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Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

Something I realized when I was walking into my associates office to do this newsletter was what a good value a reconditioned Sho-Bud can be. Good tone, good parts can still be found, beauty like no other, legendary acceptance by the world’s biggest players and the price is as low as I’ve ever seen it at the moment.

The bad thing about buying one sight unseen is they do have a habit of wearing out in serious places. That’s why we try real hard on the ones we sell to go through them all thoroughly and make sure there will be no surprises. Good guitars for very little money, but just be careful if you don’t buy from a reputable dealer.

As a matter of fact, I’ll let this be a segue into our Hall of Fame player this week. One of the most gargantuous players ever, the mighty Curly Chalker. Curly was born October 22, 1931 in the deep south, a town named Enterprise, Alabama. He died April 30, 1998 at 66 years of age.

Curly could play any style of steel guitar from Cousin Jody humor steel up to incredible jazz. He made a living his entire life playing steel guitar. I know one time when he was working a club in Kansas City, Missouri where he worked in a gas station just to fill up his daytime hours and he learned a lot about automobiles through this job.

His favorite car was his 1953 Cadillac Fleetwood which he kept immaculate. Naturally, it was black and not because it sounded better.

Since there is so much out there printed on Curly Chalker, I’ll just stay with personal dealings and stories I’ve had with this monster player. Curly could be one of the most arrogant, sarcastic, insulting, mean talking individuals in the world. Most people knew when to stay totally away from him.

I have been bitten by him a few times and when in Nashville and we were both competing for the same work, I found he could be a horribly aggressive competitor, then turn around and be the greatest friend one could ever have.

But I had so much respect for him and love for his style that I was always very careful what I said and did when around him. I’ll never forget one time he was playing a club in Printer’s Alley here in Nashville, I snuck in the club and sat in the far back and was mesmerized all night with his tremendous playing.

He was working a trio, just himself, bass and drums and backing up some of Nashville’s greatest singers. At the end of the night I just had to walk up to the stage and say something to him. So I sauntered up and said, “Great job Curly. I really enjoyed it.”

He said, “Well, I guess you should. You’ve been sitting there all night afraid to let me know you were in here.” This scared me somewhat. I didn’t know anything else to say so I left.

After Curly’s stroke and he moved to Las Vegas, a prominent steel guitar player went to Vegas to see him and asked Curly how he was doing. Curly said, “Great, but I haven’t been able to play in the last couple of years.”

This person asked Curly if he had tried to play, to which Curly said, “Yeah. I got some help from my wife. She pulled my steel out of the closet, she set it up and helped me up into the chair and I tuned it.”

Then after a pause, this steel player asked Curly how he played after being off it so long. Curly replied, “Well, I played my butt off of course.” I thought, “Yeah, that’s a typical Curly Chalker answer all right.” However, I’m sure he did.

Curly’s stint as a studio musician in Nashville was not that well accepted like it should have been. He was extremely inventive, could not be stumped on anything that he did, however he was just plain not a country steel guitar player, nor did he want to be. Everytime I saw him, he’d complain about producers and hillbilly music and how much he missed the west.

However, he did do a good long stint on HeeHaw. This was between Tom Brumley and Russ Hicks. I thought Curly did exceptionally well when he was working with Hank Thompson in the early fifties. Also as a staff steel player on the Ozark Jubilee TV series back with Red Foley and Porter Waggoner.

The first time I saw Curly was at Ardmore Air Force Base in Gene Autry, Oklahoma. I was a little bit late getting back onto the base one evening, but noticed the big 29 passenger Flxible bus at the NCO club on my right.

I walked in and there was a western swing band setting up in full uniform and I noticed the steel player was playing a new, for the time, Fender 1000 steel guitar and running the wires to his twin Fender Bassman setup. I thought, “This is going to be a horrible sound.”

Still not knowing who he was yet, I went over and asked the skinny guy with the fringe and the cowboy hat who the steel player was going to be this evening. He said, “I am.” Then he stuck his hand out to shake hands with me and said, “I’m the great Curly Chalker.”

I said, “I’ve heard of you. I hear you’re fast like Joaquin Murphy.”

He replied, “If I slowed way down and didn’t play as many great chords, I could sound just like Joaquin.” I immediately realized I had made a mistake. About this time he sat down to tune up and it sounded like all the bugles in Heaven coming out of those eight 10” speakers. What an incredible sound.

The first song the band did together was a big jazz band tune named Summit Ridge Drive, then a hardcore country song called There Stands The Glass, which reminded me of the first time I saw Buddy Emmons play, but this had much more impact. I couldn’t see or think for a week, but I will admit that he totally changed the direction of my life.

I hope you all that are reading this newsletter have had such mind altering musical experiences. I don’t know of anybody that has heard him in the early days that doesn’t remember him with the same reverence.

By the way, Curly and I ended up the greatest of friends in Nashville. I feel that anybody that knew this incredible player well understands where I’m coming from. One of the main reasons I’m writing this newsletter today is because of the way I feel about this guy.

Go to google and type in his name and you’ll get a tremendous amount of information. The reason I’m doing this is to give you a close personal insight and not just stock facts. I miss Curly greatly.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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Laura Dodd Perfromed at the 17th Annual Inspirational Faith Family and Country Awards

November 16,2011- Nashville, TNLaura Dodd Red Couch

Giving the most breathtaking performance an artist could give Laura Dodd won the hearts of the entire standing room only crowd on October 28, as she sang her new hit single  "I Am Pretty" at the 17th annual Inspirational Country Music Awards Show at the Schermerhorn Symphony center.

Rave reviews have been pouring in from Nashville record labels, and industry media as well as fans, fellow artist, and others. Laura shined in her red Nicole Miller gown that she graced the first ever pink carpet gala as she and her band Southern Mercy were interviewed by countless media.  She sang and looked like an angel in her soft pink ballerina style Betsy Johnson dress as she brought the audience to their feet on her soulful heartfelt rendition of " I am Pretty"  a song about domestic violence.    

Be watching for her single release for more information forthcoming from HMG Nashville in January 2012. Laura has lots to sing about with high hopes of a new record label and new concept video release.  The future has never looked brighter for this beautiful little star from Gadsden, Alabama.


Nashville, TN- Nov. 17, 2011- RCA Nashville’s Josh Thompson will release “Comin’ Around” as the lead single from his second studio album, due out next year.  Thompson teamed up with Kendell Marvel and Rodney Clawson to pen the song, which offers an introspective look at how growing up can sometimes draw people back to the places and things they once turned away from.  The track is now available to country radio stations.
“For me, the point of this song is to be able to look back and see how you’ve grown and where you’re going,” says Thompson.  “It’s part of finding that line where you go, ‘OK, it’s time to get my life together.’  I’ve definitely had moments like that in my life, and think my fans will be able to relate to that.”

For a press preview of “Comin’ Around,” click here:

Thompson is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his RCA Nashville disc for which he wrote every song.   The unrelenting road warrior is currently out with headliner Luke Bryan for “CMT On Tour.”  The 20-city tour concludes this weekend with stops in Southaven, MS (11/17), Auburn, AL (11/18) and Monroe, LA (11/19).

Josh Thompson stormed onto the country music scene with his album WAY OUT HERE – debuting in the Top 10 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart and earning praise from countless critics, including NPR’s Fresh Air, Billboard and PEOPLE.  Thompson wrote or co-wrote all 10 tracks on the album including hits “Won’t Be Lonely Long,”  “Way Out Here” and “Beer On The Table.”  He is also a respected songwriter with several outside cuts under his belt including “Church Pew or Bar Stool” from Jason Aldean’s album MY KINDA PARTY and “A Man Don't Have to Die” on Brad Paisley’s THIS IS COUNTRY MUSIC.

For more information and tour dates, visit



Episode Premieres This Saturday

Nashville, TN...(November 17, 2011)...American Country Award Nominee Craig Campbell is excited to be the special guest this weekend on CMT’s Southern Fried Flicks With Hazel Smith.  The episode, which also features CMT original film Reel Love starring LeeAnn Rimes and Burt Reynolds, premieres this Saturday, November 19th at 8PM ET.  

Tune in to watch Hazel and Craig catch up over some delicious southern cookin’ as they discuss how he came to Nashville and the highlights of the year for him, including his recent hits, “Family Man” and “Fish”.

Campbell’s latest single “When I Get It” was shipped to country radio last week.

ABOUT CRAIG CAMPBELL: After moving from his hometown of Lyons, Georgia to Nashville in 2002 to pursue his country music dreams, Craig Campbell quickly picked up work as a keyboardist in Luke Bryan and Tracy Byrd’s bands and was later discovered playing a regular gig at legendary Nashville honky-tonk, The Stage. The singer-songwriter has earned well-deserved praise from the country’s toughest critics.  With the release of his debut album in April 2011, Craig had the highest first week sales for any new male country artist this year.  Campbell’s autobiographical lead single, “Family Man” was a top 15 hit followed by “Fish” which has sold a quarter of a million downloads.  He is nominated in the NEW ARTIST category for SINGLE OF THE YEAR and MUSIC VIDEO OF THE YEAR at the American Country Awards, airing December 5 on FOX.  To learn more about Craig, visit and follow him on Twitter @craigcampbelltv.

Schmidt als Special Guest auf Tour mit Melanie C

Als Special Guest auf Tour mit Melanie C
Unlängst bewies SCHMIDT bei einer Reihe von Club-Dates bereits ihr Talent, nun folgt direkt der Sprung auf die große Bühne: SCHMIDT ist Special Guest auf Melanie C‘s bevorstehenden Tournee, "The Sea – LIVE 2011"!
SCHMIDT und Melanie C – eine Kombination, die bestens passt. Denn nicht nur ist SCHMIDT wie einst Melanie C mit den Spice Girls eine Nachwuchsmusikerin, der man noch viel zutraut, auch die Verbindung zu England ist für SCHMIDT eine besondere. Schließlich wurde die 21-Jährige in London von Star-Produzent Guy Chambers entdeckt und gefördert.
Auf der Suche nach einem besonderen Sound steht SCHMIDT für Jazz influenced Pop; auf eine ganz eigenständige, authentische Art und Weise. Inspiriert durch die Musik der 20iger und das Lebensgefühl von heute. Durch Carbaret, Jazz, Freiheit und Lebensfreude. SCHMIDT's EP "Above Sin City" ist seit dem 21. Oktober überall erhältlich, ihr Debüt-Album „Absolute Schmidt“ wird für März 2012 erwartet.

Bis es soweit ist, kann man sich bei folgenden Terminen von Melanie C ein Bild von den Live-Qualitäten SCHMIDTs machen:

Tour Dates MELANIE C:

28.11.11 Köln / Gloria
29.11.11 Hamburg / Gruenspan
01.12.11 Berlin / C-Club
12.12.11 Zürich (CH) / Härterei
13.12.11 Wien (AT) / WUK
15.12.11 München / Backstage Werk

ADORO vergolden "Liebe meines Lebens"

ADORO vergolden auch ihr neues Album "Liebe meines Lebens"
Universal Music Bild

ADORO vergolden auch ihr neues Album „Liebe meines Lebens“
Erst letzte Woche wurde die beeindruckende Karriere von ADORO mit gleich haufenweise Gold- und Platin-Awards geehrt: Von dem Debüt-Album ADORO (2008/ Charts #1), dem zweiten Longplayer „Für immer und Dich“ (2099/ Charts #2) und dem Nachfolger „Glück“ (2010/ Charts #3) wurden bislang mehr als 1,25 Millionen Tonträger verkauft (GSA).

Doch die Erfolgsgeschichte ist noch lange nicht zu Ende, denn erst am vergangenen Freitag (11.11.11) ist ihr neues Album „Liebe meines Lebens“ erschienen und hat noch in der Woche der Veröffentlichung den GOLD-Status erreicht. Ein eindrucksvoller Beweis dafür, dass das Konzept, große Pop-Hymnen auf klassische Art zu interpretieren auf ein Neues bei den ADORO- Fans hervorragend ankommt.

Wie schon seine drei Vorgänger-Alben wird auch das neue Album „Liebe meines Lebens" bei WE LOVE MUSIC, dem Kooperationslabel von Universal Music und Starwatch Entertainment, dem Musik- und Entertainmentlabel der ProSiebenSat.1 Group veröffentlicht.

Die TV-Weltpremiere ihres neuen Albums feierten ADORO jedoch am vergangenen Samstag beim ZDF - bei der 50. Jubiläums-Sendung von Carmen Nebel, bei der sie den Song „Dein ist mein ganzes Herz“ dem Publikum präsentierten.

Bereits am 22. November folgt ein Auftritt bei der erfolgreichen Casting-Show „X-Factor“ auf VOX, bevor sie dann am 11. Dezember in der ZDF Adventsshow auftreten und nur einige Tage später am 20. Dezember zu Gast bei der ZDF Morgenshow Volle Kanne sein werden.

Ab 03. März nächsten Jahres wird ADORO auch wieder live unterwegs sein – Tourstart ist am 03. März in Bielefeld – insgesamt stehen bislang 23 Tourdaten u.a. für Berlin, Dresden, Köln, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Hamburg, München oder auch Frankfurt auf dem Plan.

Country Music News International November 17th 2011

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(November 16, 2011) Bill Anderson continues to enjoy the fruits of his labor from songwriting, to personal appearances, and constant new awards for his work.  He is always in demand to write as one of music’s greatest songwriters of all time. because of his magic mind and hand, that continue to write hits for many major artists.  A long time member of the Grand Ole Opry, slowing down does not seem to be a part of Bill’s life at this time.  The fan base that he has built up over the past many years makes him one of the legendary artists still in demand as witnessed by his recent appearance in York, PA.

A capacity crowd of fans gathered to enjoy a night with the legend Country Music Hall of  Fame member Bill Anderson Saturday evening November 12th at the York Expo Center in York, PA.

The show produced by Tim Michaels Productions of York was attended by Bill Anderson fans from all over the  East Coast.  Michaels said the contingent of fans many of whom  traveled hundreds of miles to York, were treated to an amazing evening with Bill showcasing the 6 decades of hits that he has written for countless artists in Country Music as well as his perennial favorites like “Still” “I Love You Drops” and  “Tips of My Fingers,” just to name a few.

One of the highlights of the evening was a special presentation to Bill on behalf of all Pennsylvania Country Music fans, and Tim Michaels Productions.  A unique plaque shaped in the form of the State of Pennsylvania was presented to Bill on stage by Michaels and a new and upcoming country singer/songwriter from York, PA, 14 year old, Leah Burke..

For Country Music fans in Pennsylvania it truly was a great night with A Legend.

Marty Martel


Nashville, Tenn. (Wednesday, November 16, 2011) – Twenty Ten Music recording group Attwater recently released their new five-song EP, Christmas, just in time for the holidays.  The band lends their style and Erika Attwater’s pure vocals to seasoned classics, “O Holy Night,” “Little Drummer Boy,” Loretta Lynn’s “It Won’t Seem Like Christmas,” and a country spin on Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and The Raveonettes, “Christmas Song (Walk Me Home).”
Although fairly new to the public eye, principal member, Erika Attwater, felt this EP was a natural addition for the season.  “Everything about Attwater has grown organically and we couldn’t let the holidays pass without contributing something, so that’s what we sought out to do,” Attwater explains.  “We genuinely hope this EP serves to extend pure love and joy in this amazing season, from our hearts to you and yours.”
Christmas, produced by Charlie Peacock (The Civil Wars, Switchfoot), is available for download on iTunes and from Attwater’s official website.
For a limited time, pick up a copy of PEOPLE Country’s latest issue for a free download of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” available online at  
Christmas track listing:
1. All I Want For Christmas Is You    3:37
2. O Holy Night                                  5:44
3. Christmas Song (Walk Me Home)  4:14
4. It Won’t Seem Like Christmas       2:31
5. Little Drummer Boy                       3:08
For information on Attwater including news, tour dates, images, and more, please visit

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