Monday, October 31, 2011

George Hamilton IV wife Tinky open-heart surgery

I spoke with Grand Ole Opry Legend, George Hamilton IV a few hours ago, and he asked me to include his wife Tinky in our prayers and on our prayer lines.  She is due for open-heart surgery on Wed. this week.  Please add George’s wife to your thoughts and prayers today, tomorrow, and all day Wed., and through her road to recovery.  Ask our Blessed Savior to guide the hands of the surgeons who will be in command of this operation, that they will feel the touch of the Lord as he guides them through successful surgery and a complete recovery for Tinky.  Thank you.


"Let's Go Geronimo" - Aura Dione

"Let's Go Geronimo" - Aura Dione erobert mit ihrem Hit auf Anhieb Platz Eins der Single-Charts
Universal Music Bild

Aura Dione
"Let's Go Geronimo" - Aura Dione erobert mit ihrem Hit auf Anhieb Platz Eins der Single-Charts
Nach über zwei Jahren kehrt Aura Dione mit der Veröffentlichung ihrer neuen Hit-Single "Geronimo" zurück auf die musikalische Bühne.

Schon früh zeichnete sich ab, dass der Erfolg von "Geronimo" nicht aufzuhalten sein wird. Bereits vor der offiziellen Veröffentlichung konnte der von Star-Produzent David Jost produzierte Song die Top 5 der bundesweiten Airplay Charts knacken. Seit Veröffentlichung hält sich die Single konstant auf Platz eins in allen relevanten Download-Charts - egal ob iTunes, Amazon oder Musicload. Seit heute zeigt sich der Erfolg auch schwarz auf weiß: „Geronimo“ erobert auf Anhieb Platz Eins der offiziellen MediaControl Single-Charts.

Einen ersten visuellen Vorgeschmack zum "Geronimo" - Video gibt es hier sowie ein ausführliches Interview mit der Künstlerin zu ihrem kommenden Album hier.

Diese Woche Freitag, den 04.11.2011, erscheint „Before The Dinosaurs“, Auras zweiter Longplayer. Am Vortag der Veröffentlichung findet in der Berliner Puro Sky Lounge die Album-Präsentation in intimer Atmosphäre statt; zu der Aura Dione einige ihrer Songs in einer unplugged Version zum Besten geben wird.



Bentley Preps for Canadian and Australian Runs
Beginning Feb. 15

Nashville, TN – Oct. 31, 2011 – Multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley announced today that he will take his COUNTRY & COLD CANS Tour into 2012 with international dates kicking off in Vancouver, BC on Feb. 15.  Following the Canadian leg of the tour, Bentley will travel Down Under for five headlining shows with Australian country star Lee Kernaghan.

“You can find hard core country music fans all over the world, and I love being able to tour other countries and bond over that music we all love,” said Bentley. “The Fall leg of the Country & Cold Cans Tour has been crazy and really exceeded all my expectations.  I'm looking forward to taking it to Canada and Australia in 2012…they do make Labatt and Fosters in a can, right?!"

Of Bentley's "energized" two sold out COUNTRY & COLD CANS shows in NYC, the New York Times said, "Mr. Bentley was master of the party, the musical equivalent of buying a round for everyone in the bar."

International Country & Cold Cans 2012 Tour Dates:
2/15   Vancouver, BC
2/16   Kamloops, BC
2/17   Prince George, BC
2/18   Dawson Creek, BC
2/19   Edmonton, AB
2/21   Calgary, AB
2/22   Saskatoon, SK
2/23   Winnipeg, MB
3/9     Toowoomba, QLD
3/10   Brisbane, QLD
3/13   Melbourne, VIC
3/15   Canberra, ACT
3/17   Hunter Valley, NSW

Bentley’s anthemic “Home” is the new single off his upcoming sixth Capitol Nashville studio project that is scheduled for release in early 2012.  Fans can catch the COUNTRY & COLD CANS Tour in the states this weekend in Kent, OH (11/3), Danville, IL (11/4) and Springfield, IL (11/5). For more information and a full list of tour dates, visit

Jonathan Edwards Finds Perfect Balance

By Bob Keyes
Staff Writer

"We were surprised that we could find this much privacy and seclusion so close to town. And yet, we can get on our bikes and in 20 minutes be on a beach that no one knows about. We love it here," says Edwards, the affable folk singer who has just released his first studio recording in 14 years.

Tucked among the canopied trees of Cape Elizabeth, Edwards' home is a testament to his creative life. His basement recalls the past -- black-and-white photos from his heyday in the Boston folk scene in the 1970s, sharing the stage with James Taylor, Jon Pousette Dart and others; framed LP jackets; copies of his CDs.

The rest of his home captures the present and portends the future: hand-crafted, painted mirrors that Edwards likes to make; an unfinished painting of Marilyn Monroe; an elegant living room piano that indulges Edwards almost every day. He proudly shows off a new pine floor in the kitchen that he recently installed.

Edwards, 65, endeared himself to a generation of music lovers with his Vietnam War-era crossover pop hit "Sunshine" in 1971 -- then spent the next 40 years dodging the call of fame. He's lived in a lot of remote places, including many years on a boat, and made decisions that rewarded him personally but did not benefit his music career.

After moving to dry land in Cape Elizabeth about two years ago and plugging into Portland's collegial music scene, Edwards has rediscovered his love of music, and relaunched his career with the CD "My Love Will Keep." It's a comfortable collection of acoustic songs, mostly falling into the folk-country-bluegrass genre.

It sounds like what we have come to expect from a Jonathan Edwards record over the years: full of energy, hope and an infectious feel-good spirit.

Edwards recorded in Portland with mostly Portland musicians. Jim Begley helped produce and engineer the disc. Grammy Award-winner Bob Ludwig mastered it. This fall, Edwards is touring to support the CD with a combo that includes Portland musicians Tom Snow on piano and Joe Walsh on mandolin.

Edwards has released many CDs over the years, although lately they've been live albums. He has toured enough to maintain his fan base, but not enough to return to the level of chart-topping popularity he enjoyed in the early 1970s, when he played concerts coast to coast and across the globe.

Then again, Edwards didn't particularly enjoy those days.

He never embraced the chaotic travel required of a popular musician -- he was playing 200 or more shows a year back then -- and never felt he was doing what he calls "honest work."

"It was time to follow my heart, and I wondered what it was like to do honest work," he says, seated on a sofa with guitar in hand. "There was a part of me that wanted to be respected and known for skills that you could really admire -- like raising horses, raising a crop or raising a family."

After the release of his second album, "Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy," in 1972, Edwards told his manager to stop booking shows. He moved to Nova Scotia, bought a farm "30 miles down a dirt road," and began working the earth with hands and horses.

The dramatic move wasn't made on a whim, but it certainly was made without concern for his commercial viability. Edwards made no apologies for his decision then, and does not today. He looks back without any hint of regret.

"I'm really a product of convergences in my life, for better or for worse. I try to listen to all the forces that come to bear in a person's life," he says. "I've always followed many different paths."

Up in Nova Scotia, Edwards lived as self-sufficiently as possible, and came out of the woods only long enough to make records and stay connected to his friends. He even joined a local band, The Pitcou County Woodchippers, but never revealed his fame. He just answered an ad in the local paper for a guitar player and showed up at the beer hall for the gig.

In 1975, Emmylou Harris recruited him to sing backup on her landmark second album, "Elite Hotel," so he hopped on a plane to Los Angeles. Since then, he has struck a balance between having a life and having a career.

His desire for both brought him to Portland.

Edwards has known Maine pretty well over the years. He's played here a lot, has made a lot of friends here, and keeps his boat at a marina in Harpswell.

"I've always admired the honesty of people's endeavors here," he says. "And besides, I get recognized a lot in Maine. I don't in Connecticut or Massachusetts. It felt very welcoming and comfortable to put down roots here, as much as you can put down roots anymore."

Edwards has lived in the Caribbean, Texas, New York, Boston -- always moving, always on the go. He compares Portland and its music scene to that of Austin, Texas, but on a smaller scale.

He likes the politics of Maine more than Texas. In concert, he quips that he decided to move after "I woke up one morning and found out that Austin was right smack dab in the middle of Texas."

When it came to finding a base from which to operate the next phase of his career, Portland presented itself as a logical option. After he settled and set the course for making a record, Edwards began his association with Begley. A mutual friend introduced them.

At first, Edwards wasn't so sure about the match. Edwards is no slouch, but Begley is a big man, and he struck Edwards as an imposing figure.

"I thought, 'Uh-oh, this could be a short session,' " Edwards says, "but Jim turned out to be the sweetest, most capable producer and most creative guy I've ever worked with."

They began making "My Love Will Keep" last winter. Some of the songs are those Edwards had stowed away for years; a few are new.
He wrote five of the CD's 12 songs, including a tribute to the late John Denver, "Johnny Blue Horizon." The two men knew each other and played a few shows together, but they were not close.

Nonetheless, Edwards views Denver as something of a mentor and an example of someone who blazed a trail for singer-songwriters who came in his wake, including himself.

The record also includes an outrageous arrangement of The Beatles' "She Loves You" and a song by Edwards' buddy Henry Gross about unemployment, called "Everybody Works in China."

A friend's niece wrote the title track, a beautiful song about the enduring nature of love.

Edwards wants to get this record out nationally. Appleseed Records, based in Pennsylvania, is distributing the CD. Edwards is committed to the record, and is touring to promote it. His fall schedule is full of dates mostly across New England, and he is in the early stages of planning a spring tour of the Midwest.

"This record has definitely energized me," he says. "I feel new energy for the gigs, and I find myself listening more and am more aware of other people's music.

"I'm really enjoying this, and glad to be doing it here in Maine."

Amy Winehouse - „Lioness: Hidden Treasures" erscheint am 02. Dezember

Amy Winehouse - „Lioness: Hidden Treasures" erscheint am 02. Dezember
Universal Music Bild

Amy Winehouse
Amy Winehouse - „Lioness: Hidden Treasures" erscheint am 02. Dezember
"Es war sehr aufregend, mit Amy Winehouse zu arbeiten. Wenn man sich die Aufnahme von 'Body And Soul' anhört, dann ist es ein Zeugnis ihres künstlerischen Genies und ihrer Brillanz als eine der ehrlichsten Musikerinnen, die ich jemals gekannt habe."  Tony Bennett

Nach ihrem tragischen Tod im Juli haben einige der Produzenten und Musiker, die eng mit Amy Winehouse zusammen arbeiteten - darunter Mark Ronson und Salaam Remi - noch einmal alle ihre vielen Aufnahmen angehört, die Amy vor, während und nach den Veröffentlichungen von Frank” und Back To Black” gemacht hat. Alle, die mit Amy gearbeitet haben, waren sich einig, dass sie nie einen Song zweimal auf die gleiche Weise gesungen oder gespielt hat. Salaam und Mark wurde schnell klar, dass sie eine Sammlung von Songs hatten, die es verdiente, gehört zu werden. Eine Sammlung von Songs, die ein angemessenes Zeugnis für Amy als Künstlerin und – genauso wichtig – für Amy, ihre Freundin, sein würde.

Lioness : Hidden Treasures“, das dritte Album von Amy Winehouse, eine der zweifellos talentiertesten, außergewöhnlichsten und beliebtesten Künstlerinnen, die die Popmusik in den letzten Dekaden hervorgebracht hat, wird am 02. Dezember 2011 über Island Records veröffentlicht. Die 12 Songs umfassende Sammlung beinhaltet bisher unveröffentlichte Songs, alternative Versionen von Klassikern ebenso wie einige brandneue Kompositionen von Amy Winehouse und wurde von ihren langjährigen musikalischen Partnern Salaam Remi und Mark Ronson in enger Verbindung mit Amys Familie, Management und der Plattenfirma Island Records zusammengestellt.

Lioness : Hidden Treasures” ist die würdige Ehrung einer Künstlerin, eines Talents und einer Frau und eine Erinnerung an Amys außergewöhnliche Kraft als Songwriterin, Sängerin und Interpretin von Klassikern. 

Amys Vater Mitch über das Album:
Ich habe so viel Zeit damit verbracht, Amy hinterherzujagen und ihr eine Standpauke zu halten, dass ich nie erkannt habe, was für ein wahres Genie sie war. Erst als ich mich hinsetzte und mit dem Rest der Familie dieses Album anhörte, erkannte ich die Bandbreite von Amys Talent, von Jazz Standards bis HipHop, und es hat mir wirklich die Sprache verschlagen. ‘Halftime’ hatte ich bis dahin noch nie gehört. Es ist einfach nur unglaublich schön. Wenn die Familie nicht sicher gewesen wäre, ob dieses Album den Anspruch von “Frank” und “Back To Black” erfüllen würde, hätten wir niemals einer Veröffentlichung zugestimmt. Wir glauben, es wird eine angemessene Anerkennung an Amys musikalisches Erbe sein.”- Mitch Winehouse

Das komplette Tracklisting:

Our Day Will Come (Reggae Version)” - Reggae-Neubearbeitung des 60er Jahre Doo Wop Klassikers produziert von Salaam Remi. Aufgenommen im Mai 2002.

Between The Cheats” –  eine neue Komposition von Amy, aufgenommen in London im Mai 2008 für eine mögliche Einbindung auf Album Nr. 3, produziert von Salaam Remi.

Tears Dry” – im Original von Amy als Ballade geschrieben. Dies ist die Originalversion, die sie im November 2005 in Miami mit Salaam aufgenommen hat. Die spätere Uptempo Version erschien auf Back To Black”.
Wake Up Alone” – Der erste Song, der für die Back To Black” Sessions aufgenommen worden war. Dies ist ein One-Take Demo aufgenommen im März 2006 von Paul O’Duffy.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”Amys wunderschöne Version des von Carole King geschriebenen Shirelles Klassikers. Produziert von Mark Ronson und featuring The Dap Kings mit Streicher-Arrangements von Chris Elliott, der für alle Streicher auf Marks Tracks für Back To Black” verantwortlich zeichnet. Aufgenommen im September 2004.

Valerie” – einer von Amys Jukebox Favoriten. Dies ist die Originalversion mit einem langsamen Tempo, die Mark Ronson nach Back To Black” produziert hat. Aufgenommen im Dezember 2006.

Like Smoke” featuring NAS  - Amy und Nas wurden sehr gute Freunde nachdem Amy den New Yorker Rapper auf dem Song Me & Mr Jones” (Back To Black”) namentlich genannt hatte. Mit Like Smoke” nahm Amy einen Song mit einem ihrer Lieblingskünstler auf. Produziert von Salaam Remi. Aufgenommen im Mai 2008.

The Girl From Ipanema” – der erste Song, den die damals 18-jährige Amy gesungen hat, als sie zum ersten Mal nach Miami ging, um mit Salaam aufzunehmen. Salaam bemerkte: Die  Art, wie sie diesen Bossa Nova-Klassiker neu interpretierte, verdeutlichte mir, dass ich es mit einem ganz besonderen Talent zu tun hatte. Ihre Annäherung an den Song war so jung und frisch, es hat unsere restlichen Sessions wirklich inspiriert.” Aufgenommen im Mai 2002.

Halftime” - Amy hatte mit Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson von The Roots über eine Zusammenarbeit gesprochen. Halftime” ist ein Song, an dem Amy und Salaam seit den Frank“ Sessions gearbeitet haben. Das Ergebnis ist wunderschön. Aufgenommen im August 2002.

Best Friends” - Live-Set Eröffnungssong der Frank”-Ära produziert von Salaam Remi. Wahrscheinlich der erste Song, den frühe Fans von Amy live von ihr gehört haben. Aufgenommen im Februar 2003.

Body & Soul” mit Tony Bennett – ein Cover der 30er Jahre Jazz-Klassikers mit dem Helden Tony Bennett. Aufgenommen in den Abbey Road Studios London im März 2011 und produziert von Phil Ramone. Amys letzte Studioaufnahme.

A Song For You” – eine herzzerreißende und emotionale Version des Leon Russell Klassikers des berühmten Donny Hathaway. Hathaway war Amys absoluter Lieblingskünstler. Der Song entstand mit einer einzigen Aufnahme, nur Amy und ihre Gitarre, in ihrem Haus in London im Frühjahr 2009 als sie mit ihren Dämonen kämpfte. Produziert von Salaam Remi.

Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

In a recent newsletter I made a reference to a great old builder and player. His name was Zane Beck. I called him Zane King in the letter because the great steel player Zane King’s mother was in the store when I was writing the newsletter so I had Zane King on my mind. Several of you spotted this error and lovingly jumped me over it. Both Zane King and Zane Beck were and are incredible players. The world of steel guitar is lucky to have known them both.

I have been harping for about fifteen years about what a wonderful musician Steve Wariner is. I will continue to do so, however it looks like many of you are learning this on your own. About 18 years ago, I sold Steve one of my personal Emmons PP single neck steel guitars. He went on to learn it and learn it very well. He is one of those strange guys that is a very, very nice person along with being a megastar and a tiptop musician on top of it all.

I am very glad to have had a part in getting his career started.

Barbara Mandrell called me one day and said, “I have a singer friend that needs a demo that we can pitch to a major label.” She asked me if I would be interested in playing steel on it.

I said, “It depends on who it is. Tell me who the artist is and I might be able to find time to do it.”

She said, “It’s Steve Wariner and he requested you.”

I said, “I would be very glad to do it then.”

I had worked with Steve Wariner in the Bob Luman band in the old days and Steve played bass so I was well aware of Steve’s talents. I wasn’t extremely sure about his singing at first, however it’s obvious that I should never have had any doubts. He’s an astounding singer and can sing many styles and this guy has a sense of humor that is only surpassed by Roger Miller.

When the demo was finished I had another session I had to run to so I didn’t really get to hear the finished product, but Barbara called me back that evening and said it was astounding.

So I said, “Leave me a copy of it at the studio and I’ll drop it off to Chet Atkins as I feel he would be very interested in Steve’s style and I want Chet to hear him play guitar.” Steve’s guitar playing is beyond belief. Anyway, as all of you know, Chet signed him to a deal with RCA Victor and the rest is history.

One way to get a vocal career started is to do a beautiful demonstration recording so what I always do when I’m trying to pitch a singer to a label is do a video of them performing their sound demo so that the prospect can be seen and heard and even try to do an interview so that their personality can also be observed.

This way the label heads actually know what they’re getting when I walk in to pitch the person to them. I have pitched several artists that are stars today, but I’m really no longer in that business because it seems like many of the people at the labels today really don’t know what they’re hearing and I totally respect and salute those that do.

The old days of dropping off a cassette recording are pretty well totally over as most label heads don’t even interview the singer themselves, instead have a hundred dollar a week secretary do that for them. A real shame. Thank goodness we had a Chet Atkins around when we finished Steve’s demo recording.

If I’d have known he was going to play steel so well, I may not have done it … haha! But seriously, with the personality that Steve has and as nice a person as he is, this guy deserves everything he has ever gotten in the music business. I certainly hope he gets much more. I just hope he does a lot more of that wonderful singing, guitar playing and less steel guitar playing. He’s the kind of hero we all need.

Over the years I’ve watched several careers blossom that I’ve had a hand in helping start. I’ll mention again on my website, there is a video that I did with Steve at the East Tennessee Steel Guitar show fifteen years ago. We did Rocky Top and Don’t You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me.

These videos were shot with a handheld camera back before videos had progressed to the point and quality that they are today. However, watching Steve’s impromptu act on both these songs is a fun thing I’m sure will tickle most of you.

Here’s the link:

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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