Monday, July 18, 2011

Steel Guitar News

Hello fellow players,

I am getting many questions and have gotten many over the past few years that I have not answered.  This will be the intent to take care of many question that I�ve had over the years.

The first question is, �What kind of picks do you use?�  The answer is I use a Peavey thumbpick and no fingerpicks.

The second question is, �When you were first learning, did you learn towards imitation or innovation?�  The answer is imitation mostly because the little bands I wanted to work with were playing things that were on the radio and I thought sounding just like the record would impress them.

The third question is, �Did other steel guitar players teach you things?�  The answer is not really because even in the beginning I could hear things one time and pretty well figure it out.  However I was not above talking to any other player and picking up anything that he would tell me which had to do with tunings, pedal placement and anything that would push me forward.

The fourth question is, �Did you ever learn to read music?�  The answer is yes, but I�ve pretty well forgotten it since my early days.  I learned to play piano at a young age and then taught some in my father�s music school in Norfolk, Virginia.  I also pretty well knew the number system thanks to dad, by the time I got to Nashville.  This made my first few sessions a lot easier.

The fifth question is, �When you use vibrato do you slide the bar or roll the bar?�  The answer is a little bit of both probably.

The sixth question is, �Do you anchor your right hand when you�re playing?�  The answer is yes, up to a point.  I don�t let my right hand wander around to the point that I don�t know which strings are under my fingers at any certain time.

The seventh question is, �Do you do anything special to protect your hands?�  The answer is yes, I do now, but this is after two horrific table saw accidents that have pretty well butchered my left hand to the point of being pretty useless.  I also have a Triumph motorcycle that I put a two-speed Honda-matic transmission on which makes it very easy to drive, but I still don�t do that much.

The eighth question is, �Do you still fly?�  The answer is yes, however the space between flights is getting larger.

The ninth question is, �Could you describe the extent of your personal guitar collection?�  The answer is I have five Bigsby double and triple necks, pedal and non-pedal.  I have three Seymour guitars that were built and sold in the mid-sixties, all of which need restoring at the moment.  My main workhorse is still a double ten push pull �71 Emmons with 7/7, but I really love my little GFI that is light, trouble-free, sounds fine and is totally maintenance free.  I have a Clinesmith double ten with 7/4.  I also have a smathering of Fender non-pedal steels that I love to play western swing on.  Remember, it don�t mean a thing if you don�t play western swing!

The tenth question is, �Do you keep your guitars unmodified?�  The answer is yes, pretty well, however most of them are tweeked somewhere because of something that the builder didn�t do and should have.  

The eleventh question is, �What�s your preference of material that the guitar should be made of?�  The answer is highly figured maple because it�s the best tone wood that�s possible to obtain and nothing is really prettier.

The twelfth question is, �Are there players you admire?�  The answer is yes, however fewer and fewer as time goes by, but those that I do admire are definitely worthy of my praise.  A few of the new players scare me to death, however a lot of old great players that I used to admire deeply don�t really do so anymore as I get older and realize that they were wonderful for their time, but their time is over.  Wow, did I say that?  Now this is happening to me ha-ha.

The thirteenth question is, �Over the years many people have said they have noticed humor in your playing.  Is there humor in your playing?�  The answer is yes, very definitely.  Playing steel guitar is a method of communication between minds, just like in my talking and saying things that I�m not really serious about at times, I�ll play things I�m not serious about.  Every once in awhile, I will very blatantly steal a Pete Drake lick lifted directly from a Tammy Wynette tune and possibly insert it in a jazz tune or something similar.

Inside I�ll be screaming with laughter and will notice other players laughing along with me, however with the majority of the audience, it will go right over their head.  I�ve heard many players do this, Gene O�Neal being one that leaps to my mind the most often.

The fourteenth question is, �On your albums, are they mixed to sound good in car CD players through the speaker?�  The answer is my earliest albums many years ago were, but the sound system in cars, the quality they are today, I don�t feel this is really necessary.  However, doubling the rhythm guitar tracks, adding tick tack and doubling the violin section is always a tasteful trick.

The fifteenth question is, �What are your plans for the future?�  The answer is this is a very good question that I�m anxious to answer.  I read somewhere the other day the statement that was coined by one of the great players of this time and he stated �It�s up to the older players to teach the younger players.�  I thought this was brilliant and I go along with it a hundred percent.

Answering any question about my playing I feel is my obligation, it is my duty to all to share what I�ve learned and stolen from others over the years.  There is a time to give back and I�m in it.  My teaching videos, my CDs, interviews like this and anything I can do to help anyone be what they want to be, I�m just the guy that�ll do it.  I�m not saying that I have the correct answers for everything.  As a for instance, I think everybody should wear picks even though I don�t.

The sixteenth question is, �Do lead guitar players influence you in any way?�  The answer is some of them influence me very deeply.  Other ones don�t influence me at all.  Chet Atkins, Merle Travis, Thom Bresh, Louie Shelton, Leo Kottke and many others have influenced me beyond belief.  Jazz players like Johnny Smith and Tal Farlow have always been great influences on my playing.

The seventeenth question is, �Anyone that really sticks out?�  The answer is wow, all those I�ve named plus Hank Garland, Thumbs Carlisle, Lenny Breau and I�m sure others, but then again, there are also some I�d rather not even see again like most of the rockabilly players.  Just kidding, I�ve been influenced by them too.

The eighteenth question is, �Who are your favorite rock bands?�  The answer is I like all of the Detroit Motown music.  Cream, Clapton, Mark Knopfler, ZZ Top, Kool and the Gang and the James Brown Band because of his great commercial arrangements.  It was probably the guy that did the demos on his songs that did the great arrangements.

The nineteenth question is, �Musically, how much were you influenced by jazz and bebop?�  The answer is I was influenced greatly and still am by both.  However, where do I get to apply it with the state of music where it is today?

The twentieth question is, �Who were some of your great jazz influences?�  The answer is Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, The MIL Combo, the Buddy Rich Band and the Johnny Smith Trio to name just a tiny amount.  

Next week I�ll answer questions I�ve had about my amplifiers and gear.  If you have any questions you want answered next week, send me an email.

Check out our monthly specials at and we�ll try to save you a lot of money.

Your buddy,

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THE ROYS Hit A Home Run With "Coal Minin' Man"

THE ROYS Hit A Home Run With "Coal Minin' Man" - Track Rockets Up Bluegrass Charts

Nashville, TN (July 18, 2011) -- The Roys hit a home run with "Coal Minin' Man," the first single from their Rural Rhythm Records debut CD, LONESOME WHISTLE.  The track is rocketing up the Bluegrass charts:
#1 on Power Source's Top 35 Bluegrass Chart
# 1 on HotDisc International Top 40 Chart
Top 5 on Bluegrass Music Profiles' Top 30 Singles Chart
Top 10 on Bluegrass Unlimited's  National Bluegrass Survey 
Elaine + Lee Roy  ( credit: Anthony Ladd) 

LONESOME WHISTLE debuted at #7 on BILLBOARD's Bluegrass Albums Chart, and the disc is drawing high praise: 

Bluegrass Junction, Sirius XM Radio - "Traditional, yet fresh, bluegrass ... strong songs ... gorgeous harmonies ... it doesn't get any better than that." 
WAMU Radio - "The Roys are one of the best acts to arrive on the scene in recent years. Their hit single, 'Coal Minin' Man,' is shooting toward the top of our chart." 
Bluegrass Radio Network - "Wow ... This sounds like a home run." - "The harmonies are captivating, the voices evocative (his reedy and a bit bluesy, hers bright with an appealing backwoods plaintiveness), the songs impressive and arresting, the playing impeccable."

Country Music People - "Exhilarating modern bluegrass doesn't get any better than the stunning new release from The Roys."

Heading in to the second round of balloting for the International Bluegrass Music Association's 2011 Awards, The Roys are candidates for nominations in the following categories:
  • Vocal Group of the Year
  • Song of the Year ("Coal Minin' Man")
  • Album of the Year (LONESOME WHISTLE)
  • Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year ("I Wonder What God's Thinking")
  • Emerging Artist of the Year
  • Recorded Event of the Year ("That's What Makes It Love" with Ricky Skaggs & The Whites)
  • Female Vocalist of the Year (Elaine Roy)

July tour dates include Oak Tree Opry (Anita, IA, 7/19), Country Thunder USA (Twin Lakes, WI, 7/21-24) and Blue Moon Mountain Bluegrass Festival (Prestonsburg, KY, 7/30).

Fans can watch the popular "Coal Minin' Man" video at, and enjoy music from LONESOME WHISTLE, new photos and more at Music lovers can receive the latest updates on The Roys and all their favorite Bluegrass artists now on their mobile devices simply by texting "bluegrass" to 90210.  

Neue Red Hot Chili Peppers Single

Newsletter 18.07.2011

Neue Red Hot Chili Peppers Single - The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie - 
VÖ: 18.07.2011

Vier Jahre sind in die Welt gezogen, seit die RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS letztmals eine Single veröffentlicht haben (Hump de Bump vom Rekord-Doppel-Album Stadium Arcadium, das in sensationellen 28 Ländern auf Platz 1 der Albumcharts einschlug), fünf gar seit ihrem letzten Longplayer-Release. Nun, endlich, melden sich Anthony Kiedis, Flea und Chad Smith mit The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie, der Lead-Single ihres zehnten Albums I’m With You, das am 26. August veröffentlicht wird, zurück – und die Musikwelt hält den Atem an: Wie werden die Chili Peppers wohl klingen nach fünfjähriger Sendepause? Wie hat sich der Abgang John Frusciantes auf die Band ausgewirkt? Und kann Josh Klinghoffer überhaupt dessen Platz als festes Bandmitglied ausfüllen?
The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie, das am 18. Juli als digitale und am 22. Juli als physische Single erscheint, beantwortet all diese Fragen auf einen fulminanten Schlag: Die RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS klingen 2011 so großartig und aufregend wie eh und je, Klinghoffer hat spürbar frischen Wind in die Band gebracht und ist weit davon entfernt, nur ein austauschbarer Aushilfs-Gitarrero zu sein. Mit einem lässigen Groove steigen die kalifornischen Funk-Rock-Superstars in ihre Lead-Single ein, überraschen mit skurrilen Percussion-Elementen, setzen im Mittelteil ein morbide verzerrtes Gitarrensolo ein und warten mit einem Killer-Refrain auf, der sich mit unwiderstehlicher Macht in den Gehörgang bohrt und dort schon nach dem ersten Durchgang haften bleibt. Mit anderen Worten: The Adventures Of Rain Dance Maggie hat einfach alles, was einen großen RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS Songs auszeichnet. Und mit den Worten des Rolling Stone: „The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie ist eine Hard-Pop-Variante des klassischen Chili-Peppers-Funk, mit einer schleichenden Bassline und einem stampfenden Disco-Rhythmus im Chorus, der an die Rolling Stones der späten 70er erinnert.“
Damit steht die Lead-Single stellvertretend für das, was man auf den restlichen 13 Songs des unter den Fittichen von Star-Produzent Rick Rubin in den East West Studios in Los Angeles aufgenommenen Albums erwarten darf: übermächtige Melodien, elektrisierende Grooves, mitreißende Funk-Rock-Salven, jede Menge Überraschungen und 100 Prozent Chili-Peppers-Magie. Willkommen zurück, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – die Jagd auf neue Superlative ist hiermit eröffnet.
Mach uns den Regentanz, Maggie!
VÖ: 18.07.2011 (digital) / 22.07.2011 (physisch)

Hermann Lammers Meyer HOME OF THE DAMNED

25. Juni 2011
Country Songs erzählen Geschichten, meist in 3 bis 4 Minuten. Das ist durchaus große Kunst. Einer, der diese Kunst glänzend beherrscht ist der Emsländer Hermann Lammers Meyer. Seit Jahren stellt er zunehmend unter Beweis, dass er zu den besten Songschreibern der Zunft gehört, was ihm vor allem in der Heimat der Country Music bescheinigt wird.
Jetzt nach rund 38 Jahren als aktiver Musiker hatte er die Chance, sein erstes professionelles Musik-Video zu produzieren, wozu er eigens nach Texas geflogen ist. Er hat die Chance optimal genutzt, das Warten hat sich gelohnt. Mit dem selbst geschriebenen „Home Of The Damned“ wurde der richtige Song ausgesucht. Er erzählt von Menschen, die vom Schicksal heimgesucht wurden und sich in einem typisch texanischen Honky Tonk treffen, um ihren Kummer zu ertränken. Von Hermann Lammers Meyer unnachahmlich gesungen (zu finden auf der aktuellen CD „Nashville Is Rough On The Living“) wird die Story im Video glänzend auch optisch umgesetzt. Vor den Toren von Dallas hatte man die ideale Location gefunden, alle Charaktere sind optimal besetzt, es waren Könner am Werk. Um alle Feinheiten und zündenden Ideen zu erfassen, muss man das Video mehrmals anschauen. HLM nimmt uns als Tourist mit in die Welt der vom Leben Gebeutelten und lässt uns an deren Schicksalen teilhaben. Der Betrachter wird nicht nur akustisch sondern vor allem auch optisch gefesselt. Genau so stellt man sich diese Geschichte vor seinem geistigen Auge vor.
Möglich wurde die aufwendige, hochprofessionelle Produktion nur dank guter Freunde und Gönner vor allem in Texas, wo sich HLM viel Anerkennung und großen Respekt erworben hat. Sie alle können stolz auf ein Video sein, das in jeder Beziehung allen Anforderungen gerecht wird.
Premiere in der Öffentlichkeit feiern soll „Home Of The Damned“ im Juli 2011 wenn 3Sat seine „Country Roads“ reaktiviert hat  .   M.Vogel



VÖ 2011 / Rockwerk Records, published by AGR

The Cripple Creek Band is back!

Endlich! Das Warten hat ein Ende!
Nachdem das letzte Studioalbum der Cripple Creek Band nun schon 7 Jahre zurück liegt, erschien nun im Juli 2011 endlich das neueste Werk „Still Alive & Kickin´“.

Wer beim letzten Album „Forbidden Love“ über die etwas härteren Töne der Cripple Creek Band erschrak, der sei beruhigt. Im Großen und Ganzen ist es wieder ein typisches CCB – Album im Country Rock/Pop – Style. Nur bei Songs, wie „Too Hot To Handle” undStraight Whiskey Woman” wird es etwas “härter”.

Nachdem man schon einige der Songs der vier Jungs bei den Live-Auftritten hören konnte und diese mich schon da überzeugten, war es eigentlich fast klar, dass das Album super wird!

Die Titel “Wild Lady”, “Star Of Mine” und das Instrumentalstück “Sortso Gab” stammen aus der Feder von Erhard M. Hügel, Helmut Limbeck, Mike Gerst und Bernd Paptistella. Hier bewies man wieder ein großartiges Songwriter Talent.

Großartige Unterstützung bekam die CCB bei den Songs “Too Hot To Handle”, “Alive And Kickin`”, “I Forgot To Forget”, “Who, What, When”, “Good Lookin Woman”, “Glass Heart”, “Straight Whiskey Woman”, “Hallelujah, I made it to the Weekend” von dem amerikanischem Songwriter Michael McGee.

Zusammen mit Rolf Schnyder schrieb McGee den Ohrwurm „Happy Hours In Heaven“. Dieses Songwriter Duo schrieb u.a. auch schon für Tommy Roberts jr. .

Blue Water” eine wunderschöne Ballade wurde John Adam Murph geschrieben.

Robert Palmers „Bad Case Of Lovin You” aus dem Jahr 1979 ist ein gelungener Abschluss des Albums.

Das gesamte Werk ist ein gelungener Mix aus flotten Songs und Balladen. Selbst ein Instrumentalstück ist dabei. Stilwerkzeuge wie die klassische Gitarre, Drums, E-Guitar, Bass, Fiddle, Akkordeon, Harmonika und das Banjo kamen zum Einsatz und gaben den jeweiligen Songs einen besonderen Touch.

Aufgenommen wurde das Album „Still Alive & Kickin´“ in der Bandheimat – Franken, in Fürth. Den Feinschliff allerdings gab es übern großen Teich, im Mekka der Country Music – Nashville/Tennessee.

Da, der ein oder andere Song – wie zum Beispiel der Titelsong - ein richtiger Ohrwurm ist, darf man auf Single-Auskopplungen gespannt sein.

Informationen über die Cripple Creek Band gibt es auf der Bandhomepage Zu beziehen ist das das Album u.a. bei iTunes und Amazon oder direkt über die Band.

1 – Too Hot To Handle
2 – Alive And Kickin
3 – I Forgot To Forget
4 – Blue Water
5 – Wild Lady
6 – Who, What, When
7 – Good Lookin Woman
8 – Glass Heart
9 – Sortso Gab
10 – Straight Whiskey Woman
11 – Star Of Mine
12 – Happy Hours In Heaven
13 – Hallelujah
14 - Bad Case Of Lovin You

TOP!! Ein Album mit 14 erstklassigen Songs, welches in jedes CD-Regal gehört!

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