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Nashville, TN…(March 27, 2012)…Country music artist Glen Templeton is excited to announce that his highly anticipated new single, “Sing That Song Again” is available now for fans to download on iTunes.
Sing That Song Again” is an up tempo track that reminisces tales of love and life, through favorite songs in American culture.  Produced by Mark Lambert (Elton John and Willie Nelson) the catchy sing-a-long written by Ben Hayslip  (Blake Shelton, Craig Morgan, Luke Bryan) and Deric Ruttan (Dierks Bentley & Gary Allan) is sure to become a summer hit, begging music lovers to “Sing That Song Again.”
Fans of Glen Templeton have a chance to add to their music collection by participating in the " Sing Along To That Song Again" Facebook contest where the Grand Prize winner will receive a $25 iTunes gift card and an autographed copy of “ Sing That Song Again”. For more information visit facebook.com/gtmusic.
Glen Templeton first felt country music tugging on his soul while growing up in Elrod, Alabama. In 2004, the pull was strong enough to compel him to pack up and head north to Nashville. After just two weeks of living in Music City, he walked into the famed Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, put a tip in the jar and took the stage.  They offered him a regular gig the moment he left the stage. In July of 2011, GT signed with Black River Entertainment and will release his self-titled album, completing the EP that is available now, later this year.  For more information on Glen Templeton visit www.glentempleton.com or facebook.com/gtmusic

Bridgette Tatum Goes for the Gloss

Bridgette Tatum Goes for the Gloss
By Christian Bottorff
© 2012 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
Like many professional touring singers, Bridgette Tatum struggled for years with severely chapped lips. In 2009, desperate to find something — anything — that would help, she reached out to Miranda Coggins. Tatum had seen The Lano Company Co-Founder and CEO on a Nashville television show, talking about how in 2006 Coggins started the business with her husband Layne, shortly after the birth of their first child. She began experimenting with lanolin, an ointment used primarily by new mothers who are nursing, and was able to soothe her chronically chapped lips.
For months, Coggins and Tatum talked. Coggins fell in love with Tatum’s music; Tatum’s lips were healed by Lano products. Their connection led to Tatum landing the first-ever celebrity partnership with the Missouri-based company, which has released an exclusive line of lip-healing cosmetics around her glamorous and hard-rocking Country style.
“We related,” says Coggins, who was raised in southern Alabama. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, every girl loves lip gloss. I think Bridgette and her sound, it is unique — and I think it’s going to span way beyond Country.”
Two years — and more than 100 formulations — later, Coggins in mid-2011 released an exclusive Bridgette Tatum lip gloss, colored with a sparkled, rusty hue. Titled “Hillbilly Rockstar,” the gloss uses Tatum’s hard-driving Country song title of the same name.
Carolyn Miller, CEO of Tatum’s label Root 49 Records, a division of MPR Entertainment Group, says the fan reaction was immediately positive. It has been a fast seller online, at the more than 5,000 retail outlets that sell Lano products and at Bridgette Tatum shows.
“Before we were even selling, we were at a writer’s night doing a show, and people were saying ‘I have to have that — it’s so cool!’” Miller said. “We talked to Miranda about selling it online, and we also decided to take it on the road so we could sell with our merch.”
Bridgette paired up with Heidi Newfield on the She’s Country Tour in late 2011. “It was really a female-driven tour and audience, and we matched that product to our audiences,” Miller said.
Onstage, Tatum works stories about the gloss into her routine. She pulls the shiny glass lip gloss tube out of her cowboy boots, clicks the LED-lighted cap and jokes about how it can be used to change a flat tire. It illuminates the room, and Tatum’s mostly female crowds always go wild.
Seeing success already in the partnership, Coggins says The Lano Company is contemplating other colors and styles to pair up with future songs by Tatum.
“Although we sell nationwide, we are still a small, family owned and operated business,” Coggins said. “And with Bridgette being up-and-coming, we really sat down and said, ‘This is something we could grow together.’ That’s where this was really a big fit for both of us.”
On the Web: www.BridgetteTatum.com; www.TheLanoCompany.com

Nashville Songpluggers Join Forces for Better Song Placements

Nashville Songpluggers Join Forces for Better Song Placements
By Randy Rudder
© 2012 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
At 5 PM on a balmy October afternoon, in the offices of Harlan Howard Songs just south of Nashville’s Music Row, 15 female publishing executives are sitting in a semicircle around Sony Music Nashville artist Joanna Smith. In the center of the room is an assortment of hors d’oeuvres, cheeses and beverages, but no one seems to be indulging. Smith is pensive as she listens to the first verse and chorus of two songs from each publisher, responding with comments such as “pass,” “kinda cute,” “not for me,” “nice groove” or “hold that one for sure.”
All of this is an exercise in the art of group song pitching, in this case by an informal assembly of pluggers and publishers who have dubbed themselves “Chicks with Hits.”
The Chicks are among the pioneers of the group pitch concept. “We did this because at the time we were, and still are for the most part, independent publishers, and we couldn’t get meetings with the big artists,” said Kim Jones of Mighty Kimmy Jo Music. “Some of us were not able to participate in ongoing plugger groups that were already there, so we just thought, ‘Why don’t we do an all-female group?’ The idea was that since everyone in this group has such great publishing experience and is great at what they do, we thought we could get to more artists as a group than by doing it individually, which we have done.”
Abbe Nameche was the other founder of the Chicks with Hits network. “When I worked at DreamWorks, Kim and I got together and hatched this idea,” she said. “We hand-selected the members and started rolling. It’s basically just one-stop shopping.”
Each of the group’s meetings is geared specifically to a particular artist’s project. Members are notified ahead of time exactly what the producer is looking for.
“The idea was that we would each come with our best two songs for that particular act,” said Whitney Daane of Kobalt Music Nashville. “For an hour and a half of their time, they would get to hear 30 or more great songs from some of the top independent publishers. Artists and producers typically go first to the major publishing companies and listen to songs, and they just don’t have time to go around individually to every independent publisher. So this is a way to kill 15 birds — or chicks, in our case — in one hour.”
Nearly every pitch session contains some surprises. An artist who had originally asked for “up-tempo positive” might end up sharing some life experiences that cue the Chicks to dig down into their basket of potential hits and bring out something more somber. This was the case when the group placed “Bring on the Rain” (written by Helen Darling and Billy Montana) with Jo Dee Messina.
Other times, a song may get a pass, but the producer will suggest another artist, and the song eventually finds a home that way. “I played ‘Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off’ (Gary Hannan and John Wiggins) to Tony Brown in a pitch meeting for Brooks & Dunn,” said Judy Harris of Judy Harris Music. “He said, ‘I don’t think it’s right for them, but I’ll send it to Joe Nichols.’ Tony was with Universal South at the time. So when you think a song is perfect for one artist, it might actually work better for another.”
Other song placed by Chicks with Hits include Martina McBride’s “My Daughter’s Eyes” (James Slater), Jimmy Buffett’s “Bama Breeze” (Mark Abramson, Josh Kear and Chris Tompkins) and “That’s How They Do It in Dixie” (Abramson, Kear and Tompkins), recorded by Big & Rich, Hank Jr., Van Zant and Gretchen Wilson.
“What I have found to be the most interesting thing about the group is how supportive we are,” said Daane. “We are all competitors. We are all vying for the same few slots on the same records. And yet as a group we are very internally supportive of each other, whether that means pitching songs for people while they are out of town or recommending songs from other publishers that we heard in the past that we think might be good for an artist. The Chicks are really there to support one another in all facets, not just in business but also in our lives in general.
“The music business is not just a business,” she added. “It’s a lifestyle. These people are my closest friends and confidants and my biggest cheerleaders as well as my biggest nemeses. So it’s an interesting dynamic that we can be wildly competitive and yet incredibly supportive of each other in a competitive business. But in the end, we all believe that the best song wins, or should win, and so to honor that process is really what we do.”
“We haven’t killed each other yet,” Harris observed.
“I’m not even sure it’s even about competition between the publishers,” added Dianna Maher of Moraine Music Group. “That’s the cold, hard truth. It just has to be right for that artist at that moment in time. That’s when the support comes in. To me, that’s where the group is so exciting: Everybody gets to hear each others’ new writers and new artists. It’s become this great networking thing where people will now even come to the Chicks because they want the music community to hear about this new artist. A producer will say, ‘Hey, I need for people to know about this new artist, and I know you guys will spread the word.’”
Jones says the typical pitch session runs an hour and a half or so, but there’s no real time limit or set number of songs. “We’ve met with Wynonna, we’ve met with Kenny Chesney and Jo Dee Messina, and we don’t say after an hour and a half, ‘Well, now you have to leave,’” she noted. “If they are having a good time, we will play songs for them until they get tired of listening. With some, it’s been three or four hours.”
Jeff Walter of Jack and Jenny Music, who is involved with a plugger group called the Mocha Network, agrees that there’s no “typical” pitch session and there’s always something new to discover in the process. “While we try to garner as much information as possible in advance of the pitch, rare is the pitch meeting where there isn’t some kind of surprise,” he said. “Sometimes the information has changed, or sometimes what we had in advance wasn’t very accurate to begin with.”
Members of Walter’s Mocha Network include Sherrill Blackman of the SCB Music Group, Penny Dionne of Little Vixen Music, Chad Green of Word Music Publishing, Dallas Gregory of Song Rocket Music, Camilla Kleindienst of Banner Music, Scott Lynch of Scott Lynch and Company, Jeffrey Nelson of Blue Canoe Music Group, Nancy Peacock of Washington Street Publishing and Kathy Sacra-Anderson of Hadley Music Group.
Walter believes that the mixture of camaraderie and competition inherent in plugger groups can be stimulating. “The group pitch has benefits for both the plugger and the person looking for songs,” he said. “The songpluggers have the benefit of hearing material from their colleagues — who, in a sense, are also their competition because everybody’s vying for just a handful of, or maybe just one or two, open slots on a record. There’s a real camaraderie to the process, though, and an energy that everyone seems to feed off of.
“It’s also educational,” he continued. “I might go into a meeting planning to play this killer party song, but then Sherrill might play a party song that prompts the ‘pitchee’ to say, ‘We already have all the party songs we need. What we’re really looking for is a serious up-tempo song about relationships.’ So we generally go in prepared to change gears if necessary.”
Walter notes that “the Mocha Network didn’t start as a songplugging group but simply as an information-sharing group. We would swap news about meetings we’d had, tips we’d received, rumors we’d heard and so on. We would meet at the Fido coffeehouse in (Nashville’s) Hillsboro Village – hence the name. After an opportunity arose to pitch to a young artist, we thought, ‘This was pretty cool. Why don’t we do it more often?’ And so we quickly morphed into a plugging group.
“We don’t always pitch together,” he observed. “Each of us schedules his or her own one-on-one meetings whenever possible, and at least a couple of the members are in other groups as well. True to our roots, we continue to have a regular monthly information-sharing meeting. The group pitch sessions are irregular — technically whenever one of the members schedules one. Sometimes we’ll have a cluster of them in a concentrated time period; there have been times when we have back-to-back meetings or four in a week. At other times it’s a bit slower.”
But participants in both groups agree that for all the challenges in fitting everyone’s schedule together, it’s generally worth the effort. “I might not get to play as many songs in a group meeting as I might in a one-on-one meeting,” Walter said. “But I love the group pitches.”



McGraw Returns to the US with Performances at the ACM Awards, ACM Presents: Lionel Richie and Friends in Concert and
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Nashville, TN- March 27, 2012- Country music superstar Tim McGraw and award winning vocalist and wife Faith Hill set out for their first-ever Australian tour together earlier this month.  Fans and critics alike have been anticipating their arrival for months and the couple did not disappoint as they performed for sold-out crowds in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, and helped set an attendance record at the CMC Rocks the Hunter festival.  The whirlwind tour ended with a sold-out show at the Allphones Arena in Sydney with McGraw rocking through a set consisting of only No. one hits and Hill dazzling fans with her breath-taking vocal performance.

"I've toured Australia before, and each time it gets better and better," said McGraw.   "We had an awesome time traveling around the country and getting to meet and play for so many fans…they love their country music, and they really showed us a great time."

“If he can keep connecting with material as strong as this, the next 20 years of his career might prove to be as successful as the first 20.”- The Brisbane Courier-Mail

“Perfect harmonies...gutsy vocals.”- The Sydney Morning Herald
“Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill are country music royalty...they still look and sound so darn good.”- Adelaide Advertiser
Immediately upon his return from Australia, McGraw will head to Las Vegas where he will perform at the 47th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday, April 1 on CBS.  He will also make a special appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, April 4 and will perform on the ACM Presents: Lionel Richie and Friends In Concert airing on Friday, April 13 on CBS.

McGraw will now begin preparations for what is anticipated to be the biggest stadium tour in country music history with old friend Kenny Chesney.  The 'Brothers of the Sun' Tour will reunite McGraw and Chesney for the first time in 10 years.  The 20-city US tour kicks off on June 2 in Tampa and will hit the nation's biggest stadiums through August.

For more information and a full list of tour dates, visit www.timmcgraw.com.

LIFE GOES ON album by Musicians Against Childhood Cancer

LIFE GOES ON album by
Musicians Against Childhood Cancer® Now Released
Two Disc Set Includes All-Star List of Talent including:Lonesome River Band, Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out, Marty Raybon, The Grascals,
Blue Highway, Tony Rice, Shawn Camp, Josh Williams, Rhonda Vincent, J. D. Crowe, Doyle Lawson, Chris Stapleton, Carl Jackson, Larry Cordle,
Jerry Salley, Ronnie Bowman, Brandon Rickman, and many more
Nashville, TN (March 27, 2012) --  Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the highly anticipated new album release, LIFE GOES ON by the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer® is now released.  This new 2 CD set is now available for purchase at Amazon.com, County Sales, Ernest Tubb Records Shops, the Musicians Against Childhood Cancer website, Rural Rhythm Records, directly through the participating artists and many more locations.  LIFE GOES ON was recorded live during the annual MACC festivals from 2006 - 2011 with the exception of the new single "Life Goes On" that was recorded at Randy Kohrs' Slack Key Studio in Nashville, TN.  Tracks include:
Disc 1
01  GOODBYE TO THE BLUES – Johnson Mountain Boys
02  BEYOND THE SUNSET– Doyle Lawson, Russell Moore, Jamie Dailey, Josh Swift
03  RAGGED MAN – Gibson Brothers
04  I GOT A WOMAN – Pine Mountain Railroad
05  PLEASE COME TO BOSTON – New Found Road
06  SIX FEET UNDER THE GROUND – Michael Cleveland and Fame Keeper
08  GOIN’ ACROSS THE SEA – J. D. Crow & The New South
09  HIGHWAY OF SORROW – Junior Sisk
10  FRAULEIN – Lost and Found
11  RAIN AND SNOW – Brandon Rickman (Lonesome River Band)
12  REVELATION – Bradley Walker 
13  PANHANDLE COUNTRY – Clay Hess & Friends
14  ACROSS THE GREAT DIVIDE – Josh Williams Band
15  FORTY YEARS – David Parmely & Continental Divide
16  THE WATER IS WIDE – Rhonda Vincent & The Rage
17  HARD TIMES – The Grascals
18  PAUL’S MINISTRY – Paul Williams
19  STRUTTIN’ TO FERRUM – Lonesome River Band
20  BLUE SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN – The SteelDrivers
01  MANZANITA – Tony Rice
02  ROLLIN’ AND TUMBLIN’ - Dudley Connell, Randy Kohrs
03  PRECIOUS MEMORIES – Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
04  LITTLE JOHN I AM – Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
05  TENNESSEE WHISKEY – Chris Stapleton, Morgane Hayes, Bradley Walker
06  SMASHVILLE – Sierra Hull & Highway 111
07  GIVE MY LOVE TO ROSE – Sally Connell, Dudley Connell
08  WHERE THE NEVER DIES  - Don Rigsby & Josh Williams
10  THE WATER SO COLD – Marty Raybon and Full Circle
11  THE TURKEY BUZZARD – Joe Mullins & Aubry Hayine
12  HE DIED A ROUNDER AT 21 – Junior Sisk, Randy Kohrs, Josh Williams
13  THE LIKES OF ME – Randy Kohrs Band
14  SHOUTING TIME IN HEAVEN – Kenny & Amanda Smith
15  AT THE END OF THE A LONG LONELY – Danny Paisley & Southern Grass
17  I SHOULD’VE CALLED – Larry Stephenson
18  OLD VIOLIN – Larry Cordle, Michael Cleveland
19  LIFE GOES ON – Jerry Salley, Carl Jackson, Ronnie Bowman, Rickey Wasson, Larry Cordle
Rural Rhythm Records will soon release a new music video of the first single, “Life Goes On.” The song  is currently #8 on the Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart.  The VIDEO was filmed at Liberty Church in Gallatin, TN during the week of the 2012 SPBGMA convention and features Jerry Salley, Carl Jackson, Larry Cordle, Rickey Wasson, and directed by brothers, Sammy Passamano III and Anthony Passamano of Rural Rhythm Records.  Although the video is still in production, the label has released a short clip as shown below.  Family memory photos are courtesy of the musicians involved in this project and Darrel Adkins.  Darrell and Phyllis Adkins founded Musicians Against Childhood Cancer in honor of their daughter, Mandy who lost her battle with cancer on November 25, 2000.  Proceeds from the annual festival benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. 
Sneak preview of the upcoming music video

UNHEILIG mit Verkaufsrekord auf Platz 1 der Charts

UNHEILIG mit Verkaufsrekord auf Platz 1 der Charts
Universal Music Bild
Bild downloaden
UNHEILIG mit Verkaufsrekord auf Platz 1 der Charts
Zum zweiten Mal in Folge landen UNHEILIG auf Platz 1 der Album Charts! Nach drei Tagen erreichte das Album Goldstatus und befindet sich nun auf Platinkurs. Obendrein verkaufte „Lichter Der Stadt“ in der Veröffentlichungswoche mehr Einheilten, als alle anderen Künstler in diesem Jahr im gleichen Zeitraum.
Nach dem fantastischen Erfolg mit „Grosse Freiheit“, erreicht „Lichter Der Stadt“ nun sogar das Nummer 1-„Triple“, denn auch in Österreich und in der Schweiz landet das Album sofort auf der Pole Position.

Doch die wichtigste Nachricht ist sicherlich, dass Der GRAF von seiner fiebrigen Grippe wieder genesen ist und daher alle anberaumten Radiotermine und Autogrammstunden wie geplant stattfinden können.
Mittwoch, 28.03.2011 in Berlin - Saturn Europacenter , von 15- 20 Uhr
Donnerstag, 29.03.in Hamburg - Saturn Mönckebergstraße, von 15- 20 Uhr

Große "Lichter der Stadt"-Tour im Sommer 2012
Mehr als 770.000 Menschen haben 2010/11 den GRAFen live erlebt und die Energie von UNHEILIG gespürt. Diese "emotionale Achterbahnfahrt mit toller musikalischer Untermalung" geht auch in diesem Jahr auf einer ausgedehnten Tournee weiter. Mit allen bislang geliebten Hits und natürlich auch den ganz frischen - vom neuen Album „Lichter der Stadt“.

UNHEILIG- Lichter der Stadt 2012
präsentiert von RTL und Musix
30.06.2012 Meppen - Vivaris Arena
06.07.2012 Magdeburg - Rothehorn Park
07.07.2012 Flensburg - Campushalle
13.07.2012 Leipzig - Völkerschlachtdenkmal
14.07.2012 Nürnberg – Zeppelinfeld
15.07.2012 CH – Locarno – Moon & Stars Festival
20.07.2012 Stuttgart - Cannstatter Wasen
21.07.2012 Köln - RheinEnergieStadion
27.07.2012 Hannover - EXPO Plaza
28.07.2012 Rostock - IGA Park
04.08.2012 Zwickau- Flugplatz
05.08.2012 Passau - Messeplatz
10.08.2012 Saarbrücken - Messegelände Saarbrücken
11.08.2012 Hemer - Sauerlandpark Hemer
18.08.2012 Weilburg - Festplatz
24.08.2012 A – Graz - Messe
25.08.2012 A – Linz – Stadion
26.08.2012 A – Wien- Stadthalle
01.09.2012 Berlin - Wuhlheide Kindl Bühne
08.09.2012 München - Galopprennbahn Riem

77 Bombay Street verschieben Deutschland-Termine

77 Bombay Street verschieben Deutschland-Termine
Aufgrund von Studioarbeiten müssen die Deutschland-Termine von 77 Bombay Street in den September verschoben werden. Die Band entschuldigt sich für die Umstände: „Wir können es kaum erwarten, wieder nach Deutschland zu kommen und danken euch für eure Geduld.“

Hier die Nachholtermine für die Konzerte von 77 Bombay Street im September!

Neuland Concerts präsentiert:

16.09.2012 München / Ampere
18.09.2012 Friedrichshafen / Bahnhof Fischbach
19.09.2012 Konstanz / Blechnerei
23.09.2012 Freiburg / Waldsee
Die Tour wird präsentiert von Kulturnews.

Bereits gekaufte Karten behalten ihre Gültigkeit oder können an der Vorverkaufsstelle zurückgegeben werden, an der sie gekauft wurden.

Tickets sind weiterhin an allen bekannten Vorverkaufsstellen erhältlich.

 Aktuelles Album:
 77 Bombay Street
 Up In The Sky

 Ab dem 27.04.2012 überall im Handel erhältlich!

Country Music News International March 27. 2012

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Love and Theft To Release Their Self-Titled RCA Records Debut On June 5 http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/03/love-and-theft-to-release-their-self.html

SARAH DARLING’S "BLACKBIRD" VIDEO MAKES EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIERE ON CMT http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/03/sarah-darlings-blackbird-video-makes.html

Musik News Allgemein:

FLORENCE + THE MACHINE mit ihrem Album "Ceremonials" auf Deutschland-Tour + Neue Single "No Light, No Light" jetzt im Radio http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/03/florence-machine-mit-ihrem-album.html
LIANNE LA HAVAS im Mai live in Deutschland http://countrymusicnewsinternational.blogspot.de/2012/03/lianne-la-havas-im-mai-live-in.html

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Kenny Chesney And Fans Stay 'Out Last Night' All Summer Long

Kenny Chesney And Fans Stay 'Out Last Night' All Summer Long

NASHVILLE, TN – As the days grow warmer and flip-flops replace snow shoes, production for The 'Brothers of the Sun' Tour, starring Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw is in full swing. One of the many elements that will be included in Chesney’s upcoming shows this year is a video montage of his fans having fun and it will be shown on video screens during Chesney’s chart-topping hit, “Out Last Night.”
Fans from Kenny’s official fanclub were asked to submit photos and video of themselves having fun with friends and family, and thousands of entries were received. The video is being edited now and fans can see who was “Out Last Night” starting on June 2 in Tampa, FL with the kick-off of the ‘Brothers of the Sun’ Tour, with Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. The coast-to-coast, all-stadium tour also includes Jake Owen and Grace Potter & The Nocturnals.
On June 19, Chesney will release his brand new album on BNA Records. The new album is the follow-up to the critically-acclaimed, platinum-certified Hemingway’s Whiskey, which yielded the number #1 and gold certified “The Boys of Fall,” #1 and platinum selling “Somewhere With You,” the platinum certified, CMA Award-winning “You and Tequila,” he #1 single “Live A Little,” and his latest #1, “Reality.”
With more than 30 million albums sold, 20 million digital transactions and 23 #1 singles, Kenny Chesney is one of the most successful recording acts in the history of country music. In addition, his live shows have become summer vacations themselves for the more than 11 million fans who have purchased tickets over the last decade.
Chesney leads the Academy of Country Music pack with nine nominations including Entertainer of the Year, Album of the Year (Hemingway’s Whiskey as both artist and producer), Male Vocalist of the Year, and also earned double nominations for Single Record of the Year and Vocal Event of the Year as both artist and producer for “You And Tequila” with Grace Potter, which is also nominated for Song of the Year.

Love and Theft To Release Their Self-Titled RCA Records Debut On June 5

Love and Theft To Release Their Self-Titled RCA Records Debut On June 5

Nashville, TN – ACM Vocal Duo of the Year nominee Love and Theft, Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson, is thrilled to be releasing their new album on June 5 on RCA Records. To pre-order their self-titled album, click on this link: http://amzn.to/GQLGhu.
Love and Theft is a bit different from the group that scored a Top 10 hit two years ago with “Runaway.” But the changes that have affected the group—most notably, signing with RCA Records and downsizing to a duo—have actually brought Love and Theft closer to what it originally set out to be: a band that writes, records and performs honest, soulful country music.
While Stephen and Eric are proud of their successful first effort, they admit it wasn’t the genuine sound they were hoping for—a tone they ultimately discovered when they returned to the studio under producer Josh Leo (Alabama, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band).
“Love and Theft is a true duo in every sense of the word,” says Leo. “They seamlessly trade lead vocals during the songs and sometimes, I’m not even 100% sure who is singing the lead. They are that good.”
“We love performing,” says Stephen. “The way we recorded our new album is the way our influences made records: live with a band. It’s a lot more organic.”
Eric’s earthy voice is the perfect complement to Stephen’s high-altitude tenor. The guys happily share lead vocals, harmonize like a church choir, and bolster their band with their own guitar work. “Stephen and I have always been on the same page as far as the vision for Love and Theft and what we want it to be,” says Eric. “We feel like we have made the record we’ve always wanted to make.”
The lead single from their forthcoming album is “Angel Eyes.” The song is currently No. 31 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and on Country Aircheck.
To view the music video for “Angel Eyes,” click on this link: http://vevo.ly/xIsECO
In addition, Love and Theft will kick off the Academy of Country Music’s Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas on Friday, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. PT, during The Week Vegas Goes Country®!


     Weslaco, Texas.....:Our last big festival of the year in the Rio Grande Valley was quite a challenge," Sheila Everhart of the dynamic duo Bob & Sheila, pronounced.  "It's a rather large event called OnionFest in Weslaco.  Bob and I had to perform for an hour and a half, at one time, on the main stage, which is not our 'normal' play time for any one set, but it turned out very nice for us anyway.  Two rather loud bands preceded us, one a rap band and the second one a Christian rock and roll band.  We were fearful when we went on with our old-timey music we'd lose the audience, but as it turned out, we had more than the loud bands had.  It was a surprise for us to see old friends at this last big festival of the season.  My best friend from high school days, who now lives in Texas, came to see us, and some folks that Bob had taken on a caravan some 25 years ago in Mexico came to see us, so we had lots to catch up on when we finished our set. "
     "Francis Hahn, our retired CIA agent turned booking agent, did a good job lining up our gigs in Texas," Bob added, "the OnionFest was a well paying job.  Sheila and I had done this festival quite a few years ago, probably when Bobbie Lhea was about three or four years old. Stonewall Jackson was on it at that time, and though the main stage we performed on this year, was not in the same location as it was when Stonewall was there, it was still a rather nice event for us.  This was the first time the Weslaco Chamber of Commerce tried a two-day event, and from all indications it worked out pretty good except the largest crowd was on Saturday.  They also had a neat 'horse' show on Sunday at another location nearby, which was pretty neat.  Lots of good food everywhere, and of course you could get some really good onion dishes, especially onion blossoms, which were quite good.  We had just done another television show a week ago Sunday and talked about the festival then, so that helped our attendance as well."
     "Now we have to get ready to head back to Iowa," Sheila added, "we're packed and ready to go, I just have one last dental appointment in Mexico before we leave.  I can't hardly believe the dentists south of the border.  What would have cost me well over $2,000 in Atlantic, Iowa, cost me $400 in Progresso, Mexico, where there are lots of dentists to pick from.  Being traveling musicians, it's next to impossible to get any kind of dental insurance, so it sure has been a lifesaver for me"
     "We got to go to South Padre Island," Bobbie Lhea the Everhart's 15 year old daughter piped up, "and it wasn't really a budget lunch, but dad thought it would be great if we ate at Blackbeards Pirate House.   I had one of my most favorite seafood dishes, scallops.  I like them well done, meaning not mushy, and grilled, and they fixed them just right.  Scallops come from the sea shell that looks like the Shell Oil Company logo, and they are nice firm sweet-flavored seafood.  I'm anxious to get back home and see some movies, we aren't close enough to a theater here in Texas to see any.  I sure hope Tuesday night is still free popcorn night at the Atlantic Theater."
     "We'll have a little time to go see a couple of films," Bob added, "but first we have to get caught up getting ready for SpringFest at the Oak Tree Opry in Anita.  We have a really nice line-up of talent coming to perform, so it should be a lot of fun.  Bob Duff the multi-millionaire from California, will be doing an auction on Saturday afternoon, and he promised to bring some extra special items from California to auction off with the CD's we'll have to sell.  For right now, it's 'on the road with Bob & Sheila."  


 Jason Aldean

2012 MY KINDA PARTY TOUR Sells Out All 18 Shows So Far
Nashville, TENN – March 26, 2012 – ACM Entertainer of the Year nominee Jason Aldean broke venue attendance records at New York metro area’s IZOD Center and Charlottesville, VA’s John Paul Jones Arena this weekend, marking his 13th venue attendance record set in 2012.  Aldean's 2012 MY KINDA PARTY TOUR has sold out all 18 shows so far this year, including Rodeo Houston at Reliant Stadium where he set the all-time record with 74,901 fans and the IZOD Center where he set a new record for a Country concert with more than 19,000 fans, breaking Shania Twain's previous record of 15,749 in 2003.

This year's production was upped to a 360-degree configuration to give more fans the opportunity to purchase tickets.  Fellow Georgia natives Luke Bryan and Lauren Alaina have both been serving as opener for Aldean this year, with DeeJay Silver returning to the tour to keep the party going between sets.

“These last few months on the road have been unbelievable, and the crowds this weekend were killer,” said Aldean.  “We are off to Vegas next for the ACMs and will hopefully have a little luck on and off the blackjack tables!"
Additionally, Aldean is nominated for six ACM Awards, including his second consecutive nods for Entertainer of the Year and Male Vocalist of the Year.  Fans can vote in the Entertainer of the Year category on www.VoteACM.com through show day.  The April 1 show will air live from Las Vegas on CBS.

Aldean’s current single “Fly Over States” is climbing up the Top 15 at country radio and comes on the heels of four consecutive No. one singles off the top-selling country album of 2011 and reigning CMA Album of the Year MY KINDA PARTY.

For a full list of appearances and upcoming tour dates, visit www.jasonaldean.com.


Exclusive Debut on CMT on Friday March 30th
     NASHVILLE, TN (March 26, 2012)--Toolpusher Records’ artist Jason Sturgeon is kicking off the release of his racing new single, “Time Bomb,” with a fast-paced new video featuring Sprint Series World of Outlaws “King,” and Tony Stewart Team driver, Steve Kinser. The video, directed by award-winning director Flick Wiltshire, will debut exclusively on CMT on Friday March 30th on CMT Pure, CMT.com, CMT Mobile and on the CMT Insider app for iPhone and iPad. The video airs wide on Saturday March 31st.
“Time Bomb,“ a no-holds-barred, wide- open-throttle of a tune, about living life in the fast lane, was written by Jason himself and is definitely autobiographical for the Indiana native, whose love affair with cars and motor sports has pretty much been a lifelong passion.  The song is also the theme for the 2012 Monster Truck Nationals Tour where Sturgeon is a special guest, bringing his version of country rock to each arena. The new tune and its accompanying video were created at pretty much the exact same time, according to Jason, who immediately pictured visuals that tout the unbridled energy of a live fast- die hard lifestyle.
“I was writing the song,” recalls Sturgeon, “and in the margin I was writing the template for the video at the same time and what I wanted to see at each certain point. So, the treatment was being written at the same time the song was. When I write I usually see visuals and somewhat of the story I’m telling… but this was different…it was like I could feel it. I’ve never lived a song to such a degree that with every line something visual was popping into my head. I had no real expectations, I just sat down started writing and this is what came out,” he admits, laughing.
Hailing from Indiana, Sturgeon immediately knew he wanted “King of the Outlaws” driver Steve Kinser to star in the song’s video and had some mutual friends introduce him to Steve so he could recruit him for the incendiary clip. Once Kinser signed on, the creative sparks flew and extremely close to the band in fact, since they were set up in a corner of the Tri-State Speedway track as Kinser zoomed past them over and over at breakneck speeds coming treacherously close.
“Basically I just wanted to capture the intensity that was going on but also, this guy has won 20 championships -- he’s raced Sprint cars, he’s raced Indy cars, he’s a badass racer… and I wanted to pay homage and showcase him in this video. He drives a 900 horsepower motor in a 1500 pound car, reaching 100 plus on the straightaways. To have him blasting around us that fast was just unreal!” quips Sturgeon.
As a memento of the amazing day and a way to say “thank you” for his participation in the video, Jason presented Kinser with the Stratocaster guitar that he played during the shoot, which he had custom painted himself to match Kinser’s car. Kinser was thrilled to receive the special axe and promptly asked Jason to sign for him. See Jason's labor of love here.
“This is such an amazing opportunity…you don’t get to do this with a guy who’s “King of the Outlaws” so I thought it would be cool if I had a guitar painted up like his car…plus, I wanted him to go away with something special. This guy has trophies upon trophies and I wanted him to have something that was different. So I figured that maybe he wouldn’t have a guitar that’s hand painted especially for him.  I sat down the night before the video and pulled this Strat apart and taped it up and painted it. I was putting it all back together at 4am on the morning of the shoot. It’s still got the dirt on it from the track! I handed it to him right after the shoot and he really seemed to like it. It was just an amazing day all around and we’ve actually become pretty good friends over the last few weeks,” says Sturgeon.
Fans eager to hear the new song will also be able to rock out to it as it plays during the show opening of every date on the 2012 Monster Truck Nationals Tour.  Jason will also perform it during pit parties at each tour stop, where he’ll play a mini-concert before each show and sign autographs for fans along with the drivers. The song is the first single from Jason’s forthcoming CD due out later this summer.
Jason Sturgeon with "King of the Outlaws" Steve Kinser.
Director Flick Wiltshire shooting performance footage of Jason Sturgeon on the set of "Time Bomb."

Montgomery Gentry HIT NEW YORK


Montgomery Gentry Support Their ACM “Top Duo of the Year” Nomination with appearances on CBS This Morning,
Fox News Channel’s Huckabee, The Better Show,
Dr. Steve, The Price Is Right, TNA Impact Wrestling

Nashville, TN (March 26, 2012) – In support of their Top 10 radio smash "Where I Come From," and their recent Academy of Country Music Nomination for "Top Vocal Duo of The Year", the platinum-selling country duo Montgomery Gentry will embark on a frenzy of national television appearances taking place over the next week.

Starting this Thursday, March 29, Montgomery Gentry join Drew Carey for a special ACM episode of The Price is Right. On Saturday, March 31, just a day before the ACM Awards broadcast on CBS, Montgomery Gentry perform their Top 10 smash “Where I Come From,” as well as their featured track, "Good Ol' Boys (Dukes of Hazzard Theme Song,)" from the newly released tribute album, Waylon: The Music Inside Volume II, on CBS This Morning, and again later that evening on FOX News Channel’s Huckabee. 

While in NYC, Troy and Eddie will also be interviewed and perform for nationally syndicated The Better Show, airing April 5, as well as an intimate and personal interview with the syndicated health and lifestyle program, Dr. Steve. After their return from NYC, Montgomery Gentry will be joining their friend "Cowboy" James Storm on TNA Impact Wrestling on Spike TV.

“Where I Come From,” written by Rodney Clawson and Dallas Davidson, is the first single off their seventh studio album, Rebels On The Run, produced by Michael Knox and released October 2011.  This is the first album released on powerhouse Indie label Average Joe’s Entertainment.

Schedule of National Television Appearances:

Thursday, March 29/ 11 AM ET
The Price Is Right, CBS

Saturday, March 31/ Time TBA
CBS Early Show, CBS

Saturday, March 31 / 8 PM ET
Fox News Channel Huckabee, FOX

Thursday, April 5/ Time TBA
The Better Show, Syndicated (check your local listings)

Thursday, April 5/ 9 PM ET
TNA Impact Wrestling, Spike

TBA: Dr. Steve Show, Syndicated (check your local listings)

For more information on Montgomery Gentry, visit www.montgomerygentry.com

More About Montgomery Gentry:
Montgomery Gentry has been on a steady journey on their road to gold and platinum albums, CMA and ACM awards, and Grammy nomination. The journey has been paved both with musical integrity and with an abiding respect for the people and the genre they represent. They have released more than 20-charted singles, with anthems like "My Town" and "Hell Yeah" becoming indelible parts of the honky-tonk landscape. They have hit the top of the singles charts five times, with "If You Ever Stop Loving Me," "Something To Be Proud Of," "Lucky Man," "Back When I Knew It All" and "Roll With Me." www.montgomerygentry.com


Urban Dictionary Definition of 5-1-5-0 (fahyv-wuhn-fahyv-oh): Police code for crazy one on the loose.  Danger to property, danger to others and danger to themselves.

Nashville, TN – March 26, 2012 – Chart-topping country music star Dierks Bentley will release “5-1-5-0” as the next single from his critically acclaimed new album HOME to country radio today.  The foot-stomping new song officially goes for adds at country radio on April 9.  

“I was a huge fan of Van Halen growing up, and this song was definitely inspired by those guys…they taught me a lot about power chords and girls," said Bentley.  "Getting 5-1-5-0 has become slang on the bus for some of the crazy things that happen out on the road.  I love that fans are using it back to me now…the spring Country & Cold Cans Tour is definitely gonna be 5-1-5-0."

Written by Bentley, Brett Beavers and Jim Beavers, “5-1-5-0” is the third single off Bentley’s No. one disc HOME, which has already delivered two No. one hits “Am I The Only One” and “Home.” The album's anchor and title track recently became Bentley’s ninth career No. one hit as an artist and songwriter and is currently nominated for Song of the Year at the 47th Annual ACM Awards airing this Sunday on CBS at 8:00P ET.

Bentley is scheduled to kick off the 20-city US leg of his 2012 Country & Cold Cans Tour on April 13 in Los Angeles, CA with special guests Eli Young Band and Will Hoge. For a full list of upcoming tour dates and appearances, visit www.dierks.com.

Stefanie Heinzmann stürmt mit ihrem neuen Album die Charts

Stefanie Heinzmann stürmt mit ihrem neuen Album die Charts
Universal Music Bild

Stefanie Heinzmann stürmt mit ihrem neuen Album die Charts
Goldene Schallplatten, Echos, Cometen und zahlreiche weitere Auszeichnungen haben die Messlatte für Stefanie Heinzmanns drittes Album hochgelegt. Doch Stefanie schafft diese Meisterprüfung mit Bravour. Sie knüpft mit dem neuen Album nahtlos an die großen Erfolge ihrer bisherigen Karriere an. Das selbstbetitelte Werk steigt von 0 auf Platz acht der Media-Control-Charts ein. Die Top Ten ist damit der verdiente Lohn für das abwechslungsreichste, ausgereifteste und spannendste Album der 22-jährigen Stefanie Heinzmann bisher.

So überrascht die erste Single „Diggin‘ in the Dirt“ mit infektiösem Rhythmus und unverschämtem Ohrwurm-Appeal, während „Everyone’s Lonely“ gefühlvolle Nuancen zwischen den Zeilen einer eleganten Ballade findet. Für die Nummer konnte sie niemand Geringeres als Jamie Callum als Songwriter gewinnen, der spätestens seit der Zusammenarbeit zu Stefanies größten Fans gehört.

So unterschiedlich die dreizehn Songs auf Stefanie Heinzmann auch sind, so unverkennbar gehören sie doch zu ihrer Interpretin. Alles auf dem Album ist echt, so wie auch Stefanie trotz ihrer sagenhaften Karriere im Grunde das Mädchen aus dem Wallis geblieben ist: authentisch, natürlich und nahbar. Und diese Leichtigkeit von Stefanie Heinzmann überzeugt und berührt ihre alten und neuen Fans, wie der beeindruckende Chart-Entry auf Platz acht beweist.

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Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Big & Rich, Lee Brice, Kane Brown, Brothers Osborne, Josh Abbott Band, Maren Morris, Jake Owen, Michael Ray, High Valley, Brett Young And More


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