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Don Wayne, 78 years old, lost his battle with cancer last night, and was taken to his heavenly home where he will no longer suffer.  He was one of the kindest persons I have ever known in my entire life.  When I was first recording he gave me all of his material that I liked, and I did record one of Don songs while he was writing for Tree Publishing.  When we would see each other in the following years, he never failed to remember how excited I was to get one of his great songs.  He was one of country music’s greatest songwriters and he will be sadly missed by our entire music community.

Don fought cancer for as long as he could, and now he will rest in peace with his Heavenly Father. 

Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers in their time of extreme sorrow as they grieve Don’s passing from their life’s.


*As of this writing, I do not have funeral arrangements, but I will post them as soon as I am notified.

Birth Name: Donald William Choate Wayne
Birth Date: May 30, 1933
Place of Birth: Nashville, TN

"Some of the happiest times of my childhood were spent listening to country music on the radio or playing records on an old wind up victrola. Some of my favorite singers then were Eddie Arnold, Ernest Tubb, and Roy Acuff. One summer day when I was about eleven years old I was on my front porch pretending to play an old guitar someone had gave me. The lady next door called me over and asked me if I knew "Rainbow at Midnight" by Ernest Tubb. I said yes but I don't know if I can remember all the words. She went in the house and came out with an Ernest Tubb Song Folio, and we sat there having a great time singing a lot of those old Ernest Tubb hits. I suppose that was the beginning of my dream of someday doing something in country music. I think 'Country Bumpkin' is by far my best song and it will always be special cause "it" came along and picked me up at a very low point in my songwriting career. I love all my songs but I also feel a special affection for those recorded by the heroes I idolized as a youngster, among those are 'Don't Water Down the Bad News' by Ernest Tubb, 'What in Her World Did I Do' by Eddy Arnold and 'MacArthurs Hand' by Tex Ritter."  --Don Wayne
Former Occupations:
Tool and diemaker
Grade School--Elliot - Buena Vista (from 09/1939 to 05/1945)
High School--Nort Nashville - William James High (White Bluff, TN) (from 1946 to 1948)--did not graduate

Discography / Career Highlights
Career Milestones:
1953--first song recorded on major label, "Lonesome Waltz" (co-written with Vic McAlpin); recorded by George Morgan on Columbia Records                              
1959--first recording as an artist, "Poor Little Jimmy" on Look Records (owned by Hillous Butrum); song did not chart well but was later recorded by Hank Snow and Burl Ives
1963--signed exclusive writer agreement with Tree Publishing Co.
1964--first #1 song, "Saginaw, Michigan" recorded by Lefty Frizzell; was #1 for 5 weeks
1971--first and only appearance on the Grand Ole Opry
1974-75--made numerous appearances on the Ernest Tubb "Midnight Jamboree"
1974--CMA\Song of the Year\Country Bumpkin
1974--ACM\Song of the Year\Country Bumpkin
1974--NSAI\Song of the Year\Country Bumpkin
1974--NSAI\Songwriter of the Year

Catalog Highlights:
"Saginaw Michigan" - Co-writer: Bill Anderson - Artists: Lefty Frizzell (1964)
"Country Bumpkin" - Artists: Cal Smith (1974)
"Belles of Southern Bell" - Artists: Del Reeves (1966)
"Birmingham Blues" - Artists: Jack Barlow (1969)
"It's Time to Pay the Fiddler" - Artists: Cal Smith (1975)
"She Talked A Lot About Texas" - Artists: Cal Smith (1975)
"Mac Arthur's Hand" - Artists: Cal Smith (1976), Tex Ritter
"What In Her World Did I Do" - Co-writer: Bobby Fischer - Artists: Eddy Arnold (1978)
"Hank" - Artists: Don Wayne (1971), Hank Williams Jr. (1972)
"Nashville" - Artists: David Houston (1970)
"If Teardrops Were Silver" - Artists: Jean Shepard (1967)
"Marriage Bit" - Artists: Lefty Frizzell (1968)

Awarded 3 BMI performance awards and 1 ASCAP performance award

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Belle Cannon - Rewind (CD -Review)

Belle Cannon - Rewind (CD -Review)

1. That Thing You Do 2. Cornerstone 3. My Better Years 4. Rewind 5. Reel Me In
6. Woman's Right 7. Party 8. Colour Me 9. Working Man 10. Game On
11. I Wanna Be The Woman 12. Between Now and Whenever

Label - Bellejar Records (P) Bellejar Publishing © Belle Cannon Music Ltd
UPC - 0609722913171
Digital Release - 4 July 2011
Time -

REWIND is the debut release by this Anglo Irish American country singer based in London who was born into a prolific Irish American musical family from Galway. The album cover is a little deceiving, if you didn’t know one might assume it was by a glamorous aspiring classical-pop crossover artist. So instead of hearing perhaps Pachelbel's Canon we get to hear 12 tracks of mostly original songs, ten of which all flowed from the pen of the innovative Belle Cannon. The genre was woven into her soul growing up listening to the likes of Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson and Hank Williams whilst influenced by names such as Adele, Stevie Nicks, and Alison Krauss.

This musical country cocktail blend crosses the margins of traditional country, honky-tonk, contemporary pop/rock with elements of bluegrass. It was recorded in Nashville back in August 2010 for the Independent label BelleJar Records who enlisted a bevy of top music row players including Brent Mason (guitar), Gordon Moat (piano), Larry Franklyn (fiddle) and Bryan Sutton (guitar).

The edgy, immediate and fast paced opening track ‘That Thing You Do’ was the first single to be released in March 2011. Left reeling after a sudden break-up its character struggles to come to terms with the situation and questions how to move on – “Your like a dream I keep reliving, like a memory always repeating” sings Belle. With its scintillating electric guitar and catchy hooks the album gets off to a terrific start.

The gently, mid-paced ‘Cornerstone’ has within its structure some Spanish guitar and mandolin flavours. As the films rolls slowly by on life’s landscape more grit is added with the addition of tight piano and electric guitar riffs with steadfast rhythms. With a heartfelt plea to a lover, the singer is ready to commit and put down foundations: “I’ll put my faith in you / I’ll give to you my heart, if you ask me too

The bluegrass ballad ‘My Better Years’ was originally written by protest and folksinger Hazel Dickens in 1973, who I note, sadly died aged about 85 in May of this year. As a child she endured hardships and went onto become a pioneer who sang of the downtrodden. Working with mountain music artist Alice Gerrard they recorded this on the album HAZEL & ALICE offering a unique sound of a female duet singing bluegrass which drew the attention of a young Emmylou Harris. In later years Dickens was active within the Washington, DC folk/bluegrass community. She performed this with the popular Johnson Mountain Boys who cut this on their album BLUE DIAMOND in 1993 (Youtube video). This insightful cover by Cannon demonstrates her knowledge of the genres tradition. Her rendition suits her subtle and restrained vocal perfectly complemented by delicate fiddle, dobro, mandolin and tasteful harmony on an aching number were loves embers have all turned to ash many moons ago and there’s no turning back.

Rewind’ has a feel an early Mary Chapin Carpenter composition. With a longing to a love that regretfully slipped away the excellent groove is however very pleasing to the ear bringing forth a warm and honest sentiment. Reaching out to an absent lover the author sings out: “If I would only rewind, the hands of time that slip by, I would make you take back your goodbye

Arranged by Cannon ‘Reel Me In’ when it pops out of the speakers demands attention on this fiddle and steel laden track which is a fabulous feel good country toe-tapper. It should get folks grabbing their partners and hitting the dance floors pronto – wonderful stuff!

On the mid-tempo ‘Woman's Right’ Belle whose vocal slightly wavers wears the assertive female badge but is clearly focused when advising men that they should heed the warnings to stand aside and allow her the space to decide. Evidently it’s: “A mystery to be defined, the answers always justified“!

The fast paced and danceable ‘Party’, the album’s second single is infectious ear-candy and hit the top spot on the Hotdisc British & Irish chart and was in the top 5 on the Hotdisc Top 40. The band cut a mighty fine lick with fiddle, steel, electric guitar each in turn allowed to take centre stage as Belle sharpens her honky-tonk chops with much aplomb.

Colour Me’ is not a paint-by-numbers track as Cannon brushes on her own lyrics creating a swampy soulful canvas where she would jump over Mars and Neptune to be beside her man.

With sweeping steel, guitar and piano riffs “Working Man” makes for a fun, super country hoe-down. Belle using the melody of John Denver’s #1 hit "Thank God I'm a Country Boy” puts new words to it paying homage to the hard working men-folk: “He builds to the left and he builds it to the right, When the money comes in he gives it all to his wife, And that’s his secret for a happy life, Say hello to the working man

Game On’ is a raucous rocky affair as its character comes out fighting after seeing through all the deceitfulness. By round four he’s on the floor and his head is spinning and she senses victory.

One of the outside cuts, the fiddle and steel drenched ‘I Wanna Be The Woman’ (written by Helen Rae Cooper & Pam & Keith Read) is a deliciously melodic and joyous number and something you could imagine being a hit in the early 90’s on the country charts. Its female protagonist is ready to commit and eager for the relationship to blossom as she sings in the chorus: “I wanna be the woman, You come home to at night, I wanna be the woman, To be taken in your arms, And held real tight

On the delicate, softly break-up ballad and closer ‘Between Now and Whenever’ Belle’s vocals are in touch with the mood as vacant stares and empty promises lead to the inevitable as reality sets in.

How where’s the repeat or should I say REWIND button - This album gets better with each play!


Nu-Blu releases new music video of “Other Woman’s Blues”

Nu-Blu releases new music video of “Other Woman’s Blues”

Song debuts at #13 on popular bluegrass song chart and is from the band’s new album
THE BLU-DISC on Pinecastle Records
NASHVILLE, TN(9.13.11) Nu-Blu has released a new music video of their chart hit single, “Other Woman’s Blues.” The video made its premier this morning on The Alternate Root and is now available on numerous other sites including Nu-Blu.com.  The video was filmed by Phil Bankester and Carlos Torres on location at the Historic Eureka Inn in downtown Jonesborough, Tennessee.  
“Other Woman’s Blues” is the first single release off the band’s new album, THE BLU-DISC (Pinecastle Records).  The song made an impressive debut at #13 this month on Bluegrass Music Profiles Magazine’s Top 30 Hot Singles chart.  The song includes the incredible lead vocals by Nu-Blu bassist, Carolyn Routh who is joined by Christy Reid (Lou Reid and Carolina) providing her beautiful harmony vocals, and Rob Ickes (Dobro). Nu-Blu also includes the talents of: Daniel Routh (guitar); Levi Austin (banjo); and newest member Austin Koerner (mandolin). 

"This album holds many surprises with superb musicianship, and fine sounding vocals making this CD very easy listening. Other artists featured on the album include Rob Ickes on Dobro, Greg Luck on fiddle and Christy Reid on harmony vocals.  This album will surely become a must have in any serious contemporary Bluegrass collection. Congratulations to Nu-Blu," said the Australian BluegrassBlog.com in a recent album review.

Nu-Blu was chosen as an International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Official Showcase artist and will perform during the Business Conference portion of the IBMA World of Bluegrass convention on Tuesday, September 27, 2011.  This popular event takes place September 26 – October 2, 2011 and is held at the Nashville Convention Center, Nashville, TN. For more information on the IBMA World of Bluegrass that also includes the IBMA FanFest and Awards Show, please visit ibma.org

THE BLU-DISC is now available at fine retail outlets including Amazon, iTunes and more, plus Pinecastle Records and the band’s website at Nu-Blu.com.

3. Bluegrass Meeting Birkenried

2.-4. September Birkenried: 3. Bluegrass Meeting

„100 Jahre Bill Monroe“ – unter diesem Motto stand das dritte Bluegrass-Meeting, das die
Country & Western Friends 1982 Koetz e.V. übers Wochenende im Kulturgewächshaus Birkenried veranstalteten. Der 100. Geburtstag des „Father of Bluegrass“ wurde weltweit von seinen Fans gefeiert, vor 15 Jahren war der Schöpfer dieses Ablegers der Country Music gestorben. Fünf Bands aus drei europäischen Ländern sowie ein Solist waren gekommen, um den Meister zu feiern, vorzugsweise mit dessen eigenen Kompositionen. Drei dieser Bands waren gerade unterwegs, ihre Wege kreuzten sich alle im Birkenried, ungefähr zwischen Augsburg und Ulm nahe der Autobahn. Der kleine Saal und das schöne Gelände waren gut gefüllt mit Kennern der Musik und mit Stammgästen des Hauses, die bei wunderbarem Sommerwetter den ungewohnten Klängen gern lauschten. Die alternative Gärtnerei ist ein ideales Gelände für Bluegrass mit seiner ländlichen Herkunft. Videovorführungen, eine kleine Fotoausstellung und ein kurzweiliger Vortrag von Clubmitglied Eberhard Finke über Leben und Werk von Mr. Monroe rundeten das Programm ab. Die Veranstaltungen der Country Friends sind international bekannt und beliebt, auch aus Österreich waren einige Gäste gekommen.

Der Freitagabend bot mit der tschechischen Band „Bluegrass Cwrkot“ und den deutschen „Sacred Sounds of Grass“ zwei Spitzengruppen ihres Landes, und sie zeigten, wie sehr diese Musik bei aller Ähnlichkeit doch differenziert ist und vom raukehligen Gesang der Tschechen bis zu den geschliffenen Harmoniesätzen der Deutschen reicht. Am Samstag um 15 Uhr wurde das „Bluegrass-Café“ mit Kaffee und Kuchen eröffnet, das Musikprogramm fing um 18 Uhr mit den „Rolling Hills“ an, einer ganz neuen (im April gegründet) Band aus München; sie besteht aus zwei Pionieren der Szene, Bernhard C. Schmitt (ex-BlueNa) und Dieter Joe Götz (ex-Blue Mt. Tune, ex-Black Bottom Skiffle Group) und zwei jungen Damen, Nicole Schedel (md, gt) und Ulrike Haigermoser (bs) in einer unterhaltsamen Darbietung. Es folgte „Strictly Bluegrass“, ebenfalls aus München, ein seriös dreinblickendes Veteranenquartett im schwarzen Anzug. Beide Gruppen pflegen trotz der äußerlichen Unterschiede den traditionellen Klang, wie es sich für Monroe gehört. Die nächste Band und Hauptattraktion des Tages waren die „Blue Grass Boogiemen“ aus den Niederlanden, deren Mandolinist Bill Monroe noch zu dessen Lebzeiten auf seiner Farm bei Nashville, Tn. besucht hatte und von ihm offenbar viel gelernt hat. So interpretierten sie in einer kraftvollen und authentischen
Darbietung viele Lieder ihres Idols, das auch als Komponist und Songschreiber zu Weltruhm
gekommen ist. Das ging bis spät in die Nacht, die meisten Besucher harrten begeistert aus, und es war erfreulich voll geworden. Auch der Sonntag stand noch im Zeichen des Meetings, am Vormittag eröffnete ein Wortgottesdienst vor der kleinen Kapelle das Programm, musikalisch untermalt von den dagebliebenen Blue Grass Boogiemen sowie von Mandy Strobel aus dem nahe gelegenen Ulm. Musikalisch mit Johnny Cash vergleichbar, passte er mit nachdenklichen und religiösen Liedern, die er zur eigenen Gitarre vortrug, bestens in den Sonntagmorgen. Nach einem kleinen Weißwurst-Frühschoppen folgten noch zwei Konzertstunden mit den Boogiemen, mit den Rolling Hills und mit Mandy, die Räumlichkeiten füllten sich wieder mit Spaziergängern und Ausflüglern, denen die Musik
vielfach neu und fremd war - aber sie gefiel ihnen.

Artikel Eberhard Finke, Ulm
Fotos Eberhard Finke und Franz Kölbl


NASHVILLE, TN (September 13, 2011) – Curb Records recording artist Steve Holy releases his third studio album, Love Don’t Run, today, September 13, 2011.  Working once again with producer and hit songwriter Lee Miller, the new album includes “Love Don’t Run,” the hit single written by Joe Leathers, Rachael Thibodeau and Ben Glover currently in the Top 20 on the country radio charts.
“I’m so proud of this album and grateful it’s finally out,” states Holy.  “After the birth of my two daughters this is the third most exciting day of my life!”
Love Don’t Run combines the best of everything that Holy has given us in the past and turns it up a notch as his voice and delivery of a lyric has matured through the years,” says Today’s Country Magazine. “There really isn’t a bad song in the bunch and this is an album worth adding to your collection. A must have!”
Along with a steady climb up the country charts, “Love Don’t Run” has just reached the #3 spot on GAC’s Top 20 Countdown.  Holy continues to tour nationally in promotion of Love Don’t Run.
Track Listing:
1.       If It Gets You Where You Wanna Go (Rodney Atkins, Rodney Clawson, Jim Collins)
2.       Love Don’t Run (Joe Leathers, Rachael Thibodeau, Ben Glover)
3.       Hauled Off And Kissed Me (Steve Holy, Jim Collins, Lee Thomas Miller)
4.       Until The Rain Stops (Matt Ramsey, Trevor Rosen, Matt Jenkins)
5.       Heart Of A Hero (Kelly Roland, Nicole Witt, Pat Bunch)
6.       Every Day Should End Like This (Steve Holy, Ross Copperman, Lee Thomas Miller)
7.       Wonders (Steve Holy, Steve Rutledge, Joel Brentlinger)
8.       Let The Sun Shine In (Steve Holy, Tony Martin, Lee Thomas Miller)
9.       Like I’m Famous (Steven Dale Jones, Jeremy Spillman, Chris Cavanaugh)
10.   Help Me Make It Through The Night (Kris Kristofferson)
11.   Bonus Track:  Good Morning Beautiful (Todd Cerney, Zack Lyle)
About Steve Holy
Curb recording artist Steve Holy has enjoyed incredible success since the release of his debut album Blue Moon in October 2000 which featured the hit number 1 single "Good Morning Beautiful," now labeled number 10 in Billboard Magazine’s Top Country Songs of the Decade 1999-2009. With two albums and several hit singles under his belt, Steve has recently signed a management deal with CVR Management driven by veteran Nashville producers J. Gary Smith and John Smith.  Steve once again worked with producer Lee Miller (Miller produced Steve's last smash single "Brand New Girlfriend") on his third studio album, Love Don’t Run, available now.  His current single, “Love Don’t Run,” is climbing the country charts and is Steve’s fastest climbing single to date.


2011 Hall of Fame Inductee Del McCoury and Friends to perform on the grounds of Ryman Auditorium;
the performance also serves as a kickoff to IBMA’s “World of Bluegrass” week

September 13, 2011 (NASHVILLE, TN) - To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Bill Monroe, the “father” of bluegrass, and as an informal kick off to IBMA’s “World of Bluegrass” week in Nashville, September 26 – October 2, The Del McCoury Band and special guests will perform on the grounds of the Ryman Auditorium on Tuesday, September 27 from noon until 2 p.m. Central.

The free outdoor bluegrass concert, open to the public, is hosted by the Foundation for Bluegrass Music, a non-profit whose mission is to support public enrichment programs of artistic, educational, historic preservation and literary value.  The concert is made possible through the support of the Music City Music Council, The Ryman Auditorium and 650 AM WSM and the cooperation of the Metro Government of Nashville & Davidson County.
Del McCoury, who first came to national attention as the lead singer for Bill Monroe in 1963, is also celebrating his pending induction into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, which will occur during the International Bluegrass Music Awards later that week on Thursday, September 29. McCoury’s new album, Old Memories: The Songs of Bill Monroe (McCoury Music) is scheduled for release on September 27, the day of the free Ryman concert.

Bill Monroe was born September 13, 1911; the bluegrass music community is celebrating the Monroe Centennial around the world with tributes, concerts, broadcasts, recordings and other special events.

Rarely in the world of music can historians agree on the exact origins of a particular genre.  Nashville, however, has the unique distinction of being able to pinpoint  itself as such a birthplace when, in December 1945, a unique combination of Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys with the debut of Earl Scruggs on banjo and his three-finger style of playing electrified the audience of the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman Auditorium.  The new style of music they performed would be so widely emulated by other groups that it would become known as “bluegrass” music, in respect to the band’s name.  A Tennessee state historical marker was placed in 2006 at the northwest corner of the Ryman to celebrate this event.

The International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) hosts one of the most prestigious events in bluegrass each year in Nashville.  Its “World of Bluegrass” week (September 26-October 2) includes the genre’s Business Conference, the IBMA Awards Show and Bluegrass Fan Fest.  Collectively, more than 20,000 will attend the events hosted at the Nashville Convention Center and Ryman Auditorium, and hundreds of broadcast outlets carry programming from the event every year.

Felix Kröcher – “LÄUFT.” Album

„LÄUFT.“ Der Begriff taucht in den letzten Wochen immer öfter rund um Felix Kröcher auf. Was das soll? Na, ganz einfach: Das ist der Titel seines neuen Soloalbums. Seit fünf Jahren erwartet – erscheint es nun endlich am 30. September.

Mit zehn Tracks wird das „LÄUFT.“-Album am Freitag, 16. September exklusiv auf Beatport und ab dem 30. September überall im Handel sowie in sämtlichen Online-Stores, auf dem Label Nouveau Niveau Records, erscheinen. Zudem erscheint am 16. September auch die offizielle Singleauskopplung zum Album, die neben den Originalmixen der beiden Tracks "LÄUFT." und "PASST.", auch Remixes der Künstler K-Paul (von Lexy & K-Paul) und Remute beinhaltet. Im Rahmen des Albums gibt es eine Kooperation für jeweils einen Track mit seinem langjährigen Freund und Kollegen Elmar Strathe aus Köln sowie mit dem Nouveau Niveau Labelchef himself, Tom Novy.
Begleitet wird das Album-Release von einer hochkarätigen, internationalen Tour, mit insgesamt über LÄUFT.“-Tourterminen. Begonnen am 30. Juli mit einer ausgelassenen Party in Mannheim, präsentiert Felix sein Album bis Ende des Jahres dabei nicht nur in Deutschen Metropolen wie Köln, München, Hamburg oder Stuttgart. Auch international ist er unter anderem in Tokio, Paris, St. Petersburg, Granada, Wien, Amsterdam oder Mailand unterwegs.
Wer Felix Kröcher kennt, der weiß, dass er spätestens seit seiner DISCOVER-World Tour im Jahr 2010 zu den Global Playern der internationalen Szene gehört. Seit über drei Jahren in den Top 3 des Raveline Magazin-Votings zu finden und vom internationalen DJ Mag als "German Techno Meister" bezeichnet, untermauert er mit „LÄUFT.“ seine vielfältige und doch einzigartige Definition elektronischer Tanzmusik.
„LÄUFT.“ halt.

Michael Martin Murphey At Walnut Valley Festival

Michael Martin Murphey Sets Debut
Appearance At Walnut Valley Festival

WINFIELD, Kansas — Genre-busting Artist Michael Martin Murphey, whose latest release on Rural Rhythm Records is Tall Grass & Cool Water, will make his debut appearance at the prestigious Walnut Valley Festival on Sept. 15 - 17 in Winfield, Ks.  Murphey will be joined by his crackerjack band, The Rio Grande Band, featuring renowned guitarist Pat Flynn.

A 2009 Grammy nominee for “Bluegrass Album of the Year,” Murphey has been exploring the similarities between   Bluegrass and American Cowboy Music   with his “Buckaroo Blue Grass.”

Murphey is known for such massive hits
as “Wildfire,” “Carolina In The Pines,”
“Long Line of Love,” “What’s Forever For”, “Geronimo’s Cadillac,” “Cosmic Cowboy”
and more.  A true iconic musician,
Murphey has ridden the top of the pop charts (with hits “What Am I Doin’ Hangin’ Round” for the Monkees, and both “Wildfire” and “Carolina In The Pines”), the top of the Country Charts and is currently the Number One best selling Singer of American Cowboy Music in the world.   

His 2009 release, Buckaroo Blue Grass, was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album. The followup, Buckaroo Blue Grass II: Riding Song, was greeted with tremendous acclaim.  Tall Grass & Cool Water is the third in the series of his exploration of the similarities between Bluegrass and American Cowboy Music.

“In the past two decades, no musical artist has done more to chronicle, preserve and further the cowboy culture than Michael Martin Murphey,” wrote David McGee for BluegrassSpecial.com. “(His music) overflows with life, enough for many of us. To saddle up with Murphey is to come in closer touch with enduring truths.”

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Hank Williams The Legend Begins

Time Life Building Strong Marketing Campaign For Hank Williams: The Legend Begins That Releases September 13, 2011
Coverage Will Include National TV Shows WGN Midday News And Daytime Along With Coverage From Blurt Magazine, Hits Magazine, Billboard.com, Blogcritics.org, Country Weekly And Chicago Tribune

Hank Williams: The Legend Begins
Fairfax, VA (September 12, 2011) -- The highly anticipated Hank Williams: The Legend Begins releases tomorrow, September 13th, through Time Life and the Estate of Hank Williams. Already there is critical acclaim for the project with coverage from such major media outlets as national television programs, WGN Midday News (September 20) and Daytime (September 27); magazines such as Blurt, Vintage Guitar, Goldmine, Hits and Country Weekly; high-profile newspapers like Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Tennessean and Arkansas Democrat Gazette; and online webzines, Billboard.com and Blogcritics.org.  Williams’ daughter, Jett, is also doing a three day satellite radio tour that includes over forty radio stations and syndicated outlets that service 100+ stations.  In conjunction with the radio interviews, close to eight-hundred radio stations are doing promotional giveaways during street week and over the weekend. In addition, there will be national and focused online marketing initiatives (e.g. contests, social networking, and email blasts to extensive related data bases etc.)
The 3-CD box set offers Williams’ first recordings at fifteen and seventeen years old, which have never been heard before, along with his first radio series, Health & Happiness.  The recordings have been restored with the highly acclaimed technology that was used for the Grammy nominated project last year, The Complete Mother’s Best Recordings….Plus!.   Hank Williams: The Legend Begins will be available online at Amazon.com, along with other digital and retail outlets.
"I am very proud that these recordings have been made available to everyone,” says Hank Williams, Jr.  “It was great to hear of their discovery, and then to share the treasure of daddy's music is wonderful!  It really takes you back to a time when family meant something, where we would all circle around that radio and listen to those legendary shows.  It is a rare find indeed and I'm so glad people will now have the chance to hear that part of history."

"This might be the most rewarding component of this entire multi-year project," adds Jett Williams."  I am just so pleased that I was able to obtain and preserve these early recordings of my dad.  To think of him at 14 or 15 sitting at a kitchen table, in a garage or wherever, singing songs that would end up being a part of his legacy is truly remarkable." 
The music will take you back to 1938 when Williams was a 15-year-old teenager performing his first recordings of Fan It and Alexander’s Ragtime Band.  Then fast forward to 1940, and the rare home recordings show how much Williams’ voice had matured in two years when he rocks out to four classics of American music; Freight Train Blues, New San Antonio Rose, St. Louis Blues, and Greenback Dollar.  In 1949, Williams recorded his first syndicated radio series, The Health And Happiness Show.  Forty-nine songs from the show have been restored on Hank Williams: The Legend Begins which gives superior quality to these historic CDs.



 Exclusive download available at NRACountry.com

Nashville, TN (September 12, 2011) NRA Country celebrates country music’s love of family, support of our U.S. military and appreciation for the great outdoors. Many of the format’s biggest stars have joined the “This Is NRA Country” movement to share their perspective on what makes them NRA Country.

September kicks off with breakout star Justin Moore! The nationally acclaimed singer with “Small Town USA” roots recorded a song he wrote exclusively for the NRA Country lifestyle called “This is NRA Country.” The song’s lyrics celebrate what makes America a great nation.

“We’ll stand up for what we love, because we believe in the U.S.A., God and family and being free.”

“This is NRA Country” can be downloaded at NRACountry.com as an exclusive bonus track to Moore’s recently released sophomore album, Outlaws Like Me.

"I'm proud to be a member of the NRA and I was honored to write a theme song for NRA Country,” shares Moore. “I hope this song helps spread the word about how important it is to protect our freedoms and inspires people to live a good wholesome all-American lifestyle that would make our founding fathers proud."

In addition, Justin Moore filmed a music video earlier this summer for “This Is NRA Country.” The clip showcases Moore and other proud Americans across the beautiful backdrop of our country’s fertile fields and massive metropolises. Moore can be seen from his Arkansas farmland and fishing in New York City’s Central Park. For the next two weeks the video can be viewed exclusively at facebook.com/nracountry

Each month a new artist will be featured on NRACountry.com, highlighting what makes them ‘NRA Country.’ Celebrate our country and learn more at www.NRACountry.com!

ABOUT NRA COUNTRY: NRA Country is a celebration of American values. Respect. Honor. Freedom. It's a lifestyle and a bond between the country music community and hard-working Americans everywhere. It's powered by pride, freedom, love of country, respect for the military, and the responsibilities of protecting the great American life. We celebrate these values with concerts and other events that benefit gun safety programs for kids, youth hunting and education programs, efforts to support our armed services, and other worthy causes. NRA Country will be involved in causes that defend our values and it will empower our artist friends who promote these values to encourage our next generation of leaders. For more information and latest events, visit www.nracountry.com and follow NRA Country on twitter @nracountry2010.

ABOUT JUSTIN MOORE: Born and raised in Poyen, Arkansas (Pop. 272), Southern Country stylist Justin Moore embodies the soul and character of a kid from a small town in both life and in music with his tough-talking, straight-shooting brand of Country music. His star has grown significantly since he was named Billboard's “Top New Country Artist of 2009.” This Southern Country stylist has sold over 1.2 million digital downloads to date and his sophomore album OUTLAWS LIKE ME hit the #1 spot the week it was released. OUTLAWS LIKE ME includes the fastest-rising single of Moore’s career, “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” which ascended to the #1 spot. His debut album scored three consecutive smash singles (the #1 “Small Town USA” as well as the hits “Backwoods” and “How I Got To Be This Way”). The rising star has been featured recently in The Washington Post, People Country, Billboard and USA Today as well as on the 2010 CMT Music Awards, NPR, WGN Midday News, Fox News Channel, the Associated Press, the 2009 CMT Music Awards, Crook & Chase, GAC and Better TV. Moore’s music has also been featured on FOX’s Hannity &Colmes, NFL Rewind and the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards. Additionally, his debut was recognized by the New York Times as one of the best albums of 2009. Moore is currently out on tour with Rascal Flatts and will hit the road with Miranda Lambert and Darius Rucker later this fall. LISTEN & MORE: www.moorejustinmusic.com.

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