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     Anita, Iowa...."What with all the 'stuff' we had to take care of with the museum break in, it is finally slowing down a little, but we still don't have any clues as to who broke into our little 'memory museum' dedicated to the movers and shakers of early country music, especially here in the State of Iowa.  The first thing we had to do," said Bob, "was get those windows in the back of the museum cemented shut.  We certainly want to thank Ron Jensen for helping us with that, he did a remarkable job on such short notice.  It'll take a tank to get through what he built with concrete blocks."
     "There was quite a lot of media about this," Sheila added.  All of our local newspapers and radio stations were on it right away.  Channel-13 television came out and did a story that was on the 5pm 6pm and 10pm news that night, and both radio stations in Atlantic, plus one in Red Oak covered it.  Bob and I are so impressed with Midwest people when a time of need comes up.  Some of the stories have invited everyone to come see a show with Storm Seymour and Stephanie Snow on October 12th.  This is going to be a fund raiser to pay for all the cement blocks and the inside plaster board and repairs.  Storm and his niece Stephanie have agreed to give a portion of their earnings to help pay the bills.  So have our regulars Rick & Harriette Andersen, David Green, Marge Lund, Francis Hahn, and Bob & Sheila Everhart.  So, it's going to  be an exciting night for us October 12th, not only a very good entertaining show, but we'll be able to raise some money for the repairs."
     "Not only that," added Bob, some of the newspapers even suggested that if someone couldn't make it to the show, they could still make a donation anyway, so they put our P O Box in the story.  This is a real surprise.  We got some incredible donors, and we can't thank them enough.  Here's who helped out in the order that we received the donations:  Jerry Dietz from KCSI radio in Red Oak, Iowa $100; Roger & Maria Petersen, Omaha, Nebr. $35; Cynthia Binyon, Bisbee, AZ $10; Donna Phillips, Atlantic, Iowa $10; Peter Trenholm Pugwash, Nova Scotia $200; Jim & Marilyn Conrey, W Liberty, Iowa $50; Marjorie Boyle, Santa Barbara, Calif $20; Ruby Jones Atlantic, Iowa $20.  So you can see, we have some super help.  It's so surprising to us, Marjorie Boyle in Calif. heard about it through the Iowa Museum Assn. of which we are members.  And, Peter Trenholm, who just brought us one of the most rare 78rpm records we have, Hank Williams first one on the Sterling label, was absolutely horrified that someone would invade a 'museum' in an attempt to make money.  He was very disgruntled.  So are we, we just don't understand this, but thanks to the many who have already helped out, and to those that will come to see our show on October 12th, we are also very very grateful for the 'nice' people that are still concerned about these kind of terrible things."
     "We also have the Fremont Festival to get ready for too," Sheila added.  "We'll have a donation box there to help raise the few more dollars we need to pay for everything.  It's going to be a hum-dinger of a festival.  Not as large as LeMars, but some of the best talent in our own local and regional area will be performing there.  So, bring the camper out for the weekend, nice electrical hook-ups with water, right close to the performance center, the Christensen Field House in Fremont, Nebraska, Oct. 5-6-7.  Everything starts up at noon on Friday, Oct. 5th."
     "Dad finally figured out how to get a budget lunch at 9pm," Bobbie Lhea added.  "I wanted to see Hotel Transylvania which is in 3-D at the Atlantic theater, so we went, and it is really really good.  It's about a kind of dumb boy who winds up in Dracula's castle, and is the first human to do this. Dracula's daughter is just turning 16 years old, it's her birthday party, and the human and her get close.  Well, you know what I mean, it's a great movie.  Anyway, dad took us to the Feed-Lot after the movie.  He said we could only have a tenderloin sandwich and a drink. Believe it or not, we just barely made our objective, three eat for $20.  Well, dad didn't have anything to drink except water, but he let me have a Shirley Temple, and it still worked out for us.  Good too."
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