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Steel Guitar News August 2. 2012

Hello fellow players, This is Bob Hempker subbing for Bobbe Seymour. We had an interesting question from a reader this week wanting to know how to do chimes correctly. This is a subject that is better demonstrated than explained, so we shot a video and put it up on YouTube. Here’s the link: This week we’re going to get into copedents. This is basic knowledge for those who have been playing for awhile, but will be essential knowledge for beginning and novice players who should find this week’s newsletter pertinent. Copedents are as personal and individual as anything else we have in our lives and vary from player to player. I guess the main basic difference in a lot of E9th copedents would be based on Buddy Emmons or the Jimmy Day setups. The Buddy Emmons setup which is referred to as standard by many people has the fifth and tenth strings raising a whole step on the outside floor pedal, the second pedal will raise the third and sixth strings a half step from G# to A. The third pedal raises the fourth string from an E to an F# and the fifth string from a B to a C#. With the Jimmy Day setup your main two pedals are your second and third ones. The Jimmy Day setup which is still used by some of us, and is what I use raises the fourth and fifth strings as explained above on the first pedal. The second raises the third and sixth stings the same as the Emmons setup does. The third pedal raises the fifth and tenth strings like the first pedal does in the Buddy Emmons setup. To simplify the differences, the first and third pedals are reversed. So when you are reading tablature, if you are playing the Jimmy Day setup, remember the pedals go C, B, A, instead of A, B, C. When I write tab, I don’t use the letters A, B and C. I use the letters R and L for raise or lower. I’ll use the numbers 1 or œ after the letter. That way you don’t have to read tablature backwards or forwards, you just pay attention to whether you have to raise or lower. When it comes to knee levers in a copedent, you need to put the changes on your knee levers to coincide with the floor pedals you use them with. In other words, with the Buddy Emmons setup, you need to raise your fourth and eighth strings with your left knee left so you can use it with the pedal that raises the fifth and tenth string, referred to as the A pedal. Alternatively, you can put that change on the right leg. If you’re playing a Jimmy Day setup you would want that change on your left knee right lever or on your right leg. I personally like having the E raises and lowers on the same leg. I have them on my right leg which is somewhat unorthodox, but whether you choose to put them on your right or left leg, I would recommend having them on the same leg. I’d like to talk about lowering the second string. A common way of doing it with a knee lever is having a half stop on the knee lever so you lower your D# string to D, then if you want to lower it a whole step to C# keep pushing the knee lever until it goes against the permanent stop. Some people have two separate knee levers doing this, one to lower a half step and one to lower a whole step. Another way of doing it is tuning your second string open to C# instead of D# and raising it twice to stop at D and then D#. Still another way is to tune your second string open to D. You can raise it a half step with a knee lever and lower it a half step with a different knee. Jimmy Crawford was the first player I knew to do this. My friend Terry Bethel in Branson who works for Mel Tillis, does it this way. Tyler Hall, a phenomenal young player who works for Joe Nichols plays this way also. I have a vertical knee lever on my left leg which raises the first string to G#, raises the second string to E and raises the seventh string to G#. That is not a standard knee lever but I like it especially the seventh string raise. I like being able to play a Major Seventh chord with major seventh note which would be the seventh string, in the middle of the chord. It’s hard to get that particular inversion any other way. One other common change is lowering the sixth string. I like to lower it a whole tone, but I have the string split tuned to where I can lower it a whole tone with the knee lever to F#, then raise it back with my A floor pedal for a G note. For those who are wondering, a split tuner is found on some modern day steel guitars. They are the row of hex screws at the end of your changer assembly on the right end of the guitar when you’re sitting behind it. I especially like to split the sixth string by lowering it a whole tone with the knee lever, then raising it a half tone with my B pedal to get a half step raise. In actuality you’re lowering the string a half step. I like using this with my A and B pedals for a dominant seventh chord. It also works well just with the B pedal for a minor chord. In open position, this gives us an E minor chord when you play strings four, five and six. You can also play the eighth and/or tenth string with this. It is easy to relate to this position in our minds because it is the same position for an E major with no pedals or knee levers. With the personal nature of copedents, you’re better off to buy your steel guitar from a store like Steel Guitar Nashville where we understand the differences and where you can specify what you want. If you buy a guitar on Ebay or from an ad on the internet, you get what’s on it and what’s on it may not be comfortable for you or may not fulfill your needs for the music that you play. Here at the store, we get many players who have bought their steel on Ebay and they have to send it to us to set it up correctly and after paying for shipping and everything, it ends up costing them more than if they had bought the guitar here in the first place. Another issue with steel guitars is that because they are so mechanical, you don’t know what kind of condition the guitar is going be in until you actually receive it. At least when you buy a guitar from us, you know that it’s been gone through and everything and properly adjusted and setup and nothing is stuck or broke underneath. School is back in session in Tennessee so we decided a Back-To-School event would be appropriate. For the month of August, we are paying the shipping on all guitars shipped anywhere within the lower 48 states. We’ll also throw an extra set of strings in the box. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Your buddy, Bobbe Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

Lucas Hoge Receives Inspirational Country Music Award Male Vocalist Of The Year Nomination

Lucas Hoge Receives Inspirational Country Music Award
Male Vocalist Of The Year Nomination

Nashville, Tenn. (August 2, 2012) - Country recording artist Lucas Hoge has received the Inspirational Country Music (ICM) Awards nomination for Male Vocalist of the Year. He joins an impressive list of celebrity nominees, including Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Martina McBride, Vince Gill, Josh Turner, and Ricky Skaggs, to name a few.

This will mark his third visit to the ICM Awards, at which he's performed the last two consecutive years and was nominated last year in the New Artist of the Year category.

Hoge recently released his latest single, Have I Done Something, to Christian country radio. He initially gained recognition from the Christian country genre with previous single How Was I To Know - an answer to a dying woman's wish and inspired by her poem. Hoge performed the single, which landed at number two on the charts, at the 2011 ICMs surrounded by more than 100 breast cancer survivors. Have I Done Something was co-written by songwriter Jeff Dayton and was inspired by a story Hoge saw on the news. "I remember watching the news one day and thinking to myself 'I wish there was something I could do,' and asking myself 'had I done something to help someone else?'"

Hoge is also currently promoting his single at country radio, Do What Makes You Feel Good. Both singles are part of his sophomore, self-titled studio album, which is now available on iTunes, CD Baby, and

The ICM Awards are set to take place on October 18th at 6:30pm at the Schermerhorn Nashville Symphony and will be airing live on television.

About Lucas Hoge:
Despite a start that included a 500-square-foot apartment and construction work, Hubbell, Nebraska native Lucas Hoge has found a place in both the country and Christian genres. His first break came when his song, If I Only Could, was featured on their hit series Smallville. Shortly after, Hoge scored a 13-episode HBO series, wrote a jingle for Lipton Tea, and took his talent to the studio, where he recorded two country albums and a Christian EP. His rigorous tour schedule has taken him to Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Middle East performing for the troops, and to major motorcycle rallies across the country (Sturgis included). In 2011, Hoge made his debut at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville along side George Jones and received a standing ovation for his performance. Although his music career keeps him busy, he continues to make time for those causes closest to his heart, including, Guardian Angels for a Soldier's Pet, and Wrangler National Patriot. For more information on Lucas Hoge, visit

About the Inspirational Country Music Awards (ICMs):
The Inspirational Country Music Awards, presented by the Christian Country Music Association, are dedicated to honoring and showcasing both emerging and veteran artists who perform Christian and inspirational country music. The event - part of Inspirational Country Week and the Inspirational Country Music Convention - is member-voted and draws media, fans, and the industry's top artists to Nashville. Great American Country (GAC), Gospel Music Channel, TCT Networks, The Worship Network, Cornerstone TeleVision, NRB Network, My Family TV, CTS Television Canada, Angel Two Network, Total Living Network, Golden Eagle Broadcasting (Oral Roberts University) and DayStar Television Network have all aired the ICMs, which have featured such artists as Collin Raye, Ricky Skaggs, Tracy Lawrence, Natalie Grant with Wynonna, Tommy Brandt, Charlie Daniels, Andy Griggs, Lonestar, Jamie O'Neal, Josh Turner, Lee Greenwood, Emerson Drive, Richie McDonald, and Linda Davis. For more information regarding the ICMs, or to purchase tickets for the awards show, visit

Country Music News International August 2. 2012

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The BossHoss mit ihrer neuen Single "Live It Up"

Universal Music Cover

The BossHoss
mit ihrer neuen Single "Live It Up"
Sie können nicht genug bekommen – und Germany bekommt einfach nicht genug von The BossHossInterview The BossHoss ): Nach der vergoldeten Megaerfolgs-Single „Don’t Gimme That“ satteln die Berliner Großstadt-Cowboys nun auf zu neuen Taten: So legt die Bande um die beiden Frontmänner Boss Burns und Hoss Power mit „Live It Up“ den zweiten Outtake aus dem pressfrisch mit Platin ausgezeichneten, aktuellen Killer-Album „Liberty Of Action“ vor!

Schon mit Release schoss auch das sechste Album „Liberty Of Action“ auf einen sensationellen 4. Platz der deutschen Albumcharts und hält sich seit dem stabil in den Top 40. Die erste Singleauskopplung „Don’t Gimme That“ avancierte zum aller ersten Top 10-Hit in der Geschichte von The BossHoss (Platz 1 in Österreich und Luxemburg) und erlangte deutschlandweites Top 50 Airplay!

„Live It Up“
die neue Monster-Hitsingle: Für die Singleversion hat man sich den Album Track noch einmal kollektiv zur Brust genommen, nach allen Regeln der Kunst groovemäßig aufgemotzt und ordentlich angefettet. Eben genau die Sonderbehandlung, die ein akustisches Kraftpaket wie „Live It Up“ braucht! „Inhaltlich geht es in dem Track um zwei Herzen, die oftmals in der gleichen Brust schlagen“, erklärt Hoss Power die tanzbare Country-Rock-Botschaft. „Das eine Herz will immer mehr, immer größer, immer weiter und immer schneller. Während das andere Herz ganz zufrieden und cool mit sich ist. Der typische Zwiespalt, der sich manchmal im Leben auftut“, und der sich auch durch den spektakulären Videoclip zieht:

The BossHoss ziehen gegen die evil Mariahi-Gang zu Felde im Kampf für Recht und Ordnung. Hier für konnte man als Counterpart die RedBull Flying Steps gewinnen. Zu den Klängen von „Live It Up“ in einer merkwürdigen Twilight Zone zwischen „Sin City“ und „Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod“ erzählt der Clip die Geschichte des Bandenkrieges.

Nachdem The BossHossThe BossHoss Konzert ) sich parallel zur Veröffentlichung von „Live It Up“ auf den zweiten Teil ihres Konzertritts auf Deutschlands Festivalbühnen und eigenen Open-Air-Shows befinden, sind Boss Burns und Hoss Power ab demnächst wieder neben Nena, Xavier Naidoo und Rea Garvey als Juroren bei Deutschlands beliebtester Casting-Show „The Voice Of Germany“ zu erleben.





Nashville, TN...(August 1, 2012)...BUCKY COVINGTON’s long-awaited sophomore album is set for release on September 11 but eager fans can pre-order the new music now! GOOD GUYS, releasing on Bucky’s new label home eOne Music, is now Available at iTunes, also offering a sneak peek of album with 90 second previews of each song, and at Amazon. Fans can be “good guys” too as a portion of the proceeds of first week sales will benefit the International Associated of Fire Fighters Charitable Foundation.

Over the last year Bucky has been working closely with Help The Good Guys and the IAFF Charitable Foundation to provide financial relief to injured fire fighters and their families, hosting benefit events, visiting burn centers and burn camps and making donations from his music and merchandise sales.  A special IAFF version of the GOOD GUYS album featuring two bonus tracks “Evil Knievel” and “Ole Kentuck” can be pre-ordered HERE for a limited time.

Produced by Mark Miller and Dale Oliver, GOOD GUYS features 12 tracks including “I Wanna Be That Feeling” and raucous, sing-along Shooter Jennings duet “Drinking Side Of Country,” which Covington co-wrote and co-produced.  The music video for the latter had an epic debut last week, amassing close to 2 million views and counting. The staggering stats made the clip #1 on YouTube’s “Popular Around The Web” music chart and one of the Top Trending Videos overall.  The neo-outlaw action video, which depicts Bucky and Shooter stirring up trouble in a tiny town, features cameo appearances by country star Kellie Pickler, X Games medalist Kenny Bartram and TNA wrestler Mickie James and can be seen HERE.

  1. “I Wanna Be That Feeling” (Jimmy Yeary / Ben Hayslip)
  2. “I’m Alright” (Tom Douglas / Casey Beathard)
  3. “Hold A Woman” (Blake Mevis / Tony Ramey / Gordon Bradberry)
  4. “Drinkin’ Side Of Country” (Duet with Shooter Jennings)(Bucky Covington / Rocky Covington / Ducky Medlock)
  5. “Only Got So Much Time” (Bob Di Piero / David Lee Murphy)
  6. “Mama Must Be Prayin’” (J Matt Nolen / Liz Hengber / Michael Logen)
  7. “Sail On” (Lionel Richie)
  8. “I Always Said You’d Be Back “(John Scott Sherrill / Dave Berg / Deanna Bryant)
  9. “Mexicoma” (Lonnie Fowler / Logan Mize)
  10. “I Want My Life Back” (Anthony Smith / Frank Myers)
  11. “Gotta Be Somebody” (Chad Kroeger / Joey Moi / Ryan Peake)
  12. “A Father's Love (The Only Way He Knew How)” (Elizabeth Hengber / Thom E Shepherd / Steven J Williams)

About Bucky Covington: Bucky Covington’s self-titled debut CD opened at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart with the biggest first week sales for any debut country artist that year. He went on to become the best selling debut artist that year and delivered three consecutive Top 10 hit singles to country radio. In addition to competing on the fifth season of American Idol, Bucky’s national television appearances have included Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly!, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show and Fox & Friends. His new single “Drinking Side Of Country” has just been released to country radio and will be included on his highly anticipated sophomore CD Good Guys, expected September 11, 2012. To learn more about Bucky Covington, connect at or follow him on Twitter @buckycovington.

Paul Sikes a little bit of country, a little bit of Americana


Sikes Invited by Today Show Co-host to Perform Live on National Television

Nashville, Tenn. (August 1, 2012) - After playing at a small, local venue in Nashville, Tennessee, a seemingly unknown songwriter and producer recently became an overnight sensation thanks to Today Show co-host Hoda Kobt.  Paul Sikes was given the opportunity most in this industry only dream of—a live appearance and performance on the NBC Today Show (watch Today Show performance on Sikes' website, HERE).

Sikes, a 30-year-old Nashville native, played in the writer’s round at the Bluebird Café in late May, the legendary spot where many musicians have been discovered.  Sikes was surprised to see Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of the Today Show's fourth hour, in attendance and noticed she took a few pictures of him during his performance.  After the performance, Sikes exchanged a few words with Kotb and didn't give it a second thought.

Days later Sikes got word that Kotb was raving about his performance on the Today Show, and even played a video clip of him from her phone.  Kotb gushed about Sikes and his performance, saying one of his songs brought tears to her eyes and she couldn't believe he hasn't been “discovered.”  Soon after, Sikes was contacted by NBC producers via Twitter and asked if he could fly to New York to perform on the show.  On July 13, Sikes appeared live on the Today Show, playing his song “My Epitaph.”

Since his performance on the Today Show, Sikes has received an overwhelming response.  His album recent independent album, Craft, was released to iTunes on July 9 and has since reached the #2 album on iTunes’ singer/songwriter list.  The song he performed on the show, “My Epitaph,” was the #2 song within the same category on iTunes, and two more of Sikes’ songs reached the Top 100 songs in the singer/songwriter category.  Even more impressive—his album, with a five-star rating, peaked at #41 among all albums on iTunes. 

Sikes has been writing and producing songs from his Green Hills home studio in Nashville for years, and has always considered himself strictly as a songwriter and producer.  He explains that he’s “never really chased the road of being an artist, but has enjoyed playing songs at smaller venues around town.”  Sikes has written and produced more than 500 songs and was one of 125 semi-finalists for the television competition Nashville Star a few years ago.  He describes his recent experience of being invited to the Today Show as “being in the right place at the right time.”

Sikes describes his 11-track album as “a little bit of jazz, a little bit of country, a little bit of Americana.” 

For more information on Paul Sikes’ story or to check out his music, visit his website at

Toby Keith to Undergo Minor Surgery

We're sending well wishes to Toby Keith, who is having a minor medical outpatient procedure this week. Due to the operation, the singer-songwriter has been forced to postpone his appearance at Fort McCoy in Sparta, Wis., which was originally scheduled for August 2.
According to Albright & O'Malley (via Got Country), the singer-songwriter is having his gallbladder removed after dealing with "significant pain" for some time now. The "I Like Girls That Drink Beer" singer is expected to make a quick recovery, resuming his Live in Overdrive tour Aug. 3 at WE Fest in Detroit Lakes, Minn.

Lady Antebellum Added to 2013 Country Thunder

Country Thunder is pleased to announce the seven-time GRAMMY-award winning trio Lady Antebellum will be included in the Country Thunder 2013 (July 18-21) line-up in Twin Lakes, Wis. The news comes a week after the conclusion of the sold-out festival where Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton, Hunter Hayes, Big & Rich, Luke Bryan, Easton Corbin, Brantley Gilbert and more played to a crowd of 33,268 onsite. If you missed the action in 2012 because tickets were SOLD OUT, don’t delay and get your 4-Day tickets for 2013 now for the low price of $99. Reserved (RSVD) tickets are available for purchase starting at $300 for those looking for the premium Country Thunder experience, which includes access to all four days of the festival, seating directly in front of the stage and RSVD parking close to the festival entrance. Tickets and camping are available at or call (866) 802-6418.

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