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THE ROYS Make Their Ryman Auditorium Debut

THE ROYS Make Their Ryman Auditorium Debut Thursday, July 5, During The Legendary Venue's SPRINGER MOUNTAIN FARMS BLUEGRASS NIGHTS AT THE RYMAN SERIES

The Red, White and Bluegrass Show Includes The Gibson Brothers & Steep Canyon Rangers

Nashville, TN (June 18, 2012) -- Award-winning siblings THE ROYS make their Ryman Auditorium debut on July 5 as part of the legendary venue's six-week series, SPRINGER MOUNTAIN FARMS BLUEGRASS NIGHTS AT THE RYMAN. The Red, White And Bluegrass Show includes THE ROYS, The Gibson Brothers and Steep Canyon Rangers, and the music kicks off at 7:30 p.m. Tickets for the Show are on sale now and are only $26.50. Fans that arrive early can enjoy Pickin' On The Plaza festivities which is free of charge and begins at 6 p.m. For more information, go to or

Ryman Auditorium, recognized by the State of Tennessee as the Birthplace of Bluegrass, represents something different to everyone, but it remains one of the most-cherished stages for artists of all genres. For Lee and Elaine Roy, the chance to walk onto that historic stage is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Lee recalls dreaming of performing on the legendary hardwood as a child. He notes, "There is no greater venue to us. Our emotions will be running high." For his sister Elaine, "Singing on that hallowed stage will be surreal." With her sense of humor intact Elaine jokes, "If you hear a big thud following our performance that will be me hitting the floor after passing out!"

THE ROYS were busy earlier this month at CMA Music Festival 2012. They rode in the event's opening day Parade, conducted interviews and performed songs from their current CD, LONESOME WHISTLE, on the Chevy Roadhouse, Durango Acoustic Corner and Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau stages. THE ROYS also entertained fans and signed autographs at one of their favorite venues, the world-famous Ernest Tubb Record Shop.

The reigning Inspirational Country Music's Bluegrass Artist of the Year, THE ROYS, come from a unique musical family and are known for their superb sibling harmonies, "rootsy" sound and compelling original songs. Their current CD, LONESOME WHISTLE (Rural Rhythm Records), debuted at #7 on BILLBOARD's Bluegrass Albums Chart and combines the best of the genre's traditions with the promise of its future. THE ROYS have shared the stage with George Jones, Lady Antebellum, Janie Fricke, The Oak Ridge Boys and Chris Young, among others. They have toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada and made their debut in Australia this past January. The duo has enjoyed high-profile national TV gigs on ABC, FOX, GAC, PBS and RFD, hosted seven episodes of the Bluegrass Mountains TV show and more. In April, the two co-hosted the first annual Christmas 4 Kids Celebrity Golf Tournament with Tennessee Titans' Placekicker Rob Bironas. THE ROYS were previously honored with the ICM's Duo of the Year Award in 2010 and 2009. Currently they are featured in the 2012 Vietti Vinyl campaign and appear on 500,000 cans of the brand's Family Style Beef Stew sold in Family Dollar stores in 25 states.  Lee and Elaine are also spokespersons for COMPASSION INTERNATIONAL, a child advocacy ministry.

Steel Guitar News June 18. 2012

Hello fellow players, One of the first jobs I ever had in Nashville was with Bobby Bare. Bobby was quite a character, still is and doing well. His first release with him was under the name of Bill Parsons. He did a song called All American Boy. This was the story of Elvis Presley in his early career. I felt I was working for a true superstar when I worked for Bobby. Thinking back at the guitar I was playing, he should’ve fired me the day I pulled it out on the first job. However, steel players everywhere were fascinated by it. It was a double neck with one neck being a 9 string Sho-Bud, the other neck being a 10 string MSA. I don’t know what name I put on the front, but I remember how great it played and it sounded very good through the 100 watt Magnatone amp that I had. I built the guitar from parts that I collected from other guitars. Kind of like Johnny Cash’s Cadillac, one piece at a time. I was thinking that other players must be laughing at me, but I guess they weren’t because that was 45 years ago and I still have people asking me about it. That was my first Nashville guitar. The first guitar that I played in my western swing days was a double neck Bigsby copy that I built from parts that I got from casting parts from Billy Braddy’s double neck Bigsby, then wandered off into building the rest of the guitar while I was in Dallas setting up the MSA factory. Billy and I took one neck off his double neck Bigsby, took it to the foundry and had another one cast identical to it. This guitar sounded astoundingly good. Tom Morrell was fascinated by this guitar, no matter how he tried, he never could beat me out of it. I finally sold it to a Dallas musician named Bill, but I can’t remember his last name. It’s amazing how guitars can be copied from one another and still end up sounding very good. The main guitar that I have today I have had for over 40 years. I got this double ten Emmons guitar from Jimmy Crawford back when he started his doing steel guitar setups. This guitar is probably the greatest guitar I have ever owned over all. Tone is still beyond astounding. I have done thousands of recording sessions with other people and about 30 instrumental sessions under my own name with this guitar. The guitar is a black Emmons pushpull with 7 pedals and 7 knees. I remember taking it over to Jimmy’s house 3 or 4 weeks after I bought it and asked Jimmy to put some other kind of setup on it. He replied, “Very good. I’d love to.” At that point, he put on an extremely hard setup to play, but it has provided everything that I ever needed, every chord imaginable on E9th and every chord imaginable on C6th. This guitar has been my bread and butter ever since. I can get into what this pedal setup is but it would take too long to explain what everything is. It was very hard to learn to get into in the beginning, but now that I’m in it and have lived with it for so long, it’s much better than anything I had every imagined. This newsletter is to answer many of you that have asked about my guitar and pedal setup over the years. I recommend that everybody stay with something more standard. That’s the way to learn, not playing something off the wall like myself or Doug Jernigan or Jimmy Crawford and others got into way back before standardization. Many people have called or emailed me saying that they only get one paycheck a month at the end of the month and so I am extending our sale at their request. The sale is ten percent off all GFIs and used guitars in stock, plus free shipping within the continental United States. Also, ten percent off Peavey Nashville 112 amplifiers plus a free amp cover plus free shipping within the continental United States. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Your buddy, Bobbe Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

Country Music News International June 18. 2012

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Zu Besuch in Bücheloh

Zu Besuch in Bücheloh

Zur 20-Jahr-Feier des FFW-Verein Bücheloh e.V. fuhr ich nach Thüringen, wo vom 16. – 19.05.2012 in der Feldscheune aus diesem Anlass Countrymusic geboten wurde.

Zum Aufwärmen begann am Mittwochabend ein Solist namens >Gerry< (D) und bot mit Gitarre und japanischer Unterstützung den zahlreich erschienenen Linedancern ein breitgefächertes Tanzprogramm.

Donnerstag, 17.05., ist in Thüringen >Männertag<, vergleichbar dem Vatertag in Österreich, der hier jedoch etwas anders gefeiert wird. Zahlreiche Gruppen marschieren mit flüssiger Verpflegung (das sind Bierkisten auf selbst gebastelten Wägelchen) von Gaststätte zu Gaststätte. Wegen >Überfüllung der Männer mit Bier und Schnaps< hat man in den Gaststätten lediglich Dosenmusik angeboten. Dafür wurde ihnen an den beiden Folgetagen ausgezeichnete Livemusik serviert.
Freitag begannen die drei Musiker von >Mountarillo< ( das Abendprogramm. Gute Stimmen, gute Programmauswahl und sehr tanzanimierend. Mit Gitarren, Akkordeon und Steelgitarre brachten sie Lieder aus dem Honky-Tonk-, Texas- und Bluegrass-Bereich. Diese Musiker sind ein Teil der Band Amarillo, die Samstag ihren Auftritt hatte.
DSCN0118_Cody Jinks & The Tonedeaf Hippies ff.jpg
Nach ihnen spielten >Cody Jinks & His Tonedeaf Hippies< ( aus Texas. Mit New Country und äußerst rocklastiger Musik konnten sie weder Zuhörer noch Tänzer sehr begeistern. Die Stimme von >Cody Jinks< konnte mich aber schon überzeugen.

Samstag war die Camperwiese gerammelt voll aber trotzdem relativ ruhig. Meine Camp-Nachbarn bauten eine große Kochstelle auf und machten sich ihre Blut- und Leberwürste für dieses Wochenende hier selbst. Ich konnte ihnen dabei zusehen, wurde eingeladen und die Würste schmeckten einfach köstlich.
DSCN0125_Amarillo ff.jpg
Den Samstagabend bestritt die Band >Amarillo< ( 5 gute Musiker, gute Stimmen und ein abwechslungsreiches Programm mit Songs von Garth Brooks, George Strait, Toby Keith, Allan Jackson, Johnny Cash u. a..

Und wenn nicht gerade eine Liveband auf der Bühne stand verwöhnte über das ganze Wochenende >DJ Hoss< die Linedancer mit deren Lieblingsmusik. Langeweile hatte keine Chance.

Text und Fotos: Franz aus Wien,


     Anita, Iowa....."The circus just isn't what it used to be."  Bobbie Lhea Everhart is the 15-year old daughter of Smithsonian Institution recording artists Bob & Sheila.  "I can remember so well when I went to the Carson & Barnes Circus, just a few years ago, and they had five-rings of some of the most spectacular circus acts I have ever seen in my entire lifetime.  I think there were like 16 elephants, and when they raced around all those rings, they actually shook the ground.  Now there is only one ring and two elephants.  That's kind of sad.  Who's to blame?  Probably the economy and the high cost of travel.  How is a circus going to be able to support all of what it takes to put on a 5-ring show when the cost of gas and diesel is so high? And how can they keep their ticket prices down and still attract a large audience when there is so little money left in a household budget to allow a family to go out and see the circus.  Well, maybe dad can explain that better than me."
     "What Bobbie is talking about," added dad, "is this terrible long slow-moving economy that won't allow our families to even enjoy a bit of entertainment.  We have the same problem at our little opera house in Anita.  We're accustomed to full houses, and this year it's down a bit.  Not a lot, but enough to make the difference of whether we can add any new acts to the bill.  Red Johnson, a Capitol recording artist just finished his great show last Friday, and we had a nearly full house. We were probably short maybe ten seats.  Last year it was full.  That's an indication that the dollar isn't big enough to go all the way around.  What will happen when food comes into short supply?"
     "Well, I don't know about food," Bobbie Lhea piped up, "but mom makes the best hot-dogs and polish sausages you ever ate at the Oak Tree Opry.  I always have my share, and we even had a couple left over from Friday night's show. Guess what mom did?  She cut the sausages up, added some potatoes, onions (green and otherwise) and some delicious eggs, and we had a super breakfast.  She calls it a 'bachelor's breakfast' and of course dad liked it a lot.  I call it a budget lunch."
     "We're off to the big festival in Wahoo, Nebraska," Bob added, "it starts on June 21, and we want to get there early to get a good camper spot.  That means our next show at the Oak Tree Opry will be July 6th with the ever-popular Jackie Shewey doing a great tribute to Patsy Cline, and our favorite young Johnny Cash singer, Sean Benz dropping down to see us from Minnesota.  What a great show that will be, and it will take us far far away from today's lousy economy problems."
     Reserved seats are sometimes recommended at the Oak Tree Opry.  They can be made by calling 712-762-4363

July schedule for Debi Champion's writers night at the Commodore Grille

The Commodore Grille
2613 West End Ave
Nash Tn 37203

no cover charge

Tue Wed Thur and Sun night

Sun July 1......Jeff Batson, Chuck Whiting, Wil Comstock, Branon Jaggers, Zerena Lupo, Tommy Turner, Kaleb Hensley, Geoff Elvee, Nick Donley, Roger Green, Joe Charter, Nelson Moore, Nick Columbia, Daniel McKenzie

Tues July 3....Nicole Scott, Bo Brendle, Rich Deans, Vernon Honey, Kimiko, Jamie Nattier, Kenneth Cooper, Alvia Sanberg, Traylor Woodall, Lori Loveless, Buzz Band, Dan Birnstihl, Sean Gorius, Kevin Crafton

Wed July 4.....No Writers Night

Thur July 5......Rich Fagan, Jimbo Thorton, Emmett Grayson, Woodstok, Karree J Phillips, Allen Shervelle, Greg Sawyer, Tom Flanery, Abi Tapia, Analisa, Jimmy Copens, Noga Tonya, Ron Tabor, Reno Bo, Caitlin Nicole Eadie, Shannon Hughes

Sun July 8...Ric Sandler, Dan Brayall, Paul Wilmet, Manditori, Kathy Hudson, John Trentes, Ric Kirk, Jeremy Drinkwine, Brad Howard, Daniel Johnson, Anne E Dechant, Iven Lafever, Kokomo Joe, Jamie Higdon, Bob Spanburgh

Tues July 10...Lisa Carver, Casey Derhak, Jamie Wayz, Aimee Kaye, Lorraine Dash, Chellanie, Ross Flora, Mike Everett, Random Music Group-Rich Eckhardt, Jeff Sable, Bill Russell, Helen Cronin, Haley Georgia, Steve Brooks

Wed July 11....Joel Shewmake, Jeff Randle, Wild Oats Records, Jessie LaRae, Harlan Pease, Abigail Rose, Johnny Ray, Chris Hatfield, Mick Holland, James Bell, Robert Wilbur, Nicolas Beaudoing, Nick Nicholas

Thur July 12....Bernnie Nelson, Phillip Doiuglas, Janice Gilbert, Denny Martin, David Pestrak, Allen Shervelle, Bonnie Lee Panda, Jason Gregory, Melissa Bollea, Drenan

Sun July 15....Donnie Winters, Mac Elliott, Cameron Matthews, Lydia Patritto, Dan Bowlds, Anthony Juarez, Jamie Jo Thomas, Chi McClean, Bill Warington

Tues July 17.....Bruce Wallace, Stephanie corbin, Tommy Turner, Roger Green, Nick Columbia, Chuck Reaves, Deeann Dominy, Jack Kapanka, Grace Bernicker, Nicole Jones,  Dustin Alexander, Ryan Tolson, Brittany Blair, Norm McDonald, Betty Williams

Wed July 18....Jerry Foster, Marty Raybon, Michael Peterson, Billy Yates, Matt Wilkerson, Wil Stults, Joe Rucker, Diane Gentes, JC Ward, Ed Coffey, Eddie Heinzelman

Thur July 19......Tony Lane, Marc Alan Barnette, Allen Shervelle, Kathy Hudson, Greg Sawyer, Bo Brendle, Woodstok, Brandon Frazier, Ricky Harris, Fett, Alayna Carroll, Peyton Taylor, Joe Caliva, Larry King, Kelly Carvin, Lee Martin, Tim Poole, Janet Miller

Sun July 22....Phil Barton, Vanessa Hill, Starr, Jamie Wayz, Aimee Kaye, Chellanie, Ron Tabor, JD Smith, Janet Ethington, John Sparkman, Gordy Thomas, Brenda Allen, Nate Scates, Kathleen Steadman, Nick Donley, Bob Spanburgh

Tues July 24.....Eddie K, Trent Jeffcoat, Kathy Von, Zack Swift, Will Warren, Karree J Phillips, John Trentes, Iven Lafever, Random Music Group-Rob Wolf, Trisha Fogle, Maggie Peake, Kokomo Joe, Christian Cole Kimiko

Wed July 25......Jeff Dayton, Sam Cooper, Abigail Rose, David Pestrak, Sam M cCarthy, Gary Cavanaugh, Johnny Ray, Jason Black, Mick Holland, Jamie Higdon, Nick Columbia, Olivia Mitchell, Linda Borden, Whitney Acke, Eddie Saenz

Thur July 26.....Johnny Bulford, Fett & Nancy Mooran, Drenan, Daisy Mallory, David Hunt, Austin Webb, Jake Mitchell, Vernon Honey, Sweetlife, Mike Aurrand

Sun July 29....CJ Watson, Jeremy Staubus, Brad Howard, Dustin Alexander, Jeff Randle, Ryan Tolson, Lena Price, Olin Murrell, Rick Millward, AJ Bigler, Brittany Kennell, Sophie Amey, Glenna Bell, Eli Fowler

Tues July 31.....Joel Shewmake, Bill Warington, Chuck Reaves, Robert Wilbur, Matthew Huff, Melissa Bollea, Kevin Crafton, Larry King, Anthony Vincent, Chris Richardson & friends

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Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz

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