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KATIE GRACE releases her debut album "BEST BAD GIRL"

KATIE GRACE releases her debut album "BEST BAD GIRL"
Alt-country singer songwriter Katie Grace releases her debut album "Best Bad Girl" on February 18, 2012.
Katie Grace honed her skill as the bassist in some of Detroit's finest alt-country bands; Doop and the Inside Outlaws and Shotgun Wedding, and wielded a stand-up bass in the traditional roots music quartet The Salt Miners and the all-female bluegrass ensemble, Syreens.
After a successful run as a sidewoman and a duet partner, she decided to branch out on her own. She began writing songs that she says, “tell honest stories and say what everyone is thinking but no one has the guts to say out loud.” This genuine songwriting started getting the attention of other musicians. She was invited to join Detroit’s Inside Outlaw Songwriting Collective, a group of like-minded composers who’s experience and influence have led her to her goals of “giving my audience something they can relate to” and, ultimately, “letting the songs speak for themselves.”

She introduced her songs by performing at the collective's monthly showcases and developed an audience of her own. She put together a band comprised of Matt D’mitts (lead guitar and backing vocal), Greg Beyer (bass) and Alex Trajano (drums) to record the tracks. This recording session at Ghetto Recorders studio with noted producer/engineer Jim Diamond resulted in her debut album.
In February of 2012, "Best Bad Girl" was released. The 10-song album ranges from alt-country fare of the title track to rockin' tunes such as "Hey Bartender" and "Wine on the Workdays and Whiskey on the Weekends". "Every person has a unique set of experiences and stories. These are mine," She says of the songs on "Best Bad Girl."
The album has already been featured on Dave Marsh's "Kick Out The Jams" show on Sirius XM radio and Ann Delisi's Essential Music Show on WDET Detroit radio. She will hit the road for a string of regional shows this spring.
Every good Catholic school girl has a bad side, and the bad side can be very, very good!

To request a copy for review or airplay please contact:

Steel Guitar News February 13. 2012

Hello fellow players,

Here is an email I got from Aaron Doyle in reply to my last newsletter. I think it speaks for itself.

Here it is:

Well said, Bobbe. At some point many of us are fortunate enough to own 2 or more guitars. As you know I am a guitarist who owns 12 guitars and, each one has its own tone and personality. Some have one gauge strings with certain tonal qualities while others have a different tone and sound.

Obviously, the difficult part of owning 2 of anything when first starting out is money. My first 3 years as a professional player I owned one guitar as to the cost of owning 2 was not possible.

Later as I played more often and made more money, I purchased another and another. The groups I played in as the years progressed always carried extra amps, mics, cords, etc. Oh! My cousin, Dennis Crouch, owns a number of high quality bass guitars so it is not just us guitar players.

Weather here in the Quad Cities (Upper western Illinois is cold). I am working on putting 'sets' together with a new Alesis SR 18 and Digitech vocalizer. Finally getting some energy back after a long 4 year battle with lymphoma, so, I am hoping to play some solo gigs. It is not that I want to play alone (I really like the camaraderie of fellow musicians) but, as I am entering my 60s it has become more difficult to get musicians to commit to a schedule of rehearsals, jobs, hours etc. And not all are retired as I am.

Have a blessed day,

Thank you Aaron for that email. I hope it encourages other players to think as we do.

For anyone not familiar with Aaron’s cousin Dennis Crouch, google him and you’ll find out what an accomplished Nashville player he is. He is one of the co-founders of The Time Jumpers. Here is a link that will get you started:

Dennis is the upright bass player Maurice and I used on our show when we recorded our Nashville Jam Session DVD which you can order at

One more item then I’ll call it quits for today. I am taking trade-ins of any brand of old film camera to donate to a film photography school. So if you’ve gone digital and have an old film camera around collecting dust, let’s make a deal.

Once again, I’m offering free shipping within the continental United States on any guitar bought through the end of the month.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
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Hendersonville, TN. 37075
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Nashville, TN… (February 13, 2012)…Some of country music’s biggest stars have been brought together on the brand new album, THIS IS NRA COUNTRY VOL. 1.  The compilation is available now exclusively through and can be purchased at this LINKTHIS IS NRA COUNTRY VOL. 1 is a unique project that features various artists including Charlie Daniels, Trace Adkins, Justin Moore, and many more, singing songs that speak to the heart of what NRA Country is all about, including support of our U.S. military, appreciation for the great outdoors, and love of family.


  1. Justin Moore “This is NRA Country”
  2. Hank Williams Jr. “A Country Boy Can Survive”
  3. Montgomery Gentry “My Town”
  4. Rodney Atkins “Cleaning This Gun”
  5. Trace Adkins “More Of Us”
  6. Craig Morgan “I’m Country”
  7. Charlie Daniels “In America”
  8. Josh Thompson “Way Out Here”
  9.  John Rich “Shutting Detroit Down”
  10.  Lee Brice “She Ain’t Right”
  11.  Rhett Akins & Dallas Davidson “Opening Day”

ABOUT NRA COUNTRY: NRA Country is a celebration of American values. Respect. Honor. Freedom. It's a lifestyle and a bond between the country music community and hard-working Americans everywhere. It's powered by pride, freedom, love of country, respect for the military, and the responsibilities of protecting the great American life. We celebrate these values with concerts and other events that benefit gun safety programs for kids, youth hunting and education programs, efforts to support our armed services, and other worthy causes. NRA Country will be involved in causes that defend our values and it will empower our artist friends who promote these values to encourage our next generation of leaders. For more information and latest events, visit and follow NRA Country on twitter @nracountry2010.

Deutscher Country Preis für Henry Eye

Deutscher Country Preis für Henry Eye

Nach seinem zehnjährigen Bühnenjubiläum im vergangenen Jahr konnte der in Neuenstadt a.K. wohnende Henry Eye jetzt einen weiteren Erfolg verbuchen: Bei der 17. Internationalen Countrymusic Messe in Berlin wurde ihm der Deutsche Country Preis überreicht. In der Kategorie „Liebling der Fans“ konnte er mit deutlichem Abstand die Mehrzahl der weit über 5000 Anrufer für sich gewinnen.

Der Preis wird von führenden Fachmedien der Country Music in Deutschland verliehen, darunter die Printmagazine Western Mail, Wheel Country Mail und Music Eagle, zudem bilden Vertreter des größten deutschen Country Music Radiosenders und des Internetportals die Jury, die fünf Künstler aus dem Genre nominierte. Per Telefonabstimmung konnte sich Henry Eye schließlich als beliebtester deutscher Country Musiker durchsetzen.

Ich werde wohl nie ein Caruso werden“ sagt er und lächelt verschmitzt. Das muss er auch überhaupt nicht, denn in seiner Stimme liegt unendlich viel Gefühl für seine Art der Musik und für seine Songs, die er allesamt selbst komponiert. Henry Eye ist Country – vom ersten bis zum letzten Ton.

Er ist ein wahres Showtalent und schafft es immer wieder auf’s Neue, sein Publikum mitzureißen – und das nicht nur „live“ bei unzähligen Konzerten und Festen. Sein brandneues Studioalbum „Don’t look back“ (Little Elephant Records Berlin, Februar 2012) nahm Henry Eye gemeinsam mit texanischen Musikern auf. Damit setzt er leuchtende Akzente in der oft eher grauen Country-Musiklandschaft Deutschlands.

Henry Eye – Musik die aus dem Herzen kommt, aus dem musikalischen Herzen von Texas mit einem beliebten Künstler, dessen Herz schon lange auf dem richtigen Fleck sitzt!

Country Music News International February 13. 2012

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THE JACOB AUSTIN BAND - Unplugged - Renewed

Unplugged - Renewed
The Unclouded Day - The People and Their Steeple - The Love of God - The Love of God - On My Father's Side - Angel Band - He's the Wheel - Jesus Loves Me - The Wayfaring Stranger - Gitty Up Mule - If I Had Known - Down to the River to Pray - Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Wow, I was so pleased to be able to hear this Texas group at the LeMars Festival last year, young tall and lanky Jacob Austin has a terrific voice, as well as playing a terrific mandolin.  His leads are just right, and rightly just.  He also has one original song on this CD, "The People and Their Steeple" which is a great story about Christian struggle and redemption.  But, some of the very best old time traditional gospel songs are also on this terrific project.  If you like traditional country you'll love this CD.  If you love bluegrass without a strong banjo you will love this CD.  Jacob is a great singer, he sings like he means every word he is singing.  But there's much more here.  The band itself has a renewed vigor.  They added a bass by friend Randy Powell, who puts a really nice 'bottom' in the project. That puts Jacob on the mandolin at the top, Randy at the bottom in sound, dad on the 12-string guitar in the middle, and mom on the autoharp in the middle.  That's genius at work, and it comes out simply beautiful.  The Austins go to church at the little Anderson Baptist, and there's a totally beautiful drawing of a small church inside the CD flyer.  It was sketched by Terry Holliday Giltner, and it's a great piece of work.  For my ear, this is the perfect traditional acoustic sound that makes old-time gospel music sound so good.  Some really nice up-tempo songs to get into too.  No pretensions, none necessary.  No outlandish production, none necessary.  No egotistical emoting, none necessary.  I'd recommend this CD to anyone that is looking for a 'new' message from Jesus, a 'fun' message from Jesus, and certainly a 'serious' message from Jesus.  I'm a great fan of "OBrother Where Art Thou" so to hear "Angel Band" done in Jacob's style was a real treat, already one of my favorites.  One thing is sure, we will have a stage at the 37th National Old Time Country Festival in LeMars, Iowa, with Jacob Austin's name on it.  More information about that at  I also sit on the selection board for the Rural Roots Music Commission, who select CD's of the year for the Upper Midwest.  This one will have a hard time not getting selected, especially for 'Traditional Gospel of the Year."  I hope I'm not wrong about that, but my history with this fine group of people who volunteer for the Rural Roots group think pretty much the same as I do.  It's still a long ways off for festival time, but I'm putting my 'bet' on this one.  I like this album so much I had to listen to it a couple of times just to pick some favorites.  Second favorite would have to be the traditional "Wayfaring Stranger."  Mom and dad add some nice harmony on this one.  Can't wait til festival time, last year they opened for Jim Ed Brown.
Jacob Austin Band, P.O. Box 793, Anderson, TX 77830
Bob Everhart

CHARI MILES I Saw An Eagle Fly Today

CHARI MILESI Saw An Eagle Fly Today
I Saw An Eagle Fly Today - Birds Are Singing, The Sky Is Blue - I Have You - Dream Big - Those You Can Depend On - Faster Than A Tear Drops - Get Me Going - His Hearts In the Right Place - In The Meantime Blues - Nothing can Replace A Family's Love
Michigan's 'Country Sweetheart' is one of our regulars at the National Old Time Classic and Traditional Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa.  Chari Miles has been scooping up fan after fan on her country music road.  She's an American, and she's proud of that.  She's not afraid to put her music where her heart is.  She's very strong in her stand on America, and she knows that something is wrong in America today, and she is going to make some statements about how she feels.  The first song on this really nice traditional country music CD is exactly what Chari is thinking. She was thinking it when she wrote it.  She was thinking of it when she learned it for performances. She was thinking of it when she recorded it, and she thinks it still.  This CD is just packed with some really great originals, all done in a super nice country style.  You know, that traditional style that is so meaningful as a music genre in America, and around the world.  She also recorded some terrific orignials by songwriting friend Bob Delleposta.  All in all, that's what this whole CD is all about.  Making statements.  Original statements.  Statements about America, patriotism, love, nature, dreams, hurts, smiles, family, and overall totally....'love.' See what I mean, it's 'real American' country.  Chari doesn't tell us who the musicians are, but they are all super great, and play her music just as it should be played.  Chari is also not afraid to espouse her Christianity.   She even quotes Isaiah 43:1 "Those that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint."  And guess what, this same lovely Michigan country singer is donating $5 for every one of her CDs sold to the benefit of the rehabilitation of our veterans at the VA facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Yep, this is definitely "Michigan's Country Sweetheart."  Do you suppose she goes down to the Vet's hospital and sings for our guys there?  I'll bet she does.  This overall CD is a super easy one to listen to, and I'm going to follow what her songwriting friend says in "Dream Big," which is a really neat song, and certainly well played by the musicians.  I wouldn't at all be surprised if Chari even has a pilot's license.  Watch for a neat plane on the cover of this great CD.  She did this one for KMA Records, so we shall certainly be looking forward to a great follow-up to this one KMA Records. We'll be looking to see Chari in person at the 37th National Old Time Country Music Festival in LeMars, Iowa, Aug. 27-Sept. 2. More information about the festival and Chari at
Charie Miles, 5770 Maple Hill Road, Howard City, MI 49329
Bob Everhart


     Texas....."We just finished our first two concerts dedicated to Woody Guthrie, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year," Sheila Everhart, the acoustic bass player of the Bob & Sheila Duo said.  "We had some excellent performance time at the Chicken House Opry which is located just north of Mission, Texas.  It's kind of far out in the country, but in many respects the only 'real' country music left, is far out in the country."
     "Sheila's right," Bob was quick to add, "but I was absolutely and totally stunned to watch the newest edition of "NCIS" on CBS-Television.  They began and ended their latest show with Hank Williams Sr. actually singing 'I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive."  For me that was quite a stunner, to actually hear Hank on the number one television show in America, without a doubt the most popular show on TV today.  The producer and director 'matched' the genius of Hank Williams with the genius-star of the show, Mark Harmon.  It's kind of like if you are a real fan of classic country music, you spend much of your time out in a desert all by yourself, wondering what happened to this incredible 'American' musical genre.  And then it pops up in the strangest places.  Hang on, if they can do it on NCIS, I suspect the copy-cats will try their hand at it too."
     The Everharts are celebrating the 100th birthday of Woody Guthrie at their annual festival in LeMars, Iowa, this year.  "But, there's a few more 100th-birthdays we are also going to celebrate," Sheila added.  "Minnie Pearl would be 100 this year.  Bill Monroe just turned 100.  Roy Rogers will also be 100 this year.  So far, we are going to do some nice things for Guthrie at our festival in LeMars.  The International Busking Championship must contain some Guthrie songs, hopefully we'll get to hear "This Land Is Your Land."  We'll have a free Woody Guthrie Oklahoma Watermelon Feast, and you can visit the Tipi-Village any day for some free Woody Guthrie Hobo Stew.  We'll also have a Woody songwriting contest, but the original songs must have 'going down this road' somewhere in the text.  Minnie Pearl is going to be the 'fun' one.  We're going to gather together as many people as we can, at one time during the festival, and yell "Howwwdddeeeeee" as loud and as long as we can.  We're inviting the folks from the Guiness Book of World Records, so this is 'everybody's' chance to be in that book, you just have to be there to participate. We'll be doing some Roy Rogers things too, but first we'll ask Patrick Gottsch owner of RFD-TV to be with us, and hopefully bring Trigger with him."
     "We're pretty well settled at the RV-park," reminded Bobbie Lhea, the 15-year old daughter of the Everharts.  "Dad finally took us to a pretty neat cafe for a budget lunch.  The Don Bebo's Restaurant in LaFeria, is within walking distance from our camper.  They serve mostly Mexican food, but Dad and I had some catfish that was really good.  Included was some coleslaw, french-fries, a roll and a drink.  Mom had what they call the 'Veracruz Plate' which was more than she could handle.  Pork carnitas, beef tacos, beef enchiladas, beans, rice, and a drink, and yes, the whole lunch (for 3) for less than $20."
     The Everharts continue their performance tour in the Rio Grande Valley until March, at which time they return to Anita, Iowa, to prepare for their Oak Tree Opry "SpringFest" which according to Sheila, "has an incredible line up of fantastic classic country, bluegrass, and folk artists coming this year.  We also just got an e-mail from Bob Duff, the multi-millionaire from California, who is bringing along a lot of neat things to add to the CD auction he will conduct."

Sugarland stays mum on report it wanted Indiana show to go on

Sugarland stays mum on report it wanted Indiana show to go on

Country music duo Sugarland remained silent a second day Thursday over an assertion in a sworn deposition that it twice refused to delay an Indiana State Fair concert moments before high winds from an approaching storm caused a deadly stage collapse.

The allegations surfaced in a court deposition released this week as state workplace safety officials announced more than $80,000 in fines for multiple violations leading up to the Aug. 13 collapse of a concert stage that killed seven people and injured dozens more in Indianapolis.
The accident has spawned lawsuits, as well as a call for tighter regulation of outdoor stage safety.
The company facing the largest fine from the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration as a result of the accident released portions of a Jan. 16 deposition given by Cynthia Hoye, the state fair’s executive director, taken in a wrongful-death lawsuit. In it, Hoye said she twice sought to delay the show within an hour of its scheduled start because of an approaching thunderstorm. Both times, a concert promoter said Sugarland wanted to go on, she said.

“They (Sugarland) were trying to get to Iowa to play the Iowa State Fair, and so they said they did not want to delay,” Hoye said, according to the transcript. The promoter also said Sugarland was concerned a delay would disrupt lead singer Jennifer Nettles’ voice warm-up routine, Hoye testified.

According to a contract being negotiated by Sugarland with the fair, posted on the State Fair’s website, Sugarland or its representative had the right to cancel the show because of bad weather.
In the document, one paragraph says that the “artist or artist’s representative” could call off the show “at his discretion,” although the word “sole” is scratched out before “discretion.”
Other news reports over the past six months said that the State Fair executive had the final say-so about whether to cancel or postpone the concert.
Officials of Sandbox Management, Sugarland’s Nashville-based manager, did not respond to emails or phone calls from The Tennessean Thursday. The fair declined to comment.
Mid-America Sound Corp., which owned and supervised the construction of the stage scaffolding that fell, released the partial transcript of Hoye’s deposition.
The Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Mid-America $63,000, saying the company did not inspect the rigging during or after construction. The scaffolding was not properly erected, and soil conditions at the site were not considered at key anchor points, the agency said.
“The evidence demonstrated that Mid-America … was aware of appropriate requirements and demonstrated a plain indifference to complying with those recommendations,” Indiana Department of Labor Commissioner Lisa Torres said at a news conference.
Mid-America disputed that, saying it had consistently reminded fair officials that the stage shouldn’t be used when winds were 25 mph or higher and should be evacuated if they reached 40 mph.

Union faces fines

The agency also fined an International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees Local for $11,500 because of “serious” safety violations, and it cited the State Fair Commission for failing to “have conducted an adequate life-safety evaluation and plan prior to the event.” The fair was fined $6,300, which it paid on Thursday.
William Groth, an attorney for the stagehands union, said it would challenge the agency’s finding and will refuse to pay the fine unless ordered to do so by a judge.
“We don’t control the premises, we are not the owner of the premises, and we have no power of decision-making,” he said. “We are union laborers who do what they are told.”
Many watching the case, including attorneys for those killed and injured, said it appears the blame game is at full tilt.
“They’re saying, ‘That wasn’t my job, it wasn’t my responsibility,’ or ‘It doesn’t meet the definition,’” said J. Norman Stark, an attorney and forensic architect. Someone has to take responsibility.”
With so many people involved in a show — venue officials, production managers, on-site security or police officials, and the artist or band, among others — it isn’t always clear who has authority to cancel or delay events, those in the concert industry say.

“It literally varies from show to show,” said Larry Smith, owner and publisher of Nashville-based Mobile Production Monthly, a trade magazine. “Normally, it’s collaborative. If everybody listens to everybody else, usually everyone comes to the same decision.”
Kenneth J. Allen, a Valparaiso, Ind., attorney who represents the estates of four people killed, downplayed the significance of the IOSHA report.
“It is an agency of the state of Indiana, and its findings are marked by political considerations,” Allen said. “My sense is it’s an attempt to shift focus to the workers at the bottom rather than people at the top.”
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration report did not find fault with Sugarland because its agreement with the fair left workplace issues to others, said Torres, the Indiana labor commissioner.
Allen said the report has little bearing on his lawsuits. “My investigation includes people who weren’t even mentioned in theirs,” he said, including the band Sugarland.
The Nashville country duo, which consists of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, has been named in a lawsuit filed by 44 survivors and family members of four people who died. Concert promoters, stage companies and riggers, and other concert organizers also are named in the suit, which was filed last fall in Indiana’s Marion County Circuit Court.
The suit alleges the stage structure was inadequate, dangerous and overloaded with gear. The suit claims the weather wasn’t appropriately monitored, no proper emergency plans were in place and no one took the proper steps to warn concertgoers.
The suit singles out Sugarland, saying: “Sugarland was not required to perform if Sugarland determined their performance would be impaired or prevented due to inclement weather.”
IOSHA said its probe and report was limited to workplace safety alone. Two other state investigations, which could take several more weeks, are looking at structural and engineering issues and the fair’s preparedness and response.
—By Duane Marsteller, The Tennessean and John Tuohy and Tim Evans, The Indianapolis Star

Stage collapse time line

Aug. 13, 1 p.m.: State Fair officials speak with an National Weather Service (NWS) forecaster by phone. Forecaster explains that a severe thunderstorm is expected in Indianapolis between 8 and 9 p.m. and mentions the possibility of up to 60 mph winds.
5:57 p.m.: NWS issues a severe thunderstorm watch lasting until 1 a.m. Sunday. A few minutes later, State Fair officials speak directly with NWS.
7 p.m.: Fair officials contact NWS and receive a prediction that a storm with strong winds will arrive at the fairgrounds between 9 and 9:30 p.m.
8 p.m.: Fair officials contact NWS and receive a prediction that a storm with 40 mph winds and small hail will arrive at the fairgrounds about 9:15 p.m.
Approximately 8:15 p.m.: Meanwhile, north of the fairgrounds in Fishers, Conner Prairie Interactive History Museum tells an outdoor concert crowd of 7,000 there to evacuate.
8:39 p.m.: Storms intensify. NWS issues a severe thunderstorm warning, its most serious classification, for Marion County. Forecasters warn of “a line of severe thunderstorms capable of producing quarter-sized hail and damaging winds in excess of 60 mph.”
Approximately 8:45 p.m.: Sugarland is scheduled to take the stage but doesn’t. The band’s tour manager eyes the sky and holds the band backstage.
Announcer tells concertgoers that the Sugarland show will go on. He also tells them how and where to seek shelter if an evacuation is ordered.

8:49 p.m.:
 A gust of wind of up to 60 or 70 mph strikes; the stage collapses.
— Indianapolis Star

Read the allegations

For the Indiana report , go to

Jim Reeves royalty dispute ends

Husband of singer's widow won't get share, court rules

Written by
Anita Wadhwani
The Tennessean

A long-running legal battle over the fate of 1960s country singer “Gentleman” Jim Reeves’ music royalties ended this week with a ruling that his wife’s second husband isn’t entitled to claim a share.
Terry Davis married Jim Reeves’ widow, Mary, in 1969, five years after Reeves and his piano player were killed in a Brentwood plane crash. Mary Reeves Davis died in 1999.
Davis is not entitled to any further share of his late wife’s estate than the $100,000 she specified in her will, Judge Randy Kennedy ruled at the end of a legal fight that has gone on for more than a dozen years. That money was distributed years ago. Davis had sought a percentage of the estate and a year’s worth of spousal support instead.
Jim Reeves’ niece, who is among the heirs who have been fighting Davis’ claim to the estate for more a decade, said she was relieved by the ruling.
“The wheels of justice move slowly,” said Lani Thomas Arnold, who traveled from her home in Shreveport, La., for the three-day trial. Arnold is the daughter of Jim Reeves’ sister, Vergie Reeves Thomas.
“There were a lot of ups and downs in this case. I do feel like we had our day in court,” she said. “When I went into this, it was for my aunt, and I think she would have been happy with how the case turned out.”
Terry Davis could not be reached for comment.
The fate of the royalties and all the intellectual properties associated with Jim Reeves’ musical career will now be decided among the remaining heirs, including Mary Reeves Davis’ relatives, Arnold said.
Court records indicate royalties have amounted to as much as $400,000 annually for the singer, whose popularity overseas continues to remain strong. A formal appraisal of the value of Reeves’ musical legacy was filed under seal in court.
Reeves was a country music sensation when he died at the age of 39. He may be best known for the lyric “Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone,” but Reeves stayed on the charts from 1970 through 1984 because of how his widow, Mary, managed his posthumous career.
His most popular songs included “He’ll Have to Go” and “Welcome to My World.”
Joyce Jackson, who served for 30 years as secretary to Jim Reeves and then to Mary after the artist’s death, said she was pleased with the ruling.
“It’s long overdue,” said Jackson, who said she was bequeathed $10,000 in Mary’s will but has not received the money because of the ongoing legal battle.
Jackson attended the trial each day but was not a party to the lawsuit. The trial, she said, made her think of Reeves.
“He’ll be gone 48 years this July, the 31st, and I don’t feel like there’s that many artists that still maintain the kind of popularity he does internationally,” said Jackson, who at 76 recently retired from Wal-Mart, where she worked as a cashier.
“He is still revered around the whole world. I honestly don’t feel like Jim gets the recognition he deserves for pioneering country music.”

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Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz

Grandioser Start ins Jubiläumsjahr der Country & Western Friends Kötz Als Peter „PeeWee“ Wroblewski vor 35 Jahren einen „Steckbr...

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