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Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

I just received a very wonderful email from Aaron Doyle. He also is taken aback by the beauty of steel guitar and related a story to me of when he bought his first steel guitar. He went into detail to tell me about the red-ish color finish, the great shine it had and was pretty well captivated before he had even heard it. When he heard the sound it made, he was totally taken in.

It reminds me very much of my own story. When I was 8 years old, I had already been pretty well infected by an Uncle that was a professional steel guitarist. He was living and working in New York state and I was living and going to school in Statesville, North Carolina. My father had the main music store in Statesville. He was a Gibson dealer.

I’ll never forget the first steel guitar my father got in the store for stock. Everything that should capture you from the smell, feel, touch and sound of these great instruments absolutely ripped my heart out.

Aaron says he has 12 guitars and he really has some of them just because they are works of art. I totally understand this concept. I have two Clinesmith guitars that fill a spot in my heart when nothing else really could with the exception of Bigsby. Of course, I love and have my Emmons pushpull and some of those wonderful old Sho-Buds.

The way steel guitar produces its notes with a bar on the strings instead of contacting frets underneath the strings loans itself to nice, beautiful and long sustaining tone. This quality is hard to find in most other instruments. Saxophone, trumpet and most brass instruments don’t worry about sustain because that has more to do with lung capacity than any natural qualities within the instrument. With piano, sustain is an important quality. Not necessarily so with violins or drums.

With steel guitar, it’s very important because part of the beauty of this instrument is notes that have been picked, flowing into other chords. The way these little chords ring and run into the next little chord and the way they can all sustain together is a very nice and beautiful quality.

Like we discussed in the last newsletter, maple not only sounds great, but sustains very well because of its hardness. Yes, the wood does get better with time because it dries out and gets harder and the sap that originally worked against sustain in the wood is no longer a hindrance as the wood ages and the sap dries out.

Since it takes a steel guitar player many years to develop a taste for tone, the new younger players themselves may not have much of an idea of what they are really listening for.

If you don’t feel the vibrations from your guitar both mentally and physically, and if that big warm tone isn’t just something that slaps you upside your face and says “Here I am!”, you probably aren’t getting it.

The mysteries of tone? As you can see by this newsletter so far, the pickup on a steel guitar is not what creates the tone any more than Lady Gaga’s microphone creates her voice. (By the way, I am pretty impressed with her talent.)

The Emmons push pull guitar was manufactured quite a bit differently than most other guitars. The maple is thin, the aluminum necks are fairly thick, all the parts that go under the guitar are suspended between the front and the back boards. The less knee levers and pedals on these guitars, the better they sound.

As you can see, the difference in different models of Emmons guitars may be due directly to the number of knee levers that the owner has chosen to install on his guitar. This can also apply to other brands. I have had and played Emmons PP steel guitars with no knee levers and found them to be extremely great sounding guitars.

About the worst habit a young player has is the bad habit of being a volume pedal pumper. I’ve touched on this subject so much in the past that I’m going to leave it alone now, but one of the world’s greatest steel guitar players, Jerry Byrd, once said, “If most of the newer players would throw their volume pedal in the river, they could all sound better immediately.”

I’ll go a step further myself and say I’ve heard several professional players that would sound better if they did the same thing.

Any player that thinks tone doesn’t make a difference should come into my showroom and play any five guitars and then tell me there’s no difference in sound between them.

Next week, steel guitar month begins. Let me know what we can do to help you celebrate it. We’ll be giving some good deals and sales because of it.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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Canberra Country Music Festival

Here’s some briefing on some the artists performing at this year’s festival (with more on the website and to be announced).  Many are releasing new albums:
*    Bobby Marquez (USA) - You can't help but move your feet and hum along with Bobby.  His catchy melodies have soared up the Texas charts with top twenty hits and his first number one single, "That's Life."   Bobby's breakout single "She's Not From Texas" stayed on the charts for an impressive 26 weeks topping such legendary favourites as Willie Nelson and Rodney Crowell.  Appearing Main Stage Friday Night
*    Aly Cook (New Zealand) -  Award winning kiwi country at its best from New Zealand’s highest airplay contemporary country artist with songs of love, heritage and life.   She’s also a competitive rider raising   horses for export and a judge in our talent competition!
*    Doug McIntyre (NSW) - Rising Male Artist of the Year winner at Mildura with true blue Aussie hits from the heart.  Doug sings about heritage, life and family in his new album Australian Son on the Southern Cross Main Stage Saturday
*    Queen Juanita & The Zydeco Cowboys (ACT) - Stepping out of the 1950s are  royalty of country swing and cajun dance with a touch of rockabilly. Tight rhythms and a danceable attitude make this one of the hottest retro country bands around.   
*    Peter Christie Mountain Folk (NSW) - Hailing from the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, Peter Christie is an artist who’s music draws inspiration from country, bluegrass and the gospel music tradition.   Class musician with great harmonies
*    The Rain (QLD) - Surprise CCMF10 hit impressed with their contemporary country rock flavour reminiscent of The Eagles with a lot more local originality.  This year the Sunshine Coast boys feature their new CD album “One More Shot” 
This year CCMF tributes John Denver - who brought country to young and old alike.  Despite the hits rarely does anyone perform due to the high vocals. Virtuoso Ian Wholohan brings us the closest to John’s pure vocal and guitar style = not to be missed!!!
As part of a support arrangement Canberra Country Music Festival hosts selected artists submitting from around the world using Sonicbids and Gig Launch.   Unique amongst Australian Country Music the Canberra Country Music Festival receives performer submissions from diverse nations including Canada, New Zealand, USA as well as Australia.
BOSSE und Anna Loos (SILLY) besingen die Freundschaft und Frankfurt Oder
Universal Music Bild

BOSSE und Anna Loos (SILLY)
besingen die Freundschaft und Frankfurt Oder

Es sind oft die einfachen Worte, die große Gefühle am besten ausdrücken können. Es sind oft die feinen Skizzierungen, die am meisten Wahrheit wiedergeben. Der Musiker BOSSE ist ein Meister der kleinen Skizzen, der feinen Alltagsbeobachtung. Und dies zeigt er auch wieder in seiner neuen Single "Frankfurt Oder", die am 6. September veröffentlicht wird.

Rein sachlich betrachtet ist "Frankfurt Oder" die dritte Single aus BOSSEs beeindruckendem Album "Wartesaal" und eine Coverversion seines eigenen Liebeslieds aus dem Jahr 2006. Von innen ist "Frankfurt Oder" allerdings eher unsachlich. Ein Lied, das die ganz kleinen Momente des Lebens feiert; ein Song zum Schmunzeln, zum runter- und endlich ankommen.

"Frankfurt Oder" ist außerdem ein Duett mit der Schauspielerin und Musikerin Anna Loos. Seit BOSSE ihre Band SILLY auf Tour begleitet hat, sind die beiden nicht bloß Kollegen, sondern tatsächlich Freunde. Und das hört man. Annas und Axels Stimmen klingen wie Pech und Schwefel, und wenn es heißt "Ich bin froh, dass du da bist", dann kann man das einfach mal glauben.

Anna Loos, Schauspielerin und Sängerin der Band SILLY über BOSSE und "Frankfurt Oder": "Für mich ist Aki BOSSE einer der besten Singer/Songwriter, die das Land hat. Er trägt eine tiefe Melancholie in sich und steht gleichzeitig mitten im Sturm des Lebens. Er hat etwas von einem Erwachsenen, der immer ein wenig Kind bleibt, weil er sich die Werte bewahrt hat, die man auf dem Ritt im Hamsterrad schnell verlieren kann. Nachdem ich seinen Song „Frankfurt Oder“ gehört hatte, war ich total verknallt in das Lied. Als Aki dann gefragt hat, ob ich es gemeinsam mit ihm singen würde, gab es bei mir gar keine Frage! „Frankfurt Oder“ hat viel von dem Gefühl, das ich in den letzten Jahren in mir trage. Den Song zu singen und zu hören ist wie Ballast abwerfen und ein bisschen wie fliegen ..."

BOSSE und Anna Loos werden mit "Frankfurt Oder" für Niedersachsen am Bundesvision Song Contest teilnehmen, der am 29. September stattfinden wird. Dafür wurde der Song von Moritz Enders noch einmal vollkommen neu gemischt.

Bereits am 7. September  werden BOSSE und Anna Loos "Frankfurt Oder" bei TV total vorstellen.
Als besonderes Highlight wird bei beiden TV Auftritten SILLY-Gitarrist Uwe Hassbecker ebenfalls auf der Bühne stehen! Mit SILLY, deren Album "Alles Rot" soeben mit Platin ausgezeichnet wurde, konnte er im Vorjahr einen sensationellen zweiten Platz  für Sachsen-Anhalt belegen.

Das Video zu "Frankfurt Oder" feiert am Freitag, den 2. September, um 12 Uhr seine Premiere auf der Homepage des Künstlers, sowie unter

Seit der Veröffentlichung von "Wartesaal" ist BOSSE pausenlos unterwegs. Der erste Teil der Clubtour war ein voller Erfolg mit unzähligen ausverkauften Shows. Im November startet der zweite Teil der "Wartesaal"-Tour und der Run auf die Tickets im Vorverkauf hat bereits begonnen.

Wartesaal Tour 2011
…präsentiert von Uncle Sally*s, Melodie & Rhythmus, Prinz, Event, und

15.11. Köln, Stollwerck
16.11. Fulda, Kreuz
17.11. Frankfurt/Main, Batschkapp
18.11. Karlsruhe, Substage
19.11. Trier, Exhaus
23.11. Münster, Jovel
24.11. Leipzig, Werk II
25.11. Neubrandenburg, Güterbahnhof
26.11. Cottbus, Gladhouse
27.11. Potsdam, Waschhaus
29.11. Rostock, Stadthalle
30.11. Hannover, Capitol
01.12. Würzburg, Posthalle
02.12. München, Backstage
03.12. Tübingen, Sudhaus
05.12. Freiburg, Jazzhaus
06.12. Saarbrücken, Garage
07.12. Dortmund, FZW
09.12. Wilhelmshaven, Pumpwerk
10.12. Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit (AUSVERKAUFT)
11.12. Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit (Zusatzkonzert)

The Roys Three Country Music Awards

The Roys In Running For Three Inspirational Country Music Awards;
Winners Announced In Nashville October 28
Duo To Perform On Show With Ricky Skaggs & The Whites
Roys closeup w instruments  Anthony Ladd 

Nashville, TN (September 1, 2011) -- The reigning Inspirational Country Music Duo of the Year, The Roys, are in the running for three more ICM awards this year: Vocal Duo of The Year, Inspirational Bluegrass Artist and Inspirational Country Song ("I Wonder What God's Thinking").  Winners will be announced during the 2011 ICM Faith, Family & Country Awards show, held in Nashville on Friday, October 28 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The Roys will perform "That's What Makes It Love" that night with special guests Ricky Skaggs and The Whites. Both songs are from The Roys' current CD, LONESOME WHISTLE, which was recorded at Skaggs Place Studio and released March 22 this year on Rural Rhythm Records. The disc debuted at #7 on BILLBOARD's Bluegrass Albums Chart, and is currently #6 on Bluegrass Unlimited's Top 15 Albums Chart, #7 on Cashbox Magazine's Top 20 Bluegrass Albums Chart and #16 on The Alternate Root's Top 66 Bluegrass Album Chart.
"We're overjoyed to be nominated again this year," says Elaine Roy. "And it will be amazing to perform on stage with legends like Ricky Skaggs and The Whites," adds her brother, Lee.  "They were amazing to work with in the studio."  Ricky and The Whites appear on the recorded version of "That's What Makes It Love."
The brother/sister duo has enjoyed numerous high-profile performances this year, kicking off Country Thunder Festival USA (where they opened for Lady Antebellum), Dollywood (Pigeon Forge, TN), Dogwood Park Concert Series (Greenville, TN), and more. They've appeared on several Fox Television Network shows, Daily Buzz, ABC-TV's What's The Buzz, Daytime, GAC-TV, and numerous other popular programs. Upcoming shows include dates with country legend Janie Fricke, and performances at the Kentucky Renaissance Fair, Heroes Music Festival at Atlanta Motor Speedway, Rocky River Fall Bluegrass Festival and dates in Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee.
Fans can catch up with all the news and complete itinerary on The Roys by clicking on
For further information on the 2011 ICM Week in Nashville, click on:


Rucker Earns Three Additional Digital Single Certifications

Nashville, Tenn. (Thursday, September 1, 2011) - Capitol Records Nashville recording artist Darius Rucker has rejoined Brad Paisley for the H2O II: Wetter and Wilder Tour, which kicked off last week at London’s famed O2 Arena and will continue through Ireland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark.  The entertainers have been receiving rave reviews and having a great time, as noted by The Times (London), Maverick Magazine, and numerous uploaded fan videos showing the pair rocking the stage with Rolling Stones legend and surprise guest Ronnie Wood.

When Rucker returns stateside, he’ll be able to celebrate more than just his first European tour since his days with Hootie, as the singer will be headlining his first U.S. tour beginning this fall.  Fans are sure to hear smash hits off both the platinum-selling country debut Learn to Live (2008) and the RIAA-Gold® certified Charleston, SC 1966 (2010), including his five No. 1 singles "Come Back Song" (newly certified Gold), "This" (newly certified Gold), "Alright" (newly certified Platinum), "It Won't Be Like This For Long" (Gold), "Don't Think I Don't Think About It" (Gold) and Rucker's latest "I Got Nothin'," which is currently climbing the Top 25.  Joining Rucker for select dates will be Rodney Atkins, Frankie Ballard, Thompson Square, and Justin Moore.

“I haven’t headlined a tour since Hootie, so to say I’m excited is an understatement,” says Rucker.  “It has been such an incredible experience to tour with Paisley and Rascal Flatts, and I’ve learned a lot being on the road with them.  With this tour, I’m just excited to perform again for our fans, and I’m thrilled to have Rodney, Frankie, Justin, and Thompson Square joining us.”  

Upcoming tour dates are as follows:
10/6      Glens Falls, NY w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
10/7      Indiana, PA w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
10/8      Syracuse, NY w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
10/20    Charlotte, NC w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
10/21    Raleigh, NC w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
10/22    Cincinnati, OH w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
10/23    Pikeville, KY w/ Rodney Atkins and Frankie Ballard
11/12    North Charleston, SC w/ Thompson Square and Justin Moore
* additional dates to be announced
Darius Rucker signed with Capitol Records Nashville in 2007 and released his country debut, Learn to Live, in 2008 which landed at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart.  His first record garnered three consecutive No. 1 singles and earned him the CMA New Artist of the Year Award.  When Rucker returned to the studio with Frank Rogers to record his sophomore release, he penned 77 songs for the album with the last song written becoming the lead single, "Come Back Song."  The result was the chart-topping October 2010 release, Charleston, SC 1966, which has produced two No. 1's with "Come Back Song" and "This."  USA Today raved, "Rucker has made a fine-sounding country album, full of singable choruses, bittersweet fiddle and steel, and guitars with bottomless twang," and Rolling Stone said, "On his Nashville debut, Rucker's rich baritone, sentimental ballads and bright hooks made him the most successful African-American country singer since Charlie Pride.  Rucker amps up that formula on album number two."
Rucker's shows center around the music found on his country albums, but occasionally, he will embrace his Hootie & The Blowfish heritage by turning "Let Her Cry" into a very sad, slow country tune or rely on the acoustic intro to "Hold My Hand" to rile up the crowd before the sultry lyrics pour out.  As many times as we've all heard those hits, the renditions he has created with his band, The Carolina Grey Boys, create impressive countrified versions of the monster hits.  With country chart-toppers peppering the set, it's festive crowd favorites like "Family Tradition" and "Purple Rain" that truly showcase Rucker's vocal prowess and remind you of just how deep his southern roots run.
For a full list of appearances, please visit
About Rodney Atkins
Curb Records recording artist Rodney Atkins has been successfully leading the country music charts and selling albums since his career began in 2006 when he hit the scene with his first number one, “If You’re Going Through Hell,” which was also the Number One Country Song of the Year according to Billboard in 2006.  The East Tennessee native has recorded three studio albums, Honesty, If You’re Going Through Hell and It’s America and charted seven Top 20 singles including five No. 1s: “If You’re Going Through Hell,” “Watching You,” “These Are My People,” “Cleaning This Gun (Come On In),” and “It’s America.” His hit “Farmer’s Daughter” is a platinum-selling single; increasing his single sales to over 4 million. He has also scored a platinum selling record and several gold releases.  Atkins has been a staple on national television.  He has performed or appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS' The Early Show, The Tonight Show, Extreme Home Makeover, CMA and ACM awards shows, to name a few.

Atkins current single, “Take A Back Road”, was one of the most added records at country radio debut week.  The single is from the upcoming October 4th release of the same name.  Massey Ferguson® is the “official tractor” of Atkins for 2011.  Atkins released an exclusive album with Cracker Barrel that features four number one hits including “Farmer’s Daughter” and an unreleased song. Atkins was the 2010 spokesman for the National Council for Adoption and is heavily involved within the organization. He was also the 2010 spokesman for the Chevy Silverado.  Kraft Velveeta sponsored his “Best Side of Dinner” tour last summer and he was featured as the writer/singer on the national ad campaign for Velveeta Shells and Cheese. For more information on Rodney Atkins, visit

About Frankie Ballard
Few debut artists can compare to Frankie Ballard’s impetuous breakthrough in the music scene as country’s guitar slinging heartthrob. In just one year, Ballard has already scored a Top Five video hit with his debut single “Tell Me You Get Lonely,” toured with rock star Uncle Kracker, starred in his own GAC web series, wrote a song on Billy Currington’s new CD, issued “A Buncha Girls” as his second radio single, staged his debut at the Grand Ole Opry and appeared on FOX & Friends. And if that wasn’t enough, Ballard opened 13 shows for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer, Bob Seger, and just finished a run opening for superstar Taylor Swift on the North American leg of the “SPEAK NOW WORLD TOUR 2011.” Hailing from Battle Creek, Michigan, Ballard brings a fresh new sound with his unique blend of edgy, country rock and sheer, fleet-fingered guitar skills.  For more information on Frankie Ballard, please visit
About Justin Moore
Valory Music Co. recording artist Justin Moore’s star has grown significantly since he was named Billboard's “Top New Country Artist of 2009.” This Southern Country stylist has sold over 1.2 million digital downloads to date and his sophomore album OUTLAWS LIKE ME hit the No. 1 spot the week it was released. OUTLAWS LIKE ME includes the fastest-rising single of Moore’s career, “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away,” which ascended to the No. 1 spot.  His debut album scored three consecutive smash singles (the No. 1 “Small Town USA” as well as the hits “Backwoods” and “How I Got To Be This Way”). Additionally, his debut was recognized by The New York Times as one of the best albums of 2009. Moore is currently out on tour with Rascal Flatts and will hit the road with Miranda Lambert later this fall. For music and more, visit

About Thompson Square
Stoney Creek Records' hot new duo, Thompson Square, burst on to the country music scene with the release of their self-titled debut album earning the No. 3 spot on the Top Country Albums chart; selling over 30k in the first week of sales making it the biggest album sales debut act in 2011.  The Oklahoma-born Keifer Thompson and Alabama native Shawna Thompson joined forces as a duo, combining classic country and rock influences to forge a sound that is thoroughly modern but built on the bedrock of tradition. The husband-and-wife's infectious hit single, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not,” enjoyed tremendous radio success reaching the coveted No. 1 spot on both country radio charts and selling over a million digital single sales. They have performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Conan, Fox & Friends and Fox’s Summer Concert Series, as well as been featured in Entertainment Weekly, People Country, Country Weekly, USA Today, The Washington Post and Billboard.  Their current single, “I Got You,” is climbing up the radio charts currently at No. 17 on Billboard in just 13 short weeks.

Joyce Shaffer Inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame

Country Singer Joyce Shaffer to be Inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame.
Los Angeles, CA, 9/1/11 -  What does Patti Page, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Hank Williams Sr., Gene Autry, Loretta Lynn, Tex Ritter, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans have in common with country music chart climber Joyce Shaffer? They have been or will be inducted into America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame this Aug. 29 - Sept. 4 in LeMars, Iowa. 36th NATIONAL OLD TIME COUNTRY BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL, LeMARS, IOWA, AUG 29-SEPT 4, 2011
Shaffer will be inducted Saturday, September 3rd on the main stage at 5 p.m. and will give to the museum her trademark Red Boots. The last year and a half has been a busy time for Shaffer with writing, singing, recording and releasing a new CD, "Product of the U.S.A.", as well as recording several new singles that have climbed the national country music charts. Joyce has also been very busy traveling America singing at events. "It sure has been an exciting time. I love getting my messages out by way of my music. I can't wait to see what is next. I am truly blessed" Shaffer said.
Her last release is a tribute to the First Lady of Country Music, Loretta Lynn. The song is titled "Loretta's Shoes" and when Loretta Lynn heard it she said, "I was left smiling all day after I heard the song Joyce Shaffer wrote about me, 'Loretta's Shoes'... It truly touched my heart." Shaffer looks forward to meeting with Loretta sometime in the future and would love to sing "Loretta's Shoes" to the country music icon.
For more information on Joyce Shaffer and her music or to schedule Joyce for your event or to set up an interview, contact her or her media office at:

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As RECKLESS KELLY--known for straddling rock and country with strong songs and performances--get set for their return with the September 13 release of their ninth album GOOD LUCK & TRUE LOVE, the band has announced additional tour dates and other events. RECKLESS KELLY now has 40 dates booked--beginning 9/3 in Ft. Worth, TX through 12/31 in Donnelly, ID--and have been invited to play a special post-game concert at Major League Baseball’s Houston Astros 9/23 home game.  They’ll also perform October 1 at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival at San Francisco’s Golden Gate ParkRECKLESS KELLY also recently posted a sizzle reel with interviews and archive footage of the band’s storied 15-year career.  Check it out here:  In only its third week of release, the new album’s first single “Good Luck & True Love” is already #19 on the Texas Music Chart
In the clip--set to the sound of the album’s title track and first single--RECKLESS KELLY talk about producing the album themselves, starting their own record company (No Big Deal Records) and taking over all of the band’s responsibilities.  There are also photos of the group with the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders when they performed at a 2011 Super Bowl party in Dallas, TX, performing at Boston’s Fenway Stadium and Houston’s Reliant Stadium, touring the country and more.
GOOD LUCK & TRUE LOVE marks the Austin-based band’s first studio album of all-new material since 2008’s Bulletproof and is the follow-up to their 2010 release Somewhere In Time, a tribute to one of their songwriter heroes, Pinto Bennett.  Both of those albums hit the top 5 on the Billboard “Heatseekers” chart and top 20 on the Americana charts and Somewhere In Time was voted the #10 best album of the year by the Americana Music Association in 2010.  Last week A&E’s hit show “The Glades” featured the song “I’ve Done Everything I Could Do Wrong” from Somewhere In Time.
Beyond their studio acumen, the band is renowned for their relentless touring and high-energy live shows.   “Reckless Kelly is one of the best live bands ever,” said the Bakersfield Californian of a recent concert, adding that “they're profoundly good, but, as is the case with any really good band, the magic is in the live shows (8/17/11).” 
After having released music via Sugar Hill and Yep Roc Records, RECKLESS KELLY--Willy Braun, lead vocals/rhythm guitar/Wurlitzer piano; Cody Braun, fiddle/mandolin/harmonica/bouzouki/harmony vocals; David Abeyta, lead guitar & piano; Jay Nazz, drums & percussion; and Chris Schelske, bass guitar--are now releasing the self-produced GOOD LUCK & TRUE LOVE on their own, and are now self-managed. “In 15 years as RECKLESS KELLY we've had to learn things the hard way and figure out what works for us and what doesn't,” says the band.  “Trial and error.  We've always recorded to 2-inch analogue tape and we've always earned our fans one at a time. (Grass roots baby!) Over the years we've dabbled in conventional methods of promotion, touring and, of course, recording. Starting a record company and releasing our own records is something we have strived for our entire carrier. Now we feel we are finally in the perfect position with our business and band and are doing just that.”
GOOD LUCK & TRUE LOVE is quintessential RECKLESS KELLY with a blend of the gritty and the sublime.  There are road songs ("Weatherbeaten Soul," "Hit The Ground Running"), tunes about music ("New Moon Over Nashville," "I Stayed Up All Night Again") and others about hard times (“Save Me From Myself”) and good old-fashioned heartbreak (“Give It A Try,” "Guarded Heart," "She Likes Money, He Likes Love" and "I Never Liked St. Valentine").  “Taking our old school approach a little bit further on this record, we made a rule that if someone in the band can't play it, it's not going on the record,” explains the band.  “We are proud to say that with the exception of an outstanding harmony vocal by our good friend Dani Flowers, we played every instrument on this record and tracked almost everything live.”
RECKLESS KELLY formed in Bend, OR in 1996 but quickly established themselves as a strong live act in and around Austin, TX and have been praised by Country Weekly for “injecting its hooky songs with rock ’n’ roll propulsion without sacrificing melody or meaning” (2009 review of Bulletproof).  Michael Corcoran of the Austin American Statesman called them “a rock band that writes country songs” and said "Bulletproof is an aggressive album with an anti-war song that outprotests James McMurtry. Even in the most stagnant of subgenres (alt-country), the Kellies strive to remain fresh…(6/11/08)”
Bulletproof earned the group a #1 Americana and #1 Texas Charts song spot with “Ragged As The Road.”  That album also earned them an Americana Music Association nomination for “Duo or Group of the Year (2009).”

Check out RECKLESS KELLY on the road:
Sat 9/3 Fort Worth, TX Billy Bob’s Texas
Sun 9/4 San Antonio, TX Cowboy’s Dance Hall
Thu 9/8 Austin, TX The Broken Spoke
Fri 9/9 Waco, TX Wild West
Tue 9/13 Austin, TX Antone’s
Thu 9/15 Brenham, TX Washington County Fair
Fri 9/16 New Braunfels, TX Gruene Hall
Sat 9/17 Odessa, TX Permian Basin Fair and Expo
Thu 9/22 Houston, TX Astro’s/Minute Maid Park
Fri 9/23 Quincy, CA Plumas-Sierra County Fairgrounds
Sat 9/24 Crystal Bay, NV Crystal Bay Club Casino
Sun 9/25 Orangevale, CA Boardwalk
Wed 9/28 Felton, CA Don Quixote’s Int’l Music Hall
Thu 9/29 San Luis Obispo, CA University Union Plaza
Fri 9/30 Petaluma, CA Mystic Theatre
Sat 10/1 San Francisco, CA Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
Thu 10/6 Abilene, TX Lucky Mule
Fri 10/7 Amarillo, TX Midnight Rodeo
Sat 10/8 Lubbock, TX Wild West
Mon 10/10 Waco, TX Heart of Texas Fair Complex
Thu 10/13 Ozark, AR Mulberry Mountain Harvest Festival
Fri 10/14 Columbia, MO The Blue Note
Sat 10/15 Wichita, KS Cotillion Ballroom
Thu 10/20 San Angelo, TX Midnight Rodeo
Fri 10/21 Dallas, TX Granada Theater
Sat 10/22 San Marcos, TX Texas Music Theater
Sat 10/22 Corpus Christi, TX Ziegfest
Thu 10/27 Longview, TX The Levee
Fri 10/28 Bryan, TX Texas Hall of Fame
Sat 10/29 Spring Branch, TX Texas Riverbed
Tue 11/1 Lawrence, KS The Bottleneck
Wed 11/2 Bloomington, IL Six Strings
Thu 11/3 Milwaukee, WI Shank Hall
Fri 11/4 Chicago, IL Joe’s Bar
Fri 11/25 Cypress, TX Tim Hall
Fri 12/2 Helotes, TX Floores Country Store
Fri 12/9 Fort Worth, TX Billy Bob’s Texas
Sat 12/10 Oklahoma City, OK Wormy Dog Saloon
Sat 12/31 Donnelly, ID Donnelly Idaho Airport

The Shires on Country Music News International Radio Show interviewed by Christian Lamitschka

Watch now the interview with The Shires The Shires on Country Music News International Radio Show interviewed by Christian Lamitsch...

Country Music News International Song of the Week - Still Falling Darin & Brooke Aldridge

Country Music News International Song of the Week Still Falling Darin & Brooke Aldridge Hello!  I’m Camo, o...

Country Music News International Newsletter February 27. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 27. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News In...

Country Music News International Newsletter February 28. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 28. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News...

Country Music News International Newsletter February 25. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 25. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News In...

Country Music News International Newsletter February 24. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 24. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News In...

Country Music News International Newsletter February 22. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 22. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News In...

Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Sam Hunt, Lauren Alaina, Big & Rich, Lee Brice, Kane Brown, Brothers Osborne, Josh Abbott Band, Maren Morris, Jake Owen, Michael Ray, High Valley, Brett Young And More


Country Music News International Newsletter February 23. 2017

Country Music News International Newsletter February 23. 2017 Here is your Country Music News of the day from Country Music News I...

CD Review: Stephanie Grace – Life Is Okay

Stephanie Grace – Life Is Okay The album consists of 6 songs: Too Young, Life Is Okay, How’s That Working For Ya, Wait a Minute...

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