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David and Howard Bellamy Join Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee
on Nationally Syndicated Radio Show this Friday, September 7 @ 1:30 PM EST
Nashville, Tenn. (September 6, 2012) – This Friday, September 7, Country music legends the Bellamy Brothers join former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on his nationally syndicated radio program, The Mike Huckabee Show.  The Governor's new show, syndicated through Cumulus Media, can be heard on more than 200 stations throughout the nation.

The brothers will join Governor Huckabee at 1:30 PM EST to perform the title track from their newly released Gospel album, Pray For Me.

Pray For Me was released this past Tuesday and is available in stores as well as online retailers.

About the Bellamy Brothers

Throughout their 30 plus year career, the multi-platinum selling Bellamy Brothers have charted 14 #1 Hits on the US Country and Pop music charts.   Hits like "Let Your Love Flow," "If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body (Would You Hold It Against Me)," "Redneck Girl," and "Old Hippie" helped to make the brothers household names.  Today, their seamless harmonies remain perfectly intact as they continue to travel the United States and European tour circuits, performing over 180 dates each year.

THE ROYS Exclusive Global Booking Agreement With Moonstruck Management

Another New Day Dawns For THE ROYS - Duo Signs Exclusive Global Booking Agreement With Moonstruck Management

Alliance Follows Release of THE ROYS' New EP, NEW DAY DAWNING

Roys sign w Moonstruck
Lee and Elaine Roy are all smiles as they sign their new booking deal with Moonstruck Management partners Peter Keiser and Josh Trivett.

Nashville, TN (September 6, 2012) - Another new day is dawning for super-hot duo THE ROYS.  The trend-setting siblings just signed an exclusive global booking agreement with prestige agency, Moonstruck Management.  "Peter and I have been fans of THE ROYS since the beginning," notes Josh Trivett, Moonstruck Management partner.  "We have watched them closely - both as they burst on to the Bluegrass scene with their signature sound and gave performances that are their own and truly unique.  It is with great pride that we join THE ROYS' team, and we look forward to growing with them for years to come," Trivett adds.

For Lee and Elaine the signing with Moonstruck Management for representation is another step forward.  Just as their sophomore Rural Rhythm Records' disc debuts at Number 2 on the Billboard Bluegrass Albums Chart, they join an elite roster that includes Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Sal Gonzalez, Lonesome River Band, Bobby Osborne & The Rocky Top X-Press and The Sleepy Man Banjo Boys.

As the reigning Inspirational Country Music's Bluegrass Artist of the Year, THE ROYS have just received nominations in three categories for the 18th Annual ICM Faith, Family & Country™ Awards scheduled to be held October 18.  The siblings were previously honored with the ICM's Duo of the Year award in 2010 and 2009. 

Fans can follow THE ROYS online at, Facebook and on Twitter @theroysonline.

Internet Radio Versus AM/FM



Over the past 10-15 years I have watched the desecration of country music via controlled radio ownership, but during this time internet was beginning to gain momentum, and those record label execs never seen the tidal wave of what was about to hit them.  The tsunami of a new wave of being able to listen to their favorite music, downloading music for one’s music library at a cost, was rolling over the country music industry and there was no one who could stop it.  Finally the music genre’s went to our government to find a way to get royalties paid for record companies, writers, publishers, and the artist.  It seems like they have reached a happy medium, but the issue could have been avoided way in advance if record companies would have looked into the crystal ball that was sitting right in front of them.

Back then I wondered if it was going to be worth the time I was spending online to do my business, but as each month and year passed by, the internet was moving at warp speed to becoming the way of the future.  You can now send music worldwide as an MP3 in all kinds of formats.  Those who have do not have space on their computer to download music to play on their radio shows now have Drop Box, Box, and all kinds of easy formats to allow you the opportunity to be a part of the new electronic age.  Who were the losers in this flood of the new age of electronics?  First it was those at the record companies who thought they knew everything there was to know about how to produce records, market the records, and most of all how they could put more money in their pockets at the expense of the artists who thought the record labels knew what they doing.  Not so funny now, because the evolution of electronics is a part of our everyday life, and who are the ones suffering, and rightfully so-those who financially almost broke the music industry. 

We still do have some good honest people in our business, but it is like you have to search to find them, because all of the new young artists coming into this business are wary of our industry, and they do their homework before they become involved with any of the rift-raft that slithers around in the industry, not only in country music, they are in every genre of music, loaded with the sharks who bite anyone who has a buck that they can get their hands on.  BUT there are still radio stations both AM and Indie Radio, that will give an indie artist a live interview, play his music, and give him a chance to know that there are still great DJ’s and radio stations in our country.  The days of being able to call Bill Mack at WBAP in Ft. Worth, TX, at any time during his all night show, are almost gone.  He would never turn an artist down to talk to them, play their record, and make them feel that they were just as important as the artist with a #1 song.  The greatest problem that Bill had was not being able to answer every call that came in, and I know because it might take me a couple nights to get through to him, but we I did, it was worth every minute of the wait.  The nice thing about Bill Mack is that he is still going strong, and hopefully when he comes back on the air, he will be the same Bill Mack that covered the airwaves with an open mic to all artists. 

Then there were the big guns of late night radio, Ralph Emery, yes, Bill Mack included, Mike Hoyer, Billy Coe, Charlie Douglas, Big John Trimble (still playing “country” records in VA), Tom Cat Reeder who passed away just recently.  There is also a friend of mine, Ed Dailey out in Oregon who is celebrating his 16th anniversary at the same station in Oregon on radio station KORD, who is available to all indie artists as long as their product is radio friendly.
I can remember Tom Cat Reeder was always there for all of us who had a new record (45 RPM) when we would send our record by postal mail, and as soon as he received a copy of our song, he played it for the listeners.  And now we have Tim Michaels in PA, Tom Wardle in MD, Bill Cody, Charlie Mattos, Joe Limardi, and Marcia Campbell of WSM/AM who play the real country music, and I cannot name all of the DJ’s across our country, and worldwide who are keeping true country music alive, but my thanks to all of you.  There are so many DJ’s who have been gone from us for some time, who deserve to be recognized for what they have meant to the rise of country music through all of these years, and there are still many great DJ’s who do it the right way by giving new artists not on major record labels, an opportunity to be heard on radio. 

Internet radio has forced large scale changes in broadcasting so that if the major country stations will not give indie artists a change to show their talent, indie radio stations have time and invite these artists to bring their music to them and they will play it.  Yes, they will review it and play it, but make no mistake about the rules-your music needs to have a great performance by the artist, and great production from the studio musicians who are bound by their talents to make sure that they give the best quality and performance that each song deserves.  Indie radio now competes with giant corporate radio station owners who have bought up most of the major stations in our country, and our government has allowed this to happen.  There is no place in new country radio for a talented indie artist.  The reporting stations as we call them are looking out for themselves and what their bosses demand of them, and the hell with the new artist on an unknown label, although the artist and the song might be better then what they are currently playing.  At first it was the artists who were losing, but now with the internet so strong, ITunes, artist’s websites, Facebook, Twitter, and social media, it is time for the indie artists to be heard, and the hell with radio stations kept afloat by the big record labels who are keeping them from folding up.  The record labels better thank their lucky stars for Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, rock n rollers like Jason Aldean, and a short list of who gets played and who doesn’t.  Where can you hear Alabama, Ray Price, Jean Shepard, Oak Ridge Boys, on FM Radio.  The playlist used to be the Top 100 on Billboard, and now it is Top 40-I think.  The reporting station charts are as manipulated as voters are to elect a government official.

And then there is FM radio for country music.  Are you kidding me?  Those stations have been so negative to new artists and share the blame for the way that country music has been going downhill today. There is no doubt when the big radio DJ’s read this editorial, they will immediately say that I am crazy, don’t know what I am talking about, it isn’t true, and whatever else they can think of to get rid of this kind of thinking because of what their listeners might think after they read this article.  There should be room in country music for a great artist and his music even if he is not on a major label.  He should be able to compete alongside those artists who are enjoying success or what they call success.  Indie record labels are sprouting up all over the country, and they have money to spend on their artists of choice, and they have been taught how to spend it.  Why do you think Toby Keith, Alan Jackson, and other successful artists are now continuing their success by making music on “their own labels.”  We have let money rule our industry, and money is now ruining our industry.  Some of the records coming out of Nashville are as hard rock as it gets, but the young guns seem to enjoy believing they are now icons-with just one #1 record, and is it a legitimate record or just a hype to #1.

Indie Radio does not answer to corporate giants, program directors, or music directors.  They answer to their listeners.  They play a record that they feel their listeners will like and they make their own selections by what they receive from new indie artists, veteran artists, legendary artists, and now even the major record labels are depending on indie radio to get them out of the deep hole they have dug.  You can actually send an MP3 or other format to a radio station within seconds, and most of the time the indie DJ’s will thank you for sending it, and they will give you their input as to whether it is playable on their radio show and if it will be added to their playlist.  Reporting radio stations won’t give a new indie artists the time of day, but an indie artist with his website, and all the other ways to get their music out to the fans, will sell more records than most of the artists who are trying to break the Top 40 charts, or have to wait to see if they get their new single on the call list from radio promoters to the major reporting stations. 

Internet radio stations are what have made the new music industry shiver with fright at the thought of them not being able to compete with the internet.  The record labels made their own beds, and now it is time for them to sleep in those beds, and I guarantee you that the label heads, the so-called producers are having major nightmares.  Remember that in all of my articles on radio and other subjects, I always say that we have some great people in our industry who care and love country music.  Some great label Presidents, great record producers, super musicians, great record promoters, and great media, who have always been in favor of listening to a new artist, and it he doesn’t fit what the label is looking for, they will give that artist and his team advice on how to make changes that will benefit the artist.  We have a lot of honest music people in Nashville who care about the dilemma that country music is going through, and if it does not change soon, it will no doubt get worse before it gets any better.  Not sure if it could get any worse.  Remember that there are great minds in country music, who not only know the success of Garth, Alan, Martina, Carrie, Blake, etc.  They just do not work with the older artists, they know young new talent when it comes along and these great minds help them get their direction before they get caught up with the wrong person.

To all of the air personalities who play good country music records, I say to you that you have made the music industry sit up and take notice that possibly they are doing everything the wrong way.  Please do not stop reviewing any new record by a new artist, a legendary artist, or veteran artist, and play it if it warrants air time.  You are making a difference in the life of an artist who might be the next Garth Brooks or Carrie Underwood, and without you giving them a chance that they deserve, they might never know if their dreams can come true.

And incidentally Internet Radio is here to stay.  We need it for the sake of keeping country music alive and for making sure that everyone who has talent can have an opportunity to be heard.  We owe all indie radio stations programming country music, a great debt of gratitude.

I am always open for comments, pro and con.  If you think I am wrong, say so, if you think I am right, I would also like to know that.  I try to keep my negative thoughts in check when I write, so I hope you will do the same.

Thank you for reading the above article.




American Troubadour to appear on CBS This Morning, Access Hollywood, The Better Show, Huckabee, Fox & Friends, among others


New York, NY (September 6, 2012) - 40 years after his iconic “American Pie” reached #1 on the Billboard pop singles chart, Don McLean will be the subject of a new and authorized documentary, DON McLEAN: AMERICAN TROUBADOUR.  Due out on September 11, 2012 (Time Life), McLean granted unprecedented access and interviews for the film, revealing his personal account of a career spanning over four decades and performing songs that have become integral parts of American pop culture. 

In a promotional effort, Don McLean will embark on a media tour that will include stops at CBS This Morning, Access Hollywood, AOL “You’ve Got…” series, SiriusXM, The Better Show, Huckabee, Fox & Friends, NY Profiles, Live, Red Eye, AP TV, along with a Premiere satellite radio tour.  Don’s media appearances kick off on this coming week Sept 10th in New York City!

DON McLEAN: AMERICAN TROUBADOUR also features over 15 live performances including “American Pie,” “Vincent,” “Crying” and “And I Love You So” along with extensive commentary by historian and Rolling Stone journalist Douglas Brinkley, interviews with other artists such as Brian Wilson and REM’s Mike Mills, footage of McLean on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and performances of his songs by Elvis Presley and Fred Astaire (who inspired “Wonderful Baby”).  On the same date, a double CD of McLean’s biggest hits will also be released.  Also titled Don McLean: American Troubadour, the CD set will include live performances as well as a special duet of “And I Love You So” With Nanci Griffith.

DON McLEAN: AMERICAN TROUBADOUR is produced and directed by four-time Emmy® award-winning Jim Brown whose work includes: Pete Seeger: The Power of Song, The Weavers: Wasn’t That A Time, and A Vision Shared: Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly.  "I let Jim Brown into my life because I respect him and trust him,” explains McLean.  “We’ve known each other for forty years and he allowed my ideas to be fully realized while telling my story accurately and poetically."

"Don Mclean is a true artist and rugged individualist,” says Brown.  “He has deep American values that have defined an amazing and admirable life.  I think some of his best work is yet to be discovered, and that people will be listening to, singing, and recording his songs for decades to come."

McLean will make a number of television and radio appearances throughout the fall to promote the film and double CD set before embarking on a European tour.

Delta Reign CD Calm Before The Storm

Mountain Fever Records Releases "Columbus Stockade Blues"  From Upcoming Delta Reign CD
Calm Before The Storm Due For Release October 9th
September 6, 2012, (Willis, VA) —Mountain Fever Records is proud to announce the release of "Columbus Stockade Blues", the first single from newly signed artist Delta Reign, available today. Calm Before The Storm, the band's debut CD on Mountain Fever Records will be released October 9th. 

Formed in the fall of 2004 by husband and wife team Pat and Benita Murphy, Alabama-based Delta Reign considers themselves just a bit different from the norm. "Delta Reign brings together the musical influences of each of our members; bluegrass, western swing, blues and jazz," states Benita. "We like to call it Delta Bluegrass." And with her solid rhythm and moving swing chords on guitar, Benita certainly adds the swing and jazz element to the band while also taking on most of the lead singing with a very earthy, deep-rooted vocal style. Pat Murphy brings the bluegrass influence with his driving banjo and his creative ideas with the arrangements help give the band its unique sound. Singing together over the years with Benita has afforded the life-partners a very tight vocal blend. Rounding out Delta Reign are Harrison, Arkansas native George Mason on fiddle and Joshua Faul from Gulfport, Mississippi on bass. Mason grew up on bluegrass but spent the better part of his career working with major touring acts and also served as the musical director for The Osmonds for six years. While a newcomer to bluegrass music, Faul brings solid bass knowledge to the band as well as the Mississippi blues element. 

Delta Reign first caught the attention of Mountain Fever Records executive Mark Hodges at the International Bluegrass Music Association's 2011 conference in Nashville. "I felt the sound Delta Reign had was just so different from what I was hearing elsewhere," states Hodges. "They have this unique way of blending western swing with bluegrass that just floored me and so we began talking about the future of the band and what they were hoping to accomplish." Those conversations led to Hodges signing Delta Reign to the Mountain Fever Records label and putting them into the studio almost immediately. The end result is a finely crafted project titled Calm Before The Storm, that will offer listeners a virtual ride through the musical countryside of Alabama's Mobile River delta region of the gulf coast.

The first single, "Columbus Stockade Blues" is a fine example of what music enthusiasts have to look forward to with the band's upcoming CD. Dating back to 1927, "Columbus Stockade Blues" was perhaps made most famous by Jimmie Davis' recording in 1943 but has since been covered by everyone from Willie Nelson to Doc Watson. Delta Reign certainly makes their mark with the recording, giving it that Delta Bluegrass style they've claimed as their own. 

"Columbus Stockade Blues"
Click to play

The first single from the project, "Columbus Stockade Blues" has been shipped to radio and is also available to radio programmers via digital download through AirplayDirect. The upcoming CD, Calm Before The Storm, will be released on October 9th. For more information on Delta Reign, please visit or


Brice Receives First CMA Nomination for “New Artist of the Year”

Nashville, TN – Aug. 6, 2012 – With the kickoff of college football season, award winning singer/songwriter Lee Brice has been handpicked by the Clemson Tigers to write and record their gameday power anthem. Before each game, the Tigers will charge the field to Brice’s “Orange Empire,” which is also now available for fans on iTunes.

“I remember the ride over to the stadium on the team bus,” said Brice.  “When we’d get to the top of that hill…there really is no describing the intensity and excitement. The fans were ready and insanely loud! When I sat down to write this song, I wanted to portray that feeling. Hopefully it'll get ‘em going!”

To preview “Orange Empire,” click here:

The South Carolina native and former Tiger teammate penned “Orange Empire” with co-writers Brian Davis and Billy Montana. In addition to the new fight song, Brice will hit campus on football’s biggest weekend where he’ll host a pre-game concert on Nov. 23 at Littlejohn Coliseum, the night before Clemson goes head-to-head with rivals the USC Gamecocks. Tickets to the Thanksgiving weekend concert go on sale Oct. 5 at

Yesterday, Brice announced the Broadcast Award finalists for the 46th Annual CMA Awards in Nashville, TN where he received word of his nomination for New Artist of the Year. His current single “Hard To Love” continues to climb the country radio charts, securing a spot in the Top 15 this week. For more information and for a full list of upcoming tour dates, visit

Steel Guitar News September 6. 2012

Hello fellow players, We’ve had a crazy week at Steel Guitar Nashville and haven’t been able to get a newsletter together. So I dug back in the achieves and found a good one for 7 years ago. This is the reprint of that newsletter. The subject this week is so very important to steel guitarists and I never hear it discussed because most steel players don’t even know what it is. It’s pedal and knee lever feel. What a guitar feels like has more to do with knee levers and pedal distance and pressures than anything you do with a steel guitar with your hands. The most common misconception in the difference between a steel guitar that feels good against one that doesn’t is pedal pressure. Most players think that the easier a knee lever or pedal pushes, the better the guitar feels. This is totally untrue. If it were true, all we would need would be electric solenoids in each pedal or knee lever and the pedals and knees could just be switches to make the strings raise and lower. I have played guitars with knee pressure so light that the crease in my jeans will detune the guitar before I can feel the knee lever being pushed. How’s that for lack of feel? Pedal feel needs to have a certain amount of pressure as I have just explained, if it doesn’t, how can you get half pedals or slow pedaling or snap pedaling. You have to be able to feel the pedals and what they do. Many players like to be able to relax their legs on top of the pedals and not have the affected strings go out of tune when their legs relax. A pedal should move from three quarters of an inch to an inch in travel. This allows for half pedal and good feel on the strings that just move a half a tone. Now here’s the most important thing that needs to be understood about pedal feel. Where the pressure comes in, this means does the pedal get increasingly harder to push as you push it down or does it get easier to push as it travels? The big reason that the Sho-Bud fingertip guitars never really felt good was because the pedals pushed real easy in their first quarter inch of travel and then got increasingly hard to push rapidly before they got to the stop. This makes for a very poor pedal feel. The reason the Emmons pushpull guitar is in favor by so many great professional players, is because the pedal pushes no harder at the end of it’s travel than it does at the beginning. It’s like shifting gears in a very expensive European sports car. Piano players are fanatical about how the keys feel on expensive pianos. Does the key pop back after it is depressed? How easy does the key push and how much feedback does the piano give the player? If piano keys push too easy, they give the player no feedback or feel. In the early days of electronic keyboards, good piano players complained about the lack of feel until the engineers and makers of the electronic keyboards simulated the feel of a real piano by doing what they call adding weighted keys. This feedback is as necessary in steel guitar pedals and knee levers as it is in pianos or other instruments. With over 50 steel guitars on our showroom floor, the ones that feel best to play are easy to figure out and we have decided that how easy the pedal pushes does not equate to feel or your playing of the instrument better necessarily. It seems that more thought has been put into how a player wears his picks and what kind of plating is on their bars along with what diameter their cords are than the most important thing which is the feedback and feel of the steel guitar itself. As we all know, tone is brutally important on what a good steel guitarist feels in his instrument. The feedback you get from where you actually contact the guitar, which is pedals and knee levers, is an extremely important point. Helper springs make pedals push easier and almost never help the feel or feedback of the instrument. The big thing in this message to remember is a pedal should be setup to push just as easy at the end of it’s travel as it pushes at the beginning of it’s travel. Naturally, this applies to knee levers also. I can think of two guitars being made today with the pedal action so easy that have no feel at all. Let’s take a tip from our keyboard friends and have a guitar that we play well, not one that just has pedals that are easy to push. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Your buddy, Bobbe Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

Interview with Liane Edwards

Interview with Liane Edwards

Lamitschka:  Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who has never seen or heard you?

Liane Edwards:  We are really a country rock band. We like it when the crowd is jumping and the room is rockin’! For example, we have played alot in France, and they don’t appreciate alot of slow songs, so to please a French crowd it has to move! I like giving a show, entertaining, making the crowd laugh or surprising them as much as possible. Each show should be a fun time for everyone, the artists and the crowd. I want people to forget, at least for a few hours, all their worries and just enjoy the show. We live in a stressed out world, and I really do think that music can be a key to happiness for many people.

Lamitschka:  How did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind the name?

Liane Edwards:  The new CD is called „High Heels and Shotguns.“ With a name like that you can only assume there is a story! Well, after having written the songs for this album, I started looking for the album title, something that defined the largest number of songs, or a thread that seems to bind the songs together. This title actually came to me in a dream (not kidding) and I woke up conviced! The majortiy of the songs on the album are about women, at different ages or mindsets. The title, and the cover, are meant to say that women have many faces and roles: wife, mother, femme, leader, follower, etc. We are not simply ONE of the roles, we are all of them! It could have been called „Lipstick and Sweat“ or any other pair of opposites! People seem to love guessing about the title and the cover, and I really enjoy it when they apply it to themselves!

Lamitschka:  Do you write the songs yourself? If not, how do you go about finding the songs for your CD?

Liane Edwards:  I wrote 11 of the 12 songs. Clélia Felix wrote one song for the album. She sent me the song „Seven Years“ and told me that she had written it especially for me. I don’t mind using another songwriter’s materiel sometimes, it helps change the fluid of the album. I started writing around the age of 25, a late start perhaps. I am not one of these people that write a song a minute, and I don’t put out a new album every six months either. It has to feel perfect, the right timing and the right team. I feel like the listeners deserve the best I can give them, and I try not to settle for the easy combination or the most obvious choices. Of course, all the songs can not be the crowd’s favorites, but I want every song to have ist own color and originality, either in the word, the music, or both.

Lamitschka:  Please tell us about the songs on your album (influences, etc).

Liane Edwards: You probably noticed that there are several different „styles“ on this album. We, as a band, have always written songs that correspond to our personal influences, but not trying to have any other sound than our own. The members of the band come from different musical backgrounds, so we decided to respect those differences, and grow from them. I know that it is hard to put our materiel into a category, but maybe that is what makes it rich and original. Personally, I am a huge fan of Emmylou Harris and the Dixie Chicks, and I believe that those influences shine through in the arrangements. But I usually let the song take me where it wants to go, even if it is off the beaten path. One song „Valentine“ was written by the bass player, JP Benlian, just after he bought his first upright bass. It has a road-movie type feel to it, and I really enjoyed writing the words to that one, making me think out of the box! „Rode Hard“, the first song on the album, is more in a new country feel, a driving guitar and pumped up lyrics! The last song, „Gimme Gimme“ has a bluesy sound, with really country girl lyrics. I love shaking it up a little!

Lamitschka:  Who inspires you musically and how deep do your musical roots run?

Liane Edwards:  Lots of artists inspire me, the list would be too long! As I mentionned, Emmylou and the Dixie Chicks, but to name a few others; Montgomery Gentry, Travis Tritt, as well as some of the newer artists like Miranda Lambert and Reckless Kelly. I listened to country and bluegrass when I was young, when my parents would drag me to bluegrass jams and gospel shows throughout North Carolina. When I was a teenager, I stopped listening to any form of country, and turned to FM pop, like most young people. I came back to my roots in my 20’s, when listening to Emmylou made me feel like I was home again. I really don’t know if I could write anything other than country. I enjoy listening to current US rock, as well as other styles, but I am a country girl, born and bred.

Lamitschka:  As an artist, you so many tasks such as recording, touring, interviews. What do you like best, what's your favorite activity?

Liane Edwards:  I love the stage. When I get behind that microphone, there is no place I’d rather be. But I really enjoyed recording this time around too, it is a very different experience than working the crowd! It requires another approach to the songs, and you can’t just count on the energy of a live show. Interviews are fun, especially when the journalists have more original questions than where I come from and what I think of line-dancing in Europe ! But all in all, the stage is the most important part for me. It is where we meet the people, try out new songs, and try to spread the happiness!

Lamitschka:  When you get time off, how do you like to relax?

Liane Edwards:  I live most of the year in a beautiful part of France, Ardèche. So if I am not on the road, I am either in Ardèche or back in NC. Ardèche is a beautiful, rugged place, and my home is a haven to me. I love to travel, and outside of music, I have visited 20 countries at least. I enjoy reading and jogging, both allow me to center myself, because I am a high speed person that has to force myself to slow down sometimes.

Lamitschka:  Is there any place you haven't played that you would like to?

Liane Edwards:  To start, Germany! I have toured alot in France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, and a few times in the UK and Spain, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to see the Germans from up on the stage. I love discovering new crowds and different cultures. It is one of the best parts of this job! Every country has its own reactions to live shows, they can be low key, or expectant, wild and crazy, just listening with a beer or barely listening at all. You have to adapt your song list and try to feel out the crowd as much as possible. Italy would be another choice, to see if they are as lively as the Spanish!

Lamitschka:  What's the best compliment a fan has ever given you?

Liane Edwards:  That one is hard to answer. Fans can be such devoted people, it really touches me to know that they think so highly of me, when I feel like I don’t deserve it. One young woman told me that seeing me on stage healed her like hours of chemotherapy, that she could forget her cancer for a little while. How can you hear something like that and not feel burdened by the fact that you haven’t done enough? I have a whole collection of artwork that children have made for me, and I have a special place in my house for the various gifts ( stuffed animals, dragonflies, paintings,etc) that I received throughout the years. I appreciate each and every one. We used to have a guest book on the old website, that unfortunately got lost in the shuffle when we changed webmasters. It was incredible to read all the uplifting and amazing things the spectators had to say. By the way, we put a new guest book on the website last autumn:, but these days people seem to prefer leaving messages on our Facebook. I guess that is what social networking is all about....

Lamitschka:  Fans are always hungry for good road stories. Do you have one you can share with us (come on don’t be shy)?

Liane Edwards:  Hmm, how about the time that we showed up for a concert, and discovered it was in a nudist colony? I mean, they could have warned us, at least! Of course, the boys were mostly afraid that they were going to have to play naked, which was not the case! LOL Or how about the time that after a show in the west of France, we drove all night to a festival in Switzerland and upon arrival the guy asked us if we really wanted to play? Of course, we did the show, under a huge tent set up for 5000 people, with only 7 spectators. It was freezing cold, and that was one of the hardest shows I ever had to do. Some people just don’t understand that organizing a festival is no laughing matter. If you don’t get out the publicity, the people won’t come.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

SPUR - BCMA Duo of the Year

2012 British Country Music Award Winners
 SPUR - Duo of the Year UK
This Award winning Duo has been nominated no less than 5 times for the BCM Awards.
SPUR consist of Mark Hills (Singer/Song Writer/ Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) and James Parsons (Singer/Song Writer/ Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar) and they hail from Taunton, Somerset, UK.

SPUR was born out of Mark’s decision in 2001 to produce a home made album which was given to friends and family. Then in 2005 creating the duo name he made a “vital call” to James and said "I’m going to do this, do you want in". Spur was thus born and they started playing in a local bar. They now working full time as an unsigned country duo and are very happy and grateful for everybody’s help. Their Management and Promoter is Debbie Dean Promotions based in Nashville TN. WWW.DEBBIEDEANPROMOTIONSMUSIC.COM.

Their most recent album available from their website JACK DANIEL'S was released on 1st November 2011. The 15 tracks, consisting of mostly covers, include the title cut and opener “How Bout You” (written by Eric Church) along with well known tunes “Thank God For The Radio” (Max D Barnes & Robert John Jones), “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” (Written by Earl Bud & John Wiggins) and “Freight Train” (Alan Jackson) together with 3 self penned songs by Spur’s very own Mark Hills on “Taylor Swift (A Face in the Crowd ) and James Parsons who composed “Baby Was My Beer” and “Never Do You Wrong”. The later was released on the promotional Hotdisc 143 (Dec 2010) which peaked at #22 Top 40 and #8 on the British & Irish Chart 

On their website they said: “A big thank you to everyone that help to put on a ace show this year at the BCM Awards.. Also to everyone that voted and support us... BIG BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL...  
Debbie Dean

California Beer Festival

         Big Two-Day California Beer Festival Features   
       Craft Beers, BBQ Contest, Big-Name Blues Acts
Saturday, September 15/Sunday, September 16 - Mission Park, Ventura, CA
    (Ventura, Calif.) - California Beer Festival takes place Saturday, September 15 (12:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.) and Sunday, September 16 (11 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) in Ventura's Mission Park, 36 Figueroa St., in the downtown district. CBF is one of the year's biggest entertainment events featuring everyone's favorite three B's: Beer, Barbeque and the Blues!

     Tickets for the California Beer Festival Craft Beer Heaven on Saturday are $50 for General Admission, $70 for a special Saturday-only "V.I.P. Meet The Brewer", or $25 for a Designated Driver Ticket.  Sunday it's the CBF Blues, Brews & BBQ Blues Festival for $30 (children 5 and under are free on Sunday only). Ventura County Blues Society members receive a $5. discount with I.D. Advance tickets available at CBF event proceeds benefit DARC (Dyslexia Awareness And Resource Center) and the Gen Giammaco Foundation. Space is limited! For more information call (805) 323-5691 or email: 

On Sunday, September 16, Kim Wilson (center) and the Fabulous Thunderbirds headline a star-studded Blues lineup at the two-day California Beer Festival in Mission Park, downtown Ventura. 

  Saturday, September 15: Craft Beer Festival Craft Beer Heaven. Over 150 varieties of specialty craft beers on tap along with 70 microbreweries, great food and live music by popular 14-piece Michael Jackson tribute group, Foreverland. "California Beer Festival's main goal is to shine a light on the Craft Beer Movement and celebrate great beer," says CBF promoter/organizer, Vincenzo Giammanco. There's also a 5K Run on Saturday that will have you running through the streets and along the oceanfront of Ventura, crossing the finish line right inside the Festival itself!  

   Sunday, September 16: Blues, Brews, & BBQ Blues Festival. Blue Moon Barbeque Cook-Off featuring barbeque teams competing for $3,000 in cash prize plus 15 craft beers on tap. Sunday also features non-stop music by some of the biggest names in the world of blues - Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds (known for their hits "Tuff Enuf," "Wrap It Up," and "She's Tuff," among others); a Tribute To Stevie Ray Vaughan with Crossfire; blues-rock guitarist extraordinaire, Walter Trout; longtime SoCal blues standout harpist-vocalist, Rod Piazza And the Mighty Flyers; Northern California guitar ace, Chris Cain; and Simi Valley's blues stalwarts, Michael John & The Bottom Line. There will be two stages adjacent to one another that day - when one band finishes their set on one stage, the next band immediately starts playing on the other stage!


Good Times at Larry’s Country Diner

Lip-Smackin’, Toe-Tappin’ Spontaneous Good Times
at One of RFD’s Top-Rated Shows

Nashville, Tenn. (September 6, 2012) – There may only be eighteen tables at “Larry’s Country Diner,” but it serves 1.4 million people each and every month as one of the top-rated shows on the RFD-TV network. The diner is not your ordinary restaurant, but rather a unique down-home variety show that in just over two short years has become a favorite “eatery” of country fans everywhere. Cornbread and black-eyed peas only complement the heapin’ helpin’ of country music performances served up by the stars of yesterday and today.  Larry’s Country Diner continues to fans and garner national attention -- proving that America is “hungry” for this type of programming.  PFI (America’s Western Store), Crosley Radio (vintage-style radio and jukebox manufacturer) and Col. Littleton (purveyor of fine accouterments in the American Tradition) are on-going sponsors of the show. For more information on “Larry’s Country Diner,” please visit  

A new episode of "Larry’s Country Diner" will air each week in September on the RFD-TV network.  September’s menu of stars is a “tasty” classic line up for country music fans:

Week of:

September 6:             Eddy Raven
September 13:           Guy Penrod
September 20:           Glory Bugles and Cold Water Jane
September 27:           LaDonna Gatlin and Phil Johnson

All Schedules Subject to Change without Notice

Air times for “Larry’s Country Diner” are Thursday night at 7 PM CT / 8 PM ETFriday morning at 9 AM CT / 10 AM ET, or Saturday evening at 10 PM CT / 11 PM ET.  

Taped bi-monthly in front of a live studio/diner audience at NorthStar Studios (3201 Dickerson Pike, Nashville), the show’s spontaneity is part of the mystique of “Larry’s Country Diner” which contributes greatly to its success.  “The prevailing attitude at the diner is ‘…the cameras are always rollin’… and we don’t care,’” explains Larry Black, host and creator of “Larry’s Country Diner.”

The fact that plates are dropped or broken during a performance, a rack of knives and forks are dumped on the floor or that some of the lights go out while they were filming makes the show all that more exciting in a day where even reality shows are produced within strict script guidelines.  “It’s the kind of television you just don’t see too much anymore and both the artists and fans love it,” states Black who adds, “We even tell our artists that once the tape starts rolling, it does not stop.  If you get yourself in trouble, get yourself out ‘cause we’re not stoppin’.”

Because of its popularity, getting a seat to see a live taping might prove more difficult than getting a reservation at one of L.A.’s most trendy posh restaurants—the first available table is not available until 2013, so you’ll want to plan way in advance.  For reservations, please call 615-673-2846 or email
Larry’s Country Diner is a unique down-home variety show which integrates entertainment, interviews and music in a weekly format, taped LIVE in front of a studio audience in a country diner setting.  The show features regular characters including BlackKeith Bilbrey, Sheriff Jimmy Capps, waitress Renae and avid church lady Nadine, along with special guest appearances by country music artists of yesterday and today.  Since its initial airing on August 3, 2009, Larry’s Country Diner has produced nearly 100 episodes and has become one of the most popular shows on RFD-TV, garnering 1.4 million viewers monthly.  For more information, please visit

Larry’s Country Diner is another product of Gabriel Communications, started in 1996. Owned and operated by long-time disc jockey, Larry Black, the company specializes in “Reunion Videos.” The success of this series spurred the creation of more than a dozen more projects featuring hundreds of songs and stories as well as Country’s Family Reunion News, a monthly newspaper which highlights the music of yesteryear.  For more information on Country Family Reunion products, please visit:

Country Music News International September 6. 2012

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Charity Guitar for Sale Autographed by Country Stars
Gitarre mit vielen Autogrammen Deiner Country Stars zu verkaufen:
Country Muisc News:

The Americana Honors & Awards, Wednesday September 12, 2012 at The Ryman Auditorium


Corey Wagar’s Single Take Ya Back Strikes a Chord with Country Radio


Musik News Allgemein:

06.09.2012 CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland Teil 1

06.09.2012 CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland Teil 2

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