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Steel Guitar News April 23. 2012

Hello fellow players, Here is one of the most prolific questions I get when it comes to country music and recording in general. I have been getting this same question way before I ever started my store 28 years ago. Bobbe: I hope this note finds you healthy and happy and want to say that I enjoy your letters very much. I was reading one of your older letters and you mentioned studio sessions and I cannot help but wonder why stars do not use their bands? This is not intended to down play studio musician’s ability or talent in any way, but as many country bands I have seen live and on television their talent is obvious also.. The star's band must to reproduce what is recorded fairly closely on stage, so why doesn't the star cut out the middle man and have their group play the session? Thank you -Bruce Spencer There are many reasons why musicians don’t record with the artist they are working for on the road and as you know there are a lot of musicians that will be working the road with one artist while they are recording with another artist, possibly even being a competitor of the artist they work for on the road. I remember when I was working with Lynn Anderson, every once and awhile I would be not called for one of her sessions. This would perturb me greatly and is actually one of the reasons that I quit working for her at one time. If I should go through all the hell of working the road with her, I figured I should at least get some of the gravy by working the sessions with her. However producers who they want to hire on a session. The artist has very little to say about it. It’s actually the producers responsibility. That’s why you call him the producer. He produces the end product which means he has much authority over the beginning product. I’ll name some different artists now and tell you why I did these sessions with them or why I didn’t do sessions with them. One of my first big artists to record with in Nashville was Jean Shepard. I recorded a song with her named Virginia. I really enjoyed this great session produced by Earl Ball for Capitol Records here in Nashville. Several years later I found out that Jean actually really liked my playing very much, but to be honest I was very shocked that I was on this session. Finding out that she liked my playing was a great extra bonus to being on it. That actually opened up a door for me in Nashville as the producer and I turned out to be pretty good friends and as a session leader on other sessions working for other labels, I actually got to hire him on some good country sessions. But then after I went to work for Lynn Anderson many years later, I did not know the producer, her husband. I was working the road many dates a year with her and lost doing the account with her because she found out I was doing some with Loretta Lynn. Not doing some sessions with Loretta Lynn later seemed to magically get me hired by Lynn’s producer. He and I turned out to be truly great friends so I managed to nose Lloyd Green out of a session, not on purpose but because Glenn and I turned out to be such great friends and we were until the day he died. So as you can see here, politics plays a part in doing recording sessions here in Nashville. I loved working for Glenn no matter who he was producing. I remember having an appointment for lunch scheduled with him when I got the news that he had died. This hurt me very deeply. So as you can see, if you want to do sessions in Nashville, you better be very nice to the producers and prove to them how well you can play. It has no where near as much to do with how well you play. This may be why the incredible fantastic Buddy Emmons is not doing the sessions he should be and could be doing today. There are many sessions being worked in Nashville by star players that shouldn’t be working them because they don’t play necessarily well enough to do them and of course many great players have gotten great by working sessions and getting better and better each year because of doing a good job over time. Of course, knowing when to go bowling with the producer or buy his wife’s abstract art and playing golf and just making the producers into great friends surely does not hurt a thing. Many times the artist/singer will insist to his producer that he really wants his band to work the session, but gets turned down consistently. Personally I love just the old way when Ernest Tubb was king and he had this great road band recording with him. That meant that every time you heard Ernest Tubb, his sound was consistently what you saw in person, heard on the Opry and on the radio. Every time you heard a new Ernest Tubb record come out, you would know that the steel player, either Buddy Charleton or Buddy Emmons, was going to have a new steel lick on it that was going to be copied by every steel player that ever heard the record. A pretty cool thing from yesteryear. In this day and time, with a new country artist or even an old country artist, there may not even be any steel guitar on the record. I’m not talking about just steel guitar here either. There was great fiddle and some great guitar licks associated with many fantastic country singers that didn’t make it to all their recording hits. However, when I was doing a lot of producing in Nashville, I found that many of the bands that the artists were using were not of studio quality. That’s because many of the musicians when they come to town, get their experience and seasoning on the road and then prove their worth for bigger and better things. I remember Buddy Emmons working both studio and road jobs for everybody. This was probably a validation of what a great player he was. One of my favorite producers in Nashville that produced for Capitol Records was Ray Baker. He produced many artists for different labels such as Hank Thompson, Merle Haggard, Charley Pride and so on. He never used anyone from the road band unless the artist had twisted his arm and talked him into it. His reason being that studio musicians were always in town and available when he needed them whereas road musicians were often out of town. With the high dollar studios and tight budgets, he couldn’t hold up production waiting for a road musician to be back in town. By using studio musicians, he could produce the tracks even if the artist was on the road, then the artist could come in and overdub his vocals when he was available. It was a matter of efficiency. The show as they say, must go on. I hope this gives you some insight. Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money. Your buddy, Bobbe Steel Guitar Nashville 123 Mid Town Court Hendersonville, TN. 37075 (615) 822-5555 Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday Closed Saturday and Sunday

Lady A, Scotty McCreery Among Billboard Award Nominees

Scotty McCreery, Lady Antebellum and Taylor Swift are representing country music in all-genre categories at the Billboard Music Awards. Lady A has four nominations, including top duo or group, top country artist, top country album and top country song for "Just A Kiss." McCreery is competing in the top new artist category against acts like Foster the People and Wiz Khalifa . His debut album is also up for top country album. Taylor Swift is nominated for top touring artist. In the country specific categories, Jason Aldean has three nominations, Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan have two, and Zac Brown Band, The Band Perry, and the Eli Young Band have one each. Adele leads all nominees with 18. The Billboard Awards air live from Las Vegas on May 20.

Alan Jackson’s Bigger & Better Lake House Back on the Market

Alan Jackson‘s lake house is back on the market, but a little bigger and better than last time. Several years ago, the house went up for sale for $3.9 Million. Now, the house is about 6,100 square feet and boasts a theater room and a new kitchen. While the guest house is a quaint 2,000 square feet. The house also has stunning views, stone fireplaces, and a helicopter pad…just in case you’ve been looking for a place to park yours…You can have it all for just over $4.9 Million!!
This is just one of the properties the Jackson’s have for sale. The couple is also selling their Florida home. “We’ve enjoyed our lake house for over 20 years, but as our girls have gotten older, we don’t find as many opportunities to use the property as a family,” Jackson said of the decision to sell.  “And after Denise’s fight with cancer last year, we’ve re-evaluated our lives and plans for the future and felt like this fits into those plans.”

Blake Shelton to Record a Duet with Christina Aguilera?

It seems all of Blake’s fellow Voice judges want a piece of his Hillbilly Bone.  Earlier this year Blake said he and Cee Lo Green were trying to work out a collaboration for Cee Lo’s new album. Adam Levine said he’d love to get in on a project with Blake, and Monday night after Christina performed with her team on The Voice, Blake tweeted, “That. Just. Happened!!!!! @TheRealXtina I’m speechless…” Christina responded, “Now we need to team up for a country duet Blake!! I”m down!! Let”s go! (sic)’.”
Back in January Christina also hinted that there was a possibility her and Blake’s wife, Miranda Lambert, would be teaming up for a song. She said, “We were talking about possibly collaborating too. She is a fun time.”

Autographed Boots Benefit Music City Walk Of Fame

Want a pair of boots signed by Dolly Parton, Little Richard or Keith Urban? You have to be the highest bidder. The online charity auction is open now on eBay and runs through April 29. It benefits the Music City Incorporated Foundation to maintain and grow the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville. There are boots autographed by dozens of other stars as well, including Kix Brooks, Vince Gill, Wynonna, Barbara Mandrell, Reba McEntire, Randy Travis, Josh Turner, Kid Rock and Peter Frampton. There's also a Gibson EpiPhone Junior guitar signed by Frampton and a trip to Nashville for two up for grabs. Online:

Die "Fast Vierzig Fete" der Emsland Hillbillies am 5. Mai in Papenburg

Die "Fast Vierzig Fete" der Emsland Hillbillies am 5. Mai in Papenburg

Willy Brandt war Kanzler, Gustl Bayrhammer Tatort-Kommissar und das Raumschiff Enterprise schwebte zum ersten Mal durch das All… Mag ja alles bedeutend gewesen sein, was da 1973 so alles passierte. Aber Hermann Lammers Meyer aus Aschendorf im Emsland interessierte das wohl nicht ganz so besonders. Der junge Musiker hatte sich die Flausen in den Kopf gesetzt und wollte unbedingt seine eigene Band gründen. Dass er nun mit seinen geliebten Emsland Hillbillies die 39-Jahre-Fete feiern kann, hätte er sich vor 4 Jahrzehnten  beileibe nicht träumen lassen – so verrückte Ideen er auch damals schon hatte.
 Am Samstag, den 5. Mai 2012,
 ist es aber tatsächlich soweit. Die traditionelle Jubiläumsparty der Emsland Hillbillies steigt wieder.
in diesem Jahr im Saal Gasthaus Waldlust in 26871 Papenburg  
Und es wird wieder ein großes Wiedersehen und Wiederhören geben. Alte Freude und frühere Bandmitglieder schauen vorbei, Hits aus längst vergangenen Zeiten kommen zu Gehör.  Aus dem Spaßprojekt der Anfangsphase ist längst ein professionelles Unternehmen geworden. CD-Aufnahmen, Film-Drehs und etliche Fernsehauftritte garnierten den langen Weg der Hillbillies, einer Band, die für gute, ur-amerikanische Countrymusik stand. Eine deutsche Phase mit Hits wie „Liebe Mama“, „Bauer Barnes Mühle“ und anderen gab es auch.
Und aus dem jungen Band-Chef von damals ist der bekannte „Herman, the German“ geworden, der mit vielen in Nashville aufgenommen CDs, Duetten u. a. mit Willie Nelson, Auftritten im Mutterland des Country, Tournee in Neuseeland, Großbritannien, Lettland etc  auch auf eine beachtliche internationale Karriere zurückblicken kann und gerade erst beim Deutschen Countrypreis zum „Sänger des Jahres“ gewählt wurde.
Die ersten 40 Jahre sind  (fast) vorbei. Wer mit den Emsland Hillbillies in eine neue Ära aufbrechen möchte und sich vorher eine kleine musikalische Country-Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit gönnen möchte, der sollte sich den Termin der 39-Jahres-Fete dick in den Kalender eintragen. Allen anderen ist sowieso nicht mehr zu helfen…
HLM & The Emsland Hillbillies 2012
Die neue DVD ...    alle TV Auftritte der Emsland Hillbillies von 1973-2010 finden Sie auf dieser DVD ..   ein MUSS für Fans und Sammler........
Hermann Lammers Meyer at the Flying Pig / at the set in Dallas
das Video  :  klick here

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New Release and National TV Appearance from Country Singer and Chart Climber, Joyce Shaffer

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     OAK TREE OPRY....."It was one heck of a weekend," says Bobbie Lhea Everhart, the 15-year old daughter of Smithsonian Institution recording artists and world travelers, Bob & Sheila Everhart.  "The Oak Tree Opry was totally full Friday and Saturday night.  Some folks missed the singing French dog, LeMar on the Saturday matinee, but he really sang his little heart out.  We had some kids in to see the Saturday night show, they sat in the balcony, and didn't spit on anybody either.  I guess our budget lunch this time around is going to be the hot-dogs and polish sausages mom had left over from SpringFest.  I dont' mind, they are really good when they're double cooked."
     Sheila Everhart takes care of the concession stand at the Oak Tree.  "We just had super crowds all weekend, and that meant several extra runs to the grocery store for more supplies.  We haven't had to do that before during SpringFest.  It can all be explained by all the great talent we had this year.  I'm going to list them cause they were so great: Clarence Hayden (Mo); Bobby Awe (Ia); Janine Sherry (Mn); Francis Hahn (Ia); Rick & Harriette Andersen (Ia); Barb & Dale Frazier (Ia); Lee Muller (Ks); David Green (Ia); Bill Hedren (Ia); Steely (Ia); Joan Brooking (Ia); Marge Lund (Ia); Emma Heyen (Ia); Wally James (Fl); Jackie Shewey (Ne); and LeMar (Ia).  I'm sure I probably missed somebody, and we didn't have as many 'drop-ins' as we usually have, but we had so much talent we couldn't take any intermissions and still get them all on.  The Sunday old-time gospel show was especially nice, and we had more attendees than ever."
     "SpringFest has grown into a kind of regular little festival of old-time music," Bob Everhart added, "It's sort of like the 'real-deal' when it comes to great American traditional country music.  We know we had a lot of folks staying out at Lake Anita State Park in their RV's, and we had a bunch of folks having steak dinners at the Redwood Steakhouse on Friday and Saturday nights.  The Weathervane Cafe also had a nice increase in diners for breakfast and lunch.  Bob Duff, who used to live in Anita, and now lives in Newport Beach, California, came back to Iowa to spend the weekend with us, even though he is tremendously busy working on some real estate titles for some huge corporations in New York state.  He wanted to raise some money to help us patch up the roof on the theater, and he sure did that.  He brought some absolutely beautiful individually made "Oak Tree Opry" tee-shirts and caps from California, as well as some really neat shirts from Hawaii and California.  It turned out to be a significant auction, he raised over $550 to fix the roof with, and that sure ought to do the deal.  He had tears in his eyes when he told me how he was sitting in the back of the theater watching the show, reflecting on how he used to work in the projection booth when he was eleven years old.  And that took him to where his grandmother lived, in the little white house that was just west of the theater.  Jim Mailander had it torn down, it was in really bad shape, but it sure brought back memories for our good friend Bob Duff.  His wife Charyl, who also likes the old-time music, wanted to be with him but she just underwent surgery and couldn't make it, but her spirit sure was with us.  We'd like to publicly thank Bob Duff for all he does for us, not only at the Oak Tree Opry, but for our performers, and for us personally.  Thank you Bob & Charyl Duff."
     The next show at the Oak Tree features Dale Eichor and Bobby Awe, two of Iowa's very best traditional and classic country performers.  They will be on May 4th, and reserved seats are highly recommended.  712-762-4363

New Release and National TV Appearance from Country Singer and Chart Climber, Joyce Shaffer

New Release and National TV Appearance from Country Singer and Chart Climber, Joyce Shaffer
Los Angeles, CA, 4/22/12 - Another in what will be an addition to a line of chart climbers has been released by Country Singer, Joyce Shaffer. "The Old Man" is a touching country gospel song that is sure to reach deep inside your heart. Shaffer was inspired to write the song after having dinner with country great and star of the Grand Ole Opry, Stonewall Jackson. It is not a story about Stonewall Jackson, but his character filled face and good nature was the inspiration.
Shaffer is not new to the country charts and has had several of her songs climb them. This song is destined to run up the charts just as her hit song, "Loretta's Shoes", a song about Loretta Lynn did. The richly crafted and recorded "Loretta's Shoes" which Lynn enjoyed was considered for a Grammy this year and we believe her new song will take the same path.
Nashville has taken note of Shaffer's ability to work her songs into memorable stories that stay with you. Joyce will be starring on Nashville's own, Steve Hall's Shotgun Red Show on RFD-TV, April 30th and again on May 1st and 6th. Be sure to watch this country artist weaving her magic.

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Country Music News International Newsletter February 20. 2017

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Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz

Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz Als Peter „PeeWee“ Wroblewski vor 35 Jahren einen „Steckbr...

Vince Gill Notches 21st Grammy Win

Vince Gill Notches 21st Grammy Win Most Grammys Won By A Male Country Artist N...

Silverado Records Adds Mandy McMillan To Roster

Nashville Based Label Silverado Records Adds Mandy McMillan To Roster Silverado Records announces the signing of Nas...

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