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Folk Legende Joan Baez in der Burgarena Finkenstein

Folk Legende Joan Baez in der Burgarena Finkenstein

Die Burgarena in Finkenstein bei Villach in Kärnten war die optimale Kulisse für den Auftritt der Folk-Legende Joan Baez ( . Diese ist entgegen ursprünglichen Gerüchten doch mit zwei Begleitmusikern aufgetreten. Mit Gabriel Harris (Percussion) und Dirk Powell (Fiddle, Gitarre, Mandoline, Bass, Keyboard) hatte sie zwei sehr profilierte Begleiter. Vor allem Dirk Powell dürfte den versierteren der Country-Fans ein Begriff sein. Er arbeitete für Loretta Lynn, Linda Ronstadt, Jewel, Jack White, Levon Helm, Sting u.a.

Bereits bei den ersten Akkorden zum Eröffnungstitel offenbarte sich die fantastische Akustik des Veranstaltungsortes. Nur mit Gitarre vorgetragen, stimmte der Eröffnungstitel „God Is God“ sehr gut auf den Abend ein. Bereits nach dem ersten Titel wurde die Gitarre gewechselt und es zeichnete sich ein abwechslungsreiches Konzert ab. Zur Gitarre gesellten sich bald andere Instrumente, die Meisten vom Multiinstrumentalisten Dirk Powell gefühlvoll gespielt. „Angelina“ und „Scarlet Tide“ löste im Publikum zustimmendes Raunen aus. Das Repertoire war sehr breit gestreut. Lieder von Bob Dylan („Baby Blue“, „God On My Side“), Stephen Foster („Hard Times“) bis Leonard Cohen („Suzanne“). Von Standards, wie „Swing Low Sweet Chariot“, zeitgenössischerem Liedmaterial („Jerusalem“) und sogar einem arabischen Lied. Natürlich fehlten auch die Hits aus der Zeit des großen Folkbooms der 60er Jahre nicht. „House Of The Rising Sun“, „The Long Black Veil“, „The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down“ und „Sag mir wo die Blumen sind“, das sie sogar in deutsch vortrug. Als Überraschungsgast wurde die aus Frankreich stammende Musikerin Marianne Aya Omac ( auf die Bühne gebeten. Gemeinsam mit ihr konnte sie eine weitere Facette ihres umfassenden musikalischen Schaffens vortragen: Spanische Folklore. Der bekannteste Titel war hier „Cu Cucu Ru“. Wegen eines drohenden Gewitters wurde die geplante Pause gestrichen und die zwei Sets in einem Stück vorgetragen. Nach zwei Stunden wurde Joan Baez vom begeisterten Publikum der ausverkauften Arena zu insgesamt drei Zugaben auf die Bühne zurückgeholt. So kam man auch noch in den Genuß von wunderschönen Versionen von Simon & Garfunkels „The Boxer“ und John Lennons „Imagine“. Joan Baez bewies, daß sie trotz ihrer 70 Jahre noch lange nicht zum alten Eisen gehört.

Siegfried Schneeweiss

The McClymonts Heating Up

The McClymonts Heating Up the Summer with CMT Video Premiere,
Concert Dates & TV Appearances

“I Could Be a Cowboy” Debuts on CMT Pure
and Ranks #2 on

Nashville, Tenn. (July 12, 2012) - CMA Global Artist of the Year award winners, The McClymonts, have taken to the airwaves with the video debut of their latest single, “I Could Be a Cowboy,” on CMT Pure, having ranked as the 2nd most watched video on  “I Could Be a Cowboy” is the group's second single from the Wrapped Up Good album and currently #35 on the charts. The CD scored them a #28 Music Row single last year.
Wrapped Up Good, climbed to #5 on the year-end Australian country sales charts, outselling releases by Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Alan Jackson and Kenny Chesney. The album is produced by industry heavyweights Nathan Chapman (Taylor Swift's Taylor Swift, Fearless and Speak Now) and Adam Anders (FOX TV's Glee).
Accolades for The McClymonts include being named Best Group at the Country Music Awards of Australia for four out of five years, and garnering the Best Country Album award in 2008 and 2010 at the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Awards.  In 2010, The McClymonts performed on tour with Jason Aldean and have shared the stage with Luke Bryant, Lady Antebellum, Kellie Pickler, Darius Rucker, Colt Ford, and Ronnie Dunn to name a few.  The celebrated trio has also taken the spotlight during shows at the legendary Grand Ole Opry.
The sisters hail from the small town of Grafton in Australia.  Yet, in just 4 years, they’ve sparked national and international headlines, becoming the top touring and highest-selling country music act in their homeland. Their steady stream of accomplishments also captured the attention of the CMA (Country Music Association) which named them recipients of the prestigious 2011 CMA Global Artist of the Year award.
The McClymonts are currently on tour in the U.S. and are gearing up for a whirlwind press tour and special appearances. They’ve performed live in more than 50 television markets and been featured on radio programs throughout the nation.
To check out the video, “I Could Be a Cowboy,” please visit:  It’s also available through and CMT mobile apps.

U.S. Summer Tour Dates

7/13/2012  Morgan County Fair - Jacksonville, IL

7/14/2012  Barton County Fair - Great Bend, KS

7/16/2012  NEMO Fair, Kirksville Fairgrounds - Kirksville, MO

7/17/2012  Marion County Fair - Knoxville, IA

7/19/2012  Country Jam USA - Eau Claire, WI

7/20/2012  Country Thunder  - Twin Lakes, WI

7/21/2012  Aquapalooza - Osage Beach, MO

7/26/2012  Gasconade County Fair - Owensville, MO

7/27/2012  Dunn County Fair - Menomonie, WI

7/28/2012  Pike County Missouri Fair - Bowling Green, MO

8/2/2012  Cowley County Fair - Winfield, KS

8/4/2012  Scotts Bluff County Fair - Mitchell, NE

8/5/2012  Clayton County Fair - Garnavillo, IA

8/6/2012  Wisconsin State Fair, Cousins Subs Amphitheater - West Allis, WI

For the latest updates and tour information, visit:

Hank Williams Jr. Claims President Obama 'Hates America'

The always outspoken Hank Williams Jr. has sparked another political fire. After last year comparing President Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler, he is now going so far as to accuse the Commander in Chief of hating his country.
"I mean, the guy is the worst," the country legend tells Rolling Stone, referring to the president. "Giveaway programs, hates America in the first place, forget about the flag. [Imitating President Obama] 'That's one of those big rich fat cats that makes $35,000 a year,' you know what I mean?"
After apparent prodding from his interviewer, Bocephus elaborated on why he thinks the president is the enemy. "Oh, you know, I don't know," he said. "I don't know about that but it's kind of obvious. I guess when you take a tour, a world tour, to apologize for America. He did that, you know? Going on a world tour saying, 'We're going to be be even with everyone else, we only have six percent of the population.'

Steel Guitar News July 12. 2012

Hello fellow players, This special Bobbe’s Tips is for you hardcore steel guitarists and history buffs who like to remember the great guitars that brought us to where we are today. I remember a story from the great Alvino Rey telling of the first time he played an experimental electric lapsteel guitar somewhere between 1928 and 1932. He practiced with the orchestra and everybody was amazed and happy about how well the steel could be heard. Unfortunately, his amplifier was plugged into the lighting circuits so when the orchestra started, the curtain went up, the stage lights were turned down and so was the power to his amplifier. He was right back to square one. He learned a lesson that day. His guitar of choice at the time was from the Rickenbacher Company, one of the first guitars with an electric pickup on it. Now we move ahead to 1939. Many people and companies were experimenting with methods to stretch the strings to get different tunings to keep the guitars small instead of going to 3 and 4 neck models. A significant guitar was the Electradaire which had 3 rocking pedals, each with 3 positions. These pedals were actually electric switches that triggered solenoids under the guitar and raised and lowered the strings through an electrical changer apparatus. Jumping ahead to 1946, we saw the birth of the Fender Guitar Company by Leo G. Fender who was inspired to build guitars by motorcycle genius Paul A. Bigsby. Bigsby had been commissioned to build steel and lead guitars by such notables as Merle Travis, Joaquin Murphy, Ernie Ball, Speedy West and the elite who’s who of the guitar playing professionals. Bigsby’s guitars set the standard in quality and tone from ’46 to at least 1958. Of course, Fender was in on the end of the non-pedal guitar manufacturing and had one serious attempt at building a decent pedal guitar. This model was called the Fender 1000 and was brought to prominence by such players as Curley Chalker and Ralph Mooney. In 1945, an incredible little pedal steel guitar was designed and mass produced by the Harlin Brothers of Indianapolis, Indiana. It was called the Multi-Kord and was truly a work of art for it’s day and time. This was the first 3 piece finger mechanism all pull steel guitar ever built. It was built very inexpensively. This means cheap body, legs, pickup, but strangely it did sound good. Many came with the mother of toilet seat pearloid finish. Most were six string and four pedal single neck versions with a few eights and even fewer double necks being built before production ceased. The Multi-Kord is not a good guitar by today’s standards but definitely a significant guitar in the history of steel guitar. This was the first good working pedal steel guitar with a universal changer produced in significant numbers. This guitar remains the easiest steel guitar to change pedal setups on that has ever been made. The tuning possibilities on the Multi-Kord are limitless, unlike any guitar that has been made since. However, forget knee levers. The design of the body of this guitar does not allow for knee levers, not that anyone had them in that time period anyway. Remember, this is the birth of pedals. Knee levers didn’t come along for another 15 years. Every pedal on the Multi-Kord could instantly be changed to raise or lower any or every string with just one pedal push. This means if you wanted to raise and lower every string in your tuning, you could make the change and tune it in less than a minute, almost as fast as you could think about it. Of course, the more strings you changed with the pedal, the harder the pedal was to push, but this rule applies to steel guitars today as well. I definitely consider the Multi-Kord to be the great-great-grandfather of today’s modern pedal steel guitar. Every design today is just a modification of this unique changer system built by these four brothers in Indianapolis. The value of these guitars today? Pretty close to zero, right down there with the values of the Gibson Electro-Harps but possibly unfairly so, unlike Bigsby which has risen to it’s highly deserved place of honor in history. A few of you will remember Gibson’s very feeble attempt at producing a workable pedal steel guitar. Even though they engineered and built many different models, all of which had the classic beauty that Gibson is famous for, none of these guitars ever worked well enough to be called real pedal steel guitars. These are only collectible today to look at and talk about, not to play. Since the Harlin Brothers held the patent on the good three finger design, Gibson was unable to design an effective changer that didn’t infringe upon the patent. In 1949, Bigsby added pedals to Speedy West’s triple 8 steel guitar that worked very well. However, pedal steel guitar was pretty much still a novelty until Webb Pierce recorded “Slowly”, “More and More”, “In The Jailhouse Now”, “Wandering, Wondering”, “There Stands The Glass” and “I Ain’t Never”. All of these were Number One tunes in the early to mid 50’s. The first song, “Slowly” was recorded with Webb by Bud Isaacs and his double neck 8 string, 2 pedal Bigsby guitar. The rest of this great string of number one hits were recorded by Sonny Burnett on a double neck 8 string Bigsby steel guitar that Webb Pierce purchased from Carl Smith’s steel guitarist, Johnny Sibert. This guitar is presently being restored and is referred to as the Webb Pierce “More and More” guitar. The former Bud Isaacs guitar, the “Slowly” guitar is now owned by Jack Hamlett in Maryland. These two guitars are probably the two most significant guitars in the history of pedal steel guitar. These are the guitars that first put the beautiful pedal steel guitar sound in the ears of the masses. Up to this point in history, every steel guitar player wanted pedals but from this point on in 1953, not only the players themselves, but the band leaders, club owners, producers and audience had to hear those pedals pushed. Many Fender guitars that didn’t have pedals originally, had their owners out in their garages hacking out homemade pedals so they could sound like the Bigsby’s on the records. Some quite possibly even came close. Bigsby being a one man operation working in his garage at 56 years old, could not keep up with the sudden demand for his instrument and this is what opened the door for the Fender 1000, Sho-Bud, Wright Custom and Emmons guitars that followed. Bigsby guitars are the ultimate collectible steel guitars. In 1958, several players who could not get Bigsbys because of the 3 year waiting list that Paul Bigsby had, bought a guitar called the Sho-Bud built by Shot Jackson and sons and promoted by Buddy Emmons at first, then Buddy Charlton in the mid-sixties. The next very significant guitar that turned out to be the standard of the era and still endures in the hearts of many pros is the Emmons Push Pull guitar. The design work on this guitar started in 1961 with the first models being available to the public at the end of 1964. This is one company who’s first guitars are just as good as their last guitars. This company never made a bad one and set the standard of tone that most players say still stands today. Now we have a new wave of steel guitars that have come out in the last five years or so. Since the development of computerized milling machines and lathes, parts can be made quicker, with greater precision and for less money, thus the quality of the newest steel guitars has risen to near perfection. This made way for light, compact, extremely high quality guitars with very acceptable tone at very acceptable prices such as the GFI-Magnum class of guitars. Remember, this is about significant guitars in history and not about how good one guitar is compared to another. There seem to be as many guitar builders today as there are guitar players. Most guitars seem to be improved or copies of what we will call the standard design of steel guitars. I will define this as being multiple raise-lower changer guitars with raised aluminum necks weighing from 44 to 50 pounds without the case, most using chrome microphone stand legs and pickups from the two or three vendors of choice. Most of these manufacturers aim at the Emmons All Pull LeGrande or the Sho-Bud SuperPro for what they want their final product to look and sound like. So I will say significant guitars down through history are Rickenbacher, Electrodaire, Multi-Kord, Bigsby, Fender 1000 (and 400), Sho-Bud, Emmons and the new wave of GFI-Magnum class of guitars. Now remember, there are many other fine brands of guitars like Mullen, Derby, Williams, JCH, Performance, Rittenberry, MSA and of course the incredible reproduction of the Emmons Push Pull, the Promat. I’m sure there are many others including some homemade brands that range from pretty good to astounding, but I wouldn’t call them milestones in the evolution of guitars like the ones mentioned in this newsletter. Your buddy, Bobbe

Miranda Lambert & Danica Patrick Fastest Girl In Town

Coming Soon: "Fastest Girl In Town" Video Starring Miranda Lambert & Danica Patrick

NASHVILLE, TN -- As her new single "Fastest Girl In Town" is racing up the charts, Miranda Lambert recently called on some new friends to join her in the music video which was shot a few weeks ago.
Miranda's partner in crime is NASCAR driver Danica Patrick. "Danica was the person I thought of immediately when I envisioned the video. We had so much fun playing two bad ass chicks up to no good," she laughs. "Danica has a really busy schedule, and I'm thrilled she was able to take time to come to Tennessee and be a part of this."
Also along for the ride is famed actor W. Earl Brown, co-star of HBO's Deadwood and upcoming film The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp. Among over 90 films to his credit, he is well-known for his role as the brother of Cameron Diaz in There's Something About Mary. "Earl is a true character, and he brings so much charisma and authenticity to his scenes," tells Miranda.
Directed by CMA Award winner Trey Fanjoy, "Fastest Girl In Town" is completely narrative; it's the first Miranda video with no vocal performance scenes. "I really get to act in the video. We have live sound and action scenes which feel more like a mini-movie than a music video," shares Miranda.

Country Music News International July 12. 2012

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Country Muisc News:

Interview with Tiffany Houghton

Miranda Lambert Cancels More Shows

Carrie Underwood Celebrates Wedding Anniversary

Wynonna Judd Files Lawsuit To Evict Louisville Man

Jana Kramer to Perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ Tonight

It Ain't Over: Out Of The Shadows: Mom Signs Record Deal At 55

BUCK OWENS The Complete Capitol Recordings 1969-1975

The Spinney Brothers Score Big with #1 Album


JB and the Moonshine Band No Better Than This

Adam Klein – Western Tales & Trails


Gloriana erhält Gold

Musik News Allgemein:

12.07.2012 CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland Teil 1

12.07.2012 CD Veröffentlichung / News / TV Hinweise / Konzerttermine / Videos Deutschland Teil 2

THE KILLERS - Neues Album Battle Born

Django - Die Indiepop-Helden aus UK kommen auf Deutschland-Tour!

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Interview with Tiffany Houghton

Interview with Tiffany Houghton

Lamitschka:  How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Tiffany Houghton:  This last year has been full of the best and worst times. I love music, I was born with a fire and deep rutter to create moments that move people through music. A year ago I was finishing up my junior year of high school with peers I grew up with, on a competitve dance team, had a boyfriend, lived with my family, but craved more time for my true passion, my music. Over the course of the last twelve months everything in my life has changed dramatically. I walked off my dance team, broke up with my boyfriend, spent the summer in Nashville, transferred to an arts magnet school as a new senior, graduated a semester early, and moved back to Nashville to pursue my career full time. This past year has been full of rewarding sacrifices. Because of the goodbye’s I have been able to fully devote myself to the creation of my recently released EP. I am so happy to be living in Music City USA paying my dues and making my dreams come true.

Lamitschka:  What is your latest CD and how's it doing?

Tiffany Houghton:  I just released my self-titled EP, all songs of which I wrote and produced. We have had a wonderful response! I played at The House of Blues Dallas where I got to share my new music first with my family, friends, and fans in my home town.

 Lamitschka:  Do you write the songs yourself? If not, how do you go about finding the songs for your CD?

Tiffany Houghton:  I did write all of the songs on my EP. I believe that way to touch a persons heart is by speaking from my own.

Lamitschka:  What inspired you to become an artist?

Tiffany Houghton:  It’s all I have ever wanted to do, I can’t not write, I can’t not sing. I feel at home when I am on stage. If there is something you cannot live a day without doing, then pursue with with all of your heart and soul.

Lamitschka: What is one of your favorite songs on the album and what’s the story behind it?

Tiffany Houghton: My parents have painted one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen throughout my life. They were married at my age, 18 years old. They came from nothing and had some real challenges early on that could have easily broken them apart. Through their love and support of eachother, they have come so far together. They are still in love, 25 years later. It is becasue of them that I believe in love. I wrote the song “Like He Treats Her” just after I watched them leave our home for a Sunday walk, holding hands. I have so much respect for the example they have set for me, I gave this song to them for their 25th anniversary.

Lamitschka:  What drives you?

Tiffany Houghton:  The desire I have to influence people the same way that I have been influenced by so many wonderful musicians that came before me.

Lamitschka:  What moments in your career stand out in your memory as highlights and achievements which you are proud of?

Tiffany Houghton:  I had a sweet girl come to me and tell me that my song, “Different” helped her to view herself in a much more positive light. When I am told that I have inspired a person to be their best self and to love who they are, I am rewarded so much more than by any recognition or reward I could receive.

Lamitschka:  Who is your biggest critic, yourself or others?

Tiffany Houghton:  Definitely myself, I really care about giving my audience the most honest and best I have.

Lamitschka:  Is there anything in your life that you would change if you could?

Tiffany Houghton: Yes, there are changes to be made with every day that I am given. I am always trying to improve myself and learn as much as I can.

Lamitschka:  Is there any place you haven't played that you would like to?

Tiffany Houghton:  It is a HUGE dream of mine to play at the Grand Ole Opry. It is full of so much history and I highly respect the magic that has been made on that stage.

Lamitschka:  Many music fans today get their information about artists online. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

Tiffany Houghton:  Yes, I just launched my website this month, fans can find ALL of my latest updates, events, blog, pictures, and fan shop at

Lamitschka:  What message would you like to send your European fans?

Tiffany Houghton:  I love all of you!! Thank you so much for the love and support I have felt, you all keep me going and I hope to meet all of you soon.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Miranda Lambert Cancels More Shows

Country star MIRANDA LAMBERT has cancelled a further three shows on her tour as she battles ongoing vocal problems. The House That Built Me hitmaker announced earlier this month (Jul12) she was pulling out of a string of gigs on doctor's orders. She expressed her hope to return to the stage for concerts later this week (ends14Jul12), but Lambert has now told fans she will not be performing as planned in Alabama and Georgia as she needs more vocal rest.

Carrie Underwood Celebrates Wedding Anniversary

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are celebrating two years of marriage. Underwood tweeted happy anniversary to her "handsome, sweet, smart, wonderful husband," and said "time flies!" Fisher wrote on Twitter "life is so much better with u in my life!" He said he was looking forward to many more years together. They were married July 10, 2010 in Georgia.
"Happy anniversary to my handsome, sweet, smart, wonderful husband!" Underwood tweeted. "Can't believe it's been 2 years! Time flies!"
"Happy anniversary @carrieunderwood," Fisher told his wife on his Twitter account. "Life is so much better with u in my life! Looking forward to many more!"

Wynonna Judd Files Lawsuit To Evict Louisville Man

A Grammy Award-winning country music singer has filed a lawsuit in Jefferson County, Ky. to evict the man who raised her as his daughter, according to a Louisville attorney.
WDRB News has obtained a suit filed by Wynonna Judd against Michael Ciminella and the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Department of Inspections, Permits and Licenses.
The suit alleges that Ciminella obtained property on Belgravia Court, near the intersection of W. Hill St. and S. 3rd St. in July 1994. In order to obtain the property, the suit states, he gave Wynonna Judd a mortgage and promissory note, agreeing to pay her $200,000 for the "loan."
The suit indicates that on Sept. 16, 2011, Judd demanded full payment of the entire outstanding balance, plus interest.
Ciminella has not paid that amount, according to the suit. Wynonna Judd - The Other Side

Blake Shelton Adds Michael Buble to Team Blake for Season 3 of ‘The Voice’

NBC says The Voice is teaming a crooner and a country singer for the show’s new season.
The network said Monday that Michael Bublé will serve as adviser to coach Blake Shelton’s team of contestants when the singing contest returns in September.
Bublé, who described himself as a “big Blake fan,” said he’s having a terrific time working with Shelton and his singers. Bublé started taping his appearances on The Voice Monday in Los Angeles.
NBC has yet to announce advisers for the show’s three other coaches, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine.
Kelly Clarkson, Jewel and Baby Face were among last season’s advisers, guiding contestants in their choice of songs. The Voice is back for its third season Sept. 10.

Jana Kramer to Perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ Tonight

Jana Kramer to Perform on ‘The Tonight Show’ Tonight

Tune in tonight to see Jana Kramer perform “Why Ya Wanna” on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC 11:35/10:35c). The debut single, “Why Ya Wanna,” has climbed the charts at a record pace, currently sitting at No. 13.
The New York Times praised the single noting, “Her breakthrough hit “Why Ya Wanna” is a wounded plea to an ex to keep his distance; weakness is its selling point, and it’s an effective sell.”
Kramer released her self-titled debut album June 5th, debuting at No. 5 on the Country Chart and as the No. 2 top selling digital artist. Kramer is currently on Brad Paisley’s “Virtual Reality Tour” performing on the Virtual Opry Stage – dates run through the Fall and can be found on her website

Tim Bradley Meet Nashville


Tim Bradley country artist from Italy, has hired publicity firm Debbie Dean Promotions, Nashville TN, to handle the promotions of his soon to be released CD 

Debbie Dean Promotions, the firm behind the award winning UK Duo “Spur”("Never Do You Wrong", "Taylor Swift, (Just a Face in a Crowd") and Bobby G Rice, “You Lay So Easy on My Mind” Eddie Rivers “Lonesome Whistle” will be in charge of all aspects of the publicity and promotion of Tim’s music, including all press requests for interviews and reviews, consulting and social media marketing.  The debut single soon to be released, will also be promoted to internet radio and internationally through Debbie Dean Promotions.
Tim was born in Italy, his father being Italian and his mom being Norwegian. Tim has always enjoyed music, especially the guitar. He started playing guitar at a young age. Being fascinated by Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton. At the age of 18 he was asked to be in a tribute Bon Jovi band and later moved on to another tribute band U2. He stayed with this band, getting his life experiences with the band, always wanting to be out on his own.
Tim finally made the move to get his own band together and to play his self pinned songs, But guitar playing always being his first love.He had been writing for years, but always just putting them aside.Then one day he decided to make the leap and that’s when he started looking for some good musicians who wanted to join him and back him up so he found 3 experienced musicians, Daniel who plays the banjo, acoustic and electric guitars and some back up vocals, then there is Kata who plays the bass guitar and vocals, and of course the drummer Sankio.
Tim has a great following in the European area, He has played in Norway, Luxemburg, Germany and Belguim. He has fans from these countries along with Turkey too. He is soon to have many more fans. He has had three cds released, which this last one “Road to Nashville” is currently being played on US and Europe stations. In the near future he will be releasing his 4th cd, titled “This Country Boy Can Survive” which of course will get heavy promotion in Europe and the USA. Keep your ears open for the next great set of songs from Tim Bradley

It Ain't Over: Out Of The Shadows: Mom Signs Record Deal At 55

It Ain't Over: Out Of The Shadows:     Mom Signs Record Deal At 55

Etta Britt By Lori Weiss
From the time Etta Britt was a young girl, she was singing back-up for Diana Ross. It’s just that Diana didn’t know it. Because Etta was in front of her bedroom mirror in Louisville, Kentucky -- hair brush in hand, as a microphone, of course -- pretending she was one of the Supremes.
“I’d stand there for hours,” Etta laughed, “and pretend I was on stage. And my brother would come in and tease me and I’d throw the hairbrush at him.”
But Etta showed him. She went off to camp in sixth grade and decided to sing a song in the talent contest and out of 16 acts, Etta took first place.
“That was the moment I fell in love with singing,” she recalled, “the moment that I knew it was the only thing I wanted to do with my life. That trophy they gave me -- that was my Grammy.”
So no one was surprised when Etta was chosen to be part of the Kentucky All State Choir or even when she ended up on stage at the American Music Awards, as part of Dave and Sugar, a country music trio, best known in the 70s for songs like "The Door Is Always Open" and "Tear Time."
“I had just joined Dave and Sugar two weeks earlier,” Etta said. “I finished unpacking the U-haul truck and settled in and there we were up on stage presenting an award. I had 15 steps to walk down in this long gown and all I could think was please don’t let me fall down these steps. That was not what I wanted everyone in Nashville to think about when they heard the name Etta Britt.”
Etta made it down those steps just fine and went on to become known not as the girl who tripped on the stairs, but as an important part of a successful country music group. Her star was rising on the Nashville scene -- until Dave decided his could shine brighter if he went out on his own and began a solo career -- "Sugar free."
“At that point, I didn’t really know many people outside the band," she said. "But I started making demos and knocking on the doors of record labels. I did back-up sessions and some jingles, just trying to get something going.”
But in the meantime, there was something else going on: Etta had fallen madly in love with her husband Bob Britt, a guitarist, and the two married and started a family.
“We were struggling musicians,” Etta said sadly, “with two little babies and no money. Something had to give, so I gave. I took a back seat so Bob could get his guitar career going.”
So while Bob went on the road with groups like The Dixie Chicks, John Fogerty and Wynonna, Etta watched over their daughters Hannah and Bonnie and did what she could to make ends meet. She waited tables, cleaned homes and sold real estate, but through it all, she took every opportunity she could to do a recording session or sing back-up for groups that were performing in Nashville.
What she couldn’t have known was that, 20 years later, one of those artists she backed-up would circle back and put her center stage.
“I thought maybe they were starting a publishing company,” Etta said with a grin, “and they were interested in one of my songs. So, when Sandy said she had an ulterior motive in asking me to lunch, I wasn’t all that surprised.
“But then she said they were starting a record label -- to give a home to artists who were a little bit older, who they thought never got their shot -- and they wanted me to be the first person they signed. I had to look around to see who she was talking to! I wanted to do cartwheels around the room!”
The women were, indeed, starting a new label and calling it Wrinkled Records. But they don’t define "Wrinkled" in the way one might think. Sandy and Katie, who are both over 50, see their label as the latest wrinkle in the ever-evolving music business -- music that’s ageless.
“Before I knew it,” Etta said, “I was in my first pitch meeting. There I was in the big chair and people were playing songs they wanted me to record!”
And these weren’t just any songs. Even singer/songwriter Michael McDonald was sending over music for her to consider. And two of his songs are on Etta’s new CD, "Out of The Shadows," right there next to songs she wrote herself -– "Quiet House" and "She’s Eighteen" -- which speak to the empty nest she and Bob are sharing now that the girls have moved out on their own.
“Those are real tears you hear when I’m singing those songs,” Etta said. “Hannah and Bonnie have turned out to be amazing women and they’re off charting their own course. And now I’m doing the same. It’s all timing. I’m a real believer that things happen when they’re supposed to happen -- in their own time.”
And they’re happening in the way the couple first hoped they would, early on in their careers. Etta is singing and Bob is right there on guitar. He also produced her CD, bringing in many of the musicians he’s been performing with for years. And now they’re on the road together, touring with Delbert McClinton and Paul Thorn.
“When I walk out on stage, I often say ‘You’re probably wondering who I am. Well, I’m a 55-year-old woman who just got her first record deal.’ And I get a standing ovation.
“Just like the title of the CD, I feel like I’m coming out of the shadows,” Etta said with a tear in her eye. “And now I’m showing my daughters that it doesn’t matter what your age is -- you can still make your dreams come true.”
Etta Britt with be on tour with Delbert McClinton this summer, beginning July 27th at the BB King Blues Club in New York. To find out when she’ll be in a city near you, you can visit Her new CD is available on, and

BUCK OWENS The Complete Capitol Recordings 1969-1975

8 CD Box Set Now Released
The Complete Capitol Recordings 1969-1975

Following Bear Family’s previous Buck Owens box sets, Act Naturally and Open Up Your Heart, this collection brings together the artist’s final recordings for Capitol Records, covering the period 1969-1965 - a total of 214 tracks with a playing time of (approx) 521 minutes.

Although not as dominant chartwise as in preceding years, this six year period nevertheless produced 20 chart entries, a figure rivalled by few of Owens’ contemporaries. This collection also includes duets by Susan Raye and Buddy Alan alongside all the recordings by the artist’s award winning group The Buckaroos. Plus there’s more than dozen hitherto unissued recordings.

(Bear Family BCD 16898 HK)

This was a period of change for the Bakersfield superstar, coming at a time when he was at his musical and commercial peak. Besides the hits, he operated a highly successful music publishing operation (Blue Book) which also featured material by Merle Haggard, among others, and given a great boost when Ray Charles transformed his Cryin’ Time into a major pop hit. In addition, he was soon to become a household name with his appearances on Hee Haw, the weekly tv series that he co-hosted with Roy Clark, and built a highly successful concert show around with his group The Buckaroos, Susan Raye, son Buddy Alan and The Hagers.

But Buck Owens, who had built his immensely successful career on snappy songs and the “freight train” sound, wanted to make changes and attain the musical freedom that artists in the pop/rock world had secured. The first sign of change came with the singles Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass and Johnny B. Goode (found in the previous box set) and now continued with Tall Dark Stranger, a differently structured song that Owens wrote from a phrase used by his grandmother. It was “sweetened” by producer Ken Nelson who added Nashville vocal overdubs and resulted in his 19th Billboard number one while the album of the same name attained number two status.

The three chart singles that followed – Big In Vegas, The Kansas City Song and I Wouldn’t Live In New York City (If They Gave Me The Whole Dang Town) – were among the songs also to be found in 1970’s I Wouldn’t Live In New York City album, a collection of Owens penned songs featuring well known places. In early 1971 he charted with a cover of Paul Simon’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and that subsequent album also included Simon's I Am A Rock and Homeward Bound, alongside Donovan’s Catch The Wind and Dylan’s Love Minus Zero-No Limit, with only a minimal of original songs from Owens. Then came another fresh musical direction, bluegrass, as the #3 charted Ruby (Are You Mad) and the #2 follow-up Rollin’ In My Sweet Baby’s Arms led on to an album that also included such classics as Ole Slew Foot, Salty Dog Blues and Rocky Top.

Among his other albums was a Gospel collection, Your Mother’s Prayer, which featured Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus, That Old Time Religion, Lonesome Valley and When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder; Arms Full Of Empty, a collection of Owens originals, heavy on shuffles and ‘60s style honky-tonk material; (It’s A) Monsters Holiday which, a rarity for the singer, included several covers, Pass Me By (If You’re Only Passin’ Through), Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’ and Amazing Love among them; and his final release, 41st Street Lonely Hearts Club, the title song born out of one of the singer’s many promotional campaigns, “Lonely Buck Owens looking for a wife”.

Buck Owens’ other chart singles were I’ll Still Be Waiting For you, Made In Japan (his final number one on Capitol), You Ain’t Gonna Have Ol’ Buck To Kick Around No More, In The Palm Of Your Hand, Ain’t It Amazing Gracie, Arms Full Of Empty, Big Game Hunter (a satire on television football), On The Cover Of The Music City News (Shel Silverstein’s country music version of his The Cover Of Rolling Stone, recorded by Dr. Hook), It’s A Monster’s Holiday (which became a favourite around Halloween), Great Expectations and 41st Street Lonely Hearts Club/Weekend Daddy. His final Capitol single was a revival of Jimmie Driftwood’s The Battle Of New Orleans, originally a chart-topper for Johnny Horton in 1959.

The chart singles didn’t end there though. He enjoyed one-off success with son Buddy Alan on a revival of Too Old To Cut The Mustard (originally a hit for both Ernest Tubb & Red Foley and The Carlisles in 1952) which led on to the album of the same name which included further novelties like I Won’t Go Huntin’ With You Jake (But I’ll Go Chasin’ Women), Cigareets, Whuskey and Wild, Wild Women and Pfft! You Were Gone.

Far more successful were the duets with Oregon born Susan Raye, who joined Owens’ organisation in 1968 and remained in his circle for eight years. Maintaining country music’s popular tradition of male-female offerings, the couple hit the charts six times – We’re Gonna Get Together, Togetherness, The Great White Horse, Looking Back To See, The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) and Love Is Strange – alongside a handful of albums, We’re Gonna Get Together, The Great White Horse, The Good Old Days (Are Here Again) as well as a seasonal collection, Merry Christmas From Buck Owens & Susan Raye which featured all Owens originals (some co-penned) such as Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy, At Home On Christmas Day and Santa’s Gonna Come In A Stagecoach. Susan Raye, of course, also enjoyed a very successful career on Capitol Records, notching up 17 chart singles for the label.

There was one other duet and undoubtedly the rarest of all Buck Owens work. Recorded on June 27, 1969, at the Capitol Studios in Hollywood, it featured soul singer Bettye Swann joining forces with Owens on Haggard’s Today I Started Loving You Again. Produced by Wayne Shuler, it was a revolutionary idea having a white man singing with a black female (and Owens was never one to maintain the status quo) but Capitol’s Ken Nelson was outraged and quickly shelved the recording. It's only in this collection that it's now seen the light of day. Among the other unreleased recordings is I’ve Got A Happy Heart, which became a Top 3 hit for Susan Raye in 1972, and the biographical California Okie, which he later re-recorded for Warner Brothers.

Enjoying an equally prolific recording career were The Buckaroos who, besides backing up Owens on the majority of his recording sessions, also released five albums in their own right – Roll Your Own, Rompin’ & Stompin’, Boot Hill, Play The Hits and The Songs Of Merle Haggard, the last named included Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man), Today I Started Loving You Gain, Okie From Muskogee, Swinging Doors and Mama Tried. One of country music’s most successful bands, The Buckaroos enjoyed two chart singles during this period, Nobody But You and The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. The group was headed up by Owens’ right hand man, occasional writing partner and close friend Don Rich and included, over the years, such luminaries as Doyle Holly, Doyle Singer, Earl Ball, Jayne D. Maness and Buddy Emmons.

Away from the recordings, Buck Owens' other activities flourished. His appearances on Hee Haw had further developed his popularity by putting him before television audiences (and he remained with it until 1986, leaving it when goofy comedy prevailed over country music) while converting an old movie theatre in Oildale into a recording studio gave him the opportunity to experiment with his music. Named, obviously, the Buck Owens Studio, all recording sessions from April 1970 were headquartered at this new location rather than at the Capitol studios on Vine Street, Hollywood. There were also his interests in radio and television and when it was time to renew his Capitol contract on June 1, 1971, he held the bargaining clout with all his acts being contracted to Buck Owens Enterprises, rather than the label, and Capitol specifying that it release a given number of albums and singles – with the ownership of the recordings then reverting back to Owens. Such a deal was ahead of its time but this would become more and more commonplace for big stars in the years that followed.

Then his life was turned around. On July 18, 1974, Buck Owens received the news that Don Rich had died in a motorcycle accident. He was the alter ego upon whom Owens depended over the previous 15 years, on stage and in the studio, “as much a part of the music as I was. He seemed able to read my mind”. He descended into a downward spire of depression that took years to overcome.

Accompanying the eight cd’s in this collection is a 108 page, hardcover book in which writer Rich Kienzle covers this period of Buck Owens career, detailing the songs and recording sessions, alongside information on the musicians and artists with whom he worked. With further sections devoted to the Bettye Swann recording, the last Capitol contract and Don Rich, the book concludes with a brief insight into his life after he left Capitol Records in 1975 up to his death on March 25, 2006. Primarily featuring interviews with the artist and keyboard player Jim Shaw, the book is crammed with photographs (colour and black & white), album cover reproductions and a discography.

Buck Owens had wanted Bear Family Records to chronicle his career as only this record label could. Now his wish is being fulfilled.

Also available:
BUCK OWENS: Act Naturally (Recordings 1953–1964) (5 cd set & 84 page hardcover book) - Bear Family BCD 16850 EK.
BUCK OWENS: Open Up Your Heart (Recordings 1965-1968) (7 cd set & 120 page hardcover book) - Bear Family BCD 16855 GK

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