Thursday, November 15, 2012

Lynn Anderson Releases an Emotive Liz Anderson Ballad

Grammy Award Winning Icon Lynn Anderson Releases an Emotive Liz Anderson Ballad
Lynn Anderson turned to her mother’s catalog for her new single “Day One,” an emotional, break-up track sure to resonate with anyone experiencing loss this holiday season. The timing is perfect for this single as Thursday, Nov 15th marks the most recognized day for ending relationships, known socially as “Dump Day.”
“Everyone handles losing a loved one differently and those wounds seems to burn the brightest when one is left alone during the holiday season,” says Lynn.  “We lost mother last fall and this time of year seems a little colder without her around.  That’s what led us in the direction of this track when Dad and I were looking through her songs.”
Radio programmers can download the track via AirPlay Direct at Fans can purchase the country ballad at
Lynn Anderson is truly a trailblazer on the country music scene honored with Grammy, CMA, ACM, AMA and Billboard awards.  Billboard also recognized her as “Artist of the Decade” for 1970-1980.  In addition, she was the first female country singer to headline and sell out Madison Square Garden in 1974. Her signature single, “(I Never Promised You A) Rose Garden,” earned the title “Top Grossing Country Song by a Female Artist” for more than 27 years, and she has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.
For all the latest updates on Lynn Anderson, visit or follow her on Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter: @LynnAShow. Facebook: OfficialLynnAnderson.

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