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Music of Your Life with Les Brown Jr. and His Band of Renown, Starring Neal McCoy

Country Star Neal McCoy, Les Brown and Band of Renown Team with DPTV Media for Country and Standards Big Band Project Due 11/8

Neal McCoy has two milestone projects due this fall/winter: “Music of Your Life with Les Brown Jr. and His Band of Renown, Starring Neal McCoy, and Special Guests Charley Pride and Janie Fricke” is due 11/8 from DPTV Media.

In January, McCoy's new label home, Blaster Records, releases "XII" produced by Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Brent Rowan, with the first single"A-OK," dropping in October.
Neal McCoyNew York, NY (October 10, 2011) - Country music sensation Neal McCoy has an embarrassment of riches in his fall and winter schedule, with two hot recording projects due beginning in October 2011 and rolling out through January 2012.

In November, DPTV Media, the multi-million dollar entertainment label of WTVS Detroit Public Television, will release a concert CD and DVD collaboration pairing McCoy and his band with the iconic Les Brown Jr. and His Band of Renown. “Music of Your Life with Les Brown Jr. and His Band of Renown, Starring Neal McCoy, and Special Guests Charley Pride and Janie Fricke” includes many of Neal McCoy’s Top 10 hits and American Songbook standards. A 13-song CD and 21-song DVD are due 11/8/2011, and will be available through traditional, online and digital outlets across North America.

Also due from McCoy in January 2012: After eleven albums, over twenty-five charted singles, and countless fans across the nation, McCoy will be releasing his highly-anticipated studio album, 'XII’. The new collection of twelve songs, produced by Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Brent Rowan, marks McCoy's 12th studio album, and his first with new label home, Blaster Records. McCoy's first single from "XII", "A-OK," penned by Barry Dean, Luke Laird and Brett Eldredge, will be released in October 2011.

McCoy, twice named Entertainer of the Year by the fan-voted TNN/Music City News Awards, says of his different upcoming releases, "My DPTV project with Les Brown gave me the opportunity to do something I always wanted to do, sing with horns and a Big Band. And I’d like to do more of that. Having Miranda and Blake involved in ‘XII’, the first project at my new label, Blaster Records, is huge for me. Not only do they have great vision, but they know when to have fun and when to get serious along with being fantastic musicians. I’m so excited about everything that’s coming up.”

The DPTV Media project has roots in McCoy’s earliest years, when he started out singing standards with a small jazz band in Texas. “Sentimental Journey,” a huge hit for Les Brown’s Band of Renown (the band Les Brown Sr. founded in the 1930’s as Les Brown and His Blue Devils), was a favorite of McCoy’s. When Brown and McCoy met in Branson, where Brown lives and hosts his syndicated radio show on the “Music of Your Life” Network, Brown was tickled to know the song, written by Les Brown Sr., Bud Green and Benjamin Homer, was in McCoy’s repertoire.

McCoy says, “I grew up on pop music and Great American Songbook, and I love melody and good phrasing in whatever I’m singin’. As I established my cred in country, I started putting songs like ‘Sentimental Journey’ and ‘I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face,’ back in the shows. People love the old songs because it’s just great writing all around.”

McCoy and Brown also share a strong connection to the USO. McCoy frequently entertains U.S. and allied troops around the world, as did Les Brown Sr. in his many USO shows with Bob Hope. To date, McCoy has performed seven concerts in Iraq, two in Afghanistan, along with shows in Pakistan, Germany and Bosnia, on ships in the Persian Gulf and military bases all over the states. In the DPTV Media show, McCoy and Brown pay tribute to our military men and women with the song, “I’m Your Biggest Fan” to a great crowd reaction.

DPTV Media, in its maverick fashion, pulled the trigger quickly on the project. “I’m a big Neal McCoy fan,” says Jamie Westrick, Executive Producer of DPTV Media. “Les Brown and Neal McCoy have created something very unique. We’re proud to be a part of it, and to be sharing it on PBS stations through DPTV Media.”

DPTV is the only PBS licensee in the country - and the first of its kind - with its own entertainment label, DPTV Media. DPTV Media was the #1 Billboard Top World label in 2004. DPTV Media is distributed throughout North America by eOne Entertainment. Executive Producers for this project are Jamie Westrick and Les Brown Jr., with Josette Marano serving as TV producer, and Keith Olsen and Les Brown Jr. as music producers.

The 60-minute DPTV Media concert special delivers a mix of many of McCoy's Top 10 Country hits plus several standards, all with the backing of the 20+ piece orchestra (including McCoy’s band with each player featured throughout the show). Added to the performance roster are singer Janie Fricke, who discovered Neal McCoy, and Charley Pride, who signed McCoy to his first record deal. Fricke and McCoy team on “It’s a Cheating Situation.” Pride and McCoy duet on “You're My Jamaica”.

Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

Today we have a subject that I have been asked about hundreds of times and I see it has flared up on the Steel Guitar Forum again. The subject is a guitar that Lloyd Green owned and played for several years and cut an extremely famous album on with Charley Pride.

The first time I saw this guitar was in January of 1970. Lloyd was playing it in RCA Studio B doing a Charley Pride session. I remember the session well and even remember the tunes that were on it on that beautiful January day.

I asked Lloyd many questions concerning the guitar. He gave me a lot of information and told me if I wanted to know anything more about it to ask David Jackson at Sho-Bud. Within a week I went to David and asked him several questions about the guitar that Lloyd could not answer.

This guitar is referred to among most people in the United States now as the Thunderbolt or Lightning guitar. The reason for this because of the flaw in the birdseye maple front. I say flaw, however it’s not really a flaw, it’s just a discoloration in the shape of maybe how a cartoonist would draw a lightning strike in a cartoon.

I asked David about this wood on the front of Lloyd’s guitar and he told me a very interesting story. It seems as though the guitar was going to be sold to Lloyd on a no profit basis so David was trying to keep the expense down on the entire guitar.

The wood on the front was actually a scrap piece of wood that David had discarded but dug out to build the body of Lloyd’s new masterpiece. He also confided in me that there were a few other pieces in the guitar that had been mis-drilled or improperly manufactured during production.

I thought this was very interesting and thought that it might turn into a legendary guitar when its image made the cover of several of Lloyd’s albums. Of course, this guitar was a double neck fingertip tuning style and quite possibly Lloyd’s last double neck made by Sho-Bud.

It wasn’t too long until Lloyd had a new Sho-Bud built Baldwin double neck crossover guitar. Lloyd vehemently complained about the weight of the guitar. He went back to David at Sho-Bud and told David he wanted a single neck guitar that was much lighter, to just go ahead and take the inside neck off.

So David removed the inside neck and put a pad for Lloyd to rest his forearms on. Several people saw this new Lloyd Green guitar with a total aluminum frame and liked it well enough to order one like it.

Then Lloyd and David decided that by doing away with the aluminum frame they could even save a little more weight, thus was produced the Lloyd Green model that we all know today.

However, going back to the original fingertip Charley Pride guitar named so because of being on the Panther Hall album that Lloyd recorded on with Charley. It is also known as the Panther Hall guitar.

This guitar was traded in to Sho-Bud after Lloyd received his new guitar made from a Baldwin crossover and realized that it worked equally as well if not even better than the Lightning Bolt guitar.

A dealer from St. Louis that we all know and respect ended up buying the guitar from Sho-Bud, took it back to St. Louis, had it disassembled and refinished, pretty poorly I might add. A couple years later he sent me a picture of the guitar. I immediately recognized it by its famous flaw in the wood. The price was agreed on and I bought it.

I brought the guitar back to Nashville and totally disassembled it again, had it refinished for the third time by the actual Sho-Bud employees that built the guitar in the beginning. There were several parts that Lloyd had pretty well worn totally out so after much looking and digging through Sho-Bud parts bins, I found what was needed with all original parts, carefully reassembled the guitar and it was a thing of beauty.

Naturally I called Lloyd. He came to my store, sat down and played it for three or four hours. Many pictures were taken by myself and others of Lloyd’s reunion with this guitar. I was thinking I had a sale on the guitar back to Lloyd, but he decided to pass on it.

He related several interesting stories to me about the guitar. One thing that I thought was pretty funny was he told me how the low G sharp string would continuously but slowly and uniformly go out of tune as he was playing. So every few minutes, he would reach down and give the tuning nut on the sixth string about a quarter of a turn to the right. He said this always put it exactly back in perfect tune.

I myself used the guitar on one session thinking I might want to keep it myself. However the guitar felt pretty strange to me and I really didn’t like the tone of it as much as my Emmons PP.

Meanwhile, I had a friend in Texas that said he was very interested in buying the guitar. He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse which was a lot of money and two boxes of freshly canned vegetables and fruit. This gentleman that we shall call Gary still has the guitar today as far as I know. I know he could sell it today for much more than what he paid me for it.

Famous steel guitars that were on well known albums seem to be coming up in value like I never thought they would. I think this is wonderful because it shows that people care about steel guitar in general and about specific steel guitars and what they have done in their lifetime. This is much like rock n roll guitars that are owned by famous players that sell at auctions for a million dollars or more.

I have had several fingertip tuning Sho-Buds and restored many of them. This one was as good as any, however I have had some that I didn’t really care for. The tone on every one of these guitars has been very good and I feel they sound as good as any Sho-Buds ever made.

The complete pedal mechanism on these guitars is buried down into the body which can have a lot to do with the tonal characteristics. I know Paul Bigsby buried the entire neck on some guitars he built about an eighth of an inch into the top of the body and improved the tone that he got out of the Bigsby. The Ethel Starr guitar is one of several.

I just thought that many of you would like to hear more of the detailed history of this famous guitar. I’ve had many players tell me this is the guitar that influenced them to play steel since they still have the album and would like to know whatever happened to the guitar.

Since I have owned this guitar and have been following its history for several years and even had to restore it once, I figured I would pass on some good accurate historical information. As far as I know it is still living happily on an 1100 acre ranch southwest of San Antonio with an owner that loves it very much.

Keep watching my website if you’d be interested in purchasing a wonderful old collectible guitar.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Country Music News International October 10th, 2011

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Mack Abernathy – Fire On The Line

Mack Abernathy – Fire On The Line

TDM / Hombre Records

1. Fire On the Line 3:10 2. Texas 2:59 3. Dropping Out of Sight 3:11 4. L.A. Run 3:06 5. Best of Both Worlds 2:59 6. Jessie 2:38 7. Country Boy Saturday Night 3:34 8. Everybody in Fort Worth 3:05 9. Fire Burns On 3:05 10. I Should Be Leaving You 3:58 11. Young Guns and Old Pistoleros 3:32

Mack Abernathy präsentiert jetzt auf seinem Album eine Mischung aus traditioneller Country Music und Western Swing. Besonders der Song „Texas“ lässt das Herz höher schlagen. Ist es doch der Traum von vielen von uns einmal in Texas zu leben. Insgesamt macht das Album „Fire On The Line“ mit seinen 11 Songs einen gelungenen sehr zufriedenstellenden Eindruck. Es fehlt zwar der Song, der einem immer und immer wieder ins Ohr gehen möchte, aber das sollte jetzt kein Grund sein, dass Album im Verkaufs-Regal stehen zu lassen.

Christian Lamitschka ( )

Frizzell & West Reunite at Hard Rock

In a recent performance at Nashville’s Hard Rock Café, country music legends David Frizzell and Shelly West reunited for a performance of their classic hit, “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma.” The special performance of ‘Frizzell and Friends’ was held in honor of singer/songwriter/producer David Frizzell’s 70th birthday. Opening the show were Eric Lee Beddingfield and Marty McIntosh, whose debut album was produced by David Frizzell.
[Pictured L-R]: Marty McIntosh - Cary Rolfe of The Country Network –
Shelly West – David Frizzell

Mitch Rossell From Youtube to Nashville

Mitch Rossell From Youtube to Nashville

Since moving to Nashville, TN just over a year and half ago Mitch Rossell can be said to be on the fast track to achieving his dreams of being a Country Music Artist. The ball first started rolling after John D. Hopkins of Zac Brown Band contacted Mitch via Youtube and invited him to a ZBB show in Kingsport, TN. After the show Mitch had the opportunity to play for everyone in the ZBB, which was the start of a key relationship with one of the top bands/artist in Country Music.

This relationship would lead to John D. Hopkins, Chris Fryar, and Clay Cook of ZBB playing on Mitch’s newly released single “Prayin’ It Don’t Rain” available on ITunes since Tuesday August 16th. Additionally, John D. Hopkins brought Jason “Slim” Gambill of Lady Antebellum in to play lead guitar on the record with Justin Williamson “fiddle” player for Brad Paisley and personal friend of Mitch rounding out the all-star cast of musicians on the record. Writers on the record include Mitch Rossell, David Reuter, and Curt Collins. Mitch’s entrepreneurial spirit has lead him to form his own production/publishing company with long time friend/mentor Josh Logan. Additionally, they have just launched a video division in conjunction with Chad Ainsworth of Chad Ainsworth Productions. The first project of the collaboration was the official music video for “Prayin’ It Don’t Rain,” release since September , 2011.
Mitch’s Youtube presence continues to generate fans and drive record sales enabling him to support himself as a full-time musician. Youtube has also generated re-tweets of Mitch’s videos via twitter from artists Brad
Paisley, Miranda Lambert, and Eric Church.
Youtube was also the primary marketing vehicle that landed Mitch a performance with Eric Church for a promotional segment produced by Dick Clark Productions for the Academy of Country Music Awards.
To date Mitch has amassed over 4 million views on Youtube. The 23 year old singer/song writer from Chattanooga, TN seems to be off to a fast start in the big city of neon dreams.!/officialmitchrossell



To say the 2011 R.O.P.E. Awards Banquet was one of the best I have ever witnessed would be the understatement of the year-IT WAS THE BEST.  From the moment Rhonda Vincent entered the Shriner’s Temple around 4PM October 6 to have sound check, until she left the building around 1130PM, R.O.P.E. members and guest were treated to one of the great performances ever at our events.  Rhonda came to our show as the featured entertainer, and she left as the best of the best, and also as a Lifetime Member of R.O.P.E.  I presented her with her Lifetime Membership Card during her performance.  (See Photo). Her membership was given from an anonymous fan who explained that she continues to give so much back to bluegrass and country music, that it was only fitting that she be a lifetime member of R.O.P.E. 

As President of R.O.P.E., we are honored to have this superstar entertainer as a member, and we cannot thank her enough for giving one of the great performances I have seen in many years.  She exemplifies what the meaning of “entertainer” really means.  When the doors opened, Rhonda was ready to meet and greet, and that is exactly what she did the entire evening.  She never turned anyone away for photographs, autographs, or just chatting with all of her fans.  One of the things that stands out in my mind, is that she was a part of the entire evening, but when she went on stage, she was in complete control of the entire audience, and not one, I emphasize not one person left until her show was complete.  She gave her all for this performance, as I am sure she does at all of her performances.  A gracious superstar that could give lessons those artists who think they are superstars.  No bodyguards, no managers telling you to stand back or no photographs, no ego with her and her awesome band.  She is the consummate entertainer, and I am still wondering why she is not a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

We were all blessed with Rhonda’s super performance.  It was high octane bluegrass and country, and if you want to hear what great harmony should sound like, then go and see one of Rhonda’s shows.  To say that her band, The Rage, are awesome performers, would also be an understatement.  Each of the members of her band are stars in their own right, and when you put them together, it becomes a star-studded evening.  Rhonda and her band are each super musicians and they blend their talents to make one of the greatest shows in either bluegrass or country.  Rhonda makes the distance between bluegrass and country as short as you want to make it.  She can sing you a country ballad, or pay tribute to the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe, and before her performance is over, you know that you are seeing one of the best entertainers to ever grace any stage in the world. 

When you go to one of her shows, ask her about her trip to Hawaii and let her tell you some stories that are very special to her.  Her tribute to our military is as good as it gets, and it is a part of her show.  She leaves no one out of any of her shows, and R.O.P.E. was treated to this great lady’s love and passion for her music that she gives to her fans.  For those in the audience that had never seen Rhonda Vincent & The Rage perform, they left as true fans.

Rhonda Vincent shares her music with the fans, but she also knows how to make sure that all in attendance know that they are a part of her show.  There are not too many entertainers who make it a point to introduce and invite on stage all of her fellow artists who are in attendance, but last Thursday night she paid tribute to those artists in attendance by performing several of the artists songs, and then inviting them onstage to sing a part also.  She had Jeanne Pruett who thrilled the audience with “Satin Sheets,” and the ironic part of this is, I have not seen Jeanne sing Satin Sheets in public for several years, but what a treat it was, then one of Jeannie Seely’s songs, and Jeannie came on stage to sing with her, also Moe Bandy, who was our 2010 featured entertainer.  And for the closing of her show she invited all of the guest artists who were in attendance to join her on stage to join her to sing “I Saw The Light” and at this time Jett Williams, Jan Howard, Charlie McCoy, George Hamilton IV, Razzy Bailey, Leona Williams, Jeannie Seely, Jeanne Pruett, Moe Bandy, Stan Hitchcock, and Rattlesnake Annie were all onstage to close Rhonda’s show with her.  We were treated to a special evening with Rhonda Vincent and The Rage.

Also in attendance were the following, and I sincerely hope I don’t leave anyone out, but that would be normal for me to forget, so please accept my apologies if I should:  Great songwriters Ray Pennington, Bobby Tomerlin, and George Riddle, David Russell, last years winner of the Musician Award, Grand Ole Opry artists’ Jim Ed Brown and Stonewall Jackson, Pioneer Award winner Bayron Binkley, Bill Wence, Rose Drake, Jesse Lee Jones, our legal counsel for R.O.P.E., Gene Ward, super air personality Kyle Cantrell, one of the great talent agents ever in country music, Joe Taylor and son Brent, (Joe looked great, and Brent looks like his Dad), Keith Adkinson with Jett Williams, the last living member of the Hank Williams Band Drifting Cowboys, Hazel Helms, widow of legendary steel guitarist Don Helms.  I introduced Hazel and she acknowledged everyone, and she was given a standing ovation.  Allen Karl, the European Country Music Associations 2011 Winner for Male Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year was in attendance, along with his new duet partner, and recording artist, Donna Cunningham.  Just sitting here typing, I know I have missed someone, but not intentionally. 

I thank all of the media who gave our event a great deal of attention, and a special thanks to Demetria Kaladimos and Ch. 4 News for their coverage, especially of Bayron Binkley’s Pioneer Award, and another special thanks to Jeff Moseley and Brian Covert of Inside Music Row (IMR), for their super coverage of the show.  Kelly Lynn (IMR) interviewed Rhonda, Charlie McCoy, and myself, and she was super great with the interviews.  She talked about what R.O.P.E. stands for, what are goals are for the future, and how important R.O.P.E. is for the country music industry.  Thanks to Lon Helton of Country Aircheck for the super promotional ad that he gave to R.O.P.E. for our use, to Jim Asker of All Access, and to John Hendricks of AllAboutCountry.  Also, to all those DJ’s Worldwide who promoted our R.O.P.E. Show and to everyone involved in making the 2011 Show one of the most memorable ones that we have ever had.  A great thank you to Cindy Watts of our Tennessean for her article that she included in the Celebrity Section of the paper, the day of the show.  It did help our ticket sales.  And I did not and would not forget, Bill Cody, Charlie Mattos, Joe Limbardi, and Bill White for their great support from WSM-AM.  They have been our great support system for many years, and we owe Bill and all of WSM a vote of thanks for allowing us to promote our events to the world with WSM/AM.  The interview with Rhonda, Bill, and Charlie was a great shot in the arm for the show.  Rhonda had some great stories, and of course Bill and Charlie just keep things moving, for the best radio show in country music.  That is my opinion-but shared by many.  Thanks to everyone. 

A special thanks to Gus Arrendale of Springer Mountain Farms for once again donating the water and the chicken for our event.  To Leslie Elliot our Executive Director of R.O.P.E. for her awesome job of keeping me in line, and giving her all, along with her hubby Ron, to make sure that all the i’s were dotted and the t’s were crossed.  Ron is also a member of our Board of Directors.  I thank all of our Board of Directors who worked so hard to make sure that this night would be a special night-and it was.  Also in attendance were most of our Board of Directors, including Bill and Connie Littleton, Jean Stromatt, Jeanette Scott, Dave and Marilou Barton, Charlie Dick, Ron Elliott, Libby Griggs, and our V.P.-Billy and Pat Henson.

A special thanks goes out to Barrett Hobbs and his company, who catered our event.  The service was great, and food was as good as it has ever been. 

Once again the host of our R.O.P.E. Banquet Awards Show was super air personality, our great friend, Keith Bilbrey.  I will say again, that after I introduced Keith as the host for the evening, I was left to enjoy the evening with my lady Julie Richardson, and my dear friends from Michigan, Clarence and Jerri Mott, and also Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham.  Keith and Emy sat at our table with us, so my evening was special because I was able to be with my friends, my associates, and all of the great country music legends in attendance, and that is what R.O.P.E. is all about. 

This picture depicts what R.O.P.E. stands for.  Friendship, camaraderie, meeting new and old friends, and sharing good times together, and keeping country music alive and well.  We are already working on our 2012 agenda for our annual June show, and one of our biggest events since R.O.P.E. organized will be next years Banquet Awards Show, our 25th Silver Anniversary.  We have great surprises for our members and we know that it will be a complete sold out event.  We will be able to let everyone know well in advance all of the details of this special year in the life of R.O.P.E.  Also, finally we have decided on a new event which I think could be one of the best of all time.  It takes time for any organization to schedule new events, because we want to be sure that these new ideas turn out to be good for all of our members, and we know that this particular event will be something that you will want to attend, because it will be a first in our industry-to the best of my knowledge.

The 2011 R.O.P.E. Award Winners

The entire evening was a special highlight, but there were special moments, and I would like to tell you about three of them.  First the Mac Wiseman Nightingale Awards were given to Bill Grammar’s widow, Ruth Grammar for her love and care of Billy through all of their years together, and thought his health hardships.  She was there by his side.  And the other award was given to Joe Taylor for his friendship with Doug Leatherwood.  Doug lost his life saving Joe’s life during this years tornado which destroyed Joe’s home.  It was a touching moment for all of us who are close to Joe, and we know how difficult it was for Joe to accept this award.  His son Brent accepted the award for his Dad.  Doug Leatherwood is a special part of Joe Taylor’s life, and we all pay honor and tribute to both Ruth and Doug by these awards.

Of special meaning to me was our newest R.O.P.E. Award, “The Pioneer Award,” which was given to Bayron “Bink” Binkley for his great achievements and his vision of the future of country music through television.  Bink did not know that he was going to receive this award.  Too many years have passed and Bink has never received the recognition that he deserves, and R.O.P.E. was honored to present the inaugural award to this great man for all that he has done for our country music industry.  His accomplishments are the reason that country music has become worldwide because of the promotion that it received through the television medium.  Congratulations Bink from all of us in the country music industry.

First Annual R.O.P.E. Pioneer Award      Bayron “Bink” Binkley

Mac Wiseman Nightingale Awards            Ruth Grammar and Doug Leatherwood

Business                                                          Rose Drake

Media                                                             Bob Oermann

D.J.                                                                 Bill Mack

Songwriter                                                     George Riddle

Musicians                                                       Ralph Mooney

Entertainer                                                    Leona Williams

As President of R.O.P.E. along with all of our Board of Directors, we thank all those in attendance for the 2011 Banquet Awards Show.  We sincerely hope you enjoyed the evening with Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, the good food, and an evening of renewing old friendship and making new ones.  We thank the members of the Al Menah Shriner’s Temple for all of their dedicated work to make our event a special evening.  I also hope that we have given our thanks to everyone involved with our special evening.

I feel that R.O.P.E. is an organization for everyone in the country music industry.  We are not a retirement group, we are a organization to preserve traditional country music, and we wish that more of the newer artists in country music would join our group to realize that we are for all ages.  We are growing in numbers with some great young new artists, and we are wanting the newer artists who are enjoying success at this time, to think about being a part of R.O.P.E.   So if you are not a member of R.O.P.E. please consider joining by getting in touch with me or any of our Board of Directors to find out what we are all about, and for those of you who are members and who know about R.O.P.E. tell your friends to think about joining our organizations. 

I have written my usual-from the heart article.  I know it is long and I hope that I have not bored you.  I am putting this as an attachment also in hopes that you will see all of the pictures and be able to read all of the text.

I thank all those in attendance and we have many surprises in store for you for 2012.  God Bless Each of You.  I have waited until this last paragraph to thank R.O.P.E.’s personal photographer, Jerry Overcast for his great work taking all of our pictures.  His service to R.O.P.E. is so valuable to what we do as a group, and we feel that he is the best when it comes to covering any event for photographs.  Thanks again Jerry for your picture that allow me to let everyone be a part of what we enjoyed last Thursday night. 

Marty Martel

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