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Evi Tausen, Country singer: A Country girl with grace, charm and a Golden Voice

Evi Tausen, Country singer: A Country girl with grace, charm and a Golden Voice
Evi Tausen was untill august 2010 an everyday mother of two studying to be a social worker in the little town of Porkeri in The Faroe Islands. The population of Porkeri is about 450 and she was about to get married to her boyfriend of nine years.

An upcoming country star called Hallur Joensen who was making his mark in the Faroese Country community after recording an album in Nashville was a big hit in the Faroe Islands and Evi loved his music.
Noting this Evi’s fiancée booked Hallur Joensen to play at their August 2010 wedding. So Hallur wanted to meet Evi to discuss any special songs that Evi wants him to play. Evi has a song that Hallur does not know and he wants her to sing it to him and Hallur is amazed with her country voice, and tells her that she has to sing the song herself to her husband. This is a turn of events for Evi and she politely declines, telling him she is too nervous as she has never sang in front of anyone except her parents at home and there is no chance that she can do it at the wedding in front of so many people.

But, Hallur has heard something that he is not going to let go of. He begins to sing some songs with Evi and as her confidence grows after some hours he convinces Evi that she has a very special country voice and that she must perform for her husband and guests. So Evi sang at her wedding and it was a huge success, her husband was so thrilled and pleased he rewarded her by giving her a guitar which she began learning to play at home.

As weeks passed rehearsing Evi had an urge and a feeling to sing Country and she started to work to improve her art every day.

One thing about Evi, says her husband Gudmundur, is that when she sets herself a goal she is willing to go through thick and thin to achieve it. And after some months of rigorous practice singing and playing the guitar, she set for herself the biggest goal she ever has attempted in her life and that is to be a professional country singer! Evi wanted to go to Nashville to record an album with the best of the best. 
But first she needed something to show what she can do! She needed to record a demo to take with her to Nashville, to show producers of Country Music that she means business and is a serious artist.
In November 2010 Evi’s husband talks to a producer who resides in the Islands who has produced artistes in Nashville, about making a backtrack of the song “How’s the world treating you” by James Taylor and Allison Kraus and Evi also sends him her own version of “He’ll have to go”, that she recorded on her laptop with her webcam. Also Evi asks her friend Pætur við Keldu if he would sing the James Taylor part of the song and off they go to the studio, excited and with high hopes...

Being Evi’s first time in a studio it took a few false starts but Evi soon got the confidence and performed the songs beautifully and her timing and feel are impeccable and the result is so good that they decide to release a single CD in the Faroe Islands that was immediately a total hit and on their trip to Nashville in March the following year they took the single as a demo to play to the Country recording community.
Evi and her husband arranged the trip and were going to visit a singing instructor called Kathy Chaviola to whom they have been introduced by a journalist from the Faroe Islands. Kathy had visited the Faroe’s in 2003.

Once in Nashville they were introduced to a lot of good people and before leaving, to return home, Kathy had set up a visit to the Grand Ole Opry were they were the guests of Country veteran Jim Ed Brown backstage. Jim Ed was a long time friend of Kathy’s; And there, Evi got the chance to give Jim Ed her single of the two Jim Reeves songs and he was enthralled by the singing and the fact that Evi sang two Jim Reeves songs because Jim was Ed’s best friend when he was alive. Jim Ed was so moved by this and he played the single on his Opry Radio weekly two-hour Country Music Greats Radio Show
Once back in the Faroe Islands Evi and her husband Gudmundur started to work on all the contacts they got in Nashville. Evi had received several offers from producers but the most interesting offer came from guitar legend Brent Mason.

Brent had heard Evi’s single through a friend in Nashville that Gudmundur had contacted on the internet and had explained to him that Evi was looking for a producer. And because Brent had been in the Faroe Island the year before and fallen for the people there, he got very interested in Evi’s singing and wanted to produce the album.

Brent contacted some friends for new songs and through Gerald Smith; Evi got several very good songs that suited her voice. But Evi did get one very special song herself from Glen Douglas Tubb. Thro Facebook Evi got in touch with and old songwriter called Glenn Douglas Tubb, who used to tour with Johnny Cash and also wrote him some songs, one being Home Of The Blues. 
Evi told Glenn that she was going to record an album with Brent Mason and wanted to hear if he had some songs that would suit her voice. And after listening to Evi’s single he sent her a song called Wishing Well, saying he thought that Evi’s voice would do justice to the song and wanted to know what she thought of it. Evi listen to it for a few days and after a while began to feel it and thought that it could really become her own. But she had never even imagined how this song would change her life, because of the background of the song, which she had not heard yet.
Evi told Glenn that the song had become really special to her and she asked him if she could record it. Glenn was happy to hear that, but wanted to be sure that Evi had fallen for the song, because he had a really special story to tell Evi. Evi assured him that this was a song she wanted to record because she could feel the heart break and sorrow in the lyric and so Glenn began to tell Evi the amazing story behind the song.
Glenn told Evi that in 1956, when he was touring with Johnny Cash, he was very good friends with both Johnny and Vivian Cash and spent a lot of time at their home. One day Vivian came to him and asked him if he could help her write a song that she had in her heart and had written some lyrics for. Glenn asked Vivian why she did not ask Johnny, he was sitting right in the living room watching TV. Vivian pulled him away and said that this song was not for Johnny’s ears because of the content. Then Glenn realised that this was a song about Vivian’s heart break because she had found out that Johnny was involved romantically with June Carter. Glenn was not sure what to do but then agreed to help Vivian write the song.
When the song was finished Glenn could not believe how sincere and honest the song had become, reflecting Vivian’s desperate situation in her marriage with Johnny, and he was very happy with the result and so was Vivian but then came the shock! Vivian wanted the song, as good as it was, never to be played for anyone, ever, as long she was alive. And the most important thing was that Johnny never heard it, he was never to hear the song or to know Vivian’s feelings in this terrible situation. You can hear it the lyric as she wrote: “Wishing Well, you know its Hell, to know the truth and still not let it show” This was Vivian’s first and last song she ever wrote.
Glenn promised to keep the song a secret and he put it away in a safe place for 55 years. Until he heard Evi’s voice and remembered the song, and then he knew he had found the right artist to sing it. Both Vivian and Johnny had passed away so he felt he was released from the promise that he had given Vivian so he presented the song to Evi to record.
Evi was amazed and she could almost not believe that a totally unknown newcomer from the Faroe Island that came from a tiny village of 450 people had be given a son to sing that Johnny Cash’s wife at the time, had written to him, and that it was hidden away from Johnny and keep a secret for 55 years. No one had heard it. This was truly history in the making. So Evi recorded the song and the result you can hear on her debut album named after the song: “Wishing Well”.
Brent Mason did a fantastic job as producer and managed to get some of the best studio musicians in Nashville to record for Evi and he and everyone were completely happy with the result.
It is worth to mention that there is a duet on the album with Gran Ole Opry legend Jim Ed Brown. After Evi meet him at the Opry they kept in contact and Evi asked if he could sing an old Jim Reeves song with her on the album. He was very happy to do so and the result is “Oh how I miss you tonight”. Which has been acclaimed to be the best version ever of this song ever and Evi says it is a real honour to sing with Jim Ed Brown on her debut album.
Since the release Evi is being played around the world and has had great reviews from the country media. The latest honour is that she was nominated in two categories at the ICMA Awards. The Jim Ed duet was nominated as Best International Country Event of the year, and Evi herself was nominated as Best International Country Artist of the year which she WON.
Evi is now planning a European tour as soon as possible.
To sum up Evi’s story one must congratulate and admire her for her fantastic perseverance. All this was done with no help from any backers, inside Nashville friends or any record label. This was achieved with help from her husband and her family. She set out to Nashville, after only singing for six months, with only a demo single in her hand and a fire in her heart that she had it in herself to make it as a country singer. Evi can truly say that Fairytales do come true!!Evi Tausen truly represents Country Music in its purest form and deserves to be heard by Country fans throughout the world....
From the first demo I received from Evi to the album I now play regularly on my Radio shows to the world I have always thought and believed that Evi should do well. She has a purity of voice and a feel for Country Music like she was born and bred to it and lived what she sings about with emotion and heart. She has also the determination to bring her beautiful voice to the Country World at large and they should in my humble opinion be proud to receive this beautiful Faroese lady of song!”
Dave Weston
Country Recording Artist and DJ
Feel the Country” 40 years of Country Music
West Coast fm 107.5



Produced by Grammy winner Brent Mason and independently recorded out of Nashville, Tennessee, USA, Faroe Islands native Evi Tausen is proud to announce the European release of her fresh new CD titled Wishing Well.

Singer, songwriter and guitarist Evi Tausen may be a newcomer to the music industry, but music has always been a part of her. 

Performing mainly for family and friends, her turning point came on her wedding day. She publicly performed a special song for her groom. 

Realizing her talent, he purchased her a guitar the very next morning. She hasn’t stopped singing or playing since.
A fan of the traditional country sound, Evi’s voice can be likened to Patsy Cline, Alison Krauss and Loretta Lynn. Recorded in Nashville,

Tennessee on world famous “Music Row” and backed up by all A-String players, the finished product is an inspiring collection of melodies about love and life.

Wishing Well is the title of Evi’s first album with original tracks except for one that is an old Jim Reeves classic, including a secret song written in the 1950s by Vivian Cash (Johnny Cash’s first wife) and Glenn Douglas Tubb. It has never been recorded before.
Also included is a duet with Evi and Grand Ole Opry legend Jim Ed Brown.

After spending this past year working on her CD, Evi has been hard at work establishing herself in the international music market.
Please be sure to visit the link to hear a sampling of songs from Wishing Well and to purchase them or
visit to learn more about Evi.


Veteran Touring Professional Ruby Biloskirka-Conley Joins Nashville-Based Band

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 13, 2012) - Boston native Ruby Biloskirka-Conley has joined Mustang Sally as keyboardist with the international touring band. Biloskirka-Conley, a graduate of Berklee College of Music and a former faculty member at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Calif., has worked and toured with a number of artists, including Ashley Rodriquez from American Idol (Season 9) and Victoria Justice on the Nickelodeon "Victorious Tour."

"I'm thrilled to be a member of Mustang Sally. I joined the band just as we were preparing for  CMA Music Festival, so I've already been a part of a radio interview and performance at the home of The Grand Ole Opry, where we released "L-Bomb," the new single.  From the beginning, we have all vibed well together. That feeling and sense of family right off the bat is so important, especially if you are traveling and playing all the time with a group of people. They have to have your back, and you have to have theirs," says Biloskirka-Conley, who is a Roland and Mogami endorsed artist.

 "The Mustang Sally fans, also, have made me feel right at home. I met a number of them at the CMA Music Fest and others have been adding me on Facebook and following me on Twitter," she says. "Also, after living in Los Angeles for a few years and experiencing the scene in New York City, I'm really happy to be in Nashville and to get involved in the songwriting community."

Biloskirka-Conley fills the slot left open when long-time band member Rachel Solomon left in May after seven years. Solomon currently is working on her own CD.

"We certainly will miss Rachel. She was not only a part of Mustang Sally, but also is our friend, so, of course, we're excited for her new venture," says Lisa Romeo, Mustang Sally's drummer and band leader. "At the same time, we welcome Ruby and her extensive touring experience to our band and look forward to all the good things that are coming for Mustang Sally in the coming months!"

For more information about Mustang Sally, go to, like on Facebook ( or follow on Twitter (@mustangsallyfun).



Underwood Joined by Brett James, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsey, and Host Bob DiPiero
NASHVILLE – Country superstar Carrie Underwood will appear for the first time in the perennially popular CMA Songwriters Series, which will return to Boston Tuesday, July 31 (7:00 PM/ET) at Royale, a concert venue in downtown Boston’s Theater District.
“We first brought the CMA Songwriters Series to Boston last year and it was a huge success,” said Steve Moore, CMA Chief Executive Officer. “We are so excited to have Carrie participating in this event. New England’s Country Music fans are in for an unforgettable night.”
"I'm so excited to be a part of the CMA Songwriter Series with Hillary, Luke, Brett, and Bob! Not only are they some of the most respected songwriters in Nashville, but I'm very lucky to call them my friends. It's going to be a great night!" said Underwood.
Since her debut in 2005, Underwood has sold more than 14 million albums and amassed 15 No. 1 singles, seven of which she co-wrote , “So Small,” “All American Girl,” “Last Name,” “Cowboy Casanova,” “Temporary Home,” “Undo It,” and her most recent No. 1 song “Good Girl”  from her new album Blown Away. The album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s all-genre 200 chart as well as Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, where it remained for five consecutive weeks. Underwood, who has co-hosted the CMA Awards with Brad Paisley the past four years, has won five CMA trophies including three consecutive CMA Female Vocalist of the Year Awards.
Joining Underwood will be Brett James (“Jesus, Take the Wheel” and “Cowboy Casanova,” both recorded by Underwood, “The Truth” recorded by Jason Aldean, and “Out Last Night” recorded by Kenny Chesney); Luke Laird (“So Small,” “Last Name,” “Undo It,” “Mama’s Song,” and “Temporary Home” all recorded by Underwood, “Baggage Claim” recorded by Miranda Lambert, and “Drink In My Hand” recorded by Eric Church); Hillary Lindsey (“Just a Dream,” “So Small,” “Jesus, Take The Wheel,” “Wasted,” and “Last Name,” all recorded by Underwood, “American Honey” recorded by Lady Antebellum, and “A Little Bit Stronger,” recorded by Sara Evans); and the evening’s host and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame member Bob DiPiero (“Southern Voice” recorded by Tim McGraw, “Blue Clear Sky” recorded by George Strait, and “You Can’t Take the Honky Tonk Out of the Girl” recorded by Brooks & Dunn).
Tickets to the July 31 show are $50 for VIP seating, $39 for reserved seating and $25 for General Admission and will go on sale Friday, June 29 at noon ET. Tickets will be available through, at any Ticketmaster outlet, or by phone at (800) 745-3000. Fans can avoid service fees by purchasing tickets at the Royale box office (279 Tremont Street) on Fridays between noon and 6:00 PM/ET. Tickets are non-transferable and will be available at the box office will call only. Purchasers must present a photo ID in order to retrieve their tickets. 

Steel Guitar News June 25. 2012

Hello fellow players, It’s been awhile since I’ve highlighted the career of a hard-core, down in the trenches country steel guitar player. So today I’m here with Mr. Bob Hempker. Bob among many other accomplishments, spent 23 years with Loretta Lynn. (Bobbe Seymour speaking) So my first question is this. How long have we known each other? (Bob Hempker’s answer) It seems like I’ve always known you. It must have been around 1969 or so. That’s when I first moved to Nashville and it had to be around there somewhere. I used to see you at the Opry backstage a lot. You were always a good guy. I’ve always liked you and I guess I always will. I remember the first time I met you was in Louisville. Loretta was doing a telethon benefit for some coal miners and their families who had been killed in a mine explosion near there. Everybody and his brother in the country music business was there to help out. That’s the kind of people that are in this business, always willing to help out where needed. The telethon was also being broadcast on the radio and when you came in you came up to me and said that you’d been listening to the radio on the way there and you wanted to know if I was the steel player you’d been listening to. I told you I was and you said you really liked what you heard. We’ve been friends ever since. I remember when you opened you steel guitar store over in Goodlettsville next to the Dairy Queen. That turned into my home away from home when I was in off the road. I hung out there all the time. I ended up teaching out there for three or four years. So you and I go back a long way. You had a line of Seymour brand amplifiers and I had two of them that I used on the road with Loretta for several years. I sold one of them to a guy up in Branson and I gave the other back to you. Those were really good amplifiers. I remember we worked the first Farm Aid Concert in Carbondale, Illinois. Everybody who was anybody was on that show. I think this was in ’85. Johnny Paycheck was on the show and you were playing steel for him. Paycheck and his bunch were partying and they didn’t want to go back to Nashville. They were going to spend the night and go back whenever. You wanted to get back to Nashville and asked me if I thought Loretta would mind if you rode back with us. Mooney was standing close by so I took you over and introduced you to him and asked if he minded if you rode back with us. Mooney just grinned and said, “Well, get you’re a$$ on the bus.” Bobbe, you were always one to take care of business and I’ve never known you to be a party animal. (Bobbe Seymour speaking) Bob, tell us about Loretta. (Bob Hempker speaking) There’s not a lot to tell. Pretty much what you see if what you get. I think that’s been the key to her popularity and always has been. Loretta is Loretta. No pretense, nothing fake. Loretta is the real deal. (Bobbe Seymour speaking) Bob, it’s been my pleasure knowing you all these years. It’s knowing people like you that has enriched my life in more ways than I can say. Thank you. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Your buddy, Bobbe Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

The Roys' New Single "Still Standing" At Radio Now

The Roys' New Single "Still Standing" At Radio Now Nashville, TN (June 25, 2012) -- Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce today's new single release, "Still Standing," by THE ROYS. This up-tempo Bluegrass song features Elaine Roy on lead vocals and was written by Lee and Elaine Roy. The single has been serviced to Bluegrass radio and is now available in all radio formats via AirplayDirect. "Still Standing" is the first single from The Roys' upcoming new album, NEW DAY DAWNING, due out on Rural Rhythm Records in late August. Their first album on the label, LONESOME WHISTLE debuted at #7 on Billboard's Bluegrass Albums Chart. The disc boasts two chart singles: "Coal Minin' Man" and the current hit, "Trailblazer." The label released music videos for both of these popular songs, and the "Coal Minin' Man" video was featured on's Top Picks Channel and on the ballot for Top 20 Country Countdown. Fans can watch the videos on The Roys' website and on THE ROYS just finished a jam-packed CMA Music Festival schedule that included eight performances and they are booked through the end of the year at festivals and fairs both in the U.S. and Canada. Lee and Elaine have made two national TV appearances this month, including RFD-TV's Reno's Old Time Music Festival and the PBS Special, Pa's Fiddle: Charles Ingalls, American Fiddler. THE ROYS will be guest hosts on WSM Radio 650 AM June 26, 2012 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm CT. Photo Credit: Anthony Ladd Fans can find all the news on Lee and Elaine at .



Lynne Taylor Donovan is back in the studio recording
new material for the first time since 2009.
The first release from these sessions is the up-tempo
southern country style rocker SUGAR LAKE.

This song, due out worldwide on July 1,
is a slightly new sound for Lynne that represents
a fresh attitude that goes along with a new look.

Sugar Lake, recorded at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver
between June 10 and 12th of this year, features a fiddle over
great guitars and a rolling rhythm section with Lynne's
signature vocal style sitting nicely over 3 part harmonies.

The song will be available at over 60 download sites July 1,
including all the iTunes sites and CDBaby. It will also run

Great summer song. Crank it up and enjoy.
And yes, SUGAR LAKE is a real place.

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