Friday, November 16, 2012 - Making It’s Mark - Making It’s Mark

Back in June of this year long time radio veteran Lee Cherry met with veteran news, journalist and internet guru Jim Pombraint to discuss giving the Country Music Fans a way to listen to Country Artists other than the same ones playing over and over on every station in America and the world. After earlier months of testing and research the launch was set forth on August 2012 and was born. Coming from the world of music Cherry also saw this an opportunity for new artists to gain exposure. “the fact that I can help someone get exposure that they would possibly never get otherwise excites me to end”, says Cherry. “The response has been tremendous, we have been invited to events all over and recently had record listener-ship with a Live Broadcast from The Georgia Thrown down.”…. “The  National and International response has been overwhelming.” in three months has received reporting status in November, reporting to the Music Industry spins and song movement information which is used to build charts. is media partners with American Press News offering new artists and bands full exposure at it’s finest. Expect to here great things with the new year to as many things planned from special tours, talent search competitions and much more. To contact : or

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