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John Doyle - Shadow and Light

John Doyle - Shadow and Light
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John Doyle - Shadow and Light
Shadow and Light, John Doyle's first solo album in six years,  pays tribute to Irish musical tradition while forging a path of its own on a set of largely original songs characterized by Doyle's rhythmic and harmonic genius. Standout tracks include “The Curraghman,” an instrumental that captures Doyle’s unique style, and “Clear the Way” is a beautiful example of Doyle’s talent as a songwriter. His signature left-hand finger picking style – a style that informed the sound of the first Irish-American super-group Solas – earned Doyle a GRAMMY nomination for his collaboration with fiddler Liz Carroll in 2010.

Bearfoot - American Story
Bearfoot - American Story

American Story is an album  that pays homage to old-timey string bands but not without youthful abandon and pop undertones. For fans of the Wailin’ Jennys and Dixie Chicks, it is historical and autobiographical and it is profoundly fun – showcasing the new incarnation of the group with singers Nora Jane Struthers and Todd Grebe at the helm. Founding members Angela Oudean (fiddle) and Jason Norris (mandolin) added a new multi-talented rhythm player, the bassist-drummer (and sometimes banjo-picking) PJ George.

Eric Church Fan Hits 100th Show Milestone

L to R: Eric Church and Aaron R. Shriver (Image Courtesy of EricChurch.com)
Eric Church Fan Hits 100th Show Milestone

New music video for single, “Drink In My Hand,” debuts

Nashville, Tenn. (Tuesday, September 27, 2011) – Eric Church has always credited his loyal fan base with his rise to fame and recognition, such as this year’s fan-voted ACM New Solo Vocalist Award, so when it came time to film the music video for the audience-inspired hit, “Drink In My Hand,” from his chart-topping release, CHIEF, Church knew he could leave it in their hands.  The music video, filmed in Council Bluffs, Iowa on August 26 and 27, and directed by Peter Zavadil, showcases exactly what the fans have come to love from his live shows. One fan in particular, Aaron R. Shriver, knew he wouldn’t miss the special performances as they marked shows 98 and 99 for him with his 100th show milestone met on Sunday, Sept. 25 in Tinley Park, IL at First Midwest.

“I got to see Eric Church open the first night in Cincinnati, Ohio on the Bob Segar tour,” said Shriver.  “That night I took my father to his very first Eric Church show. He saw the fire and passion in Eric’s stage presence, and now he is just as big of a fan as I am. I also saw Eric play in a Wal-Mart parking lot with just eight people in the crowd six months after he just played a huge sold-out arena. I will never forget those days, nor will I forget the day I heard CHIEF went No. 1--it was like an accomplishment for the entire [Church] Choir that has stood behind the one musician that we all believe in so much.”

Church recognized Shriver at Sunday’s show by bringing him on stage and presenting him with his guitar, a Gibson Hummingbird.  [Footage of the presentation can be found HERE.] 

“I am constantly blown away by the passion of our fans.  It was really cool to be able to honor Aaron's 100th show on stage and share that experience with everyone in the crowd,” shares Church. “Though he is the first, I look forward to more of our fans reaching that milestone.  It is truly humbling.”

Church recently celebrated his own milestone with over 1,000 shows performed since he began touring in 2006. 

The energy of the live show and the fans’ interaction was the inspiration for the single “Drink In My Hand” as well as the music video.  Church was inspired to write the song after commenting on the audience’s synchronized motion to certain phrases in his songs and noted, “All the fans want to do is put a drink in their hand.”  He later penned the tune with Michael Heeney and Luke Laird

For upcoming performances and tour dates, please visit www.ericchurch.com.

Martina McBride Starts Over ... from the Top

Martina McBride Starts Over ... from the Top
By Kip Kirby
© 2011 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
After nearly 20 years in the music business, Martina McBride has started over. It’s a time of seismic change in the superstar’s career — and nobody is more excited than she is. With a new record label, new management, new producer, newly-spotlighted songwriting prowess, new studio recording process and a brand new air of accomplishment, McBride’s career is taking on a fresh patina.
“It really does feel like starting over for me — starting over but with a track record and with the success and experience I’ve had over the years. I feel more mature and more confident, which comes with knowing yourself better. But there are a lot of opportunities now that I haven’t had in a long time.”
When her contract with RCA Nashville expired in 2010, McBride revved up for new challenges ahead. “I have a lot of friends there and we obviously had a great run,” she pointed out. “But there comes a time when you have to step back and say, ‘I need something different.’ It was a bit of a risk, but you have to do what feels right. It took me a long time to realize that it wasn’t a marriage, it was a business relationship.”
After weighing her options, McBride decided to join Republic Nashville, the label launched jointly in 2009 by Big Machine Records and Universal Republic. “We had a couple of offers that were really great,” she noted. “But what really drew me in the end was (Big Machine Label Group President/CEO) Scott Borchetta and his reputation. Just sitting back and watching what he’s been able to do with his artists, and then when I met with him, his enthusiasm and passion for music — not only for the business but for the music: The company is very music-centric. That was fascinating and inspiring to me. I really got the feeling that they get up every day and say, ‘Wow, we get to be in the music business!’ They’re so excited by it. They’re aggressive and passionate and doing innovative things, and it’s contagious. I wanted to be around that positive energy.”
At the same time, the Republic Nashville team was vocal about wanting to help McBride make a great career record. “It wasn’t about, ‘OK, let’s sign her and we’ll continue doing what she’s done before or we’ll see what happens,’” she said. “It was, ‘We want you and we want this to be the biggest record of your career.’ There was no sense of them signing me only to continue on the same path. Just to have that belief and confidence in me and to see a future that’s even bigger than what I’ve had at this stage of my career was really exciting.”
The feeling was mutual. “Scott and I are big fans of Martina’s,” explained Jimmy Harnen, President, Republic Nashville. “So when we found out she was looking for a new home, we didn’t run after her — we raced after her. An artist of her stature is timeless.”
Borchetta planted the seeds for another first. “We were talking and Scott said, ‘Have you ever thought about recording outside of Nashville?’ I said no,” McBride recalled. “He said, ‘Well, maybe you should think about it. I think you need to get out of your comfort zone a little bit and see what happens if you get away.’ I think he understood that when I’m here (in Nashville), I wear a lot of hats. I get to be a musician part time, but I’m a mom first. I only get to focus on music a few hours every day before I have to pick up the kids from school and figure out what to make for dinner every night. For Scott to say that, I thought it showed a lot of insight. It was a respectful way to say, ‘You need to focus on the music if this album is really important to you.’”
With Byron Gallimore, who would co-produce with McBride, and a group of seasoned Nashville musicians in tow, she headed down to Atlanta’s Southern Tracks Recording studio in January in the middle of an ice storm that shut the city down. “There was nothing to do there but make music,” she said, laughing. “We couldn’t go shopping. We couldn’t go out to eat. Every day we’d slide across the parking lot from the hotel and work in the studio, making music all day.” The proximity to Nashville allowed her to return home to see her daughters Ava, 5, Delaney, 16, and Emma, 13, mid-session, yet being away from home for several days at a clip furnished her the luxury of focusing totally on the music.
When McBride’s album, Eleven, comes out in October, fans and industry alike might be surprised to find that most of the songs are co-written by the artist herself. For the first time in her career, she found herself with plenty of time on the front end to stretch her songwriting skills.
“I started writing and looking for songs between signing with my new management and signing the new record deal,” she said. “While I was meeting with people to see what would happen, I began taking song meetings. Then I thought, ‘I’ve got this time and all three girls are in school all day,’ so I didn’t have to worry that I was taking time away from them. I decided I’m just going to see what happens. I love writers, and I’m not an artist who now thinks I have to write everything I record. But people were encouraging me to write and wanted to write with me, so I just started doing it. Because of it, I think this record shows a lot of different sides of my personality. I think the songwriting peels back a layer and shows a whole other part of me.”
McBride’s co-producer can’t say enough about the singer’s craft. “This was our first time in the studio together, and she was amazing,” Gallimore enthused. “She has perfect pitch, delivers 100 percent, and the one thing that slayed me was how she brought her songwriting in on a level that she’s never done before. I think she may have written one or two things in the past for an album, but people are going to look at this album and go, ‘Wow, she wrote that one? And that one? And that one?”
Case in point: “Teenage Daughters,” written by McBride, Brad Warren and Brett Warren. “The first time we all listened to it, we looked at each other and said, ‘That’s the first single!’” said Harnen. “The decision took all of about three seconds. A few weeks later, our entire promotion staff was running around the Country Radio Seminar with their iPods, saying, ‘Hey, listen to this!’ and playing the single for radio every chance we could get. Later that week, we invited radio and industry executives to an evening with Martina at her home, where we officially debuted the single. The reaction was over-the-top amazing. Radio was asking ‘When can I get this’ or saying ‘This is an add right now!’ It was like a fever and so much fun.”
The label followed with a “Martina Live by Request” promotion in which 24 nationwide Country radio morning shows were given a list of McBride’s hits to post on their Web sites so listeners could vote on which song they would most like to hear her perform live on the radio. McBride spent two different mornings on the air with a full band, performing each market’s biggest vote-getter live. “Let me tell you this,” Harnen said, chuckling. “We all knew Martina was an amazing vocalist, but when I witnessed her singing songs in full voice at 7 o’clock in the morning, well, kids, just don’t try this at home.”
As the fastest-rising McBride single since “This One’s for the Girls” in 2003, “Teenage Daughters” fanned anticipation for the album. Plans are to spread the news through all levels of media over at least two weeks leading up to the Oct. 11 release date. “Martina has stepped up her game with this record in a major way,” said McBride’s manager Clint Higham, President, Morris Artists Management. “My hope is to re-establish her as a headliner, to show more of her personality, to let the public and the industry see there’s more to her than this great big voice. Every time Martina steps up to the plate, she delivers. Certainly her voice is what draws people in, but I want to show that she’s much bigger than that. When you talk with her and see her enthusiasm for what’s ahead and what she wants to do, it’s obvious she’s not complacent at all. This lights a fire under all of us.”
As for McBride, she has high hopes at what she sees as first-time opportunities the second time around. Touched by the feedback “Teenage Daughters” is eliciting from parents and teenagers who tell her they recognize themselves in her lyrics, she can’t wait to visit with fans at CMA Music Festival before starting her summer tour schedule and promotion for the new album.
Her bucket list includes one day singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl and perhaps having a song in a movie so she can sing on the Academy Awards. But these pale in comparison to what she wants most: “My biggest desire is just to keep making records and keep touring. I hope to get to do this for as long as I can because I love it so much.”
On the Web: www.MartinaMcBride.com

Adam Fisher Has Big Shoes

Adam Fisher Has Big Shoes To Fill As He Stands In The Shadows Of Iconic Country Outlaws
Walking in the footsteps of country outlaws like Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard, Adam Fisher is bringing his ‘outlaw’ authenticity to Nashville for the second annual “No More Victims” walk this Saturday, October 1st to end victimization.
As Tennessee prison awareness week comes to a close, join Adam Fisher as he performs an acoustic set for the registered walkers. Sponsored by former First Lady Andrea Conte, the Tennessee Department of Correction and You Have The Power, this walk will raise awareness about the need to prevent victimization and why we should focus on those who we know are capable of creating victims. The reality is that 98% of the people who are incarcerated - are coming back to our community. 
When: Saturday, October 1, 2011
Registration: 7am
Walk begins: 8am
Cost: $25 per person (must be 18 or older)
Registration: Visit www.yhtp.org to register
Route: Walk begins at the historic Tennessee State Penitentiary (6404 Centennial Blvd/Nashville) and continues 3 miles to the Charles Bass Correctional Annex.
With musical influences that span Waylon Jennings, Dave Matthews and Elvis, Adam is ready to take a risk and give his fans something new and different to love. Performing since the early age of thirteen, this good ‘ole boy has a rocking edge and the confidence and stage presence of a seasoned performer.
To stay updated on him, visit www.AdamFisherLive.com or follow him on Twitter @AdamFisherLive.
About You Have the Power: YHTP is a nonprofit organization founded by former Tennessee First Lady Andrea Conte to advocate for the rights of victims and to educate the community to prevent violent crime.  The organization presents hundreds of community workshops each year on child sexual abuse, domestic violence, Internet dangers and elder abuse.  They also conduct Victim Impact classes in area prisons. Visit www.yhtp.org or call 615-292-7027 for more information.

CASCADA-Sängerin Natalie Horler: Neues DSDS Jury-Mitglied

CASCADA-Sängerin Natalie Horler: Neues DSDS Jury-Mitglied
Universal Music Bild

Natalie Horler: Neues DSDS Jury-Mitglied
Sie ist die Sängerin und Frontfrau des international erfolgreichsten deutschen Dance-Acts und hat bereits die wichtigsten internationalen Musikpreise (z.B. World Music Award) abgeräumt. Vor kurzem war Natalie Horler aufgrund ihres aufsehenerregenden Ausflugs in die Welt der Hochglanzpoesie des Playboys in den Medien sehr präsent, nun gibt es eine Neuigkeit, die wieder für Schlagzeilen sorgt: Neben Bruce Darnell und Dieter Bohlen wird Natalie das dritte Jury-Mitglied der neuen DSDS-Staffel sein, die im Frühjahr 2012 ausgestrahlt wird. Es ist bereits die neunte Staffel der RTL Casting-Show und Natalie freut sich sehr über die neue Herausforderung: „Mir macht der Job mit Dieter Und Bruce eine Menge Spaß. Ich habe beide schon lieb gewonnen, freue mich auf eine tolle Zeit und hoffe, das wir versteckte Talente enthüllen und viele lustige Momente teilen werden. Ich bin super froh, dass ich dabei sein kann.“

Mit Hits wie „Everytime We Touch“ oder "Evacuate The Dancefloor“ feierte der Act große Erfolge rund um den Globus. Am 24. Juni erschien das neue Cascada-Album „Original Me“ und die beiden Single-Auskopplung „San Francisco“(03.06.11) und letzte Woche „Au Revoir“ (23.09.11).



Country Music has suffered another great loss with the death of Johnny Wright who passed away early today at the age of 97.  I have included the pix in this press release, with his wife Miss Kitty Wells.  I felt that they had spent 74 years together, so this picture is dedicated to Johnny and his long life with Miss Kitty.  Johnny died of natural causes. 

I have been so fortunate to be able to call Johnny, Kitty, Bobby, Sue, and their family, my friends.  Johnny, Kitty, and Bobby have been my friends for many, many years.  There is a great sadness in our music industry today because of this great loss.  Johnny was one of country music great pioneers and legends.  His recordings with Jack Anglin are part of country music history. 

I could write a book on the great shows that I was privileged to work with Johnny, Miss Kitty, Bobby and The Tennessee Mountain Boys.  The joy of being able to stand on the same stage with Johnny and his family has always been one of my fondest memories.   One of the greatest family shows ever in country music, if not the greatest.

At this time I do not have funeral arrangements, but later today I will send them out.



Born in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, Wright first performed with Anglin in 1936. In 1937, he married Kitty Wells. The two, along with Wright’s sister Louise, performed as Johnnie Wright & the Harmony Girls. In 1939, Wright and Anglin formed the duo Johnnie & Jack. They teamed up full-time in the 1940s and, except for the time Anglin spent overseas during World War II, remained together for more than two decades.
In 1952, Johnnie & Jack’s "Poison Love" took them to the Grand Ole Opry, where the duo, along with Wells, were invited to join and where they remained for 15 years. Following Anglin's death in an automobile accident in 1963, Wright continued performing and releasing records.
In 1964, he and his Tennessee Mountain Boys had a Top 25 hit with "Walkin', Talkin', Cryin', Barely Beatin' Broken Heart." The following year, he had success with "Hello Vietnam", a No. 1 hit. In 1968, he and Wells recorded an autobiographical duet, "We'll Stick Together", and continued playing live shows together through the early 1980s.

Later years

In 1983, Wright and Wells opened the Family Country Junction Museum and Studio in their hometown of Madison, Tennessee. They closed the museum in October 2000, but their grandson, John Sturdivant, Jr. kept the Junction Recording Studio operating.
Wright joined producers Randall Franks and Alan Autry for the 1991 CD "Christmas Time's A Comin'" featuring the cast of the TV series In the Heat of the Night. He performed along with Kitty Wells and Bobby Wright on "Jingle Bells" with the cast.
In 1992, the couple and their son Bobby began playing together again. On December 31, 2000, the duo performed their farewell concert at the Nashville Nightlife Theater in Nashville, Tennessee. They played to a full house of fans, family and friends that includedRicky Skaggs, The Whites, Marty Stuart, Connie Smith, Leona Williams, Larry Stephenson, Tommy Cash, Jack Greene, Jean Shepard and comedian-impressionist Johnny Counterfit.

Personal life

Kitty Wells and Johnnie Wright were married on October 30, 1937. Together they had three children, two daughters Ruby (1939–2009)[1] and Carol Sue, as well as a son, Bobby. Each of their children enjoyed minor success individually as recording artists - Carol Sue, on a mid-1950s duet with Wells titled "How Far is Heaven"; Ruby, with a hit called "Dern 'Ya," an "answer song" to Roger Miller's "Dang Me"; and Bobby, with a series of country-pop hits in the early-to-mid 1970s, including "Seasons in the Sun" (covering Terry Jacks' No. 1 pop hit from 1974). Both Bobby and Ruby performed as part of their parents' road tour for many years.
Wells and Wright will celebrate their 74th wedding anniversary in 2011.



Album details
Hello Vietnam
§  Released: October 1965
§  Label: Decca Records
Country Music Special
§  Released: June 1966
§  Label: Decca Records
Country… The Wright Way
§  Released: June 1967
§  Label: Decca Records
Johnnie Wright Sings Country Favorites
§  Released: 1968
§  Label: Decca Records
We'll Stick Together (with Kitty Wells)
§  Released: August 1968
§  Label: Decca Records
Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright Sing
Heartwarming Gospel Songs
 (with Kitty Wells)
§  Released: January 1972
§  Label: Decca Records
Johnnie Wright
§  Released: 1980
§  Label: Rubocca


"Sweet Snow Dear"
Hello Vietnam
"Don't Give Up the Ship"
"Blame It on the Moonlight"
"Keep the Flag Flying"
Country Music Special
"Nickels, Quarters and Dimes"
"I'm Doing This for Daddy"
Country… The Wright Way
"Mama's Little Jewel"
"Ole Honky Tonk"
Johnnie Wright Sings Country Favorites
"American Power"
non-album single
"Music to Cry By"
Johnnie Wright Sings Country Favorites
"Atlanta Georgia Baby"
"We'll Stick Together" (with Kitty Wells)
We'll Stick Together
"(They Always Come Out) Smellin' Like a Rose"
non-album singles
"Love Ain't Gonna Die (I'm Gonna Have to Kill It)"
"Sing a Song About Love"
"A Dear John Letter"
"Love Everybody"
"Where the Heart Aches Hang Around"
"Old Honky Tonk"
"High Cost of Livin'"
"South in New Orleans"
"Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes"
"Ode to a Country Bar"
"Wild Passionate Lover"
"I Never Told Him I Loved You"
Johnnie Wright
"Just a Simple Bouquet"
non-album singles
"The King Went on a Journey"

TORI AMOS mit neuem Album NIGHT OF HUNTERS direkt auf Platz 12 in die Charts, Live-Tour im Oktober
Universal Music Bild

Universal Music Bild

Tori Amos
Tori Amos mit neuem Album "Night Of Hunters" direkt auf Platz 12 in die Charts ++ Live-Tour im Oktober
Sie gehört zweifellos zu den faszinierendsten Künstlerinnen, Songwriterinnen und Persönlichkeiten der Musikwelt. Mit ihren Veröffentlichungen überrascht und begeistert Tori Amos ihre Fans und Kritiker stets aufs Neue. Ihr Deutsche Grammophon-Debüt „Night Of Hunters“ – u.a. eingespielt mit Londoner und Berliner Musikern - ist da keine Ausnahme und stürmt in dieser Woche direkt Platz 12 der Media Control Charts! Im Oktober kommt Tori Amos für vier Konzerte nach Deutschland.

Seit ihrem Durchbruch im Jahre 1992 hat Tori Amos über 12 Millionen Tonträger verkauft, wurde zehnmal für den Grammy Award nominiert, spielte rund um den Globus ausverkaufte Tourneen und wagte musikalisch immer wieder neue Wege und Abenteuer. Das pianistische Wunderkind, das mit fünf Jahren am renommierten Peabody-Konservatorium in Baltimore aufgenommen wurde, nimmt sich auf ihrem Deutsche-Grammophon-Debüt auf ihre ganz außergewöhnliche Weise den großen Meistern an. Doch „Night Of Hunters“ ist nicht einfach ein Album mit neuen Interpretationen von Chopin, Bach, Scarlatti, Debussy, Schubert, Schumann und Mussorgsky geworden: Tori Amos erschafft Variationen der Stücke und erzählt in einem emotionalen Songzyklus über die Neuerfindung einer „Frau, die sich in der erlöschenden Glut einer Liebesbeziehung wieder findet“.

Mit „Night Of Hunters“ gelingt Tori Amos einmal mehr ein atmosphärisch emotional geladenes wie bewegendes Werk, das auch das Publikum begeistert: „Night Of Hunters“ steigt in dieser Woche direkt auf Platz 12 in die Media Control Charts ein! Das nächste Highlight steht bereits im Oktober an, wenn Tori Amos live in Deutschland auf der Bühne stehen wird.

Im Rahmen ihrer weltweiten Night of Hunters-Tour wird Tori Amos im Oktober vier Konzerte in Deutschland geben:

10. Oktober 2011 Hamburg, Laeiszhalle
11. Oktober 2011 Berlin, Tempdrom
26. Oktober 2011 Frankfurt, Alte Oper
31. Oktober 2011 Essen, Philharmonie

Tori Amos - Night Of Hunters (CD 477 9791 / CD+DVD 477 9429 (Prestige Edition))

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