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This Unique Package Includes The Very First Recordings Of Williams At Age 15 Plus Recordings From His First Syndicated Radio Series in Restored Audio and Much More
Hank Williams: The Legend BeginsFairfax, VA (July 27, 2011) ----- Time Life and the Estate of Hank Williams announced today the September 13, 2011 release of newly discovered historic Williams’ recordings that are meticulously restored with state of the art technology.  Hank Williams: The Legend Begins is a 3-CD package that offers one disc entitled “Rare And Unreleased,” which contains the earliest recordings of a 15-year-old Williams and four songs from a home recording in 1940. The other two CDs are from Williams’ first syndicated radio show in 1949, Health And Happiness, that have been restored using the technology that earned so many plaudits for the Grammy nominated project, The Complete Mother’s Best Recordings….Plus!  This highly developed sound technology delivers Williams’ performances as they were originally heard more than sixty years ago.
"Talk about a discovery!,” exclaims Hank’s daughter, Jett Williams. “The first recording of my dad when he was fifteen was given to me decades ago, and then the 1940 home recordings followed a few years later.  My husband Keith and I finally got up the nerve to get with the best sound people in Nashville to see if we could salvage these extraordinary recordings.  It worked! We did it! What a special treat for music lovers around the world to listen to the talent of an evolving genius.  These recordings are a God send and very special to me and Hank’s fans.”
“Hank continues to speak to and entertain us across the generations,” says Mike Jason, Senior Vice President of Retail, Time Life.  “These recordings give us a rare and special insight as this American music giant begins his career.”
What an incredible experience to hear Hank Williams’ first recordings as a teenager of Fan It and Alexander’s Ragtime Band.  This is the first time they have been heard since 1938 when Williams recorded them.  Williams had started building a local following in Montgomery, Alabama at the time and the songs display an incredible confidence at such a young age.  On these early recordings Williams is joined by his long-time pal and accordionist, Pee Wee Moultrie. 
A 1940 home recording shows how much Williams’ voice had matured in two years when he rocks out to four classics of American music; Freight Train Blues, New San Antonio Rose, St. Louis Blues, and Greenback Dollar.  The songs ultimately ended up in the possession of Jett Williams, and the tunes show a wide range of musical styles from an ancient Appalachian song to popular charted hits of the era.
By 1949, Williams had two major hits under his belt and was a member of the Grand Ole Opry.  It was at this time he recorded his first syndicated radio series, The Health And Happiness Show.  The program’s name was tied to the sponsor of the show…..Hadacol, a patent medicine that contained 12% alcohol. Forty-nine songs from the show have been restored on Hank Williams: The Legend Begins which gives superior quality to these historic CDs. The shows include songs, like Tramp on the Street, that he never performed elsewhere.
Also included on the “Rare and Unreleased” CD is an additional program.  The  March Of Dimes show features several songs and a touching monologue from Williams, in which he talks about the fear of polio that blighted every summer in the early 1950’s; in particular, he expresses his concern that Hank, Jr. might contract the disease. Williams died shortly before the cure was announced that ended the scourge.

Danni Leigh

Danni Leigh
danni photo-2.jpg

Like many musical stylists before her, Danni Leigh's voice conveys the kind of pain and joy that can only come from real life experience. She has put her heart on the line and has had it broken. She has taken chances and risked it all. And she knows all too well the elation of seeing her musical dream come true and the searing pain of seeing it turn to ruin. Leigh's journey to realizing her musical dream was never easy but helped mold her into a uniquely mesmerizing artist.
Born in the small town of Strasburg, Virginia, she was reared on Buck Owens, Kitty Wells, and of course, Patsy Cline, who came from the nearby “big city” of Winchester. When Leigh was in her teens she took her first job at a record store exposing her to every form of music under the sun.
Singing came naturally to Leigh, and she hooked up with a variety of country bands, playing up and down the east coast. After a stint in Orlando working with both country and rock bands, she headed to Nashville, taking a waitress job at the legendary Bluebird Café.
In her characteristic rebellious style, Leigh went against the grain when it came to establishing herself as a recording artist. Instead of networking with the musical powers-that-be right away, Leigh took the time to learn the ropes of the business and to gain knowledge of the power structure of the industry.
“Everyone goes to the Bluebird – artists, songwriters, people who head up record labels and publishing companies,” says Leigh. “I really kept my ears open and just shut up and listened while I was working there.”
Then one Bluebird regular by the name of Michael Knox with Warner Chappell Music challenged her to show him her songs. The sort of woman who can't turn down a dare – especially a career turning one – Leigh unveiled some of her wares and soon found herself with a publishing deal.
Though Leigh's talent for song craft paid off (she co-wrote “I Want To Feel that Way Again,” a top five single for Tracy Byrd that stuck to the charts for some 28 weeks), she viewed this phase as yet another learning experience. “Songwriting is a very important form of expression for me, no doubt about it,” she explains. “But what drives me, what burns my soul, is performing live.”
She continued honing her sound and her style and signed with Decca Records in 1997. After many years of watching and learning, tears and prayers and good old-fashioned talent and hard work, it appeared that the singer had finally realized her dream. But her joy was short-lived when a corporate merger forced Decca to fold. Needless to say, the label closing came as a crushing disappointment for the singer who had only released one single from her long dreamed of album.
“We cut the album 29 Nights and we got one song out -- and then the damn thing closed!” Leigh says, referring to the infamous Universal Records merger that folded labels like a house of cards. “When everything you always wanted in life is yanked out from underneath you, it pretty much sucks!”
Shaking off her setback, Leigh was quickly welcomed to the Monument Records roster. Richard Bennett and Emory Gordy, Jr., the production team behind Steve Earle's heralded Guitar Town disc, came aboard to produce A Shot Of Whiskey & A Prayer. “Those two men have made some of the best records ever,” Leigh says. “I felt like I had lucky charms hanging all over me. It took longer to find the right songs than it did to record the album. That process really moved right along.”
In November 2000, after the release of two singles on the Monument imprint met less than expected radio success, Danni Leigh once again found herself without a label deal. However, since there was great interest from her fans for the CD, Sony decided to release the disc in their Fan Demand program in February 2001. It has since met with Top 10 Internet success in the U.S., Great Britain, The Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland.
After meeting with Sony Records, Danni looked at the mutual decision to “part company” as an opportunity to come full circle and work with the producer she felt could bring out her best. The same month Monument released her CD, Leigh signed with Audium Records. “Creative freedom, integrity and individuality are not scary words at Audium,” says Leigh. “I feel I am about to embark on the most honest music making process of my life.”
By July 2001, Danni Leigh and Pete Anderson had completed Divide And Conquer. Finally, I got to make the album I always dreamed of making,” says Leigh. “This album is more me than anything I have ever done. Working with Pete was a wonderful experience. He cares about the country format and he cares about artists who love country music. I can't wait until my fans and radio can hear this album.”
Leigh co-wrote two songs for the new album and selected songs from writers such as Jim Lauderdale (three tunes), Phil Lee, Malcolm Holcombe, and Lucky Lawrence, lead singer and guitarist with The Souvenirs, the band Leigh has been touring with and backing her for the past year.
Currently spending much of her time abroad, Danni continues a busy touring schedule promoting her latest album "Masquerade of a Fool" on AGR/Universal. With a straight ahead honky tonk sound, thanks to old friend and award winning producer Michael Knox, the first single, "A Quarter Over You", reached number 1 on European country music charts. Wasting no time, she is already hard at work writing and recording new songs for her next CD release. Whether old fan or new, rest assured, there will be much more to come from Danni Leigh.
Danni Leigh is equal parts poet, fearless entertainer, sexy chanteuse and rebellious non-conformist. She is an artist who infuses her music with all the passion and conviction of someone who can give no less than her all.

ROSENSTOLZ: "Wir sind am Leben"

ROSENSTOLZ: "Wir sind am Leben"
Universal Music Bild

ROSENSTOLZ: „Wir sind am Leben“
Universal Music ist stolz und freut sich sehr bekannt zu geben, dass Rosenstolz in diesem Jahr wieder auf die musikalische Bühne zurück kehren.
Nach einer nunmehr dreijährigen Pause melden sich AnNa R. und Peter Plate mit einem neuen Studioalbum zurück.

Das Album trägt den programmatischen Titel „Wir sind am Leben“ und wird am 23. September veröffentlicht. Die gleichnamige Single erscheint am 9. September.

„Wir sind am Leben“ ist eine besondere Hymne geworden, nicht nur an die Wiederauferstehung der Band, sondern und vor allem an den Glauben an sich selbst. Ein mitreißendes Statement voller Mut und Zuversicht. Zweifellos melden sich Rosenstolz mit einem Hit zurück, der gehört werden wird.

Frank Briegmann, President Universal Music Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz und Deutsche Grammophon: „AnNa und Peter standen schon immer für die großen Emotionen. Millionen Fans haben mitgesungen, mitgefeiert und später auch mitgelitten als Rosenstolz eine Pause einlegten. Umso größer ist die Freude, auch für mich und das gesamte Team von Universal, dass Rosenstolz jetzt mit einem so phantastischen Album wieder da sind".

Tom Bohne, Senior Vice President Universal Music GmbH: „Ich freue mich ungemein, dass nun endlich die Band Rosenstolz mit unglaublicher Energie und dem für mich emotionalsten Album ihrer Karriere zurück kommt. Ich bin der festen Überzeugung, dass dieses Album die Menschen extrem berühren wird und bin mehr als erwartungsfroh. Toll, dass Deutschland diese Band jetzt wieder hat.“

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The Americana Music Association and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville partner again to offer exciting Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs




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Chris Young - Neon (CD Review)

Chris Young - Neon (CD Review)

1. I Can Take It From There 2. Lost 3. Tomorrow 4. Save Water, Drink Beer 5. Neon
6. Old Love Feels New 7. You 8. Flashlight 9. When She’s On 10. She’s Got This Thing About Her

Release Date - 12 July 2011
Label - RCA Record Nashville (P) 2011 Sony Music Entertainment
Lyrics - Included
Time - 32:33

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! - That’s the message to be drawn from Chris Young’s third album and who can blame him sticking with a successful formula that produced three #1 singles, ‘Gettin' You Home’ (The Black Dress Song), the title track and ‘Voices’ from his last album THE MAN I WANT TO BE. Young teams up once more with veteran producer James Stroud on this 10-track recording on which Chris contributes with 7 co-writes.

The high-spirited, fun and mid-tempo opener ‘I Can Take It From There’ written with the hit song writing duo Rhett Akins and Ben Hayslip (Blake Shelton ‘Honey Bee’) has a feel of Gettin' You Home’ Part II. Young gives the town parties a miss and opts for a smoochy night in. With Conway Twitter playing and the lights turned down low he encourages his darlin’ to grab a couple of glasses and a bottle of wine: And baby while you're at it / You might as well let down your hair/ And I can take it from there

Lost’ written with Ashley Gorley (Carrie Underwood - “Don’t Forget To Remember Me” and “All-American Girl”) and frequent Brad Paisley song-smith Chris DuBois is a catchy summertime number. Heading down the highway a carefree couple turn off the GPS and get lost in the back roads, a song on the radio and when they reach a quiet riverside retreat get lost in each others eyes for a night spent underneath the stars!

As I write the single ‘Tomorrow’ (written with Anthony Smith and Frank Myers) has provided Young with a fourth successive #1 single, an astonishing feat. After a gentle start the track builds like the fervor on this break-up cut. There are tears and sorrow as a relationship ends - “We're like fire and gasoline, I’m on good for you, You’re no good for me” but on one last passion filled night the male character clings on to final embers of love before it fizzles out: But tonight I’m gonna love you like there’s no tomorrow (see video)

The high-tempo, boisterous ‘Save Water, Drink Beer’ (written by Jon Nite, Megan Connor and Ross Copperman) may well work as light-hearted anthemic live show number. The vocals are somewhat forced and lyrical it’s rather clichéd, I’d prefer to hear something delivered with substance as Young stakes his environmental concerns in conserving water by popping tops and downing some ice-cool alcohol to quench his thirst.

Neon’ (written by Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne and Trevor Rosen) is a positively glowing ballad and something you could imagine George Strait recording. With pedal steel (Paul Franklin), fiddle (Aubrey Haynie) and electric guitar riffs (Brent Mason) it flows like the double whiskeys handed out at the bar with “a little Johnny Lee” playing on the jukebox. The skies are blue in Wyoming and the sunsets flame red in Santa Fe, he loves those yellow Texas sunflowers and the orange of fall but Young gets his buzz from the artificial afterglow.

The softly opening, mid and closing melody on ‘Old Love Feels New’ sounds familiar but none-the-less an excellent tender song written with Tim Nichols and Brett James who penned Young’s smash hit ‘The Man I Want To Be’. A grand-father relates the magically feeling as a teenager when discovering a life-long soul mate and a love that’s spanned and still surprises him as the years pass. The singer too feels those same emotions with the hand-me-down words: That's how you know, when it grabs a hold and won't let go.

You’ has a slow groove but a little light-weight. The sweet Flashlight’ (written with Robert Arthur and Johnny Bulford) has some James Taylor-esque acoustic flavours in the gentle tune. A man reminisces on fond bygone childhood memories holding the torch in the garage whilst his dad fixed the Chevy. He learnt more about life than car repairs with those night time conversations – “Cause to this day I still can't make 'em run right, But I sure did learn a lot “. Chris actually tapped up his own father to enquire the socket size that he used which was incorporated in the song – “He'd have a nine-sixteenths in one hand”. Without doubt the tool of Young’s trade is his voice which he showcases on this stand-out cut.

When She’s On’ is a little lacklustre but as far as Young’s concerned his lady looks a million dollars whether she’s wearing high heels, cut-off jeans, a Texas Longhorn’s t-shirt or dressed in her PJ’s reading a bedtime story to a daughter - One smile is all it takes!

The album goes out with a high on the beautiful orchestral love song ‘She’s Got This Thing About Her’ co-written with Cory Batten and Kent Blazy. It might be a tad syrupy but the melody and words have me hooked as it says in the chorus: Like the magic in your favorite song, You just can't put your finger on

A little short on playing time maybe but it has few misses and many hits. The album has debuted at #2 on the Billboard country charts and Chris Young is worthy of CMA Awards not just nominations.




Nashville, Tenn (July 26, 2011) -  This Saturday, July 30, country music’s multi-platinum selling Bellamy Brothers will perform in Lyngdal, Norway in memoriam of victims of the country’s recent massacre.

Tragedy struck Norway last Friday with the devastating loss of over 70 innocent lives from a mass shooting and bombing.

Howard and David Bellamy, who are traveling to Norway this week, were asked to dedicate their weekend Rosfjord Strand Hotel performance to those who lost their lives in the senseless attacks.

“We've been playing concerts in Norway since 1976 and have cultivated many friendships and have fond memories from touring there over the years,” says David Bellamy.  “The nightmare they encountered this past week is almost unimaginable.  I think the closest think we can relate it to is September 11.”

“When we perform in Lyngdal, Norway this Saturday night, we’d like them to know our thoughts and prayers go out to each and every person in their great country,” notes Howard Bellamy.  “We are dedicating the show to the victims and the families and we hope the healing process can soon begin for everyone.  God bless Norway and peace and love from the Bellamy Brothers.”

For additional information on the Bellamy Brothers, visit



Catch the “Motor City Madman” LIVE from Philly
Sunday, August 14 only on HDNet
Nashville, Tenn. (Tuesday, July 26, 2011) -- We know you’ve been following the HDNet LIVE concerts this summer – all airing as part of their Rock ‘n Roll Road Trip - but, what better way to howl in this heat than a live performance from Mr. Wango Tango himself, Ted Nugent?  Nugent has gained immense notoriety as an avid performer and songwriter, selling over 40 million records throughout his career and wowing audiences the world over with 6,000+ performances to-date.  Now, the “Motor City Madman” is bringing his live show to HDNet, and this is one performance you don’t want to miss!
The show, "Ted Nugent Live - I Still Believe," will take place Sunday, August 14 at 9:00 p.m. ET LIVE from Penn's Peak, in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania!
The guitar legend and passionate political and personal rights activist storms the stage with hits like “Cat Scratch Fever,” “Stranglehold,” and “Dog Eat Dog,” and as an addition to the 2011 “I Still Believe Tour,” Nugent has reunited with former band member Derek St. Holmes to bring the best of Nugent and St. Holmes’ high-energy performances to markets across North America.
Check out a link to all things Ted at:
Don’t miss the latest installment of LIVE summer concerts with "Ted Nugent Live – I Still Believe," Sunday, August 14 at 9:00 p.m. on HDNet!

The Americana Music Association and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville partner again to offer exciting Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs

The Americana Music Association and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville partner again to offer exciting Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs
NASHVILLE, July 26, 2011 – The Americana Music Association and the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville have once again combined their efforts to present Raising the Bar, one of the most exciting Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs available to attorneys.  The slate of panels on music and entertainment topics will take place during the Americana Music Festival and Conference, presented by Nissan, October 12-15, 2011 at the Downtown Nashville Sheraton Hotel  in the heart of the city. 
In its sixth year and titled "Raising the Bar," the CLE program provides attorneys with the ability to obtain 10 - 12 hours of CLE credit for the jointly created panels and workshops.  The Americana Music Association is offering attorneys an incredible discounted conference member rate of $300 (a $200 savings off the walk up price) through July 31st.  This rate includes not only the CLE panels, but also a priority admission badge to attend the evening Music Festival showcases and a ticket to the critically acclaimed Americana Honors & Awards show at the historic Ryman Auditorium on Thursday, October 13, 2011. 
“Last years CLE program at “Americanafest” was a huge success and we are excited to again partner with the Americana Music Association allowing us to offer our family of attorneys an excellent opportunity to earn all of their CLE credit for the year by attending interesting, world-class panels,” said Arts & Business Council President & CEO Connie Valentine.  She adds that “This program is an exciting continuation of the CLE programs offered by the ABC year-round.”
“We are excited again to partner with the ABC on this legal symposium” said Jed Hilly, Executive Director of the Americana Music Association.  “We share a common mission in supporting the businesses that support the arts.”  Hilly added, “Its really one of the best ways I can think of for an attorney to get their required annual credits and to experience Nashville’s premier musical event.”
A significant portion of the proceeds will go to benefit the Arts and Business Council’s Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts program which provides pro bono legal assistance and education to low-income artists of all disciplines, as well as legal and business services to emerging non-profit arts organizations.  With a roster of over 200 generous volunteer lawyers & professionals, this program has provided an estimated $850,000 worth of pro bono services to the Nashville arts and entertainment communities in just over four years.
This special CLE Festival and Conference Registrations are now available for attorneys by calling the AmericanaMusic Association office at (615) 386-6936 . Visit for more information.  
About The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville
The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville drives collaboration between Arts and Business that contributes to the economic and cultural vitality of Greater Nashville.  Other events and programs of the ABC include the Bowtie Awards, ArtWorks, and the Music City Corporate Band Challenge.
About the Americana Music Association
The Americana Music Association is a professional non-profit trade organization whose mission is to promote awareness, provide a forum, and advocate for the creative and economic vitality of the Americana music genre.  The Association produces events throughout the year including the annual Americana Music Festival and Conference which will take place October 12-15, 2011 in Nashville, TN, widely recognized as one of the premier events in the music industry.  The Americana autumn event features educational music related panels by day and a stacked schedule of musical showcases throughout the city by night, the week’s capstone is the critically acclaimed Americana Honors and Awards show at the historic Ryman Auditorium, recognizing both annual and lifetime achievements in the Americana music world.
For more information on the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashvilleand the Volunteer Lawyers & Professionals for the Arts contact:  Jaclyn Johnson (615) 743-3055 |


Creative and Dreams Music Network debut project due out this fall

(Nashville, TN – 07/26/2011) Creative and Dreams Music Network and Rose Drake is proud to announce the signing of Pennsylvania based roots enriched folk artist  Angelo M. to an exclusive publishing and recording contract.

Rose Drake, President of Creative and Dreams Music Network, says about Angelo M. and his forthcoming debut release Guitar Virtuoso Vol. 1, “Angelo is one of those artist’s that writes songs from his heart and soul and with each and every one brings passion to the lyrics because he’s lived the song. Combine that with his expertise in being an instrumentalist and a very strong live performer and you have an artist that is impressive across the board.”

Angelo M, a season vocalist and multi-instrumentalist that plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, dobro and mandolin, has brought together blues and roots styles to create a crisp and authentic Americana sound, but it took a twist of fate to bring it out of him.
The former steel mill worker saw the company bankruptcy not only cost him his job, but also his pension. This turn of events triggered his musical aspirations and he decided to give his dreams of music a full-fledge shot.

Angelo M. has since emerged with his authentic and often times autobiographical songs having his music featured on television, earning songwriting honors in the prestigious “Mountain Stage” NewSong, Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and Billboard’s Song contests and impressing audiences across the country with his live performances.

Angelo M. is putting the finishing touches on his 13-track, Creative and Dreams Music Network debut project Guitar Virtuoso Vol. 1 that is due out this fall.  

For more information on Angelo M., please visit:

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