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First Anniversary of Country Music News International - Huge Raffle with prizes valued at a total of € 12,000

First Anniversary of Country Music News International - Huge Raffle with prizes valued at a total of € 12,000

Country Music News International began on March 1, 2011.  The idea for the magazine did not come from the editor, Christian Lamitschka, but from one of his friends in Nashville, Tennessee.   He made it clear to Christian that due to the work he had been doing for many years and the great reputation that he had gained in the community from artists, other editors, managers and many more people in the music industry, it was time for him to publish his own music magazine.

Thus the only thing missing was a fitting name for the music magazine. Country Music News International was exactly the right name.  The name represents what the aim of the magazine is, Country Music as made anywhere in the world.

Due to the variety of Country Magazines on the market it was difficult to stand out.  It was then that Christian Lamitschka had the idea to do a bilingual music magazine in English and German. Thus, starting on the first of March 2011, one could find music news, interviews, CD reviews, news and much more in Country Music News International.  In order to also gain the interest of music fans that are not particularly interested in Country Music, the column “General Music News” has been added.

In the meantime the magazine made it onto page one on the Google search engine. This certainly is due to the newsletter, that is distributed daily by Country Music News International. The newsletter reaches more than 200,000 readers worldwide and is distributed using platforms like MySpace, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, E-Mail and many more.

To celebrate the success of Country Music News International together with all our friends, readers, country music and music fans worldwide, CDs with a total value of 12,000 Euro can be won by anybody who “Likes Me” on Facebook or does a friend request at Christian Lamitschka's profile at or who “Follows me”  on Twitter , or who registers at Google Groups or as a reader on Country Music News International, which is easy by simply clicking the button ‚Register as Reader’ at .
The raffle runs from March 1, 2012 to February 28, 2013 or as long as prizes last. 

Ein Jahr Country Music News International - Großes Gewinnspiel im Wert von € 12.000,-

Ein Jahr Country Music News International - Großes Gewinnspiel im Wert von € 12.000,-

Am 1. März 2011 wurde Country Music News International aus der Taufe gehoben. Die Idee zum Magazin kam nicht vom Herausgeber, Christian Lamitschka, sondern von einem seiner Freunde in Nashville / TN – USA. Er machte ihm klar, dass auf Grund seiner jahrelangen Arbeit und der mittlerweile großen Reputation die er bei Künstlern, Magazin-Herausgebern, Managern und vielen weiteren Leuten aus dem Musikgeschäft hat es doch langsam einmal Zeit wäre ein eigenes Musik Magazin herauszugeben.

Somit musste nur ein klangvoller Name für das Musik Magazin gefunden werden. Country Music News International traf genau den Nerv der Zeit. Repräsentiert der Name doch um was es im Magazin geht – Country Music aus Deutschland, Europa, Amerika und vielen anderen Ländern.

Doch auf Grund der Vielzahl von Country Magazinen war es schwer sich von anderen zu unterscheiden. Da kam Christian Lamitschka die Idee. Ein Musik Magazin in deutsch und englisch sollte es sein. Somit fanden sich ab dem 1. März 2011 Musik News, Interviews, CD Vorstellungen, Artikel und vieles weitere bei Country Music News International wieder. Um aber auch Musik Fans eine Möglichkeit zu geben, die nicht unbedingt an Country Music interessiert sind an das Magazin zu binden, wurde die Rubrik „Musik News Allgemein“ noch hinzugefügt.

In der Zwischenzeit hat das Magazin es in Deutschland auf Seite 1 von Google geschafft. Sicherlich auch ein Verdienst vom Newsletter, der von Country Music News International täglich versendet wird. Der Newsletter erreicht in der Zwischenzeit mehr als 200.000 Leser weltweit und wird über die Vertriebskanäle von MySpace, Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, E-Mail und vielen weiteren versendet.

Um den großen Erfolg von Country Music News International mit allen Freunden, Lesern, Country und Musik Freunden auf der ganzen Welt zu feiern, wird im Zeitraum vom 01. März 2012 – 28. Februar 2013 CDs im Gesamtwert von € 12.000,- verlost. Um zum Gewinnen braucht man nur auf Facebook – „Gefällt mir“ Button aktivieren und einen Freundschaftsanfrage unter bei Christian Lamitschka zu stellen, Twitter – , den „Follow“ Button drücken, sich zu Google Groups - - anmelden oder sich als Leser auf Country Music News International - - registrieren, was ganz einfach ist, hierzu einfach den Banner „Leser dieser Seite werden“ drücken.

LiveWire to Release Sophomore U.S. Single "Gone (Remix)"

Hot New Country Band LiveWire to Release Sophomore U.S. Single "Gone (Remix)" via Play MPE and iTunes on February 27

LiveWire Gone promo

NASHVILLE, TN (February 27, 2012) - Hot new Country band, LiveWire, will release their sophomore U.S. single "Gone (Remix)" via Play MPE and iTunes on Monday, February 27. 

"Gone (Remix)" is LiveWire's follow-up release to their debut single "Tater Fed," which introduced the group to radio in 2011. "Tater Fed" spent 22 weeks on the MusicRow chart, climbing to #34, and also logged 6 weeks in the Top 5 of the Hotdisc chart in Europe. "Gone (remix)" is the lead single from the group's forthcoming full-length debut album slated for release this spring on Nashville-based Way Out West Records.  

After the original version of "Gone" was released on the band's self-titled debut EP last year, the song drew enthusiastic praise from critics, including Matt Bjorke of Roughstock who stated "'Gone' is as good as any mainstream hook-filled tune," and Chuck Dauphin of Music News Nashville who observed that "'Gone' has a commercial beat and some air-tight harmony (a trademark, perhaps?), and would make a great choice for a single."  With a similar response coming from radio promoters and programmers, it became apparent to the band and their label that "Gone" would be their next single, but all agreed that the track could be stronger.

"This song has always been a fan favorite," states LiveWire rhythm guitarist, and songwriter Danny Bell. "When we put it on our EP last year, it drew such a great reaction from everyone that we felt like we wanted to revisit it and make it even better. So we recently went back in the studio and re-recorded the vocals, added a new bass part and remixed it. I think the new version will really jump out at the listeners and get their attention."

"Gone (Remix)," produced by Justin Woods, showcases the powerful vocals of LiveWire lead singer Andy Eutsler, and the seasoned musicianship of lead guitarist Bobby DeGonia, fiddle player Cory Shultz, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Danny Bell, drummer Adam Hagerman, and new bassist Landon Rolfe. The basic tracks for "Gone (remix)" were recorded in Nashville, with new parts added recently at a studio in Springfield, Mo.

National radio promotion for "Gone (Remix)" will be directed by Mike Severson, VP of Way Out West Artist Development, Promotion & Marketing, who will be joined by MusicRow promotion veterans Regina Raleigh and Johnny Mitchell.

After signing with Nashville-based Way Out West Records in late-2011, LiveWire released a video for "Tater Fed," shot by Nashville director, Flick Wiltshire (Jason Sturgeon/Tracy Lawrence).They also released a benefit single via iTunes entitled "Miracle Of The Human Spirit," with all proceeds going to help the rebuilding efforts in the band's hometown of Joplin, Mo., which was devastated by an EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011. The powerful music video for the song - which mixed FEMA footage of the aftermath of the tornado with performance shots of the band - was directed by Nashville's Mark Nicolosi (Stealing Angels/Mark Wills) and provided an International platform for LiveWire to help raise awareness about the ongoing needs in Joplin by gaining airplay on CMT Pure, The Country Network, and, among other outlets.

Since forming in the mid-90s, LiveWire has forged a reputation as one of the top-draw live acts in the Midwest by regularly packing venues in their home state of Missouri and in the surrounding areas of Oklahoma, Kansas and Arkansas. Along the way, their homegrown talent has taken them across America where they have opened for a "Who's Who" of the music world, and experienced a brush with the "big time" as finalists in the 2009 Colgate Country Showdown, where they performed on the hallowed stage of the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

LiveWire features lead singer/acoustic guitarist Andy Eutsler, lead guitarist Bobby DeGonia, drummer Adam Hagerman, fiddle player Cory Shultz, rhythm guitarist Danny Bell and bassist Landon Rolfe. LiveWire's unique Ozark Mountain firebrand sound blends working man's Country and rootsy Southern Rock. Edgy and passionate, their original songs are infused with the kind of lyrical honesty and expert musicianship that can only be forged through years of shared personal experiences and hardships. Themes of the common man resound - it's music about real life: good times, hard times, poverty, love, loss, family, spirituality, death and redemption.

LiveWire released their debut single "Tater Fed" in May 2001. The song climbed both the U.S. and European charts and was supported with a video shot by Nashville director Flick Wiltshire (Jason Sturgeon/Tracy Lawrence). The group self-released a self-titled debut EP in June 2011. After signing with Nashville-based Way Out West Records in late 2011, LiveWire released a single via iTunes entitled "Miracle Of The Human Spirit," with proceeds going to benefit the rebuilding efforts in the band's hometown of Joplin, MO, which was devastated by an EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011. The powerful video for the song was directed by Mark Nicolosi (Stealing Angels/Mark Wills) and gave an International platform for the band to help raise awareness about the needs in Joplin by gaining airplay on CMT Pure, The Country Network, and,among other outlets.

LiveWire is currently in pre-production for their full-length debut album slated for release in Spring 2012.

For more information about LiveWire, go to:

Steel Guitar News February 27. 2012

Hello fellow players,

I might as well touch on the subject of Robert Randolph playing the Jay Leno Show with Los Lobos a couple nights ago. As most of you know, Robert is an old friend of mine from several years ago which makes me tend to be favorable and unbiased in my comments. I like Robert very much and have known him since he was a little kid playing steel in the House of God Church at the age of twelve years old.

Robert is truly capable of playing so much more than he does in public. Looking at him as a country player, Robert can play very good things extremely fast and very clean. He never does this on the shows he plays on TV.

As far as being an excellent showman and selling what he does to the public, I truly feel that he is way ahead in that department. If you ever get a chance to see Robert Randolph play in a jam session or play blues in his old church environment, I think you’ll be a lot more impressed with what you see him do live as opposed to what he does on television which is mostly just funny noises, screaming bar slides and sound effects more fitting for an animated cartoon show.

Now Robert, I know you’re reading this, so please don’t take what I’m saying wrong. What I am saying is you’re a wonderful player, but it seems like you’re afraid somebody’s going to find out. You are undoubtedly very smart to be approaching steel guitar and playing it the way you do from a fame and fortune standpoint. Most steel players play for each other which is one thing I’m very guilty of, but when it comes to entertaining the masses with your steel guitar, you are the king Robert.

I had the honor of playing in Branson a few years ago and Fred Justice was there introducing his new Justice steel guitar. At first I thought, ‘Well here it is, just another steel guitar.” But after seeing his demo on the guitar, his tone was many times better than I had ever heard him get before on any of his former commercially built guitars.

I checked his new guitars out and listened while other people played his Justice guitar. Not only was I impressed with the tone, but also with the personality of Mr. Fred Justice. This leads me to my next subject which is the fact that I think it is wonderful for steel guitar builders to keep a certain amount of uniformity in their guitars.

I am all for all builders using the same legs and thread size, a main brand of tuning key that will be easily obtained in later years. This means Grover, Schaller, Sperzel, Goto or any good popular key. String length is something that I like to see uniformity in and that means 24 inch scale or 24 and a quarter.

The guitars that are almost alike in all respects are the Sho-Bud Super Pro, Derby, Justice, Zum, Franklin, LeGrande, JCH, Fessenden and probably two or three others. Other similar guitars that might use different size leg threads are GMI, CMI, MCI, EMCI and MSA. It’s pretty wonderful when I get a phone call for parts for some stranded player and I can inform him that several other brand parts will work on their guitar so they don’t really have an orphan and the problems that an orphan guitar can give you.

If a steel guitar manufacturer has gone out of business due to the death of their founder and builder, like Derby or JCH, I can do major repairs with quality parts because they were built originally with pretty standard dimensions in the parts they had built for their own guitars.

If you show me a guitar that is built totally different in every way, I personally would not be very interested in it under any circumstances. Ever notice how Pontiac, Chevrolet and Buick parts interchange the way they do? I think that’s wonderful. General Motors puts similar transmissions in many different brand cars that they sell. Rolls Royce even buys the GM Turbo 400 transmission for the Rolls Royce automobile. General Motors can hardly get a finer complement.

As long as you buy a steel guitar that is built to standard specifications using standard parts, it will be worth more when you sell it and you’ll love it more whenever you need a major part for it.

Now you may ask what makes the difference in tone if they’re all made so similar? The answer is quality of wood, age of wood, how these things are bolted together and so on. Pickups have a little bit to do with the tone, but nowhere near as much as most people think. I just wish there was a standard bolt pattern for pickups on all these steel guitars.

Sho-Bud and Emmons brand guitars seem to be the grand-daddys of standardization. Most builders have used these guitars specifications as a template for their own designs.

To close this newsletter with something important, my great advise to all of you is when you buy a new steel guitar as a workhorse in your herd, make sure it has some of these specifications we have just talked about and it will be worth much more when you sell it.

I want to remind everybody that free shipping within the 48 states on any steel guitar purchase will end at the end of this month.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday


VÖ: 23.03.2012

DJ Ötzi und The Bellamy Brothers

Es ist die Überraschung des Jahres: Gerry Friedle zeigt 2012 eine neue musikalische Facette, die begeistert und verblüfft gleichermaßen. Gemeinsam mit den Country-Legenden von The Bellamy Brothers bringt er das Album "Simply The Best" auf den Markt und öffnet sich damit einem neuen Genre: DJ Ötzi gibt sich der Countrymusik hin und singt erstmals ein komplettes Album auf Englisch ein!

Wie jetzt? Rustikaler, amerikanischer Country-Sound in Kombination mit eingängigem Schlager- Pop? Was im ersten Moment vielleicht seltsam anmutet, ist eine gelungene Kooperation und das ausgefallenste Klang-Experiment des Jahres. Zwar treffen zwei Welten aufeinander, doch DJ Ötzi und The Bellamy Brothers verstehen es gekonnt, diese zu vereinen, vielmehr: Ihnen ist es gelungen, mit ihrem Sound eine neue Welt zu erschaffen.

In einer intensiven und innigen Zusammenarbeit schufen DJ Ötzi und The Bellamy Brothers ein Album, das die größten Hits aller vereint, aber dennoch in einem neuen Sound daherkommt. Denn Gerry Friedle singt auf diesem Werk auf einmal wieder auf Englisch und zeigt sich stimmlich von einer völlig neuen Seite. Der gestandene Tiroler verblüfft mit einer sonoren Stimme, die in den Country-Songs warm und weich daherkommt und ihnen mit seiner bekannten rauen Klangfarbe das gewisse Etwas verleiht. 

Das Album "Simply The Best" erscheint am 23. März 2012 und vereint 15 Hits aus zweierlei Karrieren: Der Mix aus den bekanntesten Songs von The Bellamy Brothers mit den erfolgreichsten Hits von DJ Ötzi ist vielseitig und vielversprechend. Ohrwürmer wie "Sweet Caroline", "Hey Baby" oder "Let Your Love Flow" sind ebenso vertreten wie erstmals die englische Version von "Ein Stern" ("Like A Star"). Doch auch Gefühle sind groß geschrieben, wenn die drei Musiker gemeinsam die Country-Balladen "If I Sad You Had" oder "I Need More Of You" performen.

Marco Gottardi - das neue Album - «Carnival Of Dreams»

Marco Gottardi - das neue Album - «Carnival Of Dreams»

Liebe Medienschaffende
Manchmal fahren Träume Karussell - gemächlich wie auf der «Rössliriitschuel», welches wehmütige Erinnerungen an die Jugendzeit aus einem längst verloren geglaubten Teil des Gedächtnisses hervorzaubert, oder rasant wie auf der Achterbahn, die als Synonym zum Leben ihre Runden dreht: zuweilen ist der Mensch unten, zuweilen oben, nach dem Weinen folgt das Lachen.
In diese Welt entführt «Carnival Of Dreams», die neue CD des Zürcher Oberländer Country-Stars Marco Gottardi. Selber in die Welt des Schaustellergewerbes hineingeboren und hier noch immer mit beiden Beinen seinen Mann stehend, weiss Marco Gottardi genau, wovon er singt, ist doch ein Grossteil der Songs auf der neuen Silberscheibe inspiriert vom Alltag auf der Chilbi – von einer aufregenden Welt, in der, nicht nur aber auch, viele Träume Purzelbäume schlagen.

24. März 2012
Country Festival Uster 2012
Reithalle, USTER


Das neue Album «Carnival Of Dreams»  
Vö: 23. März 2012
Vertrieb: Sounds & Media GmbH


Ronnie Milsap
Stonewall Jackson
Bobby Lewis
Jim Ed Brown
Ernest Tubb Record Shop Midnite Jamboree
There will a special live two-hour presentation
of the Heart of Texas Country Music Association
Anniversary Celebration
Nashville, TN (February 26, 2011) – Traditional country music fans have the opportunity to enjoy a very talented line-up this March at the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree, which broadcasts LIVE from the landmark Texas Troubadour Theatre (2416 Music Valley Drive, Nashville) every Saturday night beginning at midnight. March’s hosts will include Ronnie Milsap, Stonewall Jackson, Bobby Lewis and Jim Ed Brown. AM-650 WSM listeners will also have the opportunity to enjoy a two-hour special broadcast of the Heart of Texas Country Music Association Anniversary Celebration. Admission to these shows is FREE and many artists typically stick around after the show to sign autographs in the lobby.  For visitors and natives of Nashville alike, an evening at the Midnite Jamboree provides up-close and intimate performances by legendary artists, as well a glimpse into the history of country music with onsite exhibits and exclusive memorabilia, including Ernest Tubb’s 1964 tour bus.  For more information on the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree, visit
“I am honored by the artists, friends, and special performances taking part in the Saturday night broadcasts this month,” says Ernest Tubb Record Shop owner David McCormick.
Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree March hosts: **
March 3  Ronnie Milsap
March 10  Stonewall Jackson
March 17  Bobby Lewis
March 24  Jim Ed Brown
March 31  Heart of Texas Country Music Association
 Anniversary Celebration
 2-Hour Special Broadcast from Brady, TX
 Guests: To Be Announced
** Line-up is subject to change without notice
Founded by the legendary Ernest Tubb, The Ernest Tubb Record Shops have been fulfilling country music fans’ needs for over 64 years.  As part of that tradition, the second longest-running radio show in history, Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree, continues to broadcast weekly on AM-650 WSM on Saturday nights at 12 A.M. (Midnight) live from the Texas Troubadour Theatre on Music Valley Drive in Nashville, Tennessee. 

SASCHA GRAMMEL: Der Puppet-Comedian der Superlative!

SASCHA GRAMMEL: Der Puppet-Comedian der Superlative!
Universal Music Bild

Sascha Grammel
SASCHA GRAMMEL: Der Puppet-Comedian der Superlative!
-          Doppel-Platin für „Hetz mich nicht!“
-          Rekord: 26 Wochen auf Platz 1 der Comedy-Charts
-          „Sold Out Award“ für ausverkaufte Tourneen 2010 und 2011
-          Grammel macht ab jetzt auch Radio!
-          Schon jetzt fast ausverkaufte Tour 2012
-          Und: Sascha kann mit beiden Händen seinen Namen schreiben
           (mit links allerdings eher schlecht als recht)

Sascha Grammel, Bauchredner, Comedypreis-Gewinner und Deutschlands beliebtester Puppet-Comedian, lässt sich nicht hetzen – das weiß man mittlerweile hinlänglich. Dennoch eilt der Berliner, `tschuldigung: Spandauer, weiter von Erfolg zu Erfolg, von Auszeichnung zu Auszeichnung und von Superlativ zu Superlativ. Und von Imbiss zu Imbiss – wenn man ihn lassen würde.

Für seine Debüt-DVD „Hetz mich nicht!“ wurde Sascha Grammel nun mit Doppel-Platin ausgezeichnet, was über 100.000 verkauften Einheiten entspricht. Zudem konnte „Hetz mich nicht!“ 26 Wochen Platz #1 der Comedy Charts für sich beanspruchen, davon über 70 Wochen in den Top 5 der Comedy ChartsREKORD!

Und als ob das noch nicht genug wäre, heimste sich der ständig fast provozierend gutgelaunte  Blondschopf auch noch den extra für ihn erfundenen „Sold Out Award“ ein - für 120 restlos ausverkaufte Live-Show-Termine seiner 2010er- und 2011er Tournee. Was für ein grandioser Lauf, der sich auch in 2012 nahtlos fortsetzt, denn schon jetzt ist die bereits angelaufene und über 70 Termine umfassende „Hetz mich nicht!-Tour nahezu ausverkauft – es gibt nur noch wenige Resttickets, da heißt es sich zu beeilen, egal ob man „Beeilen“ groß oder klein schreibt. Sollte es weiterhin so verdammt gut für ihn laufen, will sich Sascha übrigens Ende des Jahres endlich mal eine echte Frisur leisten. Bis dahin ist aber noch Zuhause-Färben angesagt.

Dass er neben dem Strähnchen machen und Aufhängen von immer neuen Auszeichnungen überhaupt noch Zeit findet, sich weiteren Projekten zu widmen, scheint unmöglich, aber genau deshalb macht der gute Mann jetzt auch noch, Achtung:

Radio! Richtig gehört! Beziehungsweise: gelesen.

„Bauchreden im Radio? So ein Quatsch!“ werden sicherlich viele im ersten Moment denken. „Stimmt“, meint auch Sascha

…und präsentiert gleich mal zwanzig nigelnagelneue, superwitzige Radio-Sketche – unterwegs mit seinen berühmten Puppenkollegen: dem vorlaut-frechen Adler-Fasan Frederic Freiherr von Furchensumpf, dem verwirrten und verwirrenden Ökotrophologen und Hamburger Professor Dr. Peter Hacke und der unwiderstehlich niedlichen Schildkrötendame Josie. „Sascha Grammels Puppet-Comedy! On tour!“ heißt das Ganze.

Nach 5,41 Millionen Zuschauern und 33% Marktanteil seiner „Hetz mich nicht!“-RTL-TV-Ausstrahlung, 90.000 Facebook-Freunden, über 15 Millionen Online-Klicks und trotz schon einjähriger Tournee-Verlängerung bis unter die Decke ausverkaufter Häuser in ganz Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz, ist man damit ab sofort nicht mal mehr im Radio vor dem Grammel sicher!

Jetzt noch mal zum Mitschreiben:

„Sascha Grammels Puppet-Comedy! On tour!“ Im Radio! Auch das noch! Viel Spaß!

Und falls Sie sich fragen „Wo soll das alles bloß noch hinführen?“, dann schauen Sie am Besten doch mal selber nach und werden zu einem von über 200.000 Zuschauern, die Sascha Grammel bis Ende 2012 live gesehen haben werden. Zum Beispiel hier:

„Hetz mich nicht!“-Tour 2012

24.02.2012 Wiener Stadthalle – Wien
07.03.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
08.03.2012 Stadthalle Aalen – Aalen
09.03.2012 Jugendstil-Festhalle – Landau
10.03.2012 Congress Centrum Grosser Saal – Pforzheim
21.03.2012 Congress Centrum Würzburg – Würzburg
22.03.2012 Messehalle B5 – Friedrichshafen
23.03.2012 Stadthalle Memmingen – Memmingen
24.03.2012 Congress Centrum Ulm – Ulm
20.04.2012 Stadthalle Bremerhaven – Bremerhaven
21.04.2012 Stadthalle Wilhelmshaven – Wilhelmshaven
22.04.2012 Congress Centrum Hamburg Saal 2 – Hamburg
23.04.2012 Congress Centrum Hamburg Saal 2 – Hamburg (Zusatzshow)
24.04.2012 Congress Centrum Hamburg Saal 2 – Hamburg (Zusatzshow)
30.04.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
08.05.2012 Rhein-Mosel-Halle – Koblenz
09.05.2012 Colosseum Theater Essen – Essen
10.05.2012 Mercatorhalle – Duisburg
11.05.2012 Maxipark-Arena – Hamm
21.05.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
31.05.2012 Meistersingerhalle – Nürnberg
01.06.2012 Dreiländerhalle – Passau
02.06.2012 Eskara Halle – Essenbach
03.06.2012 Sport- Und Veranstaltungszentrum – Landsberg
13.06.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
14.06.2012 Weststadthalle Bensheim – Bensheim
15.06.2012 Stadthalle Balingen – Balingen
16.06.2012 Circus Krone – München
17.06.2012 Circus Krone – München (Zusatzshow)
18.06.2012 Circus Krone – München (Zusatzshow)
22.08.2012 Eurogress Aachen – Aachen
23.08.2012 Saarlandhalle – Saarbrücken
24.08.2012 Rhein-Main-Theater – Niedernhausen
25.08.2012 Stadthalle Hagen – Hagen
05.09.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
06.09.2012 Stadthalle Stadtallendorf – Stadtallendorf
07.09.2012 Paderhalle – Paderborn
08.09.2012 Rattenfänger-Halle – Hameln
21.09.2012 Rundsporthalle – Hachenburg
22.09.2012 Esperantohalle – Fulda
23.09.2012 Liederhalle Beethovensaal – Stuttgart
24.09.2012 Oberrheinhalle – Offenburg
15.10.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
16.10.2012 Rhein-Sieg-Halle – Siegburg
17.10.2012 Historische Stadthalle – Wuppertal
18.10.2012 Niederrheinhalle – Wesel
30.10.2012 Casino – Herisau
31.10.2012 Volkshaus – Zürich
01.11.2012 Volkshaus – Zürich (Zusatzshow)
02.11.2012 Theater National – Bern
13.11.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
14.11.2012 Kongresshalle Gießen – Gießen
15.11.2012 Osnabrückhalle Europasaal – Osnabrück
16.11.2012 Euregium – Nordhorn
27.11.2012 Festhalle Plauen – Plauen
28.11.2012 Theater Ingolstadt Festsaal – Ingolstadt
29.11.2012 Badria Halle – Wasserburg
30.11.2012 Festhalle Harmonie – Heilbronn
11.12.2012 Musik- Und Kongresshalle – Lübeck
12.12.2012 Lindenhalle – Wolfenbüttel
13.12.2012 Ruhrcongress Bochum – Bochum
14.12.2012 Westfalenhalle 3a – Dortmund
18.12.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
19.12.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin
20.12.2012 Kulturhaus Spandau – Berlin

Foto (v.l.n.r.): Wolfgang Teschner (Panta Musik), Jochen Schuster (Label Head UDP), Sascha Grammel, Benjamin Wahlert (Senior Product Manager), Jens Köhler (Senior Director Bravado)

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf

Country Music News International February 27. 2012

Here is your Country Music News of the day. Your Country Music News is supported by Lucy Angel, , Steel Guitar Nashville, , HelpCharity, , Bobbe Seymour, , Radio4Humans, , Katsy Redstar , International Festival of Country Music

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Hier sind jetzt Eure Country Music News des Tages. Eure Country Music News werden unterstützt von Lucy Angel, , Steel Guitar Nashville, , HelpCharity, , Bobbe Seymour, , Radio4Humans, , Katsy Redstar , International Festival of Country Music

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The Wembley International Festival of Country Music Report

William “Big Dawg” Downie from reporting from The Wembley International Festival of Country Music.

This is The Big Dog and this is International Country Music Festival Of Music in Wembley and WOW! What a fantastic start to show. George Hamilton IV brought of a few guests and then following on from that we had Tim McKay playing quite a few of his tracks, quite a rapturous applause at the end of that and then following on from that we had Pig Earth, a little bit different in country music I have to say. The crowd is starting to fill up the place however the crowd is REALLY DISAPPOINTING only halve of the stadium here at The Wembley arena is full , let’s just hope when Reba McEntire comes on it will be little bit more fuller.

17:30 - WOW! What a great performance we’ve just had from Will Banister, a brand new artist all the way from Texas, I think he lives just outside of Dallas. He wowed the crowd with a set of 5 or 6 songs and is the ONLY artist so far to be asked back on stage with an encore. An absolute rapturous applause at the end of his set and I’ve no doubt we will be hearing more from him. I can actually that there are some influences in there from Johnny Cash and even Kenny Chesney and even I have to say I little bit of Elvis in there . We will see if we can catch up with Will Banister at some stage and grab an interview which we will play later on Well the rest of the show continues on and don’t forget we have Reba McEntire and Lonestar all to come and hopefully the audience is going to get a little bit bigger . It still seems VERY EMPTY in Wembley Arena at this moment in time. Let’s just hope it actually picks up.

John McNicoll on stage wearing a very sparkly red suit singing a Tim McGraw cover :-) arena still half empty :-(
Yes John does have some original tracks but did lots of covers Queen, Shaken Stevens and a Tim McGraw cover ...

19:30 I’ve just wandered outside and suddenly realized that The Carling Cup final has just finished. If you wondering what the score was I believe Liverpool won that game on penalties, something like 3-2 I’ve just been told. Anyway we’ve had a fantastic afternoon Will Banister has come back on stage and done a bit of an interview on the main stage and did a bit of impromptu singing and guitar work as well, absolutely superb. He is definitely going to be a man to watch in the future, maybe a new Garth Brooks. Just had a few other people on stage as well including George Ducas who’s really good actually. He reminds me of Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley, definitely one to watch out.
Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel great ... That was a great hoe down :-)

21:30 - The music continues on with a great set from Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel. I hoped we are going to have a bit of a hoe down in the middle of the stadium but unfortunately for health and safety reasons they would not let us do some line dancing, how bizarre is that! I’ve heard of health and safety but that takes the biscuit. Having a 10 minute break now. I’ve just actually come out and still seen Will Banister signing autographs. Wow, that guy has been really, really popular. Also George Hamilton IV made another appearance on stage with Ray Benson and did another track and they are currently talking away about the old times in country music. What have we got coming up next we’ve got Ricky Skaggs, Lonestar and Reba McEntire to finish off the night. Can’t wait for that, it’s been a long day but hopefully the results will be well worth it and we’ll have some fantastic music to finish off the evening.

Ricky Skaggs now on :-) lovin the mandolin player
Standing ovation for Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder :-)

Lonestar on for a good 40 mins ..

Just one more act left .... Reba :-)

22:25 – It’s been an absolutely fantastic day if you are listening to this version of my report unfortunately I’m still stuck in the arena listening to the amazing Reba McEntire I didn’t want to miss the end of her set. It’s been a fantastic day some great parts of the day including George Ducas also Lonestar and Reba McEntire to name a few and also some great British bands on stage with the likes of Tim McKay.

22:38 - Reba reba reba :-) fantastic performance of Fancy

Additionally Ali Isabella Setlist – “ I sang Out of Tune Guitar, What If, Boy Next Door and closed with NYC Country Girl :) Thank you so much to all the fans and Wembley Arena, had the time of my life!!

About Will "Big Dawg" Downie
Hey Y’all, I am the original UK BigDawg, taking my nickname from one of my most favorite, if sometimes controversial, country Music Artists Toby Keith.
I got into Country Music in a big way in 2006, when my best friend the Kernow Cowboy gave me a compilation album of some country music to listen to.  Yes this CD sat in my draw for months and even got lost at one point, until I put it in my car and then I could not stop playing the music that was on the CD.  One of the first tracks on there was Toby Keith “Should have been a cowboy”.  Since that point my country music collection is now over 350 CD’s.

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