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Mark Wayne Glasmire Airs Globally Week of June 11-17

Mark Wayne Glasmire Airs Globally Week of June 11-17

Nashville, TN (June 11, 2012) - INSIDE MUSIC ROW'S feature on award-winning singer/songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire will air globally the week of June 11-17. Glasmire and show host Kelly Lynn taped the piece across from the Belcourt Theatre in Nashville's historic Hillsboro Village, the location of Mark's most-recent video shoot. The two discussed Mark's summer touring schedule, upcoming radio promotion tour and his new EP, MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE (Traceway Records).

Credit: John Albani
The episode marks Glasmire's debut appearance on the popular show, which airs in markets ranging from Abilene to Australia and from Paris, France to Pittsburgh. Outlets carrying the program include CMC (AUS), FamilyNet, Rural-TV and AMG-TV.  On Saturday, June 16 at 8:30 p.m. CDT Nashvillians can watch INSIDE MUSIC ROW on WNAB (Comcast Channel 18).  

Mark is currently resting up from a super-busy week at CMA Music Festival 2012 where he enjoyed six performances, helped raise $10,000 for Michael W. Smith's Rocketown and received a #1 plaque celebrating the nine weeks his "I Like You" single ruled the International charts. The track, now Glasmire's current U.S. single, just entered the national MUSIC ROW Chart and the video was recently added to THE COUNTRY NETWORK (TCN). He heads back out on the road later this month for shows in Texas, Iowa and Michigan.

Since the release of his 2009 CD, LIFE GOES ON, Mark has enjoyed hits on the Music Row Chart. He has won International acclaim with a string of #1s on the European Hotdisc Chart and has also won numerous songwriting competitions, including: 2010 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest GRAND PRIZE WINNER / COUNTRY DIVISION and many others. On the opening day of CMA Music Festival, Mark joined "celebrity scoopers" Jason Crabb, Scott Hamilton, Rhonda Vincent, Flynnville Train and others for a fundraiser sponsored by Denali Flavors and Purity Dairy. Denali Flavors donated $1 for every scoop of Moose Tracks ice cream given away during the 10,000 Scoop Challenge. Proceeds benefitted Rocketown, a teen center in Nashville. Glasmire, who currently resides in Texas, also donates his time to Combat Marine Outdoors.

Lee Brice Shares His Life in Song on Hard 2 Love

Lee Brice Shares His Life in Song on Hard 2 Love
By Erin Duvall
© 2012 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
It’s no secret that Lee Brice knows how to write strong, successful songs. In 2007, Garth Brooks’ “More than a Memory,” written by Brice, Kyle Jacobs and Billy Montana, became the first song ever to debut at the top spot of the Billboard Country chart. More recently, Eli Young Band achieved its first No. 1 with Brice’s and Liz Rose’s “Crazy Girl.” Other Brice songs have been cut by Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw and Blake Shelton.
As an artist, though, Brice hadn’t yet ridden any of his own tunes to No. 1, when he reflected on the prospects for his sophomore album, Hard 2 Love, released April 24 by Curb Records.
“There are a billion different reasons why ‘Love Like Crazy’ went to No. 3,” he said, referencing the song that became his first career Top 5 single when released in 2010. “There is so much involved in getting a No. 1 record. It’s not necessarily about the song at all. It’s extremely hard for a new artist to slip through the cracks and go up the charts. You have to beat out every superstar to have a No. 1 record.”
Written by Tim James and Doug Johnson, the single and title cut from Brice’s first album broke the record for most weeks spent on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and was rated by Billboard the most-played Country song of 2010. “Even though that wasn’t a No. 1, that’s what broke Lee Brice,” said Adrian Michaels, VP, Promotions, Curb Records. “That was a huge accomplishment to take an unknown act and get the most played song of the year.”
“I want a No. 1, but ‘Love Like Crazy’ did so much for me,” Brice agreed. “My career changed just as it would have if it was a No. 1.”
What, if any, barriers had to be overcome for Brice to make it to the summit? According to Michaels, the artist’s reputation as a hit-making songwriter can hinder as much as help his progress. “Some program directors come and say, ‘Lee needs to decide whether he’s a writer or a performer,’ and I get crazy,” he said. “Is that like how the Beatles had to either write or play? Or Keith Urban? Is Brad Paisley a writer or a player? It baffles me. Lee Brice will put on a show like Bruce Springsteen, dripping with sweat and giving his heart and soul as a performer. And at the same time, he’s a writer. Lee is a full artist, as most great artists are.”
With Hard 2 Love, Brice believes he’s found 13 songs that represent himself and his life accurately. Five of them he didn’t write, but these play a key role in what he sees as the album’s likely success.
“I was able to make a really honest record,” he explained. “I write a lot of songs. The best song wins. I don’t care how good you are, but I think anyone is a fool who doesn’t go around Nashville and listen to songs. There are brilliant songwriters in this town. I found five songs that I thought fit this record better than all the other ones I’d written.”
Unlike his debut album, Hard 2 Love was assembled from tracks that connected deeply with the artist. For Love Like Crazy, the strategy was for Brice to keep bringing in potential singles and not finalizing the selection until everyone felt confident that they had a Top 20 single on the list.
“I had an album that was discombobulated,” he admitted. “For the new one, I wanted to change some things musically, so not only did I work with Doug Johnson, the producer I’ve always worked with, who I love, but I also branched out and ended up cutting the rest of the record with two of my best friends — Kyle Jacobs and Jon Stone.”
For Brice, the first single, ‘A Woman Like You’ (written by Johnny Bulford, Phil Barton and Stone), was a no-brainer from the first time he heard it. “I heard that song, went straight into my little home studio and put an acoustic vocal of me singing it down,” he said. “It was like magic. I played it for the label and they flipped out. We had a lot of options, but I knew that it was a song that every girl wanted to hear and that every guy wanted to say. I felt like we couldn’t lose with it.”
“Lee actually sent me a text that I saved on my phone that read, ‘Trust me, Adrian. This is the song that’s going to blow my career up. Please believe in me and trust me and help me get this song as our single,’” said Michaels. “He campaigned for it and we couldn’t agree more.”
Good thing, too: “A Woman Like You” gave Brice his first No. 1 single and, in mid April, was certified Gold.
Like that first single, the opening and title track doesn’t include Brice among its writer credits. Still, Michaels insists, “‘Hard to Love’ fits, to me, what is the Lee Brice magic: a lyric a woman wants to hear, sung strong enough that a guy doesn’t mind hearing it.”
Billy Montana, John Ozier and Ben Glover wrote “Hard to Love” as if they were subconsciously tailoring it to fit Brice. “We were on a writing retreat,” Brice recalled. “Ben and Billy, both really great friends of mine, and John Ozier were writing in a group without me. They really were channeling me! It’s an almost autobiographical song. It’s very true. As soon as I heard it, I was like, ‘I’m cutting that.’”
Structured as an admission from the singer that he recognizes the sacrifices of the person who loves him as he lists his shortcomings, “Hard to Love” is obviously directed toward his longtime girlfriend Sara Reeveley, to whom he proposed in January. The presence of his family can be sensed in much of this album, including that of their son Takoda, whom the performer calls “the biggest part of my heart.”
“Sara and Takoda changed my life completely — even musically,” Brice insisted. “My priorities have changed. My life is music. This isn’t just a job. It takes over your whole life. Now, I’ve got to be able to do both. A lot of things are changing. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. I’m in a good place.”
This integration of the personal and professional is best heard on the final track, “One More Day” (Brice and Reg Smith), a love song to fiancée and son. “I was a single man out rocking,” Brice said. “I felt more comfortable on the bus; if I came home, I’d get stir-crazy. But now I’ve got my little boy at home, growing up too fast. And for Sara, it’s me saying, ‘I do understand how hard this is on you. I know how much you sacrifice. I’m coming home soon, baby.’”
This song of longing ends with a special appearance by Takoda, asking when Daddy is coming home. “I didn’t care what made the album, that was going to be on it, even if I had to fight tooth and nail,” Brice said. “I can’t hardly listen to it without choking up.”
Sara’s influence permeates several of the romantic songs on Hard 2 Love, but her actual voice appears on “See About a Girl” (Brice, Phillip Lammonds and Jacobs). The song tells the tale of a man who ends boys’ night out early to get home to his “girl.” It ends with a real-life phone call to the soon-to-be Mrs. Brice.
All these elements add up to a clear picture of who Brice is nowadays. Equally important in some quarters, it also makes it easier for his promotions staff to do its job. “It makes your path so much clearer,” Michaels affirmed. “With Lee, we can see the next 24 months of how things should flow and what we should do. It’s a wonderful sight. Before it was like, ‘We hope this works. If it does, maybe this next one might.’ Or, ‘if this one doesn’t work, maybe they’ll give me something else.’ We’re looking at a body of work that I’ve never been more proud of. It is an amazing piece of work, not just singles.
“There’s still a ways to go on Lee,” he acknowledged. “We’ve got him his No. 1, that’s for sure. I honestly feel that from the day he handed in this record, the next two years of his life got a whole lot easier.”
On the Web:
On Twitter: @LeeBrice

Lee Brice.
Photo Credit: Eric Welch
Lee Brice.
Photo Credit: Eric Welch
Lee Brice.
Photo Credit: Eric Welch
Lee Brice.
Photo Credit: Eric Welch



"That's My Job" Is Available Now On iTunes

Nashville, TN…(June 12, 2012)… Country artist Glen Templeton will make his national television debut this Sunday, June 17th on Fox & Friends. His two live performances will be Templeton's latest single, "Sing That Song Again," followed by his rendition of the Conway Twitty classic, " That's My Job."  Both songs are available now on iTunes.  Templeton’s interview and performances will air on the Fox News Channel beginning at 8:10 am EST this Father's Day.
In commemoration of Father's Day, Glen has released an intimate music video for "That's My Job" and is inviting fans to send a special message to fathers on Father's Day.
Following the initial broadcast, viewers can continue to spend their morning with Templeton by visiting for the After The Show Show, beginning at 10 am EST.
Glen Templeton first felt country music tugging on his soul while growing up in Elrod, Alabama. In 2004, the pull was strong enough to compel him to pack up and head north to Nashville.  After just two weeks of living in Music City, he walked into the famed Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, put a tip in the jar and took the stage.  They offered him a regular gig the moment he left the stage.  In July of 2011, GT signed with Black River Entertainment and will release his self-titled album, completing the EP that is available now, later this year.  For more information on Glen Templeton visit or

"Back," from Colt Ford with Jake Owen

New Single, "Back," from Colt Ford
with Jake Owen Shipped To Radio

New Colt Ford Album, Declaration of Independence,
To Be Released Nationwide, August 7

Colt Ford - "Back"Nashville, TN (June 12, 2012) -- Average Joes Entertainment's Colt Ford has shipped his lead single, "Back," from his forthcoming album Declaration of Independence, to country radio. The new single, with its standout and relatable lyrics, features Colt Ford with RCA Records Label Nashville star Jake Owen.

Written by Colt Ford, Shannon Houchins, Noah Gordon, and Mike Hartnett, "Back" is a compelling single filled with meaningful lyrics that come straight out of Colt Ford's childhood memories. "This is such a personal song for me.  It’s my life.  It’s about my past and my future.  I talk about friends that are no longer here and I talk about the way I grew up,” explains Ford.  "To have one of my best friends in the music business, Jake Owen, be a part of this song with me is a big deal.  It's a song that I wanted a friend of mine to be a part of and Jake is just on fire and one of my favorite singers. He captured the emotion that I had in this song.  I think everyone, when they hear this song, will want to call home."

"Back" can be found on Ford's upcoming fourth studio album, Declaration of Independence, to be released Average Joes Entertainment August 7, 2012. This highly anticipated 15-track album release features collaborations with Jason Aldean, Boyz II Men, Kix Brooks, Montgomery Gentry, Jake Owen, Darius Rucker and more.

About Colt Ford:
Known for his authentic brand of country, Colt Ford has been breaking down music barriers selling an impressive 900k total albums and 3.1 million digital singles since the his debut album, Ride Through the Country, was released in 2008.  Since then the countrified lyric-master has gone on to release Chicken & Biscuits, debuting at #8 on the Top Country Album Chart in 2010 and his 2011 release Every Chance I Get debuted at #3. With close to 500k Facebook fans and over 5 million views on YouTube, Colt Ford is a force to be reckoned with and his music undeniably hits home to fans of all ages. From headlining his own 2012 Declaration of Independence tour, to owning his own brand of Goodtime Vodka and Moonshine, to his a best-selling "Mr. Goodtime" burger for Santa Fe Cattle Co, Colt Ford is declaring much more than his independence, becoming a staple in the genre for country music fans.

For more information on Colt Ford, visit


Josh Turner
Credit: George Holz
Fifth Studio Album Features Hit Single, “Time Is Love
Turner To Perform on ABC's Good Morning America, NBC's Today Show and PBS Special
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – He’s had a knockout career, with over five million albums sold since his debut with Long Black Train, and now Josh Turner, country music’s most recognizable voice, steps into the ring again. Celebrating the release of his fifth studio album, Punching Bag (MCA Nashville), to stores nationwide today, Turner will appear on NBC’s TODAY Show on Wednesday, June 13 with additional upcoming television appearances listed below.
MAVERICK magazine says, "It's always tough to bring something new to a musical genre, but Josh Turner has achieved that near-impossible task again and again, yet has never overlooked just where country music has come from. It's [his] skill at taking stock of everyday situations...some of them quite mundane... and turning them into musical classics that makes him possibly the most important artist to have emerged in country music for years and years."
Additionally, The Washington Post observes, "These days, it seems like every male country artist wants to sound like Jon Bon Jovi fronting Def Leppard in 1985 — except for Turner, who might be the only million-seller left in Nashville making contemporary country albums without the slightest whiff of arena rock or pop."
The New York Times says, "Turner has grown around a bass-baritone voice of great beauty and skill, and his producers and engineers lean in close to capture it. It's balanced and alert; the notes come deep and grainy, almost the sound of bow on strings."
Associated Press adds, "From the moody bass lines and acoustic accents in 'Time Is Love,' about making his marriage a priority in his schedule, to the R&B-influenced guitar melody of 'Good Problem,' about how his obsession with loving his partner is the kind of dilemma he can handle, Turner once again proves he ranks among the most effective — and most hard-core country — performers of his generation."
Turner was featured in the June issue of Southwest Airlines’ Spirit magazine, the June 10 issue of PARADE, and is the lead cover story on the June 18 issue of Country Weekly. His album will also be featured all week on the Best Buy Theatre marquee in New York City's Times Square.
The album features his current Top 15 Country Billboard single, “Time Is Love,” and in the liner notes, Turner explains the inspiration behind the title track, “Punching Bag.” He makes references to Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky movies and says, “I hope my music can bring you the inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward. I hope it brings a smile to your face. I hope it makes you tap your toes. I hope it brings a happy tear to your eyes and makes you want to share your life with others around you.”
Turner co-wrote eight of the 11 tracks on the album and it features guest vocal appearances by Marty Stuart and Iris DeMent (“Pallbearer”), Ricky Scaggs (“For The Love of God”), and Turner's wife and children (Jennifer, Hampton, Colby and Marion Turner) on "Find Me A Baby."
Supporting TV Appearances Include:
Tuesday, June 12 at 10 p.m. ET and Wednesday, June 13 at 4 p.m. ET on GAC's Josh Turner: Packing A Punch
Wednesday, June 13 at 7 a.m. ET on NBC’s TODAY Show

Wednesday, July 4 at TBD on PBS’ A Capitol Fourth
Wednesday, July 11 at 7 a.m. ET on ABC's Good Morning America
Punching Bag Track Listing:
  1. Introduction by Michael Buffer
  2. "Punching Bag"
  3. "Time Is Love"
  4. "Deeper Than My Love"
  5. "Good Problem"
  6. "Cold Shoulder"
  7. "Find Me A Baby" (feat. Turner's wife and children)
  8. "Whatcha Reckon"
  9. "Pallbearer" (feat. Iris DeMont and Marty Stuart)
  10. "For The Love Of God" (feat. Ricky Scaggs)
  11. "I Was There"
  12. "Left Hand Man"
For highlights and recaps of the shows, as well as more information on Josh Turner visit
About Josh Turner
One of the format's most recognizable voices earning numerous CMA, ACM and GRAMMY nominations since the release of his debut album, Long Black Train, Josh Turner has sold more than five million albums and garnered four No. 1 hits (including three multi-week chart-toppers): "Your Man," "Would You Go With Me," and "Why Don't We Just Dance" (a four-week No. 1 that was named the most-played song of the year in 2010 by MediaBase). His song, "All Over Me," from current album, Haywire, also reached the top spot on the charts, making him one of only seven country artists to have two No. 1 hits in 2010. A Hannah, S.C. native, he has been songwriting and performing since he was a young child, and in support of music education, created The Josh Turner Scholarship Fund to assist students interested in pursuing a future in arts/music. As a high school student, he had very little access to music education, therefore realizes first-hand the importance of arts in the schools. Celebrating the release of one of his fastest-rising singles to-date, "Time Is Love," which is currently Top 15 on Billboard and rising, Turner released his fifth studio album, Punching Bag, on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 on MCA Nashville. For more information on Josh Turner including a list of his upcoming headlining tour dates, visit



The project features three exclusive songs, in addition to all 10 tracks
from the trio’s Big Machine Records’ debut album 

  Edens Edge - Deluxe EditionLEBANON, Tenn. (June 12, 2012) – The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store® exclusive music program kicks off a sizzlin’ summer of songs with the release of Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition CD. The release includes three additional exclusive tracks and coincides with the hot newcomers’ self-titled, standard edition on Big Machine Records. The talented, Arkansas-bred trio includes lead vocalist Hannah Blaylock; harmony vocals, guitar and dobro player Dean Berner; and harmony singer, mandolin, banjo and guitar player Cherrill Green. The deluxe version is available for $11.99 at all Cracker Barrel locations and at; the album and individual tracks are also available for download at

“On the road, we frequently find ourselves grabbing a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel and listening to some of the amazing music from their exclusive program. So, to be a part of it all now is exciting for us.  It will be a thrill for us to hear every time we walk in one of the stores across the country,” says Berner.

“Our connection with Cracker Barrel is as personal as it is professional,” continues Green. “There’s nothing like seeing one of their billboards when you’re hungry and knowing that it’s only a few miles to the exit and some good country cooking.”

“We love to connect with people through music. Having our debut album in Cracker Barrel gives us an even greater opportunity to connect with our fans in one of our favorite restaurants in the country,” added Blaylock.

“Music is an important part of the guest experience at Cracker Barrel,” said Julie Craig, Cracker Barrel Marketing Manager.  “Introducing guests to a talented new trio like Edens Edge is a wonderful way to expand our exclusive music program and its appeal to a variety of tastes.”

 Tracks on Edens Edge – Deluxe Edition:

  1.   Amen (Skip Black, Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Gerald O'Brien)
  2.   Swingin’ Door (Terry Clayton, Brett James, Ashley Monroe)
  3.   Skinny Dippin’ (Dean Berner, Laura Veltz, Vince Melamed)
  4.   Too Good To Be True (Gordie Sampson, Hillary Lindsey, Troy Verges)
  5.   Last Supper (Hannah Blaylock, Catt Gravitt, Danny Myrick)
  6.   Feels So Real (Angelo, Hillary Lindsey, Tia Sillers)
  7.   Who Am I Drinking Tonight (Hannah Blaylock, Laura Veltz)
  8.   Liar (Andy Stochansky, Laura Veltz)
  9.   Cherry Pie (Dean Berner, Vince Melamed, Laura Veltz)
  10.   Christ Alone (Steve Smith

  1. Roots (Cherrill Green, Catt Gravitt, Skip Black)
  2. Little Bird (Dean Berner)
  3. Wherever I Go (Hannah Blaylock, Joy Williams, Danny Myrick, Jennifer Schott)
Just days after the release, Edens Edge will perform the new music live across the country on Rascal Flatts’ CHANGED TOUR, which begins in Hartford, Conn. on June 15.

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