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Nashville, TN – As family and friends of Stella Parton can testify, she has an amazing sense of humor, an entertaining way of telling a story and a deep-rooted spiritually, so when Stella went into the studio to record the audio for her book, Tell It Sister, Tell It, it’s no wonder the finished product came out unedited and uncensored. 

Stella comments, “Yes, this audiobook is a little different than the paperback book.  It was difficult to write this very personal memoir, but reading it was even more challenging, and as I read, other things just came to mind.”  This unedited and uncensored version adds an even deeper dimension to an already inspiring story.  Hear the pain, laughter and hope that resonates in Stella’s voice as she tells her own story.

Stella’s career is going full speed in 2012 with the popularity of her book, Tell It Sister, Tell It and the release of her much anticipated DVD, Live In Nashville (footage from a 1990 concert in Nashville was pulled from the Attic Entertainment archives to compile this first installment in the planned Vintage Collection Series). 

In addition, Stella has launched Stella Parton’s Red Tent Revival and Women’s Conference, an event designed to nurture and coach the women of today focusing on multiple topics from spiritual issues to relationships and legal matters. Ladies from all walks of life are welcome in the “red tent” where sisterhoods are created.  For more information on this exciting new event, visit,

Stella Parton is a diverse and dynamic entertainer who continues to not only bring enjoyment to mass audiences worldwide through her music, writing and acting, but she also reaches out and touches individual lives.  Tell it sister, tell it!

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