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From left to right:
Chuck Chellman (Georgia Twitty’s widower), 2011 Honorees Millie Kirkham, Evelyn Shriver, Roberta Edging and Janice Wendell
Long-time Grand Ole Opry star JEANNIE SEELY hosted this year’s Ninth Annual SOURCE Awards this past Thursday evening, August 25, 2011 at the Noah Liff Opera Center in Nashville. Respected music critic, author and historian ROBERT K. OERMANN was the evening’s guest speaker.

The SOURCE Awards is an annual celebration honoring women in the music industry for their tireless work and contributions to the business.  This year’s 2011 SOURCE Awards Honorees were Roberta Edging (Eddy Arnold Enterprises), Millie Kirkham (WSM Radio, Tree Music Publishing, Legendary Background Vocalist), Barbara Orbison (Barbara Orbison Productions, Roy Orbison Music, Pretty Woman Perfume), Evelyn Shriver (Evelyn Shriver Public Relations, Asylum Records, Bandit Records), Janice Wendell (Noble Dury, Erickson Advertising) plus a posthumous recognition for Georgia Twitty Chellman (Gospel Jubilee, Music City Hotline, Veeson Travel, Tennessee T-Cake).

One by one, each honoree was celebrated and presented on stage with plaques. Stories, praise and laughs were shared among the sold-out crowd.

As Nashville-native Millie Kirkham accepted her award, she took a lighthearted tone when sharing about the sacrifices she sometimes needed to make. “I wasn’t home to cook dinner for my family,” she recalled. “Thank goodness, a company called Swanson’s came along. My daughter is living proof that you can survive on frozen TV dinners.”

Janice Wendell’s speech offered meaningful advice, “I hope all of you find something you love to do. Because it won’t feel like working if you do. Enjoy life. It’s short. Do something nice for somebody every day.”

Among those in attendance, past honorees Frances Preston, Jo Walker-Meador, Pat McCoy, Liz Thiels, Celia Froehlig, Sandy Neese, Hope Powell, Ruth White, Carol Phillips and Hazel Smith.

Founded in 1991, SOURCE is a nonprofit organization supporting women executives and professionals who work in all facets of the Nashville music industry. In 2003, the SOURCE Awards were established to pay respect and honor the women who develop and build upon the foundation of the music industry in Nashville.




Single “Big Foot” Spends Four weeks at #1 On Classic Rock National Chart

The music video from the chart-topping lead single, “Big Foot” by Chickenfoot is available NOW at www.chickenfoot.us and all the band’s social channels. The supergroup – guitar hero Joe Satriani, drummer Chad Smith, former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony and frontman Sammy Hagar – recently announced the addition of Kenny Aronoff as the touring drummer in place of Smith for live dates in support of the band’s highly anticipated Chickenfoot III release.

SILLY - Edelmetall

SILLY - Edelmetall zum glanzvollen Tourabschluss der "Alles Rot"-Tour 2011
Universal Music Bild
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Edelmetall zum glanzvollen Tourabschluss der "Alles Rot"-Tour 2011
Es war ein gleichsam emotionaler als auch glanzvoller Höhepunkt: der Tourabschluss der "Alles Rot"-Tour 2011, den die Berliner Rockband Band SILLY am Sonntag, den 28.08.11 gemeinsam mit Fans, Freunden, Wegbegleitern und ihrer Plattenfirma auf der seit Monaten ausverkauften Seebühne in Magdeburg gefeiert hat.

Nach einem bewegenden und umjubelten Auftritt überraschte Jan Josef Liefers das Publikum mit der Ankündigung, dass SILLYs Plattenfirma Universal Music Domestic hier auf der Bühne eine Ehrung vornehmen möchte. Die Band erhielt aus den Händen von Jochen Schuster (Label Head UDP) den Platinaward für das aktuelle Studioalbum "Alles Rot". Diese Auszeichnung ist eine weitere wichtige Station im Rahmen eines eindrucksvollen und geschichtsträchtigen Comebacks, welches Ritchie, Jäcki, Uwe gemeinsam mit Anna Loos vollbracht haben. Sichtlich gerührt nahmen die Vier die Awards entgegen.

Foto © 2011 Universal Music von unten nach oben, links nach rechts:

1. Reihe: SILLY - Jäcki Reznicek, Ritchie Barton, Anna Loos, Uwe Hassbecker

2. Reihe: Jochen Schuster (Label Head UDP), Benjamin Wahlert (Senior Product Manager UDP), Michael Kucharski (Vice President Corporate Communications & Promotion), Johannes Cordes (Label Head UDP)

3. Reihe: Friedrich Kraemer (Head Of TV & Press Promotion UDP), Dirk Schömbs (Head Of Radio), Werner Karma, Natascha Schöllkopf

4. Reihe: Michael Schacke (Undercover GmbH), Sabine Rätzel (Teamassistent UDP), Frank Engel (Head Of Marketing UDP), Axel Horn (Undercover GmbH)


By Bob Doerschuk
© 2011 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
Randy Montana was born into Music City royalty, but he charts his own course. His dad, Billy Montana, wrote hits for Garth Brooks, Sara Evans, Jo Dee Messina and others. Randy’s path is different: At this stage of his young career, he’s earning a reputation as a writer too but seems on course to make his main impact as an artist.
On his self-titled debut album for Mercury Nashville, produced by Jay Joyce, Montana wrote or co-wrote nine of its 11 tracks. He sings with a voice that’s just a bit weathered and rugged and a flair for musical drama. On his first single, “Ain’t Much Left of Lovin’ You” (written by Montana and Joshua Ragsdale), he couples the pain of a lost love to a pounding beat and a soaring riff that invites the broken hearted to dance their memories away. Then he switches to an upbeat appreciation of love found on the second single, “1,000 Faces” (Montana and Tom Douglas), which proves equally compatible with his resonant, guitar-driven, exultant sound.
Born in Albany, N.Y., and raised in Nashville, Montana went to Trevecca Nazarene University on a soccer scholarship, transferred to Middle Tennessee State University, and then left to work odd jobs while polishing his writing. Signed to Sony/ATV Music Publishing in 2008, he funneled the spirits of Jackson Browne, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen through his family’s Country DNA.
The results have stirred notice throughout the industry. CMA’s Country Music Hall of Fame member Emmylou Harris was among the many who saw promise in Montana’s music, so much so that she joined him on harmony for “Last Horse,” which Montana wrote with his father and Rodney Clawson. The song must have attracted her attention as much as the voice; the lyric sets up a picture that’s both cinematic and intimate, framed by a sweet, sad metaphor. This is mature writing by any measure, sung with tempered, tuneful passion.
MUSICAL HERO“Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.”
SONG YOU’D LOVE TO COVER“‘Heartache,’ by Jamey Johnson – love that song!”
DREAM DUET PARTNER“Emmylou Harris – so dreams really do come true!”
FIRST GIG“It was a picnic for a high school class. Somebody taped it. It was awful.”
On The Web: www.RandyMontana.com

Teddy Gentry’s “Best New Nashville”

Teddy Gentry’s “Best New Nashville”
By Ted Drozdowski
© 2011 CMA Close Up® News Service / Country Music Association®, Inc.
According to some music business cynics, exposure is something that people die from. But the truth is that for new artists, exposure to an audience, not to mention airplay, publishing, management, production, co-writing and other aspects of the business, is an absolute lifeline.
Teddy Gentry, co-founder and bass player for the legendary group Alabama, is throwing that lifeline out to emerging artists with his Teddy Gentry’s Best New Nashville project.
The first product of this venture is a CD, also called Teddy Gentry’s Best New Nashville, released May 16 in more than 600 Cracker Barrel restaurants across the U.S. (The parent company behind the project, Porter Gentry Productions, is owned by Teddy Gentry and Bernard Porter.) It comes on the heel of a live series at Nashville’s showcase club 3rd & Lindsley, where the artists on the disc, each represented by a Gentry-produced song, perform with Gentry’s band, Rockit City. The package has also spawned a tour underway into the fall of 2011.
“This project was inspired by my love for great music, for discovering great music, writing great music and producing great music,” said Gentry. “Honestly, Best New Nashville is a way for me to continue my love for music and to share my desire to give new talent a fighting chance in a time when the industry is a very challenging place, especially for newcomers who don’t know the ropes.”
Partnering with Cracker Barrel is an important part of Gentry’s strategy. “There was a story in USA Today listing the top five ways to break new music, and No. 3 was affiliating with Cracker Barrel,” Gentry said. “The marketing arm of Cracker Barrel is strong. They give you a 30-day window at the front counter and even put little table tents for the CD on every table in each restaurant, so millions of people become aware of your CD. We even gave all 60,000 Cracker Barrel employees a free download so they could talk about the album — and that’s quite a sales force.”
“Cracker Barrel is pleased to work with Teddy Gentry on this special project to provide a showcase for some very talented artists from whom we might well be hearing more in the future,” said Chris Ciavarra, Senior VP, Marketing, Cracker Barrel. “These are artists who have worked hard and have honed their skills, and with this CD they are stepping up onto a larger stage.”
Gentry found the performers on the album in a variety of ways. Two, Chip Davis and Dillon Dixon, are members of Rockit City. He also meets with several newcomers each week. Some are referred by associates. Others catch his ear with demos and press kits they send to him at BestNewMusicGroup.com.
For 3 Lanes Crossing, an Alabama-based sister trio, being in the program has “given us a platform to reach more people and build a bigger audience and go places we would never have been able to travel on our own,” according to group member Jill Holt.
“We learned that regardless of how we’ve been performing a song, it’s not necessarily set in stone when you get to the studio,” added sister Rachel Robinson. “We had a different arrangement of ‘A Good Place to Turn Around’ when we got into the studio, but Teddy insisted we could do it better, and he was insightful enough to make us see the song in a different light. He’s also a perfectionist, so he coached us to sing it over and over again until we had it absolutely right.”
“Working with Teddy, I have learned mostly that you just have to be positive and keep plugging,” said rocking firebrand Jimmy Stewart, who’s “Every Mile I’m Missing You” is the compilation’s opening track. “Sometimes what you’re working on today might not fully materialize until a couple of years later or even many years later. I was trying to recover from being dropped (from a major label) when we started this. I felt like I wasn’t working hard enough to get things going again for myself. Now, almost two years after Teddy and I started working together, it’s encouraging to finally have music for sale in a store, especially Cracker Barrel.”
“Best New Nashville is my launch platform,” added Dixon. “After being in Nashville for 16 years trying to get something off the ground, the time has come. I’ve never been more confident or comfortable. I won’t be a part of future Best New Nashville projects. That’s not how Teddy set it up. This one will, however, put me on the map.”
And that’s Gentry’s goal. “For the past seven years, I’ve been working with new and undiscovered and underappreciated artists, trying to give them a shot,” he observed. “I love finding great songs and great artists. I hope to make this album with Cracker Barrel an annual event so we can continue to get exposure for folks who need to get recorded and keep new blood flowing through Country Music.”

Dale Ann Bradley Her New Album, Somewhere South of Crazy

Dale Ann Bradley, 3x IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year Presents Her New Album,  Somewhere South of Crazy Available Today
Click to stream Somewhere South of Crazy
Award-winning daughter of bluegrass Dale Ann Bradley celebrates her musical heritage with new originals, a creative Seals and Croft cover and a forthcoming music video for the track "Come Home Good Boy"
“I grew up in a tar and paper covered shack right near Loretta Lynn’s childhood home,” reflects Dale Ann Bradley on her rustic origin in the hills of east Kentucky as a hardscrabble preacher’s daughter. ”It was very different. It was not easy,” she says. And even as a girl, she knew she wanted more. With Somewhere South of Crazy (available today), this three-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year shares what has shaped her life and music, by going deeper—deeper into bluegrass, deeper into her own musical passions, deeper into her own history as a veteran entertainer who spent years singing country music alongside her ‘grass at Kentucky’s venerable Renfro Valley.
The result is a set that ranges from first-generation bluegrass classics through long-cherished favorites to brand new songs from Bradley and her friends—but always, always with her incomparably rich voice and east Kentucky sensibilities right at the center.
The title track provided Bradley with some especially enjoyable moments.  “We had the best time writing,” she says of writing—and singing—partner Pam Tillis.  “I just love her.  We sat down, and she had that title line and the idea, and I came up with the melody and some lines—we had worked on a few different things, but this was the one that we finished, and as soon as we did, I knew it was going to be the title track.” Bill Monroe’s “In Despair” may be more unexpected.  “I didn’t plan it as a tribute,” Bradley says with a laugh.  “But I hope people will think of it as one.  I just wanted to showcase a more traditional side of what I do.  But I’m glad it’s coming out on his 100th birthday!” The track “Come Home Good Boy” was more intentional and especially poignant, lending itself to Bradley’s first memory of a funeral, when, at age five, a neighbor boy who served with her uncle in Vietnam returned home in a casket.
A smartly selected crew of singers and players frame Bradley’s tender yet muscular singing to perfection. A couple of her regular bandmembers—harmony singer Kim Fox and banjo man Mike Sumner—make appearances, and so do supple, inventive musicians like the Infamous Stringdusters’ Andy Hall, ace studio fiddler Stuart Duncan, bass stalwart Mike Bub, producer Alison Brown (who doubles on guitar and banjo) and, perhaps most surprisingly yet appropriately, young mandolin phenom Sierra Hull.  All those elements come together in the partnership here with singer, guitarist, songwriter and friend Steve Gulley.  “We grew up together,” Bradley notes. “Steve and me—we each know what the other one’s going to do.”   Yet as strong as the supporting cast is, the focus is, as always, on Dale Ann and the songs she’s chosen—and as always, they’re a deliciously varied bunch. 
To a listener unfamiliar with her unique ability to pull songs from the rock vaults and make them her own, Seals & Crofts’ “Summer Breeze,” will doubtless be the biggest surprise, but Bradley sees it as a natural.  “I’ve always wanted to do that song,” she says.  “I don’t pick out a rock tune just for the sake of having one—it has to be one that I always grew up with, or one that I hear that strikes me as fitting into the mix.  Sometimes a melody or lyric will just have that feel, just lend itself to the banjo or something like that—like this one, it almost sounds Celtic to me.” 
Some songs, like “I Pressed Through The Crowd” and “Will You Visit Me On Sundays,” have been in Bradley’s repertoire for years, yet were never recorded until now.  “I was so tickled when Alison gave the o.k. to ‘Sundays,’” she notes, “because it brings back the traditional country that Steve and I have been singing together for a long, long time.  And of course, ‘I Pressed Through The Crowd’—I’ve been doing that one for a long time, and it just keeps getting more and more meaningful to me.”  Others are more recent.  “Leaving Kentucky” was, ironically enough, started in Nashville, but finished after Bradley moved back to Kentucky.
Add it all up, and Somewhere South Of Crazy just might be the quintessential Dale Ann Bradley album, made up equally of the surprising and the familiar, the challenging and the comfortable.  Like the artist who made it, it’s an album that just keeps getting better and better—and that’s the one part of the deal that’s surely no surprise.
Tour Schedule:
9/2 -4 - National Folk Festival – Nashville, TN
9/10 - Carter Family Fold – Hiltons, VA
9/11 - Pickin in the Panhandle Festival – Hedgesville, WV
9/30 - Sounds Like Home: A Night of Music - Caryville, TN
10/1 - Three Sisters Bluegrass Festival – Chattanooga, TN
10/1- IBMA 2011 - Nashville, TN


Nashville, TN – Aug. 30, 2011 – Country rocker Jason Aldean’s No. one hit “My Kinda Party” will open ACC Network’s telecasts of the 2011 ACC football season. The smash hit will be featured in the opening video montage to lead into each week’s syndicated game.
Aldean joins a star-studded list of artists featured in Raycom Sports’ (rightsholder of syndicated ACC men’s basketball and football telecasts) football and basketball telecasts over the years, which also includes Chris Brown, Brooks & Dunn and Daughtry.
Aldean's MY KINDA PARTY TOUR continues to crisscross the country selling out the nation's biggest amphitheaters with openers Chris Young and Thompson Square.  For more information and a full list of tour dates, visit www.jasonaldean.com.

MUTTERSÖHNCHEN beim Bundesvision Songcontest

MUTTERSÖHNCHEN beim Bundesvision Songcontest 2011 für Schleswig-Holstein!

Die Hamburger Hybrid-Elektroniker von MUTTERSÖHNCHEN sind die grosse Überraschung bei der Bekanntgabe der Teilnehmer zum Bundesvision Songcontest 2011.
Harry Bum Tschak und MK TopGenie, die beiden Herren in strammem Gold & Silber, die niemand auf irgendeinem Zettel haben konnte, erdachten und produzierten im eigenen
„Magie Kochstudio“ klammheimlich die Idee von zwei waschechten Instrumentalisten (Drums & Keys), die musikalisches Handwerk und Elektro-Technologie zu ihrer ganz eigenen, freshen Mischung mit clever-doofen deutschen Texten zusammenrühren. Im Herbst 2011 bringen MUTTERSÖHNCHEN dann auf ihrem noch flugs gegründeten Label „Horst Records“ das Debut „1“ zur Welt.

-VÖ: Single „Essen Geh'n“ - Download Only - 23.09.2011 // Horst Records / Rough Trade
-VÖ Album „1“ - Download & CD - 30.09.2011 // Horst Records / Rough Trade

Ohne die übliche Unterstützung von Major-Label, prestigeträchtigem Management oder prominenten Mentoren gelangte ein Vorab-Exemplar des Albums auf den Schreibtisch des BuViSoCo-Erfinders Stefan Raab – stumpf an der Pforte seiner Produktionsfirma in Köln- Mühlheim abgegeben, lediglich versehen mit der Aufschrift „Zeig mal dem Chef“. Das Ergebnis: MUTTERSÖHNCHEN werden am 29.09.2011 in der Kölner Lanxess Arena als die Underdogs des Abend für MK's Heimatland Schleswig-Holstein antreten und können bereits vor Austragung von Deutschlands wahrscheinlich wichtigster TV- Plattform in Sachen Popmusik als Gewinner bezeichnet werden: DIY – Do it yourself – but tu es mit Style!


Mark Wayne Glasmire Return With New Single - "Going Home"

Award-Winning Songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire Celebrates A Patriot's Return With New Single - "Going Home"
Track On Programmers' Desks Now

Nashville, TN (August 30, 2011) - Award-winning songwriter Mark Wayne Glasmire celebrates a patriot's return with the release of his newest single, "Going Home."  The crisp ballad is from the upcoming EP (MARK WAYNE GLASMIRE), and is available now to disc jockeys and programmers via Play MPE and CDX, Vol. 530. 
Mark W. Glasmire live shot # 127 ( Carla Elliot) 
Co-produced by Glasmire and John Albani (Steve Azar, Monty Holmes, Randy Boudreaux), "Going Home" was inspired by a conversation with a friend of Mark's who was retiring after a decades-long career in the U.S. Marine Corps.  Mark's vocal is clean and clear yet emotive, and he captures, in lyric and in melody, the uncertainty and hope felt upon returning home after a lifetime away.  The past meets the present, and a glimpse of the future is found in the song's opening lines:

"Early November
Leaves turning colors of red
Yellow and faded brown
Autumn wind blowing from the east
Sun sinking in the west            
As I headed out of town
Leaving behind memories, of how my life used to be
Not knowing what lies 'round the bend
Keeping my eyes on a bright new horizon
Starting all over again" - Mark Wayne Glasmire

Video filming is complete, and an extensive radio support tour is planned.  Mark's new website has been launched, and fans can hear the song at www.markwayneglasmire.com. 
About Mark Wayne Glasmire
Glasmire has become a popular fixture in the Texas market, opening regularly for Guy Clark, Dierks Bentley and other top-tier acts.  With the release of LIFE GOES ON in 2009, Mark secured a place in the spotlight; he enjoyed several hits, and won several songwriting competitions.  His awards include First Place Honors in: B. W. Stevenson Memorial Songwriting Competition - Dallas, TX, Dallas Songwriters Association Int'l Songwriting Competition - Dallas, TX and GINA/LAWIM Songwriting Competition - Los Angeles, CA. Mark took the Grand Prize in the County Song division of the 2010 Chris Austin Songwriting Contest (held at Merlefest), and continues to enjoy chart-topping singles on the International charts.  

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Interview with Songwriter/Promoter Rhonnie Scheuerman

Interview with Songwriter/Promoter Rhonnie Scheuerman
Lamitschka: Music has many new fans throughout Europe who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who has never seen or heard you?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I am blessed to have two professions, I am a professional Songwriter writing songs that are played worldwide and on charts around the world,,plus major fundraising songs to help organizations .I am also promoting top Recording Artists who are incredible! Some write their own songs and ALL are on top charts in USA and overseas. My promotion company is called RHONBOB Promotions.

Lamitschka: How was the last year for you? What were your highlights?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: It was one of my best years ever, things were happening very fast for the artists we promote, doors were opening wide. I had many songs on the charts, and DJ's were extremely good to RhonBob Promotions and those we promoted.

Lamitschka: What is your latest CD and how's it doing?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I have had major artists record my songs, and they put them on compilations and CD's of their choice.

Lamitschka: How did you choose the title for the CD? Is there a story behind the name?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: One of the biggest surprises I had with a CD was when recording artist Jose Daniel who I have co-written many songs with decided to do a CD called "White Roses" that was a song I wrote that he brought straight up the charts. He included many other songs I wrote on this CD and he sang each one beautifully.. His wife Barb designed the CD and did a great job. It was a major highlight for Jose and myself as the entire CD and every song on it got terrific airplay. "White Roses" was so popular that it is still on charts and playlists in USA and abroad. Jose sings in English and Spanish.

Lamitschka: Do you write the songs yourself? If not, how do you go about finding the songs for your CD?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I write many of my own songs, but also enjoy co-writing with talented songwriters Right now one of my all time favorite gospel songs will be recorded by Allen Karl and Donna Cunningham, both exceptional artists with amazing voices. This will come out in October. Can't say the name of the song until it is recorded, but can say with Allen and Donna doing a duet of it, it will go straight up the charts, they are both that good. Allen has gone #1 5 times on ECMA and also on other top charts. Donna is on charts all over and has a beautiful voice.

Lamitschka: Please tell us about the songs on your album (influences, etc).

Rhonnie Scheuerman: On this particular CD "White Roses" There is a mixture of Patriotic, Country, Easy Listening and gospel .

Lamitschka: Your current singles are being played by radio. What do you feel is special about this song that makes people want to hear it?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I have many songs now on ECMA chart and other respected charts. Last count was 18 songs from Country, Gospel, Easy Listening, Patriotic. More songs are being recorded as I write this, all by artists that are truly embraced by DJ's. I believe our relationship with DJ's., coupled with the great artists we promote, and the hours I spend on writing and re-writing, or working with gifted co-writers on some make the songs special...Having the right artist give their all to the song, is a combination that works well. Many of the artists I promote record my songs!

Lamitschka: What will your next single be?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: At the moment I have about 12 songs that will be recorded. The artist picks my song and it is always a wonderful surprise when I see what they do with it.

Lamitschka: What kind of songs do you like to write the most?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I like to write all styles, Country, Gospel, Easy Listening, Patriotic, Blue Grass and Christmas. My favorite is gospel, as some of the listeners have related so strongly that they have told me the song changed their life around. One incident was when an artist took a particular song "Jesus Crossed Me In", and a DJ phoned and told me this " When he had just played the song, a woman called crying . She said her son had stopped bye , and she served him dinner, during the song playing he suddenly put his head down on the table . His mother and Dad didn't know why he stopped eating and laid his head down.. When the song was over he said " Mom and Dad Jesus just crossed me in like the song said. I had come here to say good-bye to you, I was going to take my life tonight, instead I now have a reason to live it is Jesus and serving him". When the DJ told me this we both cried, and that is the power of God and the song touching a life. This so moved us that he keeps in touch with the man and he is still dedicated to serve Jesus.

Lamitschka: You've had recordings by duets. How did that happen to come about?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I have had duets done of some of my songs. One in particular was a gospel song that Gary and Carol Bibb did, and turned it into a Gospel Bluegrass song, and it climbed the charts fast. They did a truly wonderful duet.

Lamitschka: What is your favorite song among all the songs you have recorded and what's the story behind it?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: That is hard to answer. As a songwriter I have many favorites. The one that really grabbed me the most was James Marvell's recording " EMBRACE THE WORLD" produced by the late Steve Bivins. Marvell & Bivins brought in over 50 well known artists, musicians, Djs, label owners and industry folks to be part of the song. He kept on adding more people to make it unique and terrific! He wants it to touch listeners all over the world. Many performers including Marvell sang on the the song adding in different languages. He has treated this song as he does all, with tender loving care. He is now in the middle of making it a future Christmas Classic titled "EMBRACE THE WORLD THIS CHRISTMAS." He does not quit with a song until he feels it is perfect for the DJ's to present to their listeners. James Marvell has two songs out now, a remake of "LOVE CAN MAKE YOU HAPPY" (THIS SONG WENT #2 in the 60's for Marvell & Mercy). His new version is currently on the CASHBOX Easy Listening Top 5. Plus another song promoted by RHONBOB is "FIRST COUNTRY OUTLAWS DIDN'T GET HIGH." This superb song to help our youth, is also charting high on playlists and charts worldwide. 

Lamitschka: How much creative control do you have over your music?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I have control of my songs, but allow the artists to bring their ideas into it, and sing it the way they feel it. I do like to hear the song before they record it, to see how it will sound. and if I feel any changes improved my song or co-written song.

Lamitschka: There's a lot of work that goes into a number one hit. What did it take to make it in your case?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Thankfully I have had 18 #1 songs. I credit God with the gift of song writing and the artist, duo or group that took it and made it a #1.

Lamitschka: Do you have any interesting stories about how fans have been affected by your music?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I get my feedback from DJ's how their listeners respond to the artist singing my songs or co-written songs.Many times I hear that the words got to their listeners. Of course if the song(s) are on their playlists that is a positve reaction and when they go on charts it is extremely exciting.

Lamitschka: Who inspires you musically and how deep do your musical roots run?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: My husband Bob. He is behind me all the way. Also our children inspire me and are very honest about the songs I write or co-write. I was taking piano lessons at age 8 , and my mother kept me at it for quite a few years. There were times I didn't want to practice, but happy now she kept me in it. I can hear the music write the notes when writing lyrics and it makes a big difference. Mom inspired me when towards the end of her life she lived with Bob and I and made a scrap book of my songs, and asked to hear them over and over. She was a tremendous encourager.

Lamitschka: What do you think about today's music scene versus its post and where do you see it going in the future?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I go back and forth on this. I did love the music industry when many artists could and did record the same song. I do feel the music industry is opening more doors for Indie artists and songwriters.

Lamitschka: What do you think about today's music industry?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I passionately love being part of the music industry as a Promoter and a songwriter.

Lamitschka: Are you doing anything to take music beyond its current borders or are you happy where it is?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Two avenues I am working on. The first is with my Promotional company- only promoting artists with exceptional talent. If an artist does not have what it takes to make a career out of singing, I don't feel it is fair to promote them and get their spirits up and their geting disappointed. As far as my songwriting, I am reaching out more and more to write songs that have great stories. I also like to work on songs about what is happening in our country now. Terrific worldwide artist Judy Welden and I have finished co-writing such a song that will be released in October and sung by Judy. We have high hopes that this wake up song will touch hearts and have people make changes. The words are very strong.

Lamitschka: What was your big break that got you into the music business?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: My big break as a songwriter was when a publisher years ago was a mentor to me . Mr. Fred Sollie was one of the most humble and honest persons I have worked with. When he got ill & knew he was dying... he called BMI and had all the songs I wrote returned to me to publish them. He taught me a lot. Another wonderful break was when I got to write 2 songs with Grand Ole Opy Artist Ernie Ashworth. I promoted him, and one day he said let's do it Rhonnie, let's write a couple of songs, l gospel, l about Country Music DJ's. I loved this man and miss him also as he is now with our Lord.

Lamitschka: Before you became a star, were your friends and family supportive or was it a struggle?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Songwriters very rarely become stars, but I have been acknowledged by getting many awards for my songs, and 3 times inducted into Hall of Fames.

Lamitschka: What inspired you to become a songwriter?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I had heard a song on the radio years ago "She's In Love With The Boy", I remember telling my husband, I love that song, wish I had written it. Later that night I wrote a song and sent it to 3 Publishers that week and all wanted it....after that, there was no stopping my love of songwriting.

Lamitschka: What drives you?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Promoting artists and seeing them achieve their goals. Also, writing songs that touch lives.

Lamitschka: What moments in your career stand out in your memory as highlights and achievements which you are proud of?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Writing songs as fund raisers for major organizations . These are the hardest songs for me to write, but it is also one of the most rewarding as I get a chance to help others. I have been so blessed in my life it is good to give back, and this is one of the ways I can use my songwriting. Here are some of the songs: written or co-writtens that  are used to help these organizations raise funds.
*"AMERICA'S PROMISE" - "Giving Nothing Less Than Our Best" Past
Secretary of State Colin Powell's reach out to children
*"SING OUT AMERICA FOR OUR VETERANS" - Used throughout the
USA at Veterans events and fund raisers for homeless Vets
*"YOUR CHILD DESERVES A HEALTHY START" - theme song for Healthy Start for Children.
*"BE WHAT JESUS CALLED US TO BE" - theme song for United Methodist Youth
*"CARRESSED BY ANGELS" - SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) theme song.
*" HEAR THEIR CRIES" - Safe Space (Domestic Violence) fundraiser
" THIN BLUE LINE" - Police
" FIREFIGHTERS"- Fire Departments
*"CHILDREN OF THE STREET" - East TN. Children's Home
THROUGH THE SEASONS" - Cancer Walks Sevier County, TN and 32 other states. I am a 33 year cancer survivor and these songs are helping people deal with cancer.

( all these organizations have received cd's to help them raise funds )

Lamitschka: Any thoughts of retirement ahead?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: NO, I tried it for a couple of months, and with artists calling me to return back to help promote them got to me, and I am happy to be back .

Lamitschka: Who is your biggest critic, yourself or others?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: A little bit me, a little bit friends.

Lamitschka: When you get time off, how do you like to relax?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I spend time with Bob and my family, love to travel, taking photos of animals and scenes, paint, read

Lamitschka: Is there anything in your life that you would change if you could?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Right now very satisfied with my life. Thankful for a wonderful marriage my family, my careers.

Lamitschka: What hopes and desires do you have?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: To have a vacation home out west, Bob and I love to go there.

Lamitschka: What has been the biggest disappointment in your life?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Having cancer when my children were young (but it also made me stronger as I fought twice for my life, when doctors were counting me out) but God counted me in!

Lamitschka: Describe what a perfect day is like for you.

Rhonnie Scheuerman: Being married to my soul mate and best friend and sharing time with him each day. Knowing all is well with our family. Working at something I am passionate at promoting artists worldwide. Writing a song and seeing the right artist is singing it and captured what I felt when writing it.

Lamitschka: Most careers don't last as long as yours. What's given your career the staying power?

Rhonnie Scheuerman: I have been in the music industry 16 years and love it. I think when you love something the desire to help the artists we promote get ahead and realize their dreams coming true...motivates me.

To email RHONBOB Promotions:  rhonnies@aol.com 

Christian Lamitschka ( Ch.Lamitschka@t-online.de )


Rodney Atkins (center front) pictured with children and staff from the Holston Children's Home
NASHVILLE/HARROGATE, TN (AUGUST 29, 2011) --  Platinum recording artist Rodney Atkins had quite a week in East Tennessee as he returned to his stopping grounds for a GAC “Origins” TV special taping that would see Atkins performing for thousands of fans alongside top NASCAR stars in Bristol, TN for the FOOD CITY FAMILY RACE NIGHT annual event.  In addition, Atkins humbly received the key to the city of his hometown of Harrogate, TN and spent some time with the children of the Holston Children’s Home, the home that Atkins supports and where he lived until his adoption.  His current single “Take A Back Road” is riding into the Top 5 at country radio as it sets up his fourth Curb Records release of the same name on October 4th.

Harrogate Mayor Bill Fultz (pictured above) presented Atkins the key to the city during the GAC taping during the special presentation that included local residents, city officials and family.  “This is such an honor for me,” says Atkins. “I will always be thankful for my upbringing and the opportunities my parents and this town afforded me.  I will always remember the creek bed fishing, the long days at the ball park, as well as the hard knocks, but this town keeps a strong hold on my heart and I am honored to be holding the key to this city.”
Atkins also spent some time at the Holston Children’s Home where he spent the first few months of his life before his adoption.  He is also a supporter of the home and spent a lot of time with the children there last week.  Atkins is currently the spokesperson for the National Council for Adoption.  Beyond this highlight, Atkins performed for thousands of fans as the headliner for this year’s FOOD CITY FAMILY RACE NIGHT before the Bristol NASCAR race this past weekend. 
Meanwhile, Atkins is shooting his video today and tomorrow for the smash hit “Take A Back Road” with TV and film director Andy Tennant around the Middle Tennessee area.  Atkins will be the lead in the video that is loosely based on the epic film as ‘the angel’ in Wim Wender’s “Wings of Desire,” that will have Atkins high above it all in various locations. 
About Rodney Atkins
Curb Records recording artist Rodney Atkins has been successfully leading the country music charts and selling albums since his career began in 2006 when he hit the scene with his first number one, “If You’re Going Through Hell,” which was also the Number One Country Song of the Year according to Billboard in 2006.  The East Tennessee native has recorded three studio albums, Honesty, If You’re Going Through Hell and It’s America and charted seven Top 20 singles including five No. 1s: “If You’re Going Through Hell,” “Watching You,” “These Are My People,” “Cleaning This Gun (Come On In),” and “It’s America.” His hit “Farmer’s Daughter” is a platinum-selling single; increasing his single sales to over 4 million. He has also scored a platinum selling record and several gold releases.  Atkins has been a staple on national television.  He has performed or appeared on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS “The Early Show,” The Tonight Show, Extreme Home Makeover, CMA and ACM awards show, to name a few.
Atkins current single, “Take A Back Road”, was one of the most added records at country radio debut week. Massey Ferguson® is the “official tractor” of Atkins for 2011.  Atkins released an exclusive album with Cracker Barrel that features four number one hits including “Farmer’s Daughter” and an unreleased song. Atkins was the 2010 spokesman for the National Council for Adoption and is heavily involved within the organization. He was also the 2010 spokesman for the Chevy Silverado.  Kraft Velveeta sponsored his “Best Side of Dinner” tour last summer and he was featured as the writer/singer on the national ad campaign for Velveeta Shells and Cheese. For more information on Rodney Atkins, visit  www.rodneyatkins.com
FACEBOOK: facebook/rodneyatkins



Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Brent Rowan producing new album

Neal McCoyNashville, TN (August 29, 2011) - After eleven albums, over twenty-five charted singles, and countless fans across the nation, charismatic country music sensation Neal McCoy is back in the studio making music of a lifetime.  McCoy, who was named Entertainer of the Year twice by the fan voted TNN/Music City News Awards, will be releasing his highly-anticipated new album, 'XII,' in January 2012.   The new collection of 12 songs, which is being produced by Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton and Brent Rowan, marks McCoy's 12th studio album, and his first with new label home, Blaster Records.

"Having Miranda and Blake involved in this project is 'Huge' for me. Not only do they have great vision, but they know when to have fun and when to get serious along with being Fantastic musicians," says McCoy.

McCoy's first single "A-OK," which was penned by Barry Dean, Luke Laird and Brett Eldredge, will be released in October, 2011.

Watch the video announcement HERE: http://youtu.be/_eWmRaRl404

About Neal McCoy
Growing up in Texas as the youngest of three, McCoy says his natural talent was revealed at home while singing 1970s Top 40 hits with his brother and sister. He then began performing in clubs, building his songbook and stage confidence, until he was discovered at a Dallas competition by Opry star Jane Fricke and eventually introduced to country superstar Charley Pride.

Since inking his first deal in Nashville, the singer has several platinum albums and top-ten singles to his credit, and has logged hundreds of thousands of touring miles, including 13 USO tours. He has also been recognized with humanitarian awards by The Academy of Country Music Awards and The Country Radio Broadcasters for his extensive work with the USO and the East Texas Angel Network, the organization he founded with his wife, Melinda, on behalf of East Texas children with life-threatening or serious illnesses.

McCoy lives in Longview, Texas, and continues writing music and performing for raving fans across the nation.

About Blaster Records
Cleveland based, Blaster Records was founded in 2007 by Blaster Chemical Chairman Tom Porter.  A division of the Blaster Music Group, the label is committed to artist development and its dedication to building careers. Blaster has sought talented songwriters, unique musicians and excellent live performers that show a genuine passion for their craft.  The label is dedicated further to providing their artists with teams of professionals that express a true interest in maximizing an artist's full potential.  Through touring, strategic marketing campaigns, promotion and artist development, Blaster Records is committed to the success of its artists. www.blasterentertainment.com



Nashville, Tenn (August 29, 2011) – Last Friday night, for the first time in five years, southern rock’s legendary multi-platinum selling Marshall Tucker Band barreled into Nashville, spawning a crowd of thousands, as well as a few familiar faces at the Music City BBQ Fest.

Keeping the riverfront crowd on their feet, the Marshall Tucker Band rocked through hit after hit of fan favorites including “Heard It In A Love Song,” “This Ol’ Cowboy,” “Take The Highway” and “24 Hours At A Time.”

Halfway through the show, much to the audience’s delight, Bo Bice of American Idol fame made a surprise appearance, joining the band on-stage and taking lead vocals on the classic “Fire On The Mountain.”

“Jammin’ with my heroes never gets old! I’m grateful to Doug Gray for asking me to grace the stage with the Marshall Tucker Band,” says Bice.

Country music darling Katie Armiger added a check to her ‘bucket list’ after being asked by Marshall Tucker front man Doug Gray to join him on-stage for a co-singing venture on the band’s most memorable tune, “Can’t You See.”

“Performing ‘Can’t You See’ on-stage with the Marshall Tucker Band was like a dream come true,” notes Armiger. “My dad played their music all throughout my childhood. They’re like Rock and Roll royalty!”

In 2011, The Marshall Tucker Band celebrates its 40th year since forming in 1971.  Last May, the band, in recognition of four decades, released the Marshall Tucker Band: Greatest Hits and lead singer Doug Gray’s lost solo recordings, Soul Of The South.  The southern rock band continues to tour regularly and recently returned from a five-concert tour of Iraq and Kuwait, where they entertained thousands of United States military personnel.

For additional information on the Marshall Tucker Band, visit www.marshalltucker.com.

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