Lindsley, the inaugural industry event raises money for the CRS Scholarship Fund and The Country Radio Hall of Fame by pitting bands from Nashville’s Country Music record label community against each other. 

The 2012 CRS Battle of the Bands lineups:

Broken Bow Records - Band: “The One Night Stand Band” (Lineup and Artist Coach TBA).

Capitol Nashville - Band: “Capitol eMERGing Artists” (feat. Shane Allen, Jeremy Ash, Tom Becci, Danny Beerios, Michael Brian, Rachel Dobson, Sarah Edmonds, Tony Grotticelli, Allison Hardy, Steve Hodges, Donna Hughes, Brent Jones, Brad O’Donnell, Jimmy Rector, Melissa Spillman, Josh Wilson).  Artist Coach: TBA

Sony Music Nashville – Band: “Bushido” (feat. Matt Adams, Nick Barnes, John Fox, David Friedman, Norbert Nix, Chris Waters).  Artist Coach: Tyler Farr

UMG Nashville – Band: “Tiny Huge City” (feat. Dottie Chamberlain, Katie Dean, Sally Green, June Hammet, Cole Johnson, Tom Lord, Royce Risser, Pam Russell, Jen Schaaf, James Stewart, Amy Weatherholt).  Artist Coach: Laura Bell Bundy

Warner Music Nashville – Band: “The Almighty Warner Band” (Lineup TBA, band leader John Esposito).  Artist Coach: TBA

The “CRS Battle of the Bands” is a private, industry-only event.  Sponsored by 3rd and Lindsley, Miller Lite, Svedka Vodka, Thorny Rose Wines, Suntrust and Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Proceeds benefit the CRS Scholarship Fund and The Country Radio Hall of Fame.  Contact the CRS offices at (615) 327-4487 for more information.

CRS 2013 is held Feb. 27 – March 1, 2013, in downtown Nashville, Tenn., at the Nashville Convention Center.  Visit www.CountryRadioSeminar.com for more information.

Josh Doyle Helps Kick Off DIRECTV’s New Late Night TV Show “The Nick & Artie Show”

Josh Doyle Helps Kick Off DIRECTV’s New Late Night TV Show
“The Nick & Artie Show”
Exclusively on The Audience Channel

Featuring Comedians Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange

Nashville, Tenn. (Sept. 10, 2012) - Just weeks after making his national debut on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” hot, new singer/songwriter, Josh Doyle, was invited to perform on the premiere of DIRECTV's new late night TV show, “The Nick & Artie Show,” Friday night, September 7, on The Audience Channel. Chosen out of 17,000 as the winner of Guitar Center’s inaugural Singer/Songwriter competition, Doyle performed, “Bird of Prey,” and “Solarstorms,” from his upcoming self-titled CD produced by the legendary, John Shanks.

“Nick & Artie are hilarious, and I had a blast!” commented Doyle. “I look forward to making it a regular stop when I’m in New York.”

In case you missed it, you can view Doyle’s sit-down interview and performances here:

After taking sports talk radio by storm last year, DIRECTV’s The Nick & Artie Show, featuring comedians Nick DiPaolo and Artie Lange, airs on late night TV - Monday through Friday from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. ET/PT - with the most outrageous observational humor to be found anywhere on television.  Hosts share their unique takes on the day’s top stories, along with celebrity interviews, movie reviews, live musical performances and a variety of in-studio segments, from cooking with Artie’s Mom to a game of pool, and live music.

About Josh Doyle
Before Josh Doyle was even old enough to drive, the UK native was compelled to pen songs from the age of 13. While attending Chichester University, he founded rock outfit The Dumdums. The group's debut album for MCA Records, It Goes Without Saying, spawned four UK Top 30 hits, earning them a supporting spot on tour with Robbie Williams before the band split up in the midst of creating their sophomore album. Doyle then relocated to Nashville and began crafting and independently releasing the EPs The End of Fear, Values and Virtues and Middletown, and Songs From The Nuclear War Vol. 1 & 2. In 2012, Doyle won Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter competition, beating out 17,000 competitors and receiving a three-song EP by Grammy Award-winning producer John Shanks. Now partnered with CTK Management and Neil Warnock of The Agency Group, the Shanks-produced EP Josh Doyle is set to be released Oct. 23, 2012 and will feature the single “Solarstorms.”

For more information on Josh Doyle, please visit www.joshdoyle.com www.facebook.com/joshdoylemusic 
or www.twitter.com/joshdoyle

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Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Big & Rich, Lee Brice, Kane Brown, Brothers Osborne, Josh Abbott Band, Maren Morris, Jake Owen, Michael Ray, High Valley, Brett Young And More


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DYLAN SCOTT Stakes His Claim Nationwide on Headlining MY TOWN TOUR

DYLAN SCOTT Stakes His Claim Nationwide on Headlining MY TOWN TOUR Chart-Rising Single “My Girl” Passes 22 Million Spotify Plays “...



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