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Tickets on sale Friday, August 5, 2011 for the Mountain View, Arkansas festival debut
The family trio is playing to SRO crowds throughout the US and recently made their Grand Ole Opry debut
NASHVILLE, TN (August 4, 2011) – Tickets for the first ever CleverlyFest 2011 to be held Saturday, September 10th in Mountain View, Arkansas, will go on sale this Friday, August 5 at 10:00 a.m.  Tickets are $22.00 for adults and $11.00 including tax for those 15 and younger.  Tickets may be purchased at or at Ozark Heritage Bank or Aunt Minnie’s Yellow House both in Mountain View, Arkansas.  The festival will commence at 5:00 p.m. with gates opening at Noon.  The Cleverlys will host and headline the festival which will also feature the Honky-Tonk Renovators, Paul Harris and PigHerb, Michelle McBride, as well as the WHOOZNXT contest winner as the festival opener.
“We are thrilled as Alpacas farmers can possibly be,” says Digger Cleverly, patriarch of the family band that is spearheading the first ever CLEVERLYFEST outside their hometown of Cane Spur, Arkansas.  “Just 2 miles north of Mountain View, on Highway 5 will play host to some hot licks and just plain old good timing music,” he continues.
The festival’s title sponsor is Ozark Heritage Bank with several levels of remaining sponsorship opportunities available at the platinum, gold and silver levels.  Interested parties in sponsorship may contact Audra Ely 417-230-6206 or by email at for further information.
About The Cleverlys:
Hailing from a remote part of the Ozarks, The Cleverlys are a traditional family bluegrass band with a slightly skewed sense of the past, present and future.  As comfortable with a high lonesome cover of Stevie Wonder's “Superstition” and Fergie's “Clumsy” as they are “In The Pines”, The Cleverlys are a serious comedy bluegrass act. The family band consisting of Digger, Miles, Vernon Dean, aka VD, Harvey D and cousin Otto is a send up hitting all the right notes.  The group has had quite a year in 2011. The Cleverlys has performed at Stage Coach Music Fesitval, The Mint (LA), The CMA Music Festival LP Field concerts, numerous Station Inn performances and their Grand Ole Opry debut.  With all the performances have come critically-acclaim by industry insiders and the most respected of music critics from The LA Times, AOL, USA TODAY and many more.  The Cleverlys will be releasing a DVD and CD in the near future. 

Jetty Road in der Schweiz

Ab 19. August wird eine interessante Australische Country Pop Gruppe mit 2 Zwillings-
Schwestern an der Front in Europa und vor allem in der Schweiz unterwegs sein.
Jetty Road
Und zu dieser Gruppe gibt es einige Top-News:

Die erste Single-Auskoppelung der neuen CD "Far away places" mit dem Titel
Serves you right (Song Download)
ist diese Woche auf dem 1. Platz in der Australischen Country Top 30 Hitparade
Congratulations Jetty Road! On the eve of their return to perform main stage at
Canada's Big Valley Jamboree on Friday night alongside country music stars George
Canyon, Leanne Rimes and Gary Allan, Jetty Road was thrilled to discover their newest
single Serves You Right has hit the #1 position on Australian country radio this week..
Climbing to the top of the charts in just 9 weeks, Serves You Right is the first single
release from their 4th album Far Away Places, released in May this year.

We are #14 on the ARIA Australian Country Albums Chart this week! Thanks to all who have gone out to stores to buy
'Far Away Places'.....AND we also have a #1 hit the week with 'Serves You Right'!! Smiles all round in the JR camp:-)


Don't miss Jetty Road's preview performance
of I'm A Dreamer on Calgary's CityTV tomorrow
morning at 8.45am. The song will be the next single
release from their new album Far Away Places.
I'm a Dreamer - nächste Single - (Song Download)
Jetty Road Tour Band 2011

Bandbeschrieb deutsch
Schweizer Auftrittsdaten

Audio Samples neue CD Teil 1        &       Teil 2

Jetty Road Dia-Show


Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

I have told hundreds of people over the past few years that steel guitars area great investment. They have been a good investment and have been eking up in value over the past several years. Overall this has been true, however because of the present economic situation being handled by our elected officials, the value of steel guitars has receded in the past few months, specifically over the past year.

This is no fault of the music business, players, stores or even the manufacturers, but is instead primarily a Washington D.C. factor. I will not get into politics because that is not what you want to hear in my tips newsletters. However, I want you all to know that there is somewhat of a recession going on, regardless of whether Washington wants to call it that or not.

Like steel guitars, many things have seen the bottom drop out of their values. Private aircraft, collector cars, guns, houses, about anything collectible with the exception of gold and silver which to me is not very much fun to collect because if you have it, all you can do is hide it and hope nobody knows you have it. At least, steel guitars can be used and they hardly ever get stolen because that crooked element of our society doesn’t know what they are, the value of them or how or where to sell them.

Steel guitars may still be as good as anything to protect your assets. I notice the price of Bigsby steel guitars have come down a little. It’s not because folks don’t want them just as much as ever, but because the loose cash required to invest in them is going several places that it didn’t use to have to go, like food, gasoline, power bills and so on.

This is not to say your steel guitar has been a poor investment or that it won’t be a good investment in the future. I still feel that when it comes to musical instruments that if you buy the correct steel guitar you will have a very safe investment, but don’t expect it to grow in value much like it hasn’t in the last year.

Emmons push pulls, even though they haven’t gone up in the last year, along with Bigsbys and some models of Sho-Bud, are still better to have your money in them than it is in most banks.

When it comes to amplifiers, little powerful amps with great tone are still the best investment. I think the Peavey Nashville 112 is probably as safe a place to put your money if you want to use what your money can buy for several years and still get most of it back.

Of course, if you want a steel guitar to play and you’re not worried about investment and return on your money, I can still recommend the old standards, especially if you buy them from me because we discount all new and used guitars to the point of the manufacturer being mad at us for selling so inexpensively. We try very hard to undersell everybody everywhere on anything you want to buy in the steel guitar line.

Sometimes we have a price floor or bottom line that the manufacturer will tell us we cannot sell below, so what I do is bundle the guitar with many accessories that I can either give away or sell for half price. So overall, you’re still getting a wholesale deal if you buy a package.

Anyway, one way or another I promise you I can save you much money to say nothing of the service and warranty that I can give because of our highly skilled technicians.

As you can see, there’s more than one reason to buy a steel guitar. Buy it to use, buy it to learn to play because it’s easy and beautiful to do or buy it for just plain monetary investment. Most of you know as well as I do that times will get better. As a matter of fact, now is the time to buy. Now is not the time to sell.

I’ll never forget my first trip to Las Vegas as a young, new, road player out of Nashville. I met the bus which was an older 4104 General Motors 36 passenger coach converted to a star’s ego extension. Getting on the bus, seeing the smoke billow out as the big 671 Detroit diesel engine fired up, was very exciting.

Exciting that is until the star, who was driving the bus was backing up and asked the bass player, “Did you put my new custom built Gower rhythm guitar on the bus?” I noticed he said this with a tremendous amount of pride knowing that this beautiful hand-crafted guitar was just picked up by him that week.

The bass player said, “No. I didn’t put it on the bus, but I saw it leaning up against the back of it when I got on.” I jumped up, ran off the bus, ran to the back where it was last seen and there it was, right where he had run over it, crushed case with the guitar inside.

Not wanting to be the bearer of bad news, I called Mr. Grand Ole Opry star off the bus and said, “I don’t know where it is. Possibly you can find it. Go around the other side.” Naturally he found it. He was in a horrible mood. I thought he could never be anymore unhappy or angry until he put the bus in low gear and with an angry mood, let out on the clutch making a hard left turn leaving the parking and lot side-swiping his new Cadillac convertible.

Naturally my first trip out with this guy was a little gloomy. I remember when we got to Vegas, he bought us all a steak dinner before we went on stage the first time. We had borrowed a rhythm guitar for him from the act across the street at the Mint Hotel. He struck the first chord on it during the first song. It could not have been farther out of tune. It sounded like World War II with the original cast.

The audience was full of fair buyers, producers, bookers, other acts which included Judy Lynn and band, Buck Owens and his Buckaroos, some other famous acts and he turned around and looked at us with this horrible out of tune chord still ringing and said in a low voice, “You’d think a guy could get his guitar tuned for a steak dinner.”

Our band saw no humor in it at the time, but we never forgot it and ended up kidding about it a year or so later. So much for my first road trip in a big bus with a big star out of Nashville. Things have never been the same as they were in the sixties.

We have a very exciting brand new product that hundreds of you have been asking about for a long time. It’s a very light, very tuff bar that used with or without a Bobro or Dobro simulator, will add dobro quality to a steel guitar sound. These bars used in conjunction with the Bobro will give a very realistic Dobro feel and sound. Designed to absorb sustaining notes and overtones and deliver a true Dobro sound with the ambiance of the acoustic instrument you’re trying to duplicate.

Many of you in the past have written me and asked me when these bars would be available. They are finally here.

Check out our monthly specials at and we’ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

Steel Guitar Nashville
123 Mid Town Court
Hendersonville, TN. 37075
(615) 822-5555
Open 9AM – 4PM Monday – Friday
Closed Saturday and Sunday

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Dolly Parton - Together You And I (Single Review)

Dolly Parton - Together You And I (Single Review)

Time - 3:56
Label - Dolly Records/Sony Music Entertainment Limited
Release Date - May 23, 2011 (Digital)
Writer - Dolly Parton
Rating (Out of 10): 7/10

Dolly Parton has never been one to miss a trick. Realising the good country folks are in need of an injection of the feel good factor in tough economic times regarding her new album BETTER DAY the country music icon said “, “I wanted to do an album that would be very uplifting and positive, as well as inspirational”.

Together You And I’, the lead off single, certainly lives up those expectations. Parton penned it back in 70’s when it first appeared on the album PORTER 'n' DOLLY which was a duet album with Porter Wagoner and was originally released back in March 1974.
The Coat of Many Colors Tennessean songstress reopens her songwriting paint box and refreshes the song with new hues, a quicker tempo and a contemporary sound with the slick country-pop production.

The track gleams right out of the gate with the guitar riffs as Dolly adds: Du-u-u Du-u-u Du-u-u-u-u-u wa Du-u
The opening verse with its words might be tagged as corny, but it is immediate, sweet and has an honest sentiment:
My love for you is deeper than the depths of any ocean, And as faithful as the stars that grace the night
With a flawless vocal and continuing in joyful gusto she sings:
As constant as the sun making its journey through heavens, and we'll always be together you and I

Bright harmonies and pedal steel elevate the chorus and with some minor lyrical tweaking to the original score Dolly spreads joyfulness across the canvas:
Together you and I can stop the rain and make the sunshine / Paint a pretty rainbow brushed with love across the sky/ Together you and I belong like a songbird and a song

The energy and hopefulness persist as she increases her intensity on the bridge marred by a production that is too forward and a little cluttered which muddy the shades and tarnish Parton’s fragrant words.
Thankfully there is enough musical sunshine to keep the grey skies at bay.
In a few short weeks the UK will once again be saying “Hello Dolly”, when, with sequins sparkling, the 65-year old superstar will burst onto the major stages as fans welcome her back on her Better Day Tour including a return to London’s O2 Arena.
The album is due to drop in Britain on 29 August 2011


"Loretta's Shoes"

"Loretta's Shoes" - a tribute song to Loretta Lynn walks up the charts to #10.
Los Angeles - 8/4/11  "Loretta's Shoes" is a wonderful tribute song about the First Lady of Country Music, Loretta Lynn. Country chart regular, Joyce Shaffer, wrote and sang it from her heart and it is walking on up the charts week after week. This week it made it's way to the # 10 spot on the Main Country Chart of the top 85 country songs.
Joyce Shaffer has always admired Loretta Lynn as a strong woman and musical mentor. They share common ground having grown up poor with the twists and turns that come with a hard life strengthened by a faith in God and their music. Both have come through it with great songs that trace the trail of their lives. "Loretta's Shoe's" salutes several of Lynn's famous songs as well as the country music icon herself.
Shaffer will be inducted into America's Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame this September and has plans to guest on a country music TV show in Nashville in October. For more information on Joyce Shaffer's music or to add her to your event please contact:





Nashville, TN (August 3, 2011) – Super group Rascal Flatts was in Nashville today to celebrate with family, friends, their label and the Nashville music community as well as songwriters Jason Sellers and Steve Robson on the recent chart-topping success of “I Won’t Let Go,” which became their 13th career #1 single.  During the Big Machine Records and ASCAP hosted soirée, the band was surprised with the news that their debut album release on Big Machine Records, NOTHING LIKE THIS, had reached record sales of one million copies.

"With God's help we have been able to bring together a wonderful group of people to surround and reinvigorate our career. We are living a dream come true," said Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts. 

Big Machine Label Group President/CEO Scott Borchetta exclaims, "I Won't Let Go is not only being celebrated as reaching the top of the charts, it's being acknowledged as another very important song in an amazing repertoire of songs that have impacted so many."  He goes on to say, "As we all know, the one-million sales mark of any album by any artist in the current environment is a big, big deal and I'm proud as can be that our first album with Rascal Flatts has hit this milestone. Working with Gary, Joe Don and Jay over the last year has been an absolute blast and I look forward to making a lot more great Rascal Flatts music with them. They are consummate professionals, are ridiculously talented and it seems that they are having more fun than ever being in Rascal Flatts.  I'm honored to have them with us at Big Machine." 

With the first-week sales success of NOTHING LIKE THIS late last year, Rascal Flatts became one of only four country acts to debut six consecutive studio albums at #1. Since 2000, the band has sold more than 20 million albums and 25 million digital downloads and delivered 13 #1 singles to the top of the chart. Rascal Flatts is the most awarded country group of the past decade with over 40 trophies from the Academy of Country Music, American Music Awards, Country Music Association, People’s Choice Awards, American Country Awards and more. Since their touring career began, they have sold over 6 million concert tickets. 

Rascal Flatts current tour “Flatts Fest” will continue into this fall. Details on tour dates and more information on the band can be found at 

About Big Machine RecordsScott Borchetta founded independent label Big Machine Records in September 2005 and serves as its President/CEO. In its first year Big Machine scored its first #1 single (Jack Ingram’s “Wherever You Are”), placed five singles in the Country Top 30, received a nomination for Record Label of the Year, and placed all of the label's new artist releases in the Top 10 Most-Played New Artists of 2006 (as monitored by Mediabase and reported by USA Today and Country Aircheck). In 2010 Big Machine was named Country Label of the Year by Country Aircheck Magazine/Powered by USA Today for the second consecutive year. Also in 2010, Big Machine’s signature artist Taylor Swift’s third album, SPEAK NOW, became the best-selling Country studio album debut of all time with over 1 million units sold in its first week. Big Machine Records’ current artist roster includes Multi-Platinum superstars Taylor Swift and Rascal Flatts as well as hot newcomers Steel Magnolia, Edens Edge and comedienne Melissa Peterman.  In 2009, Big Machine partnered with Universal Republic to create Republic Nashville, signing Superstar Martina McBride, break-out group The Band Perry, critically acclaimed Eli Young Band and one-to-watch Sunny Sweeney.  In 5 years, Big Machine Records artists have received multiple GRAMMY, CMA, ACM, American Music Awards, CMT Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, MTV Video Music Award and People’s Choice Award accolades as well as Brit Award and JUNO Award nominations.                                                               




Nashville, TN (August 3, 2011) – The King of Country Music is releasing his 39th studio album, Here For A Good Time, on September 6th and there is one thing that’s perfectly clear - George Strait is having a really good time doing what he does best – making music. The Country Music Hall of Famer co-wrote seven of the album’s 11 tracks with his son Bubba and legendary songwriter Dean Dillon.
Strait co-produced the album with his long-time friend and legendary producer Tony Brown. It was recorded at Shrimpboat Sound Studio in Key West, FL - the same studio where Strait recorded his last three award-winning albums.
Starting today, is offering an exclusive album pre-order package that includes the full length Here For A Good Time CD, a limited edition T-Shirt, poster and instant download the single “Here For A Good Time” as well as a sweepstakes to enter for a chance to see George Strait on tour in 2012.

The title track “Here For  A Good Time,” written by Strait, his son Bubba Strait and songwriter Dean Dillon, is Strait’s 89th career single and his second highest debut in his storied career on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.  Currently at No. 16 on both the Billboard and Mediabase charts after only eight weeks. This is his highest debut since “I Saw God Today” debuted Top 20 in 2008.
Here For A Good Time includes the following tracks:
1.  Love’s Gonna Make It Alright                        Al Anderson / Chris Stapleton           
2.  Drinkin’ Man                        `                         George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean Dillon
3.  Shame On Me                                                 George Strait/Bubba Strait
4.  Poison                                                             Chuck Cannon/Allen Shamblin
5. Here For A Good Time                                    George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean Dillon
6.  House Across The Bay                                    George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean Dillon
7.  Lone Star Blues                                               Gary Nicholson/Delbert McClinton
8.  A Showman’s Life                                           Jesse Winchester
9.  Three Nails And A Cross                                 George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean
                                                                               Dillon/Bobby Boyd
10. Blue Marlin Blues                                           George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean Dillon
11. I’ll Always Remember You                            George Strait/Bubba Strait/Dean Dillon
Strait may have penned  the lyrics “I ain’t here for a long time, I’m here for a good time” in his current single but his amazing career says otherwise.
With a career spanning more than 30 years, George Strait has the most number one singles of any artist in history including Elvis (57 to date inclusive of all charts).  He has sold nearly 69 million records and with 33 different platinum or multi-platinum albums has the most RIAA platinum certifications in country music and the third in all genres, behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Strait was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

Strait’s last CD Twang debuted at #1 on The Billboard 200 chart and the Top Country Albums chart making it the fourth time in Strait's career that a new release has debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart and the 13th time debuting at #1 on the Top Country Albums chart. His current single, “Here For A Good Time” currently sits at #16 on the charts after only 8 weeks. Here For A Good Time is slated for release on September 6.

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