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Country Music News International January 21st 2012

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Interview with Reg Keyworth

KEN 'CHAINSAW' LINDSAY From Cross Cut to Chainsaw

COUNTRY OUTLAWS Classic Country With A Unique Flair

Corey Smith on NPR’s “Mountain Stage”


Montgomery Gentry Breaks Top 20 with “Where I Come From”

Emmylou Harris celebrates 20 years with Opry

Teilnehmer für Musikwettbewerb gesucht

Dollywood und Opryland planen neuen Themenpark in Nashville / TN

The BossHoss feiern ihre bisher erfolgreichste Single "Don't Gimme That"

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Interview with Reg Keyworth.

Interview with Reg Keyworth.

Lamitschka:  Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who has never seen or heard you?

Reg Keyworth:  Hi...well I think Id describe my music as a renagade style in the  country music industry...but it seems to work for me. I call it a Texas-Outlaw style..kinda raw and ready..Big guitar sound,.Ive always liked those scores from the likes of Clint Eastwod type movies etc..
My fans like it and thats what keeps me going. Ive had many influences throughout the years {30!} playing,Rock,Metal and Blues even Electronic Dance Music..But my own taste and style best suits with Country Music. My career started in New Zealand,then Australia for 12 years the America for lots of influence. I try to keep it all pretty real to my writing style.

Lamitschka:  What is your latest CD and how's it doing?

Reg Keyworth:  18 Wheels was the last radio single released early last year (2011}. It was first released on a little country music radio station in the middle of New Zealand,where it got plenty of rotation,then it was on Country Hotdisc and play around the world. It gets alot of regular airplay still today,especially on the bigger CM radio stations here in NZ.Im very humbled that folks are enjoying it.

Lamitschka:  How did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind the name?

Reg Keyworth: 18 Wheels was originally written when I was living in Phoenix Arizona {USA} after I moved there once I finished representing Gibson Guitars {UK/USA} I wrote it on my 1959 Reissue Gibson melody maker [which I used on the final recording through an Epiphone Galaxy 10w amp}. When I moved down to New Zealand,I teamed up with Canadian singer Mirika Flegg.
She ended up writing the verses and singing on it. Its about 18 Wheel rigs{trucks} driving up and down New Zealand. It basically could be transposed for any country in the just have to change the names of the towns to suit. Funny thing...they have 18 wheelers in the USA..but not in NZ! its cool that people can still relate to it. Its dedicated to all the truck drivers and fans out there.

Lamitschka:  Your current single is being played by radio. What do you feel is special about this song that makes people want to hear it?

Reg Keyworth:  I think people enjoy the simple 'no frills' groove and catchy lyrics along with Mirika's Rockafilly vocals. Its basic,fun and easy to tap your foot to. Im humbled that its being listened to by so many people. Great guitar tone too. Its definately different,with an old school feel.

Lamitschka:  What is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded and what's the story behind it?

Reg Keyworth:  I think Ive got like the fiery guitar instrumental of "Chaseing Spanish Gold" has an intense energy,almost described as very sensual sexy song....but I do like "Dead Mans Wash"...its very Texas Outlaw. Its a song I wrote about a place that actually exists just out of Phoenix Arizona. A wash is a dried up river on the highway amongst the cactus was this little sign that said "Dead Mans Wash". I checked it out and imagined some cowboy getting shot there or something along those lines,back in the old west days...something must have happened there to be named that. Sadly today....Dead Mans Wash is a big suburb with houses everywhere and freeway overpasses.....Im blessed to have found the place in its original state and immortalise it into a very cool song! I laught that people enjoyed the song so much...they decided to all go there to live and build a little town on

Realistlically shows how big Phoenix is growing. I suggest folks who dont know any of these go to my myspace site and listen to all of these. "Going South Laredo" is another..more big guitar rock style....but its got great dynamics.

Lamitschka:  How much creative control do you have over your music?

Reg Keyworth: I have my own studio suite now.."The Mojo Room" so I have full control of how I feel the sound should be. If I co-write a song Il always bring in the other person so its a shared mix down,but I like to get my sound as real and true as possible. Im fanatic about tone..its very important in an artist standing out,rather than being a generic production like so many. Its capturing that signature sound. I learned alot throughout the years and hopefully I can express that through my writing and production. Every new release is a new phase and experiment.

Lamitschka:  Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by your music?

Reg Keyworth: One that I remember was when I was playing at Willy Nelsons road managers bar "Pudy's on the Hill" back in Austin Texas. I just finished doing a set of songs and this young kid in a wheelchair asked to be brought up to me back stage. You shoulda seen the look on his face!...Il always remember him saying."I Love you man!" and wanted a was a very moving moment that my music had made his night in a big way. I was fresh from Australia that was even more exciting for him! Thats why I enjoy doing the it can be enjoyed by everyone,anywhere,anytime. The money is really just a bonus.

Lamitschka:  What does it take to be a music icon?

Reg Keyworth:  I think youve gotta have the right recipe and stick it out through thick and thin.
Work hard,write good material thats true to yourself and just keep it out there. I totally appreciate that my fans put me in this catagory. Ive got my own unique signature changes slightly throughout the years..but Im so humbled that people enjoy my music. Thankyou everyone!

Lamitschka:  Tell us about the fan club and how people can join it.

Reg Keyworth:!/pages/Reg-Keyworth-Band/139545366121149
If you google..Reg Keyworth Band...a few pages will pop up. I encourage everyone to click "Like" and join up. Ive also got my official myspace site which
I try to answer everyones emails and really appreciate their questions and support.
Theres even a fan club merchandise site attached to both of these sites.

Lamitschka:  What message would you like to send your European fans?

Reg Keyworth:  Id really like to say that I appreciate everyones support throughout the years..its awesome that youve stuck by me all this time. My music is written for everyone to enjoy and I hope it holds special moments for certain times in your lives. Id love to get over and play to see you.
Meantime..keep requesting my songs to your local CM radio station. Thankyou everyone..Im humbled.

Lamitschka:  Fans are always hungry for good road stories. Do you have one you can share with us (come on don’t be shy)?

Reg Keyworth:  Well one time I was working in the Australian outback with a friend..Billy The Kid in our band "Sunset City". We were touring the state of Queensland doing upto 8 shows a week.{1998} One day we were on our way all loaded up with guitars,amps and gear a coastal town called Bowen. As we left the Rockhampton area about 20 km out of town..the radiator fan flew off and went through the front fender of the car. As we came to a quick stop due to the engine overheating etc...we kinda had to put things into high gear with our minds and create a way to fix the car. We were on a main road,but it was very outback,no one around,but there was an old wire fence. I grabed some wire and managed to somehow fix the fan onto the car..semi repair the radiator and we somehow limped back into town to find some 2nd hand parts at the auto yard.Running late quite badly.. {no cell phones}we fixed the car like new and sped off for a 6 hour drive. We managed to get to Bowen about an hour before the show. As soon as we got there,first thing we did was walk in for a beer. It was quite funny as the manager was running around saying..'wheres this band tonight..theyre late!' They didnt recognise us as we were covered in dirt and grease..almost like Aboriginies! Everyone laughed when we told them we were the band after being there for 15 mins..they were expecting us to look like how we did on the posters. The manager was very cool and we had a washed and changed..then hit the stage. It was a really great to totally remember!!

Lamitschka:  Describe what a perfect day is like for you.

Reg Keyworth:  Riding my Harley Davidson around the New Zealand {North Island} country side...I love it with a passion. A good summer day fishing and swimming sure is great too,with the smell of a BBQ cooking and good company!

Christian Lamitschka ( )

KEN 'CHAINSAW' LINDSAY From Cross Cut to Chainsaw

From Cross Cut to Chainsaw
Grandfather Quandong - A Word To Texas Jack - From Crosscut to Chainsaw - Kangabloodyroos - Nowhere Else - Diamantina Drover - Sweeney - Shopping On A Saturday - Everything Except - Home In Dirranbandi - Heaven's Party - Loosin' My Blues Tonight
I really enjoyed Ken 'Chainsaw' Lindsay when he made the long trek from Australia to the rural country of Iowa to be part of our festival in LeMars.  Ken is not only what we would call a 'super-star' in Australia, he's a great songwriter, and that seems to be the key to anyone who is doing authentic country music today.  Ken records for the Kross-Kut Recording Company, and they are asking for high quality studio production.  That's exactly what happens when Ken goes into the studio.  This particular project has three of his original songs, and Ken Lindsay is a living example of the benefits of writing and singing about what you know about.  That's really what 'real' country music is all about, it's unfortunate we have to go to such a far away place as Australia to hear it in it's 21st century versions. He is so authentic he sings in his Australian accent, not even 'pretending' to sound American, or at the least country-American.  That's what 'real' country music is all about isn't it?....authenticity.  Music from the heart, like Ken writes, and sings in an honest voice, not prostituting everything you do just to 'get a deal in Nashville.'  Lindsay Waddington was the studio producer, and he not only has a good ear, he knows exactly the sound he is looking for in each and every song he recorded here.  This isn't just a 'bought and paid for' session.  It's a session that requires the 'best' in everything.  I really liked the harmonica in "A Word To Texas Jack" that is definitely a musical instrument that takes me immediately back to authentic country music.  Don't expect to find the harmonica in today's Nashville music.  We just had Charley McCoy at our festival in LeMars, Iowa (the same one that Ken attended), and he's of similar opinion.... Nashville is getting too rock and roll to be country.  Alas alack, so be it.  In the meantime we can still tune Charley in, and definitely hear Chainsaw Lindsay do some 'real' country, even some of those incredibly interesting Australian bush ballads that keeps legends and myths alive, all a very real part of who we are as a people.....any people.  That's why my 'stake' is in country people.  I just can't get past the incredible 'giving up the soul' to be successful in the music business today.  It sure wasn't that way growing up.  Who would even permit Stringbean or Jimmy Driftwood to perform on a major so-called 'country' festival today?  Well we would, that's a certainty.  Visit the LeMars, Iowa, festival and see exactly what happens.  More information go to and see why Ken Chainsaw Lindsay did so well there.  His three songs on this project are all great: ""From Cross Cut to Chainsaw," "Everything Except," and "Heaven's Party." This whole project is a winner.  I don't often give 'stars' but this is a fiver.  I wish I lived in Australia, or at least knew someone at Kross Kut Records.  My wife Sheila and I have some very nice acoustic original country that we won't prostitute to Nashville, but we might certainly give Kross Kut a try at it.  Hey, Chainsaw can you hear us???
Bob Everhart

COUNTRY OUTLAWS Classic Country With A Unique Flair

Classic Country With A Unique Flair
This Is Where The Cowboy Rides Away - Farmer's Daughter - Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down - In My Next Life - Walk With Him - Guitars and Cadillacs - I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name - Swinging Doors - I Didn't Know God Made Honky Tonk Angels - Storms of Life - Today I Started Loving You Again - Hickory Wind - Wake Up
I've reviewed a couple CD's by the 'Country Outlaws' before.  This is a 'beginning' group that are struggling to find not only their 'niche' in country music, but also what they want to sound like.  I believe they've found both.  They are going to definitely be 'classic' country music performers and recording artists.  Both of these outlaws are very traditional in their approach to music, whether they are performing live, or in the recording studio.  They also want to include something of themselves in what they do, and you will find the song "Walk With Him" an original by Paul Burnett, the honcho of the duet.  If you are a traditional country fan, and are somewhat dismayed by the music coming out of Nashville called 'country' this is what you are looking for.  Though they might not be the polished pickers that know 3,648 chords, they know what it takes to present a good piece of 'authentic' country music, and they can do it with three chords.  Kind of like 'Name That Tune' I can play a country song in five I can do it in four....wait a minute I can do it in three.  Blazing saddles, Hank Williams did it in two, and today's so-called country 'stars' pretty much dismiss Hank Williams as an old nasal folk singer without any dues paid. Guess who hasn't paid their dues.  You're right, they're the producers, directors, record companies, and money children in Nashville who bought their way in.  Ain't it neat?  If you have enough money you can be a country star?  That's not the case with the Country Outlaws.  They are going through the same 'growing pains' that folks like Willie and Waylon and Kris and Johnny did when they became the 'outlaws' in country music.  I say more power to them, we get so God-awful much clap-trap from Nashville called 'country' and it's not even in the same universe let alone the same country as 'real' authentic rural music.  Be that as it may, I'm pretty sure you are going to enjoy hearing this dedicated dynamic duo performing at the LeMars, Iowa, festival this year.  Go to for updates and schedules when you might see the Country Outlaws.  You can also buy their CD direct from them.  Might as well get in on the ground floor before they become inaccessible.  Well, that's not likely to happen, they're both nice guys, one from Iowa, one from South Dakota.
Paul Burnett, 15 Maple St., LeMars, Iowa, 51031

Bob Everhart

Corey Smith on NPR’s “Mountain Stage”

Corey Smith in his "Mountain Stage" debut.  March 6, 2011
Photo Credit: Brian Blauser / Mountain Stage
Tune In to Catch Corey Smith on NPR’s “Mountain Stage”
Airs the Week Following January 20, 2012- Scheduled for Broadcast on a Station Near You
Nashville, Tenn. (Friday, January 20, 2012) – Influential singer-songwriter Corey Smith grew up listening to NPR’s “Mountain Stage” and only dreamed of one day when his music might be a part of the broadcast.  Dream became reality last spring when Smith made his debut on the award-winning radio program just prior to the release of his sixth studio album, The Broken Record.
Airing throughout the upcoming week on NPR affiliate stations, this installment was recorded live on the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown where Smith joined Todd Snider, Railroad Earth, Great American Taxi, and Sean Rowe.  To the delight of the audience, Smith offered a “first listen” and showcased selections off his then forthcoming album, The Broken Record.  This album exhibits the stylized story-telling and authentic sound crafted entirely by Smith.
Corey Smith Set List:
“Maybe Next Year”
“If I Could Do It Again”
“I Love Everyone”
Listen to Smith’s full set here
(Original air date: March 6, 2011)
“Mountain Stage” is distributed on Fridays and is scheduled for broadcast on a station near you.  Check your local station’s schedule to confirm air time.
For more information on Corey Smith or The Broken Record, please visit




Las Vegas, NV -- (January 20, 2012) -- Outdoor Channel, America's Leader In Outdoor TV, unveiled the winners for its 12th Annual Golden Moose Awards, the most popular and longstanding outdoor television awards ceremony in the country, last night from the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.   Country star Craig Morgan was among the honorees, winning awards for Best Turkey and Best Deer for his hit television series “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors." Taking place during the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show), the Golden Moose Awards honor the producers and on-air talent from Outdoor Channel's industry-leading programming.

“I cannot tell you what an honor it is to get recognition for the show, “ says Morgan.  “Along with being so much fun to create it's also a lot of hard work.  For the industry to acknowledge our show is an amazing feeling.”

Outdoor Channel plans to broadcast the 2012's Golden Moose Awards on the network as a special in February.

Pictured left to right: Craig Morgan, Marc Womack (Co-Producer, Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors)
Photo credit: Joshua Glaudin/Outdoor Channel

ABOUT CRAIG MORGAN: All Access Outdoors:
After a sensational first season that saw “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” become The Outdoor Channel’s top-rated Saturday morning hunting program, Craig Morgan just wrapped season two with thirteen new episodes. True to the show’s name, country music superstar and celebrated TV host Craig Morgan throws open the doors on his life – both on stage and in the field. Whether he’s entertaining screaming fans at sold-out shows, motocross racing or bowhunting big game, Craig’s life is high-octane and his schedule is unrelenting. The hit reality show gives viewers an all access, backstage pass to Craig’s travels as he and his crew pursue big game, big thrills and big laughs across North America in a quest for the ultimate hunting adventures. Craig’s fellow country music artists – as well as professional athletes and motocross celebrities – join him each week. Craig’s engaging personality, lifelong love of hunting and considerable television experience make “Craig Morgan: All Access Outdoors” a must-see for hunters and country music fans everywhere. Viewers can catch Craig every Saturday morning at 11 am (EST) on The Outdoor Channel.

ABOUT CRAIG MORGAN:One of country music’s best-loved artists, Craig Morgan has made a name for himself with massive radio airplay of his signature hits:  “Bonfire,” “Almost Home,” “Redneck Yacht Club,” “That’s What I Love About Sunday” and “International Harvester. His newest single “This Ole Boy,” currently climbing the country radio charts, is the title track to his upcoming sixth studio CD, releasing February 28, 2012. Craig received one of country music’s highest honors when he was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry in 2008. Prior to becoming a country music and TV sensation, Craig Morgan spent over 10 years of active duty in the Army and an additional nine years in the Army Reserves.  He is an avid supporter of America’s military personnel and a recipient of the 2006 USO Merit Award. For more information on Craig Morgan, please visit or follow him on Twitter @cmorganmusic.

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