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Club Tour With Rick Monroe, Gary Ray, Jägerettes and Special Guests

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Charlie Dore - Cheapskate Lullabyes (CD Review)

Charlie Dore - Cheapskate Lullabyes (CD Review)

1. Liontamer 2. A Man Walks Into A Bar 3. Milk Teeth 4. Cheapskate Lullabyes 5. His Wife
6. Big Boned Girl 7. Australia 8. I’m Cleaning Out My House (Unplugged) 9. The Last Laugh
10. Fifty Pound Father

UPC - 5060091890084
Label - Black Ink Music 2011
Catalog - BICD6
Release Date - 13 June 2011
Time - 40:31

I’m not sure anyone makes a record quite like Charlie Dore does in this modern age. Each one of her offerings is more a labour of love than a wish for commercial aspirations. Her own musical style is as eclectic as the artists who have cut her songs like Tina Turner, Celina Dion, Lisa Stansfield, Hayley Westernra and Status Quo. Charlie is therefore hard to classify but if a record store had a section named “class” that’s where CHEAPSKATE LULLABYES, her seventh album, released of her own label Black Ink Music, would be found.

This project marks her first collection of originals songs since the delightful 2006 album CUCKOO HILL. Dore has one solo cut and the remaining nine songs are composed with her long-time musical partner Julian Littman who as a multi-instrumentalist adds guitars, lap steel, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, drums, piano and backing vocals. Together they co-produce all the tracks which I read with interest in the liner note were recorded and mixed in Charlie’s room and Julian’s caravan!

If you were to pick at random from a quality box of chocolates and allow each one to very slowly melt in your mouth and savour the rich flavours then much the same can be said for this album. It demands several plays to allow the individual nuances to both surprise and be appreciated.

The CD, complete with a 16 page booklet with live photos and lyrics has a cover which has a creased and dog-eared finish like a well thumbed paperback book. The artwork is an etching by Edward Hopper (July 22, 1882 – May 15, 1967) a leading American realist painter of the inter-war period. Called “East Side Interior” (1922), a woman sits alone at a sowing machine with a baby carriage at her side. She’s lost in her own thoughts but something outside the window attracts her attention and stirs her imagination. Hopper’s work honed in on observational subject matter set in urban and rural locations and often would depict a person alone in an interior or exterior space thus capturing a sense of isolation, emptiness tinged with affection and apprehension. Hopper is quoted as saying “Great art is the outward expression of an inner life in the artist, and this inner life will result in his personal vision of the world”.
In a similar way the life of a songwriter follows that same path and the textures that are created on this musical canvas are indeed art.

The softly orchestral arrangement on opener ‘Liontamer’ brings to mind the music of Nick Drake. Its lyrics read like a lengthy bucket-list in a personal ad with lines like: “Need a warrior, An Adventurer, Need a sooth-sayer Not A demi-god”. Dore shows a desire to find a magical person who is strong, protective and someone she can connect with both on a physical and emotional scale. Does such a man exist? Growing weary and with a sense of realism she declares: “When all the time there you are” (see Glastonbury video)

The jazz flavoured and witty ‘A Man Walks Into A Bar’ tells a tale of a gullible individual vainly trying to wash away life’s troubles longing for a brighter future but seeing his life pass by in the bottom of a glass. In this musical cocktail vibes from The Beatles Sgt Pepper album get stirred in the mix.

Milk Teeth’ has both classical and Spanish overtones and speaks of a step-mother’s tribulations dealing with a difficult and demanding child. The track informs us the father is absent - “All you get is birthdays and weekends, I’m sorry kid” but she tries her best, cares and is sympathetic to the infant’s plight – “But I’m not the Queen or Cruella and I’m on your side..”

The gentle title cut is a softly lullaby depicting life in debt ridden low rent city apartment with discoloured ceilings where paint peels from the walls. Its female character, as she grows older, worries whether she will still be loved. The simple matter of her partner singing soft and deep wins her heart as they fall asleep together in the neon glow.

Hula Valley Orchestra members from Dore’s touring band Dudley Phillips (double bass) and Jake Walker (violin) feature on ‘His Wife’ a light-hearted number with a vintage-jazz feel. A mistress offers advice to other single ladies who might be tempted to tread similar bumpy ground. The years of waiting for her lover to end a sham marriage never materialize. Finally the penny drops and the alarm bells ring on another lonely birthday whilst looking at her card –“There go my bearing childbearing years”. With urgency she finds another guy and is thankful for it!

On ‘Big Boned Girl’, Charlie with lead and over-dubbed vocals creates her own child-like school choir accompanying herself and its latter part with Indian harmonium and Autoharp. The 10-year old in the photo stands tall with the teachers and in later years a mother offers heart to a daughter while her father rather mocks: “There’s fellows all round this world, Who’d rather have further to reach around”. Will the lad of her dreams ever return to win her heart of gold? Both tinged with humour and sadness it’s something of a theatrical piece. Dore’s past acting experience with improvisation classes at drama school and a member of a comedy club for 7-years at the Hurricane Club in London provided an antidote for her song writing skills.

The slow paced heartbreaker ‘Australia’ refers to a jilted lover or possibly the loss of a parent where the country is used in metaphorical terms. He might as well be on the other side of the world when all contact is broken. Although birthdays are forgotten she worries sometimes if his blues have vanished in open sun kissed skies or have been washed away by rain. She has finally let go of love but fondly remembers those big blue eyes. There’s a hint that he may have sadly departed beyond the blue horizon with the lines: Let my heart know you’re safe/ ‘Cause nothing’s gonna hurt you where you are / How could I wish you home.

The old-time rock-a-billy ‘I’m Cleaning Out My House’ with its Hawaiian modulations is given a new unplugged polish. Although it was always destined to appear on this album with its chord sequences and instrumentation it suited the formula of the 2009 THE HULA VALLEY SONGBOOK, a covers project drawing on favourites from the 1930’s originally recorded by artists such as Jimmie Rodgers and Al Bowlley. In this no-more-mister-nice-guy number anger is dispelled with a spot of spring cleaning. Those spiders had better run in clearing out the chaos of living but after a bad experience with love and a broken heart it’s an opportunity to dust oneself down and look to brighter tomorrows.

On the plaintive but beautiful ‘The Last Laugh’ with Charlie on piano a woman finds herself alone when intentional jokes, cruel words, play acting and unfaithfulness finally back-fire: All made up, my hook and line, Didn’t think I’d get caught.

Self penned by Dore the reflective, acoustic, folk-rinsed ‘Fifty Pound Father’ alludes to an orphan boy who is observed when reunited with his birth father. Hiding behind tearful masks they both feel guilt stricken when nerves are touched and scars of life are re-opened. The words ask questions - Are we making progress, would I know? Are we making ground, how will I know?

On a first play CHEAPSKATE LULLABYES is a little unfathomable but evolves into a highly listenable and entertaining affair. Charlie Dore is a modern day touch bearer for simple melody which will carry and live forever. With a summer release it’s an album prime for cherry-picking and would impress and bring forth smiles to dinner guests whilst having their deserts.


Club Tour With Rick Monroe, Gary Ray, Jägerettes and Special Guests

Jägermeister Presents The 2011 "Get UR Country On" Club Tour With Rick Monroe, Gary Ray, Jägerettes and Special Guests
Nashville, TN (July 22, 2011) - Summertime is THE time for all music fans - especially Country music fans - to Get Their Country On. August 11th is the official kick-off date for the 2011 Jägermeister "Get UR Country On" Club Tour.
After three very successful Jägermeister Country Music Tour appearances with Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, Randy Houser and Pat Green, country star Rick Monroe will be joined by Gary Ray headlining the 15-city trek which runs through late September. Each manic stop will feature Jägerettes, drink specials and of course, Jäger SWAG for rabid fans.
Rick Zeiler, Director of Strategic Marketing and Brand Development for Sidney Frank Importing of New Rochelle, N.Y., the man behind all Jägermeister Music tours noted, "Jägermeister is once again thrilled to be working with Rick Monroe on the upcoming tour with Gary Ray. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Rick for a few years now and it’s great to see his career evolve and grow along with our brand. Additionally, Rick was the first country artist to really show a serious interest in Jägermeister, for that we will always have the ultimate respect for him."

Rick Monroe noted, "We're so looking forward to performing for several hundred screaming fans in a Jägermeister sponsored Club every night. This summer, we're inviting ALL music fans to break loose and GET THEIR COUNTRY ON." Gary Ray added "We plan on bringing it every night and making sure that this will be THE club tour of the summer - country, rock or whatever."
Rick Monroe is a country music road warrior who loves taking his music directly to his legion of fans. Rick says, "You know all those reality shows on TV, my life IS a reality show." His new single, GET UR COUNTRY ON (get it at or on itunes) has audiences, both live and on the radio joining in the call. A true ambassador of the genre, Monroe was among the first country artists to perform in Russia and China. His extensive touring history includes performances throughout Russia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Hungary, Honduras, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Germany, England, Netherlands and Switzerland, sharing the stage with a who's who of musical greats. Monroe was honored to sing the U.S. National Anthem for the 5-year anniversary of the re-opening of diplomatic relations between the countries. This marking the first time the National anthem had been sung at a public event in Vietnam in over 25 years.
Gary Ray has consistently toured the Southeast playing over 250 dates a year. Gary and his band have performed with Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, Lifehouse, Blues Traveler, Corey Smith, Brantley Gilbert and more.
Gary Ray & the Heartwells debut release, “Livin’ The Dream,” is Top 100 on’s National Chart and ranks 3rd on their Georgia Chart. Gary adds, “Livin’ The Dream” takes listeners back to their carefree teens and reminds us of how we all grow up -- eventually." Gary Ray & the Heartwells inspire many different emotions, but in the end, fans simply turn up the volume.
Jägermeister is dedicated to music, not underage drinking.
For the Wild Wings Cafe dates go to:
Follow Rick at:,,
Follow Gary at:

Double Door
572 N Milwaukee Av
(773) 489-3160

Castle Theater
209 East Washington St
(309) 829-4647

Kelly O'Brian's
239 N Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs
(719) 573-1976

Wild Wings
1188 Fording Island Road
(843) 837-WILD

Wild Wings
109 W. Main Street
(864) 585-4646

Wild Wings
7900 Brier Creek Parkway
(919) 957-2000

Cotton Eyed Joe
11220 Outlet Drive
(865) 675-4563

Wild Wings
161 Biltmore Avenue
(828) 253-3066

Esso Club
129 Old Greenville Highway
(864) 654-5120

Wild Wings
15 W. Washington St.
(864) 242-WILD

Wild Wings
109 W. Main Street
(864) 585-4646

Carolina Nitefile
2244 Harry Byrd Highway

Rum Runner
7 University Plaza
(912) 871-5152

Flip Flops
1923 Baytree Pl
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The Country Club
Ste F, 2834 Washington Rd
(706) 364-1862  

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Americana Festival in UK

Americana Teams up with Sage Gateshead on
SummerTyne Americana Festival in UK
Lovett, Malo, Jarosz, Earle and more to perform
Nashville, TN July 16, 2011:  The Americana Music Association is proud to announce a new collaboration with The Sage Gateshead.  As the leading U.S. Trade organization for the Americana music genre, the AMA has signed on as a sponsor for the 2011 SummerTyne Americana Festival, July 22-24, an annual event produced by The Sage Gateshead, with the goal of helping the organization gain a greater understanding about Americana music.  The AMA will continue to produce the Americana Music Festival and conference, presented by Nissan, and its Honors & Awards program in Nashville, Tennessee this fall.
“SummerTyne has become one of the, if not the, premier Americana live event in the UK,” AMA board president David Macias says. “It gives us at the Americana Music Association a fantastic forum from which to educate people about the music we love.”  Macias will attend the event this year and give a talk on ‘Defining Americana, a whistle-stop history of the genre, from Country Blues to Rock ‘n Roll’. The AMA has also worked with SummerTyne Americana Festival programmer Tamsin Austin offering creative input towards shaping the festival content to reflect the most current activity on the U.S. scene. "With the rise of popularity of Americana in the states, we are making a concerted effort to bring this great music and an understanding of the community to places around the globe," said Mark Moffatt, Chair of the Americana Board International Committee, adding "The Sage Gateshead and the UK are perfect partners for us to spread this message."  The working relationship will extend throughout the year, and will also help The Sage Gateshead build bridges in the U.S. to help them broaden their reach with various musicology communities there in order to fulfill their educational mission.

The Sage Gateshead will have a strong presence at this year’s AMA Festival and Conference. They will co-host a concert and event with Thirty Tigers, one of the leading companies in the genre, home to such acts as Beth Nielsen Chapman, Elizabeth Cook, Jason Isbell, Amy LaVere, North Mississippi Allstars and Kathy Mattea.  “I attended the Americana Festival and Conference last year and it was fantastic,” says Austin, “the AMA is very much an artist led rather than industry led event and is all about the music. It was very interesting to see a whole genre of music represented so perfectly and in microcosm alongside the mainstream American music industry. The event is on a similar scale and with essentially the same ethos as our event – to promote great Americana music. Having a presence at this year’s Americana event in Nashville will give us an opportunity to tell people what an amazing event we have here and a place to interact with artists, managers, and agents. Our goal is to make every year’s festival better than the last, and having a stronger presence at the Americana Music Festival and Conference will help us in that goal.”
The Summertyne Americana Festival 2011 will feature Lyle Lovett, Sarah Jarosz, Chuck Prophet, Raul Malo, The Secret Sisters, Paul Burch and the WPA Ball club, Justin Townes Earle, Abigail Washburn and many more!  For more information and tickets to Summertyne Americana please click here to view the digital brochure or on facebook.
About the Sage Gateshead:  The Sage Gateshead is an international home for music and musical discovery, bringing about a widespread and long-term enrichment of the musical life of the North East of England. Our inclusive approach enables all our performance, learning and participation programmes to be constantly inspired and supported by each other.
About the Americana Music Association
The Americana Music Association is a professional trade organization whose mission is to provide a forum for the advocacy of Americana music and to promote public awareness of the genre to support the creative and economic viability of professionals in this field. Dedicated to building and promoting the Americana genre and the individuals who participate in that industry, the Americana Music Association works closely with artists, labels, radio stations, retailers, print media, festivals, agents, publishers and more to help organize and build the infrastructure necessary for the Americana genre to achieve success both creatively and financially.
About the Americana Music Festival and Conference, presented by Nissan
Each year, the Americana Music Festival & Conference brings together legendary artists and the next generation of rising stars for four days of music and education. Artists like Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, The Avett Brothers and more have graced the Americana Festival stages, while music industry leaders gather to share their expertise on the ever changing marketplace.  Now in its 12th year, the event has become both the critics' darling and place where artists want to be.  CONFERENCE REGISTRATIONS AVAILABLE NOW!  Mark your calendar, if you haven't already, for October 12-15, 2011 in Nashville, TN.  We are currently offering reduced rates to attend this years Festival and Conference.  Registrations get you access to ALL daytime panels and workshops in addition to the nighttime festival AND a ticket to our Honors & Awards show.  Early bird rates good through July 31, 2011.


Charity Hosts Luncheon to Encourage Country Music Industry to RESPOND with Compassion:  KKGO helps 265 children during radio-thon
RESPOND with CompassionNashville, TN  (July 22, 2011)  -- Some of the biggest names from Nashville’s Music Row now have a better understanding of what Compassion can do.  Renowned children’s charity Compassion International hopes country music executives, artists and fans will RESPOND with Compassion to improve the lives of children around the world.
“Today, truly marks the launch of something so meaningful for both Compassion and Country Music,” says Zane King, Artist Relations Manager for Compassion International.  “I believe it is a day that children across the globe will someday celebrate because those in the Country Music industry have decided to make a difference about global poverty.”
Among Country’s A-list executives who attended were former Sony Music Entertainment Chairman Joe Galante and BNA Records’ Vice President of National Promotion, Bryan Frasher.
Artists in attendance included 90’s hit maker John Berry, whose chart topper, Your Love Amazes Me still ranks among the most popular love songs of all time.  You could call Berry Compassion International’s ambassador to Country Music.  "Having had the opportunity to go and see these children and to see the need in their homes makes it possible for me to tell you that these are not just pictures of needy children,” says Berry of his involvement with Compassion International.   “They are real and they need our help.” 
Sony artists Wade Bowen and 2010 American Idol top three Finalist Casey James also attended the luncheon.
Country Radio Personality Tonya Campos spoke at the luncheon.  In 2009, her station - KKGO in Los Angeles - became the first country station to host a Compassion International Radio-thon.  In just one day Campos and her co-workers helped secure sponsors for 265 poverty-stricken children.  The station has since made the Compassion International Radio-thon an annual event.  Campos, herself, sponsors two girls from Nicaragua and her commitment extends far deeper than writing a check each month.  “It’s important that they know someone truly cares about them,” she says.  “I go back each year and visit them.”
Campos encouraged other country stations to embrace Compassion International’s cause and encourage their listeners to RESPOND with Compassion.
Zane King believes the country music industry, as a whole, can carry Compassion to people his organization has never before reached.  “To me, the concern and care is just indicative of the American spirit that embodies the heart and soul of Country Music”
Compassion International ( is the world's largest Christian child development organization that permanently releases children from poverty. Founded in 1952, Compassion successfully tackles global poverty one child at a time, serving more than 1 million children in 25 of the world's poorest countries. Recognizing that poverty is more than a lack of money, Compassion works through local churches to holistically address the individual physical, economic, educational and spiritual needs of children—enabling them to thrive, not just survive. Compassion has been awarded nine consecutive, four-star ratings by Charity Navigator, America's largest charity evaluator.

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