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Aldean Nominated for Five CMA Awards Including
Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year,
Album of the Year, Single of the Year
and Musical Event with Kelly Clarkson

Nashville, TN – (Sept. 12, 2011) – Only 10 months after its release, Jason Aldean’s MY KINDA PARTY has been certified DOUBLE PLATIUM by the RIAA for sales of over two million units.  The disc is 2011’s best selling country album and has already spawned three consecutive No. one hits, each of which have also been certified PLATINUM for digital downloads with the most recent single "Dirt Road Anthem" claiming DOUBLE PLATINUM certification.  Aldean keeps company with Adele, Lady Gaga and Mumford & Sons at the top of the all-genre list for the year's top selling albums.

"It's always been a big dream of mine to have Platinum albums, but this Double Platinum thing snuck up on me," says Aldean.  "It is beyond anything I could have dreamed or expected.  It takes a whole lot of people to make it happen…from songwriters to the label to radio to my band and road crew…I just can't tell you how thankful I am, and also how much respect I have for all the hard work that went into this project."

Aldean scored five nominations for the 45th Annual CMA Awards scheduled to air Nov. 9.  The Georgia native is tied for the most nominations this year with nods in the Entertainer of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, Single of the Year and Musical Event of the Year categories.  His recent No. one smash hit "Dirt Road Anthem" also scored a nomination for songwriters Colt Ford and Brantley Gilbert.

"I've been working my tail off out on the road for years building my career, and up until last week, it sorta felt like if you hadn't been to one of the shows, maybe you didn't know what was happening," commented Aldean.  "It feels like I've finally been invited to the party, and it feels incredible to have your friends and peers pat you on the back and recognize the work that's gone into the last year."

The MY KINDA PARTY TOUR continues to sell out some of the nation’s biggest amphitheaters with more concerts scheduled through Nov.  For more information and a full list of tour dates, visit




NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE (September 12) – Valory Music Company recording artist Brantley Gilbert, whose current single “Country Must Be Country Wide” is now Top 15 on the Country Radio charts, will kick off a week-long series of events today to promote the September 13 release of HALFWAY TO HEAVEN DELUXE.

HALFWAY TO HEAVEN DELUXE is Brantley’s first album release since he signed with The Valory Music Co. in February of this year. The album’s original 12 tracks have been remixed and remastered to sound the way that Brantley originally intended. The DELUXE EDITION includes three newly recorded songs produced by award-winning music producer Dann Huff, as well as music videos for the hit single “Country Must Be Country Wide,” and the already classic “Kick It In The Sticks”—a video that has earned much popularity online with over six million views to date.  Also included in the DELUXE EDITION is an up-close and personal behind-the scenes interview with Brantley.

In addition to having a current “Top 15” single on the Country Radio charts and an album release this week, Brantley was also just named a 2011 CMA “Song of the Year” Nominee for penning “Dirt Road Anthem,” the #1 Hit Song recorded by Jason Aldean.

In true “Country Must Be Country Wide” fashion, Brantley’s loyal fans appear wherever he goes from coast to coast, both online and offline. His LIVE shows continue to sell-out in all markets and his 400,000+ Facebook fans continually praise him and his music online via comments and “likes.”

A Georgia native, Brantley chose to kick off his album release week with an already sold-out show on Monday night at the “Georgia Theater” located in Athens, GA.

“Where else would I release my new CD other than at the Georgia Theatre?!” said Brantley. “That place holds a lot of memories for us and I am excited to go back and perform for all my friends.”

Brantley will continue to go “Country Wide” all week by making stops in Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, Tulsa (where he will be performing with Alan Jackson) and Indianapolis.

Each day will begin with radio tours followed by in-store acoustic performances, as outlined below:

Atlanta 9/13
-           Morning radio visits to WUBL and WKHX
-           12:00 PM: In-store with Kicks (WKHX) at the Best Buy (850 Cobb Place Blvd NW
Kennesaw, GA)
-           6:00 PM: In-store with The Bull (WUBL) at Best Buy in the Mall of Georgia (3205 Woodward Crossing Blvd, Suite A, Buford, GA)

Charlotte 9/14
-           Morning Satellite Radio Tour
-           12:00 PM In-store with The Kat (WKKT) at Best Buy (10600 Centrum Pkwy
Pineville, NC)
-           6:00 PM In-store with WSOC Charlotte at Best Buy in Monroe (10221 Perimeter Pwky
Charlotte, NC)

Dallas 9/15
-           Morning Satellite Radio Tour
-           6:00 PM in-store with KSCS/Dallas…Wal-Mart (North Richland Hills
6401 NE Loop 820 Dallas, TX )

Tulsa 9/16
-           8:00 AM In-studio interview with KVOO/Tulsa
-           7:00 PM Brantley opens for Alan Jackson at BOK Center in Tulsa, OK (200 S Denver Ave, Tulsa, OK)

Indianapolis 9/17
-           6:00 PM In-store with Hank FM (WLHK) at Best Buy in Greenwood (562 W Fry Road Greenwood, IN)
ABOUT BRANTLEY GILBERT: At the young age of 26, Gilbert already has a list of impressive industry accolades. The rising star’s second album – the independently-released HALFWAY TO HEAVEN -- reached #1 on the Billboard Heat Seekers Album Chart and #2 on the iTunes Country chart. Gilbert’s current single on The Valory Music Co., “Country Must Be Country Wide,” is a Top 15 hit and rising. In addition, HALFWAY TO HEAVEN, has spent 61 weeks on the Top 75 Country Albums Chart. Gilbert’s first album, A MODERN DAY PRODIGAL SON, also spent 35 weeks on the Top 75 Country Albums Chart. A celebrated songwriter, Gilbert penned “My Kinda Party,” the hit title track on superstar Jason Aldean’s latest album as well as his latest #1 single, “Dirt Road Anthem.”


Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

Now and then. I was just really thinking about my playing career in my early days. Some people may call it reminiscing about the old times. I have made some decisions lately that are putting many of these crazy things I’ve done even farther behind me. But then again, the whole world has changed dramatically since I first went on the road as a steel guitar player in the east and west.

One of the first things I am observing is how food has changed and how we obtain it. We used to go down a two lane winding road with the upright bass tied to the top of the Cadillac limo and somebody would get hungry in the car so we would start looking for a little café when we drove through the small towns. Remember, there were no Burger Kings, McDonalds, Waffle Houses or the like back in those days.

I will have to say, when we did find a place, the food was usually pretty good and you know it was a lot cheaper. Sometimes, the whole band would buy a loaf of bread and a pack of cheese and we’d all eat like kings until we got paid for the next job. Now that I look back, that wasn’t that bad.

I remember one of us getting a tea bag and we’d all use it to make our beverage for the full meal for everyone. Remember, the less we spent, the more we made. We’re talking about fifty years ago now. Gasoline was 21 to 24 cents a gallon. A quart of oil was about 50 cents for the best oil possible.

Things might have been different, but when it came to getting paid, we really didn’t get much. Sometimes as high as $5 to $7 per job per night. I remember some club owners in Dallas paying $5 a night through the week, but raised up to $7 on Friday and Saturday. I thought this was great as I didn’t really have to spend as much money not on the road.

Back then, there were no Cobra Coil guitar strings, so consequently, string breakage was high and so was the price of strings that the drugstores sold. Can you imagine that? Drugstores selling Black Diamond guitar strings.

There were no unbreakable strings like there are today, and you can imagine trying to find a gauged set for steel guitar. The E9th chromatic had not been invented at this time. You could get C6th strings from Ernie Ball or Rickenbacker guitar company, but they were totally the wrong gauge and if you got Gibson strings and just looked that them, they’d break.

No power steering and no air conditioning. No power brakes and no automatic transmissions. So you know there were no such things as power windows and cruise control. The big mono AM radio was usually very good. We all fought for the steering wheel and wanted to drive and we would buy bags of fruit if we could get them cheap enough and have contests driving down the road seeing if we could hit road signs and anything of interest while we were moving. So much for boredom.

I remember hearing a story about Sonny Burnette, traveling steel guitar player with Webb Pierce, riding through little towns at night … remember here now, most towns did not have a bypass, we had to drive right through the center of them day or night. Sonny was throwing fruit out at signs somewhere in western Tennessee when the police pulled him over, pulled him out of the limousine, hand-cuffed him and took him to jail. He missed the whole tour, but Webb Pierce himself, stopped back through on the way to Nashville, paid his fines and took him back home to Nashville.

Sonny said he really had a rough time explaining to his wife what happened to the money he was supposed to have made on that tour. This has always been a real sore spot with Sonny. He doesn’t even want to hear anybody mention it today. But now, if you mention this story around Weldon Myrick, I’m sure you’ll get a very humorous reaction since Weldon was sitting next to Sonny when the car got stopped by Dyersburg’s finest.

But anyway, thinking about those old rhythm sections, upright basses, archtop rhythm guitar players and those great, simple country songs just gives me chills. Webb Pierce was singing along with the great voices of the likes of Jean Shepherd, Faron Young, Stonewall Jackson, Jim Reeves, David Houston and several of the famous girl singers that nobody ever thinks of today like Charlene Arthur, Martie Brown and Wilma Burgess.

Every time I see an automobile made in the fifties, I just have to open the door and smell that old decomposing interior and wipe the tears out of my eyes, get back in my stupid Mercedes and go home. No cars are being used anymore today. Everything is buses that are many times nicer than the finest hotel room I ever saw when I first went on the road. However, I loved it and I wouldn’t trade any of those first days for anything.

My little Sho-Bud Permanent and early Fender Twin and beautiful tweed covering on the amp are greatly missed. I’ll never forget traveling after the western swing days, when we traveled in 1941 Flxible 29 passenger buses. These buses had no heat and no air, but boy did we look good!

After moving to Nashville, my first road jobs were in a station wagon and trailer and the fast food restaurants were starting to make their appearance, so things were a little better all the way around. When we’d play Texas in the summer, the clubs did not have air conditioning, but instead monster evaporative cooling units with tremendously big centrifugal fans.

This cool, wet air that these monster dance halls were pumping in to keep the patrons cool really made the place smell kind of unique. The combination of dried beer, curing cigarette smoke from a thousand sweaty cowboys or more, gave these venues a unique smell that I’m sure is gone today, but they were part of that big, early day music scene.

Oh these guys today don’t know what they’re missing. Another thing I miss is all the musicians that came out when we’d pull up to do a job. We’d usually end up jamming throughout the rest of the night when the job was over. This is how I met Jimmy Day, Buddy Emmons, Bobby Garrett and most of the big western swing players like Curly Chalker, Gene Crownover, Bob Meadows, Shady Brown, Maurice Anderson and the like.

The storal of this morry is if you want to turn out to be a great musician, this may be the hard way to do it, but you’ll sure have a lot of fun and you won’t really gain a lot of weight because you won’t be able to afford a lot of food.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday


(Pictured l-r: Lucinda Williams, Gregg Allman, Jerry Douglas, Rick Hall & Bob Harris)
NASHVILLE, September 12, 2011 – The Americana Music Association will honor the jaw dropping accomplishments of Lucinda Williams, Gregg Allman, Jerry Douglas, Rick Hall, and Bob Harris by presenting them with Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Association’s Honors & Awards show Thursday, October 13, 2011, at Nashville’s historically cool Ryman Auditorium.
  • Lifetime Achievement for Songwriter - Songstress Lucinda Williams, set to be honored in the Songwriter category, continues to make musical inroads, dazzling droves of fans as an artist, performer and celebrated tunesmith of the highest caliber. Her roots-grounded sound has yielded immeasurable influence on countless other musicians.
  • Lifetime Achievement for Performer - Living legend Gregg Allman, to be saluted in the Performer category, leads the charge of genre-melding Southern-bred rockers. He’s captivated audiences since first skyrocketing to success with The Allman Brothers Band, and continues as a relentless road warrior and celebrated musician today.
  •  Lifetime Achievement for Instrumentalist-  Dobro master Jerry Douglas is one of the instrument's greatest living players and is being honored in the Instrumental category. Equally revered for his solo work, session playing, and as a longtime member of Alison Krauss and Union Station, Douglas has astounded fans and critics for decades.
  • Lifetime Achievement for Executive - Rick Hall, whose landmark sessions fostered the seminal Muscle Shoals sound, will be honored with the Association’s Jack Emerson Executive Award. Hall’s war chest of talents includes songwriting and musicianship, but it is his groundbreaking production work at FAME Studios that crossed musical formats and attracted artists from across the nation such as Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, Etta James, The Osmonds, and Bobbie Gentry.
  • Trailblazer Award - Bob Harris, set to receive the Trailblazer award, is a celebrated radio host and journalist who works as a tireless advocate for exceptional artistry.  For generations he's played a pivotal role in exposing listeners to rising talent and critically acclaimed stalwarts, via shows on the BBC and other outlets.
The Honors & Awards is the capstone event of the Americana Music Association’s Festival and Conference presented by Nissan, running October 12-15 in Nashville.  Jim Lauderdale will again serve as master of ceremonies, while Buddy Miller will lead an all-star house band.  Among the other artists attending are: Robert Plant and the Band of Joy, Hayes Carll, The Civil Wars, Elizabeth Cook, Justin Townes Earle, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The Secret Sisters and more to be announced.
The always cool, full of surprises event is open to the general public. A limited number of tickets, $35 and $65, are available through the Ryman Box Office,
Slated for Wednesday, October 12 through Saturday, October 15, the Annual Americana Festival and Conference presented by Nissan will offer daily seminars, panels and networking opportunities at the Sheraton Nashville Downtown Hotel. The nighttime  performances bring more than 100 stacked musical showcases to key venues throughout Nashville. 
Full Festival & Conference registration includes access to all panels and presentations, the revamped exhibit hall, invitations to all sanctioned parties, a ticket to the Honors and Awards Show and priority admission to the evening performances. Registration is currently $350 for AMA members and $450 for non-members.

Money And Celebrity - Das Neue Album von The Subways

Newsletter 12.09.2011

Money And Celebrity - Das Neue Album von The Subways 
VÖ: 16.09.2011

Eigentlich sind THE SUBWAYS aus dem englischen Welwyn Garden City eine unmögliche Band: Sänger und Drummer sind Brüder, Sänger und Bassistin (inzwischen Ex-) Lover. Es gibt haufenweise Bands, die an sehr viel weniger gescheitert sind. Aber wahrscheinlich haben die ihre Band auch nicht so sehr geliebt wie THE SUBWAYS THE SUBWAYS lieben. „Diese Band ist das Erste, an das ich denke, wenn ich aufwache, und das Letzte, an das ich denke, bevor ich einschlafe. Sie ist mein Leben, meine Familie. Sie wird erst dann enden, wenn ich ende“, beschreibt Sänger/Gitarrist Billy Lunn die Beziehung zu „seiner“ Band, die er vor etwa zehn Jahren mit seinem Bruder Josh Morgan (Drums) und seiner damaligen Freundin Charlotte Cooper (Bass) in seinem Jugendzimmer gründete. Auch 2011 spielen THE SUWBAYS noch in dieser Urbesetzung – und legen mit „Money and Celebrity” nun ihr drittes Albumvor, das jeden Freund melodieverzauberter Rockmusik im Sturm erobern wird.
Sein Debüt „Young For Eternity“ nahm das Trio 2005 im zarten Alter von 19 (Billy) und 17 (Charlotte und Josh) Jahren auf, nachdem man sich bei diversen Gigs und Wettbewerben eine erste Fanbase erspielt hatte. Die Rock-Hymnen „Rock & Roll Queen” und „Oh Yeah” rotierten in den Clubs und wurden auch von der Werbeindustrie (Hugo Boss, Rimmel) verschlungen. Umso höher waren die Erwartungen an das zweite Album, das jedoch unter keinem guten Stern stand: Billy und Charlotte trennten sich, und obendrein musste sich Billy Anfang 2007 Polypen entfernen lassen – ein Eingriff, der seine Sängerkarriere schlagartige hätte beenden können. Doch all das konnte THE SUBWAYS nicht davon abhalten, in L.A. mit Meister-Produzent Butch Vig(Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Green Day) ihr bittersüß-rockendes Zweitwerk „All or Nothing“ einzuspielen, das in Deutschland auf Platz 18 der Charts kletterte. Überhaupt – Deutschland: Hier treffen THE SUBWAYS mit ihren famosen Rock-Alben seit jeher den Nerv des Publikums und haben sich eine treue Gefolgschaft erspielt, die mit ihrer Leidenschaft jedes Live-Gastspiel zu einem einzigartigen Erlebnis macht.
Auch wenn es nun schon ihr drittes Album ist, fühlt sich „Money and Celebrity“ für Billy, Charlotte und Josh doch wie ihr erstes an. „Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass ich die Songs anders geschrieben habe als sonst“, vermutet Billy. „Ich habe zum ersten Mal erst die Texte und danach die Songs dazu geschrieben – deswegen ist das Album auch viel lyrischer.“ Neu ist auch der Produzent – nicht dass THE SUBWAYS mit Butch Vig unzufrieden gewesen wären, doch da Billy als Texter gereift ist und neben den bewährten Love- und Party-Songs auch ernsthafte Themen wie Celebrity Culture und Profitgier anspricht, sollte das Album nicht im fernen Hollywood-Land sondern dort entstehen, wo er diesen Problemen täglich begegnet: in England. „Das Album sollte nach Großbritannien klingen, und da kam nur ein Produzent in Frage: Stephen Street“, verrät Billy. Und da dieser von THE SUBWAYS ebenfalls äußerst angetan war, konnten sie ihren Wunschkandidaten (der Koryphäen wie The Smiths, Blur oder Kaiser Chiefs in der Vita stehen hat) tatsächlich an Bord holen. 
Textlich wie musikalisch haben THE SUBWAYS auf ihrem dritten Longplayer ein ideales Gleichgewicht gefunden. „Das Album hat die perfekte Heaviness und die perfekte Popness“, sagt Billy. „Jedes Stück sollte eine potenzielle Hit-Single sein, weil wir diese Songs gerne live spielen und das Publikum so intensiv darauf reagiert.“ Gesagt, getan: Mit Tracks wie der knackigen Teaser Single „It’s A Party“, dem groovigen, mit einer großartigen Hookline aufartenden „Celebrity“ oder dem rockig-rotzigen „We Don’t Need Money“, der ersten Single, das auf der deutschen Albumversion als Bonus-Track mit deutschem Chorus enthalten ist, treffen Billy, Charlotte und Josh auf „Money And Celebrity“ wieder mitten ins Schwarze. Ein Album, so mannigfaltig wie ein Frühlingstag, so cool wie eine Winternacht, so aufwühlend wie ein Herbststurm und so herzerwärmend wie ein Sommerabend. Ein Album von THE SUBWAYS eben.
Sat1 „Frühstücksfernsehen“
/   13.09.2011 ( Talk & Performance von 2 Songs!)
AKTUELLES VIDEO : "We Don`t Need Money To Have A Good Time":
PRE-LISTENING : Ab Montag, 12.09. auf
Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH

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