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Jake Owen Monster Of CMT

Jake Owen To Close Monster Year As Headliner Of The 11th Annual "CMT On Tour"

Love And Theft and Florida Georgia Line to Join Owen as Special Guests
NASHVILLE – August 20, 2012 – Rising superstar Jake Owen revealed to fans in Detroit over the weekend that he will return to Motor City as the next headliner of the 11th annual CMT ON TOUR, with special guests Love and Theft and Florida Georgia Line. CMT ON TOUR JAKE OWEN: THE SUMMER NEVER ENDS 2012 kicks off October 10 in New York City, with tickets going on sale Friday, August 24. For ticket information, visit
The tour comes on the heels of a monster year for Owen, which includes two back-to-back, multi-week #1 singles with “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and “Alone With You.” Owen has performed to millions of fans since his career launched, including a coveted spot on the Brothers of the Sun tour this summer with superstars Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. Owen first appeared on the CMT ON TOUR bill in 2007 as special guest for Sugarland.
“Being the headliner of a tour is something I’ve been dreaming about since I was in college, performing songs every Sunday afternoon on a bar stool and playing for tips,” says Owen. “Headlining the CMT Tour is really cool for me because I was the opening, opening act in 2007, when Sugarland was the headliner and Little Big Town had the middle slot. So now, to be headlining the 11th Annual CMT Tour, with my buddies Love and Theft and Florida Georgia line, it feels very surreal. I’m honored and I can’t wait to hit the road in October and keep that feeling of summer going on THE SUMMER NEVER ENDS tour.”
“The CMT Tour has this incredible history of featuring artists that have gone on to become superstars, capable of filling stadiums and arenas, and now it’s Jake’s turn at headliner status,” said Leslie Fram, SVP of Music Strategy, CMT. “Jake possesses an undeniable star quality that promises to propel him to new heights amongst his peers who have anchored the CMT Tour. We’re also thrilled to feature up-and-coming acts Love and Theft and Florida Georgia Line in this year’s fantastic line-up.”
CMT ON TOUR launched in 2002 and has featured superstars Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Randy Houser, Jamey Johnson, Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Rascal Flatts, Sugarland and Keith Urban. USA Today has referenced the CMT ON TOUR as the “proving ground for young country acts on the cusp of headliner status.” The tour is produced by Lindsay Bertelli of REACH. Tour dates are as follows:
October 10, 2012- New York, NY-Best Buy Theatre
October 12, 2012-Jackson, NJ-Six Flags
October 18, 2012-Detroit, MI-Royal Oak
October 19, 2012-Corbin, KY-The Arena
October 26, 2012-Charlotte, NC-Coyote Joe's
October 27, 2012-Troy, OH-Hobart Arena
November 2, 2012-San Antonio, TX-Cowboy Dancehall
November 3, 2012-Ft. Worth, TX-Billy Bob's
November 8, 2012-Myrtle Beach, SC-House of Blues
November 9, 2012-Duluth, GA-Wild Bill's
November 10, 2012-Savannah, GA-Johnny Mercer Theatre
November 29, 2012-Chicago, IL-House of Blues
November 30, 2012-Chicago, IL-House of Blues
December 1, 2012-Des Moines, IA-Val Air Ballroom
December 5, 2012-Kansas City, MO-Midland
December 6, 2012-Minneapolis, MN-Myth
December 7, 2012-Milwaukee, WI-The Rave
December 8, 2012-St. Louis, MO-The Pageant
December 15, 2012-Vero Beach, FL-Annual Jake Owen Foundation Charity Show-Venue TBD

Jason Aldeans neues Album erscheint im Oktober

Jason Aldeans neues Album erscheint im Oktober

Night Train wird das neue Album von Jason Aldean heißen, das am 16. Oktober 2012 herauskommen soll. Darauf enthalten sind unter anderem seine aktuelle Single „Take a Little Ride“ und der Song „The Only Way I Know“, den er gemeinsam mit Luke Bryan und Eric Church aufgenommen hat. Der Albumtitel entstand während seine Tour, als er mit seinen vielen Bussen und Trucks nachts in einer langen Reihe über die Autobahn fuhr und es aussah wie ein langer Zug.

Steel Guitar News August 20. 2012

Hello fellow players, This is Vic Lawson subbing for Bobbe Seymour today. This is for newer players that are having trouble playing with bands and aren’t sure what to play or how to play. First and foremost, listen to the melody of the song. When you play fills, try to play short, simple melodies in between vocal phrases. Instead of strictly thinking about a steel guitar sound, think about playing one or two notes because that is sometimes better than trying to play six or seven. By all means “shut up”. Don’t overplay. Everyone has heard of the old saying “less is more” but a lot of players forget that rule and an important rule it is. In other words, if you fill the verse, after that verse is over, be silent, let somebody else play. The guy that taught me to play in a band was a piano player. I was sixteen and had never played in a band ever. He asked me, “Have you ever played in a band?” I answered, “No. Tell me what I need to do.” He said, “Watch me and I will nod at you when I want you to play. When that verse or chorus is over, take your hands off the guitar. I don’t care if you sit on them. I don’t want to see your hands on the guitar.” I asked him why and he said, “Because I want to be heard too. It’s my turn to play.” That really stuck with me. Discipline is very important. You can be a fantastic player and play many hot licks, but if you don’t have discipline a lot of other players won’t want to work with you. You are a member of a band, you’re not a solo artist. Kenny G gets to be the front man, but you don’t. Did you hear about the drummer who was so despondent over his timing that he threw himself behind a train? Speaking with drummers, with a lot of drummers today playing to click tracks, it never hurts to practice with a metronome. Working with a metronome will drastically improve your timing and your pocket. The pocket is the groove essentially. It’s being able to get into the feel of a song and make your audience feel it. Always play from your heart. Try to make your hands an extension of what you’re feeling in your heart. With our instrument, as sad as it can be, if you can make your audience cry with you, then you’ve done your job. Don’t be mechanical. Any computer can generate music without feel. Be human. If you’re having trouble learning a particular part, you may want to try one of the many learning tools on the market such as the Tascam GB-10 which has the ability to slow a song down to half speed without changing the key and can also loop a lick or solo infinitely. It will make things much easier to learn and it’s easy to use. I use mine extensively and have for years. Lately, we’ve had a run on volume pedal pots which is good for us, but if you can try to improve your volume pedal technique, your pot is going to last longer. Just try to be more smooth and dynamic instead of like a pump organ. I think if your practice regimen is two hours a day, at least give twenty minutes of that to volume pedal technique. Not only is it more pleasing to the ear, but it will save you some money. I think a lot of guys get too caught up in trying to do what somebody else does such as right hand technique, pick blocking versus palm blocking for example. Granted, there’s a right way to do it, but I don’t think what works for one player will work for the other player. I think it’s a matter of experimenting and seeing what works best for you as a player. There’s a million critics out there, but bottom line is whether you’re playing for recreation or for a living, as long as you’re striving to be better, do it the way you want to do it. You can’t learn to play with a band by playing alone in your practice room, you have to get out and play with other people. By all means, have fun with it. Don’t take it too seriously. Don’t let players that do take themselves too seriously suck you into their black hole. That’ll make it more enjoyable and easier to learn. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday


Jason Aldean


Lead Single "Take A Little Ride" Racing Up The Charts, Approaching the Top 10 In Record Time  
Nashville, TN – Aug. 20, 2012 – MULTI-PLATINUM and award winning entertainer Jason Aldean had an easy task when he picked a name for his fifth album for Broken Bow Records, out Oct. 16.  One of its 15 songs, “Night Train,” perfectly embodied the tone of his career.  The train is moving, and it’s moving at a rapid pace.

NIGHT TRAIN's lead single, driving country/rocker “Take A Little Ride,” sold more digital downloads in its first week than any male country artist in history.  Currently approaching the Top 10 on the Billboard country songs chart in just its fourth week, the song was Aldean's highest chart debut to date.

 "I feel really great about the songs we recorded for this album," said Aldean.  "There are some surprises on there that might raise a few eyebrows, and there's also some more traditional stuff too.  I don't like being put in a box, and I think with every record, we've had a lot of variety…'Night Train' is no different.  I got to do a cool uptempo song with Luke (Bryan) and Eric (Church), who've both been out with me over the last two years.  I love collaborations like that, and I think the fans dig it when artists get together…it keeps it interesting."

The new album expressly builds on Aldean’s reputation for finding quality songs and for defying categorization.  It covers broad turf and is held together by Aldean’s unique voice and by his refusal to stick with one sonic or lyrical theme.  NIGHT TRAIN takes a twisting journey, transporting the listener through a variety of emotions and distinctive instrumental sounds, adding to Aldean’s reputation as an unpredictable, uncontainable hard rocking country artist.

Longtime producer Michael Knox is back for the fifth time, along with Aldean’s road band that, in a departure from country’s status quo, have played on every song he’s recorded in his career, creating the unique synergy between Aldean’s records and live show that he’s become known for.

“There’s no formula to music," Aldean notes. "It’s meant to be experimented with. You’re supposed to try things. So I love getting in there with my guys and coming up with sounds that nobody else really uses.”


1. This Nothin' Town
(busbee / Neil Thrasher / Wendell Mobley)   
2. When She Says Baby
(Rhett Akins / Ben Hayslip) 
3. Feel That Again
(Neil Thrasher / Wendell Mobley / Vicky McGehee) 
4. Wheels Rollin'
(Neil Thrasher / Wendell Mobley / Hillary Lindsey) 
5. Talk
(Neil Thrasher / Wendell Mobley)
6. The Only Way I Know (with Luke Bryan and Eric Church)
(David Lee Murphy / Ben Hayslip)

 7. Take A Little Ride
(Dylan Altman / Rodney Clawson / Jim McCormick) 

8. I Don’t Do Lonely Well
(Neil Thrasher / Tom Shapiro / Chuck Wicks) 

9. Night Train
(Neil Thrasher / Michael Dulaney) 
10. 1994
(Thomas Rhett / Luke Laird / Barry Dean)
11. Staring At The Sun
(Neil Thrasher / Wendell Mobley / Tony Martin)

12. Drink One For Me
(Neil Thrasher / Wendell Mobley / Tony Martin)   

13. Black Tears
(Canaan Smith / Tyler Hubbard)

 14. Walking Away
(David Lee Murphy / Rodney Clawson) 

15. Water Tower
(Jason Sellers / Paul Jenkins / Michael Dulaney)

NIGHT TRAIN follows Aldean’sprevious disc MY KINDA PARTY, the reigning CMA and Billboard Album of the Year.  Since its release in Nov. 2010 the album has sold nearly three million copies, spent 92 weeks in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Country Albums chart and spawned five consecutive No. one hits including the first ever TRIPLE PLATINUM digital single by a male country artist, “Dirt Road Anthem,” and the three-week chart-topper “Don’t You Wanna Stay” feat. Kelly Clarkson.

If his career is a runaway train, the real engine is his live show. Over the course of a single year, Aldean came into his own as a concert attraction – where he once crossed his fingers that he could sell out 6,000-seat venues, he’s moved to stadiums now.  He’s sold out each of the shows on his 2012 MY KINDA PARTY TOUR presented by State Farm®, – often in minutes at the day of on sale.   He has broken over 40 venue attendance records and the tour has gone on to sell an unparalleled 1.9 million tickets.

For a full list of appearances and information on NIGHT TRAIN as it becomes available, visit

Thomas Maguire and Fhiona Ennis “I Wanna Be Married”

Thomas Maguire and Fhiona Ennis
“I Wanna Be Married
“I Wanna Be Married” is yet another lively and up-tempo track from duetting partners Thomas & Fhiona which has been recorded at their very own recording facility “Blacksmith Studio’s” in Co Fermanagh.
As always they deliver the song in their own unique and quirky country style in a quality recording featuring some of the finest session musicians around.
Thomas and Fhiona are in the middle of a very busy summer schedule having just returned from Scotland. Over the next few months they embark on two tours to the UK and one which see’s them make a return to The Shetland Islands where they have built up a loyal following since their first visit there last year.
2012 has been a successful year in terms of awards which has seen them voted “Vocal Duo Of The Year” at the Hot Country Television Awards, “Duo Of The Year” at The Farmer’s Journal Irish Country Sound Awards and "Country & Irish Duo Of The Year 2012" at The Tipp. FM Country Music Awards.
“I Wanna Be Married” will feature on their next album which is expected to be released in Dec 2012 along with their very first DVD venture.


Summer Heat Continues
As “Tomorrow” Reaches PLATINUM Selling Status 


August 20, 2012 – Nashville, TN– Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Chris Young history! Now through September 10, GAC is giving you the exclusive chance to win the actual “Neon” guitar used by Young in his current hit video for the song. In addition to the unique grand prize, GAC will award an autographed copy of Young’s current album NEON to runner up winners. Check out for all of the details and register to win.

The summer continues to sizzle for Young as the Sony ATV staff invited Chris, his management team, and Sony executives to celebrate Chris’ five consecutive No. 1 singles (“You,” “Tomorrow,” “Gettin’ You Home,” “Voices,” and “The Man I Want To Be”). The day prior to the already scheduled event, mega-hit “Tomorrow,” (written by Young, Frank Myers, and Anthony Smith) was certified PLATINUM by the RIAA for sales exceeding one million downloads. This momentous award comes on the heels of a GOLD certification being announced last week for “The Man I Want To Be.”

ABOUT CHRIS YOUNG: 2012 is undeniably a banner year for ACM Male Vocalist nominee Chris Young as he continues to accumulate more career highs. The year began with a sold-out headlining show, TV performances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Talk, and the 47th annual ACM Awards on CBS, a sold-out tour with Miranda Lambert, ACM nominations for Male Vocalist and Single of the Year and most recently, his fifth consecutive #1 for “You.” The list continues to expand with three RIAA GOLD certified singles and a GOLD album for his sophomore release, The Man I Want To Be. The prior year saw nominations for CMA New Artist of the Year along with his first Grammy nod. He won Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Single of the Year at the 2011 American Country Awards and has made nine national TV appearances since the release of his acclaimed third record, NEON, on July 12, 2011. With his rich, warm baritone and penchant for writing relatable, slice-of-life songs, Young has emerged as a favorite of fans and critics alike.  For tour dates and all the latest information on Chris Young, visit and follow him on Twitter @ChrisYoungMusic.

Photo Credit: Drew Maynard
Photo (L to R): Sony Music Nashville executives: Mike Craft, Angie Magill, Lisa Ramsey-Perkins, Alaina Vehec, Parker Fowler, Caryl Healey, Liz Sledge, Gary Overton, Chris Young, Keith Gale, Matt Galvin, Paul Barnabee and Jim Catino


     Anita, Iowa...."We had just enough time after performing at the World Theater in Kearney, Nebr., to get back home to Anita, and get the Oak Tree Opry ready for a super show Friday, and it was a hum-dinger."  Sheila Everhart is the bass player for the dynamic Smithsonian duo 'Bob & Sheila,' and the theater get-it-ready person.  "We so enjoyed the World Theater," she added, "but the show at the Oak Tree last Friday night was really something.  We told all the players that we were going to celebrate the 100th birthdays of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Minnie Pearl,Woody Guthrie, Bill Monroe, and Jay Silverheels.  We sure had a good time with the audience with all that memorabilia and music.  Normally we have a pretty small crowd during this time period because of the Iowa State Fair, but this year we had a full house, so we sure do thank everyone that came, and especially the performers that did such a nice job.  Mark & Sue Jenkins are super performers, and Sue's rendition of 'The Philadelphia Lawyer" was really good.  That's a Woody Guthrie song, and she sure made the story come alive.  Michael Murphy came from Omaha to play some Indian flute music dedicated to Jay Silverheels, and of course Harriette Andersen was Minnie Pearl.  It was a great night.  We won't be having a show now until Sept. 7th, due to the LeMars Festival (Aug 27-Sept 2) and our special guest will be Greta Elkin, the Queen of Country Music from Ireland.  Boy we're  sure looking forward to that one."
     "We're starting to get ready for LeMars," Bob said, "and thanks to Arlyn and Rance Lund we have all the sound gear loaded on a trailer, ready to take it to the ice cream capital of the world.  We'll get that done first and then figure out who's going to do what and when.  Francis Hahn is already at the fairgrounds, and has called twice already because there's campers coming in, which is pretty early.  We've asked some of the good 'jammers' to come in early, and that's what's happening already.  The nights are already cool, so they have some camp-fires burning with some great old-time music already started.  Don't forget the big free pot-luck for our volunteers who help set up the grounds for the festival, that's on Sunday evening, Aug. 26th at 6pm, and there will be a nice little gospel music show to go along with it," Bob added.
     "Well, we didn't have time for a budget lunch," Bobbie Lhea (the Everhart's daughter) said, but when Chuck Potter brought that huge group of people down from the Ames area for a show at the Oak Tree, we also got a nice dinner coupon to eat at the Redwood Steak House, so we did.  I had a steak, mom had a trout, and dad had some grouper fish.  It was all terrific, and that gave us a good budget lunch.  Now we're looking forward to Culver's Restaurant at the LeMars Festival, and those great char-broiled steaks from Ken Wright's Toby's Tailgater food stand. Yum Yum! I can't wait to try some of the new 'Baker's Cookies."
     "We finally got a day on Michael Martin Murphey too," Bob added.  He's going to be on Thursday with Charlie McCoy, who took Tom T Hall's place because his wife Dixie had to go to the hospital.  It gets kind of difficult working with the older country music artists, we're just not as young as we used to be and all sorts of things can happen.  Lynn Anderson is scheduled for Saturday, and Ed Bruce on Friday.  Terry Smith is with us all week, and I sure hope you don't miss Ted Vigil on Sunday.  He not only looks like John Denver, he sounds like him.  What a treat for all of us. I've always liked John Denver's music and his manner.  He was a neat down-home country boy."

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Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Big & Rich, Lee Brice, Kane Brown, Brothers Osborne, Josh Abbott Band, Maren Morris, Jake Owen, Michael Ray, High Valley, Brett Young And More


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