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Lady Antebellum Meets The Boss!

Nashville, TN - July 16, 2012 - GRAMMY winning country trio Lady Antebellum took a break from the European leg of their headlining OWN THE NIGHT 2012 WORLD TOUR on Saturday to open for music icon Bruce Springsteen in London’s Hyde Park. The trio continues their run of European dates this week with another show in London tonight followed by stops in Birmingham, UK (7/17), Zurich, Switzerland (7/19), Frankfurt, Germany (7/20) and Munich and Germany (7/21). For a full list of  upcoming tour dates, visit

Photo L to R: Jason Gambill (guitar, Lady Antebellum), Dave Haywood, Bruce Springsteen, Hillary Scott and Charles Kelley
Photo Credit: Adam Boatman




Nashville, TN…(July 16, 2012)…Country music star Bucky Covington recently got the chance to take a seat in the producer's chair when he went into the studio with Shooter Jennings ( INTERVIEW SHOOTER JENNINGSPersonal Message from Shooter Jennings )to record the duet “Drinking Side Of Country." The new single, available on Bucky's upcoming sophomore album GOOD GUYS, due out September 11th, is an up-tempo party song written by Bucky with his twin brother Rocky Covington and lifelong friend Donald Medlock. The song delivers today to country radio via PlayMPE for immediate airplay.

“Getting to produce your own music rocks, but being able to say you produced Shooter Jennings just takes it to a whole other level.“ Covington remarked, “I am very proud of this song and can’t wait to share it with my fans!”

Bucky first recorded the song shortly after writing it in 2010 but thought it needed something extra… his friend and fellow musician Shooter Jennings. Covington and Jennings just shot the rowdy video for "Drinking Side Of Country" earlier this month in the tiny town of Greensburg, KY and the clip will be released in the coming weeks. The video is jam-packed with action including police chases, parties, and celebrity appearances by his friends Kellie Pickler, TNA Wrestler Mickie James, and Motocross Freestyler and X Games medalist Cowboy Kenny Bartram.

About Bucky Covington: Bucky Covington’s self-titled debut CD opened at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart with the biggest first week sales for any debut country artist that year. He went on to become the best selling debut artist that year and delivered three consecutive Top 10 hit singles to country radio. His new album GOOD GUYS, featuring the duet “Drinking Side Of Country” with Shooter Jennings, is due September 11. In addition to competing on the fifth season of American Idol, Bucky’s national television appearances have included Good Morning America, Live with Regis and Kelly!, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Tonight Show and Fox & Friends. To learn more about Bucky Covington, connect at or follow him on twitter @buckycovington.

Hank Williams: The Lost Concerts Limited Collector’s Edition

Time Life To Release Hank Williams: The Lost Concerts
Limited Collector’s Edition
on October 2, 2012

The Only Known Live Recordings of
Country Music Icon Hank Williams
Includes Onstage Banter,
Offering A Genuine View Of His Concerts Were Like

Collection Also Features Rare Radio Interview

Nashville, Tenn. (July 16, 2012) -- Live albums are commonplace today, but tape recording was in its infancy during country music legend Hank Williams’ lifetime. The equipment was cumbersome and tape was expensive, so very little live recording was done back then. Incredibly, two concerts performed by Williams were recorded in the months before his death and will be released for the first time as Hank Williams: The Lost Concerts Limited Collector’s Edition on October 2nd (Time Life).  The collection includes 19 tracks as well as Hank’s revealing conversations with the audience, introducing songs and telling anecdotes about his life.  As a bonus feature, a radio interview Williams did in 1951 has been added to the CD, one of very few in existence.

"Just when you thought you had discovered and heard everything my dad ever did, along comes these bonus jewels in the crown of The Great One, as we sometimes refer to Hank around here,” says Hank’s daughter, Jett Williams.  “I got to know my dad first and best in the Mother's Best sponsored early morning radio shows that aired in the early '50's on WSM radio.  I was so captivated with his wit and humor on these many shows.  He came alive to me.  But these were structured shows with commercial breaks while he extolled the virtues of his favorite flour miller.  In these live performances -- the only two known to exist -- and in this warm and in-depth radio interview, he truly springs to life.  When they were given to me and my husband, Keith Adkinson, we knew they would find a place in our ongoing partnership with Time Life...and they have.”

No live concert recordings of Hank Williams have been released until now.  In fact, the two shows on Hank Williams: The Lost Concerts Limited Collector’s Editionwere recorded by chance.  A radio DJ in Buffalo, New York, taped one of Hank’s local concerts to play back on the air. Just a few weeks later, another performance was recorded by the promoter to play to his wife, who was too sick to attend, this time in Pennsylvania. The two concerts capture Hank Williams as he’s never been heard before: live and unscripted, giving insight into the legend as an engaging, riveting performer.  They were recorded just six weeks apart in May and July 1952, and reveal Williams at the peak of his career.  His biggest hits “Hey Good Looking”,” Jambalaya,” “I Saw the Light,” “Lovesick Blues,” “Cold, Cold Heart,” and “I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You)” are performed with a far more vibrant and intimate feel that the studio recordings, peppered by personal stories about his band members, himself, and his songs.  The album also includes the only known live recording of “Are You Walking and A Talking.”  In addition, the CD also features an extremely rare radio interview with Williams made in 1951.  It was conducted with Mack Sanders for KFBI in Wichita, Kan. on September 14, 1951.

“These late night performances of full concerts allow him to dominate the stage and the crowd in a way previously unheard and unknown,” Jett Williams explains.  “He exudes the wit, extraordinary charisma and awesome talent that made him our first superstar.  He is at the top of his game and clearly demonstrates why those in attendance never forgot the occasion.  That he was at full throttle and in complete control within months of his untimely death pretty much says it all regarding his dominating entertaining capabilities. The studio recordings and juke box masters can't touch the reality of his genius as manifested in these shows.  He was so far ahead of every other entertainer, singer and songwriter that he didn't even know they were behind him."

Since his death in 1953, Williams has risen in popularity to become one of most iconic figures in all of American music.  In 2009, Time Life partnered with Jett Williams to release a series of vintage recordings, most of which had never been available on CD before.  The GRAMMY-nominated Mother’s Best recordings included 143 recordings released as installments over a three year period, increasing the number of known Williams’ recordings by fifty percent.   Time Life also issued tapes from his syndicated radio series, "The Health And Happiness Show".

Hank Williams: The Lost Concerts
Limited Collector’s Edition


Niagara Falls, New York: April 25, 1952.
1.  Comedy with Hank and the Drifting Cowboys
2.  I Can't Help It
3.  Jerry Rivers and the Drifting Cowboys: Orange Blossom Special
4.  Why Don't You Love Me
5.  Are You Walking and A Talking
6.  The Funeral
7.  Hey Good Looking
8.  Cold, Cold Heart
9.  Lovesick Blues

Sunset Park, West Grove, PA: July 13, 1952.
10.  Introductions
11.  Hey Good Looking
12.  Comedy with Hank and the Drifting Cowboys
13.  Jerry Rivers and the Drifting Cowboys: Fire On The Mountain
14.  Lonesome Whistle
15.  Jambalaya
16.  Long Gone Lonesome Blues
17.  Half As Much
18.  I Saw The Light
19.  Lovesick Blues
20.  Interview: Hank interviewed by Mack Sanders, KFBI, Wichita, Kansas, September 14, 1951.

Corey Wagar Takes Ya Back - Country Radio Goes Retro

Country Radio Goes Retro as Corey Wagar Takes Ya Back
Take Ya Back, Corey Wagar’s recent sizzlin’ summer single is enjoying success since its radio release in June. It is currently one of the most added songs and already climbing the Music Row CountryBreakout Chart.
Penned by Corey and successful songwriters Beau Fuller and Cece DuBois, Take Ya Back showcases Corey’s true dedication to country music and her ability to relate to her fans.             

Corey, known for her ‘sweet and sassy’ sound, has been all over promoting this honeysuckle hit.  She’s been doing non-stop radio interviews, opened for Grammy-nominated country artist Dierks Bentley and just wrapped up shooting her music video for this song.

Steel Guitar News July 16. 2012

Hello fellow players, This is Bob Hempker filling in for Bobbe Seymour today. With all the knee levers and floor pedals on a steel guitar, why should we take the time to learn slants and reverses? One answer would be, there can be times when we want to play something to get a certain interval between two or more notes that we don’t have a knee lever or pedal hooked up to that particular string for and thus we can’t get that note unless we slant the bar. Another reason is we sometimes choose to use a reverse bar or slant instead of a knee lever because it may sound a little more soulful than a pedal, somewhat like a guitar player bending a string with his left hand. Furthermore, we may have a pedal or knee lever that raises a string only a half tone and we may want to raise or lower the string a whole note or even further, therefore we would use a knee lever or pedal with a slant or reverse. There are many ways we can increase our creativity by being conversant in slants and reverses as it opens up all the options we have in order to play what we want to play. This makes us a more interesting player to the listener which is our goal and also to maybe play it a little different than the next guy plays it. If you have a six string or eight string lapsteel or a dobro and a smaller bar, you can practice bar slants and reverses and they’ll be easier because of the wider string spacing and the smaller bar. Work on that until you get real comfortable and then go to your normal pedal guitar, still use the small bar until you get comfortable with that and then go up to your normal bar that you use. Slants and reverses take lots of practice like anything else. Since I’ve been helping Bobbe out in the store, I’ve seen a lot of players come in looking for some gadget they think will make them sound better. In my opinion, the road to better tone is practice and there is no shortcut to practicing. If you hit ruts in the road, there’s a multitude of instructional material to choose from. When I was a young guy trying to learn to play, which I’m still trying to learn to play, there were no instructional materials for pedal steel guitar at that time. You were totally on your own. Before buying the next gadget to make you sound better, may I suggest that you consider some of the instructional material available today and block out a small time each day to practice. Practice with a written out practice plan. That will keep you focused. I suggest single note scales, arpeggios, harmonized scales with two notes, harmonized scales with three notes, even four notes. And you want to do them in every key. When you learn a new song, learn it in at least three or four different keys. This helps you learn the positions on the instrument and better prepares you for playing professionally. I would add too, any passage of a song, intro, turnaround, ending that you normally play, try playing it with a bar slant or reverse bar where you normally use a pedal or knee lever. Whether or not you end up playing it that way out on a gig, it’s still good practice. Drag out some old Jerry Byrd albums and listen to them. Even in his Hawaiian songs, some of his ideas can be incorporated into country music or any other style of music for that matter. It doesn’t really matter where you pull ideas from as long as they’re usable. I’ll steal a lick from somebody in a heartbeat. That’s how we learn from each other. We’re all going to play the same passage a little bit differently. By adding fluency in slants and reverses to your arsenal, you are setting yourself up as a unique player and stylist. When you get to that level, that’s when people start copying you. If you don’t already have it, you should check out Bobbe’s Slants and Reverses DVD. It really helps you incorporate your ears, hands, knees and feet into your overall playing. If you think about it, our ears and our brain are the two most important factors in what and how we play. Take a serious look at the videos at and see if they don’t make you the best gadget you can invest in. Like I said, I absolutely wish we had this stuff when I was a kid. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Your buddy, Bobbe Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday


Jason Aldean

“Take A Little Ride” Available at iTunes Today and Walmart on Aug. 7
Nashville, TN – July 16, 2012 – On the heels of five consecutive No. one singles, MULTI-PLATINUM entertainer Jason Aldean releases the driving lead single “Take A Little Ride” from his upcoming fifth studio album today.  The track is now available for purchase at iTunes, and physical singles will be sold at Walmart stores nationwide beginning Aug. 7.
"Everyone has been asking if the new album is going to be different from the 'My Kinda Party' album," said Aldean.  "I tried to find the best songs that I could and also ones that fit what I do in my live show.  There's a little bit of everything, including some more traditional country stuff and some songs that might raise a few eyebrows.  I thought this would be a great lead single to come with after 'Fly Over States'…it's about grabbing your girl and getting lost in the country. Sounds like a pretty good Friday night to me!"
“Take A Little Ride,” written by Dylan Altman, Rodney Clawson and Jim McCormick, carries Aldean’s distinct electric sound to a carefree summer night spent driving down country roads with a summer love and a six-pack.
To preview the track, click here:

Aldean’s fifth studio album, due out this fall, is the follow up to the DOUBLE PLATINUM, Country Music Association and Billboard Album of the Year MY KINDA PARTY, which spawned five consecutive No. one singles and was among the Top Five best-selling albums of 2011 in all genres.  The Macon, GA native’s high-octane live show has sold out every date so far this year and now counts its first stadium sell out in Columbus, OH.  The 2012 MY KINDA PARTY TOUR continues to smash venue attendance records as it crisscrosses the nation playing to capacity crowds at its biggest amphitheaters through Oct.     
For more information on upcoming appearances and new music, please visit

Craig Morgen Relationship with Rizzoli & Isles



July 16, 2012...(Nashville, TN)...Craig Morgan will celebrate his birthday and make his scripted acting debut tomorrow, July 17th, when he appears on TNT’s drama “Rizzoli & Isles.” Morgan makes a guest appearance as Dr. Billy Ray Higgins, a medical examiner who comes to Boston for the Bullet and Blast Injuries Symposium. While visiting, he helps Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) and Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) with a murder case.  Tune in to TNT to catch the premiere at 9:00pm ET.  Learn more about the show and the episode at

Morgan’s new albumTHIS OLE BOY, featuring the latest single “Corn Star,” is available now everywhere music is sold.

ABOUT CRAIG MORGAN: One of country music’s best-loved artists, Craig Morgan has made a name for himself with massive radio airplay of his signature hits:  “Bonfire,” “Almost Home,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester”.  His latest single “Corn Star” is the follow up to Morgan’s Top 15 hit and title track “This Ole Boy.” The new album, his first release on Black River Entertainment, boasted a Top 5 debut on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart when it released on February 28, 2012. Craig received one of country music’s highest honors when he was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008. Prior to becoming a country music and TV sensation, Craig Morgan spent over 10 years of active duty in the Army and an additional nine years in the Army Reserves.  He is an avid supporter of America’s military personnel and a recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award. In addition to a prolific country music career, he hosts the award-winning show “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” on The Outdoor Channel, now airing in its third season through end of the year. For more information on Craig Morgan, please visit or follow him on Twitter @CMorganmusic.

PHOTO (L TO R): Sasha Alexander, Craig Morgan, and Angie Harmon

Patrick Davis Releases The Cuts - Volume One

EMI Nashville Singer-Songwriter Patrick Davis Releases The Cuts - Volume One
Nashville, TN (July 16, 2012) –Murfreesboro, TN born & Camden, SC raised singer-songwriter Patrick Davis has made quite a name for himself in his 10 years as a Nashville-based songwriter.  He has had songs made famous by Darius Rucker, Lady Antebellum, Jewel, Josh Kelley, Pat Green, Jason Michael Carroll & American Idol Alum Casey James.  In celebrating over a decade into the journey, with nearly 40 songs cut by other artists, Davis has decided to record and release his own version of a select few of those songs.  The Cuts - Volume One will be available on iTunes and on Friday, July 20th.
"As a songwriter, I've literally written & co-written hundreds & hundreds of songs and a select few of those have made it onto artists’ albums and some even to the radio,” says Davis.  “It’s an incredible gift having songs I write cut by so many talented artist and I wanted to pay tribute to a few of those tunes and maybe even show a different side to them.  Releasing this studio album is perfect way to do just that."
Davis moved to Music City in early 2002 and spent several years working his way into writing rooms and opening tour slots with the likes of Pat Green, Darius Rucker, Jewel, Lady Antebellum, Hootie & the Blowfish and Jason Michael Carroll.  In 2005, Davis inked a publishing deal with EMI Nashville and has been a staff writer for the publishing giant ever since.
The Cuts - Volume One Track Listing:
1. Love I've Found in You
Patrick Davis/Dave Haywood/Charles Kelley/Hillary Scott
From the 2011 platinum release "We Own the Night" by Lady Antebellum. The “We Own the Night” album has currently sold over 1.6 million copies.
2. So Sweet
Patrick Davis/Dallas Davidson/Casey James
From the 2012 debut album “Casey James” by American Idol Alumni Casey James. The “Casey James” album debuted at #2 on the Billboard Country chart.
3. Dixie Lullaby
Patrick Davis/Pat Green/Justin Pollard
Critically acclaimed 2007 country radio single from the 2006 Sony/BNA
Release "Cannonball" by Pat Green.
4. Be Wary of a Woman
Patrick Davis/Dave Berg/Darius Rucker
Closing track on the 2008 platinum release "Learn to Live" by Darius Rucker. “Learn to Live” has currently sold 1.8 Million Copies.
5. Where I'm From
Patrick Davis/Joe Leathers
Top 10 Country Music Single from the 2009 Sony/Arista Release "Growing Up is
Getting Old" by Jason Michael Carroll.
6. Ain't Letting Go
Patrick Davis/Charles Kelley/Josh Kelley
Track #10 from the 2010 MCA Records Release "Georgia Clay" by pop country crooner Josh Kelley.
The Cuts - Volume One will be available on iTunes and on July 20th.

THE CROSSROAD BAND Same Time Same Station

Same time - Same station

Und wieder ist ein Jahr vergangen, denn am 01.06. gab THE CROSSROAD BAND wieder ihr jährliches Sommerkonzert im CENARIO, im Tiefen Graben in Wien.

Diesmal hörte ich die Band sogar mit sechs Musikern: Wilfried Ertl (Vocal, Banjo, Keyboard, Akkordeon), Johannes Hausensteiner (Bass), Ewald Mayrl (Fiddle, Guitar), Alfred “Serge” Mayer (Voc., Guitar) und Carin Wenusch (Drums). Den Bass spielte Hartwig, ein Neuzugang und als Gastsängerin stand Irene bei einigen Liedern auf der Bühne.

Trotz mehr als sommerlichen Temperaturen und der zeitgleich stattfindenden >Lange Nacht der Kirchen< war das Lokal voll besetzt und die Spielfreude ungebrochen. Irisch, Schottisch, Country, Pop und auch Rockn’Roll, ein buntes Programm (>Sloop John B<, >Fields of Athenry<, >Only rivers are free<, >You’ve got to have a place in the hall< u. a. ). Ein besonderes Musikstück fiel etwas aus dem Rahmen: Hartwig spielte statt Bass nun unplugged mit dem Chello eine Passion von Bach aus dem 17. Jhdt., dazu gab es Klavierbegleitung und die männlichen Bandmitglieder sangen einen wunderschönen Choral. Schade, dass das Cello dabei etwas unterging da es gegen das Klavier nicht ankam.

In der Pause wechselte ich zur nächsten Location, ins Heureka in der Skodagasse 17 zu dem Konzert von TANGLED SNAKES, ein Mädchen-Duo aus Wien. Sie haben sich erst vor kurzer Zeit zusammengetan und brachten mit Gitarren, Gesang und Bodhran Folksongs quer durch Europa, von Irland bis nach Bosnien, von Dylan bis Baez und ........ Die Formation Tangled Snakes hatte vor einiger Zeit ihre leider von mir versäumte Premiere im Cafe Concerto, daher nützte ich die heutige Gelegenheit sie näher kennen zu lernen. Musikalisch war ich ja bereits auf sie eingestimmt und es wurde ein schöner Abendausklang.
Text und Fotos: Eliza 

Pete Kennedy To Play Wolvestock

Irish Singer/Songwriter Pete Kennedy To Play Wolvestock
Songwriting.  Recording.  Now, Pete Kennedy is set to play the UK’s number-one Country Music Festival, Wolvestock 18, this weekend in Wolverhampton. 
Kennedy will play the 101.8 WCR-FM Acoustic Stage on Saturday from 3 until 4 pm.   Wolvestock takes place Saturday and Sunday at East Park, Hickman Avenue in Wolverhampton.  Admission is free.
After a busy May and June in Nashville, Tennessee, writing and recording his second EP, as well as making several live appearances during CMA Music Festival, Pete is happy to be performing in the UK again.  “Nashville is always great—and it’s nice to bring all of my Nashville experiences to audiences in the UK and Ireland.  They’re so appreciative.  Wolvestock is a big festival, and I like that people can bring their whole family.  Admission is free so it’s affordable.  We can’t wait to get on stage!”
Wolvestock 18 is Kennedy’s only UK date planned for the summer, although two larger UK tours are planned for later in the autumn. 
Pete Kennedy’s debut album, Nashville Sessions Volume 1, has been nominated for Album Of The Year, and the single “I Am The One” is nominated for Song Of The Year at the 2012 British Country Music Awards.  Nashville Sessions Volume 2 is due for international release later this year.
For more information visit

Country Music News International July 16. 2012

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     "We been doin' some hard travelin, I thought you knowed!"  Bob & Sheila Everhart have made a big weekend of it. "I have to say, we put some miles on the little Pontiac," Sheila said.  Our first gig was in Garden Grove, Minnesota.  This is an extremely pleasant place to have a bluegrass festival, and Chuck Stearman and his crew from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America put on one heck of a nice old-timey music festival there.  We enjoy going there (have been for five years now) because that part of Minnesota likes bluegrass music, and they like the 'roots' of bluegrass music too, which is what Bob and I play.  The audience numbers looked about the same as in the past, but it appeared that maybe the RV campers were down a little.  We were there on Thursday and Friday, and then made a mad rush to get to Coon Rapids, Iowa, to perform on the Carroll County Fair.  We really like this one.  This county fair was nearly history, and then a group of concerned 'rural' folks got it all back together, and we get to play there.  We did two shows on Saturday, one at 1pm and one at 3pm.  Then it's a mad rush to get all the way to northwest Iowa, near Remsen, to perform on the Juhl's "Damascus Road' Festival.  We were on at 7pm Saturday night, and then a couple more shows on Sunday.  So, I guess you could say we've been doing some hard travelin."
     "Sheila's absolutely right," her husband Bob piped up.  "I drive the RV in the winter time and Sheila drives the car in the summer time, so she really racked up the miles.  But it was super fun, even though it was pretty hot.  We get used to the heat, it just takes a little precaution, drink plenty of cool liquids, stay out of the sun's rays, and don't overdo anything.  The air conditioning in our car doesn't even work, but we got  by just fine.  Of course our hair 'blowing in the wind' didn't look all that great, but we love Iowa and it's beautiful rolling hills.  We saw lots of corn that looked good and we saw lots of corn that doesn't look like it's going to make it.  We even passed through a couple of showers during our travels, but we sure could use a little more rain please.  We're keeping the air conditioner on in the Oak Tree Opry, because we have a super-terrific show coming up Tuesday, July 17.  The "Roys" one of the most exciting acoustic traditional country and bluegrass groups are stopping by in their big black bus to do a show starting at 7pm.  We'll have a nice full house for them, even though it's a Tuesday, so we're looking forward to that."
     "Dad sure knows how to pull off a budget lunch," Bobbie Lhea their 15-year old daughter said.  "There's a really nice place to eat at the Juhl's festival, in an old hog-house.  Well, it don't look like no hog-house now, but dad had some coupons that allowed us to have lunch, so when he handed me one, he said, "Here Bobbie Lhea, it's your budget lunch."  Well, I did have a nice treat.  They had 'tavern' sandwiches, which I thought were really good, though I didn't know why they call them 'taverns.'  One of the servers said she was from the south, and down their they call them sloppy joes.  I know dad has been talking about the Roys coming to the Oak Tree Opry in Anita, but one of my favorite groups is the 'Roes'.  They're from Minnesota, and they'll be with us on July 20.  It's going to be a fun week."

Deborah Allen im „Four Corners“ in Untermeitingen

Singer/Songwriter Deborah Allen im „Four Corners“ in Untermeitingen

Einmal mehr stellte sich heraus, dass die Four Corners Music Hall in Untermeitingen bei Augsburg der wichtigste Veranstaltungsort für hochkarätig besetzte Country Music Konzerte im süddeutschen Raum ist. Am 13. Juli konnten die Veranstalter die Liedermacherin und Sängerin Deborah Allen verpflichten.

Das Vorprogramm bestritt Ernest Ray Everett. Everett ist ja selbst gebürtiger Amerikaner, lebt aber derzeit in Deutschland. Sein Programm setzte sich aus Eingenkompositionen („Call The Cops“, „Yes We Can“) und Cover Versionen von aktuellen Stars, wie Josh Turner („Long Black Train“) und altbekanntem („Folsom Prison Blues“, Working Man Blues“) zusammen. Am Überzeugendsten war Everett bei den rockigen Titeln.

Mit „Rock Me“ eröffnete Deborah Allen das Konzert. Bereits vom ersten Titel an hatte die End-Fünfzigerin das Publikum auf ihrer Seite. Ihr Programm umfaßte sowohl ihre eigenen Hits („Baby I Lied“, „If You’re Not Gonna Love Me“) und Hits die sie für andere Künstler geschrieben hatte („Don’t Worry ‚bout Me Baby“ für Janie Frickie). Aus ihrer Lieblings-CD „Delta Dreamland“ interpretierte sie neben dem Titelsong die Ballade „Two Shades Of Blue“, beides Eigenkompositionen. Nicht weniger als sechs Titel von ihrer letzten CD „Hear Me Now“ waren auch im Programm. „Amazing Graceland“, inspiriert durch einen Besuch des Domizils von Elvis Presley, das groovige „It Better Be Big“ oder die Ballade „Deeper Waters“ um nur einige zu nennen. Neben ihren Talenten als Sängerin und Liederschreiberin stellte sie auch als Entertainerin ihre Frau. Sie tanzte mit Leuten aus dem Publikum während sie gleichzeitig sang, überreichte spontan eine „Auszeichnung“ an ein tanzendes Paar. Kein Wunder, dass ihr die Herzen der Zuhörer zuflogen. Insgesamt wurde sie zweimal für Zugaben auf die Bühne geholt. „Last Time For Everything“, sehr emotional vorgetragen, war eine der Abschlußnummern. Zwei Lieder, die sie ohne Band vortrug beendeten endgültig ein Konzertereignis der Superlative.
Begleitet wurde die aus Memphis stammende Sängerin von Ernest Ray Everett und seiner Band. Verstärkt wurde das Ensemble durch den Bassisten und Nashville Studio Legende Mike Chapman, der auch als Bandleader fungierte.

Der einzige Wehrmutstropfen war die bescheidene Anzahl an Besuchern, von denen manche weit angereist waren. Es stellt sich die bange Frage nach dem Stellenwert der Country Music in der breiten Öffentlichkeit, wenn sogar renomierte Künstler wie Deborah Allen vor nur mäßig gefüllten Hallen spielen müssen. 

Siegfried Schneeweiss

Bad Ischl - Erstens kommt es anders und zweitens als man denkt

Erstens kommt es anders- zweitens als man denkt

Donnerstag, 24.05., mit dem Zug nach Passau. Dort erwartet mich schon mein Mann Franz mit dem Wohnmobil und weiter geht es nun auf eigenen Rädern Richtung Bayrischen Wald zu einem Übernachtungsplatz für Wohnmobilisten. Erst am Freitag peilen wir unser eigentliches Ziel, nämlich Strakonice in Tschechien und das Jamboree 2012 an. Erfreut, das Schloßparktor offen zu finden, wo wir schon immer während des Festivals campen durften, suchen wir uns einen schönen Platz unter den Bäumen. Ein Biker mit Zelt und ein PKW stehen auch schon da.

Wir sehen und hören nebenan die Arbeiten an der Bühne, hören den Soundcheck und machen einen Stadtbummel. Einen Irish Coffee später erleben wir bei unserer Rückkehr einen großen Schreck: das Parktor ist geschlossen, unser Auto eingesperrt, wir sind ausgesperrt, was tun? Zum Glück war das Tor nur durch schwere große Steine gesichert die wir wegdrücken konnten. Unverändertes Bild: ein Zelt mit Motorrad und unser Wohnmobil, und das eine Stunde vor Konzertbeginn. Wo sind die Besucher, Camper, Musiker? Sind wir im falschen Film? Nach einigem Herumfragen konnte uns endlich jemand verdeutschen, dass neuerdings auf diesem Areal nicht mehr geparkt oder gecampt werden durfte da Privatgrund. Man verwies uns auf einen Campingplatz 2 km außerhalb der Stadt. Keine Hinweistafeln, keine Mitteilung, keine Information diesbezüglich. Wir fühlten uns überhaupt nicht willkommen hier und zogen enttäuscht noch am gleichen Abend wieder Richtung Heimat.

Schade, denn das Bluegrassfestival war immer sehr schön und hätte mich besonders diesen Freitag interessiert, eine Banjo-Band stand nämlich auf dem Programm. Auf dem Rückweg übernachteten wir bei dem tschechischen Restaurant >Pumperle< und das dortige ausgezeichnet gute Nachtmahl hat unsere Stimmung wieder ins Lot gebracht.

Das nächste Ziel war dann Samstag, 26.05., Bad Ischl. Und hier kam die nächste unangenehme Überraschung, denn parken mußte man direkt bei der Katrin-Seilbahn und nicht auf dem Rennplatz im Grünen. Das war wohl nicht unser Wochenende...... Einen Vorteil hatte der Parkplatz jedoch, denn wir bekamen Dank Wolfgang Imber (Countrysplitters) Stromanschluß und es waren nur ein paar Minuten Fußweg zur Veranstaltungshalle. Aber jetzt nichts wie rein ins musikalische Vergnügen.

Samstag, Musik-Start pünktlich 17:00 nach der Begrüßung durch Gerhard Meidl.

ALBUM – ( Spitzenband aus Tschechien, einheitlich gekleidet mit karierten Hemden und bewaffnet mit Dobro, E-Baß, Mandoline, Gitarre, Banjo. Diese Band gibt es seit 1987, sie spielen sehr traditionellen Bluegrass aber sie haben auch den Mut, Nicht-Bluegrass-Songs in diesem Stil zu arrangieren. Z. B. >Englishman in New York< von Sting, oder >Dancing Queen< von ABBA, den Pop-Song >Memphis Tennessee<. >Jambalaya< kam äußerst flott daher, dafür umso einschmeichelnder der >Kentucky Waltz< auf der Dobro. Abgeschlossen wurde ihr zweites Set mit einem tschechischen Lied.

DOUG ADKINS – (, Singer/Songwriter aus Montana, konnte mit seiner Band nahtlos an die bereits ausgezeichnete Stimmung anschließen. >Honky Tonk<, >Cry Cry, Cry<, >Loved you more than Sunshine< (von seiner neuen CD), usw. Während er >Folsom Prison Blues< sang ging er durch das Publikum und schüttelte mal hier mal da die Hände. Er verstand es meisterhaft, die Leute zum Mitmachen, z. B. zum Heulen wie Hunde, zu animieren. Auch ein Tänzchen mit ihm hatte ich die Ehre während eines Liedes. Sein E-Gitarrist legte ein höllisches Tempo vor.

Die daran anschließenden RODEO ( aus Ungarn waren das absolute Kontrastprogramm. Sie spielten altbewährt und souverän >I fly away<, >Louisiana Saturday Night<, >House of the rising sun<, >Hey Jude<, usw. Und als letzte Nummer im ersten Set >Soldiers Joy< mit Ede an der Fiddle, eines meiner Lieblingslieder.

Vierte Band an diesem Tag war JOHNNY CASH REVIVAL BAND< aus der Slowakei (Homepage ?). Wie schon der Name verrät so hat sich Robert Simek durch und durch mit Johnny Cash identifiziert, nicht nur in den Liedern, im Vortrag, in der Gestik, in der Kleidung, sogar eine natürliche Ähnlichkeit zu Johnny Cash ist vorhanden. Er brachte eine sehr authentische Show – Lieder aufzuzählen mag sich wohl erübrigen. Wäre das Schlagzeug etwas weniger dominant gewesen, die Show hätte durchaus noch gewonnen. Aber die Wunderkerzen leuchteten trotzdem bei >Long Black Veil<, >Sunday Morning Coming Down< und >I saw the Light<.

Jede dieser Bands brachte noch ein zweites Set, den Abschluß machten RODEO. Leider kamen zu vorgerückter Stunde viele angeheiterte Jugendliche, offenbar von einem anderen Fest, die unangenehm auffielen.

Nach einem kleinen Bummel durch Bad Ischl hieß es wieder Bühne frei um 17 h mit
HOLY ANN & THE JUKEBOX JUNKIES ( Mit rockiger rauchiger Countrystimme gab Holy Ann nach 11jährigem Bestand mit ihrer Band an diesem Abend den letzten Auftritt und geht nun in die kreative Pause. Aus diesem Anlaß verteilten sie und ihre Fans den ganzen Abend Süßigkeiten an die Gäste. Sie verabschiedeten sich lautstark mit >I feel lucky<, >Bad moon rising<, >Lay down Sally<, >All night long< u. a., und bei >Honey, I am home< stand Ann bereits auf den Tischen und das Publikum tobte. Die Linedancer hatten ihre Freude und tanzten sogar zu dem klassischen Rock’n Roll >Maybellene< von Chuck Berry einen Linedance, was mir als Boogie- und Rock’n-Roll-Tänzerin weh tat. Aber jedem das Seine.

Mit der zweiten Band NUGGET ( wurde es wieder ruhiger im Saal, mit schönen Liedern wie: >You don’t have do say you love me<, >I am walking the floor over you<, >Carolina in the Pine<, >She’s gone gone gone< und anderen. NUGGET – locker und professionell wie man sie seit 35 Jahren kennt. Über sie noch viel zu schreiben hieße >Eulen nach Athen tragen<.

TEX ROBINSON & FRIENDS ( standen bereits in den Startlöcher mit >East Bound and Down< - ein Lied das mich immer noch an den so jung verstorbenen Robert Steubl erinnert und ich schon lange nicht mehr gehört habe. >All you ever do is bring me down<, >You’re my best friend< und andere gut bekannte Songs die er immer mit sehr guter Moderation ankündigte.

Die letzte Gruppe wie immer hier in Bad Ischl war natürlich LEWIS NIDERMAN & BAND ( Lewis begann mit Cajunmusic, es folgte TexMex und dann viele Johnny Cash-Songs >I Got Stripes<, >Give My Love To Rose<, u. a. Auch Lewis verstand es ausgezeichnet, die Leute mitzureißen. Um 2 h Früh erklang das Schlußlied >Irene Good Night<.

Bad Ischl fiel eigentlich diesmal aus dem Rahmen, denn es gab KEINEN Regen. Organisatorisch und musikalisch ist es Gerhard Loidl und seinem Team vom Country Circle Bad Ischl sehr gut gelungen, die meisten Geschmacksrichtungen zufrieden zu stellen und alle freuen sich auf das Internationale Country Music Festival 2013

Text und Fotos: Eliza

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