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Montgomery Gentry Breaks Top 20 with “Where I Come From”

Montgomery Gentry Breaks Top 20
with “Where I Come From” 

New Dates Added to The Professional Championship Bullriders Tour 

“‘Where I Come From’ certainly has the ingredients of a comeback… After one full listen through the record, it’s obvious that the T-Roy and Eddie have found their groove.”
Montgomery Gentry - Rebels on the RunNashville, TN (January 20, 2012)—Average Joe's Entertainment's multi-platinum, hit-making duo, Montgomery Gentry, break into the Top 20 with their new single, “Where I Come From.” Positioned at #19 on both MediaBase and Billboard, the duo is marking their territory with a truly identifiable song that is sure to become yet another staple song in the careers of this unstoppable award-winning duo.  This chart success adds to more than 20 charted singles, with anthems like "My Town" and "Hell Yeah" becoming indelible parts of the honky-tonk landscape.

“It's a song that's about our fans. Regardless of where you end up in life, you always remember your hometown. There are special things you remember in life, and your childhood days and high school years,” explains Troy Gentry. “ I think anyone who hears this song will be able to listen to and reflect on their earlier years in life, and the place they grew up, and appreciate the lyrics of the song.”

“Where I Come From,” written by Rodney Clawson and Dallas Davidson, is the first single off their seventh studio album, Rebels On The Run, released late in 2011 and the first album released on powerhouse Indie label Average Joe’s Entertainment.

Fans can catch them on the road co-headlining a tour with The Professional Championship Bullriders. The multi-city arena tour kicked off earlier this month with new dates added due to popular demand. For a full and up-to-date tour schedule, visit

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Jan 21 Grand Forks, ND - Alerus Center
with the Professional Championship Bullriders

Jan 27 Lake Charles, LA - L'Auberge du Lac Hotel & Casino

Feb 3 Chicago, IL - Sears Centre Arena
with the Professional Championship Bullriders

Feb 4 Chicago, IL - Sears Centre Arena
with the Professional Championship Bullriders

Feb 25 Clear Lake, IA - Surf Ballroom
**show is sold out**

Feb 26 Prior Lake, MN - Mystic Lake Casino & Hotel

March 10 West Palm, FL - WIRK's 3rd Annual Rib Round up

March 24 Dothan, AL - Toadlick Music Festival

April 14 Cleveland, OH – Wolstein Center
with the Professional Championship Bullriders

April 21 Syracuse, NY - SRC Arena
with the Professional Championship Bullriders
For more information, visit

Emmylou Harris celebrates 20 years with Opry

Emmylou Harris celebrates 20 years with Opry

        Posted on  by Peter Cooper

A 99-year-old building, where worries about hazards were such that sitting in or underneath the balcony was disallowed.
“I’ve played a lot of different places,” said Emmylou Harris. “This is the best.”
A rubbly relic, where spotlights revealed asthma-enhancing debris.
“Is this a great place to sort of feel the hillbilly dust?” asked Harris. Sure. See it, feel it, and good luck getting it out of your hair.
But thank goodness for Pollyanna.
Twenty-one years ago, Harris fronted a remarkable acoustic band she called The Nash Ramblers at a no-longer-remarkable, partially condemned building, where they made a live album.
Yes, the building was called the Ryman Auditorium. But, no, it wasn’t historically cool. It was just historical.
It was the former longtime home of the Grand Ole Opry. Perhaps your grandma used to be Miss America. That was a long, long time ago.

Anyway, back to the “thank goodness for Pollyanna” part. The resulting album, At the Ryman, pointed attention to a building that hadn’t hosted a public performance since 1974, when the Opry left for the modern amenities (Air conditioning! Dressing rooms!) of the Grand Ole Opry House out by Briley Parkway. The album came out in January of 1992, the same month Harris became the 70th official member of the Opry.

“That album was the tipping point for getting the Ryman refurbished and making it a proud venue again,” said Richard Bennett, who co- produced (with Allen Reynolds) At the Ryman. “It brought the name ‘Ryman’ back to the rest of America.”

Downtown revival

At the time, much of the rest of America would have been skittish about visiting the Ryman and its Lower Broadway neighbors after dark.
“Lower Broad was Tootsie’s, a few beer joints, the Ernest Tubb Record Shop and a lot of adult bookstores,” says Steve Buchanan, Gaylord Entertainment’s Grand Ole Opry Group president.
Back in 1991, Buchanan was in charge of marketing the Opry and the Ryman, and he was instrumental in green-lighting Harris’ and the Ramblers’ performance there. Buchanan’s efforts to market the Ryman were emboldened by Gaylord President and CEO Bud Wendell, who was insistent that the Ryman was an essential and irreplaceable building.
“The album came out in January of 1992, and we announced the renovation of the Ryman in March of 1993,” Buchanan says. “I think Emmylou was instrumental in multiple ways, and that album served to connect the dots and to introduce the Ryman to a whole new generation of fans.”
I was among those fans. And though I’d heard of the Ryman, I thought of it as the place where the Opry used to be, before the show moved out to the suburbs and downtown became a wasteland.
But here was Emmylou Harris, arbiter of country cool, saying this was a place of worth, of importance.
Soon, folks began speaking of it as “The Mother Church of Country Music,” and the Ryman became the most elegant of downtown attractions.
The renovation of the Ryman, the building of the Arena Formerly Known as Several Things and Currently Known as Bridgestone, and the Convention Center Currently Known as the One We’re Replacing became cornerstones of a new downtown. In conjunction with the street-level musical revival spearheaded by BR-549,Greg Garing, Tim Carroll and others, those buildings gave us a remixed, remastered city, where you’ll need either good running shoes, a car or cab fare to get to an adult bookstore from the corner of Fifth and Broadway. And one where it made perfect sense to build new-century jewels like the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and Schermerhorn Symphony Center.
“We were looking at different places to do a live album that would feature songs I hadn’t recorded before, and (music executive) Bonnie Garner suggested the Ryman,” Harris says. “It was a great chance to perform in a building that was so steeped in history.”

Family reunion

By the early 1990s, Harris had already done much to honor that history, and to alter it. She had recordedLouvin Brothers songs at a time when the Louvin catalog was out-of-print, and she had honored Kitty Wells,Loretta Lynn and others with heartfelt covers. She’d also shone a mainstream light on Rodney Crowell, Vince Gill, Tony Brown, Barry Tashian, Steve Fishell and many others who are now Nashville mainstays. During her early solo career, she was based in California, but she’d moved to Nashville in 1982, and a decade later she was ready to commit to regular Opry appearances.  On Jan. 25, 1992, she joined the Opry.

“I wish I could remember more about it,” she says, though she remembers practically nothing. Significant emotion tends to make folks either recall the detailed entirety of an occasion or lump the whole thing into mush. With Harris, it’s mush. Beloved mush, but mush nonetheless.
Fortunately, these things are preserved for posterity. The night of her induction, Harris was interviewed backstage by Bill Anderson (they’re both Country Music Hall of Famers now).  “Musically and philosophically, I feel like you’ve been here for years,” Anderson said, whereupon Harris credited her musical path to the guidance of Gram Parsons, who helped immerse her in country music in the early 1970s. Then, Anderson asked her about “hillbilly dust.” 

“It’s a way of describing the feeling you get when you walk into the old Ryman building,” she explained. “It comes from those many, many nights of all those waltzes and shuffles being played, and all those people having their hearts touched by the music.”

These days, the Opry is held at the Ryman during winter months. And the Ryman is a favorite venue of Neil Young, Elvis Costello, Gillian Welch, Coldplay and many others. All that is thanks in no small part to Harris, who championed the Ryman at a time when others scuffled past on their way to the bookstore.

“Meet me at the wrecking ball,” she sang on a 1995 album that helped her to a place as the godmother of what we now call “Americana” music. But in 1991, Harris did all she could to save the Ryman from what seemed like an inevitable wrecking ball. And a year later, just before she sang bluegrass classic “Walls of Time” and Loretta Lynn’s 1965 hit, “Blue Kentucky Girl,” King of Country Music Roy Acuff introduced her as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.
“I feel like I’ve come home to a family I didn’t even know I was a part of,” she said upon her induction.
In the ensuing years, she’s come to understand that she’s an integral part of that family.
Saturday night, she’ll be back at the Opry, back on the Ryman stage, for another reunion. The audience will applaud her, and she’ll likely reply, “Thank you.” Really, she should be saying, “You’re welcome.”
Peter Cooper

Da ist Musik drin! Teilnehmer für den Musikwettbewerb der Deutschen Verkehrswacht gesucht!

Da ist Musik drin! Teilnehmer für den Musikwettbewerb der Deutschen Verkehrswacht gesucht!

Berlin, 20. Januar 2012: Die Deutsche Verkehrswacht sucht Musikfans, die zum Thema „Landstraße“ etwas zu sagen haben. Wer ein persönliches Erlebnis mit der Landstraße verbindet, kann jetzt beim Musikwettbewerb der „Aktion Landstraße“ mitmachen. Der Wettbewerb ist zentrales Element der Aktion, die sich an junge Pkw-Fahrer bis 24 Jahre und an Motorradfahrer wendet, da diese Gruppen das höchste Unfallrisiko tragen.
Ob Karaoke-Sänger oder Nachwuchsband – mitmachen kann jeder. Wer keinen eigenen Song einreichen möchte, kann den eigens von Schauspieler und Musiker Tom Beck für die Aktion aufgenommenen Song „Der Moment“ covern. In vier Kategorien werden jeden Monat attraktive Preise verlost.
Die Jury kürt am Ende des Wettbewerbs in jeder Kategorie einen Gewinner, der den Hauptpreis erhält. Zusätzlich erhalten die von der Jury gekürten Sieger die Möglichkeit, beim großen Abschlussevent der „Aktion Landstraße“ im September 2012 aufzutreten und mit ihren professionell produzierten Songs öffentlich Premiere feiern. Zudem besteht von März bis Juni jeden Monat die Chance, einen Publikumspreis in einer der vier Kategorien zu gewinnen. Alle Teilnehmer und registrierte User können für ihren Lieblingsbeitrag abstimmen.
Teilnehmer können sich über die Facebook-Seite der Aktion zu dem Wettbewerb anmelden. Die Beiträge müssen bis zum 30. Juni 2012 eingereicht werden. Das Mindestalter beträgt 18 Jahre.

Die vier Kategorien sind:
Kategorie "Covern"
In der Kategorie „Covern“ kann der Aktionssong mit dem Originaltext neu eingesungen werden, ein Remix produziert, oder instrumental neu interpretiert werden, auch in einer anderen Stilrichtung. Die Sieger erhalten einen Gutschein für eine Bandausstattung im Wert von 2.000 Euro und reisen ein Wochenende nach Berlin.
Kategorie "Neuer Song"
In der Kategorie „Neuer Song“ kann ein selbst komponierter Song eingespielt und/ oder eingesungen werden. Auf die Gewinner wartet ein Studiotag, bei dem der Song professionell aufgenommen wird, sowie ein Wochenende in Berlin.
Kategorie "Texten"
In der Kategorie „Texten“ können zusätzliche Strophen oder ein ganz neuer Text für den Aktionssong geschrieben werden. Achtung: Alle Textbeiträge müssen in deutscher oder englischer Sprache verfasst und eingespielt werden. Die Sieger besuchen einen eintägigen Workshop zum Thema "Songwriting" und verbringen ein Wochenende in Berlin.
Kategorie "Musikvideo"
In der Kategorie „Musikvideo“ kann ein Musikclip gedreht werden: entweder für den Original-Aktionssong, für eine Cover-Version des Aktionssongs – mit oder ohne eigene Text - oder für einen eigenen Song aus der Kategorie „Neuer Song“. Ein professioneller Video-Workshop und ein Wochenende in Berlin wartet auf die Gewinner.

Dollywood und Opryland planen neuen Themenpark in Nashville / TN

Dollywood und Opryland planen Großprojekt in Nashville
Neuer Themenpark in den USA angekündigt
In Nashville soll ein neuer großer Themenpark entstehen. Der erste „Wasser-und-Schnee-Park“ in den USA ist ein gemeinsames Projekt des Freizeitparks Dollywood, den die Country-Ikone Dolly Parton betreibt, und von Gaylord Entertainment. Die beiden Unternehmen gaben ihre Pläne am 19. Januar in Nashville bekannt. Die Eröffnung ist für den Sommer 2014 geplant. Es handelt sich um eines der größten neuen Bauprojekte im Tourismus der USA.

Der neue Themenpark soll 46 Hektar nahe dem Großhotel Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center und der Radioshow Grand Ole Opry umfassen. Der Fokus wird im Sommer auf „energiegeladenen Aktivitäten“ mit Wasser liegen, im milden Winter der Südstaaten auf künstlichem Schnee. Die Baukosten sind auf rund 50 Millionen Dollar veranschlagt; das sind umgerechnet rund 40 Millionen Euro. Geplanter Baubeginn ist Ende 2012 oder Anfang 2013. Tennessees Gouverneur Bill Haslam erklärte bei der Vorstellung im Grand Ole Opry House, der neue Themenpark sei eine „willkommene Ergänzung der schon jetzt großen Vielfalt von Attraktionen und Reisezielen in unserem Staat.“ Dollywood und Gaylord Entertainment erwarten für das erste Jahr eine halbe Million Besucher und wollen in dem Park 450 Mitarbeiter beschäftigen. Für eine mögliche Erweiterung und ergänzende Investitionen stehen weitere 14 Hektar bereit.

Das Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center, auch als Opryland Hotel bekannt, ist mit seinen 2881 Zimmern und Suiten sowie tropischen Gärten unter Glas eine der größten Hotelanlagen im östlichen Teil der USA. Gaylord Opryland betreibt in Nashville zudem, neben der fast 87 Jahre alten Grand Ole Opry, auch die ebenso traditionsreiche Musikhalle Ryman Auditorium, den Raddampfer General Jackson Showboat, die große Country-Bar Wildhorse Saloon, den führenden Country-Radiosender WSM-AM und den Golfkurs Gaylord Springs Golf Links, sowie weitere Großhotels in den USA.

Das 60 Hektar große Dollywood liegt vier Autostunden von Nashville entfernt in der Bergwelt der Smoky Mountains in Pigeon Forge und ist einer der größten und erfolgreichsten Themenparks der Südstaaten.

The BossHoss feiern ihre bisher erfolgreichste Single "Don't Gimme That"

The BossHoss feiern ihre bisher erfolgreichste Single "Don't Gimme That" und rocken live bei "The Voice Of Germany" am Freitag in SAT.1!
Universal Music Bild

Universal Music Bild

The BossHoss
The BossHoss feiern ihre bisher erfolgreichste Single „Don’t Gimme That“ und rocken live bei „The Voice Of Germany“ am Freitag in SAT.1!
Nach ihren letzten fünf Alben, die allesamt mit Gold und Platin veredelt wurden, ausverkauften Touren und internationalen Festival-Headliner-Auftritten, haben sich The BossHoss zu einem absoluten Top-Act entwickelt. Doch das war erst der Anfang, denn die Jungs aus Berlin lassen es jetzt so richtig krachen. Zurzeit heizen die Cowboys von einem Superlativ zum nächsten.

Der aktuelle Longplayer, „Liberty Of Action“, welcher auf Platz 4 der deutschen Album-Charts einstieg, und sich seitdem nunmehr 10 Wochen in den obersten Regionen der Charts bewähren konnte, schaffte in dieser Woche tatsächlich den Wiedereinstieg in die Top 10 und hält sich dort durchgängig und konstant.

Auch in ihrer Funktion als Coaches bei der TV-Erfolgsshow „The Voice of Germany“ (Freitags um 20.15 Uhr LIVE in SAT.1) können die beiden BossHoss-Frontmänner Sascha Vollmer und Alec Völkel ein ums andere Mal punkten. Als bestes Beispiel kann man sich hier nochmals die letztwöchige Überraschungsperformance das legendären Cameo-Klassikers „Word Up!“ der kompletten Band, inkl. ihrer vier Talente aus dem Team BossHoss, bei „The Voice of Germany“ anschauen.

Die wiederum immer noch brodelnde erste Single aus „Liberty Of Action“, „Don’t Gimme That“, die schon jetzt die erfolgreichste Single aller Zeiten für The BossHoss ist, haben die Country-Rocker am Dienstag bei der „Harald Schmidt Show“ in SAT.1 live zum Besten gegeben. Hier geht es zum Talk und zur Performance, inkl. eines Links zu weiteren Backstageaufnahmen, die nicht ausgestrahlt wurden.

Am morgigen Freitagabend werden The BossHossDon’t Gimme That“ bei der nächsten „The Voice of Germany“-Liveshow gewohnt fulminant zum Besten geben. Daher unbedingt um 20:15 Uhr SAT.1 einschalten!

Wie man sieht: The BossHoss haben sich schon längst einen Namen als nicht mehr wegzudenkende Größe in der europäischen Rocklandschaft gemacht. „Liberty Of Action“ ist dabei der Auftakt zu einer BossHoss-Show in ganz neuen Dimensionen. The BossHoss werden im März auf nur zehn Tourdaten vor über 50.000 begeisterten Fans in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz spielen – die größte Arena- und Hallentour ihrer Karriere.

Die Fans können wieder mit BossHoss’ ureigenem Tribut an die Freiheit sowie auch einem geballten Maß an Action rechnen: über zwei Stunden Rock- und Fanparty sind garantiert! Etliche Shows sind bereits ausverkauft, zum Teil wurden Zusatzkonzerte anberaumt oder aber die Gigs in größere Venues verlegt.


09.03.2012 Oberhausen / König-Pilsener-Arena (hochverlegt)
10.03.2012 Leipzig / Haus Auensee (sold out!)
11.03.2012 Leipzig / Haus Auensee (Zusatzkonzert)
15.03.2012 Zürich / Volkshaus
16.03.2012 München / Zenith (sold out!)
17.03.2012 Wien / Gasometer
23.03.2012 Hamburg / Sporthalle (sold out!)
24.03.2012 Berlin / Max-Schmeling-Halle
30.03.2012 Stuttgart / Schleyer-Halle
31.03.2012 Offenbach / Stadthalle (sold out!)

Country Music News International January 20th 2012

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Interview with Razorheads

DollyParton, Gaylord Opryland announce new Nashville amusement park

Jeff & Sheri Easter to appear on “The MartyStuart Show”

Brand New Strings “Other Side of Lonesome”


The“Other” Side of Hank Williams


CWF Kötz News 19. Januar 2012

Steel Guitar News January 19th 2012

Interview with The Skunnered

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Interview with Razorheads

Interview with Razorheads

Lamitschka:  Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who has never seen or heard you?

Razorheads: It´s pretty much a mixture of different styles that happen naturally during the songwriting & rehearsing  process. If  a song touches ourselves & kicks butt, it´got a good chance to be on board. At our concerts, a whole bunch of different fellas show up, from alternative country fans, rockers, psychobillys, stoners to punks. I guess what they have in common is their love for loud guitars and an in your face show. It looks like people from all kinds of musical directons dig Razorheads.

Lamitschka:  How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Razorheads: Last year was basically a lot of work. We were looking for a new, suitable drummer, which seemed to take forever. Parallel to that I produced & mixed our debut CD. And parralel to THAT I produced 2 shortmovie videoclips (a western & a zombieclip) as well as a third video we shot on a ship in the Hamburg harbour. We´re editing it as we speak, it´s the first clip with our new drummer & is one of the highlights of 2011. Shooting our zombie video was one of the highlights as well. On halloween, we organized a zombie flashmob on the infamous Reeperbahn, heart of the whorehouse district here in Hamburg. This part was shot “guerrilla-style”, we pretty much didn´t know what would happen. According to the feedback I received in advance of filming, we were expecting about 30 undead fellas to show up there. When I arrived there, about 150 zombies were already waiting for the shoot to begin! The spontaneous interactions between them & the hammered guys on the Reeperbahn turned out just great! Shooting our western shortmovie was another highlight as well. Me and director Sascha Connell always wanted to do a western, having recorded a kickass version of “Sam Hall” finally gave us an excellent reason.

Lamitschka:  What is your latest CD and how's it doing?

Razorheads: It´s our debut CD & will be published in Spring 2012. We´re all in big suspense regarding the reactions of the listeners!

Lamitschka:  How did you choose the title for the CD?  Is there a story behind the name?

Razorheads: It´s self titled “Razorheads”. We did that, because it really includes a wide range of musical styles and we didn´t want to limit it by using a possibly “shrinking”  album title. Maybe the next one´s called “2”, in a Led Zeppelinesque way, haha…

Lamitschka:  Do you write the songs yourself? If not, how do you go about finding the songs for your CD?

Razorheads: Yeah, all the songs are written by me, except for three. I collaborated on 2 of  them lyricwise with 2 of our guestsingers (the rapper Ferris MC & Schraube, singer of the band “Razzia”). The third exception is our cover version of the old tune “Sam Hall”, on which I´m accompanied by the american countrysinger Wilson Gil.

Lamitschka:  You did a duet with Wilson Gil How did that happen to come about?

Razorheads: Wilson´s an old friend of mine. My ex band, a bunch of San Francisco fellas, were living in Germany when I got to know them. While we were on the road in the states, they introduced me to him and we kept in contact. While we were rehearsing “Sam Hall” for the album I thought “How cool would it be if Wilson joined us on that one…” I contacted him and sent him a roughmix of the song. He digged it, recorded his vocals in the states and sent it back to Hamburg, where we did the final mixing. Since he´s living in Berlin from time to time, we were able to do a bunch of shows with him over here, which kicked butt big time! It takes balls for sure to play with just an acoustic guitar in front of our rowdy crowd. We all hope that it works out for us playing the states again, it would be great to have him on board over there! He just formed a new band called “The Dtease”, you should definitely check them out!

Lamitschka:  How much creative control do you have over your music?

Razorheads: We have full creative control. We publish our music via a digital distributor who also takes care of our CD mailorder, so no one´s in the position to tell us what´s right or wrong. The album artwork was developed in close cooperation with Till Mantel, a great comic artist and good friend of ours, he did a killer job.

Lamitschka:  What's unique about you that will differentiate you from other artists?

Razorheads: I think it´s the mixture of it all, we like to tear down borders, but not in an intended way. We got a punkrock version of a 300year old song with an american countrysinger, a hardcore metal song with a rapper, a song with a full blown hornsection and a whole bunch of other unique audiococktails. Maybe it looks a bit weird when you´re reading it here, but it will make perfect sense if you crank it up on your stereo, promise!

Lamitschka:  Many European fans travel to the United States to attend the several of the music festivals for the opportunity to see so many of their favorite artists, bands and celebrities. Will you be participating and how will the fans be able to find you?

Razorheads: Yeah, we all hope that it works out with us playing the states. We´re already working on it, additional booking requests would be welcome, of course! All of our live shows, tours etc will be published on our website & on our Facebook & Myspace sites, they´re mentioned at the end of this interview.

Lamitschka:  Many music fans today get their information about artists online. Do you have your own website and what will fans find there?

Razorheads: Yeah sure, you´ll find us here:
You´ll find all infos, music downloads, videos,  tourdates etc there.
All pages are updated regularly, on our homepage you can also sign in for a newsletter.
So I hope to see you all in our social networks and in  “analog style” at our shows!

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Dolly Parton, Gaylord Opryland announce new Nashville amusement park

Dolly Parton, Gaylord Opryland announce new Nashville amusement park

Water, snow amusement park planned for land off Briley Parkway

 (Nashville, TN)  Dolly Parton & Gaylord Entertainment are joining together to build a new theme park in Nashville across from the Opryland Hotel. 

On her birthday, Dolly Parton partnered with Gaylord Entertainment Co. to announce what they say will be a gift to Nashville: a new water-and-snow amusement park near Gaylord's Opryland hotel.
The park would replace the long-gone Opryland theme park and give a boost to Nashville's leisure travel tourism industry.
"This is going to be so special," Parton said at an early afternoon announcement. "It's a gift for everybody.”
The facility will be a water park during warmer months and will manufacture snow in colder months, similar to the Snow Mountain attraction at Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta.
Phase One will involve a $50 million development on half of about 110 acres into the first water and snow park in the country, officials involved in the project said.
The yet-to-be-named park would open no later than the spring of 2014, with a hope of employing up to 450 people and drawing 500,000 visitors in the first year.
Mayor Karl Dean, described by Parton as her “other husband” because the men share the same name, said the project demonstrates that Nashville is "unstoppable as a tourist destination.”
Dean later gave Parton flowers for her birthday.
Asked about incentives, Gov. Bill Haslam said the state will look at road improvements and FastTrack infrastructure grants and Dean said the city will look at helping with infrastructure and marketing. Details are not finalized.
Gaylord chairman and CEO Colin Reed said closing the original Opryland theme park was a bad idea. He said he spent his first year as CEO fielding letters of complaint.
Herschend Family Entertainment, Parton's partner in the Dollywood theme park in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., also lists Stone Mountain Park as one of its properties.
Gaylord owns 129 acres near Two Rivers Baptist Church across Briley Parkway from the Opryland Resort & Convention Center. Metro government has already approved a special zoning district for the property, which Gaylord started acquiring more than five years ago.

Who is Herschend Family Entertainment?

It’s unclear whether Atlanta-based Herschend Family Entertainment Corp. will have a role in the new park. The company bills itself as “the largest family-owned theme-park corporation” and owns, operates or manages 26 “themed entertainment properties” in 10 states. Among them are the Dollywood theme park and Dollywood’s Splash Country water park in Pigeon Forge; Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta, including water and snow parks; Wild Adventures theme park, Valdosta, Ga.; Silver Dollar City, Branson, Mo.; and Elitch Gardens, a theme park in downtown Denver that the company manages. Herschend’s first property in Tennessee was the Gold Rush Junction Park in Pigeon Forge, which it purchased in 1976 and reopened as Silver Dollar City. In 1986, Dolly Parton became a partner in that operation, which was renamed Dollywood. The company was founded in 1950 when Hugo and Mary Herschend leased Marvel Cave, near Branson, and opened it as a tourist attraction. In 1960, the company added the first Silver Dollar City park at the cave site, featuring an 1880s-themed village. Among the current owners are Jack and Pete Herschend, who both live in Branson. Herschend Family Entertainment already has a link to the Nashville area: Joel Manby, the company’s president and chief executive officer, was a 20-year General Motors executive, and was part of the start-up team for the automaker’s Saturn brand, which was based in Spring Hill. He was responsible for setting up Saturn’s unique marketing and distribution system. Later, he became CEO of Saab Automobile USA, under GM’s ownership. Besides the Dollywood site, there are Herschend-operated water parks in Valdosta, Denver, Buffalo, N.Y., and Branson, and a snow park at the Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta. The company also operates aquariums in Newport, Ky., and Camden, N.J.; tours in cable-car-style buses in San Francisco; and “duck” amphibious-vehicle tours in Branson, Newport, San Francisco, Atlanta and Philadelphia. The company now has about 10,000 employees.
The Tennessean was the first news outlet to break news of this new amusement park and will continue to update this story.

Jeff & Sheri Easter to appear on “The Marty Stuart Show”

Gospel music mainstays Jeff & Sheri Easter to appear on “The Marty Stuart Show”
Award-winning group pays tribute to Lester Flatt classic 

Two-time GRAMMY ® Award nominees and six-time GMA DOVE Award winners Jeff & Sheri Easter are scheduled to appear on “The Marty Stuart Show.” The program, to be recorded in Nashville on Jan. 23, will be aired at a later date on the RFD-TV network.

A household name among Gospel music lovers, Jeff & Sheri will be performing their DOVE-nominated song “Workin’ on a Road,” the duo’s rendition of this classic Lester Flatt tune found on their current project, "Expecting Good Things." Marty and his wife, acclaimed vocalist Connie Smith, along with the show's host, Eddie Stubbs, all joined Jeff & Sheri for the recording of the song on the "Expecting Good Things" release.

"We asked Marty to sing with us on this song because of his early years traveling with Lester Flatt and his obvious love for this music," stated Jeff.  

"The longer I sing, the more I appreciate being able to make great music with such talented artists,” described Sheri.  “Performing alongside such legends seems to not only broaden my abilities as performer, but it also enriches the emotion attached to each lyric."  

For show times and guest appearance details, visit  For further information regarding Jeff & Sheri Easter, visit

ABOUT JEFF & SHERI EASTER               
Two-time GRAMMY®-nominated Jeff & Sheri Easter are Gospel music treasures, featured regularly on the Gaither HOMECOMING videos and international HOMECOMING tours in addition to their own heavy schedule of appearances.  Jeff & Sheri are the recipients of six GMA DOVE Awards, 15 Singing News Fan Awards, three Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association Awards, two International Country Gospel Music Association honors, 16 Voice Awards, four Southern Gospel Music Fan Fair Awards, five SGN Scoops Diamond Awards, four Hearts Aflame Awards and three Cash Box Awards.  Formed in 1988 following childhoods as part of their respective, nationally-known family groups—The Lewis Family and The Easter Brothers, the married couple is joined today on stage by their children—Madison and Morgan Easter—who round out the group.  The group is known for such hits as “Roses Will Bloom Again,” “Praise His Name,” “Thread of Hope,” “Speak to the Mountain” and many others including “Born to Climb,” which garnered a 2010 DOVE Award.

Brand New Strings “Other Side of Lonesome”

New Radio Single Release by Brand New Strings
“Other Side of Lonesome” Now Out to Radio

Listen to clip
Rural Rhythm Records is proud to announce the new single, “Other Side of Lonesome” by the multi-award winning bluegrass band, Brand New Strings.  The song was written by band member, Randall Massengill who also provides lead vocals guitar, and metal body guitar.  He is joined by Mike Ramsey (mandolin); Stuart Wyrick (banjo); Preston Schmidt (fiddle); Tony Mowell (upright bass); Corey Meuchel (percussion).  The song was produced by Preston Schmidt and Brand New Strings and highlights the band’s tight harmony and powerful instrumentation work.
“Other Side of Lonesome” is the first single release from BRAND NEW STRINGS upcoming album, STAY TUNED set for release on Rural Rhythm Records in March 27, 2012.  The song is now available to radio at AirplayDirect and via the label’s Fresh Cuts & Key Tracks CD.
Brand New Strings really hit the ground running ever since their 2010 debut album, NO STRINGS ATTACHED, garnering chart hits, the band’s selection as a 2010 International Bluegrass Music Association Official Showcase Artist, and inclusion on two Rural Rhythm live event albums THE ALL-STAR JAM – LIVE AT GRAVES MOUNTAIN and the BILL MONROE 100TH YEAR CELEBRATION – LIVE AT BEAN BLOSSOM.
For more information on Brand New Strings, please visit

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