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George Jones – Heartbreak Hotel „Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight“

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Interview with Ali Isabella

New To You.... Ali Isabella

Recently The International Festival of Country Music announced that Ali Isabella will be performing on the Wembley stage in London and will become the youngest ever to appear at the festival. Ali started vocal training at 14 and was recording her music, in a local studio within a year. Since then she has grabbed the opportunity to record songs in both New York and Nashville. She has worked with top recording engineers and has written songs collaborating with talented writers and producers. She is just 16 years old with only one professional singing gig under her belt (at NYC's legendary Bitter End last year), but Westchester County singer/songwriter is now gearing up to make her global performance debut in a few weeks time at the Wembley Arena on February 26, 2012 ! To read more -
I am performing at Wembley Arena this February at the International Festival of Country Music in the UK!  How crazy is this?! I am beyond excited! This is a dream come true for me! said an ecstatic Ali.

Eager to find out more about her background, this surprise announcement, her forthcoming album and interests I was afforded the privilege to conduct this interview with Ali

Were you born and raised in New York?

I was born in New York City and lived in New Jersey until I was almost 3 years old. Then we moved to New York to Westchester County where I live now and go to school.

What were your first musical influences and what was it that made you want to become a singer-songwriter?

I grew up singing to Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett in the car with my dad. When I was little my dad listened to all the great Jazz artists and we would spend Friday nights as a family singing to all the great songbooks from Sinatra to Disney. My parents had a lot of fun with me and my brother making up songs about everything, even really funny bedtime stories. Bedtime was always so much fun because it usually meant getting to make up a new song about one of my favorite princesses! I always knew I wanted to sing but it wasn’t until about a few years ago that I realized that I really liked the writing piece of music too.

It must be manic as a 16-year old combining your studies with music? How difficult is it to balance the two?

It’s really hard and some days I get really stressed out with all the schoolwork. I’m a junior this year and there is so much homework! I love music so much though that I can’t imagine my life without it so I find the time, especially on the weekends to write my songs and perform whenever I can. On my school breaks too is when I can get a lot of writing done and recording in the studio. If I could I would just focus on music but school is really important too.

Do you intend to study music at college/University?

Yes, I do want to go to college and I want to major in music. I love Nashville and I’ve been to visit Belmont University so I’m hoping to move to Nashville after high school so I can write music with other writers, perform and record my songs and take classes in song writing and music at Belmont.

That is incredible from playing one professional gig in New York to getting a call inviting you to join the line up for The Wembley International Festival of Country Music.
Can I ask how did that come about?

My manager was in the right place at the right time! I am so excited to have this opportunity and I can’t believe it is really happening. It’s a dream come true to have everyone hear my music and like my songs as much as I do!

Will you playing the other festival dates in Belfast, Zurich and Mannheim?

I would love to play the other festival dates! But so far I am just doing London and I can’t wait!

Will country fans get the chance to meet you and have signings?

Yes I’m going to have a booth at the festival where I will get to meet fans and sign autographs. My album is coming out too so I’m looking forward to signing my new album for everyone that buys it!

What will it be like sharing the same stage as Reba McEntire?
She may need a duet partner for her smash hit “Does He Love You” Would you be up for it if asked? - It would great on you CV!

It’s going to be so awesome to share the same stage as Reba and all the other great country stars that will be there! I’ve admired everybody for so long and I am so grateful to get this chance. A duet would be so cool, I can’t imagine but if I was asked I would love every moment of it! I’ve been listening to and singing along to Reba’s music for quite a while now.

Wembley is a big challenge and a massive step up for you.
Will you do a “Hunter Hayes” and write lyrics on select pieces of your set just in case you feel nervous on the day and need some handy prompts? LOL

LOL, First off, I love Hunter Hayes music! I think he is really cute too! Second, I don’t think I would forget the lyrics to my songs because I’ve been singing them so much that I know them by heart!

Will you have a full band at Wembley?

Yes, I am so excited! My guitar player that I work with in New York, Ray DeTone is coming with me from New York and we are going to Bristol to meet up with the rest of my band before we come to Wembley. Anton Mullan who I have been writing with and is a good friend is going to play bass for me, Charlie Parker is going to play the drums, Dave MacMullan is playing keyboards and Tim Fish is playing pedal steel. My band is a bunch of old time musicians who have been around forever and are coming together to join me in my debut at Wembley. Everyone is so nice and fun and I am so happy they will be on stage with me. I am really lucky to have such a great band to perform with at Wembley.

What was the experience like playing NYC's legendary Bitter End as your first professional singing gig?

It was really fun, I was a little nervous at first but once I got on stage with Ray and Susan Ruth from Nashville I forgot all about being nervous! It was a great moment to be in New York singing in a club where so many famous people before me sang.

I read you play piano and are learning the guitar. Do you play live or play on your new album?

Not on this album but I hope to on my next album.

As a listener I always find ballads played at the piano to be the most engaging and intimate, is that what you experience from your audience?

I do like the ballads because I like to tell stories and that’s what a ballad is to me, a personal and special story. This is why I love songwriting so much, the stories. I have great memories growing up listening to ballads being played on the piano. I love quiet times when I can just sit at the piano and put chords together for a new song.

Have you self penned songs for your new album? How have you made contacts with your co-writers, have you met them all in person?

On my album I wrote 3 of the songs on my own and 4 of the songs with co-writers. I co-wrote these songs in person with the other artists in Nashville and on Skype with Anton in London (see photo). It’s fun to skype but I met everybody in person too because I wanted to have a personal connection with everyone I wrote with. I got introduced to all of the writers through my manager John.

Have you attended songwriting sessions in Nashville and England?

Not in England yet but I’ve had some sessions in Nashville and they are a lot of fun. I love meeting everybody and sharing ideas.

Looking at your Facebook pages I notice a photo taken with you and songwriter Bruce Wallace who I recognise as someone who has written songs for Katie Armiger (she’s great isn’t she).
Have you written songs with him for your new album?  

Bruce is so much fun! I wrote Out of Tune Guitar with him and Susan Ruth in Nashville. I love the songs he writes and the artists that sing his songs like Katie. Bruce was part of the group I performed with too recently in Nashville at The Listening Room. Some of his song lyrics are really funny.

How many songs have you recorded in New York and was all the recording and mixing done there?

I recorded my first 3 songs in New York and then I did some of the vocal tracks as well to other songs at Nola Studios in the city where Barbara Streisand and Ella Fitzgerald recorded their first albums. I was so awestruck standing in the same booth as these legends when I was recording my own songs. I can’t believe I got to sing where all these famous people did! I also recorded a song in Nashville and most everything ended up being mixed in Nashville. Some really great people like Greg Lattimer and Josh Foster worked really hard on my songs to get them ready for my album. Ray DeTone also mixed one of my songs in New York too.

What was the studio experience like? Did you feel comfortable, did it come naturally?

Being in the studio is really easy for me, it’s like I was always meant to do it. I like to have input on all my songs and I feel so at home behind the microphone. I love working with the engineers, everyone is so nice and fun to work with.

How would you describe your sound?

My sound is very unique to me; I’m a singer/songwriter with pop and country influences. I love to tell the stories in my songs. That’s why I like country music and I like working with the artists and writers in Nashville.

What will be the name of your new album and how many tracks do you intend to put on it?

My album is called “Say You’ll Be Mine” and there are 9 tracks on the album

Will you make tracks available as digital downloads?

All the tracks will be available on ITunes on February 20th (worldwide) and can be purchased as an album or as individual downloads.

Will the album be a Digi-pac package with photos and lyrics? Will there be any specifically designed for Wembley?

The album will be a Digi-pac with photos and credits but no lyrics. The album is being released for sale at Wembley only and on iTunes. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Will the album have different styles? Mix of up-tempo and ballads? Which do you prefer?

There is a mix of up-tempo and ballads on the album. I love the ballads most as the songs and messages are really important to me.

Will all the songs be original ones or have you cut a cover?

All of the songs are original on the album and all but 2 are either written by me or by me with other writers.

What do you hope to achieve with the album?

I hope that people will be able to connect to the songs just as much as I do. I really want people to hear them as real life experiences and understand all the ups and downs you have to go through being a teenager. I hope to that even if you are not a teenager, you can identify with the messages in a meaningful way.

What inspires you to write songs?

I am most inspired by things in my everyday life like school, friends, my horse, and my animals, things that happen to me, and boys, of course!

What music are you currently listening to?

I listen to other artists like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Hunter Hayes, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, …a lot of country! But, I also like Colbie Caillat, Hot Chelle Rae and Jesse McCartney just to name a few

I hear an influence of Taylor Swift in your music is she someone you look up and do you think the younger artists like: Taylor, Carrie Underwood, The Band Perry, Lauren Alaina and Lady Antebellum help to open up media doors for someone like you?

Yes, I think Taylor Swift is such an amazing songwriter. Younger artists definitely help open up media doors and they are such an inspiration!

Do you have any favourite country songs and were there any that inspired you to be a country music artiste?

My all time favorite song is “I’d Lie: by Taylor Swift. I love the lyrics to this song. These types of songs inspire me to write my own story-telling songs.

Congratulations on your awards as an equestrian rider, you really are a country girl, you should stay on to take part in the London Olympics! How do you find the time to ride, please tell us about your horse?

I usually ride on the weekends now if I’m not too busy with music. Princess is the horse I ride now and she is the sweetest and cutest bay mare. Her favorite treat is carrots! (see Facebook photo)

Does this love of the outdoors and respect for animals enable you to use imagery in the songs you write?

Yes! 100 percent! Animals especially amaze me and allow me to view the world differently. I am able to write songs that reflect that imagery because of this.

Do you get more nervous riding than performing your music?

I get more nervous riding! Especially when you are jumping really high, that can be nerve racking!! You never know what your horse is going to do, sometimes they may just want to buck you off or if you see the distance wrong the horse may stop short right in front of the jump and that usually means you end up face first in the dirt! LOL

QUICK-FIRE Questions

If invited onto CMT Crossroads (which pairs country artists with someone from another genre) who would you pick?

Jesse McCartney

Who would be a dream male duet partner?

Hunter Hayes

Favourite Food?


Favourite Colour?


Favourite TV Show?

Switched At Birth

Favourite Magazine?


Favourite clothes, make-up?

Clothes – BCBG, Alice & Olivia and Guess
Make up – Bare Minerals – I love shopping in Sephora

Favourite concert?

Justin Bieber My World 2.0

Favourite Time of Year?  


Favourite Country to visit apart from England?


Plans and dreams after Wembley?

I want to keep performing as much as I can and I want to write songs with more people! I have a couple of new songs that I just wrote too and I am dying to get back into the recording studio and start working on my next album! Also, I want to meet Hunter Hayes

THANKS - I would like to thank Ali for spending some of her precious time to answer all the questions and to John Velasco on her management team at dba:direction by appointment (website) for helping to set it up.
Best Wishes to Ali, good luck at the festival and for the future.

Photo used courtesy of

YOUTUBE - Ali Isabella Live at The Bitter End 11-10-2011 - Link
LISTEN - Check out her songs “Crazy Beautiful Life”, “Falling” and “What If” at

Livewire ( February 1, 2012)

George Jones – Heartbreak Hotel „Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight“

George Jones – Heartbreak Hotel „Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight“

1. Rock It (Alt) 2. Tall Tall Trees 3. White Lightnin' 4. Vitamins L-O-V-E 5. Sparkling Brown Eyes 6. Why Baby Why 7. Heartbreak Hotel 8. Jesus Wants Me 9. Too Much Water 10. Just Little Boy Blue 11. Revenooer Man 12. If I Don't Love You (Grits Ain't Groceries) 13. You Gotta Be My Baby 14. Hold Everything 15. No Money In This Deal 16. Maybe Little Baby 17. I'm A One Woman Man 18. How Come It 19. Please Take The Devil Out Of Me 20. Time Lock 21. Who Shot Sam 22. Slave Lover 23. Did I Ever Tell You - Jones, George & Singleton, Margie 24. Eskimo Pie 25. That's The Way I Feel 26. Taggin' Along 27. Gonna Come Get You 28. Nothing Can Stop Me 29. Someone Sweet To Love 30. You Better Treat Your Man Right 31. Baby (You've Got What It Takes) - Jones, George & Singleton, Margie 32. Poor Man's Riches 33. I'm Ragged But I'm Right 34. Mexican Boogie (Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy) 35. You All Goodnight

Der bedeutendste Countrysänger der Geschichte ist eher für seine Balladen bekannt, doch im Lauf seiner Karriere hat er auch rockigere Titel eingespielt und dann und wann sogar Rockabilly! Dies ist die erste Kopplung mit Jones' rockigeren Nummern, darunter extrem seltene Titel, die es noch nie auf LP und/oder CD gab! Die CD enthält außerdem die Nr.-1-Country-Hits 'Why Baby Why' und 'White Lightnin''! - Er ist inzwischen 81 und gilt seit über einem halben Jahrhundert als größter lebender Countrysänger. Viel zu diesem Ruf beigetragen haben seine intensiven, gefühlvollen Balladen, etwa 'He Stopped Loving Here Today', 'The Grand Tour', 'Walk Through This World With Me', 'She Thinks I Still Care' und 'Tender Years'. Aber das ist nur eine Seite des George Jones. Er war genauso gut, wenn es um kräftigeres Material ging wie zum Beispiel bei seinem ersten Hit 'Why Baby Why'. Er ist hier natürlich enthalten, zusammen mit Raritäten, obskuren Aufnahmen und Beinahe-Hits wie 'No Money In This Deal', 'Too Much Water', 'Tall Tall Trees' (geschrieben von Roger Miller und später ein Nr.-1-Hit für Alan Jackson), 'Nothing Can Stop Me' und 'That's The Way I Feel', 'Revenooer Man' (komponiert von Donny Young, auch bekannt als Johnny Paycheck), 'Who Shot Sam' und 'Sparkling Brown Eyes'. Und dann ist da natürlich noch Jones' einziger Pop- und Nr.-1-Country-Hit 'White Lightnin'', geschrieben vom Big Bopper. - Damit nicht genug! Starday Records zwangen Jones, etliche Rockabilly-Klassiker unter dem Pseudonym Thumper Jones aufzunehmen, darunter 'Rock It' und 'How Come It'. Und weil er knapp bei Kasse war, spielte Jones auch Hits anderer Kollegen für einige Dixie-EPs (Midprice-Serie von Starday) ein; dazu gehörten u.a. 'Heartbreak Hotel' und Johnny Hortons 'I'm A One-Woman Man' (1988 ein Hit, als George es für Epic neu einspielte). Dass es in Jones' Leben auch mal wilder zuging, ist bekannt; diese Zusammenstellung präsentiert 35 seiner angriffslustigsten Aufnahmen für Starday und Mercury viele davon im klassischen, osttexanischen Honky Tonk Sound. Außerdem gibt es einen Radiospot aus der Starday-Zeit, einen Begleittext von Rich Kienzle sowie eine detaillierte Discographie.

Wynn Stewart – Come On

Wynn Stewart – Come On

1. Come On (Alt) 2. After All 3. It's Not The Moon That Makes The Difference 4. Slowly But Surely - Stewart, Wynn & Cochran, Eddie 5. That Just Kills Me 6. Why Do I Love You So 7. I Wish I Could Say The Same 8. She Just Tears Me Up 9. School Bus Love Affair (Alt) 10. Donna On My Mind 11. I Keep Forgettin' That I Forgot About You 12. We'll Never Love Again - Stewart, Wynn & Howard, Jan 13. I Done Done It 14. Rain, Rain 15. Big, Big Love 16. Playboy (Alt) 17. Hold Back Tomorrow 18. Wrong Company - Stewart, Wynn & Howard, Jan 19. Three Cheers For The Loser 20. Wishful Thinking 21. You're That Someone Else 22. Heartaches For A Dime 23. Man, Man, Mr. Sandman 24. Slightly Used 25. Open Up My Heart (Basic Track) 26. Wall To Wall Heartaches 27. Another Day, Another Dollar 28. Take It Or Leave It 29. Uncle Tom Got Caught 30. Don't Spook Me 31. Come On (Master) 32. Jackie Burns: Wild One

Die erste Kopplung von Wynn Stewarts Klassikern aus Rock 'n' Roll, Country Boogie und Honky Tonk. Satte 32 Titel! Mit der superschnellen Version von 'Come On', zuvor nur in unserer 10-CD-Box enthalten. Eddie Cochran spielt Gitarre auf 'Slowly But Surely'! Mit einem Bonus-Rock 'n' Roll seines Bühnenpartners Jackie Burns! Mit 'Another Day, Another Dollar' aus einem aktuellen Volkswagen-Werbespot! - Wynn Stewart wird generell als einer der unverfälschtesten aller Countrysänger gelobt und als einer der Architekten des klassischen Bakersfield Sound bezeichnet. Zu jenen, die Wynn zu den besten und einflussreichsten Countrysängern zählen, gehören Dwight Yoakam, Buck Owens, Harlan Howard (er schrieb viele Hits für Wynn) und Merle Haggard (er begann seine Karriere in Wynns Band). Diese Zusammenstellung enthält seine schnellen Nummern für Intro, Capitol, Jackpot und Challenge fast alle sind kaum noch aufzutreiben. - Während der 50er- und 60er-Jahre galt Wynn als Westküsten-Legende, dennoch ist er fast vergessen. Er starb, bevor sein klassischer Bakersfield Sound eine Vorlage für die aktuelle alternative Country Music wurde. Er hat es nicht mehr erlebt, wie ein Dwight Yoakam ihn als einen der Begründer pries, und er konnte seine Songs nicht mehr in Werbejingles und als Filmmusiken hören. Mit einer karriereumfassenden 10-CD-Box hat Bear Family Wynn bereits ins gebührende Licht gerückt. Wem dies ein zu umfangreiches Bekenntnis ist, der sollte sich diese Einzel-CD mit Wynns schnellen Songs besorgen mit Rockabilly, Country Boogie und spitzenmäßigem Rock 'n' Roll.

THE VOICE OF GERMANY: Die Finalisten stehen fest!

THE VOICE OF GERMANY: Die Finalisten stehen fest!
Universal Music Bild

Universal Music Bild

Universal Music Bild

Universal Music Bild

The Voice of Germany
THE VOICE OF GERMANY: Die Finalisten stehen fest!
Mitausgewählt, mitgeschrieben oder selbst komponiert: Zum ersten Mal standen die acht Halbfinalisten mit ihren eigenen Songs in der heutigen Ausgabe von "The Voice of Germany" auf der Bühne und nur vier von ihnen kommen weiter und ziehen in das große Finale der Show ein.

Das Publikum entscheidet nun erstmals auch mit den Download-Käufen mit und steuert damit das Geschehen der Sendung „The Voice Of Germany“: Die Downloads der vier Finalisten-Singles zählen dabei mit in die abschließende Wertung. Mit dem Kauf gönnt man sich also nicht nur gute Musik, sondern beginnt direkt am heutigen Abend mit dem Voting für seinen Liebling.

In diesem fulminanten und überaus spannenden Halbfinale konnten sich nun heute Abend live in Berlin letztendlich Kim Sanders („Haunted") Ivy Quainoo (“Do You Like What You See”), Michael Schulte (“Carry Me Home“) und Max Giesinger („Dach der Welt“) durchsetzen und sind somit für das schon jetzt an Spannung kaum zu überbietende große "The Voice of Germany"-Finale am kommenden Freitag, den 10. Februar 2012 um 20:15 Uhr, LIVE in SAT.1 gesetzt.

Termin vormerken: Am Mittwoch, 8. Februar 2012 gibt es mit den Finalisten eine Pressekonferenz in der Axica Sky Lobby am Pariser Platz in Berlin. Hier stehe die Künstler Rede und Antwort und ProSiebenSat.1-Unterhaltungschef Wolfgang Link spricht über den Erfolg von „The Voice of Germany“ und verrät, was die Zuschauer im Finale der preisgekrönten Musikshow erwartet.

Tommy Collins – Black Cat

Tommy Collins – Black Cat

1. Campus Boogie 2. Black Cat 3. That's The Way Love Is 4. Smooth Sailin' 5. Let Down (& Wanda Collins) 6. You Gotta Have A License 7. Let Me Love You 8. You Better Not Do That 9. Untied 10. I Always Get A Souvenir 11. Whatcha Gonna Do Now 12. I Love You More And More Each Day 13. Love-A-Me, S'il Vous Plait 14. You're For Me 15. I'll Be Gone 16. I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail 17. It's Nobody's Fault But Yours 18. All Of The Monkeys Ain't In The Zoo 19. Wait A Little Longer 20. What Kind Of Sweetheart Are You 21. A Love Is Born 22. Heart's Don't Break 23. You Belong In My Arms 24. It Makes No Difference Now 25. I Guess I'm Crazy 26. Mary Don't You Weep - Collins, Tommy & Collins, Wanda 27. Oklahoma Hills 28. I Got Mine 29. Black Cat (Stereo) 30. Think It Over Boys

Eine Legende, die im Verborgenen wirkte, gewürdigt von Buck Owens (er spielte ein komplettes Album mit Collins-Songs ein) und von Merle Haggard, der den Tribute-Song 'Leonard' schrieb und aufnahm. Collins gilt als einer der Pioniere des Honky-Tonk-Sounds aus Bakersfield! Es sind keine anderen Tommy-Collins-CDs auf dem Markt außer Bear Familys umwerfendem Box-Set! Diese CD enthält die mega-seltene Debüt-Single 'Campus Boogie', weitere schnelle Hillbilly-Boogies und Honky-Tonk-Klassiker! - Tommy Collins gehört zu den Baumeistern des Bakersfield Sound. Unzählige Country-Künstler von der Westküste und aktuelle Alternative-Country-Stars haben darauf aufgebaut und den Sound zu einem der Eckpfeiler amerikanischer Musik gemacht. Collins hatte Hits als Interpret, darunter 1954 'You Better Not Do That'. Als seine Karriere Gestalt annahm, trat er zu einem anderen Glauben über lange Zeit war nichts mehr von ihm zu hören. 1965 kehrte er zurück zur Musik, und er unterschrieb bei Columbia. Im Jahr darauf gelang ihm der Top-10-Hit I 'Can't Bite, Don't Growl', und in den folgenden Jahren gelang ihm eine Reihe weiterer Hits. - In den frühen Siebzigern schienen Collins' Karriere und Privatleben am Ende, eine Folge seiner Drogen- und Alkoholabhängigkeit. Das Songschreiben half ihm gesund zu werden; Merle Haggard nahm viele seiner Titel auf, darunter die 70s-Hits 'Carolyn' und 'The Roots Of My Raising'. Auch Haggards Tribute-Song für Collins, 'Leonard', wurde ein Hit. Nach dessen Veröffentlichung stand Collins erneut im Rampenlicht, er war wieder clean. Er schrieb weiterhin professionell Songs sein größter Erfolg war 'New Patches', ein Top-10-Hit für Mel Tillis 1984.

Wade Ray – Idaho Red „Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight“

Wade Ray – Idaho Red „Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight“

1. Idaho Red 2. Two Red Red Lips 3. Burning Desire 4. I Need A Good Girl Bad 5. No Mama - No Papa 6. Are You Fer It? 7. Cattin' Around 8. Too Late To Dream 9. Saturday Night 10. The Fiddlin' Rag 11. Easy Pickin's 12. Call Me Up 13. Don't Wait To Baby Your Baby 14. Rosetta 15. All Or Nothin' Man 16. Excuse Me 17. Dipsey Doodle 18. That Love Makin' Melody 19. Bill Bailey (Won't You Please Come Home) 20. Perdido 21. June-Bug Jitters 22. Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby 23. It's All Your Fault 24. Any Old Time 25. Little Green Valley 26. Down Home Rag 27. There's No Fool Like A Young Fool 28. Did I Do Wrong (When I Did Right By You?) 29. Walk Softly 30. Let Me Go, Devil

Quicklebendiger Western Swing und Hillbilly von einem der Pioniere, fast alle Songs gab es noch nie auf CD und nur wenige wurden bisher auf LP wieder veröffentlicht. Hinzu kommen drei nie erschienene Aufnahmen und Let Me Go, Devil , das sehr seltene Original von Let Me Go, Lover .

Der 1998 gestorbene Wade Ray war viele Jahre lang Mitglied der Begleitgruppe von Willie Nelson. Er spielte eine brandheiße Swing-Fiddle und war ein vielseitiger Sänger, der mit Jazz, Country, Pop und sogar mit Rock-Songs glänzte. Diese Zusammenstellung dokumentiert seine makellose, teils explosive Herangehensweise an den Swing alles andere als ein Nachteil, dass bei seinen Aufnahmen Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant, Noel Boggs, Billy Liebert, Chet Atkins und Owen Bradley mitwirkten. Zu den 30 Titeln gehören Abräumer wie die klassische Trucker-Hymne Idaho Red , It's All Your Fault mit Boggs, Walk Softly (nur haarscharf an einem Hit vorbei geschrammt), das bluesige Too Late To Dream , das swingende Instrumental Dipsy Doodle , das unveröffentlichte Perdido sowie zwei extrem seltene Aufnahmen aus der Zeit nach RCA für Fabor Records. Eine angemessene Würdigung seiner Leistung; Begleittext von Rich Kienzle plus ausführliche Diskografie

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